Amy Helps Out

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: I was at home with a sore neck and back. Amy, my daughters friend, comes over and volunteers to massage it. The pain is soon forgotten when the massage becomes a nude one. Taking Amy home afterwards, I discover that her mum wanted what Amy got. How could I refuse?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Size   .

I was at home from work. I had a sore neck and upper back and I'd taken the day off to try to recover. My 18 yr old step-daughter Lisa was off visiting friends and her mother was visiting her sister for a few weeks.

I'd just had a hot shower and had a towel wrapped around me. The door bell rang. Looking through the peephole I saw that its Lisa's friend Amy. Amy was also 18 yrs old, and a very attractive busty young lady. I'd noticed her bra-less breasts on many other visits and her very long legs which peek out of very short shorts or skirts.

I opened the door and let Amy in. I'd forgotten that Lisa had arranged for Amy to come pick up her college assignment details. Amy was dressed as I had come to expect. A very loose blouse (no bra again!) and a very short skirt. She was wearing high heeled strappy sandals (what I call 'come fuck me' pumps).

Just as she stepped inside, my neck spasms and caused me to wince in pain. Amy asks what the problem was and I explained about my sore neck and back. I told her I was about to ring and book a massage to see if that would help.Amy smiled and said I can help you with that, her mum was a massage therapist and she had learnt from her mum what to do.

I was a bit nervous about this. It would be hard (no pun intended) to be in company with Amy and have her soft hands touching my near naked body. Amy took control and told me to follow her - she led me to Lisa's bedroom. "Lay face down on the bed whilst I check the bathroom for some oil" she said. Reluctantly I laid face down and waited for her to return.

She came back to the side of the bed and licked off her sandals. I saw her painted toes and her ankles from where I was laying. She had very sexy toes and ankles - I was a foot man and I felt my cock harden slightly as I concentrated on her feet and ankles. She started to oil up my upper back and neck as she started to massage me. Hmmm ... she was very good. I could feel my back and neck relaxing and I started to relax (well except for my cock which was still slightly hard from perving at her feet and ankles).

She commented that leaning over from the bedside was starting to hurt her back so she was going to change position - she was going to straddle me. I murmured my agreement - I was so relaxed I would probably have agreed to just about anything. I felt her jump up on the bed to straddle me. She continued with her massage, this time she moved lower on my back.

I opened my eyes slightly and glanced in the mirrored wardrobe doors. OMG ... Amy was naked and she was straddling my back. Her beautiful tits were wobbling as she massaged me. This was so wrong but I was too relaxed and too mesmerised by her sexy young body to object. She lifted up slightly and tugged open my towel to sit herself back down on my naked butt. I could feel the heat from her pussy directly on my butt now ... and I could feel moisture from her pussy as it leaked out of her and ran down my butt.

She poured more oil on my back and then she leant down and started to rub her glorious tits into my back. Up and down she rubbed ... I could feel her very erect nipples leaving trails down my back. My cock had sprung from slightly hard to rampantly hard in a split-second. For a 50 plus yr old guy, my cock was very easily aroused - its 9.5 inches long and 6.5 inches around. In layman's terms, it was very thick and a challenge for most women.

She told me its time to turn over for a frontal massage. I quickly turned over as she removed the loose towel. My cock stood to attention as I laid back and took in the sight of her luscious body. Her tits were at least a D cup (probably 36 inches) and she had a shaved pussy. Her pussy lips were quite large and engorged with her arousal. She poured oil onto her chest and rubbed it all over her tits with some of it dribbling down towards her heavenly pussy.

She straddled me again and trapped my cock between us. It was rubbing along her belly as we started to move together - rubbing her tits on my chest as she teased my cock with her lower body. Up and down she moved - I grasped her butt and pulled her hard against me. We kissed on each upstroke - tongues duelling and spit was being exchanged as we devoured each other.

Amy moved a long way up on the next stroke and paused - she grasped my huge cock and led it to her drooling pussy lips to seat me just in the entrance to her hot cunt. Satisfied that I was located properly, she started to slide back down, and slowly sank down onto my cock. OMG she was so hot, so wet and so tight. I was only about 2 inches into her when she stopped to catch her breath. She smiled at me and said "Now daddy, I want you to fuck me - fuck your little girl - fill me with that hard cock that I've been wanting for years". She slid further down - taking more of me inside. "Fuck me daddy" she screamed over and over as she rammed down hard onto my cock.

I came to a stop - she was so full and I was hiting on her cervix and I still had some cock outside of her.

We started a primal in and out dance as I fucked her hard and deep. She was so tight - it felt like she was going to strip the skin from my cock on each outstroke. She was so wet - wetness makes no difference because she was so tight and her cuntal muscles were strangling my cock.

Suddenly she sat up straight and pauses - I was part way into her. She slid back down until i hit on her cervix. I could now see that I had another inch to feed her. Slowly but surely she pushed down and I felt my cock breech her cervix then not stopping until I was fully embedded into her. She screamed over and over - "Fuck me daddy, breed me, make me your whore and bitch".

I could hold out no longer and I joined her in a massive cum - pumping her cunt (and womb) full of my hot cum, as she had the most massive cum that I'd ever seen. Her juices sprayed from our joined bodies, soaking us and the bed below us.

As we came back to earth we heard a voice say "You horny fuckers have messed up my bed!".

Lisa had returned and was standing in the doorway with smile on her face and a very large wet spot in the crutch of her shorts.

Hmmm ... where was this going from here?

I was dropping off Amy at her mother's place after she had spent a sleepover with my step-daughter Lisa. It was a sleepover with a difference; Lisa's mother was away and Amy decided to seduce me. Mind you I didn't put up much resistance - Amy was an absolute knockout 18 yr old with a very nice set of tits and a very tight pussy. I knew that first hand because I'd spent yesterday afternoon and last night fucking her.

You ask - where was Lisa? She was in the bed with us, and I got to fuck her too. She was a little reluctant at first but she took to fucking me like a duck to water especially with encouragement from Lisa.

It all started with Amy giving me a massage for a sore neck, and progressed to a nude massage and full on fucking.

We arrived at Amy's place and she invited me inside to meet her mother. I'd not met her before. Not sure I could look her in the eye since I'd been fucking her daughter last night. We stepped inside, and I was met by a slightly older version of Amy. Stunning face and body for a 36 yr old (Amy told me on the way over). They could almost pass for twins (bodywise that is). Debbie (Amy's mother) had a very beautiful face, and greets me with a big smile.

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