Moving On

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2012 by SW MO Hermit

Romantic Sex Story: Middle aged man loses his wife in an auto accident. She had been cheating on him and he did not know it. Follow his life as he tours the country learning how to move on after her betrayal. He finds several women to love on his travels, makes many new friends and finds his one new true love.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

I stood staring at the casket being lowered into the ground. I could hear the quiet roar of traffic and muted conversation in the background as the friends and family left my wife's graveside services. My children Alexander age 21 and Chelsea age 20 stood on each side of me. We were wrapped in each other's arms and in our sorrow. I felt them shaking as they quietly cried along with me. Unfortunately their sorrow was much greater than was mine.

I knew I should be more upset at Joan's death but, in a warped, perverted way I was pleased it had come to this. At least this way I was spared the pain and suffering of a divorce and the financial disruption it would have entailed. A divorce you ask? Well, yes. You see the night she died in a traffic accident was the night I found out I was married to a lying, cheating slut.

I let out a wavering sigh and remembered once again the happiness of our early years and how my marriage spiraled out of control over the last two years. Joan and I had been going steady our last year of high school and first year of college. We became intimate and we found we both loved to fuck. We almost lost our scholarships the first semester of college because we took to the party scene and sex so well. Oh, sure we had to live in the dorm but we still found a way to be together nearly every night. Like the young sexual beings we were we found a place to screw several nights a week.

Joan wasn't on the pill. Our birth control of choice was rubbers. Occasionally when she thought it was safe we would go bareback. We both preferred the natural feeling of unprotected sex. I asked many times for Joan to go on the pill but she refused because she did not want to take a chance of her parents finding out. As is normal, a time or two a rubber broke. We never did figure out if she got pregnant because of a broken rubber or if one time she wasn't "safe" like she thought she was. Whatever the reason, she did get pregnant and we elected to get married. Since she had to care for the child Joan did not finish college. I continued and promised her she could return to college to finish her degree after we were settled and the kid was old enough for day care.

It seemed like a good time for Joan to return to college never came. Finally when Alexander was a college freshman and Chelsea a high school senior Joan enrolled in college once more. She took to it like a duck to water. It was as if she had never quit, she immersed herself in the class work and, unfortunately, she decided to experience the entire college experience. She made friends that were slightly younger than her all the way down to our children's age. If they were "good people" she took them into her circle of friends. As the got more and more wrapped up in the college social scene she began to change. She was no longer my loving stay at home wife. She began to treat me with disrespect and got upset when I complained about all the time she spent away from home in the evenings. She began to come home later and later and many times she was drunk and her clothing was mussed. Joan became distant and resented social outings with our friends or for my job.

Oh, sure, she had a reason for being late coming home on non-class nights as well as nights she had classes. According to her, she had to study in the library, she had a night course then afterwards she and some of her friends went to a local hang out to discuss the class. She needed to unwind, etc. I guess I was like most cuckolds. I just didn't see the signs of a cheating slut. All I knew for sure was our sex life went from full ahead to dead stop within about a year of her returning to college. She always had an excuse—too tired, headache, has to get up early the next day and so on. I got laid maybe once a week if I was lucky and then it was as if it was just a favor she granted me.

Literally my world came crashing down on a Thursday evening. Joan had a night class that should have ended about 9:20 p.m. Considering the distance we lived from the University and traffic she should have been home no later than 10:15. I finally gave up and went to bed without her at 11:30. Of course I was angry. She had promised me she would stop staying out with her friends, that she would come home early—HA!

My doorbell ringing awakened me at 1:20 a.m. Before I got to the door someone began pounding on it. "OK, OK," I yelled as I grabbed my pants (I sleep nude), turned the bedroom light on and stumbled toward the front room. "Who is it?" I asked. Finally I reached the door and flung it opened. I was angry, expecting to find my drunken wife wanting in and unable to get her key into the lock once more.

I stopped in shock when I saw a police officer standing on my porch. I looked further out through the opened door and saw a black and white sitting in my driveway. The officer flinched back then he asked, "Mr. Rowland?"


"Is your wife Joan Rowland?"

When I nodded my head yes the officer continued, "Mr. Rowland I am afraid I have some bad news for you. The van your wife was riding in this evening was hit broadside by a semi truck. I am afraid she and the three young men with her died in the accident. The semi driver had apparently been drinking and ran a red light at a high rate of speed. I'm sorry sir. Are you alone sir or is there someone you can call? I"

About that time my daughter Chelsea came wandering down the stairs. She was dressed in her robe and was rubbing sleep out of her eyes. "Daddy, what is it?"

The officer looked at her then he said, "Sir, I'm sorry. If you would stop by the station in a day or two the accident report will be ready. We will also need you to view the body for verification at your earliest convenience." He tipped his hat and said, "Ma'am. I'll just leave you folks now. Once again, I'm sorry."

I stood in the door watching the police car back from my driveway then accelerate away. I felt the tears running down my cheeks and then Chelsea wrapped her arm around me and guided me back into the house. After I told her what had happened we sat together in the living room crying.

We dozed sitting together on the couch. Finally about 6 a.m., I shook myself and began to make plans for the next several days. I called my son at his apartment, then Joan's parents and my parents. I also called the funeral home and made arrangements for them to pick up the body. I was still in a state of shock but was beginning to function somewhat. Before I had much time to think of the implications of my wife's death a man from the funeral home called. He said they could not pick up the body until after I had positively identified it.

I called to make arrangements to view Joan's body. While I was talking on the phone I remembered the officer had said Joan was killed riding in a van. I called the police to verify that she was not in her car. I also asked about her purse and other personal effects. The officer told me they had no personal effects of Joan's. The records showed they had identified her tentatively based upon a medical warning bracelet she was wearing. After I had identified Joan's body my daughter and I went to the university and drove around until we found Joan's parked car. I gave Chelsea the spare key. I waited until she had the car started then drove off toward my home with her following.

When we arrived home Chelsea and I searched the inside of the car for Joan's purse and books. When they weren't there we opened the trunk and found several items—many which should not have been there. Joan's purse was lying neatly in the trunk on top of the carefully folded dress she had worn to class the night before. When we opened her purse we found several unused condoms. Later that day, to pass time I began to clean out the car and found three used condoms under the front seat. I was beginning to become upset, nay angry.

Occasionally Chelsea drives our car to college instead of her small pick up truck. My first thought was she had entertained one of her boy friends in the back seat and let him discard the used condoms in the floor. I backed out of the car with the damning evidence in my hand and yelled, "Chelsea! Come here a minute please."

When Chelsea came into the garage, her eyes still red from crying I turned to her and snarled, "How do you explain these?" and shook the condoms in her face. I watched it turn white, then red as I resumed speaking. "I thought ... No; I hoped we had raised you better than this. You know rubbers aren't the best form of birth control. I know your mother told you the trouble you can get into using them. How could you take a chance like that?"

Chelsea stood looking at me in shock, then her face broke down and she began bawling once more. Through her tears I heard her say, "Oh, Daddy, how could you even think I would do something like that? I am on the pill and do make a new boyfriend use a condom but I would NEVER leave them in Mom's car!"

"Are you telling me these aren't yours? You borrowed the car last weekend. Who else could... ?" I felt my stomach clench and I became nauseous. I stopped speaking and stood looking at my daughter. She was staring into my eyes and I saw the same thought hit her too. Her hand came up to her mouth as she flushed once more. "OH," she said. "Oh, no, no Daddy it couldn't be ... Maybe it was Alex. He uses Mom's car sometimes."

The rest of that day and the next were filled with phone calls and visits from family and friends. Our out of town family began arriving for the services. Finally, I called the police station and found the accident report was ready. I told my family I was going for it and Chelsea looked up from her conversation. "Wait Daddy. I'm going with you."

I started to tell her no, that I wanted to be alone but she kept talking, not letting me get the statement out. "NO Daddy. I'm going. You don't need to do this alone and besides ... Well"

When we got to the police station and told the female officer what we were there for she got a sad look on her face. She turned and went to a file cabinet in the back. She took an envelope from a file and walked back to the window. She placed the envelope on the counter and held her hand over it. She looked at my face and said, "Mr. Rowland I don't know how much you've been told about this accident but..." She took a deep breath and let it out then continued, "You really shouldn't look at this report at all if you don't have to. Just let your wife go and keep the good memories. For what it's worth I'm sorry sir."

I stood there confused for a moment then pulled the report from under her hand. "Thank you Officer. We'd been having some trouble but we loved each other deeply. Of course we will have the good memories of our life with Joan."

The officer gave me a pained look and turned back to her desk as Chelsea and I walked out of the station. When we got into my truck I took a moment and opened the report. The first thing I saw was a stack of photographs. The van was a mangled mess with the cab of the semi resting on it, the front bumper just about where the center seat would have been. I turned to the next picture and caught my breath. I felt my stomach clench and I let out a deep sob.

Chelsea turned to me and said, "Daddy, what's wrong?" I shook my head and tried to stuff the pictures back into the envelope. I was crying so hard I was having trouble breathing. I felt my stomach roll and I began to feel my breakfast trying to come up. I let the envelope drop and just got the door opened when my stomach began emptying itself onto the parking lot.

"Oh, nooooo," I heard Chelsea moan. I finished throwing up and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I turned back into the truck in time to catch my daughter as she grabbed me in a hug and began crying.

We now knew why Joan's dress had been folded in the trunk of her car. The pictures and the write up told the whole sordid tale. Joan had been in the back of the van. She was found with no clothing on and neither of the two young men in the back with her was dressed either. She had bitten one young man's cock almost off when the semi impacted the van. The other man and she had been trapped in the wreckage. He was found still trapped between her thighs. Tests showed Joan had semen from all three of the men inside her. I guess that explained why we found a neatly folded pile of her clothes in the trunk of her car along with her purse. We had wondered why they had been there when we searched her car after bringing it home. We had finally decided she had kept some clothes in the trunk in case she got dirty or something. Now I knew the truth. She was dirty but not in the way I had suspected.

There was no indication of foul play. It appeared Joan had voluntarily entered the van with the men. At first the police had assumed Joan might have been forced into the van. During the investigation, they had found several witnesses that had seen her leave with the three young men. They had apparently left the class at the mid class break. She had been flirting and talking to them for several class periods. Two women testified that they overheard her agree to go with them for "another romp". Two other people had seen her strip in the parking lot and enter the van after locking her clothes in the car. They said the men had dared her to do that. They had told her they thought she did not have the "balls" to go for a naked ride with them.

Our family was devastated first by Joan's death and now even more so by her slutty behavior. I had known she was unhappy with her life but I had no idea she had became a slut. When I thought about her behavior I became scared for my own health. I didn't know how long she had been sleeping around and I was scared she might have given me a disease. I made a note to get checked for STD's immediately.

Thankfully I did not have to worry about my job. I owned and operated a small construction company so I didn't have to worry about work too much. I had a good management structure and my friends at work stepped in and kept the jobs going right and on time. I was a mess for several weeks. I was angry and lashed out at everyone.

I was so angry with my wife and at the three boys that had been fucking her I sometimes screamed out wishing they were still alive so I could hurt them more. Hell one of them was only 19—younger than our son! The others were in their early 20's. I wanted to hurt someone but I couldn't very well do that because they were all dead.

I kept putting off making a doctor's appointment for the STD test because I was embarrassed to do so. Finally my children made an appointment for me and took me to my doctor. After the test results came back I found I had Gonorrhea. Oh, I know I should have gotten the tests as soon as I thought about diseases but I just didn't. I had been hurting and burning for several weeks when I urinated but I just thought my cock was a little raw. It had been so long since Joan had let me make love with her I had begun beating off once more. When I did that I squeezed pretty hard and I thought I had hurt myself since it hurt worse when I squeezed it.

One day about three weeks after the funeral I was sitting in my living room drinking and looking over the accident report. I was wishing once again I could make someone pay for my pain when I had a brainstorm. I couldn't make my slut wife or her lovers pay but I could get to the trucking company for taking that option away from me. I decided to see if I could file a lawsuit against them. When I contacted a lawyer he almost cackled with glee. It seems that particular trucking company made a habit of hiring marginally competent drivers. They had a history of accidents and traffic violations. He thought that would help any case we brought against them.

I told him to file the lawsuit and we were off. Of course it drug on as these things do but finally it was over. Almost two years after the accident I was almost 3 million dollars better off even after the attorney took his 30%! My life was still in the shitter but at least I now had the means to build a really nice shitter! Life was the pits, I didn't enjoy my work any longer and I couldn't stand to be around the house my wife and I had built for ourselves.

I finally decided I was going to just chuck it all and take off. I know, I was running from my memories and hurt but so what? My son graduated from college with a degree in Construction Management in late May. He had been working part time in the company for years so I decided to turn the daily management over to him. I let him and his new wife live in my house rent free, contingent upon the guesthouse being always available to me. My daughter had her own apartment in the walk out basement. She stayed in what had at one time been meant as the maid's quarters. I made it clear she could continue living in her basement apartment until she decided to move on. I had legal papers drawn up outlining living arrangements, jobs, salary, responsibilities and so forth. I had no idea when I would come home or where I would go so tried to cover all bases.

My daughter was taking a degree in business administration and worked part time in the company also so I felt safe leaving. Three weeks after college ended I loaded up my new F250 Super Crew Powerstroke 4X4 and took off. I had no idea where I was going, when I was going to get there or how long I was going to take doing it. I had a small 26 foot fifth wheel trailer with everything I needed inside. I suppose the hippies in the 1960's would have said I was trying to find myself. I hauled my little 650CC Motorcycle on a rack I built at the rear of the trailer.

Since it was early summer when I left I turned my nose north and drove. It was amazing, the farther from home I got the more relaxed I felt. The first day I drove 12 hours and only stopped for fuel and other necessaries. The second day was the same then I came to Rapid City SD. I had never been there and I fell in love with the Black Hills. I found a nice little camp ground and settled in.

Every day I would get up to see the sun rise. I would leisurely drink my coffee while I enjoyed the morning then I would have a late breakfast. Mid morning after it warmed up a little I would take a ride on my bike. If I saw a pretty place I would stop and enjoy the view or hike down a trail to the view or ride my bike to the view. I took many scenic rides on my bike enjoying the Black Hills. I especially loved the little town of Keystone SD. I rode the train between there and Hill City several times and explored both towns very well. There were sure some beautiful women running around there also. A couple of local wineries made some outstanding wine. I probably bought and drank way too much of it but so what?

In the evenings I would either go to town for supper or to a bar or I would cook in camp and have a few drinks with my three traveling companions—Me, Myself, and I. Occasionally while I was walking around the camp I would stop and visit with other campers. Sometimes someone would stop at my site and visit also. I was surprised how many of the campers were permanent travelers. Many of them had no home, only their trailers or motor homes. WOW. They all seemed so happy. We exchanged stories. At first I was reluctant to talk about Joan but I finally just said my wife had died in a traffic accident and I had to get away to heal. Many times I was never asked for more details about her and rarely about my children. It worked for me and allowed me to somewhat bury the pain. I spent three weeks in that campground then decided to move on. I kept going west on I 90 and came to a small town named Sturgis SD. Oh, you've heard of it? Well, I found out the bike rally was almost upon us so decided to stay. I found a nice place to set my trailer up and began to establish myself.

I stayed until the end of the rally and whoo hooo did I finally begin to have fun! By the time the rally was in full force I had learned how to deflect the comments about the small size of my bike. Of course I suppose my willingness to provide my new friends with beer and some of the lovely ladies with a bed to sleep in helped also. I had to leave just to rest up from all the pussy I had managed to tap. I still wake up dreaming about all the lovelies that paraded around the camp showing off their wares. I just wish I had not felt I needed to use condoms when I fucked those women. Several times when I took a woman into my bed I could see someone else's sperm draining from their still red swollen cunts. Hell, I was almost afraid to even kiss them and tried not to but I sure fucked them when I could.

Was I ashamed of my actions? Oh, hell no. I was no longer married and as far as I know neither were the "ladies" I bedded. They were willing, I was willing and if it hadn't been me between their legs it would have been someone else. I was even tempted to take a couple of them with me but common sense prevailed and I ignored the comments and hints they gave me.

I continued west on I90 and fell in love with Montana also. I stopped several times in western Montana, again meeting some wonderful people in the campgrounds. One campground in particular comes to mind. It was near a small town called Rock Springs a little east of Missoula. They were having a Testicle Festival. There were cowboys, cowgirls, bikers and their bitches as well as regular folks like I was. As the night wore on and the beer flowed the tits came out and the pussies went on display, just not as flagrantly as at Sturgis. I only stayed one afternoon and night. I got to see a wonderful wet T shirt competition in the afternoon. I must admit all I did that night was watch. The women were not as beautiful as some I saw at Sturgis and I was sexually sated from my week at the Bike Rally.

I moved on the next morning and by late afternoon I came out of the mountains. I decided I didn't like the country I was driving through very much. I put the pedal to the metal and roared off toward Seattle, WA. OH, my, I spent another month just sight seeing around there. I camped on the beach for several days, then went up Mt. Rainier and camped again. I was decompressing, I was forgetting my pain and it was great.

Finally I decided to move south and drove down highway US 1 and 101. If I saw a place I liked I stopped. It took me another 6 weeks to get to San Francisco. I stayed there for a few days then moved south. For some reason southern California did nothing for me. There were a lot of beautiful women and on the beaches they displayed their wares for all to see. Something about their attitude left me cold. I found them uninteresting and 'fake' so I headed east along I 10. Oh, my. BORING. That part of the US consisted of miles and miles of miles and miles. Finally I arrived at one of my all time favorite cities—San Antonio. Joan and I had loved the river walk and even with the memories of her it elicited I enjoyed my week there. I found more excellent food and beautiful, willing women.

I met one young lady that rapidly wormed her way into my heart. She was part Hispanic and worked at the camp ground I parked my trailer in. She checked me in and for some reason we hit it off exceedingly well. The evening I checked in I was sitting under the awning of my trailer when she walked down the road in a tiny little two piece swim suit. Her parts were all there on display and she was perfect. I estimated her age at about 22 or 23. It later turned out she was 27. She was about 5'7' tall and about 125 pounds. Her black hair was almost shoulder length and her smile lit up the evening when she saw me.

The little minx sashayed up to me and said, "Whatever are you doing here in this heat? At the very least you should be at the pool cooling off. I know for a fact it's nice and cool. If you don't like the pool a lot of us go down to the river and swim there. The pool's cleaner though."

"I know it's hot here but I was just enjoying the sights. I will probably make it to the pool soon. I really needed to decompress after the day's drive."

"Well hurry on down. The water's great and there's usually some nice folks to visit with." Maria gave me a nice smile and turned back toward the center of the camp and the pool about 75 feet away from my spot. I watched the very enticing wiggle in her ass as she moved away. She walked about twenty feet then turned slightly and looked over her shoulder at me. When she saw me watching she smiled and moved onward. Perhaps there was a little more wiggle in her walk this time.

I sat watching Maria until she was out of sight. I rose and went inside to change into my swim trunks then followed her to the pool. When I got there Maria was swimming, floating really, in the deep end. There were two younger children in the shallow end with a plump woman I assumed to be their mother. One older couple sat beside one of the tables reading.

I dove into the water and swam a quick three laps then got out and retrieved my pool chair. I jumped into the water and climbed into the chair. It sank under my weight until just my shoulders and head were out of the water. I leaned back and opened my beer then watched Maria. She quit floating and turned to face me. Her feet could barely touch the pool floor as she moved closer to my position. The water was surprisingly cool in comparison to the air temperature. As she came closer I could see her nipples tenting the front of her swim suit.

Maria walked up to my chair and rested her arms on the arm. I was disappointed because this caused her breasts to be hidden behind the plastic arm. She rested her chin on her arms and looked at me. "You're not very energetic are you? I don't see many men sitting in a floating pool chair."

"No I suppose not. I used to own and operate a construction firm. I was on the go all the time and found this chair was a great way to enjoy the water, stay cool and relax when I had time to take off. I guess I still use it for that reason. I can sit in the water and just relax while I watch people. It makes it easier to talk and still stay cool too."

Maria and I talked for over an hour before she had to leave. I found out she was the owner's daughter and had just finished a degree in Business Management. She had been married but her husband drank and whored around so she had divorced him. She had moved back home to help her parents until she decided what she wanted to do with her life. Her parents were semi retired and she was trying to decide if she wanted to operate the business for them or go into business elsewhere. She liked the relaxed atmosphere of the camp but the earnings potential was less than she could have elsewhere.

The next two days Maria and I became closer. She was easy to talk to and a lot of fun. I found myself telling her about my marriage and how I had finally just turned my business over to the kids and took off to forget. We discussed her desires and dreams. I had noticed on my trips away from the camp that there was no store or fuel station for some distance. In addition to the camp, which was a large one, there were several homes nearby. I suggested she and her parents might want to open a small store that sold fuel. Maria became excited about the prospect and we discussed feasibility studies, surveys, to see if the idea was viable.

That evening when we left the pool Maria followed me back to my trailer. I don't know when we did it but we were holding hands partway back to my spot. Maria looked up at me and moved next to me. She let my hand go and wrapped her arm around my waist. I did the same to her.

We stopped outside my door and she turned to face me. She moved closer and I felt her breasts rub against my abdomen. Her arms went around my waist and she stood slightly on her tiptoes to give me a gentle kiss. Nothing was said. She opened my door, took my hand once more and pulled me gently into my trailer. I followed like a sheep to slaughter. It was as if I had no willpower. I followed this beautiful creature into my home in a daze.

Maria pushed the door closed behind us and watched my face as she first removed her top, then the bottoms of her swim suit. I stood staring in awe at the goddess that was displayed before me. I opened my mouth to speak and she placed her fingers on it. When I closed my mouth she grabbed the waist of my swim suit and pulled it down. Without thinking I stepped from the suit. Maria smiled at me once more and sank down before me in a squatting position. She reached for my rampant cock and gently bent it down. She kissed the head then ran her tongue around it. She cradled my balls in one hand and licked up the bottom of my cock, once again circling the head with her tongue. This time she took most of it into her mouth and began jacking me as she licked and sucked.

In no time I was near an explosion. I put my hands gently on the side of her head and began gently thrusting. I felt my cock swell slightly and my balls draw up. "Maria, Honey. You better stop. I'm gonna..."

Maria looked up at me and smiled as well as she could without taking my cock from her mouth. Her eyes twinkled. She continued sucking, tonguing and jacking my cock until I could stand no more. I groaned and thrust toward her. I felt my cock throb and the accumulated seed of nearly a week burst forth. Maria swallowed repeatedly as I spent myself in her wonderful mouth. Her hand cradling my balls disappeared and I heard her moan. I looked down to see her frigging herself. I backed away from her and collapsed into a chair as she screamed and fell back onto the floor. I watched as her cunt throbbed and she worked through her orgasm. A river of clear liquid ran from her pussy down her ass cheeks to puddle on my carpet.

We remained in our respective positions for a couple more minutes then Maria rose to her feet. She reached for my hand and once more pulled me, this time heading for my bed. When we arrived she pulled the top covers off and lay in the center of the bed. She spread her legs and smiled up at me. Her finger was gently caressing her pussy. She would dip into her glistening hole then pull her finger up her crease and gently rub her little clitty. She licked her lips and held her free hand out toward me.

I moved to the bed and crawled up between her splayed thighs. I bent my head down and inhaled the wonderful aroma coming from her beautiful pussy. I reached my tongue out. I ran it up her slit and across her clit. She jerked and whimpered. I settled in. I gently inserted a finger into her pussy and twisted searching for the special rough spot under her clit on the roof of her vagina. Bingo. I found what I was searching for and moved my head down so I could once more lick her clit as I gently rubber her G Spot. In moments Maria was writhing and moaning. She grabbed my head and whimpered. Her legs slammed closed holding my head in a soft vice as her hips surged. She screamed and her body jerked one way then another. I felt her pussy clamp down on my still invading finger as it squeezed and released me over and over until her orgasm ran its course.

Finally Maria relaxed her legs and gently pulled me until I moved up to lie beside her. She turned and gave me a gentle kiss. "That was wonderful. Thank you." She looked down at my crotch and continued, "Can you go again? I really need you to ... Please, can we make love now?"

I felt her small hand grasp my half hard cock. It surged in her grasp and I smiled. "Yeah, I can do that."

I moved over Maria and she gently guided me to the proper position. I thrust gently, seating my cock in her entrance. I began another thrust I planned to be gentle but Maria took control. She slammed her hips up as I moved down. She screamed out her pleasure and raked my back with her fingernails as I moved completely into her pussy on the first thrust. Maria did not slow down. I couldn't keep up with her banging hips. She was an animal slamming her hips upward and relaxing fucking up at me. Finally I got in sync with her movements and we really began banging against each other. I felt her pussy squeeze and relax over and over. She was so tight when she squeezed me it almost hurt. All too soon I felt my balls pull up and the sperm churn in preparation for departure.

Maria screamed and pulled me tighter to her. She strained upward locking her back in an arch. I felt her pussy squeeze and release me over and over, throbbing through another orgasm. That was all it took. I went over the edge with her. My orgasm was so strong it almost hurt as I ejected my seed into her womb. We strained against each other for a moment then, as one, we collapsed. I caught myself and rolled to the side to lie gently holding Maria to me. She turned her head and looked into my eyes. We kissed gently and fell into an exhausted slumber.

I woke the next morning at dawn. I had to piss so badly it hurt. Maria was still wrapped around me. When she felt me moving trying to get up she woke and smiled at me. I felt her arms tighten trying to hold me to her. "Please Maria. I have to find the bathroom or there's going to be a lot larger wet spot in this bed than we have now."

Maria smiled and gave me a gentle kiss before releasing me. I decided to use the camp restroom instead of mine. I grabbed my shaving kit, towel and swim suit then took off. I was only gone about ten minutes but when I came from the restroom I met Maria's father. He looked worried and stopped me. "Steve have you seen Maria? She was going to the pool last night but she never came home. That's not like her. Her mother and I are worried something has happened to her."

'Oh shit', I thought. I just stood staring at him for a moment. What could I say to this worried father? I knew how I would feel if one of my children, even as old as they were when I left home, had not came home or called to say they weren't. I heard the door to my trailer close behind me and saw Maria's father's face when he saw her. His eyes flicked to her then back to my face. I felt myself blush.

Maria walked up beside me and wrapped her arm through mine. "Daddy I'm sorry I worried you. I didn't intend to stay out all night. Steve and I just fell asleep and I didn't get a chance to call or get back home."

I looked at Maria. She was in her swim suit. Not only had I marked her neck with a hicky but she still had that just fucked look about her. She was delightfully rumpled and her body glowed. I looked back at her father. His lips had tightened. He glared at me a moment then turned and walked away without a word.

I placed my arm around Maria and said, "Damn. That didn't go so well. Maria I'm sorry. I don't know how to fix this. You really should have called him or gone home last night. Now I suppose I had better move on before this gets any worse. Do you think I need to talk to him?"

"No Steve. This is my fault. I'll fix it. Please don't leave over this. Please?"

Maria took off for the camp office where her father had gone. I returned to my trailer and fixed coffee. I sat on my pad watching the office. I heard raised voices and I thought I heard Maria crying. Finally I could stand no more and I walked over to the office. I entered and heard Maria and her parents talking in the back. I walked around the counter and into the small break room.

All three members of the family looked up when I entered. Maria's father and mother glared at me when I entered. Maria looked guilty and chastened. "Mr. Hardy I need to apologize. I had no right. I know how I would feel if my daughter had done something like this. I just wasn't thinking and I'm afraid I took advantage. I let the friendship Maria and I had and my need for companionship override my common sense and honor. Please don't be too harsh on Maria. I've paid for a week here but in light of this fiasco I will leave as soon as I can today. Please, I'm sorry I caused this trouble for your family. Maria is a fine young lady and you should be proud of her."

Felicia gasped and held her hands to her face. She started crying and said, "How can we be proud of what she has done this night? We taught her better than to sleep around like that." Mr. Hardy looked to his wife then glared at me. He took a step toward me then stopped. He turned to his wife and pulled her into his embrace.

I felt my face flush and I blurted out another apology. "NO! That is not what I meant. Yes, she, we were thoughtless in our actions but that is NOT what I meant at all. Maria has a degree from a good college. She is bright, educated and capable. She is a fine young woman. I am sure she feels badly about worrying you. Look at the sorrow on her face. But be proud of her for her accomplishments and forgive her, forgive us for our lapse of propriety."

Maria moved to my side and wrapped her arm around my waist. She leaned her head on my shoulder and looked up at my face. I could see moisture in the corner of her eyes. She turned to her parents once more and said, "Momma, Poppa. I told you I was sorry for worrying you. I didn't mean to do that but ... Momma I am a woman now and I have a woman's needs. I like this man. He is special and I let my emotions rule me last night. Momma you know he was not my first. Please don't blame him for this. I led him to his trailer and I went into it before him. I undressed myself and threw myself at him."

Maria smiled up at me then continued, "He is only a man Momma. He only did what nature intended when he was faced with a naked woman."

Felicia gasped once again and blushed. Mr. Hardy glared at us both but especially at Maria. He slumped and said, "You're right Maria. You are a woman now and have to live your own life. We just expect more consideration from you while you live under our roof. I don't like the idea of you sleeping around but that is your decision. Just, from now on, please let us know so we don't worry so much."

Mr. Hardy turned to me and continued, "Steve I can't say I like or approve of what the two of you did. Hell, you're old enough to be her father for God's sake. How would you feel if a man your age slept with your daughter? Having said that though, there is no reason for you to leave unless you want to. What's done is done."

"I think it would be better if I left." I turned and began to leave but Maria held onto me.

Maria looked stricken and said, "NO. Please Steve. Don't leave now. Please. I want to talk to you more about the business and ... Just please stay a few more days ... For me?"

I relented and stayed another week. Maria and I did talk about plans for the business and for her future. I was never as close to her parents as I had been but they were civil to me. In fact Mr. Hardy became excited about the idea of opening a small market and fuel depot. I made what suggestions I had for the project and spent a lot of time with Maria. She was very special. I felt more alive with her than I had since Joan had died.

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