Mile High Club

by Ellen

Copyright© 2012 by Ellen

Erotica Sex Story: Emma has a birthday surprise for Adam. This is the start of a side series of shorts, with Emma in Vegas.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Humor   Cheating   Oral Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   .

Emma was excited. She had the most wonderful idea for Adam's Birthday. She always wanted to do something that would really surprise him, but that was next to impossible. She either would not have the money to buy the expensive new toy he wanted, or, if there was something he really wanted, he just bought it. So, every year it would end up being the same old thing: dinner and sex. This year, however, she had saved some cash and was going to take him to Las Vegas!

She had booked a petite suite at Harrah's for them, and gotten tickets to both "Dancing with the Stars" live at the Tropicana, and "Zumanity," the adult Cirque du Soleil show at the theatre in the New York New York hotel. Emma had even booked herself into a class at Stripper 101 during an afternoon when she thought Adam would be at the poker table. Adam loved to play poker and the only problem with her wonderful "Four days in Vegas" plan would be pulling him away from the tables.

But the thing Emma was most excited about was the surprise she had planned for the plane trip from Atlanta to Vegas. She had been thinking about it for days and she always had the same reaction: she would feel a smile spreading across her face, a few butterflies in her stomach, and then the warming ache growing between her legs. Emma was going to become a member of the " Mile High Club" and Adam would be joining with her!

She had been shopping for the perfect outfit for over a week and she was sure she finally had it. It had to be something that was sexy, but not overt. She did not want to end up all over the internet the way the woman in that god-awful dress and flannel shirt had. Southwest Airlines had told her she was dressed "inappropriately" because her dress was cut too low and her enormous boobs needed to be covered; they wanted her to button up her flannel shirt before they would let her fly. In Emma's mind, they were right about the "inappropriate" outfit, but it had nothing to do with her boobs — the woman just really needed a fashion make-over.

Anyway, Emma was happy with the outfit she had come up with. As she could not strip down on the plane, the outfit she had chosen would be easy to maneuver in. It had to be easy to pull up or down, and to get hands and other important parts into and out of easily. Emma had found a long, flowing skirt, of a soft silk blend in a pretty summer print, sheer but, not so transparent that it would be obvious that she was going commando. The top she had picked was great, perfect — it was a lacy tank that had a sheer nude lining with a little hidden support for her boobs. She loved the way it looked on her —, tight, giving definition to her firm, round breasts.

She would have to take a small jacket to wear boarding the plane as her nipples, even with the lining, were very noticeable and she did not want to suffer the fate of the poor big- boob woman.

The nipple issue had plagued Emma since she was a teenager. Her nipples were large and stayed hard most of the time. Back when her friends had started to go braless, she felt embarrassed about her nipple prints, always getting teased by guys asking if she was cold. She had tried the old band-aid trick, only to have her nipples push them off and then she was left with the wad of the band-aid and her nipple showing.

However, right now looking at herself in the mirror, she was very happy. The top and sheer skirt looked great, sexy — but not screaming I am going to be fucking my husband on the plane. She would wear the top, the skirt and nothing else. It would be easy enough to add one of those airline blankets and they would be set.

She had gone to great lengths to arrange their seats. She had used some of Adam's air miles to get business class seats that would be sure just to have the two seats together, and they were at the back end of the aisle so no one would be behind them. God, Adam was going to be so surprised!

She was telling Adam tonight at dinner about the trip so he could make whatever arrangements he needed to at work to get the extra two days off. In three weeks they would be on their way.

Adam had been surprised and truly happy when Emma had told him that they were going to Vegas for his birthday and that she had them booked at Harrah's, with tickets to Dancing and the Cirque du Soleil show. Emma did not tell him that she was going to take the strip class or that they would be joining a new club as part of the four- day event.

Adam had a surprise for Emma of his own when, a week later, he walked in with a big smile on his face and announced that his friend Jackson would be coming with them to Vegas. What the hell!! Now, what was Emma going to do? Adam was asking for all the flight information. "Maybe there would still be a possibility that Jackson could get on the same flight," Adam was saying. Shit; this was all Emma needed. She had started a very casual affair with Jackson a few months ago. They had been together several times and then he had started talking about them as a couple. Things like her needing to tell Adam about them and her future with him. This was just too much! It had freaked Emma out, so she had broken it off. Jackson had been upset at first, but he seemed to have calmed down lately. However, she had been avoiding him like the plague ever since.

Emma had been busy the last few months sowing the wild oats she had never dared sow during her youth. She had the short fling with Jackson, a ménage à trois with her friend and exercise partner Teri and her husband Paul, and now she was helping her new gynecologist with some very important sexual research for a book he was writing. This would all have been great except for the fact she had to interact with these people on an on-going basis and, just like now, it was making her life complicated. She really needed to slow herself down, which was one of the reasons she had thought this trip with her husband Adam was such a good idea. Get back to focusing on one man, and just heating up their love life. What the heck, she could not worry about Jackson right now. She needed to finish up the rest of the details for the trip.

The time passed quickly. Now, it was time to leave for Vegas; everything was ready, including Emma, and she was simply giddy with excitement. Adam was due home by 4:00 pm and then they would load the car and, hopefully, not hit too much traffic as they made their way across Metro Atlanta to the busiest airport in the world. The flight was scheduled to depart at 7:25 pm with a stop in Dallas, so they would not arrive in Vegas until 11:40 pm. This which would give Emma plenty of time and opportunity to take Adam on the ride of his life.

At 3:55, Adam walked into the house and called to Emma, "Honey, are you ready? We need to leave a little early. Jackson got a seat on the flight, so we are going to pick him up."

Emma came into the room trying not to show her concern. "I am ready; we just need to load the car," she said as she walked over and kissed Adam, her hand sliding down to cup his crotch. "We are going to have such a good time, baby; I want you to have the best Birthday ever," Emma cooed.

Adam smiled and pulled away to go get their bags. Emma took one last look in the mirror. Turning around, she thought the outfit looked great as she went to get the light sweater she had decided to wear to hide her erect nipples.

As they pulled into Jackson's drive, Emma could feel her stresses about Jackson start to surface. When Jackson came out, he kissed Emma on the cheek and whispered in her ear, "I am so looking forward to us being able to steal sometime alone together, and I have a surprise for you." Emma did not know what to say, so she just smiled and nodded her head.

The drive to the airport went smoothly. In long term parking, the guys took the bags to the shuttle that would take them to the terminal. Emma sat and listened to Jackson and Adam talk about the fast-approaching SEC football season. At the terminal, they checked their bags and hurried into the line for Security.

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