The Trip to Rancho Mirage

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2012 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: He stopped for gas and his life changed.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slow   .

The sign read "Harpersville – 1 mile" and just beyond it another sign listed the restaurants and other services available at the exit. I needed gas and there was a Conoco station at the exit and I had a Conoco card so I pulled into the right lane and slowed for the exit.

As I filled the tank I looked around and saw that there was a restaurant across the street. It was a little early for supper, but what the hell, I was already stopped. After I topped off I drove over to the restaurant and went inside. It had a nice 'homey' atmosphere and there were some nice aromas wafting through the place.

I took a seat in a booth and had no sooner sat down when an extremely attractive waitress came up, handed me a menu and asked:

"What would you like to drink hon?"

I smiled at the "hon" and thought "Don't I just wish I could be her honey." I told her coffee with cream and when she went to get it I looked over the menu and settled on the liver and onions with mashed potatoes and green beans. The waitress, Joyce was the name on her tag, took my order and I watched her ass move in her jeans as she walked toward the kitchen to turn in my order.

It was a little early for supper so the place wasn't really busy, at least not busy enough to keep the two waitresses fully occupied. Joyce, apparently with nothing better to do, came over and said:

"I've not seen you in here before."

"Never been in here before. Just passing through."

"That seems to be the way it always is. The good looking guys are always just passing through."

"Pickings that slim around here?"

"Worse than slim. There are some nice looking guys, but almost all of them are losers. Only interested in hunting, fishing, car racing and drinking."

"Then why stay here?"

"Where would I go? I never finished high school so I doubt I could get a good enough job to be on my own. At least here I can still live at home."

"Good enough job? A good waitress can get a job anywhere. Most of the waitresses I knew back home did real well."

"I do okay here."

"Then you could do okay anywhere."

A bell rang and a voice called out "order up." And Joyce said, "That'll be you hon" and she headed for the kitchen. She was back in a minute with my meal. She left and came back a minute later and topped off my coffee cup. She walked through the place and topped off everyone else's coffee and then went back behind the counter where the cash register was.

I noticed as I ate that she was watching me. I wondered if maybe it might be to my advantage to linger a few days in Harpersville. I could make Rancho Mirage in two days and I didn't need to be there for another nine days. Joyce saw me finish my meal and she came over and asked me if I would like dessert and I took a pass on it. She started to leave and then she hesitated.

"You said that you were just passing through. Where are you headed?"

"Rancho Mirage in California. I have a job waiting for me there."

"California? I'd like to see California some day. I'm twenty-two years old and I've never been more than a hundred miles from this place."

"So go. Just pack your bags and go."

She had a wistful look on her face and I have no idea why I said it, but I looked into her eyes and said:

"Pack your bags, throw them in my truck and you can keep me company on the ride."

"I couldn't do that. What would I do when I got there? Where would I go? Where would I stay?"

"As for what you would do I've already told you that a good waitress can get a job anywhere. As for where you would stay you can stay with me until you find a place of your own. I'll be staying with my brother and his wife and they have plenty of room."

"You make it sound so easy."

"I don't know about easy, but I do know that you can sit around and wish for this or that, but you aren't likely to get it if you don't get off your butt and go for it."

She laughed and said, "That's true, but I don't know you. I don't know anything about you. For all I know you might be an axe murderer."

"I know just as little about you. For all I know there is a jealous husband watching us talk and he might be out in the parking lot waiting to kick my ass when I leave."

"No fear of that. There isn't a man living in this county I'd let myself be caught dead with."

"Tell you what. I don't need to be there for another nine days. I can stay over here for a day or two and you can get to know me better. Where is a good motel?"

"Take a left out of the parking lot and three blocks down on the left."

"What time do you get off work?"


"I'll pick you up at nine and we can go somewhere for a drink and get to know each other."

"You are serious?"


I paid my check and drove over to the Bide-A-Wee motel and took a room for a night. Then I drove around the town looking the place over to give me something to do until nine. At nine when I got to the restaurant Joyce was already standing outside waiting. She got in the car and I asked:

"Where to?"

"There is a bar on the south end of town called Baxter's. It is a lot quieter than the Texas Roadhouse on the other end of town."

As we drove to the bar she said, "I can't believe I'm doing this."


"Thinking of taking you up on your offer."

"Oh come on Joyce; you have had to want to leave this place at one time or another. You must have wanted to see other places."

"Oh I have; I've just never had a chance. First pa had a stroke and mom needed help taking care of him. Then he died and mom had a stroke and I had to quit school to take care of her. Six months ago she passed and I just haven't seemed to come up with any ambition."

By then we were at Baxter's and we went inside and found a table. Joyce said:

"I've wanted to leave here, but I never had any idea of where to go. I don't have any family left here and I don't have any family any place else. I guess I'm just afraid to go off on my own."

"So you have no preference? North, south, east or west; it doesn't matter?"

"No. I'd just like to leave here."

Some one fired up the juke box while we were talking and a guy walked up to the table and said:

"Come on Joyce baby; dance with me."

"I'm with some one Clint."

"So what? He won't mind will you buddy."

He said it as a statement and not as a question. I didn't know the lay of the land so I took the safe way out and said:

"It's up to the lady."

"See Joyce? Come on babe."

He reached for her arm and she jerked it away from him. "I don't want to dance with you. Go away." She turned to me and said, "It was a mistake to come here. We can go back to the restaurant and talk there."

She got up and I followed as she headed for the door. The guy grabbed her arm and said:

"Don't you walk away from me slut!"

She jerked her arm away from him and he reached for her again and I grabbed his arm and said:

"Keep your hands to yourself bud."

He pulled his arm away from me and said, "Butt out asshole; this is between me and the slut."

"The lady doesn't appear to want your attentions."

"Look asswipe" he said as he poked me in the chest and I hit him in the face with my right and I put my full two hundred pounds into the punch. He went down like a pole-axed steer. Blood was spurting out his nose as he struggled to get up, but I moved over and put my foot down on his throat and pushed down. He grabbed my ankle and tried to push me off, but I put my weight on it and said:

"Best you stay down buddy. If you stand up and try to carry on I'll put you in the hospital and you can take that to the bank."

He let go of my ankle and said, "Fuck it! The slut isn't worth it."

Joyce tugged my arm and said, "Come on. We'd better get out of here."

As we pulled out of the parking lot Joyce said, "I guess you won't want me travelling with you now."

"Why? Why would what just happened with that loud mouth matter?"

"Because what he said is true. I have been a slut. I stopped a year ago, but before I stopped I was pretty much a round heeled tramp."

"So? That is in the past right? So what does that have to do with today or tomorrow?"

She shrugged and said, "Nothing I guess. God, but I do hate this place."

"So when you get home start packing."

She was silent for a bit and then she said, "You need to leave. I know Clint. He isn't going to take what you did to him lying down. He's probably on the phone to his brothers and a couple of cousins right now and they will be looking for you."

"No problem. I can leave right now. How fast can you pack?"

"You mean it? You really mean it? You would take me with you?"

"Of course I meant it. I wouldn't have brought it up if I wasn't going to follow through on it."

"Turn here" she said and then she pointed. Third house on the left."

I pulled into the drive and parked. "Come on" she said, "I'll make a pot of coffee and then pack. How much can I take?"

"I've got plenty of room as long as you don't want to take any furniture."

Four suitcases and three garbage bags later we were on our way to my motel.

"Do we need to stick around until tomorrow so you can do things like see to the house?"

"The house belongs to the bank. They took it when mom died and I couldn't make the payments. They have been letting me stay there and pay rent."

"Need to stop by the bank or anything?"

"No. I don't have any bank accounts. What money I have I keep in a coffee can. I don't have any ties here at all. I still have a week's pay coming from the restaurant, but payday isn't until Friday. I'll call and have them mail it to me."

We were nearing my motel when she said, "Oh shit!" and ducked down. "What's the matter?"

"That pickup on the corner at the light. That's Clint's brother Carl and the two guys with him are Clint's cousins. They've never seen you, but if they see me they will know who you are."

I drove through the intersection without looking over at the truck and three blocks later I pulled in at the motel. I backed up to my trailer, got out and hooked up to it and then hurried into my room, grabbed my stuff and got back to my truck. I pulled out of the motel and headed down the street that would put me on the Interstate. I was three blocks from the entrance ramp when a pickup came flying up behind me and pulled out to come up on my side.

It was a two lane street and the pickup was in the oncoming lane and as it came up beside me I saw Clint and two guys in it. He obviously intended to pull up alongside me and force me to the curb, but I wasn't going to play his game. I cut hard left and caught him by surprise. Instinct made him cut left to avoid me and he ran up on the sidewalk and into a tree. I got back into my lane and a minute later we were headed down the on ramp and were moving west.

I looked over at Joyce and saw that she was quietly crying. "What's wrong" I asked.

"Everything I touch turns to shit. You could have been hurt and all because of me."


"No it isn't. If I would have just done my job and served you we never would have ended up at the bar and getting mixed up with Clint."

"But you didn't just serve me and because you didn't I now have a beautiful travelling companion and I'm not sorry about that at all. Now stop the crying and look out the window. You wanted to see places other than Harpersville and that is what is outside that window."

We drove in silence for about an hour and I began to get tired. I took the next exit that showed that there was a motel there. I drove into the motel and got a room for the night. The room had two beds and I told Joyce to pick one. She eyed me with what I thought might be suspicion and I asked, "What?"

She shrugged and said, "Nothing"

"Oh no you don't Joyce. We are going to be together for quite a while so let's get things out in the open."

"I thought maybe that you expected we would use the same bed."

I looked at her for a couple of seconds and then said, "I didn't invite you along to be a sex partner Joyce. You pick a bed and I'll take the other one. You want to shower now or in the morning?"

"The morning I guess."

"Okay. You get the bathroom first to change."

She went into the bathroom to change into whatever she slept in and I stripped down to my briefs and got into bed. When she came out I said goodnight to her and she said the same to me and got in the other bed.

I was in no hurry so I didn't leave a wake up call, but noise woke me up. It was the shower running. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was seven-thirty. I got up, put on my pants and a shirt and walked up to the front office. They had a continental breakfast set up and I grabbed two sweet rolls and two cups of coffee and went back to the room.

Joyce was out of the shower and dressed when I got there. She hadn't put on her make-up yet and quite frankly she didn't need it. The girl was absolutely beautiful. I gave her a roll and a cup of coffee and went in to take my shower. When I came out she was on a cell phone talking to some one. She hung up when I came into the room and said:

"That was Stella; the owner of the restaurant. I called her to let her know I wouldn't be in any more. She wasn't all that happy at my lack of notice, but she knew how unhappy I was and she wished me luck."

"You ready for breakfast?"

"No thanks. The coffee and the roll will do me until lunch time."

I was a touch hungry, but I wasn't going to eat in front of her so when I turned in the room key I grabbed another sweet roll and we hit the road. As we drove west I noticed the way she was looking at me and I asked her:

"What are you thinking?"

She was silent for a couple of seconds and then she said. "I'm just thinking about what is happening here. I'm sitting in a truck with a man that the only thing I know about is that his name is Rob. I've just spent a night in a hotel room with a man and all I did was sleep. I've been expecting a move and there has been no sign of one. This just doesn't fit the picture I have of men. In my experience all men are pigs, but you don't seem to fit the mold.

"There is a white band of skin on your ring finger so my first thought was that you took off your ring to make it easier to score with chicks, but you haven't even given me a lustful look. None of this fits in with what I expect from the male of the species."

"The ring is gone because the marriage is gone. The reason I'm moving to California is so I can start my life fresh."

I was silent for a few moments and then I said, "You must have had some really bad times with the guys in Harpersville if you have such a lousy opinion of men."

"It was bad, but I have to admit that I pretty much asked for it."

"You asked to be treated badly?"

"In a way. Billy Denton and I were childhood sweethearts and we grew up knowing that we would get married and live happily ever after. We set a wedding date for a week after graduation. Then my mom had her stroke and I quit school to take care of her. Billy said no problem; she could live with us after we were married. Taking care of mom cut into the time I was able to spend with Billy and there were some weeks when we didn't even see each other. Then graduation came and the day after Billy joined the Army. He didn't say a word to me, just joined and left town and I never heard from him again.

"Six months after that Billy's sister Irene was telling people that Billy was getting married to some girl he met where he was stationed. I lost it. I started dating Billy's friends. If you were a friend of Billy's you could get a date with me and all the sex you could handle as long as you wrote Billy a letter telling him all about it and then gave it to me to read and then mail. I did his brothers, all four of his cousins and his best friend in the first month he was gone.

"By the time I woke up to the fact that Billy didn't give a damn and all I was doing was hurting myself I was the town punchboard. I stopped cold, but it was already too late. No guy with any self respect at all would have anything to do with me. The only guys who would have anything to do with me were assholes like Clint. The thing was that all of Billy's relatives and so called friends didn't hesitate to climb on board. So yeah, my opinion of men in general isn't all that good."

"Well maybe I can turn that opinion around."

"Yeah. Maybe you can."

We made general conversation as the miles churned by and I found out all sorts of things about Joyce. Her favorite color was red, she preferred cats to dogs, she had never driven a car and she didn't like pork. Except for bacon. She could eat a pound of bacon at a sitting, but couldn't stand the thought of pork chops, pork loin or sausage. She liked her hair long (and so did I) and would rather go braless than wear one. That is one fact that I was very aware of as she sat next to me. Painfully aware of if you get my meaning.

We stopped for lunch and I called my brother to let him know I was a day and a half out and that I had company with me. He told me not to sweat it as he had plenty of room. I asked him to check around and see if there were any places looking for a good waitress and he said that he would.

Joyce took advantage of the stop to make a few calls of her own. She called the bank and let them know that she had moved out and then told them they could keep the furniture and rent the place out furnished or call the Salvation Army or Goodwill to come and get it. She got my brother's address from me and called her cell phone provider and arranged to have the bills sent to Jake's place. Then she called Stella at the restaurant and arranged to have her final check sent to her at Jake's.

"That's it" she said when she disconnected the call. "No more ties to Harpersville. I sure do hope that I'm not going to regret this."

"I think that you are going to love it. Everything from now on is going to be an adventure for you."

"You think?"

"I do."

We stopped early that evening and had dinner at a place called – believe it or not – Mom's Diner. The food was good and the size of the servings was awesome. And as if to prove my point that a good waitress could always find a job there was a sign in the window that said "Waitress wanted."

Joyce said, "Maybe it is an omen telling me to apply."

"No you don't girl! You signed on to keep me company all the way to California."

"Yeah, there is that."

There was a motel just across the street so we drove over and I checked us in. The room was a surprise. I was so used to every motel room I stayed in having two beds I never asked, but the room that Joyce and I entered only had one bed. It was queen sized, but only one bed.

"I'd better go back and see if they have a room with two beds" I said as I started to leave the room.

"Don't be silly" Joyce said, "There is plenty of room. We won't crowd each other."

"That's not my fear girl. You are a beautiful and sexy looking lady and I'm not all that sure that I can trust myself being that close to you."

"Oh bull crap Rob. You sleep on one side and I sleep on the other and there will be almost a foot between us. In twin beds there would only be three or four feet between us. If you were going to do something one foot or four feet what's the difference? Besides, maybe you need to worry about what I might do. I'm a healthy female and I've gone almost a year without and you are a very attractive man."

"Maybe I should let you have the bed and I'll sleep in the truck."

"Don't you dare! Dibs on the shower" she said and started pulling off her clothes. I did mention that she was not wearing a bra right? She turned to face me, smiled and said:

"Still thinking truck?"

She headed for the bathroom leaving me standing there with an unbelievably hard cock. I might have read her wrong, but I didn't think so so I quickly undressed and followed her into the shower. When I slid the curtain aside and got in with her she smiled and handed me the wash rag and the bar of soap and turned her back to me. I washed her back and then reached around and started washing her front. She reached back, found my stiff cock and started stroking it. She bent at the waist and picked up the shampoo and handed it to me.

"Use this" she said. "There hasn't been anything but a hairbrush handle in there for over a year and it might be tight."

She leaned forward against the wall and I lathered up my cock with some shampoo, used some on my thumb to open her a bit and then I put the head of my cock between her pussy lips and started to slowly work it in. She was right. It was a bit tight, but I made steady progress until I was all the way in. She helped by fucking back at me and pretty soon we had a rhythm going and she was starting to moan. The moans turned into gasps of:

"Yes, yes, yes, so good, oh God so good, don't stop, oh sweet Jesus don't stop."

She was pushing back at me as hard as I was pushing into her and after about five minutes I felt her cum and seconds later I emptied into her. We stood there unmoving as we caught our breath and then she pulled away and turned to face me. In a husky voice she said:

"If you fuck me you at least have to kiss me" and our mouths found each other. Tongues intertwined and pushed at each other and then she broke the kiss, pulled back and went to her knees in front of me. Her mouth captured my cock and she began working on me. When she had me hard again she stood up and said:

"We need to hurry up and finish showering so we can take this to the bed."

She rode me cowgirl to a second orgasm and then I pushed her over on her back and fucked her hard until I got off and then I fell down beside her and we cuddled together and fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning with a hand slowly stroking my already hard cock. When I opened my eyes Joyce said:

"Good morning lover."

She released my cock and swung over me and as my cock entered her she looked down into my face and said:

"I love to start the day like this. Do you mind?"

To answer her I gripped her tightly, rolled her over onto her back, lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and began fucking her hard. Her hands gripped my ass cheeks and I felt her nails bite in as she pulled me to her. I'd already cum twice in the last eight hours so I wasn't going to be finishing in any hurry. I fucked her through two orgasms before I finally got to where I could release. When I pulled out she said:

"Now I need another shower, but this time you need to stay out or we might never get out of this motel room."

She got out of bed and padded into the bathroom and I heard the shower start. I lay there looking up at the ceiling and thought about what had happened in the last eight hours. I thought about what she'd said and then I smiled as I remembered that I still had eight days before I actually had to be in California. I got up and followed Joyce into the shower.

At check-out time I debated staying another day, but decided against it. We could always stop early in the evening and it would give me time to recharge my batteries. We had lunch at Mom's and as we ate Joyce said:

"I guess I'm still a slut. I was pretty blatant last night when I undressed wasn't I?"

"Did I look like I seemed to mind?"

"You are a guy. Guys go after pussy. I offered and so you took it."

"I guess I did didn't I? But in truth I'm not sure that I could have spent too many more nights in a room with a beautiful and sexy looking woman without trying something. And to be fair about it you yourself said you were a healthy female who had gone without for a long time. I just glad you chose me to be the one to end your long dry spell. I need to warn you though. Now that I've had a taste I'm going to want more, but if you don't you need to let me know otherwise I'm liable to take things for granted."

"Do you really think that?"

"Think what?"

"That I'm beautiful and sexy?"

"Of course I do. Why do you doubt it? Haven't you looked in the mirror lately?"

"That's different. All I see is me, but I don't see myself as others see me."

"You can take my word for it; you are both beautiful and sexy.' She smiled and said, "I think I'll stick with you. You are good for my ego."

We were on the road by twelve forty-five and we weren't ten minutes into the drive when she slid over next to me and felt for my bulge with her hand. "Have to keep you interested" she said as she found my cock and rubbed it.

"Good God woman. Can't you at least let us get a couple of hours on the road? You keep that up and I'll be pulling into the first rest area we come to."

She giggled and said, "I guess maybe I can wait that long, but if we don't come up to one soon maybe we can cut off on a side road and find a place?"

We did hit a rest area an hour later and I did pull in and park well away from anyone else. It was intense! Probably the risk factor had something to do with it. Anyone could have walked by and seen what was going on on the front seat, but I didn't care and Joyce sure didn't either. When we pulled out of the rest area Joyce slid over next to me again and I pushed her away.

"Stay on your side and at least let me drive until six or seven tonight."

"Spoil sport" she said, but she did move back to her side. After a couple of miles she took a book out of her purse and began reading it. As I drove I kept looking over at Joyce and wondered at my good fortune. What were the odds of my finding a beautiful and sexy nympho willing to pull up stakes and take off with me after knowing me less than eight hours? With luck like that I needed to stock up on lottery tickets.

We stopped at seven, checked into a motel and Joyce was peeling off her clothes before the door was fully closed. I laughed and said:

"Can't you at least wait until we have had dinner?"

"Nope. Got to work up an appetite."

We never did get to eat that night. At least not dinner.

For the second day in a row I woke up to Joyce stroking my all ready hard cock and like the previous day as soon as she saw that I was awake she mounted me cowgirl. When it was over I wisely decided not to follow her into the shower. If I would have we wouldn't have gotten out of the room until noon and besides being hungry from missing dinner I really wanted to get some miles in. I still had seven days before I needed to report in to work, but I needed to get to my brother's place, settle in and start looking for a place of my own.

Joyce came out of the bathroom and said, "You didn't want your back washed?"

"I was more afraid of what would happen to my front if I would have followed you in."

"You're no fun" she said and she pouted.

I laughed and said, "We can stop early tonight, but right now I need food. I need some fuel in me if I'm going to try to keep up with you."

After eating we got in the truck and as soon as the doors closed I said:

"You stay on your side. I need to put some miles behind us today. We could make it to my brother's by nine, but I think I'll stop somewhere for the night and drive to his place in the morning."

"No rest area stop?"

"Not today sexy lady. I'll try to make up for it tonight."

"Well okay, but you better follow through on that promise."

She took out her book and started reading. We were about two hours down the road when she put the book down and said:

"You are going to dump me when we get to California aren't you."

I looked over at her in surprise. "Why in the hell would you think that?"

"I don't know. Maybe it is because I've never been able to trust men. I'll grant you that you are a cut above the guys I've known before you, but..."

"Hush up sweetie. You are every man's dream woman. A beautiful, sexy nymphomaniac and I'd be a fool to let you get away. I'm afraid that I'm the one who will get dumped when we get to California and get settled in. Guys are going to flock to you and you are going to be able to take your pick."

"I'm not a nymphomaniac. I'm just a deprived girl making up for lost time. Sooner or later I'll get it down to once or twice a day."

I just shook my head as I continued on down the road.

We pulled into Palm Springs at seven and took a room at the Westward Ho. I called my brother and told him that we would be in sometime in the morning and he told me he was looking forward to seeing me. He also told me that he'd found three places that were looking for a waitress.

Over dinner I told Joyce about the three possibilities and then said, "I'm hoping I can find us a place close to whichever job you take."

"Us? You are going to find a place for us?"

"Unless you don't want me to.'

"Oh no; I'm fine with it. I just wasn't expecting it. I was expecting to have to find a place of my own."

"I told you this morning that I'd be a fool to let you get away and I meant it."

She smiled at me and then attacked her top sirloin.

When we got to the room she said, "I don't know how things will go at your brother's place so I had better get while the getting is good" and she started shedding her clothes. I didn't have any idea of what the sleeping arrangements would be at Jake and Mary's either so I decided that Joyce had the right idea and I got with the program. It was an exhausting night and in fact it was a night that saw me reach my personal best. Five times! In five years married to Beverly – including our honeymoon – three was the best that I could do.

We had a leisurely breakfast and then headed for my brother's place. Joyce got a warm and friendly greeting from both Jake and Mary and Mary, being the outgoing and outspoken person that she was, cut right to the chase.

"What's it going to be? Separate bedrooms or do you have an arrangement?"

I looked at Joyce and she smiled back at me and said, "We do have an arrangement."

"Okay" Mary said, "Follow me and I'll show you where you'll bunk."

We followed Mary down the hall into a room that had a queen sized bed in it. "This is the guest bedroom. The two across the hall are vacant at the moment. We are waiting for a couple of blessed events so we can fill them. Have you eaten yet?"

"We had breakfast in the Springs" I said.

"Well make yourselves at home. I have to run to my Pilates class, but I should be home around one. If you are hungry by then I'll whip up some lunch."

She left the room and Joyce said, "I may have to stuff some socks in my mouth so I don't embarrass you too much."

I just smiled.

After we had unpacked I went out and turned the truck around and backed up in the driveway and dropped the trailer and then Jake, Joyce and I got in his car and he drove us around and showed us the three places that were looking for a waitress.

"Most waitresses get a small hourly base wage and most of their income comes from tips" I said. "How would you rate the three as to the cliental and their tipping habits?"

Jake thought for a moment and then said, "Alberto's would be my first choice, The Gardens would be my second and the China Café would be the third."

I looked at Joyce and asked, "What do you think?"

"I'll follow Jake's advice."

"Want to do it now? You don't need to go back and dress for an interview; you look great just as you are."

"You really think so?"

"You know I do."

"Let's do it then."

We went to Alberto's and Joyce asked the woman behind the cash register who she could talk to about the waitress job. The woman smiled and said:

"That would be me honey."

She looked over and saw Jake and said, "Hey Jake; you want a table or a booth?"

"Doesn't matter Alice. We are only going to be here long enough for you to talk to Joyce."

Alice looked at Joyce and said, "You are with that reprobate?"

"Kind of."

"Kind of? What does that mean?"

"The man with Jake is his brother and my boyfriend."

Alice looked over at us and raised and eyebrow and Jake introduced me. Alice said, "Take a booth and have some pie and coffee while I talk to this young lady."

"As we sat down Jake asked, "Boyfriend?"

I smiled and said, "It is news to me too, but I think I like it."

I told him the story of how Joyce and I came to be together and he said,

"Sort of sudden isn't it?"

"True, but I can use a little good fortune in my life. She's growing on me, but whether or not it is going to go anywhere I have no idea. She seems to like me, but she is young and she is out of what she has considered as her self-appointed prison for the first time in her life. She is eight years younger than I am and she just might meet someone closer to her own age that she might get interested in. I just don't know. I'll just take it one day at a time and see how it goes."

"Beverly called two days ago and wanted to know if we'd heard from you."

"What did you tell her?"

"Just what you asked me to. I told her I hadn't talked to you in months. She asked me to call her if I heard from you and I of course told her that I would."

"But you won't, right?"

"Of course I won't. You are blood. Family sticks together right?"


We drank coffee and ate apple pie and talked about places available in the area and he told me about half a dozen and I made a list so I could start checking them out. We had just finished the pie when Joyce and Alice came over to us.

"I need your address and phone number" Joyce told Jake. He gave it to her and Alice wrote it down and said, "I'll be in touch" and she walked away. Joyce sat down and said:

"I think I got the job, but she wants to call Stella for a reference. If Stella isn't too pissed at me for leaving without giving notice it should be all right."

I picked up the tab and when I got to the register Alice took it from me and said:

"It's on the house sweetie."

"Are you sure?"

"Call it a finder's fee. I think you brought me a good one. Besides, you are new in town and maybe being nice to you will make you a steady customer.

As we drove back to Jake's place Joyce told us that she liked Alice and she thought that she would like working there. Mary was home when we got there and she offered lunch. Jake and I passed since we had just eaten pie, but Joyce said she could stand a sandwich if it wasn't too much trouble and Mary said:

"Follow me sweetie. It will give us a chance to talk. I want to know all about how you managed to connect with Rob."

While Joyce was eating her sandwich and talking to Mary the phone rang. Mary answered it and then handed the phone to Joyce.

"It's for you."

"For me? No one knows I'm ... oh wow, is it Alice?" She took the phone and said "Hello?"

"You bet. What time?"

"How should I dress?"

"Okay. See you then."

She handed the phone back to Mary and said, "I just don't believe it. I'm in town less than four hours and I have a job. She wants me to start at six tomorrow morning. Six till two for two weeks until I learn the menu and how things work and then I go to afternoons."

She looked at me and I shrugged and said, "I told you that a good waitress could always find a job. Now we have to go to work on a few things."

"Like what?"

"We need to find a place close enough for you to walk to work or I'm going to have to teach you to drive and then find you a car."

"I had Drivers Ed in the classroom, but I had to quit school before we got to the actual driving part."

"I'll put the DMV down on the list of things to do tomorrow."

We spent the day socializing with Jake and Mary and after dinner we played cards until bedtime. Joyce and I made slow and easy love and nodded off cuddled up together.

In the morning I drove Joyce to the restaurant and had breakfast there while I made out a list of what I needed to do. First on the list was to find a place. I hit six different places before I found one that I liked. It wasn't close to the restaurant so I added "find Joyce a car" to my list.

I stopped by the DMV and got the booklet on getting a California drivers license. Actually I got two; one for Joyce and one for myself. I was going to need to familiarize myself with California laws since sooner or later I was going to have to swap my Michigan license for a California one.

At two I picked Joyce up at the restaurant and drove her over to the place I'd picked out so she could see it. She liked it too so I signed the lease. I paid with American Express travelers checks so I didn't have to wait for a check to clear. They handed me the keys and I told them I'd move in the next day.

We were in the middle of dinner when the phone rang and Mary answered it. After saying hello she said:

"No I haven't, but let me ask Jake."

She put her hand over the mouthpiece and said, "It's Beverly. Any change?" I shook my head no and she said, "Jake hasn't heard from him either."

"I will."

"Yes, I have all your numbers; work, home and cell."

"Okay. Bye."

Joyce had seen me nod my head no when Mary asked me if there was any change so she asked:

"Who is Beverly?"

"My ex-wife."

"Well if she is calling because she wants you back she isn't going to get you; at least not without a fight."

Jake laughed and said, "So much for just giving a girl a ride to California."

We played cards again after dinner and later it was slow and easy love making. After I'd gotten Joyce off and had my own climax Joyce asked:

"Do you believe in love at first sight?"

I smiled and said. "I believe that it is possible."

"I don't know if it is love at first sight or not, but I felt an instant attachment to you when you came into the restaurant. I couldn't take my eyes off you the entire time you were there. I meant what I said at dinner. I'll fight to keep you."

To be honest I didn't really know how I felt about that. I was quite taken with Joyce and the more time I spent with her the more comfortable with her I became. She said she would fight for me, but would that mind set last? I had been burned before by two women who had professed undying love for me. An undying love that had died. I snuggled up next to Joyce and fell asleep.

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