Kate's Mum on Sunday

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: The boss's 18 yr old daughter got fucked on the office desk on Saturday afternoon. Her mum watched part of the fun. She came to visit the worried employee on Sunday morning - all turned out good with the mum getting a healthy cock injection and revenge on her wayward husband.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   Workplace   .

It was Sunday morning and I was laying back in bed reliving in my mind the experience of Saturday afternoon. I had fucked the boss's daughter Kate on my office desk. She was only 18 yrs old, but she was one hell of a fuck. She came onto me with a "Show me yours, and I'll show you mine" challenge, which I naturally accepted.

The elation of my fuck with this young lady was tempered when I remembered that we had been watched by her mum (my boss's wife). Me fucking her might have been more acceptable if we were closer in age, but I'm 54 yrs old and she's only 18 yrs old. The thought of the possible ramifications, like losing my job, soon put a dampener on my substantial 10 inch erection as it softened a little.

There was a knock on my door. I scrambled off the bed and pulled on a pair of shorts. It was still hot, and anything more than shorts would have been stifling. Another knock as I reached the door. I opened it to find my boss's wife there. Her name was Tania, and we'd been introduced before at an office function.

Tania would be late 30s and was about 5ft 5ins tall, short curly blonde hair that framed a very beautiful face. She had a lightly tanned slim but curvy body where her best assets sat high on her chest - a set of quite large tits with prominent nipples. Today, she was standing at my door. She was wearing a mid-thigh light cotton skirt with a form-fitting cotton top. Her midrift was bare with a gap of a couple of inches between the bottom of her shirt and the top of her skirt. She was wearing thongs on her feet - and she had painted toe nails just like Kate yesterday.

If she wasn't my boss's wife, I would be wanting to pull her into my bedroom and fuck her. She looked fabulous. My still half-hard cock stirred in my shorts and started to mildly tent them. "Oh no" I thought "what a time to start getting a hardon".

Our eyes met for a moment before she spoke "Grant, can I come in? We need to discuss something in private".

I stepped aside as she entered the room. She walked to the centre of the lounge room before she stopped and turned to face me. I hung back a little and stayed about 6ft away from her.

I started to speak but she silenced me by putting her finger to her lips. "Shhhh!!" she said.

"I've come here to offer you a deal ... in exchange for my silence on what I saw happening between you and Kate yesterday afternoon...". She paused. She had me trapped, and I was paying attention.

Our eyes were locked together, as I waited on the completion of her deal description.

"I want what Kate got yesterday ... right here" she said as she raised the front of her skirt to reveal a totally bald pussy.

Oh god, my cock went from limp to fully erect in a millisecond. It tented my shorts and was pushing them all out of shape.

She held her skirt up, leaving her delightfully beautiful pussy on show as she continued "I've shown you mine, now it's time for you to show me yours".

Without thinking I pushed my shorts off my hips and they fell to the ground. My 10 inch full erect fat cock popped free.

"Oh my god ... now I understand why Kate was walking funny last night when she got home. Did you get all of that monster inside her?" Tania asked.

I smiled and nodded my head as I started to advance on her until my cock touched her bare mound. She dropped her hold on her skirt as it became trapped between us and my cock rubbed against her bare tummy and pussy mound. Her hands went to my shoulders and neck as she pulled me close to kiss her. Her lips were soft yet demanding as they locked onto mine. The lip gloss on her lips was tasty and was soon all over my lips as we duelled with our lips for a few moments before our tongues became involved. Tongues pushed against each other, lips capturing a tongue and lightly sucking on it.

My hands went to her ass and pulled her close to me. Pulling the skirt up around her waist so I could feel her naked ass and run a finger between her ass cheeks and across her rosebud.

"I want to fuck you" I whispered in her ear when I broke off from her lips to nibble at her earlobe.

She whispered back with "Hard and deep ... fill me with your fucking long fat cock and pump me full of your hot cream".

I think we had a firm understanding of what we wanted from each other as we shuffled towards my bedroom.

Tania's clothes were scattered between the lounge room and the bedroom. She was laying back naked on my bed and I was crouched between her wide-spread thighs with my face at her pussy. It was an absolute work of art with its entrance protected by a set of puffy and slightly engorged pussy lips. They were a little darker than the surrounding skin and hung down a little. I was pulling at them with my lips and teeth, as I attempted to open up a pathway to her steaming cauldron.

"Oh fuck... " she groaned as I teased her pussy with my lips and teeth before sliding my tongue between its lips to find a tasty tangy collection of her pussy juices. My taste buds loved her taste as I burrowed further into her pussy crevice to lick up her juices. The more I licked, the more juices she expelled. Her hips wiggled as she pushed back onto my tongue, wanting to keep my tongue connected to her pussy.

I held her hips as my mouth latched onto her twitching pussy. Her first cum was imminent with me expecting a stready stream of her juices on my tongue. I teased her just a little. I was actually avoiding making contact with her clit. I wanted her first cum to not involve her clit, and I was very close to succeeding. Sensing the moment was nigh, I speared my tongue deep within her pussy crevice and into her pussy hole. I could feel its heat and I could smell her heady sexual aroma.

"Ahhhhhh!!" she shouted, followed by "cummmmmmiiinnnngg!!" as her body convulsed in a massive cum. Her pussy grabbed at my tongue as it convulsed and her juices streamed out, filling my mouth as I licked and swallowed her expelled hot tangy juices until they finally stopped.

I moved my face slightly back from her pussy to gaze at her post-orgasmic pussy. It was gaping open, with its outer lips engorged and parted and her inner lips peeking at me. I looked up from between her thighs to catch her as she opened her eyes.

"Oh my fucking god ... I've never never had my pussy licked like that before." she groaned. I looked at her with a questioning look and she caught it. "My husband, your boss ... has been my first and only lover, and he's evidently only been an average pussy licker based on what I've just experienced".

I smiled and then planted a tonguey kiss on her pussy before looking back up at her.

Tania continued "And his cock has been my only one so far ... and he's only about half your length and thickness. So be gentle with me when you fuck me".

I had to ask "Why me then, and why now?".

She replied "His emergency meeting yesterday was his mistress calling him to her bed ... Now I want you to fuck me with your magnificent big fat cock ... Fill my pussy with your cock and your hot cream".

I smiled and started to crawl up over her body until my cock was resting on her pussy mound and I was kissing her again. This time she could taste her tangy juices that had smeared all over my face. She paused a moment as it registered that she was tasting herself before she actively started to lick her juices from my face.

My cock was throbbing and very hard as it rested on her pussy mound. I rubbed it back and forth, moving it around until my cockhead caught between her pussy lips. I paused a moment and adjusted my position until my cock engaged with her pussy sheath entrance.

"Fuck me!!" she whispered as I pushed forward and started to slide my fat cock deeper and deeper inside her very tight, wet and hot pussy canal.

"Oh ... oh ... oh ... fuck ... fuck ... fuck!!!" she chanted. "So fucking bigggggggg!!!".

I had slid in about halfway before I paused to let Tania adjust to my size. I leant down to her and whispered in her ear "You are much tighter than Kate; its almost like fucking a virgin all over again". With that said, I started a gentle in and out movement, fucking her very tight pussy and nibbling at her ear.

"Oh my fucking god ... you are so fucking good inside me" she groaned before she yelled in my ear "Ahhhhhhh!!" as she had a massive, and quite unexpected cum. It had come out of nowhere, with none of the tell-tale signs of its impending arrival. Her pussy clenched me hard, so hard that I couldn't move until it relaxed. As it relaxed I pushed forward deeper until about 8 of my 10 inches was embedded in her pussy.

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