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True Sex Story: In the end, shouldn't it be about everyone being happy.

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Here I lay in this hotel room bed. It's a Friday night. There is plenty of light coming from the bathroom to see the soon-to-be fourteen year old atop his mom with her legs high in the air. I can feel the steady rhythm as the bed creaks and the headboard sways. I love watching her large breasts jiggle each time he slams down into her. I know my wife is close when I hear her hiss through gritted teeth: "Oh yeah, fuck Mommy, fuck mommy good". This is soon followed by a scream of "Oh yea, oh yea – God I'm cumming. Mommies cumming baby" followed by the whole bed shaking like one of those coin-operated vibrating beds. This triggers my son who lets out a groan before collapsing on top of his mom.

My son lay unmoving on top of his mom's limp body, her chin resting on the top of his head, his hands still clutching her large boobs. She looks over at me and mouths "I love you". After probably a minute of no movement I assume them both to be asleep. The silence is broken by a series of gurgles, each louder than the one before followed by an almost silent pop followed by a rather loud pussy fart. I had to laugh as I pictured his cock finally giving up his mom's puss. My laugh seemed to set off a giggle from my son, which set his mom off and soon they were both giggling uncontrollably, which was once very common among them both up until he was probable five or six and he was told by a friend only girls giggle. Soon, the laughter stopped, he rolled off his mom and was soon asleep. His mom kissed him on the cheek and pulled a sheet over his naked body before she snuggled up to me, her arm across my chest, her leg across my stomach, her hot breath on my cheek. Soon she was asleep.

I had lost track of my wife's orgasms. With this latest cum, (my son's first "easy" load went eagerly down his mom's throat), he has pumped four loads into his mom's pussy in the last three hours. I have little doubt my son will be adding more loads into my wife's pussy – her unprotected, fertile pussy. We aren't scheduled to leave until Sunday.

I am sure my wife realizes this weekend will leave her pregnant and it is her son's sperm that will penetrate her egg. [My reverse vasectomy did not yield good results] I am sure she realizes now this whole night was carefully planned by me far in advance. With that said, neither of us will speak of how this weekend came to be nor of its ultimate conclusion. She wants another baby.

Many may wonder how such a thing could happen. I guess it would be easiest to start at the beginning. Bear with me as I tend to ramble. I may get off track on some small detail or else speed through something important. For that I apologize now and that be that.

It was six weeks of being in the barracks with no word of when I would be discharged that my supervisor suggested that I bring my family to live with me off base. Seems he finally got Navy housing for him and his family but still had six months on his lease. In two days' time, my new wife and my soon to be adopted son arrived at our apartment. It was also confirmed that my wife was now two months pregnant with my child. Although unplanned, it was not a surprise – having spent six weeks on convalescent leave rarely leaving her apartment.

Being north of Chicago in late January, it was definitely cold outside so except for the occasional trip to the store, my wife rarely left the apartment. Having no friends around and with the weather always so crappy, I could tell she was feeling the cabin fever, but there was little I could do. It had been three weeks when I told her we were to have a guest spend the night.

Jim was assigned to the same temporary unit I was. After only six months in the Navy, he was being discharged. Seems his father had been killed and his mom needed him to run the farm. Jim had been in the barracks prior to my arrival by about two weeks. Since I worked in the office assigning work details, knew he was to be discharges before he did. He seemed to be a good enough guy so when he asked if he could borrow my car, I agreed. Seems he finally got up the nerve to ask out one of the Waves in our unit. This was his last chance to lose his virginity before leaving the Navy.

Since it was a twenty minute drive from my apartment to the base, he drove me home so he could take the car for his date then he would just ride back with me in the morning after sleeping on my couch that night. Except for "Hi / Goodbye" when he dropped me off, it wasn't until he came home that night that my wife got to talk with him.

I assume being isolated these last few weeks was taking its toll, because my wife insisted on a full breakdown on how his date went. Having not been out on a date for some time herself, I realized this was the next best thing for her. She seemed genuinely sorry to hear that the date ended without so much as a kiss and questioned him extensively about how he could still be a virgin.

It would seem that the night had a side effect of my wife being extremely horny once we got into bed. Finally at 3AM, I told her I had to get some sleep. I am sure Jim heard every sound as the couch shared the same wall as our bed and no one bothered closing the bedroom door.

I was surprised to wake the next morning to the smell of pancakes and sausage. My wife had already showered and put on makeup, but chose to put her nightgown back on. Although it was a heavier (winter) nightgown it was obvious she wore nothing underneath it. It is hard to miss the jiggle of a pair of braless Double D's, especially when they have over-excited nipples.

I guess I wasn't too surprised when she gave Jim a big hug when we left. There was a pause just before she moved away from him where she looked briefly at me and then planted a quick kiss on his lips. Perhaps that was her way of making up for him not getting a kiss from his date.

By the time I got home from work that night, I was exhausted but that was soon to change. It didn't take long for the conversation to turn to Jim and his date and how tragic it was that he would go home a virgin. Normally we never had full out sex while our son was up and around but I hadn't been home long before I had his mom bent over a chair in the kitchen area while he watched cartoons in the living room area. A small island is all that separated the two. Having just turned one, it's not like he would have noticed anyway.

I do recall joking that apparently Jim took out the wrong girl, which she commented that she would have loved the night out. I asked her if she would have been more understanding on his virginity problem. She just smiled and replied "Guess we will never know". Jokingly, I told her he still had three days to go.

Friday arrived and I was set to leave early that day. I said goodbye to Jim around noon, figuring I would never see him again. It was around three that he came back. Seems because he had taken emergency leave when his dad died and also had taken advanced pay, he had no money. The good news was that at least the Navy issued him a ticket home. The bad news was it did not leave until the next day. He had hoped to spend the night back in his old room, but unfortunately, that was already taken and besides, he was officially no longer in the Navy.

Technically it was not my problem, but when my supervisor came and asked if he could stay with me, it became my problem. It is not that I cared if he slept on my couch; it is the fact that I already had plans and also I would have to drive him into Chicago to the airport the next day. I finally called the wife (half an hour after I was supposed to have been out of there) to tell her Jim was coming home with me to spend the night. I guess I should have picked up on the moment of silence, then the "Wow – Really - Okay".

We arrived at the apartment to find my wife looking super-hot. She had on a short black skirt with a nice creamed colored blouse that showed off plenty of cleavage. Although pregnant, she still had a small waist and a nice round ass. Her blonde shoulder length hair, normally pulled back in a pigtail, was styled just right. Her blue eyes sparkled especially when she smiled. Her make-up was flawless, with her lips a nice shade of red and her eye shadow a light slutty blue.

The plan had been for her and I to take in a movie. We were to drop off the kid with my supervisor's family and then spend a couple hours going to a chick-flick she had picked out. It was already too late to take him to the babysitters and still make the movie, plus the fact that Jim was sitting on my couch. I was feeling bad about her having to miss the movie. Then it came to me. It wasn't like I wanted to see the chick flick anyways. I would have Jim take her. The least he could do. Once again I failed to pick up on the signals. "Really. You're sure you're okay with this?" When I said "Yea, I am sure", she wasted no time getting the two of them out the door.

It was a ninety minute movie so I figured at most they would be gone a couple of hours. After eating and getting my son to bed, the two hour mark came and went. I figured maybe they decided to grab something to eat. After three than four hours, I was pacing the floor. This was a time before cell phones.

I must say I was relieved when they finally came in the door five hours later. I assumed a terrible accident or a mugging or even a mugging / rape. My wife came in first and immediately gave me a very passionate kiss. "Giddy" is the best word I could describe her. After two minutes of her trying to lick my tonsils, she released herself from our embrace and announced she needed a shower. I guess my brain was still trying to process the smell of sweat, her bed-head hair, her raccoon eyes from running mascara, the taste of tobacco in her kiss (she quit smoking when we got married), the smeared lipstick, and yes – the smell of sex. I looked over at Jim as she closed the bathroom door. "Wow, I cannot thank you enough. When she told me not only were you okay with us, but actually wanted her to, I just ... Wow, thank you. This is the best night of my life."

Ever have one of those moments when time seems to stand still and yet speeds up simultaneously? Where your body seems to go numb but yet you feel like someone has just punched you in the gut. Where your balls feel like they just shrunk up into your body. This was that moment. For some reason, as all this was going on inside my head, I calmly asked him how the movie went. "Oh yeah – I guess it was ok. We made out during most of it so I really didn't see much of it." Another kick to the gut... "So where did you end up afterwards"? "Hell, we've been out in your parking lot since the movie got out. Shit, she would still have me out there if your car had more gas." He paused, lowering his voice. "She really likes to fuck. You are one lucky guy". I just smiled and nodded. "Yea, I guess I am".

We were still standing there when she exited the bathroom. Her hair was wet from her shower, which may have gone unnoticed. She was completely naked. As she walked past us, she reached out and groped both of our crotches. "Could you and Jim spread out that old comforter on the floor, babe? I thought we could have a little picnic. No clothes allowed."

With the blanket on the floor, we both sat there quietly - naked. How could we disobey? She continued to scurry about between the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom until finally she brought in a diaper bag she now deemed a "picnic basket". She had us sit with our backs to the couch with her kneeling between us. She brought out what I assume was a small brush and dipped it into a bowl of what I was soon to find out was chocolate syrup. She slowly painted the chocolate onto each boob then reached down for the whipped cream and sprayed a dollop on each nipple. "Anyone hungry?", she asked. It was at this moment that I realized all was forgiven. In fact, all was right in the world.

We spent the next half an hour or so playing with chocolate syrup, strawberries, whipped topping, and even honey. Looking over at Jim, it was clear he was as ready as I was to fuck. But then, just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter, she reached into her basket and pulls out a rather large banana. She had us lean back against the couch as she lay bringing her toes up for us to suck on. As we sucked on her toes and caressed her legs, she proceeded to deep throat that large banana. I am surprised we didn't explode then and there.

With one last lick, she looked at us both and smiled while licking her wet lips. She then told us to hold her ankles as she stuffed that whole banana into her pussy until it had completely disappeared. You could feel her butt cheeks clench as she worked that banana. I knew from experience she was building up to a huge orgasm. With her breathes growing to large gasps, her hands went from her pussy to both of our ankles. She let out a scream / shout that I am sure woke the neighbors, "Oh my fucking God in heaven. I'm coming". Her whole body went rigged as she continued her death grip on our ankles. It was at least thirty seconds before her body went limp. The banana comes shooting out. She lay their slowing regaining her breath. Her face and chest flushed crimson as it does when she cums. I noticed her tits would quiver like jello with the occasional spasm of her body as it returned to normal.

Once she seemed to fully recoup, she once again reached into her basket and pulled out a container of Vaseline. She asked Jim for the discharged banana which he gladly handed her. Apparently deciding it was no longer up for the task, she pulls out a smaller cucumber out of the basket and proceeds to coat it slowly and I must say quit seductively with Vaseline. This whole time we are holding her legs high in the air.

When she finally seems to be satisfied with the coating, she smiles her "I need a favor" smile while handing me her new self-made phallus and asks if I would be so kind as to insert it into her asshole. I of course agree. Once the cuke is fully inserted she has us stand next to each other with her kneeling in front of us. After getting to a position while working to maintain insertion, she returns her attention to the two cocks held firmly in her hands. A few sucks here and a few strokes there and we are soon aiming our loads towards her open mouth. Most of it goes in but some dribbles down her chin and falls on her large boobs. She makes a gargling noise then a big gulp. She then proceeds to take a finger and slide the spilled sperm on her left boob to the nipple, then using both hands she raised the tit to her mouth and sucks, leaving behind a clean, but wet nipple. She then repeats the process with her other boob. A couple of times during this she had to re-adjust her bottom to insure the cucumber stayed in place.

By now, both our cocks are starting to show life again so she soon is back working her magic until we are both fully erect. With a "plop" the cucumber hits to the floor as she stands up and wiggles her butt as if to make sure it is ready. She directs Jim to the floor. "On your back, boy." She then comes to me and gives me a deep kiss then tells me "I love you".

She then proceeds to lower herself until the entire length of his cock disappears into her pussy. Considering I am seven inches, he is at least three inches longer and almost as thick. She slowly gyrates on his cock until she announces she is ready for me to "shove it up" her ass. Blame it on the adrenaline but I was unable to "go slowly" as requested and found myself buried completely up her ass in one push. When I heard her scream out "Son of a bitch", I heard the little voice in my head say "oops".

I soon realized this was not her "first rodeo" as she was soon working both of our cocks like a well-oiled sex machine. She did all the work and soon had a steady rhythm going where we just had to enjoy the moment. I found it weird but in a good sort of way how I could feel Jim's cock being pumped in and out of her pussy while mine was being pumped in and out of her ass. I remember thinking as she rutted and moaned and cursed that is would sure be nice if we had a third cock that could be down her throat.

The night continued on until she had us both completely drained. We somehow made it to our bed. I awoke the next morning to our twelve month old smiling at me. "Daddy – hungry". I got up to see Jim on his side, with a boob in his hand and his head resting in her armpit. My wife lay there, flat on her back, one leg draped over Jim, the other with her knee pushed out with her foot tucked just below her butt check. Her spread legs left her pussy gaping with semen running out. She had dried semen in her hair and on her chest and down her legs. Her head was turned so she was laying on her raised arm, her chin resting on top of Jim's head.

I got Jared some cereal and turned on cartoons, and soon found the couch. I awoke sometime later with my son lying beside me while he watched his cartoons. I lay there for some time trying to somehow bring logic to the mom and wife I knew just twenty-four hours ago to the being that possessed her these last few hours. I was actually very easy to make peace with it all. We all definitely enjoyed ourselves. I had no doubt she still loved me. What else mattered.

I managed to get them both up. I told Lisa that she could just stay home, but she insisted on going. Her idea to save time by showering with Jim may have worked if not for the fucking they did prior to the shower. When they finally emerged, I proceeded to go start the car so it would be warmed up. I noticed that the car seat was no longer in the back, but lay on the front seat. The car reeked of stale smoke, wet pussy, and sperm. The tank that was almost full yesterday when we got home from work was now just above the "E". I figured I may as well get gas now. As I got back in the car after paying, I found her underwear on the floor in the front.

Lisa seemed pleasantly surprised when she saw I had the car seat in the front (this was before driver side air bags). I told her, "I figured you would prefer to be in the back with Jim." And soon we were on our way and soon after that Lisa's head disappeared. So as I drove, Jim let me know which terminal I needed to go to and we continued to make small talk about his mom and little sister waiting to pick him up and the work ahead of him with his dad gone all the while the sound of sucking emanated from his lap

Every once in a while Jim would grimace. I figured I should point out to my wife that I think she wore the poor boy out and I don't think he has another load in him. The only respond I got was louder slurps and moans and the occasional words of support. "Come on baby. You can do it." I am not sure if she was talking to Jim or to his penis at this point.

I have to hand it to her. All her work paid off. As we pulled into the parking garage space, he was once again between her legs fucking her for all his was worth. The couple who pulled in next to us would have had to been deaf not to hear the moans and groans and profanity coming from the back seat. I feigned innocence even with the steady rocking of the car. Jared continued to sleep as he did most car rides.

As we returned to our car, she was clearly sad. I asked her what was wrong and she admitted she was going to miss him. I asked her if it was him or his penis she was going to miss. She just laughed. To this day she claims it was all my idea, but it was her that brought up how she wouldn't mind is one of my friends from work wanted to come out for the weekend. She seemed un-phased when the following Friday I walked in with two "friends" and from that point on it was just expected that is how our weekends would be. One thing I did figure out was that guys like to fuck pregnant women and at least one woman I know likes to fuck while pregnant. If anything, the farther along she got, the more she wanted it. Our weekends continued until our last weekend there and even at nine months pregnant with swollen milk filled boobs, she managed to entertain three guests plus myself. This was to be the last hurrah as I was finally being discharged and we headed back home. Two weeks later she gave birth.

Nothing in the next eight years came close to the time we spent in that small apartment. After giving birth, we settled in as I started my career and she became the devoted stay-at-home mom and wife. Being from a small town where everyone knew everyone else's business, it was just the way it was.

It was around this time I decided to go into business on my own. I had developed some software on the side and it looked like I could make some money on it. When I turned in my notice, it was requested by Corporate that I make one last trip north to The Cities for an exit interview and attempt to keep me on board.

With a phone call to my mom-in-law, I arranged for the kids to stay with her for the next three days and I surprised my wife by packing her up with me before heading north. Although supportive, I could tell that Lisa was a bit apprehensive of me giving up that steady paycheck. What she didn't know yet was I had already made more in the last week selling my software than I made in the last year at my "day job" with more orders coming. With my first check cashed and in my pocket, I was going to give her a weekend she wouldn't forget.

After my meeting on Thursday morning, we headed over to the Mall to go shopping. We spent the day buying her a drop-dead outfit starting with matching bra and underwear from Vic's to an amazingly hot and clingy low cut black dress from Saks complete with nice high heeled shoes (5inch stiletto shoes was apparently not an option for her). To top it all off, a nice (and expensive) necklace with matching bracelet, and of course expensive perfume. We even stopped and got new make-up.

I had booked a nice restaurant and the night could not have gone better. She really liked the attention she was getting from almost every guy in there and even the glares from some of their dates – not all, just some. In the last eight years, she had gained about twenty-five pounds. Fortunately it all seemed to go to either her boobs or her butt; mostly her boobs which were now a size 38EE. Sure they sagged more but for a boob guy like me, they were heaven sent.

Since it was Thursday, and I told her I had saved dancing for the following the night, we headed back to the hotel. As we entered the motel, I decided we should stop and have a nightcap in the hotel bar. There were just two others in there besides the bartender who was a young and very attractive woman still in college. Turns out the two men, both black, both dressed in very nice suits, were in town together on business. Although both were in their forties, they both obviously stayed in shape. One was recently divorced – the other had been married for over twenty years. They both worked for a pharmaceutical company based out of Atlanta. Our one drink soon turned into two, then three, and finally, even though it was only ten o'clock, the waitress announced last call. Seems she could close the bar early during the week and since she had a test in the morning...

I asked if they would be interested in continuing drinks up in our suite. They both agreed and soon Lisa was fixing us drinks from the mini-bar. When Lisa excused herself to go to the bathroom, I figured I may as well see where this was going. I told them straight out that if they were interested I would make us all another drink and I was sure my wife would be willing to entertain us all. Otherwise we could just call it a night. From the looks they were giving my wife all night I figured one would stay, but was pleasantly surprised when they both asked for another drink. I told them I would let them fix their drinks as I needed to go talk to my wife. I told them to get comfortable as I think we were going to have a fun night. As an after-thought, I whispered just before I entered the bathroom – "Get naked".

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