Her Side: Blood From a Turnip

by cpete

Copyright© 2012 by cpete

Erotica Sex Story: Her side of "I play or you pay"

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Thanks for the comments-both good and bad on the story "Blood from a Turnip". I had number of email requests for:

A) A companion piece from the wife character Lisa POV.

B) More descriptive sex scenes.

C) To stop writing such crap and never submit anything ever again (guess you cannot please everyone).

I moved my tongue around his shaft as I bobbed my head up and down slowly using my one hand to jack his base. From his moans and movement he was really enjoying my ministrations.

"Oh yeah! Work that tongue! That feels great!" He grabbed my hair with his hands and tried to force me down deeper on his prick.

I had not deep throated a dick this long since college, but like riding a bike you never forget. I relaxed my throat muscles and tried not to gag as I moved down deeper onto his prick.

"That's it baby! All the way down." He pushed up with his hips trying to drive the last inch into my throat.

My eyes started to water up a bit, but I released my grip from the base of his penis, and felt my nose bury into his pubic bone. He was all the way in my gullet now. I held him there for a moment, then pulled back both to increase his pleasure, while drawing breaths on the outward stroke.

"Damn this cougar is good!" He exclaimed. "I ain't ever had a chick deep throat me this way before."

We got into a rhythm, him thrusting his hips up, while pushing my head down into his lap. I would swirl my tongue around his dick on both the upstroke, and down stroke, as it pistoned in and out of my throat. The trick was to time my breathing and gag reflexes to get some air into my lungs between strokes. It was tough to do crammed into the backseat of the car. There was not much room; my head and body were at an awkward angle. Neither he nor I were short people, so there was not a lot of room to maneuver.

"Hey is that MILF going to do me next?" A voice came from the driver into the backseat.

I couldn't answer because my mouth was full. But I heard the other head not in my mouth reply "Hell I don't know, just pay attention to the road until I get my rocks off. I want to enjoy my ride. Not worry about getting my dick bit off because you crashed playing peeping tom and not driving."

If you are wondering how a married middle aged mother of two and faithful wife ended up giving a blowjob in the backseat of car you might want to read the story "Blood from a Turnip". My Ex-husband Vince got most of the basic facts rights, but a lot of the problems were based on miscommunication, added with some medical issues on my part. Now I am not saying that what happened was my husband Vince's fault. But a lot of it would have been avoided. Like most things that go wrong in life-hindsight is always 20/20 and we all wish we could have gone back in time and done things differently. I needed a time machine for a month before the date I ended up in that back seat...

Three weeks earlier Vince and I were in bed. Tommy, who is my husband Vince's brother, had just been over that evening to borrow some money to buy his kids some new shoes. Tommy had got the short end of the stick in his divorce with Brandy. His Ex-wife was really doing a number on him, squeezing him dry with money, putting up roadblocks every chance she had to prevent him seeing his sons. Vince was always in a sour mood after talking to Tommy about his ex-wife. I was pleased when Vince told me Tommy was going to hang the ceiling fan, and install the tankless hot water heater. My husband was many things, but a handy man was not one of them.

"Sounds like we got the better part of the deal on that one." I fluffed up a pillow.

"Tommy certainly did not get any deal with Brandy." Vince said sliding closer to me.

I think the next statement I made started the whole mess. "Well it is not all Brandy's fault."

"Whoaaaa!" Vince sat up. "You want to tell me how Brandy cheating on my brother, and screwing him over is not her fault?"

I thought a second before speaking. I had to explain this in a way that Vince would understand. "Brandy was wrong to cheat. There is never any reason to cheat. But your brother overreacted."

I was brought up in a much disciplined household. Everything was black and white. We were taught to be principled. I felt cheating was wrong. It was me who discovered and confronted Brandy, Tommy's wife, about her cheating. When Brandy refused to stop, or tell Tommy, I told Tommy. There was no hesitation, I just pulled out my cell phone and called Tommy right in front of Brandy. However I still think Tommy went too far after he found out.

"Overreacted!?" Vince was not agreeing with me.

I would need to explain this in better detail. So I said "You know the courts almost always give custody to the mother. Thousands of studies show children are most always better off with their mothers. Say what you will about Brandy but she always was a good mother."

I thought that would get Vince to see that being a good mother was one thing, while the time to yourself as a woman was another thing altogether. The two were not related in my mind, completely different compartments.

"Lisa studies also show children are better living as a family, with a mother and father. How is Brandy breaking up the family with a divorce making Brandy a good mother?"

I was glad Vince had brought up the divorce; this would prove my side of the discussion. "Brandy did not file for divorce, Tommy did. Brandy didn't want a divorce."

I do not know what Vince was thinking, because he missed the divorce angle completely.

"Lisa you know the story as well as I do. Brandy was not even sorry. She refused to stop going out with guys. She wanted Tommy to stand down until she got ready to come back."

How could the man I love so much be so dense sometimes? "Is Tommy better off now? It was only 3 guys. One of them was only a blow job. Brandy told me she was almost done anyway, wanting to get back to Tommy."

"Well that should have made it all better for Tommy."

He was getting sarcastic now. Vince always did that when he did not have anything to back up his statements. I tried to calm him down.

"Vince don't be so dramatic. It was only sex, and bad sex from what Brandy told me. Remember after Vince Junior's birth? I had complications, and was sick to my stomach for almost every day for two months. I knew you had needs, so I gave you a free pass to get laid. I even scoped out some of the ladies at Tony's school to fill in."

That should settle the issue I though. Vince knew I loved him so much I would do anything to see him happy. Not with just words, but deeds.

"Lisa I love you but sometimes you drive me crazy. I remember that time. For one your hormones were all over the place after Vince's Jr. birth, so I did not take you seriously. Number two our wedding vows included forsaking all others, not to mention in sickness and in health. I take those vows seriously. You said there was no excuse for cheating, are you now saying there are times when cheating is OK? Because, I do not."

I could not believe Vince was trying to put words in my mouth. He knew how I felt about cheating. Had I not proved it with Brandy and Tommy? I figured I better reassure him.

"I still think cheating is never OK." I tried to find a way that Vince could comprehend, maybe make it more personal with my own experiences. "I understand a bit of what Brandy was feeling. Brandy felt she was getting old, been seen as nothing but a mother and Tommy's husband. I do not agree with her cheating, but understand why Brandy did it." Surely Vince could see things from a female point of view, if only for few seconds of this conversation.

"Lisa I think my head is going to explode. How can you agree with Brandy cheating but believe it was wrong?"

My God Vince still didn't get it! I was going to have to spell it out to him like one of our grade school children, men are so dense sometimes!

"Well if Brandy had told Tommy it would not have been cheating. If Brandy had told Tommy how she was feeling maybe they could have worked something out. Then there would have been no cheating involved."

"Worked things out? Not cheating if you tell your partner? Lisa you cannot be serious. If Brandy wanted to play cowboy and schoolmarm or cheerleader and football star-Tommy would have been game. But sex with another guy? Never gonna happen."

Finally Vince was beginning to understand. He never said anything about it being wrong if WE told our partner, only about his brother Tommy thinking it was wrong. Vince did not come right out and say YES, but he did not say NO. Still I better make sure we were on the same page, maybe convince him that Tommy was wrong in his thinking also.

"Tommy made the choice, and has to live with the consequences. Again you got to ask is Tommy better off now. Look at it logically, what Brandy did was wrong by not telling him, but it was already done. Nothing could change the past, no way to un-ring that bell. The decision Tommy had to make was dealing with his and his family future. Seriously is he doing better now than if he had let slide a couple of stupid meaningless sex sessions, that did not threaten him in any way, and only pumped up Brandy's self-esteem?"

"OK Lisa what is the number of sex partners that Tommy should let slide? 3, 5, 10?"

Typical male response, everything revolves around their penis. I had to get his head out of his crotch.

"Now you are being silly Vince. It is different with women then with men. I saw a few grays last week and it really got me down. Ladies are always judged by their looks." I figured if he knew how I was feeling Vince would get the picture.

"Lisa, what is the big deal? You always look great. If a few gray hairs are bothering you, then head off to your favorite salon and pick out the hair color of your choice."

There it was! Now Vince and I seemed to be reading from the same book. At least he was trying to see it from a female perspective. If Vince was OK with me going to a saloon to feel better about myself, he would be OK with other things that would make me feel better about myself. I just needed him to comprehend the idea a bit more.

"It is more than that. After a certain age women become invisible. No one looks at us, wants us, it is like we are not even there. It should not matter, but it does. I know men and women are getting more equal than in our parents days, but until a lady can walk around with a beer belly and a thinning hair, yet think they are still sexy, it is not going to change."

"So cheating and jumping on a strange dick is going to make you equal, make the marriage better?"

Oh no, now Vince was back to the 'my pee-pee is bigger than your pee-pee'. Don't men ever grow up? It's like they never leave the high school locker room. I knew I could get him to see the bigger picture, the relationship that was so important. The keeping each other happy.

"Vince It is not about the sex, and it isn't cheating if the other partner knows about it." I reached down and fondled him. "You and I are great in bed, and you know that." I had to get his brain to understand sex was just a means to an end. The end being that good feeling, that high. Whether from your partner, or someone else.

"Listen Vince. It is about that feeling of being admired, the thrill of for the first time. Something new, a different feeling, that adrenaline rush of being wanted, of deciding to go or not"

"Lisa you know that Tommy adored Brandy before the divorce. You know that the kids and I are your number one fan club and we adore you. But you are saying cheating will make..." Vince hesitated for a moment "-Lisa do you have something to tell me about the past?"

I felt Vince's erect penis deflate. Then it hit me! Vince thinks I cheated on Him! He thinks I went out with someone else and never told him! Well that would be cheating. I better get this solved quickly, and put an end to that type of thinking now!

I shifted closer to Vince, and worked below to bring his penis back to life. "Vince I have never cheated on you, and never will"

I knew how to press his buttons, lowering my mouth to his penis. Gently cupping the balls I sucked slowly to get the dick was to full attention. After a few minutes of this Vince maneuvered me around so we were in a 69. In our first few years of marriage we called it a 68.5 due to our differences in height. I loved to give and receive oral. I enjoyed whenever he went down on me-because Vince was good at it!

After a few minutes I was getting real aroused, and I felt Vince was about to come. I wanted him to come inside me so, I moved around to impale myself on his manhood. I could feel my orgasm start and it clenched me onto Vince tight. That set him off over the edge, I could feel him spurt. This triggered me a 2nd time. I rode him for a few minutes before coming down off my orgasm high, and cuddling next to Vince.

Vince was rubbing my back, I felt like a kitten, purring contently.

I wanted Vince to know how lucky we were, so whispered in my hubby's ear.

"Just think Tommy is missing all the good times with Brandy like we have. All because of some stupid dates in the past he cannot do anything about." I was so glad we had this conversation.

Vince was acting strange. And "Lisa you are freaking me out." he rolled over away from me. "Brandy is squeezing Tommy so much for money he is going to lose it soon. You can't get blood out of a stone, or Turnip." He turned off the light.

I lay awake in bed thinking how lucky I was to have married Vince, and not Tommy. The entire conversation Vince talked about how Tommy thought Brandy needing some time to herself was cheating. How his brother would not tolerate it, even if Tommy was told before-hand that Brandy needed some time to herself. Vince never once said HE would object -only about Tommy. I knew this meant Vince loved me enough to give me the space to do the things to I needed to feel good. The whole discussion Vince had never said "No". That could only mean "Yes". I moved closer, and put my arms around my snoring husband.

It was both easy, and hard to find what I wanted. A website with people from local University was easy to find. Yet culling out the candidates was hard. Most responses to my ad were crude, with some just too cheesy and phony. Over two weeks I got the number to a manageable level. Then started doing online chats, this narrowed it down to four guys, for a face to face at the food court in the local mall. That eliminated it down to just two guys. In the second round of interviews one of the contenders-Randy had something that clinched the deal.

"Hi Mrs. F." Randy said. He was a Communications major, and on a wrestling scholarship. He was a large kid, having trouble sitting in the small booth at the mall food court. "I know you said your old man is OK with this, but I got something that may help you out."

"What would that be Randy?" I had on casual clothes with a scarf over my head and big sunglasses. I felt like a modern day Mata Hari.

"Well see that chick over there" Randy pointed to a girl across the court, who waved at us. "Well she really likes older dudes. I thought maybe we could set your old man up with her. You know give him something to keep him busy."

"Are you pimping out your girlfriend out Randy?" I lowered my glasses to look at the girl. She was a bit on the chubby side, but cute with long dark brown hair, and a large set of breasts.

"No Mrs. F." Randy stuttered. "Amy and me are just friends. Friends with benefits, but just friends. She has kind of got "Daddy issues" and worked her way thru most of the facility. Amy is OK with this, swear to god."

This might work I thought. I was tall almost 6 feet, blond, slender, with just over an A cup. I had long legs I was proud of and I loved to showcase them, dressing to highlight my gams any chance I could.Amy was the complete opposite, small, dark haired, curvy, and big chested. They say men get tired of the same thing. Maybe I could treat Vince to Amy as a gift for being so understanding, and letting me do this. Of course Randy was completely opposite of Vince. Where Vince was short and dark, Randy was well over 6 foot and had almost white blond hair. I had been down with the "blues" the past few days, but now felt my excitement start to grow.

"Deal." I said, sliding some papers across the table at him. "These are forms for a medical exam to make sure you don't have any STDs. Go to this clinic, it is all prepaid. I have the form number, so I can see the results on line. You wear a condom no matter what, and pick me up at 9:30 sharp day after tomorrow. Got it?"

"Um yea." Randy replied. "But if I'm getting a medical exam, why do I have to wear a condom?"

"Because I do not know what kind of "benefits" you and your friend there." I pointed at Amy who was eating a burger. "Are going to have after you take the test. These terms are non-negotiable. We clear?"


Standing up, I took out a small index card and handed it to Randy. "This is my address and cell phone number." I pulled his head to mine giving him a passionate kiss with just a bit of tongue. "Don't get lost and don't be late."

I licked my lips at him, turned around and walked out.

It was Friday night and things were going to hell. At first I was giddy as a schoolgirl, and could not wait to tell Vince. But last night his car had broken down, so he had come home in a foul mood. I didn't want to say anything. This evening the kids had been a pain to put down, and now tonight of all nights Vince was going to be late coming home. Plus Randy had arrived early, with another carful of some guys and girls.

"Well at least he is anxious as I am." I thought. I got Randy settled downstairs with a beer and some sports program on the TV.

"Damnit Vince." I muttered to myself rushing to get dressed. "Why did you have to work late tonight of all nights" I slipped on a new set of sexy lace bra and panties. I did not know if anything was going to happen tonight, but I wanted to look good if I decided to make things happen.

I heard Vince's car pull into the driveway. I had to inhale to fit into my pair of "skinny jeans". I swore to increase my workout pace, maybe go back on my diet. After a few minutes Vince came bounding up the stairs as I was putting on my lipstick.

"Lisa what is the jolly green giant doing in our living room? And what is this nonsense about a date?"

I wish I had more time but Vince was laid back, he would understand the hurry.

"His name is Randy, he is on the University wrestling team and majoring in Communications."

I then turned toward Vince. "I am sorry you got home late from work tonight. I really wanted to get this out of the way before Randy came over. But I gotta rush so I will give you the quick version. Sit down for a second."

I patted on the bed. Vince obeyed sitting down on our flowered comforter. I thought "this is going well."

We had already talked last month about how I felt, what I needed. Vince had pretty much given me the OK. So I knew I could just give Vince a brief outline about my feelings right now, he would understand.

"Vince I am not getting any younger. I have been a good wife to you for over 12 years, and mother to our children for over a decade. I just need this right now in my life, you must understand that."

I felt bad putting that guilt trip on Vince, so I added. "It has nothing to do with you or the kids."

"So you are going to pull a Brandy?" Vince's face was all white, like the blood had been drained out.

Brandy? Why the heck was he talking about Brandy? This was completely different. I was nothing like Brandy! I had to make sure he knew this.

"NO! Vince what Brandy did was wrong. This is not cheating because I am being very open about what is going on. We talked about this last month."

Vince did not look too well. He spat out. "Lisa you are splitting hairs. This is wrong, and cheating no matter what you say. I am asking, no telling you as your husband of 12 years, and father of your children to stop this nonsense. I think you need a medical Work up. This is not you!"

Was Vince changing his mind at the last second? He couldn't do that! Maybe he was just getting cold feet. I remembered I was a bit nervous when I offered to get Vince a partner when my C section had put me out of commission in the bedroom. I just needed to hold firm, to be strong for him. I turned away from the mirror to give Vince my full attention.

"Well it is too late now. Randy is already here."

Vince did not take that like I expected. "Lisa it is not too late until you walk out that front door. I will take care of Randy." With that he left the bedroom heading down the stairs.

I grabbed my make-up hurrying after Vince before he did something stupid. As I walked down the stairs Vince and Randy were standing chest to chest (well chest to waist as Randy had a good foot on Vince). They looked like two male gorillas in a nature film, about to start beating their chests with their fists.

"Vince! Stop that right now. Randy would you please wait in your car. I will be right out."

Randy waited a second, but walked out the door. "Later man."

What in God's name had come over Vince? He was acting like a little child not wanting to share his toys. I tried to stay calm. No use us both getting agitated.

"Now Vince I am sorry you are upset. I see this is not going as planned."

I took a deep breath. "We talked about this. I thought you would be more understanding."

Well if he was going to act like a child, maybe I could pacify him with a bribe. I knew what always put a smile on Vince's face. I held up a finger and pointed at him.

"How is this? If you are still up when I get home, I will give you a bedroom session you will not forget. You can even do my ass, I know you like that."

I gave Vince a sexy leer, turned and wiggled my rear at him. He never turned down a chance to butt fuck me.

"Sloppy seconds? No thank you." he muttered. I gasped. Vince had never put me down, or insulted me like that.

"Lisa what have I ever done, or said that would make you think I would be alright with this? " His voice was tight; I could see he was pissed. I had never seen Vince this upset. It was not in my nature, but I knew I had to make a compromise. Vince had better appreciate it!

"Fine." I threw up my hands. "Vince you win. Let me go out this one time and you will see it changes nothing. But if after I return from this date, and tomorrow you are still upset, I won't go out again until we talk about it some more." That was as far as I was willing to go.

Vince did not budge. He walked in front of the door. "Lisa this is my offer. You stop this BS. Go back upstairs; we will see a doctor and therapist first thing tomorrow morning. But you walk out that door, we will be done. Over. History. Your choice, your children and I..." he pointed out the door. " ... Or that."

This had gotten out of hand. If Vince would not respond to a carrot then I would use a stick. Vince knew I never bluffed.

"Oh do not be so dramatic." I picked up my purse. "You love me and the kids too much. I also know you do not want to live like your brother. "I checked myself out in the hall mirror.

Maybe I was going a little too far with that threat. I would throw him a bone.

"Besides Vince, I do not even know if anything is going happen tonight. Even if it does, Randy is clean. But I will make him wear a condom regardless. There are you happy now?" I thought that last part would let Vince save some face.

Vince was not buying it. What had gotten into him? "No Lisa, I am not happy now by any stretch, and you will not be in the future if you leave out the door. But Lisa you are partly right. I do love my kids, and I will not live like my brother. But you walk out that door and my love for you goes out the door too."

There was no talking to Vince. Now I was starting to lose my cool. I walked past him, and opened the door. I shouldn't have, but I said.

"You know Randy told me he had a cute coed he knows that has "Daddy issues". I was going to hook you up with her. But if you are going to be this way, forget it." I took a step out the door "The kids are in bed, what is left of dinner is in the microwave. You have my cell if there is an emergency."

I shouldn't have spoiled my surprise gift of Amy-but Vince got me mad and now I was in a bad mood to start the evening. Damn him. I walked out before we both did something stupid.

We ended up at some old house for a party. At first it was fun, all the young people, their energy, fervor, and enthusiasm was refreshing, and catching. Amy the girl with "Daddy issues" was hanging around me chattering like a magpie, pumping me with questions about Vince. She filling me in on the Rave we were going to later. Even though I had a score of years on most of these kids they treated me nice. I was actually having a good time. Randy kept his hand on my ass most of the night. We even did a little make out session when he caught me coming out of the bathroom. I let him maul my tits for a while before another couple come by. I declined Randy's offer to check out one of the bedroom, or see the backseat of his car. I didn't encourage him, but didn't turn him down either when he said we would save it for the Rave.

The Rave was held in a big empty warehouse on the outskirts of town. At the beginning the loud music lights and atmosphere were exciting. It was different dancing with Randy, he was taller than me and I had not looked "up" at a dance partner since Vince and I got married. However after a few dances my head was throbbing because of the beat and the smoke was tearing up my contacts. I escaped to an outside door where there was fresh air, and a bit less noise. I now had a bad headache. A bunch of others kids around me were smoking a joint. Some couples had paired up in the darkness. I truly was feeling tired, and out of place.

"Hey baby." Randy's came up behind me, nibbling on my ear. His big hands circled my waist, than rose up under my shirt to cup my small breasts. He moved one hand under my bra, tweaking my nipple.

"Ouch!" I said spinning around. "That hurt. Careful big boy, you are not tuning in a radio station."

Randy grinned, pulling me to him. Randy mashed his lips on mine, while jamming his tongue into my mouth, with the taste of cheap beer and pot smoke. He was about as gentle as a bikini wax. At the same time Randy shoved his hand inside the back of my jeans, trying to grab my ass. There was only room for one in my "skinny jeans". The buttons popped off the front of my pants.

"Damnit Randy! Give me a second." This was not exactly how I had envisioned my big night.

"No problem babe." Randy pulled me deeper into the shadows, continuing his tongue assault. He moved down my body lifting my shirt and bra to lick my nipples. His hands crept down the front of my pants, and started to push into my vagina. He never got inside my panties so instead of being wet and pleasurable I was bone dry. Randy was stroking me crudely; it felt like sand paper being rubbed over my cunt. This was as thrilling as an obgyn exam; it did nothing to turn me on. In fact my headache got worse.

"Ow!" I yelped again when he chewed on one of my nipples.

"Sorry Babe." Randy undid his zipper, pushing my hand inside the fly. "Come on Lisa, let's fuck. I'm ready."

At this point I would have done anything to end this nightmare. "You got the condoms Randy?"

"Shit man, I left the rubbers in the car!"

"No Glove, No Love." I told him while I stroked his shaft.

"Damn! Damn! Damn!" Randy repeated. He dropped his jeans around his knees. "Just give me a blow job then."

"You must wear protection! That's the deal, and you know it."

"You some kind of MILF tease!" he growled.

I saw the lust and anger reflected in Randy's eyes and figured I better care of things before they got out of hand (so to speak).

"I'm no tease stud. Here I bet can make you feel better." With that I put both his hands back on my breasts, and started to jack him off. I had not touched another man since Vince and I married. Randy was a bit bigger then Vince, as you would expect given their height and weight differences. But Randy was only an inch or so longer then Vince, not much bigger around.

"Oh Yea stroke that rod." Randy had his head back, with his eyes closed, as he gyrated back and forth into my hands.

"Come on stud, cum for me, come on do it for me." I encouraged him, all the while moving my hand up and down his cock. To me it was like shucking an ear of corn. I stifled a yawn, really wishing I had stayed home. I tried to keep a smile off my face, well at least Vince and I will have a good laugh about this someday.

I felt Randy tense up; his dick seems to expand a little. I knew he was getting ready to shoot, so I made sure to point him away. I did not want to get any spunk on my clothes.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Randy groaned as he started to cum. He knocked off three or four spurts before his body started to relax. I pumped him a few times more. But despite my best efforts, I got some sperm on my hand. He bent down to give me a big sloppy kiss. "Baby that was great, you did great!"

"Sure. " I thought as I returned his kiss, while wiping my cum covered hand on the back of his shirt.

It took a while but we finally rounded up all of Randy's friends heading home. I was in the back seat of Randy's late model car. A friend Troy was driving, with Amy in the front seat. Randy and I were engaged in a passionate make out session, at least on his part. I could've cared less, and kept looking at my watch. To keep his hands busy, I let Randy mangle my breasts. I would be home soon anyway, my disaster night out would be a bad memory. The only saving grace is I now knew what I didn't want, any more date nights out. Vince would sure be happy about that.

Oh shit Vince! He was pretty upset when I left. I needed some way to get him to listen to reason, get him back in the fold. Convince him nothing went on. He might be a little pissed off about some kissing and the hand job. Oh well, a few days of his favorite meals combined with morning blow jobs plus a few nights of butt fucking would mellow him out. But would he believe me? I needed something more ... a witness.

"Randy baby." I pushed him off of me.

"What Lisa." He had his hand under my bra still rubbing my nipple.

"I need you to do me a favor." I put my hand over his hand to stop him squeezing my tit. My nipples were getting sore. "I need you to come to my door with me, confirm to Vince we didn't screw, have sex, understand? Let him know no sexual intercourse took place."

"Well that is true enough." Randy laughed. "It wasn't for lack of trying on my part. But what do I get out of the deal?" He had that look of lust in his eyes again.

"You angling for another hand job?" I said sliding my fingers over his crotch.

"Naw. Did that." Randy said. "Amy, toss me those rubbers in the glove box."

Amy got a package, turning around handing them to Randy. "Hey Randy, you going to pork her right there in the back seat?" Amy asked.

"Don't see why not. It's not like she is a virgin or anything" replied Randy as he was pulling down his pants, fumbling to fit a condom on. "Come on MILF ... I mean Lisa. Let's get those panties off you, get me some of that pretty pussy you been teasing me with all night."

"NO deal." I said, my mind was racing for a solution. "If I have sex with you now, it defeats the whole purpose. We cannot just lie to Vince."

"Then how about you let me drill that sexy ass of yours instead?" Randy offered. "I'll just butt fuck you. This way we can both truthfully say I didn't have your pussy." He grabbed the front of my jeans, starting to yank them off.

Amy chimed in from the front seat. "That's a good plan! I love it in the ass. Randy really knows how to work it. You won't be disappointed."

Why are all men so anxious to dip their wick in shit? I was not a big fan of backdoor action, but would have tolerated an ass pounding, if that's what it took. But I knew in my mind that anal counted as sex, so a butt fuck was out.

Randy was still pulling down on my jeans. I swatted at his hands trying to move away. Tough to do in the cramped confines of a back seat. I had to find a way out of this, a real puzzle. Get this horny dog some relief so Randy would talk to Vince with me, yet still keep my principles.

"How's this? " I countered. "No fucking, my ass, or pussy, but I'll suck you off. That way it's not really sex."

Randy thought for a minute. "MILF you sure got a bunch of whacked out rules. But OK." He started to take off his condom. "If you, that old President dude, and fat intern say blowjobs ain't sex, that is good enough for me."

"The condom stays on. " I insisted.

"A covered blowjob!" whined Randy. "No way."

"Take it or leave it."

"Fine, but it better be worth it, so make it good." Randy reached across the seat, pulling my head into his lap.

And that is how I ended up trying to get Randy to ejaculate before his car pulled into my driveway. Problem was, Randy was being difficult, trying to make it last as long as possible.

I was running out of time so I cupped his balls, and started to rub his gonads.

"Dudeman this MILF is hot!" Randy moaned. "She has got my stick down to the base. MILF is rubbing my balls; I never want this to end."

Amy must have been staring the whole time, because she was giving a running commentary to Troy who was driving.

"Troy that lady has got Randy all the way down her throat, she ain't missing a stroke. It looks like what they do in the porn flicks!"

"Great." I thought I got some bimbo moron giving a blow by blow description. Time to pull out an old trick. Get this over with now.

I snaked my hand under Randy's butt to between his cheeks. I found his hole, jamming my middle finger up his ass.

Randy jumped so high his head hit the headliner of the car. I felt the condom expand as he shot off like a rocket. I squeezed his balls gently to drain the last of his semen. Pulling my mouth off his cock as it slowly deflated.

Amy gave me a handi-wipe that I used to dry my watery eyes, and clean off my middle finger.

"MILF lady ... I mean Lisa." Randy gasped sitting back in the seat. "That was awesome! Just the fucking best!"

"Hey Randy." Amy exclaimed from the front seat. "You saying she is better than me?"

Randy paused to take a breath. "Amy you got the best ass in town, but if it came down to getting a blow job like that, or fucking your tight behind ... well man that would be a tough call."

Amy didn't seem too insulted, she turned to me. "Lisa, do ladies your age like it up the ass?"

I took a minute to compose myself. "Amy. Ladies my age take that little secret with us to the grave."

Randy and Troy were following me up the front steps. Troy was complaining about not getting a blow job like Randy. But Randy told him to shut up. We had left the rest of Randy's friends in the other car. They were anxious to leave, hit an all-night party at some frat house.

I was glad to see the lights on in the porch, hallway and kitchen, Vince must still be up. I would not need to wake him.

"Lisa your old man is not going to come out with a nine, and bust a cap in my ass?"


Troy translated. "Your husband doesn't have a gun does he? He is not going to come out here shooting like some Dirty Harry movie?"

I chuckled. "No Vince is not like that. I made him get rid of all the firearms when our kids started walking. He still has an old shotgun of his Dads, but I do not even think it works."

The door was locked, as I started to insert my key a female metro police officer opened the door and stepped outside onto the porch.

"Are you Lisa husband of Vince who lives at this house?" she asked.

"Yes." I said. "Where is Vince? Why are you here? Where is my husband?"

"Did you and your husband..." she looked at Randy and Troy. " ... and any of these men have an altercation with your husband earlier tonight?"

"Yes, we had a little argument." I was starting to get concerned. "How is that any of your business? I am not answering any more of your questions until you tell me where my husband is."

"Your husband is at the hospital, recovering from his injuries, I need you..." she droned on but I tuned her out. I didn't hear anything after I heard the words Vince, Injured, and Hospital. I turned to run off the porch for my car, and head to the hospital. Suddenly the officer grabbed my arm, swung me around slapping a handcuff on my wrist.

"What the hell are you doing!" I screamed at her, and started struggling. "I need to go see my husband."

Randy moved in protectively, pushing the officer away. "Can't you just let her go? She ain't done nothing."

The female officer regained her balance, telling Randy to back off. Troy stepped in to back up Randy, and went to shove the smaller lady cop. The female officer swung an elbow into Troy's stomach. He doubled over in a groan. Randy grabbed the lady cop in bear hug, saying "Chill bitch! Cool down!"

The officer was still struggling in Randy's grip, when Troy came up with his fist cocked to hit her. She stomped on Randy's instep. Randy released her from the bear-hug to grab his foot, and stumbled into Troy.

Suddenly the screen door slammed open so hard it tore off one of the hinges. Tommy the brother of Vince, came bounding thru the door plowing into Randy and Troy with a bone crushing tackle I used to see him teach his young CYO football linebackers.

The three of them crashed thru the porch railing onto the front lawn. Tommy got the first few shots in, then Randy tied him up in some kind of wrestling hold. Randy and Troy started pummeling Tommy on the ground with kicks and punches.

The lady cop was calling some 999 Officer need whatever into her radio, then jumped into the fray with the three guys.

"I don't have time for this macho Bullshit!" I yelled at the scrum. "My husband needs me!" I walked around the pile heading to my car, while pulling out my cell phone to dial Vince.

An electric shock started at my left buttock cheek, and spread thru my whole body. My knees buckled and I hit the ground. I had not felt such electric pain since I had stuck a fork in the toaster when I was a little girl.

My muscles finally unclenched, I turned over to find that lady cop holding some type of space gun. "Stay down! Don't move!" she was shouting "You are under arrest!" A wire from the space gun snaked out to what felt like a damn dart in my ass.

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