A Short Story

by Ellen

Copyright© 2012 by Ellen

Erotica Sex Story: A repressed woman awakens her sexuality and will never be the same.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Petting   .

Emma rolled off of Jackson they were totally drenched in sweat, usually this would have been a nuisance, but this was the most marvelous feeling she had ever had in all 40 years of her life. Her pussy was throbbing and swollen, she was quite sure if Jackson was to reach over and touch it the combination of pain and pleasure would drive her mad. Yet she had never wanted sex again more in her entire life, she now understood how someone could become addicted to sex. "Oh my god maybe I have crossed that line what if that is all I want to do from now on" she thought. She rolled over and looked at Jackson lying next to her, his member still semi erect red and wet. She could not resist, she slid down and took it into her mouth, very gently she began to roll her tongue around the throbbing shaft, Jackson moaned and she could feel his cock harden. She started to move her mouth up and down her cunt getting hotter and hotter and just as she was thinking she would mount again him he howled and exploded in her mouth. Oh dear this was another first and at first she was afraid she would gag but then she realized she actually like the feel and taste in her mouth. Shit she was sure she was done for.

Emma had been a good girl all her life married her college sweetheart at 20 and he was the only man she had ever been with sexually. They had started dating at 18 and she was a virgin. She was crazy about Adam and it only took him six months to get her to let him finger fuck her and two months later they sealed the deal. While she like the attention she was getting from Adam the actual sex was less than exciting. She had never even seen another penis so she thought he was huge and it hurt when he fucked her so he must be hung. She felt guilt about the sex thing and when she went to get the pill at the college clinic she hid them from her roommates. But of course she and Adam where going to get married as soon as they graduated so it could not be to wrong, it wasn't like she was a slut.

So went the next 20 years of her boring life. Adam had a good job they bought a home had two kids and sex at least twice a week. Adam used sex to manipulate her he would pout, fuss, and force the issue she just thought that was the way it was men liked and had to have sex women did not. As they aged her girlfriends talked about how their husbands where having to get the "little blue pill" she found herself praying that Adam's dick would quit working maybe she would get a break. She had tried to have some inventive sex play, bought some toys, lotions, and erotica but all Adam wanted was just to fuck. His idea of foreplay was to rub on her tits for a few seconds and then head south. He accused her of being frigid and unfeeling because she was not wet or excited she had believed him.

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