My Perfect Woman

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2012 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: She checked off all the boxes on my perfect woman list but one.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

Chuck put his clubs in the back of my pickup and then said, "Oops, I forgot my wallet" and he hurried back into the house. That gave me my chance. I opened the bag cover, pulled out his putter, closed the bag back up and put the putter behind the seat. He came out f the house with his wallet in his hand and said:

"I probably won't need this since I expect to beat you turkeys and you will have to buy the beer."

"In your dreams" I said as I pulled out and headed for the Singing Hills golf course.

I smiled inwardly as I anticipated the look on his face when he discovered that his favorite putter was missing. He considered that putter his 'lucky club' since he had beaten Sam, Phil and me three out of every five times we had played since he bought it. Taking his putter wasn't about keeping him from beating us; it was all about fucking with his head. I'd been doing a lot of that lately and as I drove toward the golf course I thought back on what I'd done to him over the last several months.

One night I snuck over to his house after dark and loosened the lug nuts on all four wheels of his car. He couldn't figure out why his steering wheel was vibrating until the right front wheel broke the wheel studs and fell off. All four wheel hubs were ruined and had to be replaced at $119.86 per wheel. Also three of his tires had abnormal wear on them and had to be replaced at another $102.67 per tire.

Two weeks later I found a jagged piece of metal on a job site and I again paid him a visit after dark and put the piece under his left rear tire. It tore up the tire bad enough that it couldn't be repaired and he had to buy another one.

Then there was the night we met at the Landing Strip for drinks. I had my usual two beers and was ready to leave, but he wanted to stay a while longer so I left him there and headed for my truck. As I went by his car I took out my keys and gouged his paint from front to rear. I don't know how much the body shop charged him, but he was without his car for three days.

When we got to the course Sam and Phil were already there and were practicing on the putting green and we had about ten minutes till our tee time so Chuck and I joined them.

"What the fuck?" was heard from Chuck when he went into his bag to get his putter.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"My putter isn't here."

"Good" Phil said, "Maybe all your luck is gone too and we can wax your ass today."

There was some more talk about where did you see it last and did you take it out to polish it and leave it in the garage. Sam hit closer to home than he knew when he said:

"Maybe Rob paid someone to sneak into your garage and steal it."

As our tee time approached Chuck hurried into the pro shop and bought another putter. The one he bought definitely wasn't lucky for him. He three putted the first hole and four putted the next two. The day gave me one more chance to fuck with him. On the sixteenth hole he sliced his drive into the trees on the side of the fairway. We went looking for it and I found it. I looked around and no one was looking my way so I stepped on the ball and drove it down into the soft soil and kicked a few leaves over it. After a few minutes Chuck had to take the drop and the penalty so we wouldn't hold up the foursome behind us.

Sam, Phil and I beat Chuck badly that day and he had to buy the beer. I'm normally only a two beer guy, but that day I had five because it made Chuck have to dig into his wallet. As I drank the beer that Chuck was paying for I thought about another shot I'd taken at him. I belonged to the Eagle Rest Country Club and Chuck wanted to join. I made a big thing out of putting him up for membership. Voting was done by secret ballot and the vote had to be unanimous. When his application was voted on there was one "no" vote cast and yes I was the one who cast it.

As I drove him home I thought about the best thing that I had done to fuck with him. It was at a barbecue at his house about two months ago. I'd been there about an hour nursing my first beer when his wife Francine came up to me. I'd known Franny for as long as I had known Chuck. When she was thirteen she was a gawky, gangly plain looking girl. Her dad got a promotion and they moved out of town. They came back five years later and the ugly duckling had turned into one hell of a sexy looking swan. I dated her a couple of times and tried to get into her pants, but never made it. There wasn't any spark between us so all we were was friends.

Franny was one of those sexy looking girls that guys looked at and wanted to fuck at least once just to see if she was as hot as she looked. Anyway, I'd always wanted to fuck her at least once and she knew it. I flirted with her even after she married Chuck knowing that it wouldn't go any where, but what the hell, miracles did happen occasionally. I wasn't thinking affair; just one time to see if she was a hot as she looked.

But back to the barbecue.

Franny came up to me and asked me how I was doing.


"How is the love life going?"

"Haven't got one."

"Oh come on Rob; a hot looking guy like you just has to be fighting the girls off."

"I'm saving myself for you Franny. I just know in my bones you will come to realize that you don't want Chuck and that you want me."

"You are so full of bull hockey. All you want to do is get in my pants and do what I wouldn't let you do when we dated."

"And that makes me all bad?"

"At least you're honest and that's more than I can say about some."

As she said that she was looking over at Chuck who was talking to Sylvia Martin while trying to see down inside her cleavage and to her belly button. The look that came over Franny's face told me that not all was well in the Maxwell household.

"Look at that cow" she said, "If she didn't have those 40DDs no guy would even give her a second look."

She turned to me and said, "You know don't you."

"Know what?"

"That the asshole is cheating on me."

I didn't answer, but the look on my face told her that I was indeed aware of it."

"I thought you were my friend Rob. Why didn't you tell me?"

"And cause you to go through the same pain I went through when I found out about Shelly? No way Franny. I wouldn't do that to some one I didn't like let alone to some one I do."

"I forgot about Shelly. You were a bear to be around for quite a while after she was gone."

She looked at me for several seconds and then said, "You have always wanted to fuck me haven't you."

I was stunned at what she said. I'd never heard Franny use a curse word in all the time I'd known her so the "fuck" was a huge surprise. And then there is what she'd said. It wasn't put to me as a question, but as a statement. I recovered quickly and said:

"You know I have Franny."

"Would you? Even though Chuck is your friend?"

"Stupid question Franny. I'd do you right here and now in front of God, all your guests and your husband."

"I don't think I could do that, but I would love to see Chuck's face if you did. Would you do me even knowing it was only me getting some revenge and not because I found you sexually fascinating?"

"Franny I can honestly say I'd do you even if I knew you were only going to lay there, chew gum and stare out the window while waiting for me to finish."

"Wow Rob; I didn't know that you were such a romantic."

She looked over at Chuck and he still had his eyes buried in Sylvia's cleavage. I couldn't say that I blamed him. I'd seen those babies close up and personal and Franny was dead wrong about no guy paying attention to Sylvia if it wasn't for her huge tits. Sylvia was one hell of a hot fuck or at least she had been before she married Max. I hadn't heard that she played around on him so Chuck was probably just engaging in some wishful thinking.

I felt a punch on my arm and turned to see Franny staring at me. "You too? You're like Chuck and like to stare at huge tits?"

Thinking fast I said, "No. I was just trying to figure out what he is seeing in her. She hasn't anything going for her except those huge udders. I'll bet that when she takes her bra off those things hang down to her knees."

Maybe they would in years, but the last time I saw them uncovered they stood out straight and proud.

"Go circulate" Franny said, "and meet me at the downstairs bathroom in ten minutes. If the door is locked knock three times quickly" and then she walked away.

I decided to be mean and I walked over to Chuck and Sylvia. I leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek and said:

"How you doing sweetie? Ready to leave Max for me?"

She smiled at me and said, "Not just yet honey. Give me just a little more time."

"I'll give you all the time you need as long as you promise me that my name will be at the top of the list when you get ready to bail."

"I promise honey."

"Hey! What about me" Chuck asked.

"Sorry Charlie, but Franny would cut my tits off if I had anything at all to do with you."

She said it in such a manner and tone that Chuck knew right away he was never going to get anywhere with her and he turned and walked away.

"He's such an asshole" Sylvia said, "Always trying to look down my cleavage. Like I would ever have anything to do with him."

"Give him a break sweetie. He's a male and you know damned well that every man who sees you wants you."

"Still, it's his house and his wife is here. He's got to be an asshole to behave like that in front of her."

"I don't know about that. I seem to remember casting lustful glances at you when you were at parties at my house and Shelly was there."

"That was different. Shelly was a pig and deserved to have you checking out other girls in front of her."

"You knew about her didn't you?"

"Everybody knew about her honey."

"Then why didn't any of you ever tell me?"

"Because you are one hell of a nice guy and no one wanted to be the one to bring the hurt on you. You loved the stupid cunt so much you wouldn't have believed the messenger anyway and you would have just stopped being the friend of whomever it was that spilled the beans."

"I hate to admit it, but that is probably the truth."

Sylvia was silent for a bit and then she said, "Max and I aren't getting along too well right now. I don't have the proof yet, but I believe that he is the male version of Shelly." She leaned forward and kissed my cheek and said, "Your name is at the top of the list honey."

As she walked away I remembered my last time with her and hoped that she would get the proof that she was looking for.

I arrived at the downstairs bathroom at the appointed time. The door was locked so I knocked three times and the door opened and Franny stepped aside and let me in. She closed the door and locked it and then said:

"We don't have much time. This is just to prove to you that I'm serious. Take it out please."

I unzipped and took out my rapidly hardening cock and she took it in her hand and stroked it a couple of times. Then she leaned forward and took it in her mouth. I'd had plenty of blow jobs over the years and some of them were great, but I'd never had one as good as the one Franny was giving me. Chuck had to be an absolute idiot to play around on her. I'm usually not a quick shooter, but Franny was so good that she had me at my peak in no time.

"I need to pull out baby; I'm going to shoot."

I started to pull back, but her hands gripped my ass and pulled me forward and I blew my wad in her mouth. She sucked and swallowed and she didn't take her mouth off me until my cock was limp. When she pulled back she looked up at me and smiled and then she went back to my dick and licked it clean.

"That was a preview of coming attractions" she said. "Chuck goes out of town the day after tomorrow and he'll be gone for two days. Think you can wait that long?"

"I will if I have to, but I am still willing to do you right now in front of Chuck."

"I thought you were his friend."

"There is friendship Franny and then there is you and I've wanted you since the first date I had with you. I never cheated on Shelly, but if you had made me this offer while I was still married to her I would have leaped at the chance."

"You sure know the right things to say to a girl, but I'll pass doing it in front of Chuck. I intend to do it more than once and doing it in front of him would put an end to that. He makes damned good money and I like the lifestyle I have and I don't want it to change so I intend to cuck him for years."

"For years? I'm just going to be the first of many or dare I hope for exclusivity?"

"I'm only going to do one at a time Rob and how long it is going to last is up to you."

"Then you will never be doing it with anyone else."

She gave me a long look and then said, "Tuesday night then. What time should I be at your place?"

"I get off work at five and I'm usually home by five-forty."

"See you at six" and then she unlocked the door and went back to pay attention to her other guests.

Tuesday Fran rang my doorbell at six on the dot. I opened the door and stepped aside to let her in. She had been to my house plenty of times before and she knew the layout.

"Not going to waste the time on small talk" she said as she headed for the bedroom."

Yes indeed, Fran was as hot as she looked and once again I thought that Chuck had to be a screaming idiot to be wasting his time on other women. Fran did it all. She gave great head and she loved it up her butt. Before she left she asked me for a key and I gave her one. When I got home from work Wednesday Fran was already there and she had dinner fixed and waiting. In addition to Fran being a fantastic piece of ass she was an excellent cook.

Chuck was usually out of town on business one or two times a week and over the next two months whenever he was gone Franny was at my house. She didn't have to worry about being at home when Chuck called because they didn't have a home phone. They hadn't seen any sense in having a home phone since they never used it. They had cell pones and that is all they figured that they needed.

Maybe three out of every five nights that Franny was with me Chuck called. Her biggest turn on was taking his call while my cock was in her. One time he called just as she was undressing and she told him to hang on for a minute because she had her hands full. She finished undressing and got on the bed and whispered:

"In my ass lover; I want you in my ass."

I worked my cock into her butt and she went back to talking to Chuck again. I had to take it slow and easy so we wouldn't give anything away. The hard and fast part came when she closed the phone and dropped it on the floor and said:

"Now lover, fuck me hard now."

Yes indeed, fucking Chuck's wife was the best thing I'd done so far in fucking over him and I was still seeing her once or twice a week. Why was I fucking over the guy who was supposed to be one of my best friends? I'm sure that by now anyone reading this has already figured out why.

Shelly came into my life slowly. My daily routine was to wake up at three forty-five, put on the coffee and then check my computer for emails. Then I pulled up the National Weather Service and checked the weather for the day. Monday through Friday I was at the doors of the gym when they opened at five and on Saturday and Sunday I was there when they opened at seven.

One morning as I was doing my reps on the seated leg press a woman walked into the circuit training area and started doing stretching exercises. She was a damned good looking woman, very easy on the eyes and about as close to being my ideal woman as any other woman I'd ever seen. I enjoyed watching her work out.

In any other place I would have made a move on her, but not at the gym. For a lot of people there is a mental component to their workouts and their workout time is private time for them so I wasn't going to intrude on her. I did notice an absence of wedding or engagement rings, but that might mean nothing since a lot of people took off their rings when working out.

One Sunday I was soaking in the hot tub after my workout when I saw her come in and head for the steam room. She saw me in the hot tub and she changed her direction and came over and slipped into the 105 degree water with me. She sat on the other side of the tub (it was big – it held sixteen people) and after settling in she said:

"You're Rob right?"

I nodded a yes and she said, "I'm Shelly."

"Nice to meet you Shelly."

She sat there for maybe thirty seconds and then she said, "I see you watching me when I work out."

"Guilty as charged."


"Why what?"

"Why do you watch me?"

"Because I'm the male of the species and I'm hardwired from the factory to appreciate beautiful women plus you have the added attraction of appearing to be what I consider my ideal woman."

"And what, pray tell, makes up your ideal woman?"

"A tall woman and I would put you at about five eight."

"Five nine actually. What else?"

"Long legs, but that usually goes along with being tall. Next is long hair. I've never seen yours in anything but a pony tail but it has to be long because even in a pony tail it is down to the middle of your back. Next, you look great without make-up."

"That's it? That's all it takes to be your ideal woman?"

"No, there is more, but I've not seen you in circumstances that would allow me to check off those boxes on the list."

"Tell me what they are and I'll tell you if you can check off those boxes."

"Wears short skirts and dresses to show off her legs. Likes wearing high heels; again to show off the legs."

"You can check both of those off. I don't have any long skirts or dresses and I have at least a dozen pair of heels and none of them are shorter than four inch. I have three pair that have a five inch heel and one pair that has six. What else?"

"Likes to dance."

"Got that one too. Ballroom, salsa and I'm really into country western."

"Western swing and line dancing?"

"Both. That it?"

"There are a couple of more, but I'd have to know you an awful lot better before I could even bring them up."

"Okay, when?"

"When what?"

"When are we going out so you can get to know me well enough to tell me the rest?"

And that is how my life with Shelly got started.

When I showed up at her door for our first date she met me at the door in a mini-dress and wearing five inch heels. Instant hard on and she noticed and smiled. She was a great date. Besides being stunningly beautiful she was smart, witty and had a great sense of humor. Shelly was the total package.

She hadn't lied about her dancing. She could have won dance competitions if she had a decent partner which, by the way, wasn't me. I liked to dance and I was fairly good at it, but I was nowhere near being in Shelly's class.

When I got her home she said, "I don't normally kiss on the first date, but a girl does have to make exceptions sometimes" and she gave me a hot passionate kiss.

"Can we do this again" I asked her.

"Call me" she said. "Soon."

As I walked back to my car I was already picking out the ring I was going to give her when I proposed.

When I brought her home following our fifth date I kissed her and she pushed me away and said:

"Enough of this silly playing around. We both know what we really want to do" and she grabbed my tie and led me into her apartment and then into her bedroom. We undressed and Shelly sat on the edge of the bed and motioned me over.

"I want to taste you first."

She took me in her mouth and sucked on me for a couple of minutes and then she pulled off my cock and lay back on the bed.

"I've been waiting for this since our first date so come on baby and ring my chimes."

We made love for a good fifteen minutes before I had to let loose and I started to pull out and she said:

"Where are you going?"

"I'm ready to shoot and I don't have a rubber on."

"I'm protected and I want you to cum in me."

I let loose and held myself in her until I was limp and then I pulled back. Shelly asked me how long it usually took for me to be able to go again and when I told her fifteen or twenty minutes she said that she would try to speed things up and she changed position and took my cock in her mouth. She got me up in ten and then got on her hands and knees and asked me to do her doggie. I gave her three orgasms before I came the second time.

I was lying on my back, looking up at the ceiling and wondering how in the hell I could be so lucky as to have found this woman when she said:

"I think you know me well enough now to tell me what the other boxes on your 'perfect woman check list' are."

"You have already filled in those boxes."

"What are they?"

"Must love sex is one and being good at giving head is the other."

"Nothing on the list about liking butt fucking?"

"I guess 'loving sex' covers that."

"Well I think it should have its own box on the list so let's get you ready again so you can check that one off also."

She went down on me and she did get me up again and we did indeed check off that box.

We were married six months later.

The next five years were glorious. We fit. Everything we did together felt just right; like it was pre-ordained. We shared most of each others interests, but not all. She didn't like bowling and I did. I bowled in two men's house leagues; one on Tuesday and the other on Thursday. Shelly used those nights to do a couple of things that I had no interest in. She was an avid bridge player and I couldn't stand the game so she played on Tuesday. She was a big reader and always had a book handy. She had one in her car, one in her purse and one at the house. No TV for that girl. I had a few programs that I liked to watch and she would sit next to me on the couch and read while I watched. She used my Thursday bowling night to attend book club meetings at the library and was forever coming home with a new book signed by the author who was the night's guest and featured speaker.

Shelly was a great cook and she was fantastic in bed. Even after five years of marriage we were still at it like sex crazed teenagers. Five nights a week was common. We gave up going to the gym on Saturday and Sunday because we would rather lie in bed and have glorious morning sex. Life couldn't be better than waking up with Shelly. I didn't think my life could be any more perfect.

It all came crashing down three days after our fifth anniversary. I was scheduled to fly to Salt Lake City for a three day training session with one of our customers and I left for the airport from work. When I got to the airport I was told that the airport at Salt Lake was shut down because of weather conditions and I was rebooked on the first flight out the next morning. It never occurred to me to call Shelly. She'd told me that she wouldn't be going anywhere when I left to go to work in the morning.

I turned onto our street just in time to see Shelly get into a car parked at the curb. I caught enough of her to see that she had on a short skirt and heels. She slid over next to the driver, they kissed and then the car pulled away from the curb. I stayed well behind them and followed along. They went to Duke's Steak House and when they got out of the car I saw that the driver was a guy she worked with and if I remembered correctly he was married.

I sat outside and watched his car and an hour or so later they came out and drove to the Grotto which was a bar dance hall kind of place. I didn't follow them in because I didn't want to chance their seeing me. I was just a tad bit in denial. It could just be a platonic friendship. The kiss could have been just one of the types that friends exchange and the sexy way she was dressed could have been no more than her wanting to look and feel good. As I remembered it his wife travelled for her job and it could simply be two friends keeping each other company while their spouses were away. Whatever it was I wanted to know more before I jumped in with both feet.

It was eleven when they came out and got in his car. Denial went into the trash can when Shelly slid over next to him as they pulled out of the parking lot. Half a block later Shelly disappeared from view and I knew that she was sucking his cock. God knows she did it to me often enough while I was driving.

I followed them to the Motel 6 on Fairmont and Shelly popped back up into view when they pulled into the motel parking lot. Five minutes later they were room 106. I'd seen enough. I drove across town and checked into a motel for three days. Next morning I called my boss and told him I was going to reschedule the training session because of a family emergency.

My wake up call came at six and at seven-thirty I was parked where I could see the parking lot and front entrance of the place where Shelly worked. She arrived at ten to eight which told me that she either hadn't spent the night at the motel or that they had gotten up early enough to drive her home to get her car. As soon as she was inside I drove off and two hours later I was in the offices of Spenser Investigations. At two I met one of Spenser's reps and by four the house was wired for sound and video.

At five I was again parked where I could watch Shelly's building. She came out at five-thirty and I followed her to the Starlight Motel on Hancock. She got a room and when she came out of the office she took out her cell phone and made a phone call as she walked down to room 102. Twenty minutes later a man I had never seen before knocked on the door to the room Shelly was in and the door opened and he went in. Two hours later they were still in there so I headed on back to my motel. I had dinner at the Village Inn across the street and then went to my room and settled in with the latest Robert Parker novel.

I didn't bother watching Shelly arrive at work the next morning. I drove to our neighborhood, but didn't go to the house. I parked one block over and called a number that the Spenser people had given me and then punched in a code that allowed me to listen to all the phone calls that had taken place since Spencer had installed the system. There were several junk calls and the:


"Hi sweetie; it's me" Shelly said. "Rob is out of town again and I get so damned lonely in that bed alone. You think you can help me out?"

"What time?"

"I'll be home by six so what say we make it for seven?"

"You got it."

"Just remember to park a block over and come in the back door. I don't want the neighbors to see anything they might tell Rob about."

"The back door? Is that the only back door I'll be coming in tonight?"

"Silly man. You already know the answer to that one. Got to go. Need to get ready for work. See you tonight."

I hadn't recognized the voice, but at six-thirty I was parked a block over when a black Dodge Ram pulled up and parked. A guy I'd never seen before got out and walked up the driveway of the house where the Makin's use to live. They had moved out and the house was empty and up for sale. I couldn't see my back door from where I was sitting, but I had no doubt that I had just seen Shelly's seven o'clock appointment.

I headed on back to my room and spent some time wondering how long Shelly had been fucking around on me. I usually made about one business trip a month and sometimes two and I had been doing it ever since we married.

The next day I saw an attorney and found out my options and that evening I showed up at the house at the time I would normally get back from a trip. Shelly met me with a passionate kiss and said:

"Dinner is ready, but wouldn't you rather work up an appetite first?"

We had made love the night before I left and she had fucked every night I was supposedly gone. I know that I said that one of the things that made up my perfect woman was a love of sex, but Shelly was taking it to extremes. Never the less I wasn't ready for a confrontation so I let her lead me into the bedroom where I did indeed work up an appetite.

Over dinner I listened to her tell me how much she missed me when I was on trips and how much she wished I wouldn't have to take them. That's when I broke the news to her that I would be gone on another three day trip the next week. She wasn't happy about it, but said I'd best be prepared to be worn out when I left and then she spent the weekend doing her best to make it so.

I didn't bother to pull up the video of Shelly and Dodge Ram guy as I really didn't want to see it yet. I decided to wait until I got back from my trip and then watch it along with whatever else the cameras picked up.

Monday morning I kissed her goodbye and took off on my trip. I had already set it up with the Spenser agency to have Shelly under surveillance on the three days I would be gone and I wondered what they would have for me when I got back. It was about what I had expected. She got fucked every night I was gone. The big surprise for me was that one of the two who fucked her was my very good friend Chuck Maxwell and he did her on Monday and Wednesday.

Shelly took Chuck on our bed and the other guy got his in room 230 of the Shangri-La motel on Paris Street. I had audio and video of Chuck and to be honest I'd seen better porn. I had audio of some phone conversations. One of the guys she did called her Tuesday and said:

"Pete told me that your old man is out of town again. Think you can fit me in?"

"You already know you fit baby. You've put it in me often enough."

That told me that what Shelly was doing was something that she hadn't just recently started. I had audio of Shelly calling Chuck and the conversation was pretty much the same as the one she'd had with Dodge Ram guy.

I took off work early so I could watch the CDs of what Shelly had been up to. I really wasn't interested in watching Shelly getting fucked. What I was interested in was the bedroom talk. I was looking for some idea of why Shelly was doing it. All watching did was leave me confused. I had expected to hear myself being shot through the grease and ridiculed, but it was just the opposite. The first one I watched was of Shelly and Dodge Ram guy or Pete as I came to find out. At one point Pete asked:

"Would you be fucking me if my cock wasn't bigger than your husband's?"

"Probably not" was Shelly's reply.

That surprised me because from what I could see I had him beat in both length and girth yet Shelly was telling him she wouldn't be fucking him if he wasn't bigger than me. Once he asked her why she "Didn't leave the little dicked twit" and marry him and she said:

"Because I love the little dicked twit and I don't love you. All you are to me is a big cock to keep me satisfied when he isn't around."

"If you like big cocks why settle for less?"

"I'm not settling for less. There is a major difference between you and my hubby. You fuck me, but he makes love to me and I'll take making love over fucking any day. Now did you come here to fuck me or to talk because if talking is all you want to do you can leave and I'll give Brian a call."

"On your back bitch" Pete growled and Shelly fell back on the bed and spread her legs as she smiled up at him.

I learned later that Brian was the guy she had fucked the second night that I had followed her.

I was again surprised when Shelly and 'my good friend' Chuck got together. Several times Shelly commented on how much she loved his large cock and again, like with Pete, I had it all over Chuck in cock size. Neither Chuck nor Pete seemed to fuck Shelly any better than I did, but she still praised them to high heaven telling both of them that no one had ever fucked her better. My 'good friend Chuck trash talked me one day and Shelly quickly shut him up and told him that if he ever said a bad thing about me again he'd never ever get another taste of her pussy.

I didn't understand it. Why was she defending me while at the same time stabbing me in the back?

Armed with the videos of Chuck, Pete and the third guy whose name was Riley and the information I had gotten from the attorney I had talked with I was sitting at the kitchen table with a piece of paper in front of me when Shelly got home from work. Shelly walked in, came over and kissed me on the cheek and then asked:

"What are you doing?"

"Going over my "Perfect Woman" list."

"Whatever for? We have already established that I'm your perfect woman."

"I always thought you were, but I guess I was wrong."

"What do you mean that you were wrong?"

"Here; look at the list. See the unchecked box at the bottom of the list?"

She took the list from me, read it and I saw her face lose some of its color. The unchecked box was "Must be faithful always."

"I don't understand."

"Sure you do Shelly. Over the last two weeks I was gone from home six nights and every night I was gone you were on your back being fucked. Five different guys over the course of six days. I sure can't consider that being faithful, can you?"

The fact that I'd just told her that I knew about the five should have told her that I had her cold, but she tried to tough it out.

"I don't know what you are talking about Rob."

"Then you must have the memory of a gnat. They only live twenty-four hours so I guess you can't remember anything that happened before last night."

I pushed a CD across to here and said, "You can look at this and it might help refresh your memory, but before you do that I need to tell you a few things. I've seen an attorney and I've found out that this is a no fault state so everything we have will be split fifty-fifty. We make the same money so there will be no alimony and of course since we have no kids there is no child support to sweat. We have no savings since we used what we had to get into this house so as far as assets go the house is it.

"We haven't been in the house long enough to build up much equity and what little we have will be eaten up by sales costs and commissions. I'll be the big loser since I'll be paying the attorney's fees and court costs. The big question is do you want to be served at work or here at the house?"

"Served? I don't want a divorce. I love you Rob and you know that I do."

"You have a funny way of showing it Shelly. How long have you been stabbing me in the back?"

She looked away and I said, "It doesn't matter. I really don't need to know. The five I know about are five too many. You want to move out or do you want me to do it?"

"I don't want either of us to move Rob. We belong together."

"Sorry Shelly, but I can only live with my perfect woman and that isn't you anymore."

"You have to let me talk Rob. I need to explain that what you are thinking is wrong."

"No I don't need to let you talk Shelly. What is on that CD says it all and none of your words can erase any of what I sat through and watched.

I stood up and Shelly said, "Sit down Rob. We can't discuss this if you won't sit here and talk with me."

"Have you not listened t what I've just said? There is nothing you can say that will erase what I've listened to, seen and now know and I can't live with a person who could do that to me. We are through Shelly. Face it. You have fucked our marriage away. Accept it and move on."

I walked away and headed for the basement where we kept the suitcases. Half an hour later I had most of what I'd need for the next two weeks packed and sitting by the front door. There was more that I needed to get, but I'd have to rent a trailer since most of it was too big to get into my car. Shelly watched me set the bags down and said:

"Please Rob; just sit down and let me explain. You'll see that it isn't what you think it is."

I ignored her and went into the downstairs bedroom that I had turned into a home office and got my laptop. Shelly kept following me and kept begging me to sit down and talk with her and I didn't bother to respond. As I opened the door to leave I said:

"I'll be back Monday or Tuesday to get the rest of my things."

"Please Rob; for God's sake let me explain."

Without a word I carried my stuff out to my car and drove away.

I checked into a motel and spent Saturday and Sunday looking for an apartment. I found a nice one not far from work that had everything I wanted. A pool, an exercise room and a laundry room. I chose a two bedroom as I wanted to set one up as a home office. I wrote a check for the security deposit and the first and last months rent. I wouldn't be able to move in until they did a credit check on me, but there wouldn't be any problems there.

Shelly and I had separate credit cards so I didn't have to make any calls to cancel any and the check would clear because I had taken the attorney's advice and taken half of what we had in the bank and opened new accounts in my name only.

I advised Sheila, our receptionist, of my status as far as Shelly was concerned and asked her not to put any calls from Shelly through to me.

"Just tell her I'm out of the office or in a meeting or something."

"Why don't I just tell her not to bother calling because you have instructed me not to put her calls through?"

"That works for me."

She smiled and said, "When you start making up the list of girls you would like to date after your divorce is final could you put my name close to the top?"

"How about the list of girls I want to date as soon as we are legally separated?"

"What is legally separated?"

"After she is served either today or tomorrow I consider myself a free agent."

"Maybe to you, but not to me. I won't date a married man and that would be you until your divorce is final."

That's a refreshing attitude I thought. I could stand knowing a girl who has ethics.

"How about lunch dates so we can get to know each other a little better? That way we would have some idea if we wanted to take it further when the divorce is final?"

"I'd like that."

I took Tuesday afternoon off and I rented a trailer and called around until I found two friends that were free and who could help me move the heavy stuff like my tool boxes and air compressor. When I got to the house I found a note on the door.

"Rob – I've changed the locks. I'll give you a key to the new ones when you sit down and talk with me. I love you. Shelly."

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