Campfire Smoke

by Losgud

Copyright© 2012 by Losgud

Incest Sex Story: There's a lovely beauty to a pair of sleeping bags being unzipped and twined together. Especially when you're alone in a tent with your pretty little sister. Who suggested the move in the first place. And then the years roll by. If you don't like lit-smut, or the bro-sis thang, read and vote elsewhere.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Consensual   Cheating   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

We were the last ones in the campground to turn in. To turn from the fire and got thee to tent. We left tons of beer in the cooler. We'd just buy another bag of ice and make that tomorrow night.

Sandra was first in the tent, so she found and turned on the camp-lamp. Ours only looked like one. It had a base and a shade and you could hang it from a tree, but basically it was just a flashlight. Glorified.

The tent was tall enough to stand up in, if you didn't stand too tall. She got her shoes off, and then my sister stood up and dropped her pants. They plummeted to her ankles and she gently stepped out of them. It was like she was taunting me with the view of her panties.

She turned from me and was more modest as she shed her shirts and slipped into a nightshirt with a little bit of lace. The nightshirt wasn't any better at hiding her panties.

Was I that terrible of a brother that I would think of my sister in such terms? You bet! After a long denial, it would be suddenly easy to get her panties off.

I stripped down to my boxers and skipped the fancy shirt change. Settling down into my sleeping bag. I thought Sandra was reaching for the light, but then her hands were seizing me. She was holding my head and sniffing and kissing along my scalp line.

She started kissing back down towards my lips. "I've been fantasizing all night about what it'd be like to be utterly ravished by a guy with the smell of campfire smoke thick in his hair. It's been driving me nuts."

I seemed to fit that bill.

"And about how hot it would be if that guy happened to be my own brother."

It was like my numbers were clicking to win the Power Ball. I plunged ahead early knowing I'd win. I'd won many times before, but it'd been a long time; time had slowed down and sped up and become harder to steal in the years since we'd married and started families.

Sandra and I grew up camping, loving every stinky second of it. Our parents were ready to pack the tents in the station wagon every chance they got, any time of year. There was nothing better than going to bed in a sleeping bag, your head on a pillow in a halo of hair smelling of campfire smoke.

Funny how we both married people who hated even the idea of going camping.

It was on a February outing when I was 16 that it started. It was cold camping, which made the campfire even greater. It was easy enough to dress enough to stay warm.

There was a possibility of snow flurries that night, which would just make the morning even prettier. Instead some weird fronts shifted like tectonics. We had to abandon the campfire and ditch for our tents when the snow poured down in inches in minutes. We were safe in our tents when the snow turned into a monsoon of rain for half an hour. Then the temperature dropped 20 degrees. We got into our sleeping bags wearing all of our clothes.

It was my shivering 15-year-old sister who first suggested we unzip our sleeping bags and overlap them, sharing our body warmth. Arms around one another, it started with Sandra kissing my neck, moving up to kiss my cheek. And then she moved over, her lips questioning mine. I started returning my sister's kisses. We danced in a delicate garden. We moved so slowly, just barely touching. I leisurely shifted a hand down from the back of her shoulder, sliding down and over to cup her closest breast. I felt its core softness through what felt like 27 layers of clothing.

Even together, entwined, it was still too cold to take any clothes off. I did get to slide my hand, encouraged by her hands, up under her tops, palm against her flesh, up from her old warm soft belly to her new warm soft breasts. I thought that was the cat's meow, though probably the limit. Until Sandra's little hands were rubbing my appreciation of her in the front of my pants.

We didn't really undress. Though Sandra quickly unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped enough of me to take me in her hands. "It's so big," she exclaimed, "and though so hard so soft, like velvet." She blushed in explanation, "I've never touched one before."

I loved how she touched me, but I couldn't just lay back. I got Sandra's pants unzipped and shoved down enough with her help that I could slip a hand down in her panties.

I was sixteen when I touched my first pussy. It was wet and willing. And it belonged to my fifteen-year-old sister. Who happened to be giving me a hand job. I knew just enough to finger her a bit and then slide up the slippery slit to find the bump that mattered.

It didn't take long for my sister to make me make a mess in our sleeping bags. But even I was surprised when right as that was happening, Sandra gave a short quiet cry, her thighs squeezing my hand, until she relaxed enough to yank my hand out of her panties, as though throwing it away.

When her panting subsided, she kissed me. We whispered about our virginities, both noting how the other's hands made the touching stuff so much better.

Camping became even more exciting when mouths were introduced. As did furtive home life. A few months later, our parents put together and paid a substantial non-refundable down payment on this four-day rafting and camping expedition to coincide with our Spring Break. But they got the week wrong. That week in school was heavy with testing.

Our parents went away for the week while we were old enough to attend school and take care of ourselves. They were barely ten minutes out of the driveway before Sandra hooked her arm through mine and led me to her room. Where we quietly undressed, and slowly starting touching. Sandra took my hand and led me to her bed.

I thought we would roll around together and kiss and touch some more.

But Sandra wasted no time in letting me know what she wanted. My sister settled on her back in the middle of her bed, legs spread, offering herself up to me.

"Really?" I asked, towering over her, turgid and ready.

"Totally ready," she waggled her thighs like beckoning fans. I could see her glistening readiness. I'd barely moved between her legs when she grabbed my shaft and pulled me towards her. And guided me into her.

There was nothing ever better than that very moment. I entered Sandra, and she was so slippery for it. I could barely contain myself. I thought my sister's mouth was awesome--I hadn't met her pussy yet. But I couldn't go all the way in. I was tapping against her cherry.

"Do it!" my sister hissed, "Take me, make me yours."

I tore through my sister's hymen, and then we rested from the exertion. Sandra adjusted to me, and began nipping at my ears as her pain segued into pleasure. "We're fucking," she announced, roiling her hips against mine. We lost our virginities in her bed. Once she was done, I was due fast. I tried to control the incredible feelings, but I was new at the wheel, so I crashed pretty fast.

I started exploding inside my sister, when suddenly she gave a sharp cry and her cunt went to milking every drop I had.

I collapsed like I was dead, while Sandra gazed at me with a radiant smile. We lay like that for awhile, our fingers trailing like spiders across each other's bodies. I started getting hard again. Fancy that!

Sandra was on the pill to regulate her new erratic cycle, ease the cramps, so we went to school and made dinner and fucked about 27 times again before our parents returned. After that was a week where they had to go to work and we were off school. I didn't have to set my alarm--Sandra was always in my bed waking me up long enough we could sleep some more together, totally sated, until nearly noon. When we'd wake up and just work up an appetite for lunch.

I remembered those near daily encounters, eruptions of passions. Time had passed, but Time could kiss my ass tonight!

I unzipped my sister's sleeping bag all the way down to her feet. She unzipped mine, and then we were kissing like crazy fish.

My sister was crushing her breasts up against my chest, just the two thin layers of cloth separation. But I ignored her tits, running my main hand down between her legs. Sandra giggled as I insisted, spreading for me, my middle finger finding the damp cloth between her legs. Then I slipped it under the elastic, tracing up the split of her ready cunt.

"Someone is very excited," I gazed at my sister.

"This crazy fantasy I was having, it got me all worked up. Especially now that it's coming true."

With that, I got up on my knees, and pulled down my sister's panties. Unencumbered, her thighs went wide for me again. "Everyone in all the other tents are having sex, so why not us?" she smiled.

Sandra was playing with me. We'd acted on that urge ages ago. We were going camping to play catch-up. So I grinned down at her and stuck two fingers up inside her.

I was in a tent finger-fucking my little sister. She pawed at my other wrist. "Fucking rub my clit," she hissed. I did as told, and then she was coming all over my fingers.

I shoved my boxers down and showed myself. "Ready to come all over my cock next?" Sandra slung her legs around me to grab my body just like that.

"Fuck this sleeping bag shit, let's get totally naked in our tent." We started shedding our every last sock, falling finally together.

The tip of me was just nudging her pussy lips apart, spreading the web of her wetness. I was ready to stall and watch her finish, stripping off her nightshirt and showing me those sisterly tits. I complied by getting my boxers past my ankles, peeling off my own shirt.

That transaction complete, I gazed down at my sister while starting. We held that gaze as I slowly sunk into her tight little cunt. There was a love story to be written about all that, but we were too busy providing the plot. The plot and the action.

She canted her hips to welcome me in even deeper. Sandra had several crushing orgasms on my watch. That's the way we always were--ever since we'd figured it out way back when. And then I'd rev up. Or rather, my sister would totally rev me up.

She was totally getting me to that place when she growled campground-loud, "Pull out! I want you to come in my mouth." That wound up with me on my back while Sandra sucked me like I'd never been sucked in my life, except the last time she'd sucked me. And the time and the time before that. She made me pay for my transgressions, but then she finally let me surge. I was keening to the pines above as I filled my sister's mouth.

In the end, Sandra sat up on her heels looking very pleased with herself. She showed me her dripping lips before she swallowed. Then she dived down on top of me for a tight snuggle.

I think she was thinking we'd sidle off to sleep; one of us would wind up killing the lamp, or else the batteries would drain. But then my fingers started tracing circles on her abdomen as I slid down, giving her tits parting licks and starting to kiss her tummy, and beyond, daring to go below.

She sucked in a breath once she realized what I was doing. I kissed my way down to her wet little pussy. She turned and twisted to click off the lamp, but it was too late--I'd found my target. My mouth was between her thighs, saying a proper thank-you. I was happy to just stay like that, licking her to death. But humping the sleeping bags had me hard again.

I moved up on my sister, and she gasped. Clearly she wasn't expecting penetration again, but then there I was, entering without knocking.

"Oh, god," she laughed aloud as I sank between her legs. "I thought we were done."

"Not done yet," I plunged in and slid back out, setting the final rhythm.

Sandra just gave in, running up the white flags of her raised thighs. She knew she had a couple comes to get through before I would deign to surrender the night.

I thought we were pretty quiet, though afterwards my ears were ringing. I listened to my sister's breathing slowing as she held tightly against me. As I sailed into sleep, I remember thinking how quiet it was, out in the wilds, now that we weren't fucking.

I'm a late sleeper, though a light sleeper towards the end. I heard some of those maniacs outside breaking the wood for their breakfast fires, while inside the tent you could barely tell that day had otherwise dawned. So I snuggled up against my sister and went back to sleep.

I would doze for another twenty minutes, stir, roll a little, drifting away again to the sounds. After several cycles I started having sexy thoughts about my sister as I snuggled asleep against her again.

I was ready to scandalize the campground, but by the time I found the will, my way was out of the tent and getting our fire restarted. I pulled on my clothes and joined Sandra. I came up behind her, nuzzling up against her like in the tent. I leaned around to kiss down her cheek to her lips, as my hand was a bad boy, grabbing her ass.

I didn't think anything of it, until my sister hissed, "I love it: you're pouring gasoline on the fire." No one around could guess that us lovers were siblings, but that wasn't the issue, considering all the stares and glares from the other campers.

It was now Sunday, so the weekenders were packing up.

First to leave was a couple not that much older than us. No doubt they were the ones breaking firewood at dawn. They'd erected a cross in front of their tent upon arrival, pulling it up now for final kindling. They packed up looking at us like our campsite stank of sulfur.

Next was that dirty old couple who lived out of their crappy little camper topper. Their pick-up looked like it should be out rusting away in a field somewhere. Their looks all weekend had been like shotgun blasts; we genuinely worried about the full gun rack in the back window of the cab.

There was a married pair more our parents' age. The gentleman had a spry step to his walk, giving us cocky glances while his wife stared at us most dolefully.

All this further eyeballing didn't make sense to me. "Were we loud last night? We weren't loud last night. Weren't we kind of actually demure? That's the way I remember it."

Sandra looked at me, and then cocked an eyebrow. "We were, at first. I chewed on my tongue to keep quiet about what your tongue was doing to me afterwards. Afterwards, when you crawled up, I was ready to curl up into a sloppy slow satisfied kiss. Trading juices. But then your dick was going up inside me again, so I quit caring who heard how happy I was. And you know how they say tornados sound like trains? When you finally shot up inside me, it sounded like an F4 whimpering in my ear."

"Oh?"--I was genuinely surprised. I thought I'd internalized all that howling.

Next to break camp was a couple pushing thirty with a pair of cute little kids, the oldest maybe going into kindergarten in the fall. The wife was remarkably good-humored in collecting her flock. The dad made a final sweep of the campsite, looking for tiny toys. He found a little plastic duck. He gave us a thumbs-up as he walked away. "Enjoy it all the time while you can," he gave a nod towards his waiting duties. "And thanks for the inspiration last night!"

I waited until he was out of ear shot. "Answers that question."

"No wonder Mommy was in such a good mood this morning. See, I told you all the other tents were a-fucking. Even those horrible old prunes in their nasty camper truck. They lay there in their filthy jeans on a mat of old sofa cushions and bumped crotches until they both peed their pants. So it's no wonder their truck smelled so bad."

I slapped her shoulder, "Stop it!"

She slapped me right back. "It's the truth."

We were ready to start in on a private banter; who knew where that might lead.

But then Spooky Girl was suddenly walking towards us.

"This is strange. Wonder what she wants?" Sandra whispered.

We'd been spooked all weekend, seeing how Spooky Girl was often looking right at us.

She was maybe fourteen. She was there with her older brother, in one of those huge multi-winged tents with their parents. The kids and the parents seemed to keep distant. The brother was always lurking when his sister was around.

When the girl was upon us, Sandra disarmed her. "Hi! Are you guys going home this morning, too?"

The girl stuttered in step. "We're staying for lunch, and into the afternoon, because we live just an hour away."

"That's nice. We both took off work tomorrow, so we're staying another night."

I thought the girl was going to turn and walk away, but then she got her mojo back. She spoke to Sandra, "So, is he your boyfriend, or your brother?"

"Both," my sister answered coolly.

"But that ... can't..."

"Oh yes it can. If you want it and you let it."

The parents had a canoe strapped to the roof-rack, waving to their kids as they drove away. Mom and Dad were off for a date morning with paddles. Leaving the kids to defend the tent. Spooky Girl turned to watch as they drove away.

With that, Sandra took the distraction to gather my arm. We were off to hike a nearby trail. It was just a small loop down to the lake and back.

"So ... are they, or aren't they?" I ventured.

"Not yet," Sandra shook her head vociferously, "she's still conflicted. But I bet that boy gets lucky soon enough."

"You say that like you're speaking from the voice of experience."

Sandra gave me a sexy shrug. "Maybe."

All the rest of the walk, I kept touching at my sister. She'd squeal and shove my hands away when I felt up her tits, but she never called the cops. In fact, her hands would find my hands, and place them back up there. I'd give her tits a squeeze, then go fondle her ass, giving it a final slap as we just walked along together for awhile, enjoying the fucking nature of it all.

Back at camp, we built the fire back up enough to reheat the coffee. We sat up on the picnic table, huddled with our mugs and enjoying the distant flames. I was ready to stay like that forever.

But Sandra took more than my passing glance across the way. The boy and girl were just sort of hanging around by their picnic table, their fire pit gone grey with ash.

"Let's teach them a trick or two." I wasn't sure what she meant, until she gathered some coals from our fire on the blade of the camp shovel. I followed Sandra as we got the kids' fire going again. She chose to stick around, so so did I. Of course.

There was a lot of awkward silence after their fire got back roaring. And then the girl turned to her brother. "Did you know, they're not only brother and sister, but they're also girlfriend and boyfriend?"

That question hovered in the air. Until the boy piped up, "How old were you guys, you know, when, the first time?"

Sandra lied a year younger to match their ages. Both kids sort of gasped. With that, my sister decided our mission was done. I followed her back to our camp. We tossed some more wood on our campfire and stood there watching the flames for awhile, until Sandra took my hand and turned to lead us into the tent for a nap.

She was two orgasms in when I slowed down, just sort of poking at her.

"Why'd you tell them that? That we were their age when we started doing it?"

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