She Didn't Know That I Knew

by Pultoy

Copyright© 2012 by Pultoy

: But her lovers would

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My wife of 9 years, Inga, is a very stunning woman. Bright eyes, bright white smile with perfect teeth, the perfect facial features of a Western European woman, long blonde hair, and petite tall body whose nipples point up right at your eyes on 'B' sized breasts. She was born in Norway, and raised there until her parents moved to the United States when she was 13.

We married when she was 21, I had just sat for my oral boards and was about to become a licensed physician. I was 30.

I met Inga when she was attending the college that I was doing graduate studies at, and was a graduate assistant, teaching one of her anatomy classes. She was the best looking girl on campus, the most sought after, being European, very popular. Her sexual hang-ups were nonexistent. She thought nothing of having sex with a different man every week or month, and she routinely bedded the best looking women. It was like a Frenchman drinking wine; part of the culture for her.

I left the employ of the college when I began my two year residency program, so I decided to ask Inga to dinner, now that she was no longer one of my students. She liked me; we had gotten along famously and she readily accepted my invitation. I am tall and told that I'm good looking, sandy hair, and green eyes; broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip. And, I was going to be a doctor.

After dinner, going to bed was the accepted dating protocol in Inga's mind and she expected me to seduce her.

However, me being a soon to be physician, I was loathe to have sex with her yet, because of the risk of her cute little twat being the home to various creatures that might bite me, or kill me. I discussed this with Inga, deferring to have sex with her until I was sure she was disease free, much to her consternation and, ultimately, alarm.

We spent that first evening, when she'd normally be having her romp, me educating her about venereal disease, showing her pictures of advanced cases of all sorts of possible nightmare infections that she could be carrying or could get if she continued living a promiscuous lifestyle.

To my great surprise and pleasure, Inga became celibate. She asked me all sorts of questions about possible treatments for this or that, how long would it take for her to be celibate to know for sure if she was disease free, how the different diseases affected childbearing ... lot and lots of questions. Inga had truly become alarmed and had decided to turn over a new leaf in her life.

Because it was me who had opened her eyes, helping her to avoid a shortened life due to disease, or a life fraught with pain and frightening medical treatments, Inga linked her heart to me. We became friends, I helped her with her schooling and she me with mine. We latched onto one another and love bloomed.

Fortunately, Inga had avoided the scourge of sexually transmitted diseases of any sort, and, after several months, we consummated our commitment to one another.

We were married a week after I'd become a licensed physician. My specialty was gynecology; I began practice in an office with 12 other physicians, all of us specialists.

Inga and I were ecstatically happy in those first years. We had cowboy sex, we had cowgirl sex, we had Norwegian sex and we had plain ole' missionary sex. She was a truly open minded, orgasmic woman, so everything was a go and she often initiated it on her own.

Inga loved one thing in particular. While I was ratcheting up her arousal, I'd use my fingers to reach inside of her and rub her g-spot, while also playing with her clitoris. She'd have huge, dynamic simultaneous squirting orgasms that way and it often set the tone for multiple hours' long play between us. Her sexual appetite was ravenous.

After our 8th year of marriage, we had leveled out. Our sex lives were down to about 4 times per week, but usually one of those times would be 4 or 5 hours in length. So, while we weren't as active as at first, we were still very active and very much in love, I thought. She had multiple orgasms and always saw to it that I had no less than two every time we made love. There was lots of foreplay, lots of caressing, kissing, teasing and experimenting. But, the frequency was markedly less than at first. Her appetite was still high, but my stamina was waning as I neared my 40th year.

As a physician, I know that if we are both disease free from the start, and our fidelity remains intact, along with practicing excellent hygiene, we should never have to worry about sexual disease.

I had been totally faithful to Inga during our marriage, indeed way before our marriage ever took place, I made up my mind that Inga was the girl for me and swore off other women. When Inga became celibate, so did I, in anticipation of joining with her in a rebirth of wonderful new sex in a day to come. That was almost 9 years earlier.

Approaching our 9th anniversary while using the restroom early one morning in my office I noticed a small, painless chancre, or sore, on the underside of my penis. I realized that I had become infected with the bacterial, sexually transmitted disease known as 'Primary Syphilis.' I tested myself for that and it came back positive. Since I caught it in its' very earliest stage, it was easily treated with one shot of Penicillin, which I self-injected. Syphilis is easily non detectable to both men and women, but being a physician, when I noticed the small open sore, I checked.

I was somewhere between furious, vengeful and very sad. This was nothing to play with, yet I could have my vengeance on Inga AND on her host of lovers by simply saying nothing to her or them. Ultimately, the disease would ravage their lives in its' end stages. It could render them blind, impotent, barren, and even kill. But, it would also ravage all those spouses and innocent others who would get hit by this moving train.

My disease donor had to have been my wife, Inga. She was back on the lover treadmill. I work long hours and have regular times when I'm away from home, and she knows these times, these hours.

It would be very difficult to avoid sexual relations with her; I had to figure out some way to insure her fidelity, if I forgave her and treated her and her lovers for their infidelity, as a physician is wont to do.

I decided neither to take my vengeance, nor to forgive her. My decision was going to change my, her and everyone's life who involved themselves sexually with her, and their loved ones, too.

I informed our office manager and my own personal assistant that I needed the rest of the day off. I asked one of my partners to see my more seriously ill patients, working them into their queues, and we'd reschedule the rest.

I headed off for home at 9:30 am. In our more than 8 years of marriage, I'd never once been home between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm when the office was open. Today would be a surprise.

I parked on the street, not being able to get in the driveway with the three cars that were already there. I walked over to the cars, took down the license plate numbers, tried their doors and every single car was un-locked. I reconnoitered a wealth of information from each of the cars and put it in the trunk of my car for later. Then, I used my key, walked in the front door and stopped to listen.

They were using the downstairs recreation room. This would be easy, there were no windows and there was only one way out of that room, through this upstairs door. I went into the master bedroom, retrieved my Springfield XDM .40 S&W pistol with the 16 round magazine and two extra loaded magazines. The .40 caliber pistol makes a very very loud noise when fired indoors. It also is a lethal weapon and will destroy any flesh that the bullet fired from such a weapon hits.

I reasoned that, "I am a physician, I make my living using my hands and have no desire to use these instruments of my livelihood to smash into the bones of another man's face, or to risk injury to my own self, beyond the dose of syphilis that I already was enjoying."

Downstairs, in my basement recreation room were 4 naked people. One of them was the lovely 30 year old Inga, my wife of nearly 9 years. One was Tony Snead, the husband of one of my partners; she was actually the one covering for me today as it turned out-she is also a gynecologist. Another one of Inga's guests was Joseph Hinderman, the attorney that our medical clinic had on retainer for business purposes. The last man in our basement was our business banker, Ed Simonski Jr. Wow, a bonanza.

I crept down the stairs unnoticed and observed Inga being fucked doggy style by Ed Simonski; Joseph Hinderman had his cock buried in her mouth and Tony Snead was holding on to his hard dick waiting his turn patiently. When I rounded the stairs at the bottom, only the guy, who was being sucked off, Hinderman, was facing me, but his eyes were closed. Everyone had piled their clothes on the end of the sofa, right by the doorway to the stairs, together, so I picked them all up and wadded them under my arm, holding out my pistol, pointing it at the bathroom to my right.

I fired off three rapid rounds from that .40 caliber pistol and it was so loud it hurt. Everyone jumped their eyes as big as saucers, mouths open and then everyone hit the deck. There was four naked bodies trying to get small laying on the floor of my basement, looking at me with great fear and surprise.

Inga saw me and said, "Oh, noooo, Bill."

I said, "Hi boys and girl. We have a mess here, don't we?"

Tony Snead, the doctor's husband, got up and started for me to take his clothes away from me, I fired a round just over his head into the ceiling, it must have been so loud, he fell just as though I'd shot him, grabbing his ears, and crying out in fear.

I said, "You all probably have syphilis, Inga you do for sure."

Not waiting for their reaction, I said, "I'm going upstairs with your clothes. I am calling the County Health Department and your wives. I'll use your cell phones to call your wives, the county Health will want to interview you about treatment and your other sexual partners. You'll wait downstairs until your wife and a county health officer come down and get you one at a time. You need to just wait your turn."

"Inga, you and I are done. I've explained all this to you once before and now you get to see how it goes." I said, addressing her separately.

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