Neighbourly Lap Dance

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: I've led a sheltered sex life to date. My next door neighbour shows me how a lap dance should be performed - until things get a little out of hand and into her body.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   .

I'm Grant and sexually I've led a sheltered life. I'm 44 yrs of age and until recently I had only fucked two women - and I had married both of them (and divorced one of them). My sexual liberation happened when I was sent to Adelaide to work. My wife stayed in Brisbane and I commuted to Adelaide on a fortnightly basis.

I found a unit in the city fringe of Adelaide. It was in a block of 4 other units. I didn't see or hear much of my neighbours until one day I had a problem with my hot water service. Somehow my hot water system was located in my neighbour's backyard. So I find myself knocking on the neighbours door to get permission to access my system.

Courtney answered the door. Young (22 yrs old I found out later) and tall with a beautiful face - and a sensational set of big tits - that was Courtney. Her smile and manner were infectious and I found myself laughing my head off at some of her comments. The plumber came and went - and I stayed on chatting to her.

Her life was simple - she lived alone and she worked at the local bakery as its manager. Relationships according to her just didn't work out - her work hours weren't conducive to dating or even living with a guy. She was far from being a virgin (her words) - she loved sex but lately had been doing without.

I explained my working away from home and travelling home every second weekend.

"Oh my lord, how do you survive without sex for two weeks at a time" was out of her mouth before she realised it. "Oops, sorry. I can be a little direct and tactless at times" she said. My sad face said it all to her.

"I was a little naughty last weekend" I volunteered. "I went to a lap dance place and paid for a dance. It was pretty average and I went away even more frustrated".

"Oh you poor man!" she exclaimed. "Did you know I used to do lap dancing when I was 18?". More of a statement than a question.

"Would you like me to give you one?" was her next question - again out of her mouth before she thought of the consequences or situation. I smiled ... and didn't actually say anything. She took that as a yes and led me to the centre of her lounge room.

"Here, sit on this chair" she says as she produces a dining room table chair. "Get comfortable while I change. Kick off your shoes and ... take of your shirt too". She leaves as I stand there dumbstruck. I follow her instructions and strip down to my cargo shorts, discarding my shoes and shirt. I sit on the chair and wait for her return.

I wait about 5 minutes when she yells out "Are you ready?". I respond with a "Yes".

Courtney re-enters the room carrying a boom-box. I noticed that, after I noted her attire. She was wearing a very short black skirt and a red form-fitting tube top. On her feet were black strappy high heels. Makeup and perfume completed the attire. Courtney is quite tall - not as tall as me but still tall. Her body is quite slender except for her very large bust - a bust threatening to overflow from the top of her tube top. Lots of cleavage on show to say the least. Her flat tummy is on show and her pierced belly button.

She puts the boom box down and starts the music and her dance.

She dances provocatively in front of me - wiggling her hips and shaking her tits in front of me before moving closer to shake her tits in my face. She grabs my hands and puts them on her hips - I hold her hips as she dances in front of me for a while. She turns her back to me and my hands go back to her hips. Her ass is right in front of my face - wiggling at me. She grabs the hem of her skirt and pulls it up slowly until I see her bare ass (only interupted by a g-string between her cheeks). She wiggles her ass at me before seating herself in my lap. My hands slip around to her tummy and I stroke her bare tummy.

She grinds her ass down on my lap - her ass is doing wonders for my cock - it is fully erect in my shorts; and I know she can feel it because she seems to be concentrating on keeping contact with it with her grinding. She takes my hands off her tummy and leads them to her tube top and puts them on her tits. I grasp her tits - with my fingers feeling her nipples are erect under the top. I grasp her tits for a few moments before she again redirects my hands to the top of her tube top and helps me pull the top down - uncovering her tits.

My hands return to her naked tits - weighing them in my hands and tweaking her nipples. I can hear her breathing change - the nipple and breast stimulation is evidently getting to her. She grinds down on my lap for a few more moments before standing up. Her tits are no longer in reach and my hands fall idle to my lap.

She turns to face me and puts her hands under her tits and offers them to me. One nipple at a time she brings them to my face and runs it all over my face before feeding it between my lips. I lick it and suck it before she repeats it with the other tit. She removes her hands and lets me hold them whilst feeding them into my mouth. Her hand drops to my lap and grabs my cock through my shorts. The rigid bar of my cock is trapped in my shorts as she grabs at it.

My lips and my teeth are teasing her nipples. I grab the nipple between my teeth and pull on it before swishing my tongue back and forth across it. Her moans are now longer and louder with my extra attention to her tits. I drop one hand from her tits and slide it between her legs and upwards towards her pussy. I find a very wet pair of panties - lacy and very wet - sticking to her as I start to rub the front of her panties. She pushes her pussy against my finger and continues to grab at my cock through my shorts.

I slide my finger under the edge of her panties to find a smooth mound and some very wet pussy lips. I stroke her pussy lips before sliding that finger between them into her very wet slippery channel. I stroke back and forth between her lips - finding her pussy hole and her clit on my travels. Her pussy hole is very wet and almost sucks my finger in with the suction and heat coming from her pussy.

"Oh, oh, oh..." she chants as I stroke her pussy and suck on her nipples until her pussy spasms and her body convulses as she experiences a strong orgasm. Her hands go around my head and pull me up as she bends down to kiss me - tongues and lips duelling until we break apart to catch our breath.

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