Mistaken Identity

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: I'm housesitting and I have a visitor slip naked into my bed and demand to be fucked. Who am I to ignore such an impassioned plea? My visitor realises something is wrong when the cock in her is much bigger then she expected - but does that stop her?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Anal Sex   Size   .

I'm house sitting for a couple of days for my step-daughter and her husband. I've been in bed sleeping for a couple of hours when I feel a warm slim body slide into bed with me.

"Don't say a word - just fuck me now please" is the request from Dani. I've spashed a fair bit of cum fantasising about her in the past - brunette, perky B-cup tits and a great shaped ass. Dani is a friend of my step-daughter and a frequent house guest.

She is laying on top of me - pressing her body to mine. I can feel her tits and hard nipples raking across my chest. My cock awakens from its slumber very quickly and is soon caught between us. She throws off the sheet and sits on my thighs trapping my cock under her pussy. I grab her hips and grind her pussy down onto my cock shaft.

"Fuck me now" her voice sound very urgent.

She lifts up and I position my cock so she can slide down onto it. My cockhead makes contact with her pussy hole and slides in a short way. I move my hands to her hips and start to pull her downwards. Oh god she is so wet ... and so tight too. I pull her down harder and her pussy struggles to take my fatness into her pussy.

"Oh ... oh ... oh ... too fucking big ... biggggggggggg!!!!" she moans as I slide my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. I'm not letting her escape now as I am over halfway into her pussy. Her pussy is soooo hot!!! My hands direct her downwards slowly and surely - until my cock butts up against her cervix with an couple of inches still to go. 8 inches in and 2 inches outside. I start to rock her hips on my embedded cock.

"Oh fuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkk!!!" she moans as her body is racked by her first orgasm - her pussy twitches then convulses on my cock as her cum streams down my cockshaft and over my balls.

"Who the fuck are you?" she demands. "You're not Colin - his cock is way smaller than this monster in my pussy". She asks the question but makes no attempt to get off my cock. I don't answer immediately, instead I start a slow in and out thrusting of my cock into her pussy. It distracts her as she starts to moan with increasing loudness and frequency.

My hands go to her tits and feel and grab them - teasing them before tweaking her nipples. She is making no attenpt to get off - she is riding my cock quite enthusiastically now as I play with her tits.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" she screams as she cums again - harder this time with lots of her juices expelled from her pussy. As she cums I draw her forward and start to lick and suck on her tits and nipples. The new attention to her tits sparks a new orgasmic wave as her cums crash together and become one long continuous one.

"Oh fuck ... oh fuck ... oh fuck... " she pants in my ear as my cock and her pussy go into overdrive - my cock hitting up against her cervix with each thrust - gradually making headway until finally my cock penetrates her cervix and my last 2 inches disappears inside of her.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! ... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! ... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" she screams as she erupts into a massive cum - triggering an explosion of my cock with my cream shooting deep inside her body. Hard squirts of my hot cream - deep inside of her. Her body convulses and convulses as her cums rolls on and on - until finally her body slumps down onto mine. My cock gradually slips back from her cervix and eventually slides out of her pussy. There's not a lot of my juices to leak out - they are deposited very deep inside her body.

I ease her off me and she lays on the bed beside me with her head on my shoulder.

Eventually she speaks "I really needed that!!!! But before we do anything else ... who the fuck are you, and where have you been hiding all of my life?"

Its quite dark in the room so the question by her is quite valid. I knew her by her voice but I haven't spoken at all since she slid into the bed - evidently expecting my step-daughter's husband to be there. I reach across and flip on the night light.

"Oh my god!!!!" she gasps as it registers as to who she has just fucked and been fucked by. She looks me up and down - pausing to check out the cock laying across my thigh - the cock that is still quite fat and three-quarters hard at the moment.

"Oh fuck!!" she seems to be lost for any other words at the moment as it registers with her that she has just been fucked by the 53 yr old step-father of her lover's wife. I know she has looked at me in the past; and I sense her thoughts haven't been kind - 'dirty old man' comes to my mind.

Sensing that I have her at a disadvantage, I sit up on the bed and coax her up onto her knees. I slide in behind her and rub my cock between her ass cheeks and down to her pussy. I use my cock to slap her ass cheeks before redirecting the slaps across her gaping pussy lips.

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