Me Time

by DeYaKen

Copyright© 2012 by DeYaKen

Fiction Sex Story: Two couples enjoying a blissful holiday in Spain. One pair try to bury the recent past, but the other pair seem intent on bringing it out into the open. A tale of friendship and rivalry.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Cheating   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Authors Note

This story is a work of fiction. The characters represented here are all fictitious and any similarity with anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

I am deeply indebted to JuicyStarchild for her excellent work in correcting my English and generally making this story more readable.

In room 451 the day started in an unusual way for Roger. His prick wasn't trying to force it's way through the mattress as it normally would. Today he awoke to find himself lying on his back and someone or something was ministering to the needs of his morning glory. He reached down as he normally would and felt a head. As his eyes opened and he started to focus he saw that the head belonged to his wife, Karen. She was using her tongue on his dick as if it were an ice cream cone. Holding the base of his tool, she moved it from side to side, ensuring that she got full coverage. Roger started to leak pre-cum and Karen dutifully licked it up.

"Hello, sleepy head," she said.

"Hello," said Roger. "What is this in aid of?"

"Today is a special day, Roger. It' a day I want you to remember for the rest of your life. Now, if I finish the job here, will you still have enough to fill me up before breakfast?"

"I've always got enough for you, woman."

That was sufficient for Karen. She went about the job with gusto, taking the head into her mouth and gently sucking. She climbed between Rogers legs and used her tongue on the raphe as she pushed her head down. Rising again, she dragged her teeth over the skin of his cock, stopping as the caught on the rim. Down she went again, moving her tongue from side to side as she went. Roger was already thrusting up into her. His breathing was getting deeper and with every exhale he let out a groan. Down she went, feeling Roger hit the back of her mouth and she had to suppress her gagging. Up again, then down, swallowing Rogers cock as she did so. She now had his pubic hair on the top lip while her lower lip kissed his scrotum. Roger was now in her throat and, although she was having difficulty breathing, she continued her bobbing on Roger's pulsing member. Karen took Roger's scrotum in her hand and rolled his balls, like marbles in a bag. She felt his balls pull away from her grasp and quickly lifted her head to bring the head of Roger's cock into her mouth. Stream after stream of Rogers sperm shot into her mouth. She kept her lips locked around his cock, gradually lifting her head while gently sucking the last of his juice into her mouth. As his cock softened, Roger watched her lift her head off of him, giving the head a gentle kiss as she did so. She looked up at her husband.

"Would you like a snowball?" she asked.

Roger shook his head and she swallowed. She came up the bed and lay down next to Roger.

In room 450 Matt lifted his wife's tee shirt nightie and kissed her stomach. He worked it further up to expose her breasts. He was amazed every time he looked at them — they were gorgeous. He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. Jenny started to moan. Just a little one — she was still half asleep. He sucked a little harder and drew more of her breast into his mouth. His right hand moved down with his fingers, lightly brushing her skin as it travelled over her stomach. As he reached her pubic mound it rose to meet his hand.

"Matt, you know I'm not keen in the morning," she mumbled.

Her body, however, had other ideas. Matt started to rub her pussy and her hips rose to increase the pressure.

"You're going to like it this morning," he said. "Today is going to be memorable."

His wife's only response was a long drawn out "Mmmmm..."

Matt moved his head down from her breasts, planting kisses on her stomach, then on to her pussy. He planted kisses on her labia before covering her slit with his mouth and sucking gently. Her legs spread wide for him as his tongue started to enter her pussy. Jenny's hips started to roll towards him as his tongue delved deeper into her. Matt's hands moved around to her beautiful bottom. His hands came to rest on the cheeks as his fingers probed her arse crack. While his tongue worked away at her pussy his hands pulled her arse cheeks apart and his fingers traced around her anus. Jenny's hips started to buck with renewed vigour. Matt moved, now, between her legs and continued to work with his mouth upon her pussy. By this time he had Jenny's legs over his shoulders, her hips were rising to him when he started to lick around her clitoris while he pushed two fingers into her wet pussy.

"Ohh ... yes. Yess. Fuck me."

"Not yet, my sweet," Matt responded.

Having turned, he could now get his thumbs to her anus. He massaged with his thumbs, then slowly and gently pushed one thumb into her anus. Jenny's hands came down on Matts head, forcing it down onto her pussy. His tongue darted into her pussy then came up to flick on her clit while the thumb moved around in her anus.

"Oh god, I'm coming, Matt, I'm ... ogh ... ogh ... aeeee..."

As the orgasm ripped through her, the juices poured from her pussy. Matt took care of most of it while the remainder seeped out and ran down to lubricate his thumb in her anus. As her spasms subsided Matt moved up from her pussy and moved his head up toward her breasts. With her legs still over his shoulders his cock moved closer to her pussy. Once again his mouth closed on one nipple while his fingers started to pull and twist on the other. Jenny's moans continued as her head moved from side to side. Matt's cock started to force it's way into her well lubricated pussy.

"My god," she thought, "has he always been this big?"

Still working on her breasts with his hands, Matt started to move in and out. Each time forcing his way a little deeper. Was it her imagination or was he really getting deeper than ever before? As she felt another orgasm building, Matt started picking up the pace.

"Oh, fuck me, Matt, fuck me harder. Oh yes, yes."

Matt continued to pound away, feeling his balls starting to tighten. He thrust even harder as another orgasm started to rip through his wife's body. There was a sudden release as Matt's cock started to spurt stream after stream of semen into his wife's body. Jenny let out a scream which took Matt by surprise. He took his hands from her breasts and allowed her legs to drop down either side of him. As his dick started to soften, Matt pulled out and moved to lie next to his exhausted wife.

Next door Karen could hear Jenny's screams and this spurred her on for another assault on Roger's dick. She sucked it back into life then quickly got astride him.

"Now, Roger darling, let's see what you've got left for me."

Roger looked up at her. He took in her blue eyes and short natural blonde hair. Her face was pretty, not beautiful and she carried more weight than she should. However, she carried that weight mainly on her hips, breasts and thighs. Roger had no complaints about that. He felt the hot wet grip of her pussy as she lowered herself onto him. The feeling almost made him cry out as she raised and lowered herself, gradually taking more of his dick into her. By the time she was right down on his hips Roger was already breathing deeply. Karen leaned forward and placed her hands either side of Roger's head. As she moved her pussy up and down on his member her ample breasts swung back and forth and the nipple stroked across Roger's face. He brought his mouth up to grasp one as it passed by. He sucked and nibbled on her nipple making Karen increase both the speed and force of her movements.

Roger wondered where this rampant, sexy beast had come from and what had she done with Karen, his wife? As the pressure in his balls started to rise Karen started to pivot her pelvis forward as it came down. Suddenly Roger could feel her cervix closing over the head of his dick, pushing him completely over the top. He felt the pressure release as once more the the semen gushed from his cock, straight into Karen's cervix Roger let out a loud groan, matching the volume of Karen's.

She looked down at him.

"Well, you could say I've been well and truly Rogered."

She fell down onto the bed beside him and they lay there, laughing.

Matt and Jenny went down for breakfast. It was the first time she'd allowed Matt to handle the annual holiday. Normally this was her domain, but she had to admit that he had done a pretty good job. She liked the hotel, the beach was wonderful and she'd seen no restaurant sign saying "we serve English food". Matt also was happy – everything was going to plan. On reaching the dining room they met Roger and Karen. Roger and Matt greeted each other in the same way they always did.

"Good morning, Dr. Patterson," said Matt.

"Good morning, Dr. Evans."

Theirs was an unlikely friendship. It always had been. Their teachers had never understood it. Even at grammar school Roger had been extremely confident and extrovert. Matt was the introverted swot. Even their family backgrounds were opposite. Roger was an only child – his mother and father were both doctors and the family were quite well off. Matt was the second eldest in a family of four. His father had died in an industrial accident. His mother had used the compensation to pay off the mortgage and she did her best to support the family on a secretary's salary. Matt did his best to help, working in a supermarket two nights a week and all day Saturday. What few people realised was that even at school Roger and Matt had a symbiotic relationship. Matt, the swot, always had plenty of notes and could explain, in simple terms, everything that Roger needed to know. He was good at maths, something Roger had difficulty with. Roger, of course, was brilliant at presenting. Whenever there were group projects they were always together. Matt would do most of the work while Roger would breeze through presenting the project to the class.

Even out of school they were friends and this was beneficial to the introverted Matt when it came to getting girls. Since so many girls went out in pairs it helped if there were two boys. Roger could charm the birds from the trees so Matt let him do all the talking. Of course, this usually meant that Matt got the less attractive friend, but that didn't bother him – often, the plainer girls were nicer or smarter and he liked that. Occasionally, Roger would fix him up with a blind date. Invariably these girls would be expecting Roger. Sometimes it would work out, but most of the girls were just very angry.

University split them up. Roger went to Edinburgh to study medicine while Matt went to Brunel to study engineering. They would see each other occasionally in the holidays, but they both developed new circles of friends.

When Matt graduated with first class honours he was invited to take on a Ph.D. He got a grant to cover it, but it was never enough. He did whatever he could around the university to get money. This included marking, and more importantly supervising labs and classes. It was when supervising such a class that he met a beautiful young post graduate, doing a masters in ICT. When Matt saw Jenny on the verge of tears at the end of one of his lab supervisions he went over to talk to her. She'd been working as an actuary, but had returned to do this course to give her some real experience of IT. Matt soon realised that she was out of her depth in that particular assignment. He sat down with her and broke the problem down into much smaller, manageable parts. Matt flatly refused to do anyone's work for them, but he was extremely good at showing them how they could achieve what they had thought to be impossible. So it was with Jenny. With assignment after assignment she leaned on him, and he was more than happy to help. By the end of term they were an item and within a year of leaving university they were married. Matt could still remember how he had felt as she stood beside him in the church. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. She was gentle, caring and she truly loved him. Nothing could dent his pride or the feeling of great good fortune. He had to remind himself that this time he had won her all on his own.

Matt's talents were soon recognised by his employer. He rapidly became one of their top problem solvers. His ability to explain complex processes in simple terms got him involved in training, and from there into writing training manuals. As he developed this side of his work he found himself being hired out to other companies to simplify their systems. Matt was never slow on the uptake. He knew that if his company were selling his services, they were making a damn sight more than he was out of it. Within five years of leaving university Dr. Matthew Evans had become a self-employed engineering consultant and technical author. His reputation was already enough to guarantee a good income. Even the company he had left employed him. By the time Jenny's firm were downsizing and let her go, he had a thriving business. When she found it difficult getting another job, Matt suggested that she stay at home and they start a family. When she agreed Matt was overjoyed. Now he could spend every day in the company of his lovely wife and soon there would be little ones on the way. But the children never came.

Roger had a rude awakening at university. He had gone from being one of the smartest guys in school to being merely average. He still acted the playboy and his first year was filled with girls and parties. However, here there was no Matt to bring him up to speed with all that he had missed, or to explain things for him when he was mystified. At the end of his first year, if it hadn't been for the intervention of his parents, Roger would have been sent down.

Over the next two years his behaviour improved but he was still barely making the grade. It wasn't until the fourth year, half way through a seven year course, that fortune smiled on Roger. He met a pretty young student nurse. At first he was surprised that he was attracted to her. She wasn't at all the type he normally went for. She was only five foot two and was a little broad across the shoulder and hips. She had a pretty face and short blonde hair. There were two things, however, that Roger could not ignore. Karen, had a truly magnificent pair of breasts and a smile that would warm the heart of a corpse. Roger turned on the charm and she, like others, was susceptible to it. Within days they were a couple, but Roger never managed to take over her whole life as he had with so many other girls. Karen really had a mind of her own. She was determined to do well in her training and nothing, not even Roger, was going to get in the way of that. Roger felt that he never had her, totally, and the more he thought of this, the more he tried. He became a one woman man and even started to work harder at his studies. Karen qualified a year before Roger and got a job in a local hospital. When Roger qualified he got a junior doctor's position at the same place. Despite the hours, the two continued their relationship and were married a year later.

After two years Roger decided that hospital life wasn't for him. He trained for general practice and, when a position came up in a group practice in his home town, he jumped at it. Coming home meant resurrecting old friendships, so Matt and Jenny were soon on his patient list.

As the foursome placed their orders for breakfast jokes were made about the activities which started the morning. When Karen ordered a cooked breakfast, Roger commented.

"Steady on, old girl, you've already eaten once this morning. You're carrying enough weight already."

"That's a bit unkind, Roger," said Matt. "I had breakfast in bed this morning and I'm ready for another one."

The four friends couldn't help but hear each other's shenanigans of the morning and all had a chuckle at the comments.

Karen decided to change the subject.

"So, what did you two get up to yesterday, while Matt and I were looking around the Alhambra?" she asked.

"Can't tell you that," Jenny smiled. "Yesterday was Me Time."

"What on earth is Me Time?" Karen asked.

"It's an agreement Matt and I have. I have two days a week completely to myself. I don't account for anything I do, I'm completely free. I don't tell Matt what I do and he trusts me enough not to ask."

"What about Matt?" asked Karen. "Does he have Me Time also?"

"If he wants it," Jenny said. "So far he hasn't wanted to."

"Well, I think you should, Matt. In fact, if I'm not allowed to ask what you did yesterday, then I think Matt and I should have today as our Me Time. What do you think, Roger?"

"Yeah, why not?" he said.

So it was that as they made their way back to their rooms after breakfast, they did so with an agreement that Matt and Karen would not be accountable for the activities of the day. Jenny dressed in a bikini with a sarong and was ready for the beach. She really was a beautiful woman, with long shapely legs, a lovely little bubble bum, and breasts in perfect proportion to her body. Standing there in her bikini, she still had the power to take Matt's breath away.

"I'm going to stroll on the beach and I might do a spot of sun bathing. What are you up to today, Matt?"

"Can't tell you that," he said. "Me Time, don't forget."

"Of course," she said with a smile. She turned and walked out, knowing he would eventually follow her down to the beach.

Roger announced that he was going out to buy an English Language newspaper and left Karen to her own devices.

Matt sat out on the balcony with his video camera and Karen sat on hers next door. Matt was watching his wife walking along the beach with the sea lapping at her feet. He passed Karen a pair of Binoculars and they both watched. The zoom feature on the camera meant that Matt could see Jenny clearly and could admire the swing of her hips as she walked down the beach. Karen and Matt, sitting on their respective balconies, didn't have to wait long. It was only minutes before they saw Roger appear. He walked across the sand to meet with Jenny. As they met they shared a passionate kiss. Roger squeezed Jenny's arse and then put his arm around her waist and walked down the beach with her. Karen and Matt looked at each other, nodded, and went back into their rooms.

"Sounded like you were enjoying yourself this morning," Roger said to Jenny.

"I usually do," she answered. "Matt has always been a great lover."

"What, better than me?" Roger asked.

"Well, if you must know, yes. He always makes sure I'm satisfied and gives it to me exactly how I like it. He just seems to know what I want at any time."

"So, this morning was nothing special, then?"

"Well, it's not always as good as this morning, but it is always good. This morning was a bit special and he did say something about it being memorable."

"So, if Matt is so good, why have you been fucking me for the last year?" Roger asked.

"I've been asking myself that question," she said. "I think it was just the excitement of doing something I shouldn't and keeping it secret. Anyway you and Karen sounded like you were having fun this morning."

"We were," he said. "Karen has always been good in the sack, but she surpassed herself this morning."

"So, why have you been fucking me this last year?"

"I don't know. I suppose I was just restoring the proper order of things."

"What do you mean by that?" she asked.

"It was always me that got the beautiful girls, while Matt took care of the plain ones. When I saw him with you it seemed so wrong. I just had to have you."

"And now you have."

"Yes, now I have, but do you know what I've found? That most of the time I would rather be with Karen."

Jenny laughed. "Just listen to the pair of us. Here we are, having an affair, when we would both rather be with our spouses."

Roger also started to laugh. "So, what does that say to you?" he asked.

"It says it's time to call it a day," she said.

"I think you're right," Roger agreed.

They walked a little further along the beach, then Roger kissed her forehead and they parted.

When it got to lunch time, and Matt had still not come to find her, Jenny made her way back to the hotel. Matt was nowhere to be seen. She did find Roger, relaxing by the pool.

"Have you seen Matt?" she asked.

"No," he said. "Karen's missing too. They must be taking us up on the Me Time idea."

"Oh shit," she replied.

They had lunch together then spent the afternoon by the pool. Roger read his paper while Jenny alternated between swimming and lounging in the sun reading her book. When neither Karen nor Matt had returned for dinner, Jenny started to get a little worried. She and Roger left dinner as late as they could before eating, each hoping their spouse would turn up in time to eat with them. Over dinner Roger asked Jenny.

"How long does Me Time last?"

"The full day," she responded. "Twenty-four hours. How do you think I could leave you at the hotel at twelve and still get home to bed, without questions being asked?"

"So, we have to wait until breakfast tomorrow before we can call them to ask where they are?"

"I'm afraid so. You don't think they know about us, do you, Roger?"

"No. Karen wouldn't think I was capable of it and Matt is a good guy. He doesn't have a suspicious bone in his body. Besides, we've been very careful."

Roger and Jenny spent the rest of the night waiting in the bar. By midnight there was no sign of either Karen or Matt. Roger and Jenny went to bed in their separate rooms. Jenny was already starting to worry. When she woke up alone she was very worried. She wasn't prepared to wait any longer and called Matt's mobile number. After about twenty seconds she heard a ring tone. She followed the sound and found Matt's phone in one of the suitcases. When Roger knocked on the door to take her down to breakfast, it was obvious that he was also very worried. They hardly ate anything for breakfast. However, they did make a decision. They had to involve the police.

The hotel manager helped them deal with the police and by lunch time both Karen and Matt were listed as missing persons. They realised that the hire car was also missing. Neither Roger nor Jenny could recall either the registration number or even the name of the hire company. Matt had made all the arrangements for the holiday and he wasn't there. It was evening before the hotel manager brought them some positive news. The police had checked all hospitals in the local area and neither Matt nor Karen had been admitted. The following day it was a very different story. A sergeant from the local station turned up and accused Roger and Jenny of wasting police time. They had put a lot of effort into finding the hire car and had succeeded. It had been returned to the hire company's airport parking lot as arranged. They had also found out that both Karen and Matt had boarded a flight to Newcastle on the day of their disappearance. The tickets for the flight had been purchased in advance.

Jenny suddenly felt very sick and ran to the toilets, leaving Roger to explain that the pair had no knowledge of their partners' plans. When Jenny returned she was completely white.

"He knows, Roger. Matt knows about us and he knew before we came here. I have to get home."

"Just calm down, Jenny. This is Matt we're talking about. We both know that no matter what, Matt will always do the right thing. He loves you and he's no fool—I'm sure he'll see sense. Karen is another matter. She won't take this lying down."

Tears were running down Jenny's face as she sat rocking back and forth on her seat.

"We must get back, Roger. We have serious repair work to do."

They spent the rest of the day trying to get flights back to England. Roger wanted to get to Manchester to pick up his car but Jenny was willing to take anything that got her home quickly. By the end of the day they had found out that they were stuck there for another three days. Roger also found out that his debit card, for the joint account with Karen, no longer worked. He paid for the tickets with his own credit card.

Jenny was right, of course—Matt did know. He found out shortly after it started. Jenny had pushed her idea of "Me Time" on him. She had told him she needed to feel that she was more than just a wife. She needed to feel that she was an independent person. She needed time when she wasn't accountable to someone else. Matt really didn't understand why she should need that and he became even more suspicious when she told him that if he trusted her he would agree. Reluctantly, Matt had agreed and it started out okay. Jenny's friends would come around and they would "accidentally" reveal some of their activities to Matt. However, as the weeks went by he saw less and less of Jenny's friends, so he had no idea how she spent her two days of Me Time every week. No idea, that is, until he made his discovery.

He had been looking for cash to pay the window cleaner when he looked in Jenny's handbag, trying to find her purse. What he found instead was a packet of oral contraceptive pills and a mobile phone. Not the one she normally used, the one that he had bought her. This was just a basic phone, nothing special. He checked the contacts and found only one entry, labelled "Me". He found sufficient cash, paid the window cleaner, and returned to the phone. He made a note of the number labelled "Me". He then punched in the code to reveal the number of Jenny's phone. Moving to his land line he entered the code to withhold the number, then called "Me". The phone was answered almost as soon as it started to ring.

"Hello, beautiful, what's up?"

Matt recognised the voice immediately. He had to think quickly if he wasn't going to arouse suspicion. He adopted an Indian accent and pretended to be from a call centre.

"Hello, sir, this is Telecoms Ltd. We notice your contract is due for renewal shortly and we would like to offer you a reduced price contract, with a free upgrade of your phone."

"Contract?" said Roger. "I don't have a bloody contract. This is a pay-as-you-go phone."

Roger disconnected before Matt could get out his apology. Matt went back to his office and sat with his head in his hands. Water started to fill his eyes. His beautiful Jenny was taking the contraceptive pill while they were supposed to be trying for a baby and, if that wasn't bad enough, it looked like she was having an affair with his friend Roger. It was an hour later that Jenny came into his office and found him with his head in his hands. She asked what was wrong and he just told her that an old client, who had been more like a friend to him, had died. She stood and massaged his shoulders for a while until he told her he was okay and got up.

Within days Matt realised that although Roger may have been smart, giving Jenny a new phone, he couldn't change her habits. He could never really understand it, but one of Jenny's habits was to take home the little soap bars from hotel rooms. Whenever Matt had to travel to meet clients he took her with him and always he would find himself washing his hands with hotel soap. Despite not having been away for a while he found himself, once more, washing his hands with hotel soap. He checked the bin and found the soap wrapper. Ramada Jarvis Hotels, the wrapper said. Matt was a Marriott man and he was certain he had never stayed at one of those hotels. It only took a few phone calls to find out who supplied and maintained the security equipment for the nearest hotel in the chain. One of the advantages of being Matt was that he was liked by everyone he dealt with. By the end of the day he had a promise of a DVD recording, from the camera covering the check-in desk, for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Next week Matt received the first recording. He sat at his computer and whizzed through it. At 2pm on Tuesday Roger came into the picture. He could see Jenny standing behind Roger, away from the desk. Matt waited until Roger had signed the register and then forced a screen grab. He saved the picture then using photo-shop enlarged the section of the picture containing the register. He rotated the picture and looked at it again. Wow, security cameras are good these days, he thought. As he looked at the enlarged register, the entry was clearly visible. "Dr and Mrs Patterson", and alongside, the registration of Rogers car. Now he knew for sure and part of him wished he didn't.

The first thing he did was to invent a reason to travel. He chose Uxbridge so he could visit some old university friends. He told Jenny and, as usual, invited her to come with him. The trip would last from Monday to Friday and for the first time ever Jenny said she didn't want to go. On Monday, as he made to leave, Matt kissed her tenderly.

"I'll call you every evening," he said.

What Jenny said next didn't only cut him deeply, it even twisted the knife.

"Not on Tuesday or Thursday," she said. "Not during my Me Time."

Not while your fucking him, he thought. Mustn't disturb that.

Matt's mind was so fucked up as he clawed his way around the M25, he almost missed the M40 slip road. He had to cut across two lanes to make it and was the cause of much anger from the other drivers. By 2pm he was checking-in to the Marriott Hotel. He left his luggage in his room and set off for Brunel. He found some comfort just walking around the university campus. Most of the memories here were fond ones. He chose to hang around in the places he knew were frequented by the staff. It was staff he wanted to bump into and it also meant he avoided the student bars where he had spent so much time with Jenny.

He sat, drinking coffee in the theatre bar, when a voice spoke from behind. "Hello, stranger. What are you doing in these parts?"

Matt turned to see Jane, one of his friends and confidants from his student days. They had worked on projects together and she'd assisted him with his Ph.D. At one time Matt had thought they might become more than friends, then Jenny came along.

Jane got a coffee and sat down opposite him. They talked about what they'd been doing since they last saw each other. Jane was now lecturing at the university—the first female engineering lecturer at Brunel. She'd just returned from a secondment in industry and had absolutely loved it. Matt fed her the same lie he'd told Jenny, about having a work meeting in the area. Jane looked at her watch, finished her coffee, and got up.

"Duty calls," she said.

"Fine," said Matt. "I'll see you around, probably."

Jane turned back to him, hesitated, then said, "Matt, don't eat alone in a faceless hotel tonight. Come to my place. I'll cook for us and we can talk about old times over a glass of wine."

"I'd really like that. Thank you."

"Okay. I'll pick you up at the Marriott at seven."

As she left Matt couldn't help but think about how different things might have been.

Matt rang Jenny at six, talked about his journey, how much he missed her and told her that he loved her. Then he told her about having dinner with Jane. Jenny knew about Jane and what good friends she and Matt were. In her college days she'd been a little jealous of her.

"Well, you just behave yourself and remember who you're coming home to," she said.

After a little more small talk Jenny twisted the knife again. She didn't know it, because she had no idea that Matt knew.

When she said, "Now remember not to call tomorrow," he wanted to finish it for her..."because I'll be busy, fucking Roger."

Instead, he just said, "Don't worry, I'll remember."

Jane was right on time and Matt was waiting in the lobby. He walked out to her car. She still drove like a mad woman, with screaming tyres and plenty of insults for other drivers. Her flat reminded him of his student days, books everywhere and plenty of clutter. The surprise for Matt was to find out that Jane could really cook. They had a great meal and their coffee when Jane asked him.

"Are you going to tell me what this is all about?"

"Am I that transparent?" Matt asked.

"You are to me," she said. "I've never seen you looking so close to tears. Now are you going to admit that you're here for the feeling of security?"

Matt broke down and told Jane everything, even down to the phone call that evening. Jane just listened and kept his wine glass topped up. By the time he was finished Matt had tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Matt, I don't know what to say. Your wife and your best friend—you deserve better than both of them."

"You mean I deserve someone like you," he said.

"Well, I admit I've got a vested interest, but I think you have to do something about them. However, that can wait till tomorrow. Tonight you need to sleep. By the look of you it's been a few nights since you did. Now, I have a spare room—I'm going to make up the bed and you're staying here tonight."

Whether it was the relief of having told someone, he didn't know, but for the first time since the affair was confirmed, Matt got a good night's sleep. Jane looked in on him twice during the night. At 2am she found herself just sitting by the bed, watching him sleep. In the morning she had lectures until eleven. She left a note, asking Matt to wait for her. When she got back she found the place had been tidied up, she could hear the vacuum cleaner and smell the coffee. She walked up behind him, threw her arms around his waist, and hugged him. When Matt turned around he looked a lot better than the previous day.

"Now," she said, "lets have our coffee and discuss what you're going to do."

They sat down with coffee and biscuits. Jane couldn't resist just sitting there looking at him.

"Well, the way I see it, you have a number of options, but they really all depend on you. If this affair came to an end tomorrow, what would you do? I suspect you'd pretend you knew nothing, and hope it never happened again."

"Well, I have to accept that you're probably right," Matt said.

"Then, having got away with it once, will she do it again?"

"I don't know, Jane. Something keeps telling me that this affair is more to do with Roger pursuing her."

"So, it won't happen again until someone else pursues her with equal vigour.

Next, you can go home and confront her with what you know, and demand that it ends now. She will argue that nothing really happened and that she and Roger are just good friends—just as you and Roger are good friends.

You could go home from here and continue to gather evidence and choose your time to start divorce proceedings. This is the hardest option for you, because you have to pretend that nothing is wrong till you make your move.

I know which one they deserve, and it's the same one I would choose, but it has to be you that decides."

Matt just sat there.

"I can see the logic in what you say, but unfortunately it isn't just a logical problem, Jane. I love her. I still really love her."

"Matt, there is more to a marriage than love. The question is, can you ever trust her again? If you don't trust her she'll resent you for it, and love will die."

"I need to think about this, Jane. I can't make a decision now. Can I buy you dinner tonight?"

"Of course you can," she said.

That night Matt went to pick up Jane in his Jag. She was suitably impressed.

"Looks like you're getting rewarded well for what you do now. That may well make what I have planned for tomorrow somewhat obsolete."

"Not at all," said Matt. "I've decided that all options are open, and if I have no family to provide for, money is not a problem."

There was no more talk of Matt's problems that night. They dined well and sat in the hotel bar and talked about old times. It was a happy night and they both had a little too much to drink.

"You've had too much to drink to take me home. Can you call me a taxi?" she said.

"You're a taxi." Matt said, and they both fell about laughing.

"No, seriously, Jane, I've two beds in my room. You're welcome to stay here. No strings, no obligations."

They went up to Matt's room. He insisted they had separate beds. He wasn't ready to declare his marriage dead yet. The following morning he bought Jane breakfast before driving her in to work. She asked him to come back at two and he agreed. Jane's surprise afternoon turned out to be an informal meeting with the heads of the engineering faculty, with a view to possible employment. Matt was a bit surprised—he'd never dreamed of teaching for a living. However, it seemed that everyone else was deadly serious. A vacancy would be coming up in the next academic year and they all thought he would be suitable and should apply. He was given the impression that it would be a foregone conclusion.

"Now, hang on. I make a pretty good living as a technical author and training consultant. Are you expecting me to give all that up?"

"Oh no, Dr. Evans. Once you honour your commitment to us you can do what you like. In fact, the more contact you have with industry, the better we would like it," said the faculty head.

Matt agreed to give it some thought. When he left, Jane was waiting for him. He put his arm around her shoulders and they walked off together. That night they had dinner at the hotel and while they were eating the waiter came over and gave Matt a note. He read it and looked a bit embarrassed.

"What's wrong?" said Jane.

"I forgot to phone Jenny," he said.

"You had better go and do it then."

"When I've finished this, Jane. She can wait a little longer."

It was probably then that Matt realised he had made up his mind about what to do. After he'd finished his main course he asked Jane to excuse him while he phoned Jenny. When he returned he had a smile on his face. When Jane asked him what was funny he informed her that he told Jenny he thought today was Thursday, Me Time. He'd also told her he was having dinner with Jane. Jenny hadn't been happy about that. Matt made a point of enjoying his Thursday before returning home on Friday.

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