Jodi Surprises Roger

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2012 by Just Plain Bob

: His wife's past comes back to haunt him.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   .

I got myself into this mess and I can't figure how I'm going to get out of it. It would be simple if I didn't love her; I could just walk away. But Jodi has such a choke hold on my heart that I know I'd be miserable without her, even though right now I'm miserable with her.

I met Jodi when I was calling on one of my customers. She was the receptionist and I took one look at her and went into heat. My meeting with the customer was over close to lunchtime and I took a shot and asked Jodi if she would have lunch with me. She looked me up and down and then shrugged.

"Why not. You'll have to wait though, my relief won't be here for another ten minutes"

I smiled at her and said, "I'm sure that you are well worth the wait."

She gave me a cool appraising gaze and then pointed at a chair in the lobby, "I'll try not to make you wait too long."

By the end of our lunch Jodi owned me. I asked her out, she accepted and six months later we were married. Even though I had fallen in lust with Jodi the first time I laid eyes on her, I was not prepared for the sexual juggernaut that was Jodi. We made love on out third date and eleven years later, I'm still was not sure as to who seduced whom. I do know that by the time that night was over I would have killed to have her if I had to.

Jodi wanted sex two, three, four and even five times a night and I was sure that she would take even more if I could just accommodate her. As it was I was hard pressed to get even two done and then only two or three times a week. And she did it all. She was the only girl who ever asked me to take her anally and her blow jobs were state of the art – and she swallowed!

Marriage didn't change a thing. Well, that's not true. Marriage put us together full time instead of part time and for Jodi that meant more time we could spend on sex. Jodi would wake me up with a blow job and then we would make love before going to work. Sitting on the couch watching TV after dinner would more often than not lead to sex and after we went to bed the sex didn't stop until I fell asleep exhausted.

Jodi and I had been married a year when I found out that Jodi had enjoyed a very promiscuous past. It happened when I made an unplanned visit to where Jodi worked. I just happened to be in the neighborhood and I thought that I would drop in on Jodi and take her to lunch. Just as I entered the lobby of the building I heard a voice holler, "Hey, Roger." I turned and saw Stan Whample, a man whose business I had been trying to get for my company. He came up and we shook hands and he asked me if I had time for a cup of coffee. Since Jodi wasn't expecting me and I really wanted Stan's business I said yes and we went into the little coffee shop that was right off the lobby. We had just barely sat down when he said, "Well I'll be damned. Jodi Miller." I turned and saw Jodi walking through the lobby with one of the girls she worked with, probably going to lunch.

"Know her?"

"Oh yes, oh yes indeed, especially in the biblical sense of the word."

"We're talking about the redhead, right?"

"Yeah. You know her?"

"Yeah. She's the receptionist at McCall and Holly. I see her every time I call on them."

"All I can say is that you ever get a chance take a shot at her. She's the hottest piece of ass I ever had. I wonder if she still pulls trains."


"Yeah, you know, gangbangs."

"She did gangbangs?"

"Hell yes, she loved them. The first time I ever had her was at a gangbang."

"Jodi? I don't believe it."

"It was at a fraternity mixer. Some football player brought her. You ever been to a fraternity mixer?"

I nodded my head yes and Stan said, "Then you know how the booze flows and things get real stupid. The football player got drunk and passed out and Jodi had had enough to drink to be silly and someone suggested that they play spin the bottle. Jodi and three other girls said okay. It started out as just pecks on the cheek, but over the next half hour things got steamy, hands wandered and then suddenly Jodi was leaning back in a chair and one of the other girls was eating her pussy. Jodi was leaning back moaning and one of the guys pulled out his dick and pushed it into her mouth and things really got wild."

"I'm having a hard time believing that we are talking about the same woman here."

"Believe it Roger. I don't have any idea how many guys porked her that night, but she was on her knees or her back until seven the next morning and after that she was the frat house mattress queen. That girl loved gangbangs. Hell, she loved cock period. A date with Jodi was a sure piece of ass and if her date didn't keep a close eye on her she would end up the night being a pin cushion for a whole bunch of guys. It broke a lot of hearts when she dropped out of school. Receptionist at McCall and Holly huh? I may just have to stop by and say hi one of these days. If she still does trains I've got some customers she can have some fun with. But hey, that isn't what I want to talk with you about."

He went on to talk business although my mind was more on Jodi than business. Mattress queen? Pulling trains? Loving gangbangs?

That night after dinner I was standing next to Jodi drying the dishes after she washed them and I heard her say, "Earth to Roger, come in please."

I turned to her, "What?"

"Where are you right now? You seem like you are some where else."

"Just trying to imagine you being gangbanged."

"You are what?"

"I ran into an old school chum of yours today, Stan Whample, and he told me how he met you."

"And just how did I get to be the subject of the conversation?"

I told her how it came about and then went back to drying dishes. There were several moments of silence and then Jodi said, "That's it? You bring it up and then just drop it?"

"No sweetie, I didn't bring it up. You asked me where my head was and I told you. You asked how it came about and I told you that too. What else is there?"

More silence and then, "I was young and stupid."

"You don't have to explain anything to me. It happened before we met and your life prior to our marriage is none of my business."

"So just why were you trying to imagine me?"

"I was just wondering if that is what caused you to have such a huge sexual appetite or if your humongous need for sex is what made you do gangbangs."

Jodi pondered that for a few seconds and then said, "Good question. I don't really know. I was far from being a virgin when it happened and I did like my sex. I don't know. I'll have to think about that."

There was a minute or two of silence while Jodi washed and I dried while trying to imagine her on a mattress on a floor taking on a line of men a block long. Jodi glanced over at me, "You imagining anything else?"

"No" I lied, "Why?"

"I was just wondering why you have that tent in your pants."

I glanced down and saw that I did indeed have an erection. Jodi giggled and said, "Would you like to leave the dishes for later and see if we can't maybe do something to reduce the swelling?"

"The idea does have some merit. Race you to the bedroom."

As I followed along behind watching her tight ass sway from side to side I wondered how many cocks she had taken in it and how many one right after another. As I buried myself in Jodi I tried to imagine that I wasn't the first one, but the fourth or fifth and I tried to imagine what it must have felt like. A little on the sick side and I knew it, but something about knowing what Jodi had been, what she had done, in college fired me up. I made love to Jodi five times that night and each time I went back into her I imagined the cum I'd left in her to be the leavings of another man and that just made me fuck her harder.

After the final time while I was lying next to her and gasping for breath she climbed on top of me and straddled my chest. Looking down at me she gave me a stern look.

"I know your secret you naughty boy. I know that every time you fucked me you were pretending to get sloppy seconds. I know that the last time you were imaging that you were wallowing in the left overs of the four men in front of you. Those are nasty thoughts and nasty little boys need to be punished."

She slid forward until her dripping pussy was over my face and said, "Your punishment is you have to suck all those other guys out of me" and then she dropped her sloppy cunt on my face. I'd eaten Jodi before after I had cum in her, but somehow that time was different. I wondered if any of her ex-boyfriends had cleaned her out after a gangbang and just thinking about that gave me something that I would not have thought possible – another hard on.

Jodi let me suck on her pussy for several minutes and then she slid back and guided my cock into her and then she said, "Pity you only have one cock lover. I sure could use at least two more right now. Wouldn't you like that? Me with a cock in my pussy, a cock in my mouth and a cock in my ass?"

It took me a long time to finish that last one and when I shot I'm not sure that anything but dust came out of my cock. Jodi slid off me and she reached down and started fondling my limp dick and she said, "You sure..." and the rest of what she said was lost as I fell into an exhausted sleep.

At breakfast the next morning Jodi said, "You sure were inspired last night. I'd like to think that it was just me that was lighting your fire, but it wasn't, was it?"

"Of course it was you."

"No lover, I said "Just me" but what was lighting your fire was me and a supporting cast of what, ten, fifteen, twenty guys?"

I guess I must have gotten a sheepish look on my face and Jodi asked why. "Why did the thought of me with other guys turn you on?"

"It wasn't like that. It wasn't the thought of the other guys; it was the thought of YOU with other guys. It was the thought of the woman I'd been married to for the last eleven years being with a herd of other men. The very thought that the woman I've shared my bed with for these last eleven years could take on twenty guys at one time is so alien a thought to me that it burned itself into my brain. I can't conceive of it being true, but the fact that it is true has grabbed me in a way that I don't understand. Even sitting here looking at you and knowing that it is true, I still can't imagine you wanting to get gangbanged."

"Well, I didn't start out wanting it; it just kind of happened and it turned out that I loved it and I kept on doing it until I left college."

"How could it just happen?"

"Easy enough. You start having an orgasm and in the middle of it someone else joins in and you don't even realize it until it is already happening. In my case it was a combination of things. Too much to drink – I wasn't drunk, just giddy and silly – some flirting, some hot necking when we played spin the bottle and then suddenly Sally was eating my pussy and I was screaming and having an orgasm. In the middle of the orgasm some guy stuck his cock in my mouth and about the same time a guy pulled Sally away from me and started fucking her. As soon as she had been pulled away from me another guy moved between my legs and slid his cock in me. By the time I realized that Sally was gone and some guy was fucking me I was already on my way to another orgasm. After that it was just one orgasm after another and I never really came down from my high until all the guys were gone."

She put down her coffee cup and gave me an evil grin. "You going to call in sick today?"

"I hadn't intended to, why?"

"You must be thinking about me being surrounded by hard cocks if what is sticking out of your bathrobe is any indication."

We both called in sick that day and we only left the bedroom to pee or get a bite to eat. By the time I fell asleep that night I knew with out a doubt that it would be a week before my dick got hard again and of course Jodi proved me wrong when she woke me up with a blow job the next morning. She sucked me to completion and then said, "Think pure thoughts today baby. We need paychecks coming in and we can't make a habit of staying in bed all day."

Much easier said than done. Jodi now knew how to push my buttons and two or three times a week she would tell me one of her gangbang stories just to fire me up. I don't know why, but Jodi's tales of her lust promiscuity while in college got me hot enough to explode. And then she added a new wrinkle. One night after I'd just made love to her she said, "Thank you John (my name is Roger), next! How about you Bill?" She grabbed my cock and said, "Here, let me help you with that" and she went down on me. When I came the second time she moaned, "Who's next, Bob? Get over here baby, don't leave me hanging" and she reached for my cock again. After the fifth time she said, "Get over here Roger and clean your little gangbang slut out."

That's the way it went for another two months; all Jodi had to do to turn me into a fucked out quivering wreck was to tell me a gangbang story or role play a gangbang with me cleaning her out at the end.

I know that it is hard to believe that a man might say something like this, but I was getting too much pussy! I was losing weight and I was always tired when I went to work in the morning. My job performance suffered and just when it seemed that I would have to incur Jodi's wrath by asking her to let up on me I caught a break. Jodi called me at work and told me that she had to work late.

"Our computers went down and we all need to stay late and try to get them up by morning."

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