A Big Mistake

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2012 by SW MO Hermit

Fiction Story: A businessman Biker finds out his wife is a cheating shrew. He solves the problem and gets his revenge. Be kind, this story has some non standard vernacular and was not intended to be written or read as perfect U. S. English.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   .


Jean—wife Saul—wife's lover DUDE—Ethan's friend

"Damn it Ethan why can't I take the truck and load all our things in it? You know how sweaty we get if we don't have the trailer and AC. At least with the truck we can take the big tent and our little generator and room air conditioner so we can be comfortable."

CRAP Jean was still on her high horse. I was getting tired of listening to her grousing about comfort. In truth she didn't even like most of my friends and our camping at any time. She especially didn't like the bike rally's I went to several times a year but she refused to let me go alone. She was insanely jealous of me and had gotten into several altercations when she thought I was paying too much attention to another woman or they were coming onto me. We had always just been visiting but she took it wrong every time. Now her constant bitching and mistrust were making me think of doing more than visit with some of the ladies but so far I hadn't. In any event, she was not about to let me go alone and since I refused to stay home with her she insisted on coming with me.

Normally Jean wasn't quite this hard to live with but we had broken the axel on the little trailer we pulled with the GoldWing on our last trip. That meant we could only take what we could put on the bike with us until I got it repaired or bought a new trailer. I wasn't too worried because I could get everything we had to have on the bike. I could make a tent out of tarps for shelter and we had our sleeping bags and air mattresses but SHE wanted AC and a small shower I had rigged from tarps and poles we took with us when I pulled the trailer. There were always a few water faucets to get water from for the shower and a rubber hose lying in the sun could heat water up nicely. She did like her creature comforts don't ya know.

I just stared at her once more then walked over to the Wing and got on. I looked at her and said, "NO. We are going to a bike rally and the ground is too rough for the truck and big trailer. Besides, we have everything we need on the Wing. Now are you coming with me or are you staying home?"

With a huff she flounced over and climbed onto the bike. She yelled at me as we started out of our driveway. She said, "You know damn well I intend to come. I'm not letting you run around all weekend with those sluts trying to get you into their nasty old cunts."

Our three-hour drive was icy cold even though the temperature outside was pushing 90 degrees Fahrenheit. I knew Jean was resilient and would begin to enjoy the trip after she got over her tantrum. She did seem to like to talk and party with most of the people there. In fact, if I knew her she would figure out some way to be cool and clean up before she had been there three hours. There was a stream to swim in and most of us took a bar of soap and bathed in it. She was too prissy to do that unless forced to. There were always a few people who came to these things in motor homes or drug a trailer behind their truck. We had even done that a time or two but you had to be really careful if you did. Besides, I didn't like to lock myself away inside one of those things during the rally. I wanted to meet people and hang with my buds. I guess I was old school too. It just didn't seem like camping if you did it in a trailer or motor home.

I had done a tour in the Army and learned all about living off the land while I was in the Rangers. I considered making it a career but decided to get out and return to my beloved hill country and the family business. When I got out of the Army I became warehouse manager in my families building material business. One day I would own and manage it. My younger sister was the office manager and Dad the Business Manager. We weren't rich but we did pretty well. Jean had become prissy after she decided we were Big Ducks in our Little Puddle of a town. We were one of the oldest families in town and operated one of the largest businesses. She felt like that made us (her especially) special and demanded special treatment from those who she could bully into giving it.

I did not like that part of her and, in truth; I was coming to not like much of what she had become. She was more and more a demanding shrew trying to run my life, the business and the town. We had several spirited discussions about her attitude and I was feeling the heat once again. When Jean got angry with me her loving dried up and she became the wicked witch of the north. It had been four days since I had even received a kiss from her because of my refusal to let her take the truck and larger trailer to the rally.

When we arrived I paid our camping fees and we cruised around looking for a place to pitch our little makeshift tent. As I rode I saw several friends and waved to them. A time or two I would stop to visit for a moment. Finally, near the river I found the perfect spot to camp. I could tie a rope between four large trees and we could have a very nice tent to sleep under. It would have to be a really heavy rain to get us wet but this time of year it just did not rain. I could drop the sides for privacy if I could talk Jean into a little loving.

I pulled up and stopped. I quickly began organizing the camp. Jean stood and watched me for a while and grudgingly helped if I demanded it. I almost had the tent finished when I turned to ask Jean to help stake it down. She was gone. I figured she had gone for water or something so kept on working. After I finished she still had not returned. I walked off to begin visiting and to see if I could find her.

I had covered most of the nearby area when I walked into a small cluster of two trailers and a motor home arranged in a triangle. Jean was sitting on the ground near a tall, well built blond man about our age. She was looking at him and laughing, drinking a beer when I walked up. I knew him and the group he was with slightly and didn't really like them much. They had been to several of the Rally's nearby in the last two years and always wandered around together. They usually made smart-ass comments about and to other bikers then laughed among themselves at the joke.

If someone took exception to a comment they didn't fight one on one but would gang him or her. I walked up and sat beside Jean. I reached for her beer for a swallow and she pulled it away and snarled, "Get your own damn beer. I'm still thirsty and this one is almost gone."

The man Jean had been talking to glared at me and started to rise. He said, "Hey asshole. Who invited you to sit at our camp? Get your ass out of here before you get hurt. You need to leave our women alone too or we'll make you wish you had."

I stood and walked over to his cooler. I snagged a beer, opened it and took a long swallow. He had started for me and two of the others rose to back him up. He snarled, "You asshole. Those are our beers and we didn't invite you to have one. We want $2.00 for the beer then you get your ass on down the trail."

I looked over at him and said, "Well asshole I was invited to get a beer. My wife over there has been with you while I set up our camp. She invited me to get my own beer. Now I'm going to keep this beer and my wife and I are leaving."

I walked over to Jean and reached down. I grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. She resisted but I was stronger than she. I began walking away from the group and heard them coming after me. I was about to let Jean go and face them when a half dozen of my friends rode up. They stood watching the four guys then Joe asked, "Hey Ethan what's up? These fellas givin' ya a hard time?"

"No," I replied. "I had been hunting Jean and found her having a beer with them. They invited me to leave their camp so I got Jean and we were leaving. You know this group. They just were about to bite off more than they could chew is all."

About then Jean decided to put her two cents worth in. She said, "Dammit Ethan I wasn't ready to leave yet. Saul said I could use his shower and if we got too hot we could use his motor home to cool off because he has a generator and Air Conditioner. I'm not leaving until I get my shower. Now let me go. I was going to clean up after I had a couple more beers. I'll be back later."

I looked down at Jean and said, "Not very likely Honey. I'm not leaving you alone with those assholes no how, no way. If you want to clean up or cool off you can use the stream like the rest of us. Now come on."

I began walking back toward our camp pulling her as my friends rode slowly beside us. Her face was beet red and I knew I was really in for it now. I tried to explain to her. I said, "Honey those Jackals were going to get you drunk and inside the motor home then they were going to gang fuck you. They've done it before and they will do it again. Several of us have had a talk with them about doing that but they keep trying. I'm not about to let my wife be turned into one of their whores without a fight. Now come on."

Jean glared at me all the way back to our tent, pulling against me the whole distance. I'm normally slow to anger but when I become angry I am hell on wheels to deal with. I was rapidly approaching that point and I think she knew it. By the time we got to our campsite Jean was beginning to apologize for her behavior. She said, "Oh, Honey, I'm sorry. You know how I get when I get hot and sweaty. I just hate to feel this way and those guys seem like really OK people. They were funny and fun to be with and they said their wives were out wandering the camp so I know they wouldn't have tried any funny stuff. Now please, can't I just go over and get my shower and cool off for a while?"

I sighed and looked at Jean. "No, I don't want you going over for a shower or to cool off. As far as I know none of them are married but if they are they don't bring their wives to these things. Well, if they do bring them they are swingers because at every one of these rallies I have seen them at they have had different women, sometimes different ones every day."

Jean pouted the rest of the day but stayed more or less with me. A time or two I thought I had lost her but would see her watching me from a short distance away. Every time she got away from me she was straying in the direction of the RV. A couple of times I thought I saw her talking to one of the four assholes but by the time I got to where she was they weren't there. Of course as the day and evening progressed we partied and became more and more liquored up. I didn't get drunk. I don't like to get drunk, but I did become pretty tipsy.

About midnight I decided it was time to call it a night. I looked around for Jean and could not find her. I started wandering around hunting her and saw one of the bullyboys near a fire. He was watching me as I searched for Jean and smirking. I walked up to him and said, "I'm looking for my wife. Have you seen her?"

He smiled and said, "Oh, yeah man. I've seen her and she's a really hot piece of ass. She's way more than a little twerp like you deserves. She's probably spreading for a real man about now."

I lost it. I went from a happy dude to a raging maniac in zero seconds. I wrapped the front of his shirt in my left fist and slammed him up against a large tree. I buried my right fist in his gut and held him erect as he tried to bend. I looked into his eyes and snarled, "Listen asshole. I'm more man than you or any of your group of pussy friends. I asked you a simple question and you insulted my wife and me. Now I ask again, have you seen my wife recently and if so, where is she?"

He was gasping for breath and his face was pasty. Finally he licked his lips and whispered, "No. I aint seen her since ya was at our place earlier. It's not my place to look out for your little wifey any way."

"You better be sure you don't know where she is because if I find out otherwise or if you have been messing with her you won't enjoy it when I look you up again." I pushed him against the tree once more and turned to walk off. He stood bent over for a moment then staggered off toward his trailer.

I started to follow him then I thought I saw Jean off to the side walking rather rapidly toward our campsite. I turned to follow and see if it was her. By the time I got there I saw a female form walk down over the riverbank and into the water.

I walked up to the bank and saw Jean standing waist deep bathing. I watched as she carefully washed under all her clothes. She even took off her shorts and hung them on her shoulder as she paid close attention to her cunt. She squatted and seemed to be trying to force water up into herself. I had a really bad feeling about that. The few times before when she bathed in a stream she gave herself a very cursory going over. Now she was almost trying to douche with the water. I felt my stomach lurch at the implications.

I watched until she was nearly finished then stripped and walked out into the water with her. When she heard me she jumped and turned to face me. "Oh, Honey," she said. "You scared me. I thought I had waited long enough to clean up that everyone would either be asleep or passed out. Mmmmm. This cool water sure feels nice doesn't it?"

"Yeah it does," I said. "I'm looking forward to a nice bath, a little loving and some sleep." I reached out and took the soap from her hand then began bathing.

Jean smiled and said, "Those all sound good but I'm too tired for the loving right now. Maybe later." She turned and walked away from me after she put on her wet shorts. I noticed she was not wearing underwear and I wondered about that. She always refused to go without panties. I wondered what happened to them.

I hurried through my bath and returned to our tent. By the time I got there Jean was rolled up in her sleeping bag. I noticed right off she had not zipped them together as we normally did. When I touched her she snapped, "I told you I was too tired now leave me alone and go to sleep."

Once again I felt my anger surge but I lay down and tried to sleep. It was long into the night before I drifted off. I kept wondering where Jean had been so long this evening and fearing the worst. The next morning she was still standoffish and I finally walked away in disgust. I wandered up to the communal area and grabbed a cup of coffee. I spent a few minutes drinking my coffee and visiting with the guys then grabbed a plate of food for breakfast. I decided to hell with Jean. She could eat alone if she wanted to act like she was.

Mid morning I had a couple beers and decided to wander back to the camp for a nap. I had not seen Jean at all and she was not in the tent when I returned. I thought about looking for her but decided to hell with it. I woke about four p.m. when the sun hit me in the face. After I stretched I wandered down to the river and took a nice cool swim while a bunch of us got around more beer. I had not seen Jean all day and no one I asked could tell me where she was. In fact, no one claimed to have seen her at all.

I felt my stomach clench once more and looked over at one of my buds. "Ya wanna take a little walk with me?" I asked. He stood and just watched as I got up. We wandered all over the rally and still had not seen Jean. Our last stop was the little cluster of trailers and the RV that the assholes had set up. When we walked up there was no one to be seen. As I was walking past the RV I heard voices and low laughs then I heard a woman moaning. I looked at Dude (my friend) and said, "What do ya think? Sounds like that woman in there is fer sure getting fucked. Just listen to her. Those moans and the whining sure sound like Jean to me."

"Man if that's Jean it's already too late and I'm not sure we can even take on the four of them if they're all in there. If they have friends there too we're fucked for sure man. Are ya sure you wantta do it? I mean, if it is Jean and if she is getting fucked it's too late to stop it. We just need to be sure it is her then make arrangements for some payback my friend."

"Naw. Guess not. Let's just settle in back there were we can see the door and see who comes out. I've got my phone for some pictures if we need them." We settled in for a long stakeout. A couple of times Dude made a beer and food run. A couple of the other guys came over and sat with us when they found out what we were up to. We watched several guys come to the door of the RV but no one ever let them in. In fact we could hear what I thought to be Saul's voice telling them to go away that he was busy.

One group of guys walked right past us and stopped to visit for a while. One of them asked, "Hey, ya all waitin for somthin?"

"Naw," I said. "Just chillin here suckin down tha suds mostly. Been hearing some real screaming coming from that RV though. What's up in there?"

The guy laughed and said, Hell, Saul's breaking in a new woman. If it's the married bitch he was sniffing after earlier I sure will be glad when he gets her trained. I want a piece of her ass for sure. They usually cost a hunnert dollers a pop but man are they usually worth it. Shit! She sounds as wild as a March hare. Some married slut this time too. Saul really likes to take them away from their old men. After he gets done with them they're no use to their husbands even if they do stay together. This one's a real screamer too. Guess her ole man must have a pencil dick they way she takes on when Saul rams his cock into her."

One of the guys with him laughed too then he said, "Oh, hell Tiny. She could be loose as a goose to most of us and she'd still scream when Saul slipped it to her. He's hung like a horse! Shit, any normal woman would be tight to him the way he's hung!"

We sat there for several more minutes then saw the door open. I almost lost it when I saw Jean stagger out of the RV. She was obviously drunk, maybe even drugged. Somewhere she had come up with a mini skirt and only had her top tied under her breasts. She looked like hell. She was covered in sperm and it was running down her legs. Saul grabbed her before she started to walk off and gave her a kiss. Then he said, "Hey bitch. Remember what I told ya. We'll pick ya up for the next rally and you can ride with us."

Jean looked scared but she just nodded her head. I did hear her say, "But what about my husband. What do I tell him?"

"Hell don't worry about that wimp. You're my woman now aren't ya? Just tell him you're going early with some friends and you'll meet him there. If he gives ya any shit let me know and me and tha boys'll take care of it. I'll see ya at the store Monday."

Jean smiled up at him and gave him a deep lingering kiss before she staggered off toward our tent. I tried to follow her but we were on the wrong side of the camp. I had to go around the RV and trailers before I could get to her. As I was leaving I heard Saul and his gang laughing. Saul said, "Hell that may be the best bitch I've turned yet. She was here seven hours and I bet I was fucking her for at least six of them. Shit, I spermed her six times and I have no idea how many orgasms she had."

Saul laughed and continued, "Hell, I didn't even have to slip her the E. After a couple of drinks she began complaining about her asshole husband. I just led her on and she gave it away so fast! Crap she is pissed at him. Says he is an asshole and doesn't even care if she's able to shower to clean or has an AC to get cool. She's pissed he wouldn't let her bring their truck and trailer to the rallies. Said she was going to make him pay so I just helped her out!"

"Hell, when I get tired of her I think we can get a hundred dollars a pop for her easy. Maybe even more. If we can keep her asshole occupied she'll make us rich before she gets worn out."

They all laughed and wandered back into the RV. I stood a moment and felt Dude clap me on the back. He said, "Yo man. I'm sorry. What're we gonna do about it? Wanna mess them up?"

"OH, Yeah," I said. "But we're going to make them hurt BAD first. I need to think about this. And I need to plan how I'm going to get them and how I am going to get rid of that whore too. Ask the guys to meet me down by the river in about half an hour. I need some help if they are willing. I want to follow her and get some pictures. Sounds like she is going to meet him somewhere Monday. If we can I want pictures, tapes and so forth. If I can I want to get the law involved. It sounds like they plan to turn her into a prostitute and if he does and he is pimping her out I may be able to get them arrested. If I can do that the divorce will really go in my favor!"

"Man, I duno. I aint never liked to mess with tha law. Especially if we mess those assholes up, we may be just askin for trouble. O course if we mess them up tha law may get involved anyway. Man. I'm sure sorry. Ya needed to dump that bitch anyway just because of the way she acted and treated ya before but this is sure a bad way to have to do it. Later man." Dude and the other two friends with him gave me a sorry look and walked back into the camp to find the rest of our group of friends.

I grabbed another beer from the cooler at the camp center and sat thinking while I drank it. I knew Jean and I were having trouble but I had no idea her anger would lead her to do something like this. I was sure part of the reason she had not listened to me was her anger with my refusal to bring the truck and trailer but for Jean to do this??? I just couldn't believe even she would have done this. I decided I didn't care if Saul had gotten her drunk before they started or not. She had obviously gone with him voluntarily so most of the mess was her fault. I was pretty sure she didn't know she was going to be prostituted but it was too late for that now. I knew and I really didn't care if it happened or not. In fact, I was sort of hoping it did and we could get them all arrested. If things went as I had heard they usually did with one of Saul's women he would put her out for a gangbang with his friends before he started renting her ass out to all comers.

I was almost ready to divorce her for the way she acted at home but this was the final straw. All I had to do now was plan and make the impact on my personal wealth and security as light as possible. The bitch was history and my love for her was almost dead already.

I finished my beer and grabbed another on my way past the cooler. I walked past our tent and saw Jean already rolled into her sleeping bag fast asleep. I kept going toward the spot I was going to meet my friends for our planning session. I was sick at heart over the death of my marriage but was anxious to get the goods on the assholes and exact my revenge. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to let the law do most of my revenge but I still intended to let them know personally how I felt about what they had done to Jean.

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