The Water Meter Reader

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2012 by DG Hear

Romantic Sex Story: I knew a lot about water, but not much about women. This is an Earth Day story

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   .

In the following story the facts about water are true. I did some searching and research to make the story more realistic. A big 'Thank You' to Estragon for editing my story and making it a much better read.

DG Hear

Chapter 1

I'm Ken Nolan. I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio. I'm not a good-looking super jock nor do I hold a black belt in Karate. In fact there isn't a whole lot most people would remember about me except I was the fat kid that played football in high school.

I wasn't a standout player but because of my weight I was a defensive lineman. I'm five foot eight and weighed 240 pounds when I was a senior. Most of my friends were other guys on the team. Needless to say my list of female friends was close to none.

By the time I graduated I was down to 220 pounds. I wasn't a really smart kid either but I did get average grades. I did get accepted at a technical school and took up water treatment. The way I got interested in water was I had a science project to do for Earth Day in high school and I picked water.

Everyone else was choosing recycled products, like fuel and oil products, and a lot of kids picked trees and emissions. I found when I researched my project I found it quite interesting. I got an A+ on my project and that's why I chose working with water as my future.

Here's some of the facts I found out about the importance of water that I used in my science project.

The Importance of Water

We all know that water is the magic elixir of life. Every living organism needs water in order to function properly. And you don't need any other liquid to survive. After all, it's the liquid that makes up 70% of our body mass-pure water. Your body relies on water to digest food and to expel waste.

The amount of water is important: doctors recommend that you drink eight 8-ounce glasses daily. And the quality of water you drink matters too. With all the toxic chemicals that can be present in public water supplies, as well as bottled water, it's best if you drink purified water.

Water contains many of the nutrients that make us healthy and keep us alive. Unfortunately, some chemicals in water are also dangerous. Most of these excess chemicals in water are "runoffs", or leftover human materials.

Back to my story. As I said I became interested in water. After taking classes at the technical college for water treatment I was able to get a job near my hometown as a meter reader. It might have not been the most exciting job but I was proud of what I accomplished.

I did a lot of walking from house to house. It wasn't like in the larger cities where they had electronic ways of reading meters. I had to go house to house. I had a golf cart that I would drive to the end of a street and then walk from house to house reading meters.

In my first year on the job I had to go inside most homes to read the meters. I had my ID card so people could see I worked for the town. If they didn't want to let me in or weren't home I would leave them a card to fill in the reading themselves and they would mail them in.

We only had two meter readers in our town so it took us a while to read all the water meters. We would read them every other month. We had other duties also. If people got behind on the bills, we would have to shut off their water. I hated doing that to people but it was my job.

Often times I had to call one of our police officers to go with me to the house. The last thing I needed was an altercation with a customer. I like dealing with most people but we had some assholes too.

Our town was converting our meters to outside meter reading so we didn't have to deal with the customers as much. It made the job much easier. We could just read the meter and go to the next house. Another thing I might mention is that I lost more weight from all the walking. I lost another twenty pounds after the first year. By the end of the third year I was down to a hundred and eighty, which I still weigh today.

I have seen quite a few sights my first year when I would go into the houses and down the basements to read the meters. There were some women who wore hardly anything and you could see their tits and often they would flash their pussy at you.

I was only nineteen and I hardly ever dated. It was hard not to stare, especially if you thought the women were flashing on purpose. My supervisor told me up front that this sometimes happens and under no circumstances do you mess with these women if you want to keep your job.

I still lived with my parents and at night I would go to my room and masturbate about some of the women I had seen that day. There wasn't a day that went by that some woman didn't flash me. They would often laugh and at other times act like they didn't know what they did.

As I mentioned, I wasn't any kind of a stud but more of the kind of guy nobody notices. I must admit that I gave in to temptation with three women, but that was after I'd been on the job for some time. Two of them were divorcees and would strip naked in front of me when I came to read the meters. It was always a quick fuck.

They were in their forties and never said much. I could almost bet that every two months when I would go to either of their houses that they would want sex. Eventually one got remarried and ended up moving away. The other got a live-in boyfriend and she would still strut in front of me with sexy clothes on when he was home and they would both laugh.

I knew better than to mess with her again. That leaves me with Evelyn Mowrey. She was married, also in her forties and quite overweight. When I went by to read her meter she would show me her big boobs hanging down. Her belly even hung down near her pussy.

"I want you to fuck me," she said the second time I was at her house.

I will be honest here and let you know that I had never had sex with a woman before then. I was new to the job, in more ways than one. I have to say that I couldn't help looking at the fat Mrs. Mowrey but she wasn't a turn-on. She was definitely obese. She must have been at least a hundred pounds overweight.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Mowrey, but it's against company rules about having sex with customers. I'm afraid I can't do that. I'd lose my job."

"Listen, you little fat asshole," she said to me. "You either get over here and fuck me good or I'll report you and tell your supervisors you did anyway."

I had only been on the job for a few months and wasn't sure what to do. I was sure they would believe a customer over me so I went to her bedroom with her and she pulled down my pants. Even though she was way overweight I was getting hard. She took out my cock and started sucking on it.

It was the first time any woman or girl had given me a blowjob. She got up on her bed and had me climb between her legs. She had a hairy pussy but I had no problem putting my cock in her. I only lasted about five minutes but she made a lot of noise so I guess she had an orgasm.

As I came in her I couldn't help but squeeze her big fat titties. They were huge. After coming, I quickly pulled up my pants. She laughed at me and told me that it felt good and if I knew what was good for me I would be ready every time I stopped by to read her meter.

After awhile I found out it wasn't so bad. At least I was having sex, even if it was with an overweight married woman. It was about four months later when I began having sex with the other two women.

This went on for about a year and a half and then we had the outside meter readers installed and I was no longer going into homes. I was relieved in one way, but I have to admit I missed having sex, even with a fat woman old enough to be my mother. Besides, a lot of other women flashed me.

I got promoted, or at least they added new jobs for me to do. I did get a large increase in salary. I now tested water when we had water complaints. I had gone to school for water testing and it was weird some of the things that were in peoples' water. I mainly had to determine if it was from their pipes or from our water treatment plant.

In most cases the problems were caused by corrosion of the pipes in some of the old homes. Also when the fire department flushed the fire hydrants people were told their water might be cloudy for a day or so. It was best to boil any drinking water then.

For my twenty-first birthday a couple of friends took me to a bar out of town and got me drunk. I played football in high school with Jim and Keith. They were in college and I was going to spend the night at their apartment. I woke up the next morning in bed with a good-looking woman. Her name was Kelly and she went to college in a nearby town. Damn, I was so drunk I didn't remember fucking her.

She told me she was my birthday present from my buddies. She was pretty and sexy all rolled into one. I was surprised that a girl like her would be with a guy like me. We had sex one more time that morning before she said she had to go. I asked for her number and asked to see again.

She told me any time, that I was a lot of fun. After she left my friends asked me how it went.

"She was super. I only wish I knew more about what happened the night before."

Jim laughed and told me, "We were all at the bar and I told her it was your birthday and she and a couple of her friends joined us. We partied and you smoked a little weed. We went back to the apartment and you ate out her pussy. You said it was the first time you ever ate a pussy.

"Kelly said she usually doesn't spend the night but seeing it was your birthday she would make an exception. Hope you enjoyed your birthday, Ken."

"Thanks guys, it was awesome. At least I remembered this morning. I did wonder why my breath tasted so bad. Damn, she was cute! I never thought a girl like her would go out with a guy like me." They just laughed.

I said goodbye to my friends and headed for home. I lived eighty miles from the university. I was back on the job Monday but really feeling good. Here I was pretty much Mr. Nobody and a girl that could be a cheerleader had sex with me and said I could call her any time. On Wednesday I called Kelly's cell phone and told her it was me Ken, the birthday boy from the past weekend. I asked her if she would like to go out Saturday night for dinner.

She asked me what time and I told her around seven. We could eat wherever she wanted. I felt pretty brave and told her since I had a long drive to meet her I reserved a motel room to spend the night. I asked her where she wanted me to pick her up and she said she would just meet me.

I was as happy as can be after I hung up. I felt like I was in love or at least infatuated. I could hardly wait till Saturday. I mentioned to my parents that I was going on a date. They were happy for me. It wasn't often that I went on dates. I guess I just wasn't what the women were looking for.

I even splurged and bought a sports jacket to look better. I wanted to look my best and try to impress Kelly. I called her and asked her where she wanted me to pick her up. She told me she would just meet me at the Olive Garden, that's where I told her we could go for dinner.

I knew it would be expensive, but I was really trying here. I got there fifteen minutes early and waited outside for her. A cab pulled up and Kelly got out. She looked unbelievably beautiful. I had to wonder why she agreed to a date with me but I sure wasn't complaining.

I greeted her with a light hug and we went in and had dinner. She told me about herself. She was a senior at the university and would be graduating soon. We made a lot of small talk and I told her about my job.

There was so many things I wanted to ask her but didn't want to get too personal and scare her off. I didn't think she wanted the third degree but I wanted to know everything about her. We had a great dinner and I even ordered us wine, even though I didn't much care for wine, but I've read that women like it.

I was rather shocked when I received the bill. I gave the money to the waitress and as she walked away I finally got the nerve to ask Kelly to my motel room.

"Kelly, would you like to come to my motel with me? I have a room reserved so I wouldn't have to drive back tonight."

She smiled at me. "Of course I'll come to your room." I have to admit I was quite surprised.

We went out to my car and I opened the door for her and got a glimpse of her beautiful legs. We didn't talk much on the short drive to the motel. I already had my room key. I parked in front of my room and opened her door for her. I must say I was quite nervous.

As we entered the room Kelly talked first. "Ken, I hate to say this but I usually get paid first. I didn't ask earlier because you seemed so happy. Besides I wasn't worried about the money since I was with you last week."

To say I was shocked was an understatement. I know Kelly noticed the look on my face.

"Oh God no! You didn't know I had a dating service?" asked Kelly. "I'm so sorry, I thought you knew. Your friends paid me last week."

"I should have known that a woman like you wouldn't go out with a guy like me but I would never had guessed you were a pros ... a woman who was paid for sex."

"I have a private dating service. I work for myself. I usually go out to dinner with business men who need arm candy for the night. It gets me plenty of spending money while I'm in college."

"So how did you meet Jim and Keith last week?" I asked.

"I was out with a couple of my friends that went to college with Jim and Keith. We were just out for the night when my friends saw Jim. My friends know about my business and I guess one thing led to another and they asked me if I would be your date for the night.

"I even gave them a special price since it was your birthday. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to deceive you in anyway."

"I'm sorry too, how much do I owe you for having dinner with me? Boy, that sounds terrible."

"Ken, just so you know, I had a nice time. Most men I go out with are a lot older and I'm usually arm candy or go along as a business date. For that I get three hundred dollars. If sex is involved it goes up to five hundred or more depending what they want. For your birthday I only charged your friends three hundred dollars."

"Wow, that's a lot of money and for what it's worth, you were worth it. You made me feel like a real date." I looked into my wallet to see how much money I had left. "Oh shit! Kelly I only have two hundred and fifty dollars left. I'm sorry," I said as I handed her the money.

I felt really dejected. I went from the highest point in my life to my lowest. I paid to have a woman have dinner with me and didn't even have enough money to pay her.

She looked at me. I was waiting to get yelled at but instead she said, "To hell with it; you're one of the best fucks I ever had." She put the money in her purse and started taking off her dress. "Let's get undressed Ken, I'm yours for the next couple of hours."

I couldn't help but grin like a damn fool, but I was out of my clothes in ten seconds. I finished helping Kelly take off her matching bra and panties. Damn! She had such a nice body. She got on the bed and spread her legs. I knew she wanted me to eat her pussy and I did just that.

I ate, licked, tongued and sucked on her pussy till she had her first climax. We didn't stop there as I got between her legs and began to fuck her. I leaned over and began sucking on her nipples. They stuck straight out. She told me to use her and to squeeze her tits. That's how she said it.

I kissed and mauled her tits just like she asked. She had red blotches on them from me playing with them. I kept pumping hard into her and she was going crazy moving her ass up and down against me. It was then I remembered I didn't put on a condom, but I wasn't going to stop now.

She was screaming out how good it felt and I shot my load deep within her. She kept asking me for more and I held my cock in her as she had an orgasm. We were both wet with sweat when she came down from her high.

I rolled off of her and that's when she said, "Oh shit, you never wore a condom." That was all she said. I didn't say anything.

I wasn't sure what to do. It was late and dark out, we were both laying there all sweaty. She wasn't saying anything so I reached down and covered us with a sheet and turned off the light. She was on her back so I gently began to rub her nipples. It wasn't long before we were at it again.

Her couple of hours lasted the whole night. Of course we slept through most of the night but I woke up to her beside me. She was on her side with her back to me. I put her leg over mine and took her from behind.

She woke up to me fucking her and said how good it felt. I even stuck a finger in her ass as I blew a load into her pussy. She came hard again and pushed her ass against my groin.

After the sex she got up and took a shower. When she came out I went in and took one also. We hadn't said anything since the morning sex. When I got out of the shower she was nearly dressed.

"Will I ever see you again?" I asked her.

"Ken, you're great in bed but I'm actually in a relationship. My boyfriend or should I say fiancé was away this weekend. I'm sorry but all I can say is that it was really nice meeting you. The woman who you end up with will be a very lucky woman."

It was hard to believe that she had sex with men or ran this little dating service and had a boyfriend. She did tell me that she was about ready to give up her business, seeing she would be graduating from college.

"It was nice meeting you Ken, and I wish you the best. I called the taxi service and they will be here to drive me back to my rooming house."

We heard a horn honk in front of our door. She said goodbye and walked out the door. She was one woman I would never forget.

Chapter 2

I was sad that Kelly was the way she was but I had one hell of a good time with her. When I got home and my mom asked me about her, I told her that she just lived too far away to be dating. It just cost me too much money, but I didn't elaborate that she was a glorified call girl.

Life went on and my life was back to normal. I dated a few girls but it usually only lasted for a date or two. They weren't interested in me or my job. It was funny that they all liked the sex. I guess I was getting pretty good at it.

About seven months had gone by since my date with Kelly and my supervisor asked me if I would be willing to give an Earth Day speech in Columbus. He wanted a detailed speech on water and its many dangers. He said it would be in two months.

I agreed to go and started to work on my speech. I knew as much as anyone about water and was happy to share it with those who were interested. I had charts and diagrams made up. I even used some of the things from my high school project.

I was happy to learn that the State would be paying for my room for one night and all my meals. They even gave me money for gas. I actually felt pretty important.

I dressed up in my sports jacket that I wore out with Kelly. I never wore it much. I even wore a white shirt and tie. I checked in to my room and got ready for the Earth Day exhibit. I walked around and looked at all the exhibits. I saw one woman there that just caught my eye. She had red hair and smiled at me whenever I looked at her.

She was with an older man so I didn't approach her. I guess I thought she might be an escort like Kelly was. I guess I just didn't know enough about that kind of thing.

Everywhere I walked I found myself staring at this beautiful redhead. She was maybe a little heavier than what people call normal but it made her boobs look bigger. Wherever the man went, she went also.

It was now time for my speech and I headed over to the conference area. I set up my charts and samples then was introduced as Ken Nolan, an expert on water treatment. I got a little applause and got up to give my speech. I looked over the saw the man and the red haired girl sit down.

I'm sure she was smiling at me. I started my speech and mentioned all the things I said earlier in this story about my job and training. Then I let the audience have it with both barrels on some of the danger in our water supply.

Here's a brief resume of my speech and my slides that I talked about.

The Dangers Posed by Toxic Chemicals in Water

All of these chemicals (and more) have been found in water. While the amount of these chemicals in water is usually not enough to cause significant harm, the possibility of long-term effects still exists. Here are some of the negative health defects 12 caused by excess chemicals in the water:

In one study, children who were exposed to high levels of fluorides had lower than normal IQ's.

Alzheimer's disease and dementia may be caused by excessive amounts of fluorides.

According to New Jersey's Department of Health, male children who live in areas with fluoridated water experienced two to seven times more cases of bone cancer than other male children.

Toxic chemicals in water can cause birth defects and prenatal deaths.

Excess chemicals in the water have also been linked to problems with the immune system.


While some of these compounds have many positive traits, such as the ability to reduce tooth decay, they can also be quite toxic. A flouride compound (methylphosphonal difluoride) is used in the extremely toxic nerve agent saran gas. Of course we don't use that compound for water treatment, as it reacts with water to form a corrosive gas.


Chlorine is a chemical element that is essential to human life (table salt). Used to purify water. However, in anything other than trace amounts, it becomes a toxic gas that irritates the respiratory system. Used in World War I, military use was banned by the Geneva Convention of 1925.


Exposure to mercury can cause tremors, psychotic reactions, and suicidal



This poisonous metal can damage the blood, brain, and disrupt nervous system communications.

Polyphenol BiChlorides (PCBs)

A class of organic compounds that cause skin, blood, and urine problems in



An element that has been used for centuries as a deadly poison.

Methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MtBE)

MtBE is a volatile, flammable, and colorless liquid that is used as an additive in gasoline. Pollutes drinking water with a foul taste, and has been classified as carcinogen in higher concentrations; banned from 2004 in numerous US States.


DCPA is an herbicide used on strawberries, melons, and cucumbers. The concern is that DCPA may contain dioxin, a known carcinogen. More about dioxin later on.


This is used as an oxidizer in rocket fuel and explosives. Also a treatment for hyperthyroidism, but has been classified as a contaminant in the U.S. since 2011.


An organic compound which is known to increase the likelihood of cancer.

Colloqually known as "Agent Orange", described in The Guardian (UK) as "perhaps the most toxic molecule ever synthesized by man". Used as a defoliant in Vietnam.

Hexachlorobenzene (HCB)

Commonly used as a pesticide, HCB can cause cancer and disrupt the endocrine system and interfere with enzyme activity.


A deadly chemical used as an insecticide. It has been linked to diabetes and cancer. It was the subject of Rachel Carson's 1962 classic introduction to environmentalism, "Silent Spring", about the destruction of bird's eggs by mother birds ingesting insect poisoned with DDT. Banned, but the banning increased both malaria (cannot be used to kill anophleles mosquitos) and bedbugs.

When I finished my speech I got more applause as I left the platform. I was proud of myself and the red haired girl smiled as she clapped for me. Even the older man with her applauded. I felt good.

There was a large buffet set up at the show. I figured I'd eat there. After getting my food I sat down at a large table by myself. A few minutes later the older man that was with the red haired woman asked if he could join me at my table.

I said 'yes' and a few seconds later the red haired women joined us. I stood up after she set her tray down. I heard that is what you're supposed to do when a lady joins you. It got me a smile from the man and the woman.

"Thank you," she said. "I'm Maggie O'Neill and this is my father Ned."

Her father! I had to say that made me much happier. It also explained the beautiful red hair. I reached out my hand to him. "Ken Nolan, pleased to meet you."

We all shook hands and began eating. Ned spoke, "Ken, that was a good speech you gave on the properties of water. I was quite impressed. Where did you learn so much about water?"

"Ever since I did a project in high school I was interested in what's in our drinking water. I work for the village near where I live as the water control specialist. Of course I read meters also." I wanted to make it sound like a more impressive job than it is.

"Are you in the water business somehow?" I asked.

"No, I'm in refuse and recycling. We go to the Earth Day shows to learn if there are any new regulations," said Ned.

"I've heard of O'Neill's Refuse; that's a pretty large company. Are you associated with them?"

"Dad's the owner of the company," Maggie said proudly.

"And do you work for them also?" I asked.

"No, I go to college and am a substitute teacher in elementary education. I'm hoping to get on full time when I finish college."

About that time Ned looked over at Maggie. "Honey, I have to go and meet Doreen. Will you be alright here by yourself?"

"Dad, I'm twenty-two and have been to Columbus a hundred times by my self. I'll see you sometime, keep in touch." She kissed her father and he told me it was nice meeting me. After he left Maggie and I talked.

"Mom and Dad are divorced; Doreen is his new wife, they live here in Columbus. Dad called me and asked me if I wanted to come to the Earth Day show with him. I'm glad I did."

"So, where are you from? Tell me a little about yourself. That is if you don't mind talking with me." I hoped she wanted to stay.

"I go to college in Mt. Vernon. I'm in my last year. I started going to college in Columbus but transferred after one semester. I live in a small town in Muskingum County. You've probably never heard of it."

"Try me, I know the state pretty well," I smiled as I said it.

"Frazeysburg, ever here of it?"

"Hear of it? I've go through it to go home. I like to stop by the Dairy Queen and get an ice cream cone. Then there's the Longaberger Basket Company just down the road. Need more proof?

"No I believe you. What town are you from?"

"Newcomerstown, it's about thirty miles east of Frazeysburg. We're almost neighbors."

"I live with my mom and go to school and teach as a substitute as much as possible. I try to make it to Columbus once a month to see my Dad."

"This might be way too forward but would you like to go out with me?"

"Where? When? I have a pretty full schedule."

"Today; we've seen the Earth Day exhibits and I thought we could go to Cosi and to the IMAX theatre. I love the big screen. I don't even care what's playing. They usually have three choices."

She was smiling at me again. "I've never done anything like this before. I hardly know you but I'm willing to go to the movies. I love the Imax theatre also."

I gathered up all my display cases and different water samples that I had with me and Maggie helped me put them in my car. "What should I do about my car?" asked Maggie.

"It's probably as safe here as anywhere. I'll bring you back here later to get it." So that's what we did. I wanted to use my car because it had bench seats and Maggie scooted over a little and sat next to me.

We talked on the way to the movie. She was so easy to talk to. I told her she was so beautiful and I was so happy she was going to the movies with me. I asked her if she was dating and she said there was no one in her life right now. I told her I wasn't dating either.

We shared a popcorn at the movies. She had told me she has been on a diet for a couple of years. I told her I weighed two hundred forty pounds and was known as the short fat guy at school. I explained that I played football and worked out in the weight room to lose weight.

I told her I kept working out after I graduated and that I did a lot of walking on my job; I got down to a hundred and eighty pounds and have stayed there.

She told me she was once over a hundred pounds overweight. Something happened in college and she decided to go on a diet; it was during her freshman year. She had lost over seventy-five pounds since. She still wanted to lose twenty-five more pounds. She was short at five foot two but so damn cute.

"I don't care if you lose more weight or not. I think you're beautiful just the way you are. I guess we have more in common than we even knew."

I asked her if she would like to stop by a lounge for a drink. I just didn't want her to go, I wanted to be with her.

She agreed and we did stop for a drink. I asked her about her past dating and she told me it didn't go so well. She actually had tears in her eyes. "Maggie, I'm sorry. Would you like to tell me about it? I've been through some bad situations too. You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine." I took her hands in mine.

She was staring at me. "Ken, do you believe in love at first sight?"

I thought about Kelly and I thought about Maggie. "Yes, I do but I think there is also infatuation. At times it might be hard to separate the two in the beginning."

"I want to tell you my story; I need to get it off my chest, I've never told it to anyone but for some strange reason I think you'll understand," she said.

I thought about joking about her chest, which was one nice set of boobs but I knew she was very serious. "You can tell me anything. I'm a good listener and I promise it won't go any further."

"God, I've never told anyone this, not my parents or even my best friends. I can't believe I'm going to tell you."

I didn't say anything else. This meant a lot to Maggie and I didn't want to lose her trust.

"I went to the University in Columbus to take courses in teaching. Needless to say being overweight I didn't have any dates. Then one day a senior named Brad came into the library and sat down and began talking to me. He was a hunk and on the football team and belonged to a cool fraternity.

"We talked for awhile and he asked me out. I was so happy that a good looking senior even knew me. He invited me to a private party the following Saturday. I was young and stupid, so I thought he really cared for me.

"At the party they gave he gave me drinks. I didn't want to tell them I never drank before. You know, a small town girl that never dated. I got drunk and he started kissing me. Then he was touching my breasts. I wasn't sure what to do. I was a virgin.

"He unbuttoned my blouse and undid my bra. I wanted him to stop but then everyone would laugh at me. I looked around and I saw other heavy girls too. They were having sex and then Brad pulled down my panties. I was both nervous and scared but I thought he cared for me.

"I wasn't on the pill and told him he needed to use a condom. He told me ok and showed the package to me. A minute later he pushed his thing it me, it really hurt. He laughed and pumped in me a couple of dozen times and came in me.

"I felt him come, and he didn't use the condom. I was horrified. His buddy came over and handed him some money. Apparently there was a bet on. Who could get a fat chick to sleep with them at the party. Brad won because I was a virgin.

"I jumped up and cried and called him every rotten name I could think of. He just laughed as I left the building totally humiliated. In classes I knew I was being laughed at behind my back. I was worried about getting pregnant. I was so happy when I got my next period. At the end of the semester I transferred to college in Mt. Vernon.

"Needless to say I'm a bit gun shy around men now. I've been on a couple of dates but I haven't had sex with anyone. I guess I feel men just want to use me. I started taking the pill after I had my period. I couldn't take that chance again.

"God I don't know why I told you my most hidden secret. I guess I just trust you."

"Maggie, the guy was a total asshole and should have his balls cut off." It made Maggie smile.

"I would never do anything to hurt you. I want you to know that. I know we just met today but I feel like I've known you for a long time. I know I have feelings for you, I don't understand it myself," I told her.

There was a small dance floor and I asked her to dance. I did tell her I wasn't very good but I figured I could hold her for a few minutes. She smiled as we got up and danced a couple of songs. I didn't hold her tight against me or anything like that. I didn't want to make her nervous. We sat down and ordered one more drink.

All of a sudden Maggie said, "Oh God! Oh no!" She looked like she had seen a ghost.

"Maggie! Are you all right? Did I do or say something to upset you?"

About that time a tall strapping man came over to our table. Maggie gave him a mean stare. "Well if it's not my old friend Maggie. I thought I saw you dancing. You sure look a lot different since the last time I saw you. What's it been, three years?"

A minute later a woman came up and was behind this man. I didn't get a good look at her but it wasn't hard to tell she was pregnant.

"Darling," he said to the woman who I could finally see. "This is an old friend from college, Maggie. Maggie this is my wife and soon to be the mother of my child..."

I butted in, "Kelly!"

"Ken, what a surprise to see you here! I have to say I never expected to see you again," said Kelly.

So I figured this was Brad, the asshole who used Maggie. He said to Kelly, "When did you meet this guy?"

I decided to save her. "My friends threw me a birthday party and Kelly came along to it with her girlfriends. Kelly, I must admit you look quite different since I last saw you. You've gotten married and expecting a baby; when are you due?"

"Just about any time. I think I better go and sit down so I don't have her while I'm standing here. It was nice seeing you again, Ken. Maggie, it was nice meeting you." As they went back to their table Brad looked back and grinned at Maggie.

"That was him, wasn't it? The guy that needs to be taught a lesson?" I asked Maggie.

"Yes, he's such a bastard. I almost feel sorry for his wife. Having a kid with a prick like him would be enough to make a woman want to abort her kid. I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. Every baby deserves a chance at life."

"Maggie, I have to go to my car. I promise I'll be right back."

I went out to my car and got a test tube of one of the toxic chemicals that I showed at the exhibit. I figured I could help give my friend a little payback. I went back into the lounge.

"What did you need from the car?" asked Maggie.

"Well, seeing he's a lot bigger than me and I don't want to get my ass kicked., I figured I'd get a little payback for my new girl friend."

"What are you saying? Ken, please don't get mixed up with that asshole. I would hate to see you get hurt on account of my foolishness."

"Don't worry, everything will be fine." About that time I saw Brad get up to use the men's room. I told Maggie I would be right back. I went and sat in Kelly's booth.

"What are you doing here? You have to go, Brad will kill you," said Kelly.

"Is it my kid?" I asked. "I'm pretty good with numbers and we were last together nine months ago."

"I don't know and I don't want to know. Brad and I are happy and there won't be any DNA tests."

"That's fine," I said as I poured my vial of contaminated water into Brad's beer.

"What are you doing? What is that stuff?" asked Kelly very worried.

"Your husband used my friend when she was just a freshman and totally embarrassed her in front of his friends. She had to leave the university and go to another college. This is my way of getting even with him."

"Is that poison? I'm going to tell him," said Kelly.

"Look, he'll have the shits for a couple of days. If you tell him, then I might have to talk to him also. I like you and would hate to say anything to him. I hope we never see each other again. If it is my kid, please take care of her."

I went and sat back in the booth with Maggie. Brad came out of the restroom and grinned at Maggie as he sat down.

"Maggie, he will be having a big case of the shits for a couple of days. It's the only thing I could think of for some minor revenge for you. Do you want to leave now or wait till he makes a quick run to the restroom?"

"I think we can stay for a few minutes. Are you sure his wife won't say anything?"

"I'm pretty sure. She has a few secrets that I found out about by accident that I'm pretty sure she doesn't want him to know about."

It wasn't five minutes when Brad quickly got up and ran for the men's room. Maggie smiled as we got up to leave. We stopped by Kelly's booth and wished her the best.

Kelly looked at Maggie and said, "Hang on to Ken, he's really a nice guy." We said our goodbyes and got in my car and headed back over to the expo center to Maggie's car.

When we got there Maggie got out of the car and told me she had a wonderful time. She gave me her phone umber and address. She thanked me for a wonderful day and the revenge we got on Brad.

"Maggie, I know we just met today. I know we have feeling for each other. I may be wrong here but would you like to come up to my room? We can talk if you like or I'd like to make love to you. I promise this won't be a one night stand."

Maggie had watery eyes. "Ken, I care for you, I really do but I can't take a chance on being hurt again. I guess I feel too vulnerable. I hope you can understand." She came forward and kissed me and then got in her car.

I got in my car and headed to my motel room. As I entered the room all I could think about was Maggie. I didn't think this was infatuation; was it possible to love some one you just met? That's how I felt about Maggie. I had to wonder how she felt.

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