Kathy's Clown

by emgeee

Copyright© 2012 by emgeee

Romantic Sex Story: Fun with a friends wife.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   .

Young, blonde, firm, lonely, horny, and naked.

Kathy was married to one of my best friends. He got drafted a couple of months after they got married.

When I was home on leave, I went to visit her. She was living with her in-laws. We sat in the living room. It was a very stiff conversation as her in-laws sat and listened to our conversation.

I asked her if she wanted to join me at the church picnic tomorrow. She accepted, I told her I would pick her up at noon.

I picked up some cold beer and snacks before I picked up Kathy. She was wearing a white button blouse, buttoned all the way up to her neck. She had on a pair of fitted slacks, my, my how they fitted her body, and flats. Her hair was in a ponytail, little or no make up.

She waved good bye to her in laws as she got in my car and off we went.

I told her there was no church picnic but I thought it was a safe way to get her out and away from her in-laws.

She smiled at me, punched me in the arm and then she unbuttoned her blouse down to mid chest. I watched her fingers as she each button was being undone. She told me to watch the road and not her. Her face was in a big smile.

We found a quiet spot out in the country. I opened a beer and we sat in silence as we drank our first beer. I opened a second and Kathy started to relax. The second beer was drank quickly so I opened a third and we clinked necks of our beers and drank our beers more slowly enjoying the taste and companionship.

When we started our fourth beer in less than 30 minutes Kathy started to talk about how much she missed husband. I turned to her and she moved towards me and I held her in my arms. Her tits pushed into my chest, her head on my shoulder. Her warm soft neck exposed, she smelled like warm sunshine. The small hairs on her neck reflected in the sun, I could not stop myself. I kissed her neck, small soft kisses. She responded by holding me tighter. I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear.

She did not stop me but raised her head off my shoulder and kissed me on the lips. Soft gentle kisses that turned into lip sucking, teeth grinding, tongue down the throat kisses. We could not get enough of them; fast, hard, wet kisses.

My cock was hard and I know that she was wet and ready, we came up for air. She moved back to her side of the car. We sat side by side panting, slowly we caught our breath.

I opened another beer and we sat drinking our beer, holding hands and not looking at each other.

Kathy slowly moved back next to me, we kissed, soft kisses, the urgency was gone. Her hand moved to my cock. She squeezed it, Kathy looked at me and said that she was not touching my cock but my pants. She told me that Larry would not mind if she touched my pants.

Kathy leaned back and pushed her chest out, I took the hint and ran my hands over her tits. She closed her eyes and pushed her tits into my hand. I told her Larry wouldn't mind that I was touching her blouse it was only fabric.

We kissed a little more both of us feeling the other's fabric.

Kathy leaned back, and spread her legs. She looked down at the crotch of her pants. Her pussy was clearly bulging out through her pants. The seam of her pants pushing her pussy apart. She looked at me than her pussy. I reached down and with the edge of my hand I pushed it into the seam that pushed her pussy apart.

Kathy pushed her hips up, gripping my arm and pushing my hand into her pussy. She bucked and kicked her hips, sawing my hand back and forth. She turned her head and bit my shoulder as she came, she came over and over. I felt my hand getting wet from her juices.

I watched her face as she came, with the last shudder of her hips she collapsed back on to the car seat.

After a bit she opened her eyes and told me she needed that, and asked for a beer.

We nursed our beer and I held her in my arms as we drank. A sip and kiss, kiss and a sip.

I asked her if she had on bra and panties. She said she did. I asked her if Larry would mind if I saw her in a two piece bathing suit. She said no. I said isn't a bra and panties like a two piece bathing suit. She said it was.

She asked boxer or briefs. I said briefs, she said like a speedo. Yes like a speedo. She said Larry wouldn't mind if she saw me in a speedo.

As we drank our beer, Kathy would unbutton one button at a time. When she got to the last button she unsnapped her pants and pulled the zipper down. There she sat her bra exposed her flat tummy exposed and the tops of her panties exposed. She kicked off her shoes, and turned leaning against the car door. One foot on the floor one on the seat. Her blouse was hanging on her shoulders. Her tits mostly exposed. She smiled, and gave her head a nod.

I took off my shirt, kicked off my shoes and unsnapped my jeans and unzipped them. Someone had to be first, I took off my jeans. I sat there in by briefs. My hard on pushing the limits of the material. Kathy leaned forward and grabbed my cock and squeezed it tight and shook it hard.

She then leaned back and pushed her slacks off, and dropped her blouse.

She sat back, in her bra and panties. Not sexy panties and bra but wow was she sexy in her bra and panties. She spread her legs so her pussy was on display. Not only did I look at her pussy so did she. She pulled her panties tight against her pussy. It was naked but covered, my cock twitched.

She looked me in the eye, she stuck her finger in her mouth and then ran it along her pussy lips. Pushing the fabric into her pussy just a little bit, enough that her pussy was on full display. She lifted her hips and watched me watch her pussy. She gave herself a little flick with her finger and had a small climax.

I reached down and pulled the fabric around my cock. I made a sleeve out of the fabric. Every vein and bump and ridge could be seen I turned so she could see the tip of my cock. I formed it over the end so the piss hole was clearly seen. She licked her lips and gave me a big smile.

I turned towards her and she moved into my arms. We kissed, we could feel our lips touch but we were both aware of each other's naked skin. Flesh on flesh. We moved and touched so the most naked skin would touch the most naked skin.

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