My Wife's New Friends

by Crisscross

Copyright© 2012 by Crisscross

Erotica Sex Story: Jerry thinks his wife is fooling around with some guy, who sopposidly has a very large cock. It takes him awhile to find out whats going on and then he has to figure out how to deal with it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Cuckold   Size   .

I want to thank a very special person for helping me out with this story

My name is Jerry Wilson I'm Forty four years, old five foot seven, one hundred and fifty pounds dark brown hair and eyes. My wife Sandra, as you may have guessed, has Sandy Red hair, five foot, four inches tall, around a hundred twenty five pounds and large round, 38d breasts. We had been married for seven years, the second marriage for both of us, when this story began.

We had moved from a rather small town in Idaho, to a town in western Wyo. To pursue my occupation as a consulting engineer in the oil industry. At the time the oil fields were booming, so naturally it was a boom town that we moved to. My wife decided, rather than sit home, she would rather work and soon became employed by an oil well service company taking care of the office. We both work a lot of hours, but between us we made a pretty good living.

I loved working in Wyoming. My being a hunting fanatic, it allowed me to make a good living and also enjoy what I loved doing when I wasn't working, hunting and fishing.

Sandra and I were sitting in the dining room of a steak house one Friday night enjoying a few drinks and a nice dinner out, when a guy I'd say around twenty five to thirty years old, six foot tall, two hundred and twenty five pounds approached our table saying. "Well Sandra, what a surprise. Looks like your out living it up tonight."

Laughing she said, "What are you still doing in town on a Friday night? Why aren't you in Salt Lake City, where you belong?"

"You know how the oil field business is. When they call you better deliver, or they get someone else. I had to bring a special drill bit up to one of the rigs. I just stopped in here to get a bite to eat, don't want Patty to have to mess with getting me dinner when I get back home."

"I see, so this is a business trip then." "Steve, I'd like you to meet my husband Jerry. Jerry this is Steve Morrison. He sells equipment to the company I work for." We shook hands and made small talk for a few minutes about the oil business.

Before he left, he invited us to his home in Salt lake City, saying his wife doesn't know anyone and doesn't get out much to meet anyone since moving to Salt Lake from Nebraska a few months ago.

We promised him we would stop on our next trip to Salt lake. My wife Sandy seemed very enthusiastic about Steve and stopping in to visit. I myself didn't really care for the guy all that much, he seemed a little overbearing and full of himself. Maybe it was his body language, he seemed to try to make himself seem even larger than he was by sort of hulking, as he stood talking to us and I also noticed he seemed to want to empress Sandra, as he stood facing more in her direction, than in mine. I also noticed Sandra's gaze looking straight ahead which put her eyes at almost crotch level. I would have had to turn my head to see what kept drawing her eyes down, but it would have been quite obvious where I was looking, so I kept trying to look him in the eyes without having much luck. After dinner we stopped off at one of the bars that had a live band and dancing. Sandy seemed to prefer the slow dances that night and danced closer than we had in quite awhile. On the way home she sat close and massaged my cock until it was rock hard and promised to take care of it as soon as we got home.

As soon as we were in bed she was all over she sucked my cock something she did very seldom until I told her if she didn't stop it would be to late she slipped her mouth off my cock and said don't you dare I need that in my pussy. I had never seen her as hot and horny as she was that night and after the third time I told her I didn't have anymore. She giggled and said that's okay we can finish in the morning.

She soon fell asleep and I laid there awhile thinking about Steve and wondered if he had anything to do with her being such a slut. It was so unlike her, we usually made love, maybe twice in a night. But tonight we fucked, plain and simple and apparently three times hadn't been enough by the remark she had made about finishing in the morning. I had never had cause to wonder about Sandy being faithful, but could it be her and this Steve guy were having an affair, or were they headed in that direction without even realizing it. Maybe I should have gave in and checked out what Sandy seemed to be so infatuated with while Steve was there.

It was a couple of weeks after that, Sandra said she would like to go shopping in Salt Lake and maybe stop by and see Steve and his wife. He had been in the office where she works and had told her again they would like us to stop by. I would much rather have stayed home working on getting my hunting equipment ready for the upcoming season, but as always, I gave in and went along with Sandy to Salt lake City.

We shopped a couple of the Malls went and had lunch, then decided it was time to go say hello to Steve and his wife Patty, before heading back home. We found the apartment they lived in without to much hassle and rang the door bell. One of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen in my life answered the door, saying. "You must be Jerry and Sandra, Steve said he thought you might be stopping by, Please come in, "I'm Patty" she said holding out her hand.

She led the way into the living room and Steve was sitting there in a Nebraska sweat shirt and sweat pants, watching the pregame hype before the Nebraska, Oklahoma football game. Patty had on a pair of black slacks and a white blouse. Her long tussled, blonde hair was accented by beautiful smokey blue eyes, coupled with what I had to guess were a pair of full C breasts and a slightly protruding butt. Steve said in a to loud a voice, glad you guys stopped by!! You can watch the game with us, I played for Nebraska until I blew my knee out.

I thought oh great, I get to listen to his football bullshit all afternoon. Patty said, "maybe we could turn it down or off for awhile so we can talk to our company."

"Patty you know better than to even suggest that, this is the biggest game of the year. Hell! Jerry don't mind watching the game while we talk, do you Jerry?" "Can I get you a beer?"

"No thanks, I'm good, we just had lunch, we can't stay for the whole game, we want to get back in time to do a few things around the house." Thinking there's no way I can listen to this arrogant asshole all afternoon, bragging about when he was playing for Nebraska. Sandra was sitting on the sofa next to Patty and I was sitting in a recliner facing somewhat sideways to the sofa and the recliner where Steve was sitting, the recliner Steve was sitting faced the sofa, from where I was sitting, I was able to see both Sandra and Steve without turning my head. I noticed as Steve talked he slowly began leaning back in the recliner until he was almost lying down. I also noticed Sandra's gaze focused on his lower body and like I had suspected the first time, he had a noticeable bulge protruding in the front of his sweats.

When I first saw it I thought, what an Ass, he's got the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, for his wife and he's sitting there showing what he's got to my lusting wife, who was not even in the same ballpark as Patty except for her 38D breasts. By the size of the bulge in his sweats I presumed he was quite well endowed and wanted all the women to notice and my wife was damn sure noticing. I sat watching her squirming around on the sofa as she tried talking to Patty and look at Steve's bulge at the same time without Patty noticing. It was like watching a cat and mouse game. My wife being the mouse and Steve being the cat. By the smirk on his face he knew she was looking and thinking about the bulge in his sweats, which now had grown even larger than it had been.

He did manage to keep us there until the game was over in which Oklahoma won. After the game he began sulking and treating Patty like his maid rather than his wife and by then I'd listened to all of his bullshit I could take. We said our goodbyes and got the hell out of there, I couldn't stand being around that arrogant prick another minute. As far as the ball game went, I didn't give a rats ass one way or another, but I was glad Oklahoma won.

Hunting season started and I went hunting every weekend. While I went hunting, Sandra went to Salt Lake City shopping. It was about three weeks after our visit with Steve and Patty that I started to notice a change in Sandra. When I asked her Friday night what her plans were for the next day, she said she had to clean up around the house and do the laundry. I got up early the next morning and went Antelope hunting. I got home shortly before dark that evening and Sandy was sitting there on the love seat in her bath robe. I thought at the time it was sort of strange. She always put clothes back on after taking a bath, in case I came home wanting to go out to eat dinner, rather than have her cook after working all day in the house.

When I came in she got up and came into the kitchen where I was. I noticed she was walking sort of slow. "Did you hurt yourself honey? You look kind of stove up.

"No, just getting old I guess." she said smiling, "must have been sitting in the wrong position, got a hitch in my hip." It didn't look like it was her hip that was bothering her, it looked more like she was trying to avoid rubbing her thighs together.

I said casually. "How did your day go, get everything done that you planned on?"

"I hurried up right after you left, got the laundry started, then cleaned house, I kind of wanted to go to Salt Lake, but I was to tired by then, so I just hung around here."

Monday morning I was sitting in my office when the secretary came in with a hand full of papers for me to go over. "Good morning Jerry," she said. "How was you're weekend?"

"Good morning Sherry, It was good, it's always good when I'm hunting, you know that."

Giggling she said, ya I know, my husband feels the same way. "I saw your wife in Salt Lake and thought maybe she had dragged you away from hunting."

"Are you sure it was Sandra?"

"Of course it was her, I was sitting at a table across the room from her, she didn't see me. She kept looking at her watch until she got a phone call. After talking, she got up and left, that was shortly after noon. I thought she was meeting up you by the way she was acting."

"No she wasn't meeting me, I was hunting, but she might have been meeting a friend that lives there in Salt Lake."

After Sherry left my office I sat back in my chair thinking. Why had Sandra lied to me about not being in Salt lake? Unless it had something to do with who she was meeting and why. Could the reason she was having trouble walking have something to do with who she had met with. I sat thinking about how she couldn't keep her eyes off of Steve's big bulging cock the first night I met him and again the day we spent the afternoon at his place.

Had she been so mesmerized by the bulge, that she had to find out if it really was as big as it looked and how a cock that size would feel. She had to know how I felt about being cheated on. My first wife had cheated on me and it ended in divorce and so would this one if I were to find out, or catch them.

As I thought about it, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why Steve would cheat on his beautiful young wife, to sleep with a woman who was at least fourteen years older than himself. The only explanation I could come up with, is, he's the kind of guy that wants every woman he meets to know what his big cock is like. To guys like him, its a power trip over the woman, for them not being able to resist his huge cock. If shes married, it's a power trip over her husband, as well as her, he knows he's made a cuckold out of her husband and a slut wife out of her, while keeping his own wife safe at home, away from other men. I was definitely going to start keeping an eye on Sandy. If he thinks he's going to cuckold me and get by laughing about it, he better guess again

When I was a kid growing up living in the country, I used to do a lot of trapping to earn spending money. Maybe it was time I started setting some traps again. Only this time, it would be for much larger game.

I made a trip to salt lake City, to purchase all the equipment I would need to keep an eye and ear on what was going on in my home while I was gone. I waited until Sandy had went to bed, then slipped a tiny bug into the lining of her purse flap and one in the mouth piece of the phone. And one on the lower part of the dash board of her car, just out of sight. Whatever she said would be recorded and played back later by me. I know it would never be allowed into court if things got to that point, but I wanted to know what was going on if anything, that way I'd be able to set the other bigger traps.

Everything went along as normal until late Friday afternoon. She got a call from Steve asking if I was going hunting again. As I listened to the recorder She said, "as far as I know he's planning on going to the mountains and staying over night, it's to far to drive and be where he wants to hunt before daylight.

"Damn!! Baby, that's great news," Steve said, "I'll tell Patty I have a tool to pickup and deliver to a rig and not sure how long it will take, as I've never been to that rig. That way we can spend a couple of nights together." "I can't wait to get some more of that tight pussy, it's all I've been able to think about since last weekend. You're the first Red Head I've ever had the pleasure of sticking my big dick in. You did like my big cock didn't you Sandy?"

She chuckled saying, Of course I did, it felt better than I'd imagined it would, if that's possible, but, "I'm not sure I'm ready for that again, Jerry asked me why I was walking so stiff." when he got home that night.

Laughing Steve said, "what did you tell him?"

"That I must be getting old and that I'd been sitting wrong."

Chuckling now, "you didn't tell him what you had been sitting on?"

"Of course not, are you crazy?" "We can't keep doing this Steve, or he'll eventually figure out something is going on." "I'm sure if we would have had sex that night he would have noticed how loose I was from the fucking you gave me with that big fat cock of yous."

Laughing Steve said, "you seemed to enjoy having your tight pussy stretched by my big dick.

"I'm not complaining Steve, It was the best I've ever had and can hardly wait to feel it again. We just have to be careful and not get to carried away and end up getting caught."

"Just don't act any different than you always have, give him all the pussy he wants, even if it is a little looser than it used to be, he hasn't noticed any difference so far has he?"

"No, I guess not. We didn't do anything until a couple of nights after you and I so I guess I must have shrunk back to normal but Jerry's cock didn't feel the same to me, I could hardly tell he had it in me." "I bucked and thrashed around like it really felt good and It was okay, but it sure didn't feel like yours." "Hey honey, I better hang up now, I'm about ready to get off work. As soon as I find out what Jerry's plans are for the weekend, I'll let you know."

"Okay baby, call me as soon as you know, so we can make our plans. Do you want me to come up there and stay at your place, or do you want to come down here? I can get us a room for a couple of nights at the Budget Eight motel."

"Oh hell no Steve!!! We can't take the chance of you staying here at the house, if Jerry came back and found you with me, it would turn out real bad for both of us. I'll come down there. If he should happen to come back early, I'll know it. I'll call home every once in awhile just in case. We can't afford to take any chances.

"I'll whip his puny ass if he ever gets up on me about anything, You don't worry about that, no problem there. I need some more of his pussy, I can't stand the thought of all that good pussy going to waste, by not being used by my big cock, what a shame. You do want some more of my big cock don't you Sandy?"

Of course I do, don't you remember how much I loved having it in me, it was just hard at first, I'd never even seen a cock that big, let alone had one in me. I was really sore for a couple of days, but remembering what made it sore, helped a lot."

I couldn't believe it when you were able to take my cock balls deep. I wish Patty could, instead of crying and whimpering about it being to big."

"Steve!!! If you'll remember back, I didn't really have a choice in the matter. I begged you to stop, but you kept pushing until you had it all the way in.

"Ahh, come on Sandy, you liked it and you know it. Once I started fucking you, It didn't take long until you were thrusting your hips, pushing your pussy against my cock wanting more."

"Oh god Steve, I got to get going, I'm starting to want your big cock real bad and we have a couple of days to go yet. So bye, call me tomorrow."

"Keep it hot and wet baby, so I'll be able to get it all in. Bye, call you tomorrow."

As the tape went dead, I shut it off and sat back, thinking about what I'd just heard. My fears were now justified they were having an affair just like I'd thought, but now what am I going to do about it. The way Steve had talked to her as if she was was some slut he'd picked up off the street, lead me to believe he was the kind of prick that would stick it into anything he could get it in. Sandy must have enjoyed being treated like a slut. She seemed to like him talking dirty to her and apparently she she didn't mind being hurt by his huge cock she was planning on going back for more. He didn't give a damn about the women he seduced using that big bulge in his pants. As long as it felt good to him he didn't give a damn about the woman.

The way Sandra excepted how he talked and treated her, is what surprised me. If I said the things he said to her and had treated her the way he'd treated her, I'd be sleeping on the couch for a month. They say size doesn't matter, the hell it doesn't, that phone call proves to me that's all bullshit. Their is only one reason she allowed Steve to say, what he said and do what he did, It was because of Steve's monster cock. I could tell by listening to her that she loved how that big cock felt stretching and filling her pussy. It had nothing to do with anything I was doing, or not doing, it was simply her need for his big cock and now that she had tried it, there would be no stopping. All it took was her looking at that huge bulge in his pants couple of times and she had decided she had to find out how it would feel.

Leaning back in my computer chair staring up at the ceiling, I thought, well, that I know whats going on, all I have to do is figure how to trap them. I hadn't decided yet on whether to make a quick kill or make them suffer, there was plenty of time for that. A stray bullet from an old rifle I had might work, but damn I'd hate to get caught and spend the rest of my life in prison for killing someone I hated in the first place. I would for sure, be getting the worst end of the deal if that were to happen, no that was to risky.

I told Sandy of my plans to go hunting up in the Big Horn mountains right up until late Friday afternoon then I suddenly started coming down with something. I faked having the chills and told Sandy, rather than going up into the mountains not feeling well, I would wait. It was already snowing up there and it surely wouldn't do me any good camping out in the cold and wet. I rather enjoyed watching her nervously trying to decide if it was worth the chance to go to Salt Lake to fuck Steve's big cock, or wait until next week. I was interested in how she was going to get word to her lover in waiting. Oh well a night in the budget hotel might do him good, or he might even get lucky with someone else, s wife.

"Later that evening she came to me saying, "is my big mountain man feeling kind of down." Before I could answer the phone rang and Sandy started to go answer the one in the kitchen, but I picked up the one next to the recliner where I was sitting and said hello.

Oh Steve!! Hey whats up, you here in town?" Ya I had planned on going but I came down with something, so rather than taking a chance and making it worse, I'm putting off going until next weekend. Hey Steve, why don't you come go along with me?" Ah come on, don't tell me a big guy like you don't like to hunt, sure it isn't because you're to soft to climb the hills." "I thought you football players were big rugged individuals, tough enough to take anything. I'm just a wimp alongside you and I can do it." Hell I'll pay for the license, I've got an extra gun, there won't be any problem getting you outfitted and I wouldn't mind having someone up there with me in case bad weather sets in." "Hey! How about a week after next that will give you a chance to get everything you need. Okay, I'll plan on it. Did you need to talk to Sandy?" "Oh, okay, well thanks for calling and I'll see you in a couple of weeks."

Sandy came back into the living room, looking somewhat frustrated by my answering the phone she said. "What was that all about? Did Patty want to talk to me?"

"No, Steve said he just called to see how we were doing, said he was in town, but was headed to Salt Lake City." I was pretty sure he was in Salt Lake waiting for Sandy and had called to make sure it was a go for him and my wife for the weekend, but that wasn't going to happen, not this weekend anyway.

I may give Patty a call after while, see how she's doing and ask her to go shopping with me next time I'm in Salt Lake." It surprised me when you asked Steve to go hunting with you, didn't think you were that tight with him.

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