A Postive

by cpete

Copyright© 2012 by cpete

Sex Story: She faithful? Tests don't lie, but liars do tests.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Cheating   Anal Sex   .

Our son Tony was at the table doing his science homework, while my wife Gina and I set the table. Tony was a big boy for his age already over six foot. Both Gina and my family were of southern Italian breeding. Any family member rare enough to get near 5 foot 9 was automatically called "Goliath".

"Who did I get my height from?" Tony asked. His science book was on open to a chapter about genetics.

"The Mailman." I said -ducking a napkin Gina tossed at me. She was still her scrubs from the hospital.

Tony looked confused. "Mrs. Wilson the old lady who delivers the mail? Why would her height matter?"

"Sorry son- I meant Juan the buff pool boy." I joked as Gina playfully launched a spoon in my direction.

"What Pool boy?" Tony questioned. "We don't have a pool boy, you make me and sis clean the pool all the time."

"Must be the Milkman." I countered as Gina looked around for something else to toss.

"What is a Milkman?" Tony asked.

Gina came around the table swatting at me good-naturedly while speaking. "Tony ignore your Dad he is trying out his warped sense of humor again. Now go fetch your younger brother and sister for dinner."

We watched our son Tony ran up the stairs. Gina picked the spoon up off the floor holding it menacingly in front of me. "And you Nick-any more talk like that and I am going to carve out your funny bone with this dull spoon."

I gave my wife Gina a kiss, patting her butt as I passed her. Gina backhanded me playfully.

"Later Nick- later." Gina said to me with an impish gleam in her eye.

The next day I was sitting in my little office off the bakery. I had begun baking cakes in "odd" shapes in my parents' kitchen after I had gotten out of the service to help offset college expenses. It turned out people liked my quirky cake designs. It expanded so quickly I had to build a small building in the adjacent lot to satisfy the health department and get professional equipment. "NICK's" as my business was called, had over the past dual decades provided my wife Gina, our family and I a good living -plus a chance to be involved daily in my two boys and daughter's life -as I could make my own hours or accept jobs as needed.

My best friend, now family attorney Bruce was with me as we were going over contracts. Bruce was tall, with flowing hair, deep blue eyes, complete with long eyelashes that ladies swooned over. But swooning was all the females could do as Bruce was 110% gay. Bruce and I had been friends since the days we had roomed at college. In those days no one would room with Bruce when he had come out of the closet. Unlike most of my homo-phobic counterparts -I had a different take on the whole "gay" thing back then. I figured the more good looking men in the gay movement, the better (for me) -as it was less competition for the babes. I felt the gay movement was increasing the odds for average looking straight men (again like me) to get girls. Also having a gay guy like Bruce as your wingman was a "babe magnet". Being pals with a gay guy lowered most ladies natural suspicions and also gave the straight guy automatic "Sensitive and caring" points, (even if I did not deserve them) as well as labeling you as secure in your masculinity. I had gotten laid by a lot of coeds with Bruce's help, until Bruce had introduced Gina my wife and I over 18 years ago.

Gina, a Nurse Manager, was still in her scrubs when she came into my small office in the bakery. She and Bruce were good friends. I figured Gina had checked via the intercom from the house to make sure I was not with a customer.

Gina greeted Bruce warmly, then she tossed an official looking letter with an envelope into my lap. "Nick this is not funny!"

I could tell she was a little annoyed with me by the tone in her voice. Gina claimed I had a weird sense of humor, but she was a good sport putting up with most of my pranks and antics.

I read the letter while Gina and Bruce chatted away. The letter was from a phony law firm -full of legalize. The gist of the letter was that an unnamed "Jon Doe" was claiming paternity of my oldest son Tony. This Jon Doe wished full privileges and claims due a parent, etc.

This did give me a chuckle and I told as much to Gina. "Can't take credit for this one Gina. But for the record –I do think it is a little bit funny –but I did not send it. Must have been one of your co-workers at the hospital, playing a practical joke on you."

Gina was not amused. "When I find the moron who wrote this, I am going to kick their butt so hard they are going to need Doc Weber in proctology to get my shoe out of their colon!"

Bruce had picked up the letter, reading it while I pulled Gina into my lap for a quick kiss.

"Hold on a sec you two." Bruce murmured. "This may not be a joke- I think it is for real-well a real scam anyway."

"WHAT!" both Gina and I said at the same time turning toward Bruce.

"Yea I think it is one of these "Baby Greenmail" letter cons I heard about at the legal conference last year." Bruce was looking at the return address on the envelope.

"Bruce you mean that Hawaii trip with cocktail parties you write off as business trips each year."

"Well Nick all work and no play make Bruce a dull..."

Gina interrupted Bruce. "Try to stay on topic you guys. Bruce what the hell are you talking about Baby Greenmail?"

Bruce settled back in his chair before speaking. "Has your son Tony applied for any financial aid, school funds, state or government permits recently?"

"Yes last month Tony got his driving license. Restricted-he still has to drive with Nick or I."

"OK that explains some of it." Bruce continued. "This is a scam that started on the coast a few years ago. Our state makes available driver license information to the public. You know stuff like age, addresses, etc. Several marketing firms take this info, selling it in packages by age, sex, zip codes, blah, blah, blah, to various advertisers-a data mining kind of thing. How it works is some sleazy law firm gets stats on young drivers, then sends out this letter asserting to have a client claiming paternity of the child. They hope you will pay to make this go away."

"What bullshit." I broke in.

"Ninety-five percent of the people getting this correspondence, ignore the letter, or have their lawyer write a response. Nothing is ever heard about it again." Bruce waved the letter in his hand. "Nevertheless popular thinking is that 2-3% of married men are unknowingly raising children not their own. That means a small percentage of wives not wanting their husbands to know the truth, or maybe the mother is unsure of who the real father is, even perhaps both parents know –but wish to hide the information from their child -contact the law firm sending this letter. A monetary settlement is worked out, papers signed, thus the matter goes away quietly."

"That is Blackmail, extortion" Gina said.

Bruce went into attorney lecture mode. "Blackmail was originally a form of tribute paid in English times in return for immunity from raids. Blackmail was paid in goods or services, Whitemail was paid in silver. Todays version Greenmail, is of course dollars. But to your question Gina-yes some would call it a form of subtle extortion. However depending on the payout, it is not a bad return on investment for sending out a couple of hundred letters."

"It sounds illegal." I commented. "How many people fall for this thing?"

"The allegations never go to court, or are filed, so no one is sure how widespread it is. The mother or parents are not going to go public. All parties sign a non-disclosure agreement so no records are available. Worst case the law firm can always point that they have been following a client's wishes, so nothing illegal about sending a letter. Maybe slander, but that is difficult, not to mention costly to prove in court."

Gina was shaking her head. "No wonder everyone hates lawyers."

"My mother still loves me." Bruce grinned, than got serious. "Now Gina I need to ask -so do not bite my head off. Any chance, no matter how remote, that this accusation has any validity?"

My wife Gina let loose with a string of words I know she never learned in catholic school.

"Whoa Gina settle down." I pulled Gina tighter on my lap, laughing at her. "You still need to kiss our children with that mouth."

Gina drew a breath before speaking. "Sorry guys. Bruce let me put it this way. You have a better chance of being Tony's father than that a-hole Jon Doe." Gina gave me a kiss. "I have never been with any man but Nick here since the day you set us up."

Bruce put the letter in his briefcase. "You two don't worry I'll send a reply to make this go away." With that Bruce got up, shook my hand, gave Gina a peck on the cheek then departed.

The two weeks later on a Friday, I came into the house after dropping the kids off at a CYO weekend retreat. I was looking forward to a little "Momma and Me" time without the kids. I found Gina sitting at the kitchen table, with a bunch of papers in a folder from her hospital in front of her. A glass of wine was in Gina's hand, with the bottle half empty next to her. This was very odd; Gina drank a glass of wine at the occasional dinner out-but she rarely drank at home. Even at our wedding Gina never finished her glass of champagne.

"Nick, sit please." Gina was somber as she motioned to the chair across from her. "We may have an issue."

My heart froze as I thought something was wrong with her. I reached for Gina's hand as I sat down. "Gina, are you OK? We will get thru this-understand?"

Gina smiled weakly at me before she began talking. "Nick I have blood type O like a majority of the population. I always recalled you as having blood type A -like a third of people." Gina took a sip of her wine. "Turns out I was wrong, we are both blood type O."

"OK..." I said trying not to rush Gina, but wishing her to get to the point.

"Nick, I had our son Tony tested, he is blood type "A". Actually, "A Positive".

"So..." I urged her on.

"Nick two people with type O blood like us cannot create a blood type A, like Tony."

I released Gina's hand from across the table.

Gina started talking faster. "In certain types of autoimmune disease conditions, a blood type can change."

I started to panic. "Gina is something wrong with our son Tony?"

Gina relaxed a little. "No Tony is fine, I had a full work-up done on his blood. I do have a little pull after all these years at the hospital."

That was true, Gina was a Nurse manager for over a decade at the hospital. Nurse Managers were like the Sargent Major in the military, they ran the day to day operations of a hospital. Chief Executives may come and go, but Nurse Managers got things done.

I did not like where this conversation was heading as Gina took another sip of wine from her glass.

"Nick my worst fear was maybe Tony had been switched at birth like that Kimberly Mays girl back in the late 1970s."

I swear to God my heart stopped.

Gina pushed some papers across the table at me. "These are DNA tests I had done."

I grabbed at the papers, frantically scanned them for information.

"Nick, it's Fine." Gina said. "The DNA tests are positive. Tony is my son."

"Thank God." I put the DNA papers down. "The thought of..." I stopped in mid-sentence as my brain caught up with Gina's words.

"Gina you just said DNA proved Tony was YOUR son." I looked her in the eye "You did not say the DNA proved Tony is OUR son."

Now Gina became a bit panicky as she grabbed my one hand, pushing another set of papers toward me. "Nick I never cheated on you! I was never with another man ever! Look –Look at these papers!"

This set of papers had some security firm's logo on the cover. There were two sets.

"Nick those are polygraph tests from two different agencies. The same firm the state troopers use, and a different group that is employed by the Metro Police. You can see right there-circled in red-the results. I was never unfaithful."

I looked at the last page of each report that Gina had marked. Both reports claimed that Gina appeared truthful answering all questions relating to sex with any other men. I was her one and only after we had met.

I put down the papers staring at Gina.

Gina had a feverish look in her face. "Nick there has to be some logical explanation for this..."

I cut her off. "Let me see Gina what we have in front of us." I paused as if to think." On one hand it could be that young Tony is the result of an alien probe that had you impregnated-then erased your memory. But since Tony does not look like ET, or like Reese Pieces, we can safely discount that theory."

"Nick please..."

I kept on going. "Hey Gina I know." Snapping my fingers. "Tony is really the second coming of Christ. The first Coming of Jesus had a virgin birth-but well-this would be a close second." I pointed at her wine bottle. "Did you have Tony turn this bottle of wine from water before he left today? Maybe we can have Tony step up his game. Multiply some fish with loaves of bread. Sure would help out with the food bills."

"Nick your sarcasm is not helping." Gina was trying not to cry.

I ignored her. "Now Gina I have a wild thought. Maybe-just maybe-and I might be reaching here- the real reason Tony does not match my DNA or blood type is." I looked at Gina, and raised my voice. "Nine months before Tony was born you FUCKED some guy!"

Gina looked stunned. I had never raised my voice to her in all our time together. "Gina are ANY of the kids mine!"

"Nick how can you even ask such a question!" Gina replied her voice starting to break.

"How can I NOT ask such a question!" I tried not to shout.

"DNA results say only Tony is ... is in doubt." Gina replied meekly.

I ran my hand thru my hair. "OK Gina total truth time. You get a one time pass, so we can work this out. Who did you fuck around on me with? I want the whole story-who, when, where, why and how long have I been getting horns hung on me."

Gina eyes started to tear up. "Look at the polygraph report Nick. I never cheated on you!"

"God damn Gina that polygraph stuff is bullshit. No court in the land will even accept polygraph tests as evidence. Gary Ridgeway the Green River killer passed a polygraph test with flying colors before DNA nailed his ass. Now who is it?"

Gina was now sobbing and shaking her head.

"What's the problem Gina-did you fuck so many guys you cannot figure out who be it could be? You still screwing them now? What!"

Gina jumped up and yelled at me. "THERE WAS NEVER ANYONE BUT YOU NICK! I DON"T UNDERSTAND ANY OF THIS! IT'S A NIGHTMARE!" She sat down with her hands in her head crying.

I felt like all the blood had vacated my body. "Gina it would be best if you left now."

"You ... you can't throw me out of our house." Gina sobbed, looking up at me in surprise.

"See Gina that is where you are mistaken." I pushed away from the table. "Just as I mistakenly thought Tony was OUR son, -and was wrong. You mistakenly thought this was OUR house-and you are wrong. My Mom and Dad gave this place to me, long before you came on the scene to fuck around on me. Take the mattress, you can put it on your back to save time."

Gina tried to gain her composure. "Nick please ... we need to work this out. Find out how ... what happened."

I got up from my chair, I could not take her denials any more. "I'll be gone for 2 hours. I ask you not be here when I return."

Gina tried to reach out to me from her seat. "Nick ... How ... what do we tell our children?"

"OUR children?" I tried not to shout. "How about this-Kids your Mom is a cheating Slut." I fished the car keys out of my pocket and walked out the door.

The next day I called my friend and attorney Bruce. I explained what happen at last night's discussion with Gina, the DNA results, polygraph tests and outcome.

"Nick I am so sorry." Bruce started. "Gina is the last person in the world I thought would screw around now or back then. I mean I really cannot believe it-are you absolutely sure?"

"DNA test are 99.9% sure. So what do you think?"

"Nick it is ... weird. If Gina cheated why would she tell you after all this time?"

"Hell Bruce the Guilty Dog Barks First. I don't know -maybe Gina wanted to get in front of it because of this Baby Greenmail bullshit."

Bruce let out a deep breath. "This could explain why that lawyer was not scared off by my counter letter, or threat of legal action. He keeps pushing for a meeting. They smell blood in the water, must be looking for a payday. What do you want me to do?"

"Damn Bruce I want you to make this go away." I said.

"Look Nick we will admit nothing, deny everything and make counter-accusations. Remember it isn't what they know, all that matters is what they can prove in court. So far they have not filed anything. So it looks like they just want money. A simple straight up negotiation deal. It would help a lot if Gina could tell me something about this John Doe, and their ... ah ... relationship." I heard Bruce pause before he went on. "Did she say anything ... um ... useful to you?"

I shifted the phone to my other ear, checking the kids were not around. "Hell Bruce –Gina is still claiming there was no relationship, no sex, nada. She is going for the modified Immaculate Conception defense. I am not sure how stupid Gina thinks I am. I was born at night-but not last night."

There was a pause before Bruce started talking again. "Nick let me talk to Gina, maybe I can get something from her. However no matter what -I will need you and Gina to present a united front at this meeting, the happy couple. Any chance you two can work past this? Marriage therapy? I don't know-maybe you get a free weekend in Vegas-no questions asked. Tit for tat, an eye for eye kind of thing?"

"Bruce two wrongs don't make a right. An eye for an eye just makes the whole world blind. Besides to get even I would need to knock up some babe, then reappear after 16 years- not in my long or short term plans. Hell I am not sure if Gina is still screwing around on me or not. For all I know she has her head in more guys laps then a napkin."

"Nick you have known Gina close to 18 years, married for over 17 years. What about this Christian forgiveness you always hear about in that church you go to every Sunday?" Bruce questioned.

"Forgiveness! Hell Bruce –Gina is still claiming nothing happened. I got 12 years of catholic school under my belt, last time something like this occurred a manger and stable were involved plus three wise men came bearing gifts." I was getting angry. "No stable or manger at Tony's birth, all I got was a bill from the hospital. If Gina keeps sticking to this lie, what else or who else has Gina's lying ass been screwing, and for how long!"

"Now Nick." Bruce tried to calm me down. "What Would Jesus Do?"

"What would Tony Soprano Do!" I shot back.

Bruce gave up. "Fine Nick, I'll let you and Gina know about the time for this meeting."

"Bruce you will need to contact Gina yourself, me and the lying virgin aren't talking."

"Nick you are one stubborn dago." Bruce uttered before he hung up.

I tried to keep my chair from touching Gina's chair in Bruce's conference room. Gina looked worse for the wear. She tried to talk to me when we were alone, while Bruce fetched the other lawyer from the lobby.

"Don't say anything Gina." I cut her off. "Unless you want to tell me the truth."

"Nick you must believe..." Gina began again, but stopped when Bruce followed by his paralegal with a young man sporting slicked back hair, complete with a shiny suit, white shirt, and red power tie, walked into the room. Bruce and his paralegal sat on our side of the table. "Slick" was across the table on the other side.

Bruce did not even bother with introductions. "You requested this meeting." Bruce addressed "Slick" in a condescending tone. "What do you want?"

"Slick" opened his briefcase before answering. "As stated in the original letter, our client wishes all the parental rights and obligations due a father to his child."

"And what child would that be?" Bruce questioned.

"Slick" was not to be intimidated. "The oldest son of your client there." He pointed at Gina. "And the client I represent."

Gina started to say something but Bruce put his hand on her arm, before answering his counterpart. "You understand my clients deny this completely unfounded allegation, and protest this groundless charge against my client's fidelity and defamatory accusation to their marriage of 17 years."

"Slick" adjusted his tie before speaking. "We understand the stress this application has placed on their spousal connection. However my client needs to be with his son, but does wish to minimize any friction in your client's marital relationship."

"I am sure that consideration was foremost in your unnamed client's thoughts." Bruce said dryly. "Even if these allegations have a shred of truth-which we do not acknowledge. In this State when any child that is born to a husband and wife while married, all rights and responsibilities automatically reverts to the legally wed couple."

"Slick" just smirked. "While I appreciate the refresher law course review. I was not asleep in class the day they taught law. My client contends the conception of the boy in question was conceived BEFORE your two clients wed."

Gina jumped out of her chair. "THAT IS A GODDAMN LIE! I have NEVER been with ANYONE but Nick-MY HUSBAND! - since our first DATE!"

"Slick" eyed Gina up and down, his gaze coming to rest on her chest. "Me think the lady protests too much."

I slowly rose then leaned forward on the conference table fixing "Slick" with a cold practiced stare before speaking. "You best keep a civil tongue in your head. Manners can be taught as well as learned." Slick met my eyes for a moment before looking away.

Bruce put an arm on Gina's shoulder while motioning me to resume my seat. "Let us all calm down please." Bruce turned toward "Slick". "These are entirely outlandish indictments you are making, completely worthy of slander charges my clients are more than willing to pursue in a civil arena."

"Slick" seemed to regain a bit of his confidence. "In case you missed law class that day, absolute truth of fact is not slander." He pulled a DVD from his briefcase. "While your client there may think the stork brought their first baby. Let us take a look at the specifics with our own eyes." He held up the DVD like a prize.

Bruce instructed his paralegal to set up the AV system. While the paralegal folded back some panels in the wall to expose a 70 inch LCD display with a rack of audio/video gear. "Slick" kept talking.

"We had this DVD digitally transferred from the original videotape. For brevity's sake it was edited to only the pertinent sections."

Bruce crossed his arms on his chest, I saw he was not going to yield an inch in this legal skirmish. Bruce replied "We will wish our own people to verify the accuracy of any content from the original media."

"I would expect no less." Slick purred. "We will make the master available to you at your earliest convenience." He pressed play on the DVD remote, video appeared on the large LCD display.

A scene with loud audio showed a much younger slimmer Gina surrounded by her girlfriends at a party. Judging by the decorations it was Gina's bachelorette party in a dual level hotel suite, drinks, with food were in evidence. The camera must have been handheld as the video was a bit shaky.

"Slick" froze the DVD. "Notice the time date stamp in the corner." He was drawing attention with a laser pointer. "This is one full week before your client's legal wedding day on file. The TV in the far background is tuned to daytime programming that you will find corresponds to the same date and time." He then unfroze the DVD.

The next clip had five male dancers dressed in the old Village People YMCA characters-Cop, Construction Worker, Cowboy, Indian Chief and Biker. The young slimmer version of Gina was seated in the middle of the room wearing a bridal veil on her head. The Village People wannbes took turns gyrating in her face and dancing for the cheering females. The video was frozen again when a Construction Worker posed in front of a seated smiling younger Gina holding a large drink.

"Slick" circled the costumed Construction Worker with his laser pointer. "This is my client, and biological father of the child in question." Bruce had to clamp down on Gina to prevent her from jumping up.

"Slick" continued. "My client worked this job as part time employment to supplement his college expenses. Tax returns and 1099s from that time are available. Now..."

Bruce interrupted. "This stroll down memory lane is all quite nostalgic. However we have seen nothing more than some harmless adult entertainment from long ago. Embarrassing now for a married mother of three perhaps, but certainly not grounds for paternity."

"Slick" nodded then said. "The next series of clips are somewhat more reveling. Your client's husband may wish to excuse himself."

"Play the Damn video" I responded with ice in my voice

"As you wish." With that "Slick" pressed the remote control.

Not many people can pinpoint the exact time down to the second when their life changed. I could -the date and time were in the lower left hand corner of a 70 inch LCD display in upconverted 1080i digital clarity with simulated Dolby 5.1 surround sound audio.

On screen was one of the hotel suite bedrooms. The camera must have been on a dresser or tripod as it was a steady fixed shot. Coats and purses were strewn around the bed. On the bed was my then bride-to-be Gina. She was facing the camera, and still had a bridal veil on her head. Other than that Gina was completely naked, except for her footie socks. She was laying astride the nude Village People Indian character, who was on his back. His headdress was off, but you could still make out the war paint on his face. Gina's breasts were pressed into the Indian's chest as his arms held Gina tight onto him. The Indian character was thrusting up into her with steady strokes. Behind Gina pumping in rhythm with the Indian was the undressed Village People Construction Worker. Hard hat still on his head, he rode Gina's rear like a bucking bronco as they DP her.

Gina's on screen moans emitted from the speakers, punctuated only by grunted comments from the Indian Chief and Construction Worker.

"Damn this babe is tight back here! Didn't anybody every use it? Skintight fit-like a virgin!"

"You gotta try her mouth! Bitch could suck chrome off a trailer hitch. She is an uber combo vacuum cleaner and sword swallower!"

"Think we could get one of the other guys in here again to make her air tight?"

Gina's moans on screen got louder, then more intense as she erupted into the low wailing orgasmic cry I knew too well. I heard a thump besides me, turning to see present day Gina faint dead away. Her head bounced off the conference table top as current day Gina slid out of her chair onto the floor.

Meanwhile video Gina's younger body started to shake as orgasms racked her body. The Construction Worker gripped her hips tighter. He yelled "There SHE BLOWS!" pushing deeper into Gina's behind.

My stomach erupted, I never had a chance to even put a hand over my mouth. I projectile vomited my entire breakfast and lunch across the conference room table. Too bad I could not get points for distance or accuracy. I hit "Slick" dead center in his chest, with a great splatter pattern. "Slick" jumped up, running from the conference room, heading for the washroom. I spotted a wastebasket, dry heaving into it for almost a full minute.

"God Damnit Bruce!" I said when my stomach stopped jumping. "Find out how much this Son of a Bitch wants, and pay it!"

Bruce was on the floor holding up Gina's head. As I looked at her, my stomach started to quiver. I willed it to settle. "When that slut wakes up, tell her to get her shit out of the house."

I turned away from the prone Gina and Bruce on the floor, but I was now facing young Gina on-screen in a different video clip. She was being fucked in a missionary position by the Construction Worker. He had her almost bent in half with her spread legs hooked over his shoulders. All the while he was long dicking Gina with deep hard strokes, squeezing her breasts, pinching her stiff nipples.

"Turn that damn thing off" I yelled at the paralegal.

The Paralegal scrambled for the remote control, but while fumbling with the buttons, he hit the volume control increasing the audio level.

Gina's loud moans filled the room at ear splitting decibels interlaced with the Construction Workers shouts. "Cum for me baby! That's it- Cum for me you bitch! Your mine now! I'm gonna nut! Oh Yeah! Here it comes! Here it comes! I'm balls deep in your ass! Gonna blast! Gonna Blast!" His yells and her frantic moans mixed together, until finally the paralegal found the pause button.

Bruce yelled at the shaken Paralegal. "Go get me some cold towels." The Paralegal fled the room.

I pulled my wallet from pants throwing two fifties at Bruce. "Here is a fucking retainer. Start divorce proceedings against that cheating cunt!"

"Nick settle down!" Bruce said, still holding Gina who was starting to stir. "Let's go over this before you do anything. Besides I don't do divorce."

"I don't care Bruce. Team up with a divorce guy then." I stood up to walk away. I had to pass the 70 inch LCD display to get out the door. Frozen up on the screen were a young Gina & the Construction Worker. They were still locked in the missionary position, eyes closed, both heads thrown back, their mouths open in mid-orgasm screams.

Supported by Bruce, Gina started to sit up-her bleary eyes looked at me, then opened wide when she saw the still image on the screen.

I pointed at the large LCD display that showed young Gina with the Construction workers in the frozen video pornographic pose. "Gina you really outta get that picture made into an illustration for the Christmas cards this year."

I walked out before my stomach erupted again.

The following morning I told the kids their mother was doing more work at the hospital and would be away for a while longer. Gina was a vital cog in the Hospital machine, so the kids were used to her odd hours and shifts. Only my oldest son Tony gave me a disbelieving look while I told my "white lie".

Gina filled my answering machine, and cell phone with messages. I was too pissed to listen at first, after I listened to a few of Gina's messages my anger did not abate.

"Nick please" Gina's voice was strained and hoarse. "I don't how that man ... men got me in ... I do not remember any of it. If I had not seen that video ... I couldn't believe it was me. I must have a mental problem. I will take any test you want, submit to a neurological exam, psych evaluation. I'll wear an ankle monitor, GPS tracker, pay for detectives to follow me. I swear you are the only man I ever loved or needed since our first date. I feel so lost, so confused. I never wanted anyone but you, I miss you, I miss our children-and I do mean OUR children. I am sorry you had to watch that ... display. I am sorry I had to watch that disgusting..." her voice broke into sobs as I deleted the message.

Thank God I had two orders to fill. These would take my mind off Gina. I had a hard time deciding what upset me more-that Gina had gang banged a bunch of guys before we had wed, the thought she was still doing it now, or that she had hid, and lied about it. Hell even now Gina never said she was sorry for what she had done to me, to our family, our son. Gina still would not take responsibility for the jackpot she had dropped this family into. Well Screw her!

The intercom broke into my thoughts, it was my oldest son Tony. "Dad a ... Uncle Bruce is here to see you."

Bruce strode into my work area before I had a chance to answer. "Nick lets go into your office. We need to talk and NOW."

Seated in my office Bruce started in before I sat down. "You told me you wanted this paternity thing with fucking Jon Doe and Tony to go away. So number one you must stop this divorce talk thing against Gina." Bruce held up his hand to stop me from speaking. "You can revisit whatever issues you and Gina have after this case is over. That damn attorney for Jon Doe doesn't want any money. They refuse to talk about a monetary settlement. They really want paternal rights to Tony. Personally I don't think they have a chance in hell, but I need to show a loving stable family home with two good parents plus a strong father figure. Court judges like that. Let's not give Jon Doe any ammo to use."

I slumped into my chair. "Fine I'll stay the divorce with that cheating liar Gina for now. What argument are you going to use when the court sees the video, before ordering DNA tests?" I mimicked a deep commanding tone. "Your honor –as you can see from the video, my client Gina just sucked cock. It is clear the defendant let the plaintiff cum only when he shoved his dick up her ass. Therefore biologically conception couldn't have occurred at that particular gang bang."

"Nick shut up, and listen." Bruce rubbed his hands together. "This is important. They have filed a..." Bruce launched into bunch of legal mumbo jumbo.

"Bruce Stop!" I said. "Plain English please!"

"Sorry Nick." Bruce mumbled. "I had planned to ask for a dismissal, then if needed to delay, and stall with motions, roadblocks, whatever, until your son Tony turned 18. Then none of this would matter. But they have asked the court to put this case at the top of the list, be heard immediately. It is rare tactic used only if someone's life is in danger, or one of the litigants is going to flee, or a medical condition that cannot wait, things of that nature.

"Bruce" I broke in. "If they try to take Tony away I will pack up this clan in a heartbeat. Make a run for the border."

Bruce put a pained expression on his face. "Let us not go there yet Nick. In this hearing-which is tomorrow by the way. The judge can grant the motion, than the case will be heard within 24 hours. The judge can dismiss the motion, tell Jon Doe to wait his turn for a court date. Or -and this our best hope-the judge will dismiss the case as I've asked. Throw out the petition completely. Then its game over for Mister Jon Doe, and we can do our happy victory dance."

"Bruce you are saying our chances are only 1 in 3?"

"No Nick much better. Judges do not like cases that jump the line. Over half the time they tell the petitioners to wait their turn on the docket like everyone else. Maybe less than 5% of the cases are deemed urgent, these get emergency status granted. We have a much better chance of the judge dismissing the case, throwing out the petition than they have of getting this heard quickly." Bruce rubbed his hands. "This Jon Doe guy waited over 16 years, I would love to find why they in such a hurry now."

"Why don't you ask Gina to help? Maybe she can fuck it out of him."

Bruce ignored my response. "The odds are way with us on this thing. Smart money is it will get dismissed. However one never knows in a courtroom what a judge will do. Given the possibility that this Jon Doe is related to Tony, I would be remiss if I did not ask if you wish for us to open talks about possible visitation, with ground rules concerning your son Tony, and this Jon Doe."

I gave Bruce a cold stare.

Bruce talked right thru my glare. "Nick I am saying it would better if we were able to set the parameters of any conditions concerning Jon Doe, and your son Tony. Rather than have a court dictate the terms."

"Bruce there will be snowball fights in hell before I let that prick near my family."

Bruce gave a chuckle. "Gina said the same thing, but in much more colorful terms. She can make a sailor blush."

"That so Bruce?" I said "I would think Gina would welcome the chance to relive some old gang bang memories with her baby's daddy. Get the old Village People band back together."

"Nick I don't mean to play marriage helper but when you stormed out of that meeting -Gina was almost hysterical. We had to get one of Doctors from the clinic the next floor up to give Gina something to calm her down. Gina kept saying over and over it wasn't her, couldn't be her. She claims she has no recall of the event. " Bruce looked at his hands. "I've never seen anyone so distraught, she was devastated. Either Gina is a hell of an actress or the best liar I ever met."

"Maybe she is a sociopath Bruce." I offered. "Gina beat two polygraph tests, who knows what else she has done, or with who. Anyone who can lie like that must have no conscience."

"I don't think so Nick." Bruce answered. "Gina is a shattered women. I spoke to her today. Gina can't bring herself to admit she was involved in these things, but DNA, and facts like that video don't lie. Gina is terrified that she may lose her son, her marriage and her husband. She does not know what to do."

"How about the truth for starters?"

"Nick it is often said that men regret the women they had a chance to have sex with but didn't. Women regret all the men they did have sex with. Maybe that is the case, Gina is blocking the whole event out of her mind. You two have a lot of history together and a family. I guess you got to ask yourself if you are better off with Gina or without Gina."

"I f'n know that Bruce. If I had to make a call now, Gina would be gone, but I am not going to endanger Tony's chances due to her lies. How can I trust her? Hell Gina won't even admit she did anything to me."

"Nick right now Gina is having a hard time admitting anything even to herself. Even this big an error"

"Well Bruce there you go. An error only becomes a mistake if you do not correct it. Once this mess is settled I'm going to correct this error and have Gina served."

I was trying to keep my mind off the hearing the next day. Bruce told me not to attend, he said we needed to act like this charge was so much baloney, we did not deem it worthy of our time. I kept looking at my watch, willing the phone to ring.

"Dad your 3:00 appointment is here." It was my son Tony on the intercom. I glanced down at my day planner. "Gone with the Wind" was scribbled in at 3:00. I had been so distracted I didn't even enter a contact name-Shit!

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