Hunger in Her Eyes

by tangled_web

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True Sex Story: A good BBW girl wants to be bad.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   True Story   Cheating   BBW   Foot Fetish   .

I don't exactly remember the first time I noticed her, but I do remember thinking every so often" ya know, she's very interesting." We chatted a few times at work in passing but she never remembered me from one time to the next. She seemed very preoccupied or something. I ask others from work what that girl Amy Jo's story was, time and time again I was told to stay away. I don't know what it is about this girl. Whatever it was I was definitely curious about her and wanted to know more. I definitely wanted to see what was under those scrubs she wore. It was more than obvious that she was a big girl, but I like ... no scratch that I LOVE that. There is just something very erotic about a BBW as they are called these days. I know its popular to be a chubby chaser more so now than ever before, but I liked big girls when it was not in or cool.

See my wife and I enjoy what most call an open relationship. We love each other and want to have sexual adventures together so here we are. The rule we have is if one or the other sees someone they would like to play with, the other has to approve. The problem is, I do a lot of approving, but get none in return. So I do what any other guy would do, cheat and lie. What's good for the goose is good for the gander right?

Fast forward to my birthday. Some of the girls from the hospital are coming over to our little small town bar to help me celebrate. I walk in the front door with my wife in tow and have a quick look around. I see sitting at the bar, "the girls" as most call them. Angie, Amy Jo, Kelli, and Debbie. After the introductions I had a beer in my hand and was off to find the guys at the pool tables.

I couldn't help but keep staring at Amy Jo. She was looking particularly good this evening. She was wearing a cute pair of heels, her toe nails painted light pink. A pair of jeans that show off her curves very well. I can see clearly that she has nice wide hips a great ass, not huge, but definitely not small either. The low rise jeans show off just a peek of her belly between her jeans and white tank top. Once in awhile I get a peek of a pink thong. Oh yes the top, a form fitting strappy tank white in color one with the built in bra cups so no bra is required. This helps to show off her ample breasts and cleavage.

Several times during the evening I get caught looking Amy over. Several times I look away fast.After awhile I just keep looking and I can tell that she knows I'm interested. We spend the evening dancing, drinking, and talking to one another. There was a time or two That I got to dance with her, but she seemed a bit uncomfortable.

At closing time we all decided to head down to the local greasy spoon diner for some bad breakfast food before we went home to pass out. I sat between my wife Lilly and Amy Jo. We giggled and laughed like all the other drunks in there at this time of day. We all kinda chuckled when Amy and I ordered the same thing. The seat I had offered a great view down her shirt at her giant breasts.

At the end of the evening we all said our good byes and went our ways. Lilly and I talked on the way home about the evening. She mentioned that she noticed me eying Amy, and NOT to be getting any ideas just yet. She wanted to get to know her and all "the girls" better.

A few days later Amy and I chatted a bit at work. We talked about the good time we all had the other night and wondered when we could do it again. I could tell she was tip toeing around something. So I made the move for her. I took out my card and wrote my cell number on the back and told her to call me later and we could make plans for possibly this weekend.

To my surprise a few hours later I get a call from a number I didn't recognize. I answer it and its Amy. We made some small talk and started talking about the possibility of the group of us going out this weekend. Then she just springs it on me. " So is your wife gonna be there this weekend? " I tell her "yea why? " Then she just spits it out. I want to be a bad girl and I hear you're the guy that can help me with that. I tell her I can help her out.

That weekend we all go out to a local bar where the DJ is playing dance music and the place is hoppin. We are all having a great time and it seems that Lilly and Amy are really getting along. Maybe, just maybe I'm gonna get the "OK" for Amy. At one point during the evening we are all pretty lit up and on the dance floor Amy and I started dancing together. She is looking particularly hot tonight., and she has a little sweat running down her face from the dancing. She looks up at me with her clear blue eyes and I see a hunger, a desire there that I have not seen in a long time.

On the way home that evening Lilly is acting a little pissy., but that's normal for her after a night out. She Is all about the party and having a good time, but she when she hits her peak and starts winding down it is not good. She herself brings up Amy's name. Lilly says that Amy could be a good possibility for me, but she still needs to get to know her better before she makes that decision.

Amy and I talked on the phone a time or two that week and had plans for Wednesday night after work. I was gonna be easy. I'll just make my classic working late call and not be missed for a few hours. I thought we were going to Amy's house turns out her brother was watching her kid and we could not go there. I suggested a hotel, she didn't like that. She said lets just drive around and find a spot. Hell I haven't been parking since I was 17. I didn't know if my old spots were even still around. Turns out they are.

I backed into the field road so if anyone came back there we would see. I turned the key off got out and got into the passenger side, she scooted to the middle. We sat and made some small talk for maybe 5 minutes or so, when she said "Well are we gonna do this or not?" We started kissing, slow at first then we worked up to each others tongue in the others mouth. My hands explored her voluptuous body. I rubed her belly under her shirt, she seemed responsive but on the other hand uncomfortable. I worked my hands up to her big tits. She was wearing a black Cacique bra and as I started to un hook it she balked a bit. I then pulled her right breast out of her bra and started kissing her nipple. I couldn't see so well but it feels wonderful. I'm guessing somewhere around a D cup, soft, yet firm I can assume they are a bit saggy, feels perfect.

I started to un button her pants and she ask if I had anything. I was assuming she was asking me if I had a condom. As a mater of fact I do, or so I thought. I checked my hiding spot, under the seats everywhere but could not find a rubber! She said oh well there's other things we can do. I assumed that meant a blow job for me. Which was fine but not really my style. I like the lady to walk away happy.

We continued kissing I unbuttoned her jeans and worked my had into her panties searching for her pussy. She was wearing a pair of what felt like satin bikini cut panties, can only assume from Lane Bryant. I slowly slid my hand down the front of her pants and felt some fur. Not a lot just enough for me to be intrigued.I dipped my middle finger into her hole to get it wet and OH MY GOD she was soaking wet. I have seriously never in my life felt a woman get this wet before, ever. I then worked my wet finger up to her clit and started to softly rub it. As soon as I touched it she took a deep breath. She reached over with one hand and unbuttoned my pants and started to feel around for my cock. It was not hard to find.I was rock hard for her. She slowly and deliberately started to stroke it as I worked her soaking wet pussy.

The faster I rubbed the more she liked it. She kept up with her stroking for awhile till she had to concentrate on my finger work. She began to breathe harder and faster and her body would tense up and relax. I kept up until her body tensed up and she let out a sigh. She looked over at me and said thank you, I guess its your turn. I told her she owed me nothing that I was fine. Knowing that on my way home I was gonna have to pull over somewhere sniff my fingers and jerk off.

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