Paula's Baby

by monkeyjoe3

Copyright© 2012 by monkeyjoe3

True Sex Story: Joe's relationship with Paula develops from shy teenaged sweethearts to uninhibited lovers, but they split up when he realises they want separate things. But there's something that pulls them back together every now and again...and years later she needs his help...

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Slow   .

"She's ready now," said Sarah, her chin wet with Paula's cum as she eased back from between her spread legs. I gazed at her shaved pussy, glistening with her sticky juices, and stepped one pace over to the edge of the bed. Putting one hand on her thigh, I knelt between her legs, and slowly, slowly, rubbed my hard cock against her clitoris. Paula moaned, still sensitive from Sarah's tongue. I looked her in the eyes, seeing her need, and gently eased the head of my cock lower, an inch inside her. She wriggled slightly, wanting me deeper, and I pushed my hips forward to give her more. "Fuck her," said Sarah, softly, from next to us. "Cum in her, Joe, and give us our baby." My cock jumped at her words, and I thrust harder, perhaps halfway inside her now. I was so tempted to just fuck her, hard, but I didn't think I'd ever get the opportunity to again, and I wanted to enjoy this and make it last, so I kept it slow, thinking about how I'd come to be in my ex-girlfriend's bed, trying to make her pregnant whilst her lover held her hand. I guess it's quite a long story...

Paula and I go back a long way. We were at school together as shy teenagers, and although we shared a couple of classes, I didn't really know her. To be honest, I was way too shy to speak to girls in those days, and even when many of our friends paired up with their first boyfriends or girlfriends I always seemed to be left out. Paula then got a Saturday job at the same supermarket as me, and we ended up working in the same area. There is only so much you can talk about cheese and yoghurt, and we slowly started to talk to each other. Looking back, we were painfully shy around each other to start with, and it was a good two months before I ever really found out anything about her, and even then I didn't really like her sort of music. But gradually she became easier to talk to, and I suppose I did too. I looked forward to chatting, to gently taking the mickey out of her for being a "girly-girl" who liked pop music and had her school books covered in red and white hearts, to her feigning distaste for music with loud guitars and football. We were different people, but we worked well together, and enjoyed each other's company. Even so, I was a bit shocked when Simon, one of my friends, nudged me in the ribs at school one day, and asked when I was going to ask her out. "She definitely fancies you," he claimed. I shrugged it off, but it got me thinking. Did she? And did I "fancy" her? I wasn't really sure what that meant - I was certainly a slow starter! I knew I liked her, but was that what fancying was?

I found out at the shop Christmas party, held in the staff canteen above the store. As ever, Paula and I were on our own, not really feeling able to mix with the rest of the staff, many of whom were around our age. Neither of us had ever had more than a couple of alcoholic drinks, so how she managed to pluck up the courage to say "Joe, er, would you, I mean, er, will you, er, kiss me?" I'll never know. I looked at her, her cheeks blushing red in the low light. "It is Christmas," she said, so quietly I almost missed it.

"Er, yeah," I managed to stammer, and bent forward to kiss her cheek. She turned her head though, and before I knew it our lips had brushed together. I'd never kissed a girl before, and really didn't know how to react. It felt nice though, and although it lasted only a second before we both backed away, it was only another second before we both moved together again, this time our lips more firmly against each others, this time for longer.

We backed away, and looked at each other. She smiled, a magical smile that lit up her face. I grinned, and went to kiss her again. "Not here," she whispered, her hand on my chest as she glanced around the room. I understood her shyness. She turned round, and quietly slipped out of the room, and after a second when I wasn't sure what to do, I realised that she expected me to follow her. I caught her up in the stockroom, and she took my hand and led me to a quiet, dark corner, where we spent about the next two hours kissing. It was awesome! Why had nobody ever told me about this before? We never did make it back to the party, but I did walk her the ten minutes home through the cold night, and we did kiss at her front door. "See you at work on Saturday," she whispered, going inside. I walked home on cloud nine, and was still smiling as I got into bed.

Two days later I was at work as normal. I'd hated not seeing her on the Friday, but school had finished, and those were the days before all the kids had mobile phones. It was Christmas day on the next Monday, and the shop was crazy, people almost fighting each other to get cartons of cream off the shelves. Paula and I smiled to each other a few times, but didn't have the chance to even say hello until nearly lunchtime. "When are you due a break?" she asked as I pushed another crate of cheeses to the lift.

"One o'clock," I smiled. "You?"

"Same," she grinned. "See you then!"

And off she went. I suddenly realised that this was what fancying someone was - that brief exchange was all it had taken to radically improve my day, and give me something to truly look forward to. At one o'clock, I went to the canteen, and we sat, as we usually did, opposite each other, her with some crackers and salad and me with a sandwich. While we'd long got over our original awkwardness and could now converse easily, there was something new today. I realised it was my turn to be brave, and open that conversation. "I really enjoyed Thursday night," I said, not quite able to meet her eye.

She chuckled. "Me too," she said quietly. "I've been waiting for ages for you to kiss me?"

"Really?" I raised an eyebrow. "I had no idea."

"I know," she said. "You're cute, but you're kinda hopeless at this, aren't you?" I hung my head, my cheeks flushed. "It's okay," she continued, "me too. But I couldn't wait forever!"

I laughed at that. "So, er, would you ... er, would you maybe, er, do you want to be my girlfriend?" I stammered.

"Yes!" she smiled that brilliant smile again. "Yes, yes, yes!"

We finished our food, and as on the last time we'd been together, she led me out of the canteen. The stockrooms were busy now though, so, grinning, she beckoned me into the ladies toilets. I stopped, unsure again, but she grabbed me by the arm and we bundled into a stall together. She locked the door, and turned to me breathlessly. "Kiss me again," she said, and we did. It had been all about lips the first time, but now we were a little more adventurous, and I'll always remember the first time her lips touched my neck. I'll always remember how hard my cock became too, and not just because she noticed it today - in the enclosed space I couldn't move it out of the way as I had the other night. She smiled, and deliberately brushed against it harder. I groaned, and at that point somebody else walked in the room. We both had to stifle giggles until we were sure the coast was clear, and then the spell was broken as we had to get back to work. "After work?" she said to me in passing that afternoon. "Walk me home?"

That was the first time we walked hand in hand, officially boyfriend and girlfriend. And later was the first time I saw her bedroom, the first time we kissed on a bed, the first time I felt a girls breast (through her clothes) and the first time I received a love bite. I didn't see her for another week, but it was the best Christmas ever.

Somehow, the next weekend at work, everyone knew about me and Paula. All of a sudden I wasn't just the quiet geek boy, and I could almost feel the confidence growing in me. We went for a walk together at lunchtime, and stood kissing in the park, cold but warmed by each other, her arms around my waist as I wrapped my coat around both of us. At her house later, I was bold enough to feel both of her breasts, and noticed her nipples were hard as I rubbed them. I gave her a love bite too. And she invited me over to her house again for new years eve.

I'd never spent new years eve away from my family before, but I think they were secretly pleased when I said where I was going. I promised to be back by one, and not to drink alcohol, and crazy as it seemed they believed me. And although it was a bit scary for me to meet Paula's parents for the first time, they were really cool with me, and seemed quite happy for us to disappear upstairs to her room. The kissing was taking on more urgency each time, our whole bodies pressed against each other now, both of us roaming with our hands. Tonight was the first time I'd seen Paula in a skirt, and I can honestly say it was by accident that I first felt her bare leg, her knee length skirt having ridden up whilst I was concentrating on her tits. She didn't seem to mind, though, and I loved the feel of her skin. She pulled my t-shirt up and ran her hand over my side, making me groan in delight. But the clock was against us, and we had to go downstairs again for the midnight chimes. I was back home by one o'clock, just, and looking forward to the new year more than I ever had before.

Over the next few weeks, we continued our exploration of each other, and of ourselves. We kissed at school, at work, and at our houses, and got as far as unbuttoning our school shirts, our bare stomachs feeling amazing against each other, and her squeezing her legs around mine, and rubbing her hand over my trousers, but neither of us seemed able or willing to take that next step. Until Phil, the school stoner, announced he was holding a party on Valentine's Day, and all were welcome. We smiled at each other, and somehow knew this was it. Phil lived in a flat that was part of a crumbling old mansion. It was due for demolition, apparantly, and most of the other flats were empty. He'd managed to knock a hole into the next door flat, and create a fantastic party area - candle lit, with music pumping, and crates of beer around. Paula and I stepped through the hole in the wall from the normal flat to the party flat, and this other world became our playground for the next few weeks. That night, we made a bed in a quiet room and after the usual kisses and touches she undid the button of my jeans. I didn't - couldn't - say anything as she rubbed my cock through my boxer shorts, and slowly worked them down. She wrapped her hand around my shaft, and slowly started pumping it up and down. It was the most fantastic feeling, and I had to just lay back and let her. The first time somebody else makes you cum is almost indescribable, so I won't try. But I'm still slightly ashamed that it went all over her shirt, although her squeal was more in delight than horror, she told me later. I pulled my boxers up, and she hitched her skirt up to allow me to touch her pussy for the first time, through her knickers, before I pulled them aside and flicked my fingers over her delightful wetness. I know I didn't make her cum, but I know she enjoyed it anyway. And we were both different people when we rejoined the rest of the party, sociable and gregarious.

Phil, who neither of us knew well, told us all about the house. You could get in anytime you liked, he said, using a door at the back that he'd broke the lock off. And lots of people did, apparantly, using it for a bit of privacy. He said it with a grin, and I'm sure our smiles told him we'd be back. We were, the next afternoon, having told our parents we were going to the cinema together. Again I was shy as we approached the broken door, but Paula led me in. There didn't appear to be anyone else about, and we made our way to the same room we'd found at the party. She closed the door, winter sunlight weakly lighting the empty room. "Warm me up," she smiled, and we quickly stripped our coats off to make a bed, and lay down. She was wearing long stockings and a suspender belt, as I found out when my hand slid up her skirt. "The knickers come off over it," she whispered in my ear, making my heart lurch. She wanted this as much as me! Her hands were at my jeans, and this time she pushed them right down to my knees, quickly freeing my cock. She wrapped her thin fingers around it again, and looked at it, seeing it for the first time in the light.

I rubbed her pussy, realising her knickers were wet. Easing my hands round to her hip, I pulled at her knickers, trying to get them down. She eased away from me, and with a grin pulled her skirt up and her knickers down, showing them to me. "Do you, are you sure, I mean ... do you really want to do this?" I stammered.

In answer, she reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a condom wrapper. "Put it on," she said.

I'd never done that before. I took a deep breath, and tore the wrapper open. I was shaking, so nervous, but the condom seemed to roll on easily enough, and it still felt great when Paula rubbed my sheathed cock up and down. I rubbed around her clitoris, and slipped a finger inside her wet hole, wondering if I was really, really going to lose my virginity. Paula again took the lead, pulling me over on top of her, spreading her legs for me. "Go slow," she said.

I felt like I was in a dream, and every movement was a new one - there was no way I could have gone fast. The first time my cock touched her pussy made us both jump, her hands on my naked arse pulling me closer, her breath on my cheek, the shaking in my upper arms as I held myself above her, her cry of "uurrgghh" as the first inch of penis she'd ever had slid into her, the wetness of her kiss as our tongues met, the way her cunt expanded to meet my gentle thrusts, and above all the way she whispered "I love you" as I spurted my cum into her will all stay with me forever.

Later, dressed, we kissed and cuddled, before going back to our homes.

After that, we started moving faster. We fucked at Phil's house a couple more times after school the next week, before Paula went to the doctor and got a prescription for the pill. She told me at work on the next Saturday, and to celebrate she gave me my first ever blow job in the work toilets. She explained that she had her period, and that the next weekend she wanted us to fuck without a condom. I asked if she was sure, and she said that she was, that she wanted to be able to fuck me anywhere, anytime. That was the first time I told her I loved her.

Having had no sex for 16 years, and only losing our virginities two weeks before, you'd think that a week with no sex would be easy. But by the following weekend I was desperate for it! I pulled Paula into the coldstore at work and kissed her, hard, the first time I saw her on Saturday. "What are you doing lunchtime?" I asked, trying to put my hand down her trousers.

"Not having sex," she smiled, easing away. "But at my house after work..."

"Oh yes?" I grinned.

"My parents are out," she smiled. "So you and me are getting naked!"

The trouble with being teenagers is that we never 'really' had time to ourselves, there was always someone else about. But this sounded fantastic! "Oh god," I said, "I'm not going to be able to concentrate all day!" And I couldn't, but the wait was worth it!

Paula led me upstairs to her room in the quiet house. She turned the main light off and a small lamp on, bathing the room in a gentle glow. She turned away from me, and unbuttoned her shirt, turning to face me as she shrugged it off. Her breasts were small, but looked beautiful as she unclipped her bra and let me see them, really see them, for the first time. I stepped forward to caress them, feeling how hard her nipples got. "Take your shirt off," she whispered, and I did. We embraced, bare skin on bare skin, and if I'd have died then I'd have died happy.

Our kisses grew more urgent, and it seemed her nipples were as hard as my cock. I needed my cock to be as free as her tits, but I again waited for her to make the next move, as she took a pace back, and, grinning, reached for my trousers button. She knelt down in front of me as she tugged them down, and smiled up at me as I stepped out of them. I pulled her up, and swapped places with her as I knelt before her, easing her trousers down too. She had a tiny pair of white knickers on, a red heart centred where I wanted to see the most. We took each others hands again, and gently lay back down on the bed together, kissing. Gradually our legs became entwined, and our hands roamed more and more. My erection was pressing against her side as I cupped her pussy in my hand, feeling the heat emanating from it. "Lets get naked," I said.

We broke apart, and, giggling, pulled our own underwear down and off. Finally naked together, we embraced again, hands slowly getting used to touching bare skin. I loved the slight curve of her hip, and the feel of her light brown pubic hair. I kissed her neck, and as she relaxed down into the bed moved my mouth down, kissing her neck, and gently taking her breast into my mouth. She shivered and groaned as I sucked her nipple, so I turned my attention to the other one, enjoying making her squirm. My hand wandered down to between her legs, and I gently rubbed between them as she parted them to allow me access to her pussy. I was suprised at how wet she was - wetter than I'd ever felt before. I wanted to see her pussy, and moved further down, kissing her stomach, until I was kneeling between her spread legs. I'd never really seen a pussy before, and it was beautiful, pink and shimmering with moisture. I stuck my tongue out, flicking it against her cunt lips, and she seemed to instantly squeeze her legs around my head, thighs trembling. "Yes, again," she breathed, and I licked her pussy up and down. The taste was magical, sweet, delicate. I wanted more, and lapped hard at her hole, not really knowing what I was doing but finding her clitoris almost by accident. And that seemed to set off fireworks, with her gasping and bucking, me trying to hold on but slipping away from her, which was probably what she wanted as she needed to come down. "Oh god, oh god," she gasped, "you made me cum!"

I looked up, absurdly proud of myself. She looked beautiful, flushed, hairline slightly sweaty. Was that a tear in her eye? She held out her arms to me, and I slid down on top of her, kissing her gently, wanting to hold her rather than fuck her but not upset that my cock was bumping against her pussy. Her feet drew up my legs to my arse - it was time. Propping myself up on an elbow, I reached down to guide my cock into her cunt, enjoying the sensation, different from with a condom but mainly better because we were alone, naked, unhurried. With no effort, I seemed to be as deep inside her as I could be, and I'd never felt so close to anyone. "I love you," I whispered, and we gradually moved together, trying to find a rhythm - our rhythm.

"I love you too," she said, and magically, we were looking into each others eyes as I groaned, thrust, and spurted my cum into her bare womb. "Oh, I can feel it!" she moaned, her whole body seeming to shake. Was she cumming again? My cock was shrinking slightly, and the strength seemed to have deserted my arms, so I had to ease back, slipping myself out of her pussy, and we lay quietly next to each other, getting our breath back. "That was so, so special," she whispered.

It was, and it was pretty special when I went down on her again, licking my cum from her dripping pussy and making her cum again. And it was very special to fuck her again, harder, faster, longer this time. I'd never felt happier as I made my way home that evening.

Over the next few months, the sex got more and more frequent, and better and better. Paula took to wearing long skirts, stockings and suspenders, and we developed a routine where the first time I saw her in the day (whether at work or at school) she would solemnly hand me her knickers, which I'd put in my pocket with a grin. Knowing that her pussy was bare under her skirt turned me on so much, but knowing that she wanted me inside her turned me on even more. We fucked almost every day. Saturday at work would see us grabbing a quickie in the staff toilets at lunchtime, and at school we'd find an empty classroom, Paula would sit at a desk pretending to read a book while I'd kneel under it licking her clitoris until she orgasmed. Then she'd stand up, pull her skirt up and lean over the desk, letting me fuck her hard and fast from behind. I loved the fact that her pussy was full of my cum. She couldn't seem to get enough!

It was more tricky at home, because although I think her parents liked me, and mine liked her, there was a bit of a barrier between that and accepting your children were having a sexual relationship. They knew, they must have, but we were careful not to make it obvious. Even so, we had occasional moments where we could get naked and take it slowly, and these for me were the best times. Although I have to admit I enjoyed the thrill that we might be seen, and I know Paula did too. When she turned seventeen in June, her dad took her for driving lessons, and she told me she was looking forward to passing her test and getting me alone in the car! But the most erotic moment of that summer came at Phil's final party, and I think it was a moment that changed Paula's life.

We'd been to Phil's a few times over the last few months, and he and his more crazy mates had seemed to be doing quite a good job of knocking the place down before the builders did. They'd knocked holes through most of the walls on the top floor, so that you could wander round the whole building now, with none of the flats occupied full time. At the party, he told me that he'd set up a special couples room in one of the far flats, pointing me and Paula off there with a laugh. We each grabbed a drink and went exploring.

The room turned out to be one of the smaller bedrooms, and he'd somehow managed to cover the floors with mattresses, sheets and blankets. A candle burned on the window sill, and a handwritten sign on the door said "Orgy Room." Paula and I grinned and went inside. There was nobody else in there, so we quickly got down to what we did best. "Lets be naked," she said, and I happily complied. It was quite a turn on to think someone else might come in at any moment, but because it was so dark I think we weren't too concerned. And with the blankets we could easily cover up if we wanted. But we didn't, and soon she was lying sprawled in the middle of the room as I tongued her wet pussy, something I was getting better and better at!

I suppose she might have covered up if she hadn't been in the middle of a long, slow orgasm when the door opened and two other people came in. As it was, I saw two shadows lie down, and heard the sound of clothes coming off. I was far too turned on to think about stopping now, and eased up Paula's body, rubbing my cock on her tender clitoris and burying it in her willing cunt. She groaned, and her legs wrapped around my arse, pulling me deeper. She knew the other couple were there, and didn't care. They were actually quite close to us, I realised, the girl lying on her back while the guy tongued her pussy - she seemed to be naked from the waist down but still had a t-shirt on. She was upside down to my view, and although I was trying to concentrate on fucking my girlfriend it was tough not to be distracted by another girl being licked out next to me. And the other girl was looking right at us, her head on its side, eyes wide open. Looking at Paula, who had her eyes locked onto this other girl. Oh god, I was going to cum, and I grunted, thrust and held my cock as deep as I could whilst I pumped my spunk into her. And she was cumming again, her pussy spasming against my cock, her breath in short pants, her chest heaving. I eased away from her, some air cooling our heated bodies, and noticed that the other girl was staring at Paula's tits now. She was pushing me down, and I knew what she wanted - me to lick her cum soaked pussy. I know some guys don't like to do that, but I love the taste, something I'd only recently realised! And I knew it made her cum hard, especially after she'd already cum a couple of times and was very sensitive. I bent to my task eagerly, noticing as I did that the other girl had turned onto her front, and the guy had moved behind her, fucking her doggy style. And they were moving closer and closer. I could hardly concentrate on lapping my spunk from her cunt as I realised the other girl's long hair was brushing over Paula's body as she moved with the guy. And my cock was rock hard as I saw her hand cup Paula's breast, pinching her already rock hard nipple. She bent over, and then she was sucking Paula's nipple! My girlfriend was cumming so hard, and my tongue was hardly touching her clit - her legs were shaking and I'd never heard her groan as loudly as this before. My face was covered in spunk and pussy juices, and this other girl was happily sucking away as she was being fucked. It was a scene I could have happily enjoyed for some time, but the other guy grunted that he was going to cum, and the girl pulled away from Paula and sat up. We watched as she took his cock in her hand and sucked him into her mouth as he knelt in front of her, and then I could tell by the sounds they were making that he was spunking in her throat. He groaned and moved away, and she wiped her chin, turning round to smile to us as they stood up, found their clothes, and left. Paula sighed, seemingly unable to move. "Oh my god," she said, slowly.

I couldn't say anything, I just lay next to her, letting out my breath in one long go. We just held each other for a while, glad to be alone together. And then we slowly got up, dressed, and rejoined the party. I didn't recognise the other couple there, but we didn't stay too long anyway. We didn't even talk about it much afterwards either, except that Paula said that she "wanted to do that again" as she kissed me goodnight on her doorstep.

One thing I was realising was that although we had incredible sex, I loved sex more than I loved Paula. That sounds bad, but sex was all we had as a couple, and although that can take you a long way, its not something that lasts forever. I wanted a bit of time for my music and sports too. I'd regularly played football for the school team, and occasionally for a local Sunday league team, but for the last few months I'd got better and better at football as well as sex (I just seemed physically stronger, and more confident) and someone must have seen me have a good game because in September, as we went back to school for the final year of A-levels, I got an offer to play for the local semi-professional team. I was pretty excited about this, as it was a decent standard. The downside was that they played on Saturdays, so I'd have to give up the supermarket job. The upside was that they'd pay me what they called "expenses" which amounted to a tiny bit more than what I got for Saturdays. I said yes, before I even told Paula. She was a bit upset, but of course we still had our school fun, and Sundays were often free. I had my birthday in September, and started driving lessons, the day before she passed her test. And her dad bought her a car to celebrate, and we had another place we could fuck in! And at the start of December I passed my test, and Paula got me added to her car insurance, which felt like a proper couple thing to do.

I was at her house one Sunday evening, wondering if I could get her upstairs for a quick fuck, when she announced to her parents that we were going out for a drive. I looked up in surprise as she said she was just going to grab her coat and disappeared upstairs. I heard her come down, and said bye to her parents. She was standing halfway up the stairs, in her long winter coat, which she slowly opened to reveal that she was wearing nothing under it, apart from her shoes. And she'd shaved her pussy bare. My heart leapt as she walked down the last few steps. "You're driving," she said, tossing me the keys and getting in the passenger seat.

I drove off, slowly, and as I drove, she pulled her seatbelt off and gradually, teasingly, opened her coat. "Eyes on the road," she smiled, knowing I would struggle to comply as her hands started roaming over her bare stomach. By the time we were driving through the town centre her nipples were stiff as she alternated stroking them with pulling them, and I used a traffic light stop to adjust my own hardness. I was thrilled by the thought that someone might catch a glimpse of her, and wondered what she was thinking of doing next. I soon saw - her hands moved down and her legs opened as she started to slide her hands between them. We'd watched each other masterbate before, but this was a new thrill, and I wanted to join in, but she slapped my hand away. "Drive," she said. "Round town." And she rubbed her pussy, showing me her wet fingers. Oh god, this was torture. But I was sure I'd get my reward, so I kept half an eye on the road and half on her as she slowly brought herself closer to cumming. Whenever we stopped she would gaze out of the window, almost as if she wanted to catch the eye of some passerby, but it was a quiet night. I'm not sure whether I was disappointed or not, but she was getting hotter and hotter, and twisting about in the seat, coat off her shoulders as she gasped and was cumming, cumming. At the next junction I stopped, and put my hand high on her thigh. "Not yet," she teased. "Let's go for a drink!"

Really? I thought of my reward for playing along as I found our usual pub and parked. She wrapped her coat around her again as we got out, but I couldn't help but glance at her legs as she got out the car. Only I knew what was under there, but I wondered how long that would last. We got a drink and found a quiet table, where I sat next to her, my hand under her coat, my fingers where hers had been so recently. She spread her legs to let me finger her, head slightly back as she groaned gently. Was that guy watching us? Yes, he knew what we were doing, I thought, my heart jumping as I caught the eye of a guy at the bar. "Someone's watching us," I whispered in her ear, and she groaned again. I'm gonna make her cum, with an audience, I thought, thrilled, moments before she groaned loudly and squeezed her legs tightly around my arm. She looked up at me, eyes glazed. "Want to get out of here?" I asked.

She nodded, and got up. Did she deliberately open her coat then? We walked out, giggling. "Back of school, now," she commanded, and I drove to our classic make-out spot, the parking area of the school fields. She shifted her seat back, legs open invitingly as I parked, and I must have been kneeling before her in seconds, licking her pussy as I freed my cock. "Fuck me," she said simply, and I did, hard. "I wonder what would happen if a police car drove past right now," she gasped as I plunged into her.

"Perhaps they'd like to join in," I grunted back. "Would you like that?"

"Mmm, yeah," she said. "But they'd handcuff you and make you watch!"

I smiled. "Would you like that? A horny policeman fucking you over the bonnet?"

"Or a horny policewoman licking your cum out of me!" she shot back. I'm afraid I didn't last long before pumping her full of my creamy spunk, but it didn't matter, she came with me, and it felt like the best fuck ever. We drove home in silence, emotionally and physically drained.

It had been a year since our first kiss. We'd changed, a lot. I'd become a lot more confident, and self aware - aware, perhaps, that I wanted to do more with my life than I might have anticipated. I thought hard about applying for university, and after discussing with my parents and doing some research, that's what I did. Paula wasn't very happy - she had just assumed that after school we would get jobs, probably at the supermarket, and live happily ever after. My horizons had broadened, though. I told her we'd still be together, and studied hard. She, meanwhile, was becoming more friendly with a girl at school called Rachel, and I wasn't totally suprised when she told me Rachel had invited her to go on holiday with her in the Easter break, to Tenerife, where her parents apparantly owned an apartment. Of course I'd miss her, but I was busy with my studies and my football, and was quite happy to go without sex for a week.

As it happened, I'd also made other friends. I'd been in the football club bar after a game one day in February, and had seen a cute girl wearing a Whitesnake t-shirt. Having scored a goal that day, I felt bold enough to approach her and compliment her choice of rock band. She smiled, we got talking, and within a couple of weeks we were going to gigs together. Lucy and I were only friends, but it was great for me to have someone who shared all my musical tastes, and Paula said she didn't mind. As the Easter break approached, I thought I might get an evening job, and start saving some money - I wouldn't be seeing Paula for a fortnight anyway - and saw a job advertsed as a waiter at a roadside diner just out of town. My parents said I could use their car if I got it, but Paula trumped that by saying I could use her car for the whole time she was away. The night before she was leaving, we fucked, quietly, in her bed, before I went downstairs, said goodnight to her parents, and drove home in her car.

The next evening was my first at the diner. I was surprised how badly organised the place seemed, with no proper management and too few staff. I didn't really know anything, but I was expected to take orders, prepare all the drinks and deserts for my tables, as well as do a bit of washing up when I had a spare moment. Needless to say that wasn't often, and there were times in the evening when we ran out of cutlery as the washing up pile grew. I was shattered by the time I drove home. The next two nights were crazy too, but at least I wasn't having much time to think about Paula having fun with Rachel and her parents. My fourth night was a disaster right from the start - the main chef hadn't turned up, so the manageress was looking after that, although it didn't really look like she knew what she was doing. That left just me and another waitress, Jane, to run the front of house, and I'd never seen it so busy. Jane, a plump but likeable girl in her early twenties who was a full time staff member, was doing her best, but gradually it became apparant that we were losing control. Customers were walking out because of the long wait, I was sure some of those who had eaten hadn't paid, there was no crockery, the kitchen was a dreadful mess. And the manageress was in tears, having dropped a plate of food she'd managed to cook correctly. "That's it, I've had enough!" she shouted. "We're going to close!" And she stamped off to the tables, where she basicaly ordered the customers out. I was amazed that they seemed to accept this, mostly leaving quietly with just a few grumbles. Jane and I stood around, not really sure what to do, and I was just making a start on the washing up mountain when the manageress shouted at me to "leave it, go home, I'm locking up. That's tomorrow's problem."

I shrugged, and turned the water off. We were ushered outside, Jane almost in tears for some reason. I was about to get in the car when I realised she'd started to walk off down the busy, dark road outside. "Jane, do you need a lift?" I shouted.

She was very grateful, explaining to me that her boyfriend worked in the evening too and usually came to pick her up when they were both finishing work around midnight. But it was only nine o'clock, and she'd thought she was going to have a long walk home. I asked where she lived, and agreed that six miles to a small village was too far on a cold night. It was great having a car! Jane was clearly worried about her job, the diner appeared to be going under, and I could sense a real unhappiness in her. "Look," I said, "do you want to stop off somewhere, go for a drink and talk about it?"

She smiled. "Yeah, that'd be nice," she said, and directed me to a quiet pub which I'd never been to before. We pulled up and went in. "I'll get the drinks," she said, perhaps realising that I was too young to be legally served.

It was interesting talking to her, but she was clearly not a happy person, in her job or her home life. It seemed that she just didn't like her boyfriend much, and on her second drink confessed that they rarely slept together now, saying they were always too tired. On her third drink she looked me in the eye and said how nice I was, that it was lovely that someone cared enough to listen to her. A more experienced guy would have spotted the danger signs, but I got her another glass of wine, and a second beer for myself, and carried on talking. By closing time at eleven o'clock she was quite drunk, and she giggled as I helped her into the car. I jumped into the driver's seat and turned to her to ask for directions, but she'd turned to me at the same time and before I knew what was happening she kissed me. She broke off, and looked me in the eye. "I wanted to do that in the pub," she said. "But I wasn't brave enough. It's darker here!" She bent forward to kiss me again, at which point I had another opportunity to say no. But this time I kissed her back. She gasped, and then her hands were all over me, my face, my chest, my legs. She broke off again. "Want to get in the backseat?" she grinned mischeviously.

I looked around. The car park was almost deserted, and very dark. "What about your boyfriend?" I asked.

"He won't know," she said. And she opened her door, pulled up the passenger seat and slid into the rear. I thought about it for about a second, and followed her.

Paula and I had fucked in this car, several times. But each time Paula had laid the passenger seat back and I'd knelt before her, licking her pussy until she'd cum, before sliding on top of her. I wondered how we were going to do it on the back seat, but Jane took charge. We kissed again, and she fumbled for my trousers. "Undo them," she whispered. She unbuttoned her shirt, and I automatically reached out to stroke her tits, which were much larger than Paula's. She groaned as I flicked over her nipple, and moved away to kick off her shoes. She sat back and undid her trousers, pushing them down. I felt for her in the darkness and enjoyed the feeling of the cool skin of her thigh. "Undo yours," she said again.

I leant back and popped open the button of my trousers, aware of my erection for the first time. She reached out and grabbed it, through my boxer shorts, and I hurried to get them down too. I was pushed into a corner as she knelt on the seat, and felt a cool hand on my bare cock as she held it, before suddenly she'd put her mouth around it. I gasped, enjoying only the second mouth I'd had my cock in. Her technique was different to Paula's, perhaps out of necessity in the crammed space, but she was doing her very best to deep throat me and it felt amazing. I felt for her tits, and squeezed a nipple through her bra. "Harder," she managed to say, and I pulled them roughly.

I couldn't see, but I knew her free hand was between her legs. "Take your knickers off," I managed to say.

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