Finding the Truth

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2012 by DG Hear

Erotica Sex Story: My wife cheated on me and this is how I dealt with it. This story isn't for everyone.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Interracial   .

Thank you to Estragon for editing this story and making it a much better read. This could go in a number of categories such as cheating wives, erotic couples, maybe even group and adultery for sure. If this isn't your type of story then you may want to pass on it. To everyone else I hope you enjoy the story.


Joan and I have been married two years; we got married right out of college. I work in sales at a manufacturing company. She got a secretarial position at one of the larger insurance agencies in town.

We knew each other in high school but never dated. She was going steady with my buddy Ray but they broke up our senior year. We were all headed off to separate colleges.

Last year we went to our five-year high school reunion. It was nice seeing most of my old friends. I've seen them around but we didn't associate often. Everyone had gone on with their lives. Ray had married Sue and she had a miscarriage shortly afterwards. It was early in her pregnancy so it wasn't quite as bad as if she would have had it later. I had dated Sue when I was a junior. In fact, we went to the junior prom together.

I remember it well because we both drank even though we weren't old enough, and had sex. It was the first time for her. When she got home her parents saw she had been drinking and forbid her to ever go out with me again; thank God they didn't know about the sex.

We weren't in love or anything but we were really good friends. I never told anyone about having sex with her. I promised her I would keep it our secret. I often wondered what might have been if we continued dating.

Joan, Sue and Marie were all high school cheerleaders. I heard that Marie had married Bob and they had a child two years old. A couple of other guys I was happy to see at the reunion were Tony and Brad. The five of us guys hung around a lot together. We were all on the football team.

It's funny how I married Ray's old girlfriend and he married Sue. Bob married Marie but they dated since high school

Tony and Brad were both black guys. They never did care to be called African American. They always said they were born in America, their parents and grandparents were born in America so they were black American.

They were both with their wives at the reunion. They were beautiful women. I even liked their names, Shauna and Victoria. They were as sexy as their names. Neither had any kids yet. The two couples had just gotten married in the last year. Tony worked in the manufacturing plant where I worked. He drove a tow motor and was damn good at it. Both Brad and Ray sold insurance at the company that Joan worked at.

It was nice getting back with the old crew and meeting the new wives. It looks like we all did pretty good for ourselves. We decided that after the reunion we would get together once in a while and go out.

We did go out with Ray and Sue most every month after the reunion. The others we got together with for special occasions like holidays or celebrating someone's birthday.

Things were going pretty good but then one day, Joan seemed different. It was hard to put my finger on. It was like all of a sudden she was overly nice to me. I just returned from a conference. I was only gone two days but Joan kissed and hugged me the minute I walked in the door.

I wasn't complaining but it just wasn't quite normal. We made love at least three times a week, sometimes more; so it wasn't like we had a dry spell or anything.

Before I could even shower she told me she wanted me and we went to the bedroom and she undid my belt and gave me a blowjob. I ate her pussy before putting my cock to work. I asked her what brought that on and she said she just missed me.

In the days and weeks that followed she seemed different. When we went out with Ray and Sue she didn't seem to act as friendly with Ray as I always remembering her doing. Sue still always gave me a kiss and a hug when we met.

I'm not a detective but I had to wonder if something had changed in their relationship. We still went out each month and had dinner and even danced. It just seemed that Joan and Ray weren't acting quite normal. Sue never said anything about them so I did think maybe I was just overreacting.

Joan also seemed more interested in my schedule lately. When would I be out of town and things like that. It got me to wondering again. We were still making love three times or more a week. She loved the sex and I made sure she was always satisfied. Something else I figured out was when we were out with Ray and Sue, they never kidded about sex like we used to.

I was beginning to feel they were hiding something. It was a gradual change but I saw enough TV that I suspected it was the way people acted when they were hiding something. I wasn't going to make any accusations till I was sure something was happening. During the Thanksgiving holiday we went and visited Joan's family. They lived about forty miles away.

During the visit I did catch Joan using her cell phone. I did have to wonder who she was calling that was so important. She always paid the bills so I would have a little trouble seeing who she called on her cell phone without making a fuss.

We visited all our friends during the Christmas holiday and agreed we would all go out for New Year's Eve. I did notice that Joan greeted all our male friends with hugs and kisses. It was what we always did. I greeted the wives the same way.

It seemed that Joan only treated Ray a little different. At the New Year's Party everyone was having a great time. I danced with all the wives and my friends told me I was lucky to have married Joan.

We all drank quite a bit and that makes for loose talk. When Ray and Joan were on the dance floor Brad mentioned how all the guys thought Joan was the hot one during high school. He said, "Don't get mad but we used to wonder how hot she really was. She was the fantasy fuck for a lot of us."

"Your chocolate bunny looks pretty damn good too," I replied. It was just man talk but it got me to wondering.

After some more drinking I asked Brad if he ever saw Joan at work. He told me most every day but it was just in passing. He did say he saw her and Ray go out for lunch a few times but didn't think anything of it.

As I was dancing with Sue I knew she had drunk too much. She told me how much she had liked me in high school and wished her parents wouldn't have been so hard on me. Since she had a lot to drink I was writing it up to booze talk. I did hold her closer and loved it. She was still someone special to me; I cared for her more than I realized.

I could see Joan and Ray off to the side. It looked like more than just our friendly flirting. I watched them kiss when they moved into a hallway. I'm sure they didn't know they could be seen.

After the New Year's Eve party I watched Joan even closer. One day while she was out I went through our last couple of months phone bills. Her cell phone bill had Ray's number called a number of times. By checking the dates I saw she had called him three times over Thanksgiving alone, even more around Christmas. Then I checked it against my overnight meetings.

I told her I would be going on a short trip the end of January. It was true, I really did have a sales appointment; it was only for one night. Without her knowing I went out and bought two voice-activated recorders. I put one in the living room and the other in the bedroom. I was hoping not to find anything.

I wasn't an extremely jealous person. As I mentioned we all flirted with each other but it never got past that stage for me. I did put a little extra in it when I hugged Sue. She never said anything so I guess she didn't mind.

Each recorder could record up to six hours. After returning from my short trip I went straight home. Joan had already left for work. I took the recorder from the living room and it was full. I started listening and I heard the TV in the background.

Then I heard Joan making a call. "Ray, he left I'm home all by my lonely self. Come over and play with me." She was trying to talk like a little teenager.

She must have shut off the TV and walked out of the room because the recorder stopped. They next thing I heard was her answering the door. I figured it was Ray.

"God, I missed being with you," said Ray. "We belong together, when are you going to dump Alex so we can be together?"

"What about Sue? Are you forgetting about her?" asked Joan.

"I married her because she got pregnant. It's you I always loved. No one fucks as good as you. I can't wait to get in your pants."

"Let's get to the bedroom. I want you in me; I should have never let you go."

I stopped the recorder and got the one from the bedroom. I was really pissed. What I was surprised about was Sue was a wonderful woman and he fucked over her and Joan was his slut. The two assholes deserved each other.

The tape from the bedroom was all about fucking. Her groaning and moaning and him asking her if he was better then me. After she came he asked her again. "Do I fuck you better than Alex?"

"Yes, I love the way you fuck me. I want you to fuck me again." Then I heard a slurping noise. She must have been sucking his cock trying to get his hard again.

"When are you going to leave Alex so we can be together?" asked Ray.

"I don't know. It's you I want to be with but Alex has been good to me. He gives me anything I ask for. Can't we just be fuck buddies for a while longer? It would be hard to just walk away from Alex. My family loves him and he is a good husband and lover."

"I thought you just said I was better. Who's better at fucking you, Alex or me?"

"You're both different. Alex is more gentle but you pound your cock into me which I love. Alex fills me more, I guess he's a little bigger but you're rougher and I love that. Also, I've never given my ass to anyone but you."

Christ! She let him fuck her in the ass. I've fingered her ass but the one time I tried to fuck her ass she said I was too big and it was hurting her. I never tried again after that.

I heard them start fucking again. I knew this marriage was over. I loved her but I didn't realize how quick love could turn to hate. The hard part now was figuring a plan to get even and still act normal around her and Ray.

Back in the living room she told Ray that she loved him and only him. She would see what she could do to break it off with me without me knowing she was still in love with Ray.

When she got home she greeted me the same as usual. I had no problem fucking her but I decided to be a lot rougher and a lot less gentle. She wanted rough, rough she would get. And she got.

I called up my guy friends the next day and told them to come over Friday week and play cards. We would do that every couple of months. I told them I had a surprise for them. When they asked what it was I told them they would have to come over to find out.

I mentioned to Joan that the guys would be coming over to play cards on Friday. She reminded me that on Saturday we were suppose to go out with Ray and Sue and celebrate Valentine's Day. We had already made reservations at the Holiday Inn. Joan and I were going to spend the night. Ray had said he and Sue were probably going home that evening.

I asked Joan if she was going out Friday or staying home. She said she would just stay home since we were going out Saturday. I thought good, that fell into my revenge plans.

I knew the marriage was over. I just needed a little revenge on Joan and Ray. We leased a condo and each owned or was at least paying on our own vehicle. Other than that we didn't have a lot of money. We made a lot between us but like Joan mentioned, she got anything she desired.

We had a couple of grand in savings and about the same in our checking account. Our credit cards were paid off each month. That was one good thing we decided to do when we first got married. We paid very little interest, which kept us out of debt.

I talked with my employer and he offered me a position in sales in Kentucky. It was about three hundred miles from where I lived in Ohio. He told me if I took it I would get a raise in salary and he would pay for moving expenses or rent for six months or until I got settled in.

I asked how soon before I would be transferred and he told me anytime within the next month. They wanted this position filled by the end of February. He said he would understand if I didn't take the position but he had to offer it to me.

Without flinching I told him I would take the position and be there by the thirteenth of February. He was surprised that I would be ready so quickly. I told him I was getting a divorce and wanted to move on as soon as possible. This gave me a week and a half to get ready. I did ask him to keep the transfer and divorce under wraps since my wife hadn't been presented with the papers yet.

He told me how sorry he was for me and wished me the best. I left the office and headed over to the attorney's office. I explained my situation and said that I needed the papers given to my wife at the Holiday Inn while we were out to dinner.

Joe Lester has been my family's lawyer for as long as I could remember. I told him I had proof of adultery but just wanted the marriage over. We were a no fault state but seeing we had very little assets and have only been in the work force for two years there wasn't much to divide up.

I told him I wanted all our joint credit cards cancelled on Saturday the eleventh. We only had three in both our names. I had one other card I kept in my name only that I would leave open. She also had some store cards in her name only. I could care less about them.

Now I just had to make it through another week and a half. I did my best to work late most nights. I did have sex with Joan twice but it wasn't love. I pounded her pussy till it hurt. I spanked her ass till she told me to stop; she said it hurt.

"Alex, what's the matter? Why are you so rough with me? I like the gentle and caring you much better."

"Sorry, it's been a tough week at work. A friend of mine told me about his wife cheating on him. I guess it just bothered me." She did give me an odd look but never said anything more.

On Sunday I told her I was going to the hardware store. I went down the basement to see what I needed. She must have thought I had left. I heard her on the telephone. It was always easy to hear people talking upstairs when I was in the basement. The sound just came through the vents.

I could only hear one side of the conversation. "Ray, have you talked to Alex lately? He doesn't seem like himself. Do you think he suspects anything?"

"I was just wondering. I'll see you at work tomorrow. Of course I'll see you here Friday when you play cards with the guys. You can tell me if Alex seems different. Yes, I wish it was you I would be with Saturday but at least we'll be somewhat together. I love you too."

I came up the stairs and startled Joan. "I thought you went to the store."

"I had to see if I had some bolts and nuts first. Who were you talking to?"

She hesitated then said, "Mom, I asked her for a recipe. Thought I make some cookies for your card party."

"No need. I'm just having cheese, trail bologna and crackers. I have to pick up some beer and liquor too. I'll talk to you later, heading to the hardware store."

I was actually getting a tripod for holding our camcorder. I would need it for Friday. I didn't have sex with Joan the whole week. I could tell she was a bit worried. On Thursday I picked up the food and booze for the card party. When she asked me to make love to her that night I told her to wait till the guys left on Friday night. Also, we had Saturday night coming up at the Holiday Inn. I told her I hoped it would be an all-nighter.

She didn't say much but I knew she was wondering what was going on. Up till now I had never refused her sex since we'd been married.

After work on Friday I set up the card table and had all the snacks out. I had a lot of booze out also. Joan asked me what was going on. I told her it was a boys' night in and we were going to drink a lot. They all knew it and they were coming over in taxis. That is all but Ray. He only lived down the block.

They all showed up and the first thing they did was hug and kiss Joan. I remember Tony saying, "Damn you are one lucky son of a bitch. What I wouldn't give for a night with a woman like Joan."

Everyone laughed except Ray. They said they all felt the same. That's when I told them they all had terrific wives who they should be grateful put up with them. They all laughed again except for Ray.

This really was the way we all talked. Under the right circumstances I'm sure they would like to carry out their fantasy.

Everyone was having mixed drinks. When they asked what the surprise was I told them it would come later. Joan had a tight pair of jeans on and a tight blouse. It showed off her assets pretty good.

"Damn," said Bob. "You haven't changed a bit since high school. Still the sexist girl around." Joan smiled at him.

Ray said, "You better not let Marie hear you say that. She's liable to bust your head open."

"Bullshit, Ray, even Marie knows that Joan was the hottest girl at school. Marie is a good looking woman but let's face it, we all had wet dreams over Joan."

"Ok, that's enough," said Ray. "I think we're embarrassing Joan."

I looked up and Joan had a smile on her face. She wasn't embarrassed in the least. I think it was Ray who didn't like the sex talk.

A few hours had past and all the guys were well on their well to being drunk. They started talking about sex and even about their wives. Even Ray was drunk but wasn't talking; he did a lot of listening.

I did see Ray go talk to Joan. I figured she wanted to know if he noticed anything. He then headed for the restroom and then came back.

No one noticed but I only had one drink and then drank soda the rest of the evening. I got up and made Joan another drink. It was a screwdriver but I put a lot of medication in it. She would be out like a light in a few minutes.

My buddy who sold me the stuff says it's a sleeping remedy but a person can still feel and react in their sleep. About ten minutes after Joan drank her drink she told the guys she was feeling tired and was going up to bed.

"Need us to tuck you in?" said Brad. He just got a smile from Joan.

Another half hour had passed and the guys were still drinking and playing cards. I excused myself and went upstairs. I set up the camcorder up in the closet. I then totally undressed Joan. She was naked and only covered by a sheet. I did take a few towels and spread them around especially under her ass.

I went back downstairs and I heard the guys stop talking. I asked them if they were talking about Joan again.

They laughed and I told them I had their surprise ready. I asked them to follow me up the stairs and into my bedroom where Joan lay.

"What the fuck is going on?" asked Ray.

"Well guys, I'm going to be honest with you. I found out that Joan has been cheating on me but I don't know with who. I figured if she could fuck some stranger than she can fuck my friends."

"That's insane!" said Ray. "We're all married, you asshole. No way would I do that to Joan!"

"Look Ray, she's fucking around on me and when I find out who it is she's fucking, the shit will hit the fan. Now I know all you guys have wanted to fuck her since high school. Now is your chance.

"I'm not forcing any of you. So, if you want to pass on fucking her, so be it." I uncovered her and her beautiful body lay there. Her tits looked great and her mound was trimmed.

"What if she wakes up?" asked Bob.

"She won't," I said as I rubbed her pussy. We could hear her moan lightly. "She's drugged but can still feel and react to every touch. She won't have any idea what's going on or with who. So, any takers?"

Bob went over and as he kissed her tits I stepped back and turned on the camcorder. "Holy fuck! I've wanted to do this my whole life." While he was rubbing and kissing her tits Brad started to rub her pussy. She spread her legs wider and Brad began to finger fuck her.

"You can't do this!" yelled Ray. "It's not right, Joan's our friend."

"You don't have to take part, Ray. Just stand over there and jack off. Hell we can see you have a hard-on already," said Tony.

Tony took off his pants and climbed on the bed. His black cock was at full mast as he rubbed it against Joan's white pussy. Up and down her clit he rubbed his black cock. Each time her pussy was getting wetter until he pushed it into her. She let out a moan. It scared Bob at first but then he began to go back and play with her tits.

Joan was bucking her ass against Tony. "God damn, she's as hot and good as I always thought she would be. Damn, she's fucking me back."

A little while later Tony says, "Oh fuck, she's starting to come," as he dumped a load deep inside Joan's pussy.

As soon as he got off Joan, Bob took his place. No foreplay here as he stuck his cock into Joan. She was still having an orgasm from the fucking Tony had given her. Bob just rode the waves till he shot his load in her.

Tony was rubbing his cock across her lips. He still had cum on his cock. She didn't open her mouth but it looked as though she was kissing the head of his cock.

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