The Beginning

by Sweet Willy

Copyright© 2012 by Sweet Willy

Sex Story: A man comes early and finds his in bed with another

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .

I came home from work early, around two, hoping to surprise my wife and maybe we could go out and have some fun, movie and early dinner perhaps. Pulled into the garage then walked into the kitchen expecting her to be there or in the family room watching TV, but the house seemed empty. While flipping through the mail that was lying on the counter I opened my ears to the sounds in the house trying to locate where my wife could be. Everything seemed quiet until I picked up a strange noise coming from upstairs. I called my wife's name and still got no response so decided to head upstairs to see where she was and what she was doing.

As I was heading up the stairs the noise I had heard earlier was getting louder but I still couldn't figure out what it was. It seemed to be a sort of banging noise with grunts or something. I was certainly curious about it as I headed down the hallway to the master bedroom. The closer I got to the room, the louder the noise got then I could pick out my wife's voice above the rest of the noise. Just a few steps away from the door, it finally hit me. The sounds I was hearing were the sounds of sex. Two people going at it hard and heavy on a bed. At first I thought my wife was being attacked until I clearly heard her yell, "Fuck me, Oh God Yes" over and over.

The door to the bedroom was slightly ajar and the noise from my wife having sex with someone other than me was quite clear now. I tried peeking in through the door but the view of the bed was still blocked, so slowly and carefully I pushed opened the door and looked in. The scene before me left me dazed and also turned on for some reason. There was my wife, completely naked on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed while a large, heavily built black man was kneeling behind her and pounding away. The whole bed was shaking and rocking which explained the banging noise I heard and he was grunting like a wild animal. But the noise and words coming from my wife is what surprised me. She was yelling for more, more of his black dick, to fuck her harder and harder, that she loved his big black cock, that she wanted his cum, wanted to be his slut and whore. I'll admit it; I was turned on by what she was saying. So much so that I had to unzip my pants and take out my rock hard dick and start stroking. Seeing her there, seeing her fat white pussy be stretched and pounded by a black dick, her 48D tits hanging and bouncing with each thrust, her belly shaking and the fat in her ass jiggling turned me on like never before. They still hadn't noticed me standing there, dick in hand, watching them. I could tell that my wife was cumming by the sound she started making. It went from the "Fuck me, give me your big black dick" to a long "OOOOOOOO" that she makes when having an orgasm. But not as loud as when I've made her cum. Her lover kept grunting with the occasional "You like this black dick".

After her orgasm, and I assumed it wasn't her first one, subsided my wife said "we need to switch positions". And in one quick movement she flopped down onto

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