Controlling Gwen: a Kind of Incest Tale

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2012 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Gwen is married to the stick in the mud Bobbie and then becomes the 'property' of his younger brother Matt, much to her delight.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Incest   InLaws   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   .


When she met Bobbie T, Gwen thought that life was going to start anew for her. It looked good, and she was pleased. He as older, steady, employed on a construction job over in Ohio, not too far a drive from the Western PA area where they lived.

This was all new for Gwen because of, admittedly, the way that 'she'd been'. This is the way that she often enough thought about her past, those teen aged years. She liked to call them, in a kind of deference for her own feelings and sensibilities, 'her friendly years.'

Everyone from those days could recall the figure of the slim, smiling girl with the blond curls, who had a reputation among all the guys. That was Gwen. She was the 'reputation girl' or, remember, in her own thoughts, those were her 'friendly years'.

She didn't put out to everyone, as the tales tended to tell but she was an easy make out. This should not be despised because an 'easy make out' in the proper days of the late 50'as was really something to get your teeth into. It was far from the liberated sexual 21st century.

Gwen was easy for a good feel, for, as it was known then, 'getting to first base.' Her tongue as available to you readily, her perky, smallish tits were feelable with nipples that would stand at attention for you, if you were her present date and had your eager hands on them.

Gwen didn't mind it. She like all the feeling. She even let some of the guys, special ones, selected ones to be sure, get a hand up under her skirt and into the difficult territory of her girdle. (It was a time, a day and age, when all the girls, no matter how thin, wore them!)

Those were heady sessions for her, and she had only just begun to discover the joys of masturbation, following those usually heated petting sessions, which were still, at that point, controllable, with both her and the guy involved calling a halt at the right moment.

There was of course a late development in these sex forays. That was when Gwen made the huge decision, that on the next such 'make out date', she was going to try cock sucking. There had been, always were stories about 'doing that', 'doing the oral' and it was a matter of thinking about such a strange sounding practice that brought Gwen to her decision.

It was Kenny H's good fortune that he was next in line to date Gwen, and look for, hope for a bit of make out fun.

He didn't, however, consider, you didn't really in those days, the possibility that Gwen had graduated now from being a first class make out artist to being a cock sucker as well. That news would have been on the walls of the guy's lavatories at the high school in no time. But it wasn't there yet. Kenny H was going to be the first in a long crowd of those serviced by Gwen in that way.

She found the practice, it has to be admitted, interesting. She actually didn't mind the taste, clean taste in Kenny H's case, the texture--this was a real treat, the silky hardness of the cock in her mouth--but, when he came, which he did with alacrity, and quickness, she didn't like the feeling of the gooey stuff in her mouth.

Gwen established a rule right then. She was a cock sucker, that name she took to herself, and only smiled at the thought of it being added to the other tales about her, but she wasn't a swallower! No, not at all.

She got a good deal of practice after that, to improve her technique. She paid special attention to the fact that just as a boy was going to cum in her mouth, he invariably would grab for the back of her head and begin to pull her face downward on his cock. She always got ready for that and became good at counteracting the motion and just holding the stuff in her mouth until it could be spit out.

In a tiny part of her mind, she liked being whispered about as a 'mouth' for the guys. It appealed to her in a strange way. She liked to mentally compare the sizes and shapes of the cocks that she sucked. She discovered that she liked having a soft cock in her mouth that would grow with her ministrations. All of that was pleasing, swallowing wasn't. She even had a chance to get on her knees once for a football player, who hadn't washed enough, and discovered that she loved the funky taste of his cock, not tasting of soap and washing but strange flavors and a bit of wildness. This she never admitted to them. It would have ramped up her reputation in a way that she didn't want.

The end of high school came at just the right time for Gwen. She knew that, after growing into cock sucking, the only next step was fucking and she didn't really know that she was ready to add that to her already infamous reputation. But school ended and she went on.

But 'going on' for Gwen at that time in her life meant Bobbie T. Her older, slow wonderful Bobbie T. They became an item, and Gwen re-invented herself. She wasn't the wild make out girl now. She was slow and calm and she let things grow between them in a nice fashion. Of course, she rewarded Bobbie T's slow, almost vanilla plainness in sexual matters with the gift of her virginity. She thrilled him by sucking him off anytime that he wanted. She didn't swallow. Gwen never did that.


Matt was Bobbie's younger brother. The contrast between the two of them, for Gwen at least, was radical. Where Bobbie was calm and easy to control for Gwen, Matt had a kind of dangerous look about him. She could never put her finger on it but it was there for her. She decided to remain polite, and friendly but very wary of him. He invariably treated her with a kind of smile on his face in those days. It was a smile that she didn't think she'd want to get to know the meaning of but that very same possibility was the closest possibility to her heart.

It actually began by a kind of accident. Bobbie was working in Ohio still; Gwen was his steady gal. He had a car and it was the only one in the family. Their Mom needed to go somewhere and going by car seemed to be the only way. It was agreed that they'd travel back to Ohio to where Bobbie worked, their Mom, Gwen and Matt and bring the car back.

The car was an older type, the kind with a large continuous bench seat. That was important in those days, since it allowed a guy to drive with one hand on the wheel and one hand around his girl friend's shoulder.

They made the drive to Ohio and then back. It was pretty late at night, by the time that they got back to Western PA, where they lived. They were, all three of them, in the front seat, and Gwen was close enough to Matt to press her thigh against his. She never moved the thigh but was constantly, truly aware of the pressure.

Mom was asleep by the time that they were back, and so Matt dropped her off at the house and then went to take Gwen to her place. She shared an apartment with a girl friend.

When they got back into the car, Gwen slid over along the seat and sat next to Matt again. He smiled at her, and the smile made her heart race a bit.

They pulled into the parking lot by her apartment and just sat there for a few minutes.

It was Matt who began it. He seemed so slyly sure of himself, a fact that, after only a few minutes, Gwen would not have gainsaid.

"So, do you suck his cock?" Matt asked, and heard Gwen's intake of breath in the darkness.

"I don't think that's any of your..."

He grabbed her by the cheeks and said roughly: "Never refuse to answer what I ask of you."

Gwen was caught. It surprised her afterwards that it had been so easy for him but she could only put it down to all those looks that she'd had from him, and her nervousness about what they'd meant and the ride with the pressure of the thighs. Whatever it was, she found herself doing what he wanted.

"Yes," she said, "I suck his cock!"

He laughed and she only looked at him.

"So, little Gweny is a cock sucker!" he said, still laughing.

"Yes," she said.

"Yes, what?" he snapped at her, "Tell me, say it to me!"

She felt more like a cornered animal than anything else, and she realized, right then, that she was going to do it.

"Yes," she said then softly, "Little Gweny's a cock sucker!"

"Louder, Gweny!" he said, and she did what he wanted. This time it could be heard all over the area of the car:

"Little Gweny's a cock sucker!" she trumpeted.

"Good, we have that established," he went on, "Do you swallow, Gweny?"

Now she was enough under his control that she didn't hesitate to answer him:

"No, I never swallow! I don't like that!"

What he said next both shocked and riveted her attention:

"But with me you will swallow, right Gweny?" he said in a tone too dangerous to deny.

She looked at him, staring at his eyes, twinkling in the semi-darkness and said clearly, hardly even believing at that point that it was she who was speaking and, moreso, meaning what she was saying:

"Yes, with you I will swallow!"

"Good," he said, "Now get those pants off; I want to see your naked ass, while you suck my cock, Gwen!"

Gwen was smitten, taken over, out of her own control. It was as if she were mesmerized. She began to take her jeans off, never letting her eyes off of his. The jeans were off and on the floor.

"Give me your panties!" he said and she slipped them off and handed them to him.

He moved in the seat then and had his legs splayed open. She allowed him to tug her into position and she took his cock out. It was bigger than Bobbie's. It wasn't very washed that night either, but that was increasingly part of what pleased a part of Gwen.

Right then Matt began to control Gwen, Bobbie's Gwen, and she didn't care. Her head went down into his lap; her mouth wide open and she received his cock inside her mouth.

He'd apparently been thinking about this, planning this for a long while. He raised up in the seat and clamped his hands on the back of her head. It wasn't like any of those other times, when she was always in control, always knew when to move her head, lift it up. He had her in his control and she couldn't move, at least didn't try to move.

He came in her mouth copiously and he held her head firmly in place.

"Swallow, slut!" he growled at her and she shook her head 'yes' for him, and did what she was told.

He laughed then, as she lifted her head and he saw the cum trickle out of her mouth.

"Take it!" he said, and she wiped it up with her finger and inserted the finger into her mouth.

"Put your pants back on," he said next, and she asked about her panties.

"I want them," he said.

He put the car light on then and got out a pen from the glove box. He handed the panties to her and said: "Write what I tell you."

On the surface, the back surface of the panties, she wrote, at his bidding:

"Gwenny's Bobbie T's girl friend but sucks Matt's cock and swallows!"

(He in fact kept the panties for a number of years and one year gave them back to her as a Christmas gift, which only went unnoticed at the time, due to the flurry of activity around the Christmas tree.)

She went into her apartment then. She was confused but Matt was pleased.

She spent a good deal of time with Bobbie's Mom and, during those days, was around Matt frequently. He managed all sorts of opportunities to get Gwen on her knees in front of him with his prick in her mouth.

For a good long time, this was their relationship. She was his cock sucker. He never tried to do anything else. She never tried to deny him.

On one particular occasion, Bobbie was coming home that weekend and his Mom was out. He sought Gwen out, she was there waiting for Bobbie.

He walked into the room where she was, unzipping his fly as he came.

"But he's coming soon!" she almost wailed.

"Then you'd better get busy!" he said and pulled her to her knees. As was their usual practice, she didn't say 'no' at all. She just sucked his cock.

When they were finished and he'd come in her mouth, he raised her up and said:

"I don't want you rinsing your mouth; when he comes here, I want you kissing him with my cum in your mouth. Do you understand?"

The relationship grew right then both by his new demand and her unexpected answer. Once the answer was made, she knew there was no going back. She answered him:

"Yes, sir, I understand."

So this was the new wrinkle in their game. She would meet Bobbie with Matt's cum in her mouth, on her lips, on her tongue, and he forbade her to ever swallow Bobbie's cum, when she sucked him off.


He never made it a practice to 'use' Gwen often. He was always confident in the thought that she was available to him, whenever he wanted her. She never said 'no' to him at any time or for any reason, not even after she and Bobbie were married.

As her life with Bobbie settled down, and Matt remained 'available', she began to react to Bobbie's 'vanillaness' by more and more wanting Matt.

He was extremely pleased with that turn of events. She took to sending him notes that were always signed 'the swallower'. Bobbie was benefiting to a certain extent by this situation between Gwen and Matt because it was to him, to Bobbie, that Gwen took her longings. Even his vanilla method of sex was pleasing and could hold off Gwen's longings for a time period.But she more and more resembled Maggie from 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'.

Matt established a small, new, struggling but fairly optimistic company, and, since Gwen was not working at the time, she often helped him out as a volunteer secretary, during those early times, when Matt was getting the business off the ground.

It was a Thursday evening and Matt was soon going to close the office and go home. Gwen was hovering a bit, and it made Matt smile. He could, by now, read her like a book. He knew that Bobbie was away and Gwen was probably horny.

She came into his small office before leaving. She wore this evening a tight pair of red slacks, and a black sweater. The sweater was a loose knit affair, that showed skin through the sweater pattern, especially around her waist and shoulders.

"You look nice tonight, Gwen," Matt said, and she beamed at him.

"Thank you, sir!" she said. (When they were together, she always used the 'sir' form of address for him. She wanted to constantly give him the message that she was available.)

"What's the black line on your sweater for?" he asked, more to be comical than any real question.

(He simply wanted to tease her a bit, and the mention of the solid block of black material that was covering her breasts seemed like a good way to do it.)

She looked at him seriously and pulled the sweater up to her shoulders, showing a black lacy bra.

"That's to hide my bra!" she said earnestly, still holding up the sweater.

"What about your panties?" he asked next.

She dropped the sweater hem and, reaching around, unzipped the zipper in the back of her tight red slacks until it was half way down her butt. She turned then and showed him the beginning of her ass crack hidden beneath a pair of dark, smokey pantyhose.

"I'm not wearing any panties, sir!" she said.

"Come here," he said to her, and she began to zip up her slacks.

"Leave it and come here!" he said in a rougher voice.

"Yes, sir!" she said, lapsing into her obedient mode right away.

"Here's what I want you to do," he said to her. "You go into the bathroom down the hall; when you get there, take off your sweater and set it aside. Then take off your bra and set it aside. Next take off your slacks and set them aside, then take off your pantyhose and set them aside. Then you may dress but only put on your slacks and sweater. Bring me the bra and the pantyhose. Am I being clear?"

"Chrystal clear, sir!" she said, smiling and left the room to go to the bathroom that was just down the hall.

In a few minutes, looking at his watch, he followed her. He spoke to himself about how long it might take her to get out of her clothes. He waited that amount of time.

She let out a loud 'eeeeeep'!, when he entered the bathroom and found her in front of the mirror naked.

"I want these!" he said, as she just watched him, her nipples hardening in anticipation.

Saying that, he picked up her pile of clothes, all of them, and walked out of the bathroom, getting another squeal of surprise from Gwen, as he left.

He was grinning from ear to ear, as he got back to his office. He'd already made sure that the place was locked up and bolted, so that no one could get in.

She came to him in a short time. She looked around the doorway at him and said:

"Matt, sir, may I come in?"

"Yes, do!" he answered, smiling at her.

(It should be said that despite Matt frequently using Gwen for blow jobs; this was a movement that was new for the two of them. He discovered that he liked her slim nakedness, and he told her so.)

"Thank you, sir!" she said, standing inside the office door and waiting for him to tell her what to do.

"Come over here," he said to her somewhat roughly. "I'm going to spank you."

She moved, red faced but obedient to him.

"Do you know why?" he asked.

"No, sir," she said, meekly, "Not unless you tell me."

"I like panties!" he said, "And so, you get spanked for not wearing them. Clear?"

"Yes, sir!" she said.

"Now tomorrow, when you come here; we do have some work to do; make sure that you're wearing pink panties, and a skirt! Then we'll do something exciting but for tonight it's going to be a spanking and a blow job. Also clear?"

"Yes, sir," she said, "Very clear."

By then she was over at the desk where he was. He moved his chair to allow her to drape herself over his lap. He initiated the spanking right away, hitting her left ass cheek and then right ass cheek alternatingly. He kept up with the spanking after she was already sobbing and her ass was almost a cherry red. Then he dumped her onto the floor. It put her a little way distant from his chair position, so she crawled to him, never letting her eyes stray from his.

"Master, may I?" she asked quietly. "Your good friend the 'swallower' is here for you!"

"Cock sucker!" Matt growled between clenched teeth, in anticipation of the treat that was about to happen.

"Yes, sir!" she said, "Your cock sucker! Yours is the cock that I dream about, that I long for, that I ask for, that I beg for, that I wish for, that I worship!"

He smiled at her, as she reached the spot now between his legs. She hesitated a moment and he said:

"You do the work! Pay for your sins here!"

"Yes, pay for my sins!" she said.

Then she lowered her face to almost the floor and, knowing what he liked and what turned her on, said:

"Matt, my Master, I'm here, your cock sucker is here! Please let me have your big man in my mouth! Please! May I? Please? I won't say 'no' to anything and tomorrow, tomorrow I promise that I will be wearing sexy panties and not forget what my master loves! But please now!"

"Here!" he said in a louder voice, grabbing her by the ears and pulling her face toward his extended cock.

She squealed from the pain at her ears but her head reached its destination with her mouth wide open to receive him.

He held onto her by her ears and now and then by a fist full of hair, pulling her face to him and then away from him, never giving up the control of the blow job, or face fucking, which it actually seemed to be.

She made throat noises and at times gagged a bit, causing the saliva run down her chin. In one supreme moment for him, he had her lips pressed to his stomach, kissing his pubic hair.She was breathing through her nose and struggling with it, trying not to gag.

Matt laughed and pinched her nose closed, shutting off her air. Her eyes flew open and stared at him, at his laughing face.

After a bit, with the first flutter of her eyes, he let her nose go and with one last push, came in her throat. Gwen worked and swallowed and worked. At last she settled back on her heels and just smiled at him.

"No one does that like you, I bet!" she said.

"You liked that, Gwenny?" he asked.

"Yes, sir!" she said. Then she asked if she might get cleaned up.

"Yes," he said, "but you have to crawl to the bathroom, since you didn't wear panties today."

"Yes, sir," she said, "Crawl!"

She crawled down the hall to the bathroom, still naked, with Matt walking behind and slapping her ass periodically as she went. Then she disappeared inside the bathroom.

Matt waited for about a minute and then, as before, he silently opened the door. She was in sitting on the toilet to pee.

He roared at her: "Who said you could take a piss?"

The only noise was an 'eeeeep' from her, as he pushed his way into the cubicle with her, startling her.

He had his own fly open and his cock out in no time.

"You've misbehaved twice now," he said, "So, we'll do this."

Once he'd said that, he pushed his still soft cock toward her mouth and, when it was in her mouth, with her anticipating giving him another blow job, he began to piss himself.

Her eyes flew wide open, and looked up into his grinning face. She made a throat noise and began to swallow furiously, trying to keep up with it.

When he was finished, he leaned back. He never quite was ready for the grateful look on Gwen's face, when she was truly and properly used by him. The look was there now.

"Thank you, sir!" she said softly. "You are so exciting!"

"Slut!" he said, "Pig, piss pig, pain pig!"

She shook her head 'yes' at every word, every name he called her, and agreed with them all.

"He doesn't take care of what you want, what you need the way that I do, does he?" he asked.

"No, sir," she admitted, "He doesn't!"

"Will he be home tonight?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," she said, "He'll be driving in from Ohio."

"Good," he said, cracking a grin on his face, "Don't dare to do anything with your mouth until you kiss him. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," she said.

"Once you've kissed him, greeted him with my piss still on your lips, then you call me! Hear?" he ordered.

She was thrilled: "Yes, sir, I'll kiss him, and once he goes in, I'll call you, I promise."

"Tomorrow?" he asked.

"Short skirt, pink panties!" she repeated, giving him back his instructions.

"Good, something new tomorrow," he said.

She kissed his hand; "It's always something new with Matt my Master!"

"May I please dress to go home now, sir?" she asked.

He gave her permission and she left.

"Oh, Gwenny," he said to himself, settling down at his desk, "You are so much fun to play with. But new stuff tomorrow!"

It was later that night. Bobbie had already come home, and true to her promise, Gwen had not done anything at all, drunk anything before kissing him hello. The little secret made her want to giggle, right in the middle of the kiss.

Then Bobbie went to put his things away and said he'd take a shower. She picked up the phone then and called Matt's number.

"Yes?" he said as he answered.

"It's me," Gwen said, "The slut Gwenny, calling, as you told me."

"Good," he went on, "Now you clean your mouth. Here's what I want you to do. Go into the powder room. Take with you the dish detergent from the kitchen. Kneel in front of the toilet and lower your mouth into the water, rinsing with three good mouthfuls of water. Then take the dish detergent and spritz some into your mouth and add some water, letting it foam. Let it sit there for five full minutes before rinsing from the tap. Clear?"

"Oh, yes, sir!" she said, and, after a minute of hesitation said: "And very exciting. You certainly know how to take care of me."

"Glad you feel that way!" he said. "Tomorrow!"

"Yes, tomorrow!" she said, hanging up.

She was naked in bed, when Bobbie came in. He was a bit surprised because he didn't really like her to go to bed that way. He told her so.

She put her arms out and wiggled her fingers at him and said:

"Oh, Bobbie, don't be that; come and love your Gwenny!"

He did, and Gwen, during his love making, hung onto her edge by thinking of Matt and what she'd wear the next day. He didn't make her cum but did himself. When he was finally snoring, she slowly lowered her fingers to her pussy and played with herself, to bring herself to an orgasm. She lay, after that, in the dark, thinking of Matt and the sweet, dark, delicious feeling of his control over her and she smiled to the night around her.

She was all in a flurry about the next day. Bobbie slept late. She left him some coffee and said that she was going to work. He already told her that he had a full day of running around that had to be done.

"Things he needed," he'd said, "For his apartment in Ohio."

On the way to work, she dropped her car off at a friend's garage to have some work done on it, and then got a ride.

Matt was already in his office and working, when she arrived. She knocked politely on the door and then stood in the doorway, waiting for him to let her come in.

He looked at her first with a smile on his face, taking her in.

She'd worn a pleated mini, with the waist band rolled up a few extra inches, once she'd gotten to work. She also wore a pair of brown leather, knee length boots with heels. A simple, yellow satin blouse completed the outfit, through which you could see the faint outline of her pink bra.

"Master!" she said in greeting.

"Something to show me?" he asked softly.

"Yes, sir," she answered, "May I?"

"Do!" was his reply, and she pulled the hem of her skirt up, so that it was around her waist, showing her pink, bikini panties. The faint shadow of blond, curly pussy hair was apparent through the fabric. She turned and gave him next the shadow of her ass.

He bounded up from his desk, surprising her and causing her to squeal. He grabbed her by the arm and propelled her toward the desk, where he made her stand, bent over at the waist. Then he went past her and locked the doors to the office securely. When he came back, she was still in position waiting for him. He got a chair and set the chair behind her, he flipped up her skirt and was face to face with her panty covered ass.

She looked around at him with a kind of shy smile on her face and asked:

"What are you going to do?"

He laughed and said: "Something that Bobbie probably never has!" When he'd said that, he kissed her on the ass cheek, and she shivered.

"Fuck you last night?" he asked.

"Yes," she said quietly.

"Like it?" he asked next.

"Thought of you!" she said.

"Doing what?" he wanted to know, constantly kissing her exposed, panty covered ass cheeks.

"Whatever you want!" she said and shivered again.

"You're so much fun, Gwenny!" he said then. "But down to business."

He kissed her ass again and then went on:

"Bet he never kissed your ass, did he?" he wanted to know.

"Oh no!' she admitted.

"Bet he never pinched your ass!" he said then, giving her a pinch on the ass cheek, hardly protected by the panties, and causing her to squeak out loud.

"No, never!" she said then.

"Bet he never bit your ass!" he said next to her.

"Oh nooooo!" she said, the word 'no' going into a kind of wail because of the effect of his using his teeth on her tender ass cheeks.

Then he pulled her panties down and off and said, kissing her naked ass now:

"Bet he never ran his tongue up and down along the crack of your ass!"

"Never!" she said, sighing and wiggling her ass a bit in his face, which caused him to slap her ass and tell her to behave. She giggled a 'yes, sir' and stopped her wiggling.

"Bet he never did this!" he said finally, prying her ass cheeks apart and licking the inner sides of her ass and planting a kiss on her rose like ass hole.

She shrieked then and tried to utter her 'No, no, no' but was hardly able because of the sensations that he was causing in her.

"Did he ever do this?" his inquiry went on, but now it was accompanied by him sticking a finger into her ass hole, and making her squeal again.

"Ohhhh, noooooo!" she wailed at him causing him to grin.

"Gwenny," he said, lightly kissing her ass, "You're so much fun to play with!"

"Oh, love it, love it, love it! Love you too, just do!" she said, barely under control at that point.

"Getting serious now," he said and once again placed his fingers at her ass hole, only this time it was two fingers that went in and caused her to flap and dance a little and squeal her delight.

"Serious, oh, yes!" she said.

"Now this!" he said, beginning to apply some scented oil to her ass crack and rubbing it into the area of her ass hole.

"Guess what's next!" he said.

"Are you going to?" she asked.

"Has he ever?" he replied.

"My heavens, no!" was her answer as he snuggled up behind her.

She heard him lower his zipper then and felt the pressure of his cock against her ass hole. She tried to brace herself for the onslaught but he slapped her ass and demanded that she relax. She did this as best she could but still squealed at first in pain and then in absolute delight, as he got his cock into her ass and began to push it in and make love to her ass.

"Ohhhhhhh," Gwen wailed, "Ass fucking! Ass fucking! Is there no end to your wonders! Ass fucking!"

"You'll wake the neighborhood, woman!" he said, slapping her ass, as he grabbed up her panties and forced them into her mouth to silence her.

She came then; with no further kind of stimulation, she came from his ass fucking. She came shaking, babbling, drooling, and cursing. She came loving it; loving what he always did to her, rejoicing in it and enjoying it. She came with her loudness taken up by the panties in her mouth, and her pressing her ass back against his trouser front.

As soon as he was finished and out, and had moved a step away, Gwen knew what she had to do. She slipped from the desk, and went to her knees, capturing his slimy prick in her mouth and, with her eyes fastened on his smiling face, cleaned it with her mouth.

When she was finished, he grinned at her and said: "Okay, give me your skirt."

She did with no hesitation.

"I guess the rest of it also!" he said then, and she stripped naked in the office for him, loving the sensation of it.

"Now go and open the doors; we need to do some work," he ordered and she squealed and ran off to the doors to open them and right back.

When she was back in the office, he told her to get under his desk. She just fit into the space with his knees on either side of her smiling face. She unzipped his zipper and took out his cock, beginning to lick it and suck it. Then they heard the door open and someone come in.

"Don't move!" he said and she froze.

She just barely suppressed a squeak, when she heard Bobbie's voice asking:

"Where's Gwen?"

"Out on errands," Matt said.

"Damn!"Bibbie cursed, "I needed to talk to her, where'd you send her?" There was barely suppressed anger in his voice.

"Well to tell the truth, Bro," Matt snapped at him in the same tone of voice, "She's hiding under my desk, totally naked sucking my cock!"

The apparent sarcasm of it settled Bobbie down a bit and he said:

"Sorry to snap at you, Matt. Something's come up and I have to go back to Ohio right away. Tell her will you?"

"Sure will, Bro!" Matt said brightly, as Bobbie left the office.

Once Bobbie was gone, she looked up at Matt with a grin on her face and said:

"I don't believe what I just heard!"

Matt grinned at her and said: "I just don't want anyone accusing me of not telling the truth, is all!"

She went into a spate of giggles over that, and moved forward just a bit. Matt rolled his chair deeper under the edge of the desk and trapped her toward the back of the underneath part of the desk structure.

She barely had room but managed to maneuver and get his zipper open. Then, as he sat at the desk and did some work that needed finishing for a deadline, she sucked his cock. Just as he was cumming, he grabbed a hold on her hair with his fist and pulled her face all the way into his lap and down on his jumping and spurting prick.

"What a mouth on the bitch!" he said with great fondness, to which she answered immediately:

"And she swallows!"

"Yes, she does!" he said then, "But don't tell Bobbie!"

He thought for a second and said: "By the way, Bobbie said to tell you that he was going back to Ohio; that something had come up. Just wanted you to know."

"Thank you, sir!" she said, and, realizing the absolute truth of what she had said to him, kissed his hand and said it again. This time both of them knew that she meant it totally.

On Saturday, he had a phone call from her:

"Matt!" he said into the phone.

"Hi," came her soft voice over the phone. "He left me a note; said he had to go back to Ohio. I don't know what's up."

"You sound restless!" he said.

"Oh, I am," she admitted.

"Fine, come over here," was his response. "We can play."

Matt lived in a relatively small house on the east side of the city. He had been putting most of the efforts of his finances into getting the business established and the house just had seemed to be a secondary consideration to him. It was Bobbie and Gwen that lived in the big house.

That evening, she was there in a short period of time. She was wearing a tee shirt, jeans and sandals. They sat down, the two of them, in his small den; he in an easy chair and she on a kind of hassock in front of him.

It had been a free day for the two of them and he was wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. They sat there and talked for a while.

"Something is up with Bobbie!" she said; "I can feel it."

"Don't know," he said but realized that she sounded, at least worried.

He moved his foot, which was on the edge of the hassock so that it was sitting in her lap. It distracted her and caused her to giggle a little, as he wiggled his toes and then inserted his bare foot up under the hem of her tee shirt.

She just grinned him as he walked his bare foot up her stomach until it encountered her bra.

"What are you wearing this useless thing for?" he said in a gruff voice. "It only gets in the way!"

"Sorry," she said, "Shall I take it off."

"No," he countered, "I'll take care of it."

That caused her to giggle again, once she realized that his toe wiggling was really his attempt to push the bra up and off of her breasts.

"That feels funny!" she said.

"What'll you give me, if I get it off?" he asked.

"If you get it up and off," she said, returning his broad grin, "I'll let you do whatever you want!"

"I can already to that!" he said, stopping his toe wiggling for a moment.

"I know that!" she said softly, "but this time I'm making a pledge to you."

"Hmm," he answered, "A pledge. Then I'd better get to work."

She resumed her giggling as his toes went back to work, pushing up on the fabric of her bra.

As it happened, the bra had a criss cross kind of structure and where the fabrics crossed there was a little gap in the material. It was what he was looking for, or maybe it should be said, what his toes were looking for.

He inserted his toes in that gap in the fabric and began to pull on it and push at it. His eyes never left her face. She stared at him, enthralled, challenged and loving what he was doing.

"I love you, Matt!" she said.

"Thank you, Gwenny," he answered, "I love you too."

She sighed with the return of her assertion to him.

"I will let you do anything to me that you want!" she said then.

"I know," he said triumphantly, "Especially since I can do this!"

Having said that, he gave one last mighty push with his toes against the fabric of the bra and was able to push it up and off of her breasts.

Gwen squealed, when she felt the fabric move.

Matt only looked at her with triumph on his face and pushed up her tee shirt with his other foot, exposing her tits.

"Victory!" he said.

"Victory, sir!" she repeated.

"Well, I have something cool in mind," he said next. "Come with me, Gwenny; it'll be a play evening!"

"Oh, 'a play evening'," she cooed in answer, "Gwenny loves that! Loves to play with Matt! Loves to be played with by Matt."

They went to the basement. He had already thought about all of this, it seemed, since there as a low kind of coffee table set up there and the work bench had various items on it.

"You won't need clothes down here, slut!" he said caustically, establishing the atmosphere of what they were about to do.

"Of course, sir," she said, "This slut will simply get naked for you."

In a few moments, her clothes were all piled up on a counter off to the side and she was totally naked.

"Up on the table," he said, "On all fours."

"Yes, sir!" she said, taking time only to take his hand and kiss the back of his hand.

She watched in fascination, once she was in place on all fours on the small table, as he retrieved from the work bench a big roll of duct tape. She let out a little squeal, when she realized what he was going to do.

One at a time he wrapped her hands and then her feet in the tape and using that as a base, taped her hands and feet to the table, rendering her unable to move.

He stood back, when she was taped into place and looked over what he'd done.

"Lovely," he said, "Just where I want you!"

"Oh, thank you, sir!" she said, excited by the position she was in and the possibilities that it presented for what he might be about to do. Excited, in fact, by the realization that he was in essence pushing all of her buttons, every single one.

He went back to the work bench and this time came back with a pinkish corkscrew kind of item. She realized what it was, and what the long stick attached to it was for and she squealed again:

"Are you?"

He laughed: "Of course!"

She squealed in delight but she got the noise out only a few seconds before he moved behind her and inserted the pigs tail into her ass hole.

She giggled then and wiggled her ass, with its new tail, at him. In the midst of his laughter she asked:

"What are you going to do?"

"Really want to know?" he asked her.

"Yes, please, sir!" she said.

"I'm going to sell your services tonight!" he answered, and her reaction was almost atomic.

The thought raced through her mind, spreading delight, sensual delight and a kind of euphoria: "He's going to make me into his whore tonight!"

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