The Plantation of Love and Tragedy

by Ann Marie Elliott

Copyright© 2011 by Ann Marie Elliott

Romantic Sex Story: A divorcee comes back home to heal her broken heart. Will a crime in the past affect her new life?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Paranormal   Cheating   MaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Size   Big Breasts   Caution   Violent   paranormal sex story,ghosts sex story.

Ann was always the type of girl who did what she thought was right even if it meant going against what was popular. She wasn't the type of person who liked confutation but she wasn't afraid to fight for what she believed in. Which means she isn't a push over by any means believe me I know from experience. She would also do anything for love as long as it didn't go against her beliefs or so she thought.

When she was fourteen she met a boy by the name of Brandon who she instantly fell head over hills for with a little push from me now I wish I would have just left her alone about the whole situation you'll understand why in a few minutes. He was sweet and kind or so we both thought until they got married then it was an entirely different story. He started telling her she was fat. Now sure she was no tooth but she was huge either she perfectly proportioned. She had a size sixteen waist, a size 42 d breast, an ass to die for. But if you asked her she'd tell you she hated it. The reason is she always had problems buying pants that would fit. Cause the ones that would fit her waist would not fit over ass and the pants that would fit her ass were too big to fit her waist. She had the most beautiful hazel eyes, big lushes lip that could such the color off your whale you know. Wonderful long black hair which I hated her for cause I never could get my hair to look that perfect. Now Brandon on the other hand was a very homely looking guy. He had brown hair grow out, tall with a hunched back, hair every ware, brown eyes yeah I know I should have know by he's eyes he was full of shit forgive me I'm a blonde I had a dumb ass attach like you've never had one.

Now enough about how they looked back to what I was saying. After about a week of marriage he went from just being a dick to a busier. She was making dinner that night and burnt the garlic bread. He had been drinking and he got pissed cause she burnt the bread and he walked up behind her turn her around and punched her in the jaw and then the basterd had the nerve to tell her that it was her fault that. After that she decided to with hold sex from him hoping that it would stop him from hitting her but all it did was make him more angry and pissed off. After a month of her with holding he got tired of waiting for her to let him have his way with her. He waited till she was doing the laundry and then he pushed her up against the washer and grabbed her by the throught and told her if she wasn't going to give it to him willing he was just going to have to take it. He then pushed her to the floor lifted her dress pulled off her panties. After he had her pussy exposed he took off his pajamas. Ann tried to run from him while he was pulling them down but he caught her by the leg and pulled her down. Then he grabbed a hold of her neck once again he told her if she tried to run again before he was done with her he would hurt her. He then shoved he hard cock in to her soft pussy as hard and ruff as he could to teach her a lesson. She tried to scream but he put his hand over mouth and said just for that after I'm done fucking your pussy I'm going to shove it in your mouth and you are going to suck me off and if I feel teeth I'm going to cut out your tong and then shove it down your throught. He then proceeded to bite her nipples till they turn purple. After he came in her pussy he shoved his dick all down her throat so bad it made her choke. After he exploded all in throat and mouth he threw her a towel and said clean yourself up you hore. And don't forget to make sure I have a clean uniform for work tomorrow.

After about a year she found out he had been cheating on her the whole time they had been together. These things continued until five years later when he met a woman that he instantly fell for at work. Her name was Wendy she had long blonde hair, blue eyes, she was tall heavy set but to him she was the most beautiful woman he had ever meet. And this man had the audacity to call Ann fat may be the problem was that Ann wasn't fat enough for him sorry I'm being a little childish. And getting a little off subject. She told him that she won't do anything with him until he left his wife. He try to get her to leave him but in the end he had to leave her.

How here's the where it gets good. When she got divorced she came to live with me. I already told you I was a blonde but I didn't tell you I have short blonde hair, brown eyes, a buck twenty, five' five, great legs the only problem is I have a size thirty-eight c tits. My name is Heather and I live in New Orleans. Whale enough about me I'm not the main character. She came here from Ohio. She cried for a while but then she picked herself up off the floor and got a job at a little bed and breakfast that used to be a plantation the name of the place is a weird one they call it the plantation of love and tragedy. I told you it was a weird name didn't I. She was working there for month before a tall black man asked her out. He was heavy set, brown eyes, short black hair, and was as sweet as they come. I tell you they don't make em like that anymore. Oh by the way did I mention he was the owner of the place. His name was Chris.

On the third date Chris took her to a very expensive restaurant. He had the band serenade her. When he walked her to the door that night he gave her a very passionate kiss good night and he was expecting it to end there. But much to his surprise and joy Ann invited him in to have a cup of coffee. Once he said yes Ann smiled and opened the door. When they got inside Ann went to make coffee and found out they were out. So Ann decided to break out the wine cause she didn't want to be away from him yet. They drank the wine and talked for hours. Chris then kiss her passionately. And then started to get hot so she took off her shirt. Chris could take it any longer he started kissing Ann down her neck to her breast. He removed her bra with one hand and caressed her back with the other one. After the bra was off he licked, sucked, and nibbled on her silver dollar sized nipples. When he was done with her nipples he began kissing his way down to her inner thigh. Where he started kissing all around the inner thighs and pussy lips. He then began to slowly kiss her clit then slowly gently licking it. As he felt her getting closer and closer to erupting he put one finger in to her woman hood and speeding up his long strokes with his tong. It didn't take long after that before she began Cumming like a waterfall. Ann then kissing Chris' inner thighs around his huge massive cock and his tasty testicals. It did take Ann long before she began licking Chris' balls and began sucking his cock. She started by slowly moving her tong around the head and working her way down the shaft. When she got to the base of the shaft she took the entire massive cock all the way down her through. As Chris got closer Ann speeded up her thrust with her mouth. Chris could take it no longer he had to have her. He threw her on to the bed. He then shoved his hard massive cock in to her soft wet tight pussy. He started off with slow deep thrust but as they both got closer to their climax he sped up and got deeper inside her soft tight pink pussy until they both exploded in to complete ecstasy. They kept going on like this on a regular bases. Then about a month later she found out she was pregnant. She was so nervous about how he was going to react when he found out it was funny to watch her trying to figure out how to tell him while trying to keep him from finding out from someone else. She told me first of course. But she told him it only took her three week to find the right way to tell him. When he found out he was the happiest man alive. He is the first man I've ever heard of going on a baby shopping spree. He bought a crib, a basinet, a top of the line stroll, two top the line car seats and a ton of baby cloths boy and girl cause it was too early to tell the sex of the baby. She was so surprised to see the crib he picked out it was funny cause it was the one she showed me at the antic store. What did she honestly think I wasn't going to help him out picking the crib? If she did boy was she wrong.

Now here's where its get's weird. When she was about three month along Ann started having problems sleeping because of some very strange dreams. It started only happening at night then after a little while it started happening during the day while she was working as well.

She described them to me. She said in them she was still married to Brandon but he was dressed like a early north American settler and he wasn't call Brandon every one called him master Scott. And in the dream she wore a real fancy frilly dress and every one called her mistress Annabell. In the dream he treated her the same way Brandon use to when they were married. But the difference was she left him for slave by the name of Andrew strangely enough Andrew looked exactly like Chris but he wore raggedy brown clothing held up by rope. In the dream she was leaving Scott but not if he had anything to say about it. Scott grabbed his sword and stabbed Andrew thru the heart. Annabell started to run knowing she would be next. She ran for as long as she could but she was in her ninth month and she started to go in to labor. Scott finally caught up with her. He then threw her on the ground. He proceeded to ask if the child was his or Andrew. She said his hoping he wouldn't hurt the baby. The only problem with that is he knew when she was lying. So he took out the knife in his pocket and said let's find out. He began cutting open her stomach. He pulled the child out and said you lying bitch. As soon as he finished saying those chosen words he told her to look at him. As soon as she did he broke the child's neck right in front of her eyes. Annabell screamed and started crying. Scott then said now your turn to join your nigger lover and your basterd child. As he finished saying that he cut her head off with the same sword he killed Andrew with.

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