Fallen Angel

by Crisscross

Copyright© 2011 by Crisscross

Erotica Sex Story: The new minister and his wife Meet Amos. He's soon hired to remodel their bathroom. She has overheard some of the church ladies whispering about Amos and wonders if what she heard was true. A perfect time to find out would be when her husband is away at bible camp.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Size   .

I'm lying here in a motel room staring up at the ceiling. Five hundred miles away from where I started from this morning. Why am I five hundred miles away from home? Well, let me start from the beginning. My name is Darla Cummings My husband is Reverend Paul Cummings. I'm forty six years old, long straight, almost black hair, dark brown eyes. Five foot nine inches tall. My breasts are round and full with a natural uplift. A 25 inch waist that seems almost to small for my 38 hips. Paul is forty four. Five foot seven inches tall, a hundred and sixty five pounds and is somewhat balding.

We were married a little over twelve years ago, I had only been with one other guy before meeting and marrying Paul. For eleven and a half years I'd been happily married. I had a good job that helped us pay the bills and give us a little extra. Although I had worked for the company going on eight years. I had no idea I was being considered for a promotion, until I was called into the vice presidents office and told I had gotten a it, all I had to do was agree to accept it. It was after accepting the promotion and I'd told Paul, who seemed a little resentful that I was doing so well, that I learned there would be some out of town travel involved. At this time I had no idea, just how much time I would be spending away from home.

At first it was only a couple of days a month. It soon became three or four days at a time every other week. As I began traveling more Paul began questioning me about what I did while I was away and were there any men traveling with me. It didn't take long until I was thankful whenever I found out I was scheduled to leave again. By this time I really didn't mind being away from Paul who seemed to be pulling away from me. Why he began acting the way he did was beyond me. I had never given him cause to suspect I was being unfaithful to him when I was away, or any other time.

It was about six or seven months ago that I landed in Denver, a couple of days before Christmas in a terrible snow storm. We were informed that the airport was shut down and we wouldn't be leaving for at least another day and anyone going to Chicago it could mean another day or so as this was a slow moving storm headed that direction. I knew Paul would be very upset not having me there to help him with all the Christmas functions going on in the church. I gave him a call as soon as I could and explained to him the problem and I was right, he was furious. He started out with, I wasn't interested in the church as much as I should be and ending by asking who I was traveling with on this trip. I tried explaining to him I was alone but he hung up on me.

I was lucky enough to get one of the last rooms in one of the hotel's close to the airport. As I was leaving the airport, I saw people starting to try to make themselves comfortable for a night in the terminal. Either sleeping in the seats or on the floor, whichever suited you. It would have been much worse had we known we would all be stuck here for Christmas.

At the hotel I hung up my clothes took a shower dressed and went to get something to eat. When I entered the Restaurant I knew it would be awhile as I was about tenth in line to be seated. The lounge was right next door to the restaurant and I was about to go there and have a coke and wait to be called, When the hostess came up to me and said there's a gentleman over their that would like you to join him for dinner. Looking around thinking who could that be I don't know anyone here that I know of. As I looked I saw a gentleman in a dark blue suit give a little wave for me to come over. The hostess smiled saying, "would you care to join him?"

Smiling back I said, "of course I'd love to." It would have been rude to turn down his offer just because he was black. The hostess led the way to the table where he was standing waiting to seat me. As soon as he was seated I thanked him for getting me out of that waiting line. Holding out his hand to me he said my name is Daniel, and you're very welcome, You needed a place to sit and I needed someone to talk to. I could only have wished someone as lovely as you would be my dinner guest, I'm truly honored. He was still holding my hand in his when I said, "I'm glad to meet you Daniel, I'm Darla. I was about to go into the lounge and drink a coke or maybe something stronger, When I was asked if I cared to join you" laughing, I said, "No I'm just kidding, I rarely drink alcohol. If I do, its wine with dinner."

I ordered a Halibut steak grilled and smothered in butter. Daniel had already ordered a rib eye steak. When the waitress took my order, Danial asked if his dinner could be held so we could enjoy eating together, she assured us this could be done. That said. Over my protests, he ordered a bottle of sweet white wine, to go with my fish and a bottle of red wine, to go with his steak.

Conversation was kept light. We talked about what our jobs were, where we lived and what we enjoyed doing. I guess the wine that he poured quite liberally was taking it's tole on me. I was soon telling him about Paul and I having marital problems because of my promotion. After listening to my story, he said that was often what happened one or the other was unwilling to accept the others success which in many cases proved fatal to the marriage. We talked as we ate and moved into the lounge after we had finished eating, Danial ordered an after dinner drink for both of us after begged him not to order me one. He had a brandy and I had a green mint drink of some kind after I'd tasted it I was glad he'd insisted on me having one.

After the second one I told Danial they were good but I couldn't drink another one. As I tried to decide what to drink the waitress suggested I let her bring me a drink I was sure to like I asked is it non alcoholic smiling she said almost it will be good you'll see. What she brought me was orange juice in a tall glass with a smooth soft licorice flavor after tasting it I told the waitress I thought is was very good and thanked her.

By the time I'd finished my second orange drink the music had started and Danial asked me to dance laughing I said it had been so long since I'd danced I'd step all over his toes laughing he said come on Darla I'll teach you all over again taking my hand he led me to the dance floor, it was then I realized how much I'd had to drink I couldn't stop myself from weaving as I walked and told Danial I thought I should go to my room before I got to drunk to walk laughing he said let your hair down Darla you deserve to have a little fun your not the preacher he is and he's not here.

We danced a few dances and surprisingly, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to catch on again, in no time we were dancing and having a great time, when we sat out a dance we would have a drink but in the end it would take its toll on me I finished my fifth drink and was going to get up and dance and found my legs wouldn't hardly hold me up. Danial laughed and said he would help me to my room. He helped me across the lobby and into the elevator by putting my arm around his neck to hold me up. As soon as the doors had closed I felt his hands roaming over my body. I knew I should stop him but it felt so good being held against his strong young body, that I closed my eyes and clung to him.

I don't remember much after that until I came to in bed with Danial's cock buried deep inside me. I groaned, "no Danial, this is so wrong get off me." His lips closed over mine and he began thrusting his hard young cock deep and hard into my pussy. My god it felt good, better than any cock I'd ever had. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't stop him. I was soon thrusting my hips up driving his long black cock deeper into my pussy, my nails digging into his back as I begged to be fucked harder. I shuddered and screamed as my entire body seemed to explode with each orgasm, No one had ever given me more than one orgasm let alone one after another it had been quite awhile since I'd had even one, with my husband and this was beyond anything I'd ever felt. I'm not sure how many I'd had when Danial groaned, "I'm cumming in you baby, fuck my black cock, take my juice," I felt his cock jerking inside me spraying his cum deep into my lusting body.

We stayed together kissing a few minutes before Danial rolled off of me, his semi hard cock making a plopping sound, as it pulled out of me. He laid over onto his back and saw his limp cock laying across his thigh, my god I thought it's larger soft, than Paul's is when it's hard. I couldn't believe I'd just had that thing inside me and how much I'd loved it. Leaning over Danial I put my lips on his and taking his cock in my hand began massaging it gently as we kissed. After the kiss he smiled and said. I knew you'd love my big dick once you had it a couple of times.

Shocked I jerked back saying, "a couple of times, what do you mean, wasn't this the first time we did it?"

"Hell baby, this was the third time, once I managed to get it all in you went crazy for my black meat, you loved it baby, you kept saying give it to me, I can't get enough. When I first saw you, I figured you to be a good fuck, but damn baby, you the best I ever had. Tight, hot and full of juice, that's what I like."

Up until now, I had only been with one other guy besides my husband, so I had no idea a man could go all night, cumming five or six times. I'm not sure Danial would have stopped then, except I was so sore my pussy felt like it was on fire. When I got out of bed to go use the bathroom, I was so full of cum it ran out and down my leg all the way to my ankle. I came back from the bath room and fell asleep in Danial's arms, totally exhausted. The next morning I woke up with Danial biting and pulling on my nipples, while working his finger into my love nest, moaning I said, "I'm pretty sore Danial"

Whispering he said, "It will feel good once its in, easing himself on top of me, I spread my legs giving myself to him once again. I could hardly breathe as he pushed his long black cock to the very depths of my love nest, moaning I said, oh my god Danial, it feels so good, do it honey, fuck me full of black juice like you did last night."

We were eating breakfast when it was announced that my flight would be leaving at 2-20 pm and Danial's was scheduled to leave shortly after that. We finished eating and went back to our rooms to pack and be ready to leave in about 2 ½ hours. I was getting ready to jump in the shower when Danial knocked on my door. I invited him in and asked if he would like to shower with me, smiling he said, "I was afraid you might not ask." In the shower Danial got behind me and told me to put my hands on the wall and bend over, as I did he pushed his big cock all the way to the hilt, my knees buckled and I almost went down it felt so good. I moaned, "oh my god Danial, that feels so good, give it to me deep and hard like you always do. He fucked my pussy so hard I thought he might hurt me inside. I was about to cum for the third time when he said, "going to nut you baby, grabbing my hips he pulled me hard onto his cock and emptied his balls. I stood up straight and he took my breasts in his hands holding me against him kissing my neck and shoulders until his cock slipped slowly out of me. Moaning I said, "mercy how I love that big cock."

"Uuummmm, not anymore than I love that tight pussy of yours, that's some fine pussy you got Darla. But we better stop and get ready to go, or we'll both miss our flights.

laughing we dried off and dressed. Danial left my room and that's the last I saw of him. I thought about our night together on the flight back home and decided it was an experience I'd never forget, but I could never allow myself to do it again.

When I walked into the house I heard Paul rehearsing the sermon he would be delivering for Christmas which was the same every year. Hearing me come in, he came out of his study saying, "oh!! What a surprise, you did make it home in time for Christmas, small wonder, people in the parish are beginning to ask if we are having problems, since you hardly ever attend Wednesday evening prayer meeting any more."

"Well Paul, I hope you tell them I have a job that keeps me away. A job we need to help pay the bills, if they payed you more, I wouldn't have to work"

"Darla you know the church can't afford to pay me anymore money, the church is barely able to pay me what they are paying. That's what I'm talking about Paul, I need this job, but right now I need to unpack, get a bath and relax, I'm tired. It's been a trip to remember, being stranded and all, at least I was lucky enough to get a room and a bed to sleep in. There were many people who weren't that lucky, so please, just let me do what I have to do.

Paul and I had several discussions over the next few days. All were about my traveling and accusations of me sleeping around, only now it didn't seem to bother me as much as it had before I'd slept with Danial. The first of February was my next travel date and once again there was an argument when I told Paul I was flying to Dallas for restructuring meetings and I would be gone for a week a week. "Paul said, I suppose you'll be going alone as always."

"Actually I'll have company on this trip, a Mrs Holbrook, I've known her for about a year now she's real nice, been with the company over fifteen years. She went through the same thing I'm going through, but now travels very little except when something big comes up like now."

"Well that's nice, you'll have someone to tramp around with when you're not in those (important) meetings."

"My god Paul, she's in her mid fifties, I really doubt we'll do much tramping around as you call it. Paul's face became livid when I'd used the term god, in a way he didn't approve. He wheeled around and left the room. I leaned back on the sofa wishing I'd had three or four of those Orange drinks like I'd had with Danial. At least then I wouldn't have to listen to Paul's preaching.

The next week went by slowly. Sunday morning I fain ed a splitting head ache so I wouldn't have to attend church. After the week I'd just spent listening to Paul I couldn't bare the thought of facing the people in church and answering all of there questions.

I took a cab to the airport rather than pay a weeks rent to park it at the terminal, besides I could sit back and relax not having to fight the Monday morning traffic, which was always horrible near the airport. I arrived and checked in and was ready to board and was waiting, when Mrs Holbrook arrived she checked in and we sat talking mostly about the long week ahead. Although she was my superior, she insisted I call her Linda, she laughed saying, Mrs Holbrook made her sound much to old.

Linda didn't look her age of fifty six, she toned her hair a honey blond and kept it collar length, wore in style clothes and had a nice figure for a woman any age. she's around five foot four inches tall, I'd guess a 36c bust, trim waist and nice hips.

The first day of the conference was used discussing what the company had in mind for the near future and asked for input from everyone. The meeting adjourned early and a get acquainted luncheon and happy hour, were held in the lounge after the luncheon. Linda and I walked around, meeting most of the other people before going into the lounge. We were lucky to get a table somewhat out of the mainstream of fellow employees. I ordered my orange drink and Linda a Martini. I told her I'd never tasted anything except what I'd ordered, she offered her Martini to me saying here taste it. She laughed as I made a face saying, "my god Linda that's awful how can you stand to drink that."

They take some getting used to but once you acquire a taste for them you don't have to drink very many. I started drinking them when I was traveling a lot like you are I got so I couldn't stand all the bull crap the upper echelon thought I should put up with, that was before sexual harassment came into being it helped for awhile, but they soon found out it was hard for anyone to prove if they were careful.

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