If You're Smart, You'll Walk Away

by Crisscross

Copyright© 2011 by Crisscross

Sex Story: I knew Ron was a womanizer, but I needed his daddies money to expand my business. I didn't really need or want him as a partner. Little did I know My wife was looking for a new bed partner and Ron was only too happy to oblige her.

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I'm sitting here across the table from my lovely soon to be ex-wife, wondering how she could have been so stupid, listening to my partner Ron's bull shit. The only reason Ron was my partner is because I knew him from our school days and I needed someone with money to help me expand my business of importing and selling company overruns, anything and everything I could buy cheap and sell on the computer.

I'd heard around the club house, that Ron's father who owned a successful car dealership here in town, would like to see Ron get into some kind of business instead of living off him and his mother. After checking out the rumors I went and talked with Ron's father about making him a partner in my flailing young business.

It wasn't that I wasn't making it. The problem was I couldn't afford to hire someone to help and if I done it alone, as I'd been doing, it would never be able to become a larger company. By the time I flew around making contacts with manufacturing company's and buying what I could afford then flying back home to work the selling end, it was almost more than I could handle, let alone think about expanding'

I'm Larry Brown a hard working every day guy, trying to get a business started with a minimal amount of money. But with a lot of hard work and some luck, things are going pretty good at least business wise. Enter in my wife Debra, a lovely woman of twenty eight, 5-6 115pounds 36C chest and long blond hair. We were married six years ago and I thought things were going pretty well for us. We'd been lucky enough to find a three bedroom ranch style house with a shop on the property, large enough to warehouse the merchandize I was buying, which cut down on my overhead drastically.

Now enter my Partner, Ron Haas, 6-3--275pounds, a guy who had made quite a name for himself in high school as a football player, went to collage on a scholarship, but soon dropped out of football, rumor had it that, between the partying and not being smart enough, dropped out of collage altogether. Ron is one of those guys who never really outgrows being a high school star athlete, you know what I mean. They stay in that age bracket, reliving their glory days all of there lives and never really growing up.

Ron, like most star athletes, no matter what level they achieve their stardom at, was a womanizer all through high school and still thinks of himself as gods gift to women. In high school ee would get a pretty nice girl to go with him and then treat her like shit until the girl wised up and moved on. That's another trait they carry through life, they think themselves as being a hero and therefore can have any woman they want, weather she's married or not.

Now that you've met most of the star players in this story, let me tell you how and why, my lovely ex-wife to be and I are sitting at the table, on an early Sunday morning, discussing peoples fate and future's.

I was out to the club one night along with my wife and two other couples when I saw Ron sitting at the bar along with his father and another guy. I thought what better time to catch them together and talk to them about Ron coming in as a partner in my company. I approached them shot the breeze for awhile, then laid it all out on what I wanted to do and all I needed was money to invest in larger quantities of goods and that I was looking for a partner, As I was about to walk away Debra came up and stood by me and I introduced her to them. I could see right away Ron was a lot more interested in looking at Debra than he was about going into business. As we were leaving I said, "if you hear of anybody who might be interested in investing in a company or becoming a partner in a company, let me know.

' Later that night Ron came and asked Debra to dance and after two or three dances Debra came back to our table and said, "I'm ready to go, that guy is so full of himself he about made me sick."

By this time Ron's father had left and Ron was sitting at the bar getting pretty wasted. He stopped us on our way out wanting to buy us all another drink but everyone said they had enough. We all had to drive, so had better not drink anymore. Ron started to get belligerent saying, "if you have any trouble with the cops just me know and I'll take care of that shit, the police don't fuck with me." As we hurried up and got out of there, I heard Ron say to himself, "damn that's nice" I knew he was talking about Debra by the way he said it. I'd been around Ron when he'd been drinking and knew he was a real pain in the ass, especially if there were women around.

I left on a buying trip early Monday morning, leaving Debra to handle what shipping and billing she was able to do until I returned late Friday evening. I had talked to Debra and she had told me Mr Haas had called and left a message for me to call him when I got back. I knew it had something to do with our becoming partners, they're was no other reason he would be calling me. As soon as I got home I called him and we set up a meet for the next day at his car sales. He asked the questions and I supplied the answers in the end he asked how much money it would take, a hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, I said I would have to sit down and figure this out very carefully and would let him know but thought fifty or seventy five thousand would be plenty. I felt pretty sure the fifty would be plenty but would like to have a cash reserve that would be readily available if we needed it. In the next month my lawyer sat down with his lawyer drew up the papers went over them with Ron's father myself and Ron. That's how we became partners.

Things actually went along a lot better than I had anticipated, I thought Ron would try taking over the running of the company, since I was gone much of the time, but he didn't seem interested in doing much of anything, except playing golf and bragging about being my partner and how good the company was doing. What surprised me most was, I heard through the grapevine he wasn't drinking all that much either. I wondered, since father was getting up in years, if he wasn't making a show for dad, hoping he would turn the car sales over to him.

The fist year saw the company grow by leaps and bounds, just as I knew it would, if I could increase my buying power. We hired a few people to work in the warehouse and two women to handle the computers and one to take care of the billing and accounting. It seemed to grow bigger every month for the next six months then things seemed to start to slow down money wise. Sales seemed the same or even up a little but something didn't feel right in the money department.

After keeping an eye out for the next month and looking over the invoices of merchandize bought and merchandize sold and checking those figures against money taken in and money payed out, I knew something was wrong. Too much merchandize coming and going and to little money in the bank. We were still still making money, but it wasn't the return that we should be making.

Rather than say anything to anyone I decided to check around town with my friends and see if they had noticed anything unusual going on, or if they had heard anything that didn't seem right. Everybody I talked to said the same thing, seemed like we had a lot of trucks coming and going and thought business must be booming. All the stories were about the same until one of the gals that worked in the office had her husband Alan, come in and apply for a job. I happened to be in the office that day trying to figure out why all of a sudden money and merchandize were out of balance. Ron had a date to play golf, so it was just Alan and I in my office. He filled out the job application and we were making small talk when he asked if Ron still worked here. I said he's still here, when he isn't playing golf.

The guy chuckled, "or in Freeport."

I Said, "oh! I didn't know he hung out down there."

"We live in Freeport and I see him down there pretty regular, he and some good looking blond hang out at the Stable, its a bar and dance hall."

My ears perked up when he said good looking blond. For hells sake, Debra, s got to be smarter than to be out running around drinking and partying with Ron when I'm out of town. I know one thing for sure, if it's been going on for any length of time, Ron's had her in bed. Taking a sip of coffee I said, "so Ron's got a girl friend, wonder if it's the same one he had awhile back.

"I don't know," Alan said, "but they been coming to Freeport for four five months now. They both get pretty wiped out, then you'll see his big dually parked at the Loft Motel. I can't say I blame him, good looking gal like that, I'd want all the bed time I could get to.

I felt a cold knot forming in the pit of my stomach. Could those two be stupid enough to take a chance on losing everything. Because if I find out Debra is fucking around on me with Ron or anybody else, she'll wish to hell she hadn't. I said, "Damn, it sounds like old Ron's got it going on, what does this gal look like?" I had a bad feeling I already knew.

"Aw heck" Alan said, I'd guess her to be around 5-5 or 6, I'm 5-7 and shes a little shorter than me. Long blond hair, not real big on top, but a nice ass, one of them nice little round ones. Probably weighs around a hundred and ten pounds or so. She's not very big, but damn she's nice." "Don't know how a little gal like that can take a bull like Ron, worked with a guy one time that went to school with Ron, he said he's hung like a horse, must be what she see's in him, that and money."

I excused myself and told Alan I'd let the time slip away, that I was supposed to be at a meeting at the bank ten minutes ago. I told him I'd see if I could find a spot for him in the warehouse, or on one of the freight trucks. I had to get the hell out of the office before I exploded, I couldn't take listening to Alan going on about Ron and Debra any longer. I stopped in at the Pig Pen, a local watering hole that I stopped at once in awhile. I felt like getting drunk as hell but after two beers decided to go back to the office and start looking through Ron's Computer, If he and Debra were partying as much as Alan said they were, they would need money. Plus, if Ron was slick enough to be able to talk Debra into going to bed with him, he just might be slick enough to talk her into leaving me and stealing the company from me by filtering off enough money over a long period of time that the company would go on the rocks and he would offer to buy me out and after I was out of the company she would leave me and join him.

After about three hours of searching through Ron's computer I discovered quite by accident what was going on. Ron was billing several companies under his name only, that's why the merchandize was coming and going as usual but the money wasn't coming into the company account the way it should have. I could now prove Ron was stealing from the company. Under our agreement when we entered the partnership we would each take a salary, the rest would go into the company bank account. I copied all of Ron's files and any thing else to do with the company and put them in the trunk of my car and went home. Now I had to figure out how to catch them in there little rendezvous hideout and how I would bring them both down and give them nothing.

That night as I sat watching television with Debra she saw me looking at her and after a couple of times she began to squirm as if my looking at her made her nervous. It was around ten o clock when she said she was tired and was going to bed. I said, "how about I join ya, thought maybe we could have some fun and games Deb, what do you say."

I said, "I was tired and wanted to go to bed."

I didn't care for her tone of voice but didn't want to upset her and have it lead to a full blown argument. Well Deb, I thought after not having any for almost two weeks you'd be all hot to get into bed for some action, you used to meet me at the door after not having any for a week, now it's two weeks and you're not interested.

"Oh stop sniveling Larry, my god you'd think it was a matter of life or death if we don't have sex."

Just seems funny how you've suddenly changed,

I sat back on the sofa and began changing channels when she said, "well shit, come on, I can't stand to see you pout."

"No thanks Debra, I don't need a pity fuck from you or anyone else, I can make it another week or so, how about you, don't have a problem going without do you Deb?"

She stood glaring at me, then turned and went down the hall to our bedroom, soon to be my bedroom if what I'd heard was true.

I spent the rest of the week getting all my ducks in a row and checking bank accounts for withdrawls or whatever else I could find. It was Thursday when I told Ron I would be gone for the next week, I'd leave Monday Morning on an early flight and get back late Friday, or early Saturday morning. When I got home I told Debra the same thing. She didn't mention a thing about having sex and neither did I. After thinking about her and Ron being together and him having fucked her with his horse cock, I didn't really want anything more to do with her and would deal with it by the time the week was over. Sunday night I packed my bags and got ready to leave Monday morning, I thought Debra might try to set things straight before I left but not a word. I guessed Ron had told her don't be giving me no more of his pussy. Well, that's fine with me, he can have it all. The only problem is, it will be pretty hard for him to get where I'm planning to send him.

I left the house around 7am and drove out to the airport, where I left my car and rented one and drove back into town. The reason I did this was in case they were playing it safe and drove out to the airport, my car would be there, plus I could move around town much more freely in a rental car.

I parked about a block away from the gate leading in and out of the warehouse. Ron pulled in shortly after eight. I wondered how long he would stick around or when Debra might show up. I wanted to keep an eye on Ron just to see what his daily routine might be. I settled back expecting to spend a long dull day. I was having trouble keeping my eyes open I hadn't slept worth a damn last night thinking about my wife and my partner fucking me over. I should have been satisfied with the way the company grown over the first couple of years, slowly but surely, sometimes in business bigger isn't always better. Taking on a partner, especially Ron, had turned out to be a mistake, a real big mistake. I knew Ron could be trouble but I didn't think it would be this kind of trouble, but if everything went as planned, it would be a mistake corrected. In all honesty I trusted Debra completely, never would I have thought an ass hole like Ron, would ever be able to convince her to fuck around on me, but that just goes to show you how wrong you can be about people, even people you think you know the best.

I sat thinking about how hard I'd worked building a business out of nothing but a dream and now the person I had loved the most. was conspiring with a dead beat ass hole trying to take it away from me. I shook my head thinking they must be doing drugs to think they're smart enough to get away with what they're doing long enough to gain control of the company, my company. It was a little after nine when I saw Ron come out jump in his dually and roar out onto the street like a man that had had someplace important to be.

I waited until he was about a block away before I fell in behind him I wasn't to afraid of him losing me as his diesel wasn't that fast should I get caught by a light change. I followed him for about a mile, before I realized unless I missed my guess, he was headed to my house. I'll be a son of a bitch he was fucking my wife in my house and I'd bet in my bed. I hadn't expected things to happen this quickly I thought they would at least wait until afternoon or evening hell I would hardly have gotten off the ground had I actually left town.

Within another mile I knew for sure where my partner was going. Now all I had to do was figure out what action to take. It was to soon for all of the things I'd done business wise to have taken affect and I hadn't talked to a lawyer to file for a divorce but none of that really mattered I had enough on Ron to put him away for embezzlement but that left Debra, my trusting loving whoring wife to deal with. I hadn't expected things to happen this quickly not that I minded, the quicker the better to get it over with, I just had to figure out how without having to give up anything to her cheating sorry ass.

I pulled over and parked about a block from my house and watched Ron pull into the driveway get out and walk right into my house without knocking, oh ya this has been going on for quite some time. As I sat there I wondered if he was there to pick her up or was he there to fuck my wife before they went out somewhere. I decided fuck it, Ron had no business at my place when I wasn't home, we were business partners not friends, it was daddies money and he had invested in my company to try and get Ron off of his worthless ass. Now it was up to me to deal with him.

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