Frank and Jean

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2011 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Another sad tale.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

I saw the couple back in the dark corner acting like they were out for a quiet evening together, but they were anything but. They had followed us in, taken a seat where they could watch us and hadn't taken their eyes off of us since we sat down. The might as well have been wearing signs that said "Private Detectives at Work." The 'us' they were watching? Me and my secretary Kathy.

Actually Kathy was more of a personal assistant than a secretary and she always traveled with me when I went out of town on business. My wife's boyfriend thought that Kathy was much more and he was trying to find out for sure. He was trying to get information that he could give to Jean so she could divorce me and get a big pot of money. She obviously hasn't told him why she can't do that.

Kathy and I had flown into Dallas/Fort Worth airport that morning to attend meetings with people from Millgard Industries and we expected to be there over night. I was sure that I recognized the blond in the watching couple from the baggage claim area at the airport. Jean's boyfriend was laying out some big bucks if he was having us followed when we were out of town, but what he didn't know was that he was wasting his money. If I fucked Kathy on the table in front of the PIs and they took pictures and he gave those pictures to Jean she would raise holy hell with him and would probably kick him to the curb.

Kathy and I finished our dinner and I waived the waiter over and asked for the tab. Kathy got up and headed for her room and I moved to the bar. I had a few drinks and gave my watchers something to put in their report. I asked a couple of ladies to dance and I even joined one at her table for a drink. We talked for a bit and it turned out that she was a business traveler also and was just killing time in the lounge because there wasn't anything worth watching on TV. She made it plain that she wasn't there to hook up and that was okay with me because I wasn't there for that for that either. I danced twice more with her and then headed for my room.

Once there I took a little black box out of my suitcase, switched it on and then walked around the room with it. It was a device that I'd gotten from a friend who owned a company heavily involved in security work. What it did was pick up electrical and wireless signals – a bug finder as it were. My room showed clean so I walked over to the connecting door to the next room and knocked on it three times. Thirty seconds later the door opened and there stood Kathy wearing only high heels and a smile.

I wasn't worried about the private detectives. Kathy was registered in room 212 and I was in room 516. The connected room, 518, was rented in the name of Frank Bowers and Mr. Bowers did not exist. My lingering in the hotel lounge kept the PIs on me and allowed Kathy to go up to her room, wait fifteen minutes and then go up to room 518. If anyone would have followed her they would have seen her go into her room alone and we expected that once she was in her room they wouldn't waste any more time on her since I still had a crew on me. Kathy also had one of Alan's little black boxes and she swept her room and room 518 before I came up to my room. Why were we jumping through all those hoops? Just because! I knew for certain that the private eyes were not hired by my wife and while I assumed that their employer was Jean's boyfriend I wasn't sure. It could be a little industrial spying by one of my competitors. Either way my stance was to be better safe than sorry.

Why was I so sure that it wasn't my wife behind the private detectives? I guess that is the story.

It started as so many other tales of woe started – by accident. I had finished my breakfast, had kissed Jean goodbye and headed off for work. Jean called after me and said:

"Don't forget we are having dinner with Pat and Andy tonight so try and get home early. I've arranged for mom to take the kids tonight."

As I entered the garage I hit the button to activate the garage door opener and the door opened. I got in my car and backed out of the garage and down the driveway. As I backed out onto the street I reached up and hit the button on my remote garage door opener, but the door didn't close. I hit the button a couple of more times and the door still didn't close so I pulled to the curb, got out and went back into the house. I had some nine volt batteries in the basement and from experience I knew that when the remote didn't work it was usually a dead battery.

I went through the garage to the door into the house and as I opened it I heard Jean laugh and say:

"The big doofus is gone. You have time to stop by for a quickie before you have to go to work?"

"Want me in my sexy heels?"

"I'll play with it and get it warm for you."

"We still on for dinner tonight?"

"Good. I love sitting with you, Frank and Pat knowing that we have just put another one over on them."

"Okay lover; see you in fifteen" and then I heard the 'click' of the handset being put back in its cradle.

My initial impulse was to rush in and confront Jean over what I'd just heard, but a small voice in the back of my head said:

"Hold on hoss; best you find out all you can before you jump into her shit."

I quietly closed the door, got in my car and drove to work. I didn't need to park down the block to see who would arrive in fifteen minutes. From what I'd overheard it had to be Andy. Andy was the husband of Jean's best friend Pat.

I thought about the situation all the way to work and "the big doofus" worked out a plan of action. The first thing I needed to do was gather more information and I knew just how to get it. As soon as I got to the office I called Alan Audett at Audett Security Services. Alan and I had grown up together and he was the closest thing to a best friend that I'd ever had. My dad had fronted Alan the money to start his company when Alan had been discharged from the Army. In the Army Alan had been assigned to the ASA (Army Security Agency) and he had learned a lot that he thought he could use in civilian life. He told me his ideas and I had talked my dad into helping him.

When I got through to Alan I told him what I had just found out and what I wanted to do and he said:

"No problem. Get her out of the house and keep her gone for about two hours."

"We are having dinner with Pat and Andy tonight. We will probably go to Duke's Steak House and it will be at least three hours before we get home."

"I'll swing by and get a key. And Frank? I'm sorry man. I always thought you and Jean were great together."

"I thought that too Alan; I thought that too. My problem is going to be keeping myself from going over the table after Andy and getting my hands around his throat."

"There will be plenty of time for that later bud. Just play it cool. Earn yourself an Oscar tonight."

Yeah I thought as I hung up, a lot easier said than done. I took up a pen and a legal pad and outlined a plan of action. First was to get more information and I'd just taken care of that with my call to Alan. Next was to protect assets and that included protecting my credit. At some point I'd have to something about the credit cards that had both Jean and me on them. I'd have to get another safe deposit box in my name only and move some things like the certificates of deposit from the box that both Jean and I had access to. I wouldn't touch the checking account, but I would close the savings account and move the money.

We would end up splitting most of our personal assets evenly, but my largest asset couldn't be touched. When we married Jean had to sign an ironclad prenuptial agreement that precluded her from ever receiving part of the family company. My great grandfather had started the company and passed it to my grandfather who in turn passed it to my father. It was privately held and would eventually come to me. The intent of great grand dad, grand dad and my father was that the company would always remain in the hands of the family and that is why Jean had to sign the prenup.

Item three was one word. Revenge! I didn't list anything under that heading. I had time to think about it; but it would be draconian. I promised myself that. It would indeed be draconian.

I was putting my list away when Kathy came in and reminded me that I had a lunch meeting with John Crossfire of Crossfire Manufacturing.

"Do you want me to go with you?"

"I think so. Take good notes. Crossfire could turn into a good thing for us."

As she walked out of my office I watched the way her ass moved and as always it had an effect in my lower regions. I had to admit it; I loved the ladies. I was completely faithful to Jean, but I liked to look at beautiful women so I hired a lot of them. When Kathy came in for her interview she was hired the minute she walked through the door. I didn't care if she could type or even spell. She was a walking wet dream and I wanted her in my office where I could look at her all day. Luckily Kathy was a whiz at everything and she quickly became my right hand.

After two years with me there was no doubt in my mind that Kathy could step into my shoes and take on my job if the need arose. I smiled to myself as I thought she could easily step into Jean's shoes and assume Jean's duties also. Kathy was the one girl who could have tempted me to cheat on Jean, but fortunately cool heads had prevailed. At least until now. I quickly put that thought out of my mind. Jean's being a slut didn't mean that I had to act the same way.

I managed to get through the day and left work a half hour early as Jean had asked. I was greeted with a kiss when I got home and Jean was already dressed and ready to go. I thought about the award winning performance I was going to have to put on at dinner that night and that led me to think of the performance Jean was putting on. She played the part of loving wife to perfection. I'd no idea that she thought that I was a 'big doofus' and it certainly hadn't shown in the bedroom. Our love life had been great. I'd seen absolutely no loss of love or affection and that prompted another thought. How many times had I followed Andy into Jean? How many times had she given me sloppy seconds? How many times had she kissed me with the taste of Andy's cock still in her mouth?

Was I going to be able to have sex (not make love) with her knowing what I now knew? I was going to have to if I didn't want her to start thinking that I might know something. I needed everything to appear normal until I got the information that I wanted.

Dinner was the same as it had been the dozens of other times that the four of us had gotten together except this time the 'big doofus' was aware of what Andy and Jean were up to. Knowing changed things a little. Now I was looking for the subtle signs that I knew would be there. As always Jean sat beside me in the booth and Pat and Andy sat on the other side with Andy opposite Jean. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a slight moment of Jean's leg and at the same time a trace of a grin flashed across Andy's face. I wondered if Jean's foot was playing footsie with Andy or if maybe it was higher up and in his crotch. It was something that I would never have noticed before overhearing that phone conversation.

After dinner we went to the Black Hole for drinks and some dancing. Andy danced with Jean and they kept it circumspect probably because Pat and I were there. I danced with Pat and as I held her I wondered if she had any inkling that Andy was cheating on her. If she did I would bet she would never even give a remote thought to the idea that it would be with her best friend. Jean and Pat had been best friends since meeting in the second grade and I wondered how Jean could stab Pat in the back. It would be interesting to see what Pat would do when she found out about Jean and Andy and she would find out. I would see to that.

We called it a night and headed home and on the way Jean slid over next to me and started rubbing my crotch and the predictable happened. Jean laughed, unzipped me, took out my cock and started playing with it as she said:

"I hope you can figure out what I want to do when we get home."

I figured it out all right, but I wondered why. Was it because she had already fucked Andy earlier in the day and got a kick out of giving me seconds? I'm sure that they wouldn't be sloppy, but I would still be the second man in. Maybe when I hadn't been looking she had turned into a nymphomaniac. Nah! I'd bet on it being a kick for her to be giving me Andy's leftovers. I got semi-confirmation of that when we pulled into the garage. Jean let go of my cock and said:

"Do you know you haven't kissed me all night?"

The bitch wanted to kiss me with the mouth that had been sucking Andy's dick. I didn't want to do it, but I had to play the game and keep her from thinking I might know something that she didn't want me to know. I screwed up my mental capabilities to fight the urge to barf and I kissed her. I didn't taste anything odd so I guessed it was just the idea of my kissing her mouth after she'd had Andy's cock in that she wanted.

She was a tiger in bed that night and while she might have thought I was making love to her I wasn't. What I was doing was fucking a slut. I fucked her as hard as I could while thinking of all the other women I had looked at and wished that I could have had sex with. My mind was filled with images of big titted Wendy Potter when I pushed my load into Jean.

Jean let me rest a bit and then she slid down and took my cock in her mouth and as she worked to get me up again I wondered if she had ever kissed Andy after having my cock in her mouth. She got me up again and moved into the doggie position which was her favorite. As I pushed into her I was looking down at her 'brown eye' and I had a mean thought. Jean didn't care for anal (from me anyway - who knows about Andy) but she never refused me if I wanted it. Knowing that she didn't care for it I never pushed for it, but that was before me finding out that she was a back stabbing slut.

I pulled my cock out of her cheating cunt and stuck my thumb in it to get some juice on it and then I plunged my cock back into her and as I fucked the cheating bitch I worked my thumb into her ass.

"What are you doing Frank" she panted.

"Getting your sexy ass ready."

"I don't want that Frank."

"But I do Jean" and I pulled my cock out of her cunt and pushed it at her asshole.

"No Frank. No!"

"Yes Jean, yes" and I pushed into her butt. It wasn't easy since I hadn't spent much time at all getting it ready, but I was in and that was all that mattered, at least to me. Jean gave a sharp little cry and tried to pull away, but I held her fast as I started plunging away. Not being a total asshole I reached under and started manipulating her clit. After a bit she started moaning and fucking back at me. Several minutes later I sent my load deep into her poop chute and then pulled out and went into the bathroom and washed my cock. When I came back she was under the covers which I guess was her way of saying that we were done for the night.

As I moved under the covers Jean asked, "Why did you do that?"

"Do what?"

"What I told you I didn't want."

"You don't want to know."

"Yes I do."

"You won't like it."

"I didn't like what you did so it won't matter if I like it or not."

"Lately I've gotten the feeling that there is something different between us. Almost like something else is taking my place in your life. I just thought that maybe it was time for the Alpha male in me to come out and reassert itself."

"Alpha male? You are kidding me right? Besides, there isn't anything wrong or different between us. If you think there is it is just your imagination at work."

"I don't know babe; I just have a feeling that something, I'm not sure what, is different."

"So just because you have a feeling you get to brutalize my butt?"

"Hey! You got into it. Toward the end you were pushing back harder than I was pushing in."

"That doesn't change the fact that I didn't want it."

"But the Alpha male did and every once in a while he is going to get his way. And speaking of a feeling. Did you get the vibe that something isn't right between Pat and Andy?"

"No, of course not and believe me Pat would certainly tell me if there was. We have no secrets from each other."

I almost choked when she said that, but I held it in and said, "You want to go to the lake this weekend?"

"That would be nice. The kids love it there."

"Okay then, plan on it."

She was still a little too pissed at me to snuggle up, but I was just as happy that she didn't.

When I got to the office in the morning Kathy called me and told me that Alan had called and that he would like me to call him as soon as I got in.

"We got a bonus last night" Alan said when I got him on the phone. There was a cell phone on the kitchen counter being charged and since I know you are never without yours I figured it was Jean's. I put a bug in it so now her cell, your house phones and her car are covered. I need to show you where the hidden switch to the master bedroom camera is so you can have some privacy when it is you in there."

"Have they been tested?"

"Of course they have you nasty Alpha male you."

"You caught that?"

"Oh yeah. They are wireless and are motion and sound activated. They send to a remote that in turn sends them to the machines in my shop. If anything goes on in your house it is covered."

"Thanks Alan."

"No problem bud; glad I could help."

"Unless something earth shattering comes up why don't we plan on lunch every Friday so you can bring me up to date."

"You got it. Talk at you later. Bye."

The rest of the week flew by and I did a credible job of acting as the loving husband. We fucked (making love was a thing of the past) on Thursday and on Friday I met Alan for lunch.

"Nothing earth shaking bud" he said as he slid me an envelope containing the evidence so far collected. "Even as we speak she is having lunch in your bedroom with the asswipe. From what we have gathered it looks like it has been going on for years. How many I've no idea, but it is obvious that it isn't a recent thing. Maybe something on the CDs will trigger something that will give you a clue as to how long it has been going on. On the good side they haven't been plotting your death although they have been planning on divorces for the both of them. There haven't been any specifics yet, but it sounds like they are waiting for something financial to happen."

"They won't be getting anything from me. I've got an ironclad pre-nup covering the most important things."

"Don't know bud. Maybe it will come out in the next couple of weeks. They are pretty sure that they are covering their track and that neither you nor his wife have a clue although you did give her a bad moment on your Alpha male night. When she talked to him the next day she told him about what happened and said she was worried that you might be suspicious of something. He convinced her that all it was was you being an insecure husband who felt the need to assert himself. You decided what you are going to do yet?"

"Not yet. I want a hell of a lot of information before I make a decision. I want you to keep collecting, but is there some way you can set it up so I can access the information without waiting for the Friday lunches?"

"No problem. I can give you the feed from the cameras in the house, but not the product from the phone bugs and the car bug. You want it at home or the office?"

"The office. I don't want to risk her finding anything that will clue her in to the fact that I know what she is doing."

Alan slid a small box over to me. "These are bugs that you can put in her purses. If she is like most women she has one or two favorites that she always tends to use."

I went back to the office and since I had a clear schedule I went down to the conference room and got the audio-visual cart and pushed it to my office. The cart was set up with a large screen TV and the necessary equipment to play cassette tapes, CDs and DVDs. I told Kathy I didn't want to be disturbed unless it was a catastrophic emergency and then I settled in to watch the CDs Alan had given me.

There was nothing of interest on the phone taps other than Jean's worries following my Alpha male performance. Most of it was setting up times for meetings and exchanges of "I miss you" and "I can't wait to see you again."

The visuals were uninspiring. Frankly I'd seen better porn and after watching the two of them I thought that I fucked her a hell of a lot better than he did. There was one thing that pissed me off severally. It seemed that Jean only disliked anal with me because she gave it up to Andy almost every time they got together. In fact she apologized to him for my getting something that was only supposed to be his.

The one thing I expected to see that I didn't was me being trashed. After hearing myself being referred to as "The big doofus" in the overheard conversation I expected that I would be shot through the grease by them. I learned nothing from that week's batch that told me anything about the why and when they got started.

The weekend was sex free as Jean, the kids and I slept in the tent at the lake. Monday I was too busy to check on the camera feeds from the house and Tuesday I took a quick one day trip that didn't allow me to check in on Jean's doings. I checked the feed from time to time on Wednesday, but didn't catch anything.

It was going to be hit and miss because Andy sold real estate and could leave his office and visit Jean whenever he felt like it and I couldn't stay glued to the computer all day. Thursday I managed to catch them finishing up and getting dressed, but I'd have to wait for my Friday lunch date with Alan to find out what they talked about.

Jean wanted to make love Thursday night so I came to the conclusion that she enjoyed giving me Andy's leftovers. If I was right she fucked Andy on Tuesday because she wanted to make love Tuesday night.

When I had lunch with Alan he told me that the weeks take was pretty lackluster. They had met Tuesday as I had surmised and of course there was the day before.

"How long do you want to keep going? You have enough by now to burn her."

"I probably do, but I'm hoping for some information that will give me an idea of when and why they started and I'm curious about the financial thing they are waiting on before they go for divorces. Lets give it a couple of more weeks and if we don't have anything by then I'll end it."

Jean wanted to make love that night and I was beginning to see a pattern. She wanted to make love on the nights she had spent the day with Andy. I obliged her with a hard and fast fuck and then fell asleep.

Saturday she told me she was going to do some shopping for clothes and asked me if I would mind watching the kids. I of course didn't and we had a fun day together. Jean got home around seven with a bunch of shopping bags and packages so I guess she did do some shopping, but she wanted to make love that night and that told me that she hadn't spent all of her time in stores.

Since I'd found out about her and Andy – with the exception of my 'Alpha night' – I'd made no moves to start the sexual dance with Jean; I just followed her lead. I wondered if sooner or later she would notice that and if she did would it make her wonder. I decided that I needed to be the one to start things every once in a while so Sunday night I made overtures and got:

"Not tonight honey. I've had a bad day and I just want to go soak in the tub."

It was a first. She had never refused me before.

That night I did something I'd been putting off because quite frankly, I wasn't sure that I really wanted to know. After Jean and the kids were asleep I got out of bed and went to the kids rooms. I gently opened their mouths and swabbed the insides of their cheeks. I dropped them off at a lab the next day so DNA tests could be run and told them I'd pay extra for expedited results.

That night Jean wanted to make love so I assumed that she had been with Andy earlier in the day. That was confirmed the next morning when Alan called me.

"We've got something. They met yesterday and I think you need to see it before Friday. I'll messenger it over to you."

At ten fifteen I had a CD in my hand and I headed for the conference room to use the audio-video set up. As usual the sex was uninspiring, but the conversation as they were dressing was enlightening.

"How much longer until we can pull the plug" Jean asked.

"It hasn't changed any since the last time you asked. Pat doesn't come into her trust fund until she reaches thirty-five and that's still two years away. Anything on your end? Frank's dad any closer to handing the company over to Frank?"

"Doesn't seem likely. The old fart is as healthy as a horse."

"Well then, since you won't be able to suck anything out of Frank we are stuck waiting for Pat to turn thirty-five."

"Why don't we just say to hell with it and do it? I'll get the kids in the divorce and I'm sure the courts will give me the house until they turn eighteen. I'll get a nice chunk of alimony and half of our assets and that's a lot."

"I'm not walking away from a chance to get half of Pat's five million. It is only two more years – nineteen months actually – and we have already waited six years so what's two more?"

"We've been lucky and I'm just afraid that our luck won't hold. I want to end things on my terms and not Frank's."

"So cross your fingers and hope that Frank's dad kicks off or retires in the next couple of months. The pre-nup keeps you from getting any part of the company, but once Frank takes control of the company his net worth goes up and your half of the assets could double."

"I still think we need to do it now."

"You worry too much love; we are going to be okay."

I clicked it off and then heard "You poor guy."

I turned and saw Kathy standing there. "I'm sorry boss, didn't mean to intrude, but the door wasn't locked and I needed to remind you of your afternoon appointment with Gilmer over at Apex Products."

"How long have you been there?"

"Almost from the beginning. You were so rapt on watching that I guess you didn't hear me come in. When I saw what you were watching I should have quietly left, but I couldn't tear myself away. How long have you known?"

"Far longer than I've wanted to. This stays between us right?"

"You know me boss. You know I've got your back. What are you going to do?"

"Not sure yet. I need a little more information before I decide."

"Anything I can do just let me know okay?"

"Thanks Kathy."

As I ejected the CD the beginnings of a plan began to form in my mind. There were problems with it, but if they could be worked out it just might work.

The next week went by and on Thursday I stopped by the lab to see if they had the results of the DNA tests and they did. According to the tests the kids were mine. That made a difference in the plan I had been working on and the information gave me the boost I needed to get something going. I was going to attack through the back door if I could manage it. I'd sink them and they wouldn't even know it was me that did it.

The hard part was going to be sitting down with Pat and not have Andy and Jean know about it. The only way I could do that was catch Pat alone. Fortunately I had a way I could do that. Pat was a mid-level manager in a company we did business with and I called on them occasionally. When I did I usually swung by Pat's office and offered to take her to lunch. I hated to do it to her, but she needed to know what kind of an asshole she was married to and she needed to know about his plan to screw over her.

I hit Milford Manufacturing at 11:15 and talked to Marv, the purchasing agent, and then I looked in on Pat.

"Got time for lunch?"

"With you? Anytime."

We got in my car and drove off. When she saw I was heading away from where the restaurants were she asked where we were going and I told her it was a surprise. She looked at me in confusion when we pulled into my assigned parking space at work and I told her it would all be clear in just a few minutes. I led her into the conference room after telling Kathy that we were not to be disturbed for any reason. I locked the door and said:

"I hate to be the one to do this to you and you might never want to speak to me again, but this has to be done."

"Why wouldn't I ever want to speak to you again?"

"They used to kill the messenger who brought the bad news."

"Bad news?"

"The worst; the absolute worst."

I pushed a CD into the audio-visual unit and hit play. The screen lit up and Pat could see Andy fucking her best friend. She stood there stunned and then said:

"This is some kind of a joke right?"

I shook my head no. I ejected the CD and inserted another. That one had Andy and Jean in a sixty-nine and I said:

"I have three weeks worth of this trash and I probably wouldn't have let you know about it until I decided what I was going to do, but yesterday this happened and I felt you needed to know so that you could decide what you wanted to do."

I ejected the CD playing and inserted the one that Alan had messengered over to me. She watched it and then said:

"That miserable motherfucking son of a bitch. That rotten two-faced scum sucking bastard! And that bitch!! I would have died for her" and then she broke down and started sobbing. I took her in my arms and tried to comfort her even though I knew it was impossible. I'd just destroyed her world and I knew exactly how she was feeling.

"It sucks sweetie and I know it, but the question now is what do we do about it?"

"What are you going to do?"

"I had considered doing nothing and just letting things ride until the kids turn eighteen. If I divorce the cheating whore she will get the kids and I'll end up being a part time dad and your asshole husband will be living with them and be a major influence on their growing up. Once I heard their plan for you I had to rethink things. I had to let you know while you still had time to do something."

"What do you mean?"

"You have almost two years before you get your trust. I don't know what is in your mind. You might love the worthless bastard and want to fight for him for all I know. But my showing you this CD gives you ample time to divorce him before you come into your money. So like I said; you have time to do something."

"If I divorce him that brings Jean into it so you can no longer pretend you don't know what's going on. That means a divorce for you and you lose your kids."

"Maybe, but then again maybe not."

"What does that mean?"

"If you don't use the material I've already gathered Jean won't know that I know. We can put a private detective on Andy and use what he finds out. I know that Jean leaves the house on the weekends to go shopping and that she meets Andy. The next time they do it the detective will be on them and we can use his material to go after Andy. You can spit in Jean's eye and then tell her that you aren't going to tell me because you don't want to hurt me or the kids. That way I could sit on my material until I'm ready to burn her. Of course it may not work that way. She just might say "Fuck Frank; I want to be rid of him anyway."

"I just don't know. It's a crap shoot. She might run to me and confess and beg me to forgive her and tell me a bunch of lies about how she never really meant to yadda, yadda, yadda. If she did I'd probably pretend to forgive her at least until the kids were old enough to leave home. I just don't know. There is no way to predict what will happen. I don't know how long I would have sat on it if I hadn't heard Andy's plan for you."

"How did you ever get onto them in the first place?"

I told her about the overheard phone conversation and what I'd done after hearing it. She shook her head in disgust and said:

"I just wish I knew how long it has been going on."

"I have one recording that says six years."

"I just want to know how long that two faced bitch has been pretending to be my best friend while stabbing me in the back."

She looked at her watch and told me that she had to be getting back to work. On the drive back she told me that she was going to go the private detective route and that she'd be in touch and I told her if I got any further information I'd see that it got to her.

Over the next three weeks everything pretty much stayed the same. On two weekends Jean asked me to watch the kids while she went shopping and on both nights she wanted to make love. There was only twice during those three weeks that we had sex when she hadn't been with Andy earlier in the day and both were because I pushed for it. Both times I was told that she really didn't feel like it and both times I said, "I guess I'll have to go into Alpha male mode again" and she gave in. I guess she figured that 'Alpha male mode' meant that I'd take her ass and she had to keep that just for Andy.

At the end of that three week period I got a call from Pat.

"I've got all I need to go after Andy. You were right. They did get together on weekends and while my PI didn't get any bedroom footage of them at the motel he did get pictures of them holding hands, hugging and kissing and going into and coming out of motel rooms together. He did get some good footage through your living room windows though. I'm going to see an attorney this afternoon and hopefully I'll have him served in a couple of days. I'll call you and let you know when. You should get some pretty interesting audio out of it after it happens."

That conversation prompted the next move on my part. That night over dinner I told Jean that we needed to start watching our finances.

"Because of the bad economy the company is having to make some moves to insure survival. My pay has been cut by a little over a third so we are going to have to start pinching pennies and watching what we spend. We will have to cut back on some things. I talked to the bank this morning about taking out a second on the house to help us get through this. I don't know how long that pay cut will stay in place and there might even be further pay cuts before it is over."

That night for the first time since I'd found out about Andy Jean didn't want to make love even though she had spent three hours with Andy that afternoon.

Two days went by and I got a call from Pat.

"Today is D Day. I had a friend call Andy and make an appointment to discuss selling her house so he will be pinned in place at three which is when he will be served. Also at three I'll be stopping by your house to pay the whore a surprise visit. I'm going to make her an offer she'd be smart not to refuse. If she takes it you might be able to hang on for a while."

I called Alan and told him what was going down and told him that I was going to stay late at the office and I wanted him to messenger me whatever he picked up on the phone taps after three. It was Thursday and I could have waited until our Friday lunch, but I didn't want to wait. I could watch Pat's visit live, but I wanted to hear the phone conversations that would take place after Andy was served.

At three I was on my computer monitor watching Jean putter around cleaning house. The door bell rang and she went to the door, opened it and smiled when she saw Pat standing there. The smile disappeared when Pat slapped her so hard that Jean staggered backwards and almost fell down. Pat stepped into the house and screamed:

"You worthless backstabbing two-faced cunt! How could you pretend to be my best friend while fucking my husband and don't even bother trying to deny it. I've had a private detective on Andy for two weeks and I've got both of your Saturday motel visits on film along with the six times he was here. You really should close your curtains or blinds if you are going to fuck in your living room. It would have kept my detective from being able to take pictures.

"It goes without saying that you are dead to me and when I leave here I don't ever want to hear your voice or see your face again. By all rights I should hang you out to dry, but apparently I think more of your husband and kids than you do so I'm going to give you one chance to keep from ruining your husbands and your kid's lives. When you talk to that worthless piece of shit I'm married to you had better convince him not to fight the divorce. If you don't convince him and he fights I'll see to it that Frank gets a copy of everything that I have."

She stood there staring at Jean for several seconds and then she said, "I still can't believe that you did this to me" and then she turned and walked out. Jean rushed to the window and watched Pat get in her car and back out of the driveway. I could see the anguish on her face as it dawned on her that she had just lost her best friend and I couldn't help but wonder at her thinking. Surely she had t know she would have lost Pat as her best friend when she hooked up with Andy after Andy's divorce from Pat. If she was going to get upset at losing Pat's friendship why had she started playing with Andy in the first place?

I turned off the live feed and got back to work. If I'd have kept watching I'd have only heard her side of any phone conversations she might have had. I'd just wait until I could hear both sides.

I didn't have long to wait. At four-forty Alan called and said that he had something good and would be sending it right over. Twenty minutes later I was listening to Jean and her lover.


"It's me. We have a problem."

"I know."

"You do?"

"Pat was here half an hour ago. She knows about us."

"I know. I was just served with divorce papers and a restraining order. I guess you need to get ready to face Frank because I'm sure that she will clue him in."

"Maybe not. After she hit me she told me that she wouldn't tell Frank if I could convince you not to fight the divorce."

"How could I fight her? She's got me cold. Pictures and everything."

"I don't know. All I know is that she told me if I talked you into not fighting she wouldn't tell Frank."

"I'm not going to fight especially when I know I can't win so it looks like you are safe. As long as Pat was telling you the truth."

"Why would she lie?"

"Woman scorned and all that. Maybe lull you into a false sense of security so it would be a big shock to you when Frank hit you with it. Anyway, this changes things."


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