Sandy's Evil Plan

by Just Plain Jane

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Janey and her husband are looking forward to a special New Year's Eve, she's even been taking fertility drugs to start the year off with a bang, but Robert's past comes back to haunt them in the form of his beautiful and very pregnant secretary.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Reluctant   Cheating   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   .

The bad chapter of my storybook life begins on New Year's Eve, at a party hosted by the company where my husband worked. We'd left the twins, Kyle and Jenny, with their Aunt Julie and we were looking forward to a good time. Not only was it the new year and time to celebrate, but now that our kids were out of diapers, Robert and I had decided to have another baby. I'd even started taking fertility pills because we wanted another set of twins, if possible, although that isn't a great reason by itself. My doctor assured me that I'd have no trouble getting pregnant again all by myself, but he gave me the prescription anyway.

One thing he hadn't warned me about is how horny those fertility drugs can make a woman! I'd been on them for over a month and all I could think about was sex. Robert wanted to do his part as well, so he tried to save up as much of his sperm as possible, which meant I'd had to content myself with masturbation and a lot of chocolate, which probably didn't help. We'd barely kissed each other for the last three weeks for fear of arousing our considerable passion. It would be too easy to give into temptation and make love before my body peaked.

Thank God, the day was here! I'd counted them carefully and knew my cycle very well, as most women do. I was exactly fifteen days away from my next period. By midnight, I'd be ovulating for sure and we'd start the new year off with a bang! I wanted him cumming inside my fertile womb when the ball dropped in Time's Square, thinking that would be pretty memorable. I just knew Robert would plant me with at least one, and hopefully two beautiful babies for us to love and cherish in the years to come. I could hardly wait.

"I loved being pregnant!" I told Sandy, admiring her swollen tummy while her husband chatted with Robert. "I miss it. Even the aches and pains, running to the bathroom every five minutes, and eating all the pickles I could find."

"Well, I was really sick for awhile there," she sighed. "I'll just be glad when it's over."

"You should enjoy it while you can," I said. "It makes you look so pretty."

"Pretty?" She rolled her pale blue eyes. "I was beautiful until this happened. None of my clothes fit me. I look like a beached whale and I'm wasting my fitness club membership."

"Hmmm..." I tried to look sympathetic, but this woman only wanted to complain. She still looked gorgeous, almost ridiculously so, and I hadn't been happy to learn that my husband's secretary had modeled for Playboy.

Sandy wasn't a centerfold, but she could have been. She'd appeared three years in a row for Playboy's 'Girls of the Fortune 500' pictorials, and then she'd done a video for them. One of those soft-X almost porn videos with some stud in an office romance, since she was a secretary anyway. She'd given her boss, my husband, a copy and of course, he'd brought it home so we could watch it together. It seemed kind of strange to be standing there and talking to the woman after seeing her totally naked and pretending to fuck a guy on his desk.

She looked ready to fuck someone again, and for real this time, despite being seven months pregnant. Being very tall and a leggy sort of woman didn't hurt, and her tummy wasn't nearly as large as mine had been with Jenny. Sandy had nice sized breasts, good for nursing with those prominent nipples poking through her maternity blouse. I'd met her often enough previously to know she didn't like to wear a bra, but once she started lactating, the woman would change her mind. Those proud tits of hers would get heavy by the time she was ready to deliver and I missed the ache of being too swollen with milk.

I noted Sandy's narrow hips, however, and although they made her look like a pregnant Victoria's Secret model in that mini-skirt she wore, she would probably have a rough time in labor. The woman was all legs and ass, a decidedly spectacular ass, judging from the interest she generated in every man within fifty feet of her. She looked like a pregnant Barbie doll, except better because that doll has some inhuman measurements, even by Fashion Channel standards.

"How's our baby?" Josh, her husband, wondered with a smile. He'd turned out to be a good looking man, which probably explained why he'd married Sandy. Attractive people tend to flock together, although my husband had proven himself the exception.

"You're a lucky man," Robert said, slapping Josh on the shoulder. They seemed to be getting along alright.

"Oh, don't I know it," Josh agreed. He had red hair and a smattering of freckles across his boyish face. He looked younger than his age, which was about thirty, I'd guess, and very handsome, as I mentioned.

"Say, um ... Mr. Ryan," Sandy said, turning her eyes on my husband. "Maybe we should go over the Newman accounts. They're due first thing Tuesday morning, and..."

"It's a party," he replied, smiling at her. "Call me Robert."

"Okay, uh ... Robert," she said with a small blush. "It won't take long. I have the files upstairs in my desk."

"Oh, don't tell me you have to work," I protested, clutching Robert's arm. "You promised to dance with me."

"The Newman accounts," he sighed. "I forgot about those."

"They're very important," Sandy assured me, and then looked at her husband. "You don't mind, do you, Honey?"

"I guess I don't have a choice," Josh said with a small frown. He looked at Robert. "I know how she gets. Sandy won't be able to relax if she's thinking about work."

"You don't have to tell me." My husband nodded. "Sometimes I think I'm working for her."

"You should be!" the woman teased him with a giggle, and the men couldn't help but smile. She had that sort of light, tinkling laughter that kicks a guy right in the balls.

"But ... It's New Year's Eve!" I felt as if I'd been kicked, too. I should have guessed something like this would happen and I wondered why the company had to have its party in their downtown offices. Why not rent a ballroom at a nice hotel?

"Why don't you dance with Josh," Sandy suggested. "He's very good, believe me, and it'll keep him out of trouble while we're upstairs."

"That's a good idea," Robert agreed, giving me his best smile. I had a hard time resisting it, even after ten years of practice.

"Would you like to dance, Janey?" Josh offered, but his smile wasn't quite as bright as my husband's and I knew why.

Sandy didn't have to worry because her husband wasn't interested in me at all. Why would he be? Even dressed to the nines in a rather short, clingy dress that tried desperately to make me sexy, I couldn't compete with a woman like her. With my hair done and my face made-up perfectly, I still looked rather plain. I was short and my butt wasn't awesome, my breasts were on the small side and firm only because I'd spent $60 on an awesome maiden form bra. I was eminently unremarkable in every way and a guy like Josh wouldn't remember me five minutes after meeting me. Ten minutes after a dance, maybe.

And that's what we were doing, dancing while our spouses were working on some vital assignment that probably wouldn't matter anyway. It wasn't as if Robert would get fired if the Newman accounts, whatever they were, happened to be done late. I mean, Daddy owned the company. My daddy, to be specific, and sometimes I wondered if Robert hadn't married me for my money. Well, I used to wonder, but not anymore. I had ample proof of my husband's love in every way imaginable, but there had been a lot of gossip about it. People always had to find a reason for a beautiful Adonis like Robert to marry a plain Jane like me, as if True Love wasn't enough for some reason.

"What are you thinking about?" Josh asked me, determined to do his duty, if nothing else. He'd promised to keep me entertained and the man knew how to dance, which was nice.

"Ohhhh..." I smiled up at him, being about a foot shorter, like I was. "I'm thinking about how lucky you and Sandy are, being pregnant and everything."

"Mmmm..." He nodded, returning my smile as his hands held my hips. "That was kind of an accident. We weren't trying to get pregnant."

"Really?" I gave his shoulders a sympathetic squeeze. They were broad and thick, and Josh had a nice, firm body. "We're trying again, or we'll be trying tonight, I mean."

"Are you?" His dark green eyes were full of good humor. "You make it sound special."

"Well, I'm finally ovulating," I explained with a self-conscious shrug. "We've been saving ourselves, you know?"

"It must be hard on Robert," Josh sighed, sliding his hands behind my hips, pulling me slightly closer. "You're very pretty tonight, Janey."

"Oh." I swallowed hard, wondering where that had come from. Nobody called me pretty, except for Robert every once in awhile.

"And you smell nice," he continued, lowering his head until he had his face in my hair. "Sandy always smells like perfume, but you..."

"What do I smell like?" I asked, finding my arms going around his neck as Josh kept his head next to mine.

"Moonlight, I think." He breathed the words across my ear and I shivered. "Are you cold, Janey?"

"No," I replied, suddenly conscious of his hands sliding up and down my back. "I feel kind of warm, actually. Maybe we should, um ... Sit down for a little bit."

"Let's dance just a little more," he whispered. "Sandy hates dancing and I haven't done it for so long. I like the way you move."

"You do?" I blinked and smiled with a rush of confusion. I felt more than warm, I'd grown hot inside and my tummy tingled, but I didn't know why.

Or maybe I did. Josh was a very good looking man, much like Robert in many ways, but different as well. I'd never been with anyone else, not like this. No other boy had ever danced with me, turning me gently around the dance floor and holding me close. No one had told me I looked pretty or smelled like moonlight. I'd had one boyfriend in my whole life, the one I'd married, and so I really had no experience with boys. I had a very hard time coping with the pleasant and unexpected attention Josh was giving me.

"I'm glad we're alone," he whispered, tickling my ear with his lips. "I didn't know what I was missing, but I can feel it now. Do you feel it, Janey?"

"Maybe," I breathed, closing my eyes as I felt his fingertips caressing my butt.

That felt good for some reason, well ... I knew the reason. I like having my butt rubbed and his hands were large and strong and a second later Josh squeezed my ass. He pulled me against his groin and I felt the unmistakable bulge of his erection pressing against my tummy. My breasts were pushing against his body and even through the firm cups of my bra, I felt my nipples throbbing with excitement. My pussy had grown damp, I realized, and the moisture soaked into my panties and threatened to spill down my thighs. I'd become very wet, very quickly and it only added to my confusion.

"Don't tell me I'm imagining this," Josh said, rubbing his clean shaven cheek against mine. "You want me, don't you? As much as I want you, Janey. Tell me."

"Yesssss..." I sighed. "No! I mean ... Maybe. I don't know."

A wave of guilt and embarrassment rolled through me and I almost pushed him away. I should have escaped, but I didn't. Why wasn't I running? Because a part of me couldn't believe I was in danger. This had never, ever happened to me before, not even with Robert. He hadn't seduced me, no one had, but Josh was doing precisely that and I couldn't even imagine such a thing, let alone understand it. Part of me, if I'm to be completely honest, wanted to be seduced. Just once in my life, didn't I deserve to be a real woman?

"I think you do," he whispered. "Don't tease me, Janey. You feel so good in my arms. You're beautiful tonight. Please, be gentle with my heart."

"Ohhhh..." I shivered again, feeling my sex clasped around the emptiness between my legs. Robert had a lot of admirable qualities and a genuine talent for making a girl feel loved, but he'd never whispered words like that into my ear!

It made me wonder why.

"So soft," Josh breathed, kissing my cheek. "Like a rose, you're amazing to me. Every man in the room is watching you, Janey, and I'm jealous of their eyes."

"Don't kiss me," I breathed. "I'm married ... I'm ... I have children. Please. Stop."

"I will," he promised, "but only if you really want me to."

Josh kissed me again, just to the side of my ear and I pushed forward with my hips, wanting to feel more of his erection. I clung to the man with my arms around his neck, tilting my head as he kissed my ear, teasing me with his lips and tongue, and finally his teeth as he gently nibbled at my flesh. His hands massaged my ass through the thin nylon of my skirt, tugging it upward in the back to expose my thong panties. I only owned one of those and I'd bought it only because my regular panties would spoil my dress. Now I could feel the cool air teasing my naked skin. I had goosebumps and my heart was pounding, my lungs didn't want to work as I turned my head.

"Mmmph!" I groaned as Josh kissed me on the lips, not giving his tongue, but just a wonderful kiss that made me melt inside. I'd never kissed anyone other than my husband and it seemed different and familiar all at once, a taboo pleasure that made me drunk with arousal and guilt. I couldn't separate my emotions and the pain in my belly -- Was it fear or lust?

"Come with me," Josh said, giving me no chance to catch my breath as he held me close, walking us off the make-shift dance floor and towards the elevators.

I had thoughts of stopping him, I really did. This was wrong and I knew it in my heart. I ached with a desperation to remain faithful to my husband. Just kissing another man had to be bad. The worst thing in the world, I imagined, but it had felt so good. I'd been waiting my whole life for a man to sweep me off my feet and Robert had sort of done that, but our love had begun so much differently than this. With my husband, it had seemed accidental and hardly passionate, and now that I had something to compare it to, I had a sense of disappointment. Why hadn't Robert treated me this way? Why hadn't he made me feel beautiful? Why hadn't he pulled me out of a crowd just so we could be alone and make love?

I felt almost angry with him, as irrational as they may sound. I knew why Robert hadn't done those things, because he'd been too busy having sex with other girls. My husband was a slut. He always had been and I'd known it from the start. He'd never lied to me or tried to hide his interest in other women. I'd watched him fuck my friends and family, impregnate other women, and I was even raising another woman's child as my own. Can anyone really blame me if I surrendered too easily? Didn't I have enough reasons between my lack of experience and the awful reality of being the cuckolded wife of a serial cheater?

No. I can tell you that there's no such thing as a good reason for cheating on the man I loved. Enough is never enough, not when I swore before God to love, honor, and obey Robert, for better or worse. The worse was awful and I resented it, true, but the better was more than I could have ever asked for. I had balance in my life, in our marriage, and maybe a lot of people would never understand it, but they didn't have to. I loved my husband and I couldn't betray him, but like a little girl in the basement with her brother, I just couldn't resist the urge to see how far Josh would go before I absolutely, positively had to say no. It felt good to feel like a real woman and as long as I didn't let him fuck me, I could still pretend innocence and keep my honor.

That was my deal with the devil as Josh pulled me into an empty office with a large, leather sofa just waiting for us.

"Janey..." he sighed, kissing me quickly, perhaps worried I might try to talk us out of this passionate madness.

The man's tongue wasn't thick and clumsy as I might have expected, and it gently caressed my own. I responded with shameless enthusiasm, pulling Josh's suit coat off his shoulders and down his arms. Once free of it, his hands went to my thighs, sliding upward across my stockings and under my skirt. We didn't stop kissing and I kept my eyes closed, playing my tongue around his while I loosened his tie and fumbled with the buttons of his shirt.

Excited blood rushed hot through my veins as Josh pulled my dress upward, his fingertips touching my bare thighs above my stockings, and only when I had to lift my arms did our lips reluctantly part. Josh lifted my dress over my head, both of us smiling and panting, flushed and pink. I might have felt self-conscious then, standing in my bra and that tiny thong, my thigh-high stockings and heels. I could imagine how stunning his wife must have looked beneath her clothing and I couldn't compare to her. I felt the same old fears returning, that the man would reject me. He'd come to his senses and realize I wasn't good enough for him. I felt ugly and lonely, and I felt foolish for trading the security of my husband for this cruel uncertainty.

"You're sexy as hell," Josh told me, looking me up and down as he removed his shirt completely.

"I am?" I blinked at him, which almost spoiled the mood completely, but he wasn't going to let that happen.

"Look at me," he said, cupping my chin as I'd turned my eyes downward with embarrassment. "Your husband doesn't deserve you, Janey."

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