Good Therapy

by Just Plain Jane

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Looking for a solution to her husband's infidelity, Janey suggests they visit a psychiatrist for some much needed therapy...But not quite the sort she had in mind.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Hypnosis   Heterosexual   Cheating   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Masturbation   Petting   Size   Doctor/Nurse   .

"You want me to see a shrink?" My husband of less than six months looked surprised.

"Not you," I replied, smiling at him in the darkness. "Both of us."

"Okay," he said. "Are you going to tell me why?"

"I was thinking it would be nice if, well..." I took a deep breath. "If you could stop cheating on me all the time."

"Oh, Janey," he sighed, putting his hand on my swollen tummy. "You know I want to be a good, faithful husband, especially now."

"You've got the good part down," I assured him. "It's that faithful part we need to work on."

"Yeah," Robert agreed, pulling his knees up as he lay on his side facing me.

I lay on my back, wearing a thin satin nightgown and nothing else. My husband liked to sleep naked and I didn't mind. I put my hand over his, urging him to stroke my round tummy. We were almost six months pregnant with our first child and hopelessly in love. I enjoyed his gentle strength and Robert was a large man, and very fit. I liked to leave a light on when we made love, just so I could marvel at his muscular form and handsome face. He was the most attractive man I'd ever seen and even after seven years of dating, I couldn't believe he was mine.

Unfortunately, handsome men attract beautiful women and Robert was no exception. He had a personality, a magnetism that the opposite sex found unable to resist. Or so it often seemed, and I'd suffered in the knowledge that the man I loved, the husband that I'd so carefully saved my virginity for, had fucked not only strangers, but my friends, and even my own sisters as well. Robert was a cheating slut, that's the only word for him, and to his credit, he was able to admit it aloud. He wanted to be faithful, I knew that, but his mind wasn't wired that way. I hoped a psychiatrist could help.

"Are you comfortable?" he asked, being the considerate man he was. "Spread your legs a little more, Janey."

"Yeah," I sighed. "This feels good. What did you do, pop some Viagra or something?"

"Heh!" He chuckled and kissed my hair, bending his back and prodding my already cum soaked pussy with his very large cock. "You're all the Viagra I need. I love making love, baby."

"I bet you say that to all the girls," I teased him, and then gasped as Robert pushed the smooth head of his penis into my small vagina. "Oh!"

"Yeah," he said, "but I only mean it when I'm with you."

"Ow! Slow ... Slow ... Is it bigger than it was before?" I wondered, giggling nervously as I shifted my hips and gasped again. "Ummm ... Oh! There! Okay!"

"Okay?" He smiled and gave me a small push, sliding only a few thick inches into my protesting cunt. "I think you're smaller than you were before."

"Hmmm..." I smiled back at him, with my knees spread over his legs.

Robert spooned with me that way, because doing it any other way tended to get uncomfortable, although doggy style wasn't bad. This was better though. We could play with my tummy, trying to feel the baby kicking inside, and my husband could make love to me at a nice, leisurely pace. I didn't think I would ever get used to his huge cock, however, and every time we had sex, I felt like a virgin again. Ten fat inches is a lot of meat for a petite girl like me to wrap herself around, but we sure did like to try.

"Deeper now," I breathed. "It's okay. It feels good. Fuck me nice."

"Yeah? Like this?" Robert turned his body slightly, changing the angle so he could work very nearly all of his cock inside me. "You feel so sexy on my dick, Janey. I could fuck you forever."

"That might be nice," I breathed. "Ohhh ... I'm going to cum already?"

"Are you?" He laughed, and I suppose it was a dumb question, but a second later I didn't care. My orgasm swept through me like a wildfire and I jerked around his cock with a rush of pleasure.

"Uhhh ... Yeah," he sighed. "Like your pussy is sucking my dick, baby. I love it when you cum."

"Me ... Too!" I gasped, squeezing his forearm with both hands.

I don't know how it felt for him, but my pussy throbbed with rapid contractions that left me dizzy and leaking tears from my tightly shut eyes. I usually cried when I came and by the time I stopped, my husband had managed to push the last few inches of his cock into my warm, wet hole. I could feel his balls tickling my ass, his wiry pubic hair and the soft, sticky skin of his scrotum. Robert didn't pull himself back, but held himself deep until my orgasm finished.

"Fuck me now," I urged him. "I want to feel you cum inside me again."

"I will, Janey," he promised. "I'll fuck you all night long."

And he did.

"So, who is this doctor we're going to see?" Robert asked, pursing his lips at the mid-day traffic, but Seattle always had problems. At least it wasn't raining yet, although the sky did look dark.

"Um..." I had to find paper in my purse. "Doctor Lynn."

"Lynn?" My husband glanced at me. "Is that a first name or a last name?"

"Last name, I think. Mom found him for me."

"So it's a man?"

"I guess so," I replied. "I didn't ask. Whoever it is, Mom said this Dr. Lynn specializes in problems like ours."

"Ah!" Robert chuckled. "An infidelity specialist."

"Come on," I sighed. "At least give it a chance. Please?"

"What?" He offered me an innocent smile, and it was a good one. I felt my heart thump. "I didn't say anything. I didn't know there were any doctors who specialize in cheating, that's all."

"They've got specialist for everything nowadays," I said. "It's like nobody ever dies of old age anymore. There's always some specialist with a reason."

"Hmmm..." he shrugged. "The miracles of modern medicine. How's the baby?"

"Kicking," I said with a grin. "He's jumping on the bed, I think."

"That's a real miracle, Janey." Robert reached over to feel the baby and I pulled his hand to the right spot. "Oh! There he is ... Are you sure it's a boy?"

"Nope!" I giggled. "Maybe she's skipping rope in there."

"Doing jumping jacks, it feels like ... Whoa. Is this it?" He leaned forward, looking out the window. "Fitzpatrick Building, right?"

"Where's the parking lot?" I wondered, and my husband made a face.

"Stupid Seattle," he took a left. "They probably put the parking lot in Tacoma."

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Ryan," a striking woman said. "I'm Dr. Lin."

She fixed her almond eyes on my husband, strutting across her spacious office in a modest and exquisitely tailored suit. The skirt and blazer were jade green and the woman had long toned legs, rather proud breasts, and exotic features. She must have been six feet tall in her heels and remarkably attractive, nothing like I would have expected. I felt confused to say the least and completely eclipsed the way just plain Janes like me are in the presence of genuine beauty.

I hadn't expected the psychiatrist to be Chinese, for one thing, although the brass plaque on her office door had been a big clue. Obviously I'd gotten the spelling wrong from my mother and I wondered if this wasn't some sort of cruel joke. Not a deliberate one, I'm sure Mom had only the best of intentions when it came to my marriage, but I also knew she not only approved of my husband's extra-marital affairs, but even encouraged them, at least so far as my sisters were concerned.

Truth be known, I suspected my mom would have been happier if Robert had married Julie, or better yet, Jilly. Attractive people belong together, as she liked to say, and if I'd looked like my little sister, my husband wouldn't need to satisfy his natural urges elsewhere. A little bit of Mom went a long ways, that's what I liked to say.

"It's nice to meet you, Dr. Lin," my husband said, giving her one of his better smiles, but they were all pretty good.

"Oh, call me Juicy," she replied as his thumb teased the back of her hand. They seemed to have forgotten all about me.

"Juicy?" Robert sighed. "That's an interesting name. Juicy Lin, I think I like that. I'm Robert."

"And a very handsome one at that," she said, and then laughed lightly as she caught herself. "Oh! I hope you don't mind, we have a rule here -- Everyone has to speak their mind, openly and honestly."

"Well, if it's a rule," my husband said, still holding her hand, "then I have to say that you're the most attractive psychiatrist I've ever met."

"Thank you," she replied. "Compliments will get you everywhere."

"And you smell so..." He closed eyes, taking a deep breath of her long hair where it fell in a silken cascade over her shoulders. "What is that? Jasmine?"

"Very good," she replied. "It's from my bath. I don't like to wear perfume."

"Ahem." I cleared my throat.

"Oh!" Robert smiled at me, letting go of the woman's hand finally. "I'm sorry. Juicy, this is my wife, Janey."

"You're a lucky woman, Janey," she said, offering me her hand. "It's nice to meet you, and you're pregnant, I see. Congratulations."

"Thank you," I replied, not smiling as I looked at my husband. "But ... I think we're in the wrong office."

"Excuse me?" The good doctor blinked at me.

"Janey?" Robert narrowed his eyes. "What's wrong? We're already here, so let's see what the deal is. Okay?"

"No," I told him. "I think we should go and..."

"I think you should do as your husband says," Dr. Lin said in a cool, brisk tone. She pointed at a leather recliner. "Sit down over there and don't say another word."


SLAP! She slapped me across the cheek, not very hard, but it did shock me. My husband, too, as he stared at the woman in disbelief.

"I said, sit down and shut up, Mrs. Ryan," she commanded. "Now!"

"Hold on a second," Robert said, looking unhappy and reaching out for me. "We came here looking for help."

"Shhhh..." She put a finger to his lips. "Let her go. I know exactly what I'm doing."

I blinked at the tears filling my eyes and rubbed my stinging cheek, but I did as she told me and crossed the room. Robert didn't say another word and Dr. Lin's sparkling eyes followed me every step of the way. She wasn't angry, but looked satisfied, maybe even amused as I sat down in the chair.

"Very good, Janey. You can sit down on the sofa, Robert. Right over here," the woman said, taking his hand. "And then we'll get started."

My husband sat directly across from me. The recliner and matching sofa weren't the only pieces of furniture in the room, but the obligatory coffee table was missing. The empty space between us, perhaps eight feet of it, seemed unusually large and empty as we looked at each other. One whole wall of Dr. Lin's thirteenth floor office was made of glass, offering a nice view of the Sound, but it was gray outside and a heavy rain pelted the windows. It gave the room an odd, blue color that was quickly dismissed as the woman turned on several standing lamps. They were graceful and curving in the Art Deco style, and warmed us with their friendly, yellow light.

"That's better," Dr. Lin decided, and I jumped slightly as I felt her hands on my shoulders. "Let's talk about the rules, shall we? What was the first rule, Janey?"

She stood behind my chair, rubbing my shoulders and squeezing them, giving me something of a massage as a small smile began to spread across Robert's face. He certainly didn't want anyone slapping his wife for any reason, but the doctor was being gentle enough with me now. My tears had stopped quickly, I hadn't really been crying, merely surprised and somewhat humiliated. I'd been slapped by attractive, confident women like Dr. Lin before, to be honest, and perhaps some part of me thought I deserved it.

"We have to speak our minds," I answered softly. "Uh ... And speak openly."

"Excellent," she said. "You were paying attention. That's good. We have other rules as well. We have to stay positive at all times. We want to avoid using words like 'no' and 'can't' and 'don't' to express our feelings. If we're uncomfortable with something, we deal with it through positive, productive discussion."

She slid her hands off my shoulders, moving them towards my breasts. I wore a bra beneath my baby blue maternity dress, and while my boobs hadn't really begun to swell with milk yet, they were becoming obviously larger with my pregnancy. They became very tender at times too, especially my sensitive nipples. I felt them throbbing as Dr. Lin cupped my tits with both hands and began squeezing them in front of my husband.

"What are you doing? Stop it," I said, lifting my arms and letting my hands flutter with indecision. "Don't do that. Please."

"See?" The woman sounded almost happy as she continued to fondle my breasts. "You're breaking the rule, Janey. You're being very negative when you should be opening a dialogue with me. Are you ashamed of your breasts?"

"What?" I tilted my head to see her.

"Look at your husband," she whispered, digging her fingers and thumbs into my flesh and pulling my tits upward. "Tell him why you're ashamed of your body."

"But I'm not..."

"You're being negative," she chided me, working my tits with a circular motion, and God help me, but her hands felt wonderful.

The ache in my breasts grew warmer as the pressure was translated into pleasure. I felt my tummy tingling and suddenly realized that I'd grown damp between my thighs. I squirmed and crossed my legs, although the bulge of my belly made that somewhat uncomfortable. I shifted again, uncrossing my legs and putting my hands in my lap instead, beneath my tummy and over my crotch. I could feel the warmth radiating from between my legs.

"He, um ... You deserve someone better, Robert," I said slowly, avoiding my husband's eyes. "Someone prettier than me."

"Ohhh..." He sighed. "Janey, I think you're perfect. You're more than I deserve."

"Nice," Doctor Lin said. "Good, positive expression. That's what we want in here. Tell Robert something positive about yourself, Janey."

"I'm pregnant," I immediately said, and then I had to close my eyes as she pinched my swollen nipples through my clothes. "Oh ... That feels good."

"I want you to feel good," the doctor told me. "I want you to be relaxed. Unbutton your dress and tell me ... How often do you have sex?"

"Ummm..." I giggled nervously as reached between her hands and fumbled with the buttons running up the front of my dress. I wasn't sure why I was doing that, but the idea of refusing her never crossed my mind.

"We're open and honest," Doctor Lin reminded me.

"We have sex three or four times a week," I answered. "At night, you know, when we go to bed."

"Robert? How often do you have sex?"

"Me?" He cleared his throat. "Two or three times a day. Sometimes more than that."


I could hear the doctor's smile and I wish I could say my husband's answer surprised me, but it didn't. I well knew he had sex everyday. The man was a slut and that's the reason we were here, because Robert couldn't keep his dick in his pants.

"Does that bother you, Janey?" she asked, sliding her fingers beneath my exposed bra to hold my naked flesh. "Knowing your husband is having so much more sex than you are?"

"A little bit," I said, nodding and arching my back against the sensation of her palms pushing hard against my tits. She pulled me against the chair, flattening my tits until my nipples seemed to pop beneath the pressure.

"And that's why we're here," she whispered, massaging my tits, pushing my bra completely beneath them. "You're jealous of all those other women."

"Yes," I replied, watching my husband and feeling myself sinking deeper into the cool leather.

"You're jealous of me," the woman sighed, and I nodded slowly.


"Of course you are," Doctor Lin whispered. "We're going to work on that. Breathe slowly. In through your nose, that's it ... Out through your mouth."

The doctor's hands felt amazing. She seemed to know exactly where to touch me and when to move someplace else. Her thumbs teased the prominent flesh of my straining nipples. Her fingers would sink into my soft body, into my breasts as she would lift them upward or push the them down. Her melodic voice whispered in my ear, urging me to relax and close my eyes, that I was safe and warm. I felt myself falling, or drifting perhaps, floating on a cloud of buttery leather. Everything else was forgotten. The sensation of her hands touching me seemed to meld with the voice in my ear until I could no longer tell them apart. The scent of jasmine filled the air and I drank deep that soothing fragrance.

My husband sat nearby, loving and protecting me, watching intently. I felt his eyes on me and I had nothing to fear. My jealousy was an illusion. It was the negative force in our relationship, Dr. Lin told me, not Robert's natural need for sex. I wanted him to have sex with other women. I wanted my husband to be happy and satisfied. I wasn't resentful of his desire for beautiful women, to kiss them and fuck them, to find pleasure in their loving embrace. I wasn't ashamed of his infidelity. I was proud of it. I felt pleased knowing that other women found my husband so desirable and I urged him to take them into our bed, to share his passion through their sex. I was grateful for their willingness to give my husband the release he needed.

The woman's voice, and the touch of her hands, seemed endless. I spent an eternity with her, repeating the words until I forgot they weren't my own.

"Open your eyes, Janey," Doctor Lin whispered. "You're going to see and hear and remember everything that happens."

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