Late Bloom

by Losgud

Copyright© 2011 by Losgud

Incest Sex Story: When the father starts failing, the kids start flailing. A mature exploration, in more of a humorous than romantic vein. For those who don't appreciate some story in their sex stories, I suggest reading elsewhere. As always, enjoy!

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

The phone rang, and my wife answered. She paused, long enough listening to what the speaker was saying that I figured I was off the hook. Maybe it was Mary from the DAV saying how they'd have a truck in our neighborhood on Tuesday. Or it was one of her family members, calling to bitch about this or that.

Instead, she soon enough handed me the phone, covering the receiver holes with her palm. "It's your mom. Your dad's not doing so well."

I took the phone into the study for privacy, though my wife tailed me. She proved good at keeping our suddenly curious kids scooted out of the room. The upshot was my father was in the hospital again, maybe for the final time. Mom had already called Amanda, my sister, who was driving down the next day--a Wednesday. I reassured Mom that I would do what I could. My wife stood offstage, nodding with my every word.

I was in my best passive-aggressive mode, saying yes when I meant no. My father wasn't a bad man; he was a salesman. Growing up, he was always away, until bringing home the money. We'd had a happy enough childhood, disturbed once in awhile by this father-man appearing around the weekends, burping false complaints about Mom's cooking. I wasn't exactly going to miss the man. I just hoped he didn't stick around too long and drain their savings. Probably he'd get out of the hospital and be just as distant and as ever. Before Mom had to re-mortgage the house for his long-term care, I'd pull the plug, or smother him with a pillow.

I was surprised to hear that Mandy was abandoning her family to come down for this faux crisis. Amanda had, if possible, even less empathy for the man.

"I think you should go," my wife decided, as though I was on speaker-phone. Hours later, she slid off me, my shrinking me, leaking me. When tonguing my ear as we settled into a sticky sleep she whispered, "Family is the most important thing. In times like this. I'll hold down the fort. The kids and I will stay here, awaiting your return."

I lay there in the dark with my wife curled up and draped against me. I was in shock. The expected post-coital type should've sent me drifting. But it'd been ages since my wife had just jumped me out of the blue like that. I liked it. I couldn't fall asleep because I kept thinking about it.

She got me hard again, just by my thinking about it. I rolled her sleepy self over on her back, and she let me. "Oh my," she squeaked, spreading her legs and letting me punch my own damn ticket.

Mom and Dad lived in a town a hundred miles away. It would've made sense to share the gas, since Mandy and I lived in the same city. But I had a Wednesday meeting I couldn't miss. My sister never called with the suggestion anyway, so to hell with her. My plan was to get up early and drive down first thing Thursday, after, I hoped, another night of enthusiastic encouragement from my wife. Instead, she was shooing me out the house Wednesday after dinner.

Even the eldest, our 12-year-old daughter was in on it. "Daddy," she solemnly recited, "family is the most important thing. In times like this... " Then she broke script, bless her heart, getting all teary. "Daddy! He's your Daddy! If it was me and you were in the hospital, I'd go through a drive-thru and eat my dinner on the drive down."

I was outnumbered, so I went to pack a small suitcase, but at some point earlier they'd already done that. My daughter nodded brightly, "And I got to pick out your newest socks and your nicest underwear."

That seemed a little weird, but she seemed so proud I froze a smile on my face, refusing to let it melt. "Thanks, sweetheart. And I apologize. I know a lot of those socks need to just go in the rag bin..."

"And underwear, too!" she interrupted.

I went to grab my keys and go.

"Mom says while you're gone we're going to weed out your top drawer and then go out and buy you a bunch of new stuff."

That was even weirder, until it made sense. I was thrilled by the fact that when I came back my top drawer would be filled with socks and underwear that weren't all holes and worn elastic. My wife was simply teaching our daughter an early lesson about the laziness of man. Or many men, anyway.

Because, I fumed as I got into my drive, men are that way. Sensible-like. Girls always think they're so smart, but it's the boys who have the big brains. Girls see a sock with a hole and throw it away. Unless it's a fitted sock, once your heel wears through, all you have to do is start wearing the sock upside down, and you gain that much longer until you have to go out and buy a new one. Oftentimes a new girl will enter the boy's life and gift him with new socks. It's a steady steadfast formula.

And then I was bored with the drive, barely halfway through it. All I had working was my radio--there was nothing but that pop country crap. Instead, I spent the rest of the drive cussing all the cunt truck drivers always getting in my way. Who didn't have such Interstate Blues?

Visiting Dad in the hospital was pretty boring, so we didn't do it that much. We left that to Mom. When he was cogent, he was just Dumb Dad.

Mandy was trained that way, so she made sure to shift the numbers so that Dad's final decline got billed to the government, instead of bankrupting Mom.

I did the guy things like erecting the extension ladder and hosing the gutters clean. First I had to dig the fuckers out with a hand trowel. Each year a forest of maples tried and failed to grow in these fertile crescents. Guys were good at jobs like this. Judging by how many years' layers of leaves had been allowed to decay and turn into dirt, I made two observations. One was that it was a miracle that the gutters hadn't pulled away and collapsed off the house from the weight many years before. The second was that, as a guy, my father had been a lazy useless fuck--that part of the job took me hours.

I got Mandy out to help when I got to the hose part. I couldn't find any spray nozzles anywhere around the house--probably an unnecessary luxurious expense in Dad's bookkeeping book--so I figured I'd just use my thumb. I needed Mandy to turn on the water. I didn't want to climb up that rickety ladder with a hose gushing like a broken fountain.

I was up there hosing things out quite right, when the water suddenly stopped. My sister was at the spigot, tittering. "C'mon, Mandy, I want to get off this goddamn ladder sometime this week."

She obliged and I was finishing up when the hose went dry again. Mandy was practically rolling in the grass--she was always good at running a joke dry.

"You should be wearing a big red helmet," she announced, laughing her ass off. "You look like a month's photo in a Hot Firemen calendar! Holding firmly onto your hose and looking so serious as you spurt."

She turned the water back on, and I turned the hose on her, sending her soaked and squealing into the house. My aim was true. Her shirt was drenched and ... bouncing. "You look like a slut in a bar getting your drinks for free," I called out after her.

We spent the evening vegging in the livingroom. The sofa was sectional, and positioned in a corner of the room like two wings of comfy meeting in a right angle. The t.v. was on and we sat through several episodes of different shows. Mom was in her spot, kind of right up against the vee of the angle, working a crossword while watching. I was close enough, based on the other wing, with a book of Wyeth paintings open in my lap. Mandy was sprawled down by the end past me, flipping through magazines like a speed-reader.

The late news came on, starting with raw footage of a bomb blowing up somewhere an ocean away. Mandy started whining about changing the channel to something real, but Mom insisted on watching the news. "The news is important!" she declared, "It is real." But since they didn't really know what that bomb was about, they started talking about that other bomb--the paparazzi photos showing a certain princess climbing out of her carriage, and clearly revealing she'd forgotten her panties.

It went on like that for half an hour. And then, abruptly, a movie began. A guy in a car was chasing another guy in a car through some narrow European maze of streets. They kept leaning out their windows and shooting at one another, both looking in their own way so recklessly handsome it was hard to tell who was wearing the black hat. Both cars were approaching a building that suddenly exploded from an unintercepted bomb. Only then did the opening title and credits start to roll.

Mom stood up. "Well, when the bombs start to blow, that's my cue to go to bed."

"Well, that would've been half an hour ago," Mandy quipped, "when the news began with a bang."

"But that was reality, not movie people inventing bombs going off."

I was happy to watch my sister and mother squabble, but nevertheless I opened my big dumb mouth. "Like the reality of the rich little princess too poor to own a pair of panties?"

"It's a mystery," my mother shrugged in explosion. "And I leave the detective work on that matter in your capable hands."

And thusly, Mom went to bed.

We kept watching. You learned who the good guy was by the way the script kept throwing hot babe bones his way. Where there's smoke, there's fire.

I turned to my sister, intending to say just that, when I noticed exactly what she was doing. She'd seemed sort of fidgety on my peripheral. She was nestled against pillows, with a throw across her lap. But it kept slipping. And I kept seeing how my sister had an arm under the draped hem of her sleepshirt, her hand clearly visible inside her panties, her fingers in obvious action.

Mandy grinned at me like a pixie. "You were about to say something?"

Onscreen the frigid hottie melted once the hero started kissing her. My brain burped. "Where there's smoke, there's fire."

Mandy spat a little laugh. "Ain't that the truth!" With that, she began petting her pussy all the more. I could almost hear it purring. I could certainly smell it drooling, wanting even more attention.

It was awkward. At least on my part--my sister kept enjoying herself immensely.

"Um," I mustered, "why don't you, like, go to your room to do that."

"Because I can multi-task, silly," she smiled at me sweetly. "I'm enjoying watching a sexy stupid movie, while also missing my hubby. I know it's only been a couple of days, but it feels like a couple of months to me. I'm used to getting it, nightly. Screw the kids, that's why the Mommy/Daddy door has not just a lock, but a deadbolt!"

I'm sure I blushed. Mandy read my face and gave a little hoot. Then she took on her poor puppy voice. "Ohh, poor thing, did ums marry a couple-times-a-month kinda gal? Well, feel free to miss her like I'm doing."

She called my marital relations about right, so I flushed even further. Except it was more like being a member of the Fuck of the Month Club. Many were the nights I gave up kicking kids out of the bed and just went out to the goddamn sofa. More so, I was astonished by her suggestion, though I was stiffening as well. "Well, yea, but that's hardly fair," I sort of muttered, face lowered.

"How's that?"

"Well," I nearly whimpered, "you get to do it all secret agent style. Whereas, guys, you know ... there's the flagpole, and there's no hiding that."

My sister answered my objection by shifting ninety degrees, lifting her feet from the floor to the sofa, scooting pillows out of the way and letting the throw fall away completely. She rucked up her knees so her heels were against her ass. That caused the hem of her sleepshirt to fall to her hips. She used the leverage of her heels to raise her hips as she slipped off her panties. Which she promptly tossed at my face, a direct hit. The smell of her excitement as I caught the fabric in my hand. "You can jack-off in my panties," she laughed.

As I lowered my hand, I got my first clear view. I would not have guessed that a Mom of three in her mid thirties would have a bald pussy, but that was clearly what Amanda was showing me, moving her legs ever farther apart. One hand had a pair of fingers pumping up inside her, while the fingers of her other hand kept rubbing at her clit like a winning scratch-off ticket.

"Looks like hims likes it!"

I was wearing briefs under a light pair of sweatpants, and it looked like there was a cobra in my lap. So I let it out, and started stroking it, calming it, soothing it.

Amanda stopped long enough for a quick clapping. "Damn, bro, I wouldn't be saving to savoring that a couple times a month. I'd be begging for it a couple times a day!"

I strengthened to titanium! Which made my sister squeal. And then I watched her succumb to an orgasm so hard she had to bite on her arm to keep herself quiet. After watching that, I was so fucking close I thought about biting my own arm. But it was the arm bringing the panties back up to my crotch, so I left it alone.

Amanda leapt up like she was raised from the dead. She grabbed at my wrist. "I've changed my mind about you making your mess in my panties. Since I started it, seems right I should take care of the mess."

She crawled across the sofa to reach me. With a wink, she leaned down and took my cock in her mouth. She gave like three great sucks, and then I was done and filling her mouth. She swallowed enough to joust, "Guess I got here just in time!"

I could but just gasp back, "I was ready to have fun for hours, but then your tongue did me in in about ten seconds."

Amanda bent back, with a very satisfied expression on her face. She scooted back to her original positioning. My map said that next I'd lean down myself and start licking that glistening pussy. Amanda's eyes were glistening as she thought about it.

But then we both heard Mom getting up to bang around in the kitchen. By the time she checked in on us, Mandy had her feet on the floor, sleepshirt pulled down, the throw sturdy across her lap. I had my pants back up to my waist, my happy little man tucked safely away.

The panties were naturally stuffed in the pocket of my sweatpants. Despite my sister's best efforts, I did in fact make a mess in her panties before I slept.

When I did wake up, I didn't even bother with a shower. I went straight to the kitchen, drawn by the wafting scent, so delighted to find a freshly brewed pot of coffee. But it was like the opening of a Ray Bradbury story. I had my full mug, but the planet seemed otherwise unoccupied.

Finally I wandered into the livingroom, where I found Mandy as she'd been lying before Mom had barged in last night. Her nightshirt was at her waist; her panties, of course, were steeped in semen and stuffed under my pillow.

Her cunt was just as glistening as the night before, though more swollen in the morning light. "Last night, it looked like you wanted to do more, before Mom interrupted. Hmm?"

I hesitated a beat. "Mom went to the grocery," she encouraged, "said she'd be back by lunch. Actually, she said she'd be back in an hour, and she's been gone awhile."

I set my mug of coffee down on the coffee table.

In scant seconds I was on my knees, licking at her little pussy. Such a pretty little pink pussy, all puffy and wanting some attention, oozing its syrupy nectar. I was in such a slurpy heaven. I made my sister come like crazy, and then I was wondering what would happen next. With buster in my pants totally weighing in on the situation. We both got big eyes, hearing the sound of Mom's car coming home.

"Sad for you that you slept so late," she tittered, giving my bulge an affectionate squeeze as she scrambled up. Mandy slapped my ass in passing, moving past me towards the hall. My sister galloped down the hall, laughing, "I'm taking a shower. You have to help unload and put away the groceries."

With my face glistening and stinking of her licked cunt. Thank god my cock deflated. Hey Mom, what's up? Oh, Mandy? She's taking a shower. No, we didn't go to Krispy Kreme. What? Because my face looks like I've been feasting on glazed donuts?

And then the fresh fish filets smelled spoiled, until I discreetly stepped my glazed face away, standing downwind, until they didn't.

I got a shower next. Getting all buff just in time for the fish dinner. Though that was still the entire afternoon away. The three of us just sort of wasted away the dread afternoon wandering about the house like zombies. Even after the shower, I still tasted my sister in my mouth. And just like a zombie, I staggered around, hungering for more.

The fish was what you'd spend forty bucks for in a restaurant, per plate. As the feast wound down, Mom decided to make some coffee. We tried to dissuade her--always a thankless task. And always a waste of time. By the time the boom-boom movies came on, Mom was jacked as shit.

She spat out her usual remarks, but then she stuck around, complaining all the while. My sister initiated our exchanges of sultry glances. When Mom was particularly aggrieved by the movie, Mandy shifted her legs and shot me a brief but spectacular glimpse of her new panties. Even so, I gave up, the first to blow off the dumb movie and go to bed. There was no way we'd outlive Mom. We'd grown up on those nights when she'd still be rattling around the kitchen at three in the morning. Whereas, most nights, she slept sound as a bear in hibernation.

They must have stayed up later, mother/daughter chatter. I'd already shoved my sister panties back under the pillow with a fresh load of sperm before I heard her heading into her own room. I tried to stay awake to see if I could hear if Amanda was masturbating, but it was hard to hear and I fell asleep. I fell asleep hard, wondering if my sister would visit me in the night.

If she did, I had no memory of it.

Next I knew, I was woken by tendrils of fresh coffee wafting up my nostrils. That, and the smell of bacon frying in a cast-iron skillet. I hit the can and did my morning business, then found my sister in the kitchen, rustling us up a breakfast.

She was still in a tight little sleepshirt, showing the lines of the very panties she'd flashed the evening before. I snuck up on her, at the last second announcing myself with a quick fondle of her behind. The touch set her jumping and squealing. I'd genuinely surprised her, shocked her; scared her, even.

"Sorry," I grabbed her once she returned to earth. Once all was familiar, Mandy melted back against me, while continuing to keep the bacon going.

"Smells so good," I whispered obliquely, nuzzling my sister's neck. She pushed me away with a cackle, threatening me with the tongs.

"Sit!" she declared.

I did, knowing my place. Sis served up the breakfast. It was only when she sat down that I asked, "Where's Mom?"

We ate as she explained.

"She left right before you got up. She's visiting Dad for a couple hours, and then an old hen club luncheon date. After that there's an afternoon meet with their lawyer. She doesn't expect to get home before four. She wants a fresh pot of coffee waiting, and I volunteered us to do dinner."


"I was figuring some sort of parmesan, eggplant or chicken ... or maybe we'll go wild and have both. With fresh mozzarella and just plucked basil leaves. So we'll have to go to the store at some point, but probably not right now."

We sort of laughed, finally standing, clearing the breakfast table. We moved in rhythm, like a well-oiled team, washing up after the meal.

I was just drying my hands on the dishtowel when Amanda grabbed my waist and turned me one-eighty, facing her, as she hunched up tight against me.

"Breakfast cleaned up, shopping for dinner a long time off, and who gives a fuck about lunch? Wonder what we should do in the meantime?"

I just stood there. I ... I wanted my sister more than anything else in the world. I wanted, I wanted to kiss my sister. On the lips. Letting her know I meant it.

But then she took my hand. Mandy tugged me into the livingroom, big and bright from all the windows. She stopped us in the middle of the room and then slowly and softly but brightly she stripped us of our clothes.

My jaw dropped, seeing her breasts for the first time. They were just big enough to sway every time she took a breath, topped with taut cherry pit nipples. Of course she noticed my attention--no doubt she'd anticipated it. What guy in her life hadn't reacted exactly as I did, the first time she lifted her shirt? Mandy giggled and gave her shoulders a shake. "All you guys just love my girls." She brought her hands up and started, well, feeling herself up. Her hands were doing what my hands wanted to be doing.

But out of nowhere, she pulled up. Amanda gasped and got an Oh no! face, her hands scrambling to cover her breasts, a quaint-fingered bra to hide her luscious nipples. "Why is that?" she whimpered, totally faux, letting her nipples start peeking out between her fingers. Her mouth wrinkled with the tease.

Like old petals, my sister let her hands fall away from the fresh budding of her breasts. "Guess you didn't know your sister was voted best boobs in school?" She fixed me with a smile as her fingers found and circled my wrists. She drew her handcuffs up until my hands were right where they'd wanted to be all along. My sister was asking me, with her eyes, to play with her stiff little nipples. Of course I obliged. "So, what is it about my boobs? ... tell me dear brother, I want to know." I bent down, lowering my hands to steady her torso, and sucked them a bit, sucking her breath.

Then I straightened up, moving my hands to cup the loveliest of girls. "It's like you're Eve, showing up with a pair of perfect apples to share. What Adam wouldn't say great to that?" We stood like that, drinking each other in. Amanda had a firm little ass. Her nude mons only accentuated her ridiculously girly hips. My hands slipped from her breasts, sliding to a rest at her hips, but showing definite signs of wanting to go lower.

Looking at her, I continued feasting. Maybe I had my incest goggles on, but my sister looked better than girls a dozen years younger. She certainly didn't look like she'd had three natural births. Or feel like it--I could vouch for that! Amanda may have been used to cock every night, but I could state for the record that her cunt was one-finger tight.

I wanted to touch her wetness again. But as I started lowering a hand off her hip, sinking slowly that way, Mandy gaily pushed me away. "It's not the fault of girls that their apples make boys get snakes."

Which wasn't exactly true. There was no fault involved. It was simply a matter of fact that when a boy got to taste a girl's apples, a snake shot up. It happened every time.

It was a precarious balance. Sometimes snakes appear that aren't wanted by the apple bearers just going about their business. I stood back, my goods on offer.

Amanda stared down at my cock. It was flailing around like a flagpole in a mighty gale.

"I think he likes me," she giggled. "He keeps pointing at me."

I thought we were going to be having some fun in the livingroom. All our clothing littered the floor like a futon, a ready roll of paper towels. Instead, Mandy grabbed my erection, as I'd been secretly begging, but only to pull me out the side door onto the secluded side of the front deck.

The first thing I noticed was that the long cushions from the pair of chaise lounges were lying side-by-side on the decking, like a double mattress of love.

It was, I saw, prearranged. But I was distracted by all the kissing and hugging and touching Amanda was showering upon me. I was getting a pretty good idea about how we could kill time until shopping for dinner.

My sister backed away from me, nailing me with a beckoning stare. She settled back down on the cushions, on her back, her thighs spread wide as she settled down. My sister was showing off her pussy, knowing how much I wanted it. Her fingers flared her swollen lips even more, showing how she dipped her finger up inside her dripping honeypot. I sank to my knees between the spread of her legs and started doing what boys to best. It kind of seemed like I was going to get to watch my sister masturbate to a lovely completion, and somewhere along the line I'd shoot my stuff all over her belly and tits. That sounded like a decent Happy Ending to me.

"Get down here, and give us our reward," she whispered, holding her dripping wings spread. "I want to reward you for all the wonderful things you did with your tongue. And then, I want to feel my reward, shooting up deep inside me. You know you've thought about it. So have I. Mmm, come here and let's find out what if?"

We stayed poised like, letting all the insinuations sink in good and deep. A little sister lay beneath her big brother. Both naked, and aching to take that first plunge.

We were in our mid-thirties, for chrissakes. And we were going where we were going; we'd been going that direction no doubt. With our other houses filled with our spouses and children and pets and lives.

I'd ... I'd had secret naughty thoughts about her from back when she was a pretty little girl I liked to hold hands with, because that's what big brothers did when crossing the street with their little sisters.

As we'd both aged, naturally, I had had even naughtier thoughts about my pretty little sister. But it wasn't like I was even holding hands with her anymore. It wasn't like it ever really stopped, I just got it pretty well tamped down.

Though, even still, it was barely a week ago that all the kids had gone with their mother to the grocery, leaving me alone for a good hour. During which, I'd masturbated envisioning the beauty now spread before me.

I said as much. Mandy squirmed and smiled, squirming a lot and getting a big smile that blushed down her neck to her breasts. "All my life, I've loved thinking of you while touching myself. I guess I've kept it quiet myself. I'd be a liar if I said I'd never closed my eyes with my husband and pretended it was you. I could be profiled as a serial liar, in fact."

She started crying, reaching out to tug at my hips. "Sure, I'm just horny. But also, let's finally just do this, all the way."

I moved down on Amanda and found entrance without any fussy hands. My cock prodded down there, gently, quickly finding and slipping into her slot. "Are you sure?" I asked, at barely the point of no return.

"I'm so sure, if you don't give me some cock, I'm calling the cops."

My cock wanted to hide from the cops!

Under the cloud of blackmail, I engaged in full incest. And I thanked the cloud.

We were finally fucking, oh so slowly, my stiffness sundering her wetness. So luxuriously, as birdsong echoed from the trees. There was the sound of traffic on the road out front, cars that couldn't see us fucking.

Me and Mandy--Mandy and I--we couldn't hug ourselves close enough, entwine our limbs tight enough. I watched, enthralled, as I fucked my sister to several vocal orgasms.

I moved off her a little, settling up on my arms, panting down on my sister. My stiffness was twitching affectionately inside her. "God," she gasped, "you're not even done."

"Just getting started, baby." That was my intent, even if it proved a bit of hyperbole. It felt so good, my sister's the perfect cunt for my cock. And I loved to make her come. Mandy had guessed right--I had thought about it. I'd jacked-off thinking about numerous times over the years. What I'd kept so quiet now roared so loud. My sister beneath me, wanting it just as badly.

Being outdoors made me feel like a rutting animal. I whispered that in Mandy's ear. She moaned, "Animals so hot for it they don't care if they're from the same litter!"

I pumped close and hard next, and Amanda's sweet cries began mounting. I gave her no rest, her orgasm simply redoubling my thrusts. When she started coming again, I was immediately thinking of retreat once more, giving us both a break before attacking her a third time.

Second time had to be the charm this time--as she succumbed, a scrambling of fingers between us found my balls. The gentlest of touch was enough to push me off the cliff. As she began speaking in tongues, I was spurting her reward deep inside her. If this was Europe, my orgasm would've been an AVT slapped atop hers.

The wide staring eyes and gaping mouths until we collapsed into one puddle. At length, I slid off my sister. After that, we both turned on our side, so we could continue sliding against one another. I was satiated, but that didn't mean I didn't want to play with my sister. Cute lips are meant to be kissed. Cute breasts are meant to be fondled and sucked. When her thighs started squeezing mine, I slunk a hand lower. And lower. Until I found her.

I lay, naked, out on the deck cushions, molesting my naked sister. She seemed to really like it! After she came down, Mandy started groping and squeezing at me. We were no longer young, so I chalked that up to a pleasant thank-you and a lot of wishful thinking. Until she shifted down and took me in her mouth. Her lips and hands and tongue were unlike anything I'd ever known.

Amanda rose up victorious, sparkling eyes showering down on me as she settled herself down on my brand-new erection. I speared my sister proudly. I had no choice but to giggle like an idiot and let her take control. There were no words, just looks, as she slowly rode me. She paced it so that I was filling her with juice just as her juice was flooding me.

After a long while, I let Mandy slide away and sit up, and then just collapse back down across me. It was the sexiest sensation ever, naked out on those deck cushions, the two of us slowly melding into a post-coital nap, en plein air.

"What if we fall deep asleep?" she tittered against my neck, "slumber for so many hours Mom finds us like this?"

"Well," I guessed, "I'd probably get woken up. And I know first thing after wakening I'll want to fuck my sister again, and since we've been discovered anyway ... I'm afraid dear old Mom will just have to watch as I move back over you and start giving us what we both want."

Amanda seemed to melt against me even closer, like shrink-wrap. "Mmm," she started her drifting off, "such a good answer."

It was maybe forty minutes when we both rose back up and started stretching. Our eyes locked, then batted down in shyness as our grins spread.

"I love waking up naked outside, especially next to you!" my sister sent a hand tickling down my thighs. I wondered what would happen next. I wasn't believing in miracles. Mandy's hand found my soft cock. She gave it a loving squeezing, then a couple quick pets.

"Too bad it wasn't a couple of hours," she kissed me, her hand leaving my exhausted bundle to help push herself up to her feet. Towering over me, I just had to laugh and tell her, "Standing over me, you look like a 24-foot tall Amazonian sex goddess."

"I should probably let you sleep some more, from the sound of it, but here," she let a hand down, finding mine and pulling me to my feet, "let's go grab a shower."

Once standing, I too was a 24-foot tall blah-de-blah, for the couple of seconds it took for my sister to return to the hot little gal she was. Pulling me down the hall and into the shower behind her.

After our afternoon activities, going grocery shopping with my sister was like going on our honeymoon. Pushing the cart together, she kept swinging her ass against mine, twining her hand atop mine on the push bar. At the produce aisle, she picked out the two most suggestive looking eggplants she could find, holding them at chest level. "What do you think? Are these big enough for you? Here, touch them, heft them yourself." And even though she wasn't much of a meat eater anymore, she insisted on stopping by those coolers. "Let's do do chicken, also. I know how much you like breast meat."

The only thing we couldn't find was anything resembling fresh basil. They had some refrigerated leaves in the gourmet section, but they looked like something you'd wipe off the bottom of your shoe after mowing the lawn.

As luck would have it, Mandy spotted a small health food store on the drive home. They grew herbs in the back, so our basil was indeed freshly plucked. We got some oregano as well because I felt so silly spending so little.

It was sort of creepy at the counter how the hippy lady kept looking and smiling at us. "You two certainly look very happy together."

"We are," my sister concurred, leaning her head dreamily on my shoulder. "We're very, very happy together."

"If I may, I could recommend some very special ... ah, oils that we keep under the counter for couples."

Amanda sort of giggled. "No thanks! When we're together, I make more than enough oils the old-fashioned way. In fact, I should bottle and sell it myself."

The woman had started blushing, and then completely averted her eyes. We didn't even bother waiting for our change. "Come on, dear," Mandy gaily pulled me away, "we better get home or else I'm going to maul you in the car!"

"Nice acting," I said out in the parking lot.

"Who's acting? I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to make it through dinner."

Once home, as Amanda began some prep work, I set to making us some coffee. I just made us each a cup, and then immediately turned off the machine, rinsed out the pot and shoved the filter and grinds deep into the trash. My sister looked perplexed. "Didn't Mom say she wanted some coffee ready when she got home? She should be coming in the door any time now."

"Drink up," I said, finishing mine in just a few gulps. Mandy followed suit. I rinsed our mugs and hid them in the dishwasher. "Mom doesn't get any coffee."

"Oh really?" my sister smirked. "I believe she's capable of just brewing her own damn pot."

I gave her a lascivious look. "Mom doesn't get to stay up late tonight because she drank too much coffee. Shhh," I held my index finger up to my lips. I winked and then rooted around behind some canisters on the counter until I found the outlet where the coffee machine was plugged in. It was a GFI receptacle, and I pushed the Test button. "Oops, something must be wrong with the coffee maker."

I had a very smug smile on my face. My sister moved over and stuck her tongue halfway down my throat. "I have the cleverest brother in the whole world. How can I possibly thank you? hmmm?" She was on her knees when the front door opened, so I had to take a raincheck on that reward!

Mom took the coffee situation in stride. "It's just as well. If I had any this late, I'd be up all night."

Dinner was a resounding success, made all the more delicious by Mom's insistence on opening a bottle of good wine from the pantry. It was a fine red quite the compliment to the Italianesque fare. Mom didn't drink very often, so I was already doing the math of a big meal and a glass or two making her sleepier even earlier than usual. Following my sister's eyes, I saw she was calculating the same formula.

Instead it just made Mom giggly and even more alert. We were moving the party into the livingroom when I decided to first make myself more comfortable, going to my room to change into a pair of sleep pants and a sweatshirt.

Some old movie caught Mom's eye. About halfway through, the bottle was empty and Mandy got up to use the bathroom. But then she never came back. Even Mom, finally getting a little fuddled with drink, noticed. "She's been gone forever. Did your sister go to bed?"

I shrugged. "Guess she's even less a drinker than you."

When the movie ended, Mom sort of staggered to her feet, kissing the top of my head goodnight.

I sat there alone in the room, flipping channels, wondering what'd gone wrong. I was just getting resigned to going and hunting in the pantry to see if there was another bottle when my sister walked into the room, silently closing the door shut behind her.

Mandy was wearing a girly t-shirt that barely covered her bottom. Other than that, she was just long bare legs, a big smile, and the flash of panties as she strode towards me on the sofa.

"I thought you went to bed."

"Not yet," she trilled.

She sat down and snuggled next to me. "Take this itchy old sweatshirt off," she demanded. I did just that, and she curled up even closer to me, running her hands in circles around my chest as her lips sought out mine. "I was just in my room, waiting for Mom to go to bed, and thinking about you. And thinking about you got me all worked up, see?"

Mandy grabbed my nearest wrist and jammed my hand up between her thighs, dropping her hand between my thighs. I was barely under her hem when I felt the drenched crotch of her panties. That was enough of an invitation for me. I reached up to the waistband and tugged them down past her ass, shoving them past her knees, where they dropped to her ankles and she gaily kicked them free.

"Naughty boy, are you going to finger-fuck your sister on the sofa?"

I quickly had two fingers working up inside her cunt, stirring her into a froth. Her clit was already so swollen with need there was no way for my thumb to miss it. She was panting hot in my ear. "Dirty girl, are you going to cream all over your brother's hand?"

"God, god, god, god yessssss!" she hissed her reply, seized by convulsions, and soaking my hand to the wrist.

Mandy slipped away from my sticky fingers, her hand moving from my bulging fabric. She quickly reached and stripped me of my bottoms, moving over to straddle me, pulling off her top to leave her naked as I. My sister gave a cute little smile as she positioned me, the smile of my cock head at the slurpy smile of her cunt lips.

Then she lowered herself down, enveloping me in her, that part of me sinking deep inside her. There was a brief jousting match and then she suddenly tightened and howled. My mouth was busy sucking on her tits, so I had to act fast to cover her lips with mine. "Shhh," I whispered as she groaned into giggles. "Don't be so loud."

"It's your fault," she smiled, recovering, whispering back, "you're the one who makes me get so loud." With that, we settled into a long slow rhythm, eyes to eyes as we interacted down below. Our hands were like Bedouins, roaming all over the arid land--there was only the one oasis.

No fault to my wife, or any of the girls I'd been intimate with. It'd taken me this long to discover that doing my sister was the best sex of all. Mandy and I fit together like only brother and sister can.

I was squeezing my sister's ass, making her give off a low-throated squeal, when the closed door to the livingroom slowly squealed open.

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