Hate, Anger and Retribution

by Big Fella

Copyright© 2011 by Big Fella

Fiction Story: A man, disrespected by his wife and friends then cuckolded by his wife gains money and revenge. This is a very dark tale. It has no redeeming value except the satisfaction of seeing justice done.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Cheating   Cuckold   Group Sex   Caution   .

It's amazing how things look when you are reflecting back on the unchangeable past. It all seems so inevitable now. At the time, it seemed as though I was riding a high speed rail car traveling past the speed of sound. One step followed another and so on down the path of inevitability.

I wouldn't change at thing.

The bullet train started on a Wednesday when I was returning home from a week long business trip. I traveled regularly in my job as a Senior Account Executive for a large Printing Press company. Our presses retailed at nearly a million dollars each and with all the bells and whistles could easily reach two million.

Depending on how deeply I discounted the price, my commissions could run as high as 15%. Believe me, 15% of two million is a tidy sum of happiness. And, to top it off, I usually sold one or two units each month. If you can do the estimate you'll see I was hauling down the bucks. The pay was good, and my package included a fat expense account and a new top of the line car every year. The company loved me and I loved my job.

Life was good.

Then I me Julie.

To describe Julie I'd have to be able to describe a living work of art. Great Art. She was the physical manifestation of living perfection. Think 5'11", 36 – 24 – 36. Fit and blond and beautiful in the most angelic form I'd ever seen.

I was head over heals in love and out of control determined to capture her heart and guard it for ever. It took me nearly two years of determined effort to woo her using all the tools I could muster.

She tried to tell me she should never marry. That she was not a commitment type of girl. I should have listened, but I believed I could make her love me. And, for a while I think she did. We were married and for seven years I believed we had the perfect marriage. We made love three or four times each and every week. I lavished love on her like a man obsessed. I guess that was another mistake on my part as it seems that my obsession caused her to lose respect for me. All respect.

Things began to change after the first three years. It was little things at first. A snide remark prior to a party and little disrespects that at first I didn't even notice. Until later and upon refection. Little cracks began to show in what I thought was the perfect marriage.

Crack: She started laughing at me (not with me) when she was with her girl friends. "Bill (I'm Bill, by the way) is the perfect Husband, he pays the bills and leaves me alone".

So, we went to councilor. It was awful. The cunt psychologist thought I was to blame and said so.

Go figure.

Crack: Snide remarks about my loving skills. "You just can't hold up like you used to".

I went to the Doc and got Calis. It worked, so now she complains I last TOO long.

Go figure.

Crack: "I'm going to the Bahamas for five days on the 15th of next month with Jackie and Joan. We need to work on our tan"

And so it went for four long years. Each year was worse than the last. At the end of our seventh year I told her I had reached the end of my rope with the disrespect and she had to stop it. She laughed.

Sometime during the fifth year of our marriage, Julie decided that the reason she was so miserable was due to boredom. So, I got her a job with my company. She was college educated and was qualified to manage any high end office. She became the right hand gal to our companies chief administrator. Her work was to insure that all the Account Executives were on schedule and on budget expense wise.

Of course, this meant she knew exactly where I was and how much I was spending on expenses. Not a problem, right? Wrong.

It all came to a head when my credit card was stolen at a restaurant where I had just entertained a important client. The wait server simply could not find my card to return. So, I had to use my personal card not only for the meal but for the return flight home.

Surprise, surprise, surprise, as Gomer Pyle used to say.

So I show up back at the office middle of the afternoon and find the lights are out and the telephones are set up to forward to cell phones.

Where the heck is everyone? I searched the building and finally heard some music coming from one of the "Executive Offices" on the top floor of our suites. I was completely puzzled as the only people who used these offices were the big honcho's and their staff.

I tried to call Julie and through the door I could hear her phone ring.

"Hello" She said.

"Julie" I said.

"What do you want?" came back the rude reply.

"Well, I was wondering if you had any plans for tomorrow night" "I'd Like to take you out to eat and to a play"

"That's a good Idea" Julie said. "I've been wanting to see La Miz at the Majestic".

"So, what are you doing now" I quarried.

"Nothing much, just setting at my desk" Came her reply.

"Okay, can I speak to John?" I asked, knowing that John was gone from the office.

"He's not here right now" "call him on his cell". Came her blunt reply.

"Okay, I will, love ya and I'll see you tomorrow". I closed out or conversation.

Then, I dialed John. Low and behold his phone began to ring behind the closed door.

"hello" said John clearly out of breath.

"Hey John, you sound out of breath what's up?" I said.

"Not much I'm in the car on the way to see a client" "What do you need" He replied.

"I wanted to check on the O'hannone order" which was a safe thing for me to ask as I knew the order was in process, but delayed.

"Well, it's been delayed, I thought you knew that". He replied.

"I was hoping for good news anyway" I said.

Now all the time this conversation was going on I had very carefully opened the office door and had slipped into the lobby area of the suite. No one was in sight but I could see lights in the first room which was the customer waiting area. We had furnished that room with very comfortable couches and chairs along with a full wet bar and a wide screen hi def TV. I could see the light under the door.

Very quietly I opened the door to the inner office just a crack. I could see five men and three women in various positions having all manner of sex. One of the women was on top of a man fucking in the Cowgirl position and leaning down low while another man entered her from the rear.

My wife, the dirty slut, was sucking her boss on her knees while another fella that I didn't know took her doggy style. Her Boss, the man I had just talked to was head back in joyous pleasure while he held my wife's head and pumped his cock into her face.

I could not move. I was flabbergasted and astonished to the point of motionless stupor. After about five minutes, I regained enough mental capacity to take my new hot i Phone out and I started snapping pictures; after about 20 stills I started a video. I recorded at least 15 minutes of video to insure that I had all the evidence that I could ever need against these scum sucking wife fuckers. I intended to destroy them one way or another.

Then I backed out and away. I returned to my car and drove to a nearby Hilton where I checked in for the night.

After a rough night I awoke with a hatred of my wife and her lovers that I knew I could never get past. Revenge was the name of the game and revenge I would have.

First, I knew I needed an attorney. I made several phone calls to friends that had recently had divorces and got the recommendation of "THE Lawyer" to have if you wanted to destroy someone. Her name is Sally Hawk. Her reputation as The ball breakers ball breaker. The scorched earth Queen who is well known for her take no living prisoners divorce lawyer.

We had NO children, thank God, but we did have property and assets. I met with Sally that afternoon and after paying her a $25,000.00 initial retainer to draw upon as need then filling out a bunch of papers including a power of attorney for the purpose of all things related to my divorce, selling any real property and all other assets.

Sally advised me that under law any assets we held MUST be divided evenly and absent criminal behavior or other very special circumstances I would not be able to keep more than half of any assets held at the time of the filing of the petition for divorce.

The confidential advice that Sally gave me (actually, she sold the advice very dearly) was that I needed to "lose" assets and that she felt I deserved a vacation trip to Vegas and after Vegas that I should take a cruise liner that had a casino where I should deposit my money in the casino's bank and use that to "gamble".

The idea is that once the money went into the Vegas Casino bank then into the foreign registry ship and then I should draw the money out over the time I was gambling on the ship. These money transfers would take place by wire transfer and each transfer would reflect less money as I steadily lost money.

By the time I reached Barbados and moved the gambling money into the casino bank there, I would be more or less untraceable. Once in Barbados, I could move the money to the Cayman Islands where the banking laws are very favorable to foreign money, especially dollars.

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