Feeling Fa for Frank

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2011 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Stacy Keibler slumming in a bar? Picking up a distressed wife leads to scheming revenge on her husband in public and some public evening delight.. This is a short, simple story that insisted I write it!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Sister   Group Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Leg Fetish   Public Sex   Caution   .

My god ... Is that... ? It can't be. I didn't know Stacy Kiebler had a twin sister. I know dim bar lighting plays tricks, so I HAVE to get closer to those fabulous legs. When she left her escort and wobbled slowly to the bar, I wiped my drool and moved toward her. Despite her towering height, she had to scrunch up onto the high stool and rest her heels on the bottom rung. Her snug black skirt climbed from a few inches above her knees to far up her long, sexy thighs. When she twisted slightly toward the bar, the hidden front slit opened nearly to her beguiling crotch. She quickly flipped it closed. When the adjacent stool became free, I took it and struggled to avoid staring at my fantasy come true. A moment later I heard her sob gently. A single tear escaped her constraint and, hoping I wouldn't regret it, I had to ask why. She waved me off and sniffled. While taking small sips, I silently imagined those long, toned legs around my neck and...

"I didn't mean to be so rude. It's just ... just ... well, today's my birthday and I HATE my F'ing husband!" Well! That's sad. I hate to take advantage of her, but I can still admire her legs while I console her; probably even get away with touching them.

"Happy birthday. If you need an ear, you can borrow mine. What's troubling you, gorgeous? May I ask how young you are?" Her angry, flushed face softened to frustrated sadness.

"My cruel husband, Frank, keeps pushing me to be more daring ... in how I dress... (sob) in public. That's just not me. I was always the gawky one with the hideously long, skinny legs and flat chest. The kids called me LURCH or asked where my neck bolts were and now my nasty husband makes fun of me too." YES! An underappreciated beautiful woman who doesn't know how hot she is can be a fun project. I think I can make us both happy. She hoisted one foot up two stool rungs to prop an elbow on her knee and gave me a deep, enticing view up her silky thighs.

"If you'll let me, I think I can help. Would you like to get revenge on Frank? I can make him eat his words if you go along with me and are brave about it. I'll make sure we have fun doing it too. Bottoms up. Ohh, that just means your drink for now." She looked at me warily and a small smile crept onto her pretty face. Now that I could focus on her face, I could see the years etched there. Instead of Stacy's clone, she was still, perhaps, her youthful, beautiful mom.

"Fifty-one. I'm only telling you because I brought it up and I'm obviously too old for you to hit on. A little revenge, and fun, is just what I need now. What do you have in mind." Bingo! A few drinks made her so amenable; I hope they also dropped her inhibitions.

"Well, we can give him too much of what he wants from you. FIFTY-ONE!? Are you kidding? I guessed you were thirty-five, max; honestly. So, yes, I was hitting on you. How mad would Frank get if you got naked here and strolled over to him? Is he violent?" I finally noticed her chest. Like Stacy, she looked like a small C-cup which isn't impressive on her large frame, yet more than a mouthful and certainly adequate. Her shear, white, half-sleeve button down blouse covered a shear beige cami with a deep and wide scoop, which hardly covered a thin 'nude' bra. My naked suggestion turned her modest nipples hard and dark. As they grew, they went from barely noticeable to demanding attention.

"I don't think I'll be getting naked here or anywhere in public! He may notice that, but since that falls within his sick fantasy, I don't think he'd object. We've been married eighteen years and I'm fed up with him too. He asked me to flirt with someone and wack him off here while he watched. He's too kinky! If I gave oral, he'd want to see that too since he hasn't had any from me in at least ten years. Oh, dear. Am I saying too much? Two drinks loosen my tongue. I haven't even told you that my name is Felicia; Fa for short."

"That's useful info for us. I wonder what happens after three drinks..." I smirked at her and ordered another drink. She smirked back with a raised eyebrow. When she gulped it down, I pressed to the next stage. "Yes, I know your name Felicia. I'm going to tell you something I shouldn't. You better have another drink." She stared, open mouth until I handed her her fourth drink. I moved my stool closer and slipped my knee between hers. Her short skirt fell off her outer leg and she looked at it briefly, yet didn't cover up. As I reached out to brush her beautiful blonde mane behind her ear, I traced her ear lobe lightly and caressed her soft cheek. "Can he see us? I want him to see this." She shivered at my touch.

She leaned into my hand as she snuck a look toward her ungrateful husband. "No, he's busy hitting on the busty red headed stripper at ... oh, he's looking now. How do you know my name?"

"OK. Make it look like you're picking me up. Suck my finger like you're blowing it. That should get him thinking." I dared to put my other hand on her knee and stroked up it slowly, but decisively. Frank had made her wear hip high stockings. She began to suck my finger and kept an eye on Frank through the densely crowded dancers. She watched, wide-eyed, as I pushed her slit skirt away until her beautiful bare skin above her stocking was exposed to my hand and eyes. Wether she knew or not, her bright white, semi shear boy shorts were exposed to me and everyone behind me. The crowd seemed unusually focused on her. Frank had dressed her well. "Slide toward me a bit when he's looking. Show him more of this precious thigh. You're still exposing less than when you wear a swimsuit. Yes. Let your legs open around my knee. I bet you have his full attention now. Gently rest your hand on my thigh and let him see you slide up my leg. You'll find your growing target very quickly."

"Even four drinks aren't enough to get you a blow job. I wand to knoe how you knew my uhh name." So she needed another drink! I ordered one and told her to find the bulge in my pants and rub it.

"That hot, hard, swelling mass you're skirting around is because of you and all for you. It's testifying to just how hot WE think you are ... for a thirty-something! Frank doesn't believe you have the balls to stroke my balls and dick - certainly not here! Be brave! Hold it. Rub it and squeeze it for me. When you're feeling fearless, you can take it out and wank it for Frank. Don't wait too long or it won't flex thru the zip." The booze was melting her prudence and she inched higher until she squeezed my hardness with her sizzling hand. My eyes closed blissfully, "Mmmmm, that's very good." She scraped her nails along my third leg. "Let's show him a little more before the next dance starts." I confirmed Frank was watching his beautiful wife rubbing my dick while I stroked the inner thigh of her exposed leg. His hand was oscillating under his table while the red head watched closely.

I tossed the other side of Fa's slit skirt off her other leg and she flinched. Her knees clenched my leg, but her hand kept rubbing my stiff dick. Though I wanted to kiss her wet mouth and feel her pretty face against mine, because of Frank, I first wanted to sink my fingers deep into the source of the growing wet area between her lengthy, toned legs. Either of them might cut me off at the next stage. I took a big risk while sliding my thumbs up her inner thighs and pushed her skirt fully open so even she could see her exposed, wet panties. "What I've been afraid to tell you, Fa, is that I know Frank. When I told him how absolutely hot I thought you were and how lucky he was to have such a gorgeous wife every day, he waved me off. He told me you rarely have sex any more and that it's been a dozen years since you sucked him off. I don't know how he feels about you, but he said he dressed you up and took you out for your birthday so you could attract someone and flirt hard with them. I called him a fool to risk you like that, but he said you were too uptight to do anything or even dress sexy on your own."

Her warm hand stopped rubbing me and froze while still pressing down hard on my anxious dick. "When I said I would be thrilled to flirt with you, he scoffed -'good luck'. He pointed out how you kept the slit in your skirt clamped shut and dared me to pick you up. He said I would only win the dare if you kissed me hard on my mouth. 'Hell, ' he said, 'I DOUBLE dare you to bring me back her bra. In fact I'll put up $100 you can't get it off her in here, while I watch. And another hundred for her panties! I'm so sure she won't blow you, I'll put $500 behind that! Go! Have fun with my frigid wife. I'll watch you crash.' He really pissed me off with that attitude. If he were willingly and lovingly sharing you with me, I'd be ecstatic, instead, he's treating you badly. I was walking away when he taunted me, saying I must know how you wouldn't melt so I'd better walk away. Fa, I'm torn. I value you too much to be part of his abuse, but I really can use the cash. So I thought I could turn this around on him and make him pay for his thoughtlessness. But I didn't want to take advantage of you, so I had to confess my part in this. We can still have our revenge and have a great time at his expense. What do you say? Are you fearless enough to get even?"

I hoped the booze and anger I stirred would kill all her inhibitions. "You prick!" She slapped my balls hard enough to make me wince. "If you had gone through with this without telling me, you'd be as bahad as he is, the little shit! Hell yeah I want to make him suffer. The $700 you are about to win will make him cry!" She warmed my dick again and leaned toward me. Did she say $700? Ohh, my... "Kiss me hard and put your hands on my tits." Who was I to argue? Her tit was surprisingly firm and so warm. Then I felt her lips press mine and her skillful tongue wrap around mine. She didn't seem out of practice at all. When I squinted toward Frank, he was staring intently at us and his hand was lying in his lap. I rolled Fa's nipple and tugged it to greater heights and saw his jaw drop; though maybe that was due to RED's hand squeezing his exposed dick. After countless moments engrossed in Fa's sweet, wet kiss, she leaned back and asked, "How do I get the bra off and make it seem natural to him?"

As I reached for her blouse and opened the top two buttons, I added, "I'll make it look like we're all caught up in each other, ignoring everyone around us, and urging you to lose it. You're not supposed to know about the dare, so I'll take it and show it to him while you kiss me again." I reached into her cami and the bra to pull on her bare nipple. After a moment, I hooked a finger around it and tugged it over the bra cup while pushing that strap and cup below her tit. The effect was that a beautiful mammary hopped out of the sagging cup and over the cami. The shear white blouse did nothing to hide it from any onlookers and she was too pissed off to mind. I opened the last button and pulled the blouse open so I could lift her soft tit and lick and bite her thick, rosea nipple publicly. While sucking that beautiful tit, I released the bra's rear catch and the other cup slipped away from her other tit. "Fa, slide the straps past your elbows and hands so I can pluck it from you while he watches." She did. I reached into her loose cami and rummaged over each puckered tit before grabbing her bra with two fingers and pulling it free. I dangled it for Frank, and others, to see. "These tits are heavenly. How dare he besmirch them!" I chose not to point out that with the blouse open and the bra gone, only the shear cami kept one tit 'hidden' while I massaged the other, fully exposed one. She was rubbing my dick again and tentatively toying with my zip as I dove into her mouth again. "If he can see you, push two fingers into your obviously wet pussy and coat them with your thick, sweet nectar. Make sure he sees you put those soaked digital delights into my mouth. Mmmm, you taste so sweet and lusty."

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