Bride Wore White

by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: A black college coed discovers that she just can't say no to a hard, white cock -- Not even at her own wedding reception.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Size   .

"You're so grown up, I can hardly believe it," Mom said, almost crying ... again.

"I know." I smiled at her reflection in the mirror, sitting at the small vanity. "I'm so nervous."

"Hold still, Kylie!" My best friend Janisha wanted to fix my make-up.

It was my big day, my wedding day, and I wasn't really all that nervous. My mom wanted to hear that kind of stuff though, so I gave it to her. It wasn't everyday her daughter got married, after all, and she only had two of us. My younger sister was just sixteen, so Mom still had something to look forward to anyway.

At nineteen, I was halfway through my first year of college. So this wasn't really the best time for a wedding, in my opinion, but Rodney was so eager and my parents liked him a lot. He was a few years older than me, just graduated from college and working as an accountant for my dad's plumbing business, a pretty successful one. Business had been good enough that Daddy needed a real accountant and who could he trust more than a son-in-law? So I'd been pushed a little, yeah, and it was more of an arranged marriage than anything else, or at least it seemed that way sometimes.

"You're so beautiful!" My mom was crying now and had been on and off all day, but seeing me in her wedding dress was really going to do her in.

I still wore my slip for the moment, since it was bad luck to do make-up in a wedding dress, especially at the hands of Janisha. She tended to be a little clumsy when she was excited. Her parents were big on their 'roots' which is why she had the silly name. My parents were pretty normal, thank God, and all they knew about Africa was what they saw on the National Geographic channel and Save the Children infomercials. It was enough to convince them that our roots were right here in Minneapolis. Rodney and his friends were more ethnic, to put it politely, embracing the turmoil of the inner-city or some such nonsense, but his parents seemed okay. I'm from the suburbs, middle class America, and all I'd grown up wanting was a pony, my celphone, and a cool Friendster page.

Now I was just glad I had a normal name, mostly, and that I looked slightly less black than some girls I knew. I have dark skin, for sure, very dark, and big brown eyes and kinky black hair, but my lips are full and pouting, rather than over-inflated. My ass is nice and pert, very round and firm, without being ridiculous. Unlike Janisha, for example. She's a real booty girl and her ass is huge; it always has been. Some guys like that, black guys especially, but I rather like my smaller butt. It goes with my hips, which are deftly rounded and in perfect proportion to my narrow waist, as well as my long, toned legs. I'm almost five ten, so I have legs that reach the floor and guys appreciate that.

My tits are a little on the large side, but only because I do look small despite my height. It's my waist and hips again; a pair of generous 34C cups above a 22 inch waist and 32 inch hips does tend to make a girl look a bit top heavy. They're firm too, nice and round with dark perky nipples that get about a half inch long when they want to. People have been asking me if my tits are real since I was fifteen, I swear, because they grew fast and perfect. I'm pretty proud of my body and I blame it on good genes and luck more than any effort on my part.

Best of all I have a very pretty face to go with that great body of mine. I've seen girls who don't and I count my blessings because it is nice being pretty, even beautiful on occasion. I have a heart-shaped face, with a small and somewhat pointed nose. It runs in my mom's side of the family and I'm glad because my dad has a real big nose, wide and thick like his lips. I got my mom's features and she's a lovely woman herself, so we're all happy about that. I like to comb my hair out, keeping it permed so that it's more straight than it would otherwise be. I wear it to my shoulders, but for my wedding it's pinned up of course.

I am beautiful, my mom is right, and much more than any one man deserves in my opinion, but I'm getting married. I took a deep breath and smiled at my reflection. Janisha had done a pretty good job with my make-up and it was time for my dress, virginal white and a hundred years old easily. It had been passed down through four and now five generations. I was the fifth girl wearing it, and someday my daughter would be married in that dress. It's a lot of responsibility putting on something like that and for the first time that morning I really did feel a bit nervous.

Rodney is nice, but looking myself in the mirror I really did have to ask myself why I'd accepted his proposal. Just to make my parents happy? That was the wrong reason, and not entirely the real one. I knew why I was doing it and if I told you now, you might not believe me. It would sound silly, just as it seemed silly to me then, and I should have changed my mind. But Rodney ... Why did he have to be nice? He wasn't really giving me a reason to back out and I was too chicken to do it by myself. Nineteen was way too young to be getting married.

The wedding went without a hitch at the First Baptist church. Rodney looked very nice and he smiled the whole time. My bridesmaids wore blue. Daddy gave me away with a kiss and a tear, cause he's a big softy underneath all that tough plumber. I promised to love, honor, and obey my new husband. It was all very sweet, very traditional, and about what I'd expected.

Our reception was at the Holiday Inn downtown, in the banquet hall there. It was a lot of fun and being the center of attention was even more intoxicating than the champagne, which was flowing freely. Rodney was immaculate in his new role, knowing he was the luckiest man on the planet, and we went through all the rituals. The toasts and cake cutting and pictures, all of that. It was a real good time and we were enjoying ourselves, but I could tell my brand new husband was eager to get us out of there and up to our room. We had the bridal suite, of course, in that same hotel, which was very convenient. It came with a heart-shaped Jacuzzi, of all things.

"Are you ready to go upstairs, Kylie?" Rodney whispered in my ear, and I just gave him a smile.

He wanted to have sex with me so badly it wasn't funny. I didn't think he was a virgin, but I hadn't asked. I'd avoided talk like that as much as I could just because I didn't want to lead him on. He knew I was a virgin though, certified almost, because that was a big, big deal to my parents, especially my dad. He was seriously old school about his daughters and I'd been a very good one all through high school. Rodney was going to enjoy his new bride, that's what he was thinking; I could see it in his eyes. I was the hottest, sexiest girl he'd ever known and now I was his ... If he could get me upstairs.

"May I dance with the bride?" another man asked me, a tall blonde haired guy named Jamie.

He worked for my dad, along with a dozen other men. Three black guys, seven white guys, a Native American, and a guy named Roger, who was from Pakistan, but his real name was Rajah or something. My dad was big on equal opportunity, but mostly all those guys were just darn good plumbers, even if most of them didn't look like plumbers, at least not when they were dressed up for a wedding. Anyway, of course I had to dance with all of them, being the boss' daughter, and so I smiled and gave Rodney a kiss on the cheek.

"In a little bit, okay?" I ignored my husband's frown and let Jamie take my hand. Everyone clapped and smiled as I danced again.

I like dancing and Jamie wasn't bad at it. The band played real music too, so he had his hand on my hip and my hand was on his shoulder, and it was fun. We kept daylight between us, you know. I was the most beautiful girl in the room, the most beautiful girl in the world on that day, and every man there between nine and ninety wanted to dance with me. That's a lot of men too, considering the guest list numbered over seventy-five people, plus their dates and kids and friends, you know. We had a hundred and fifty people there easily and it was outrageously fun. Rodney just had to accept it. A girl only gets married once and it really is her day, as any man should be happy to tell you.

"Whew!" I was giggling and happy and having the time of my life a few hours later.

I felt a little tipsy too, but not bad. Rodney was a bit drunk. While I'd been dancing, all his friends and new coworkers had been getting to know him and making friends with the boss' new son-in-law, so it was excusable. Those guys might not have looked like plumbers, but they could drink like plumbers. Rodney's own friends and family were there as well, and they were nice. The best man, a big round black guy named Maurice, was pretty funny and he took care of his best friend. He made sure Rodney's glass was full and my husband danced with some of the girls, which I didn't mind. He was the groom and so it was his day too, sort of. It was a really great party.

"Can we go upstairs now?" Rodney pleaded as soon as I sat down, his hand on my thigh, his thick lips tickling my ear.

"Hmmm..." I laughed, teasing him because I knew exactly what Rodney wanted.

We'd kissed a few times and I'd let him rub my tits on a couple dates, but no more than that. I'd promised myself to him on our wedding night and it had been a long, six month engagement. I imagined Rodney had some serious energy for what would come later in our marital bed. He could barely contain himself.

I'd gotten a little worked up myself, since it was my wedding and everything. Plus the champagne, the attention, all that dancing with all those guys. I mean it was very proper, very chaste, but still, I like men a lot, I won't deny it. Being close to a guy, especially some of those guys who worked for my dad, like Jamie. He looked really cute and his blue eyes were so pretty. It had to be bad thinking like that with my new husband so close, but I'm a woman and I can think what I like, it doesn't hurt anyone. I just told myself that Rodney would reap the rewards anyway. All these guys getting me hot and bothered was just going to make it better for the man and he didn't have to know the why of it.

"Later." I kissed his cheek. "The party's just starting!"

I'll admit to getting a little loose, but so was everyone, and it was okay. The guys were getting really friendly though, some of them, and when I danced with Kevin, one of my friends from college, my heart started pounding. I'd invited about a dozen friends, guys mostly, because for whatever reason most of my friends at school were men. White guys too, because ... Well, let me put it this way. I was supposed to be getting married to the man of my dreams, right? But I knew that wasn't true, because when I dreamed? All the guys were white. I have a serious thing for white guys, they're just irresistible and I mean that literally.

The funny thing is that they knew it too. My friends from college, like Kevin, he knew I was hot for him and it had been awfully hard having him for a study buddy and keeping my nose in my books. David too, and Brad and John and Steve and Bobby, Greg and Will, and oh God ... They were all hunks. All white as snow and handsome, and I saw those guys every day. I saw them every night too, in my bed while I rubbed my little black pussy raw. I thought I'd get blisters from jilling off so damn much, but I was a good girl too, you know? I was Daddy's little virgin and engaged to a nice black man. That's what kept me honest, because a girl has to respect herself first, before she can respect anyone else. But it wasn't easy.

The only reason those guys never tried anything, and I believe this, is because they all wanted to and they were all keeping an eye on each other. Like none of them were going to let one of the other guys have me, so if one tried, he'd find the others standing shoulder to shoulder in his way. It was like they'd come to an agreement or something, I have no idea. All I knew was that any one of those guys could have asked me out on a real date, and not one of them ever did, but they came close a couple times. It was like having my own fan club, if you can imagine such a thing, and I was in love with all of them.

"I can't believe how gorgeous you are, Kylie." Kevin held me tight and I liked it. The distance between me and my dance partners was inversely proportional to the amount of champagne consumed.

"You think so?" I licked my lips, looking up at him because Kevin was tall, even for me. He had sandy hair and hazel eyes and a good strong face, chiseled like he belonged outside on a horse. He was my cowboy in my dreams.

"Hell yeah." He chuckled and I felt his hand on my hip, strong and gentle, moving around as we danced.

"You look pretty good yourself," I said, stroking the back of his neck with my fingernails. "Too bad Gloria's here."

"Too bad your married," he replied softly. Gloria was his girlfriend and she usually kept a pretty close eye on Kevin.

"Oh yeah." I giggled. "That too."

"You broke a lot of hearts today," Kevin said, and he was only partly teasing.

"Well, I wasn't hiding." I gave him a little shrug and he pulled me a fraction closer. God, he smelled good. "You knew where I lived."

"And you have no idea how many times I walked by your dorm." Kevin laughed and I thought he was teasing me.

"Yeah right." I gave my ass a little shake as I felt his hand move lower, behind me. "Careful," I sang softly. "I don't know how jealous my new husband gets."

"Do you want to find out?" He gave me a mischievous grin that set my heart on fire.

He pulled me even closer, enough so I could feel the bulge of his cock against my tummy and my eyes widened with my smile.

"You're gonna get me in trouble," I decided, and Kevin just nodded, his hand on my ass now, giving me a real squeeze where it counted and my nipples were ready to pop.

"Having fun?" Janisha came around, dancing close with her boyfriend, a gangsta wanna-be named Hoob Ali ma-Jif or something like that. He was full of crap, but she liked him for some reason. His real name was Larry.

"Yeah!" I laughed and pushed myself back, giving us some room and taking a breath of cool air.

"Uh-Huh." Janisha was a little buzzed and she just laughed.

"I've got a room," Kevin whispered just as the song was ending.

"What" I stared at him, feeling pretty flushed.

"Upstairs, room 327..." He stared into my eyes. "Meet me there in fifteen minutes."

"Kevin!" I laughed like he was insane, which he was. "I just got married."

"Fifteen minutes, Kylie." He gave me a friendly kiss on the cheek as the music stopped and a new song started.

"Can I have this dance?" Will was there, like they were ganging up on me. I nodded, my mind reeling with Kevin's suggestion.

"Yeah ... Of course." I swallowed hard and then smiled as he took Kevin's place.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "You look like you just saw a ghost or something."

"Huh?" I laughed, weakly. "Oh, just Kevin being ... Silly."

"Well, it's a good party, Kylie." He was my height exactly as I stood in my one inch heels, and I couldn't help but look into his deep brown eyes as we moved.

He was white, of course, mostly German or something, and Will looked adorable. The sort of man who made you want to open up and just talk all night. I don't know. He had an innocence, like a bad thought had never crossed his mind, and no matter what you said he wouldn't think badly of you. He'd just be there to listen and give you all the support you needed. He was seeing a girl named Becky and I didn't care for her much, but she hadn't come anyway, so that was nice.

"Yeah, it's great, isn't it?" I agreed. "I'm so glad you came, you and the other guys. Thank you."

"No, we wouldn't miss it for the world," Will protested. "We love you."

"Heh!" I giggled. "I love you guys too."

"Plus we gotta stick together, right?" Will said. "Midterms are coming, that's gonna be crazy."

"Oh, God!" I groaned. "Don't remind me."

Will was a perfect gentleman and that was a seduction all its own. I felt very reluctant to let him go when the song ended about five minutes later, but Bobby was right there, waiting for his turn and Will gave me up with a soft kiss on the cheek.

"Come on, come on ... My turn," Bobby said, smiling down at us.

"What, did you guys draw straws or something?" I teased as beautiful Bobby took me in his arms.

"Huh?" He stared at me. "Who told you?"

"Oh!" I gasped and then burst out laughing as the boy grinned at me. "You're so bad! You guys didn't! Bobby!"

"Well, we could have gone by height I suppose." He was the tallest of my male friends, about a foot taller than me, and on a basketball scholarship.

The cool thing about Bobby, besides the fact that he had a serious, serious body, was that he was smart. The basketball thing just paid his way and as good as he might be at sports, he didn't dream of playing in the NBA or anything like that. He wanted to be a scientist and like go to the moon or something. He was so weird, but so cool too, and his body ... Oh God! Six foot nine and two hundred sixty pounds of white muscle packed into a tuxedo and holding me like a little black Barbie Doll? I was creaming, I couldn't help it. My pussy started dripping and I just wanted ... What I couldn't have. Could I?

"Your dad's pretty cool," Bobby said and he had both of his hands on my hips, actually pretty much encircling my waist, since his hands were like twice the size of a normal person's.

"Did you talk to him?"

"Oh yeah." He nodded. "I didn't know he was a ball player, but he knows me. I guess he follows college hoops close, huh?"

"Yeah, well, it's the only game in town." I shrugged. "You didn't tell him about going to MIT after college did you?"

"Nah." Bobby laughed and he had a big one, like the rest of him. "He was busy getting me drafted by the pros. I didn't want to disappoint him."

"Okay, good." I giggled. "He's kind of fixated on basketball sometimes, I should have warned you."

"Oh, he ain't bad." He held me nice and his fingers were on my ass, but he couldn't help it really. "Some of the homeboys are a little annoying though."

"What do you mean?" I asked, because I didn't understand.

"Oh, they just like talking trash, you know." He shrugged. "They wanna go a little one on one and see my game."

"Oh yeah?" I licked my lips. "I'll go one on one with you anytime."

I said that in kind of a sexy voice too, like ... Ohhh ... I hadn't really thought about it at all, the words just came out and surprised both of us. I cleared my throat and even black girls can turn red, let me tell you.

"Is that right?" Bobby's fingers pulled my black ass a little closer so I could put my cheek on his chest. "You got game, Kylie, we all know that."

"I, uh..." I sighed. "I had a lot of champagne tonight. I'm feeling a little too good."

"I feel that way, too," he whispered. "Every time I see you."

"Oh, don't..." I had my arms almost completely around him and I gave the big man a squeeze.

"I know," he sighed, and we didn't say anything else, we just moved slowly while the music played.

Steve had been waiting for the next dance. Cute Steve, who was just about as opposite Bobby as a man could get, being just five foot nothing and slightly effeminate, which always made him self-conscious, like he had to prove he was all man. Of course that chip on his shoulder just meant he took a hard time from all his friends, and it was usually pretty funny seeing Steve get worked up. But he could give as good as he got, and he cooled off quickly enough anyway, so it was all okay.

"Oh, I gotta sit with my husband for awhile," I apologized to Steve, and I had been dancing a long time. "Just be a little patient."

"Be a little patient?" Steve grinned at me. "Very funny, Dr. Kylie. I need a heart transplant because of you." He sighed theatrically as I walked away. "You owe me!"

"Hey baby." Rodney looked sort of happy as I found him talking to some of his friends, three black guys I didn't really know.

"Hi." I moved close, letting him put his arm around me. "Are you having fun?"

"Yeah." My husband shrugged and leaned close. "I could be having more though."

"You will ... You will..." I promised, putting my hand on his chest. "You got me for the rest of your life now. We'll have plenty of time for that!"

"Damn!" One of the other guys shook his head. "That bitch is fine!"

"I'd be all over that shit, bro." another guy whispered, but loud enough so we could hear him.

"Look, um ... I think I'm going to go lie down for a little bit, okay?" I'd made up my mind just then, seeing those black guys, those friends of my husband's, and knowing I'd be listening to that for the rest of my life.

"Lie down?" Rodney narrowed his eyes. "Are you okay? We can go upstairs, I can..."

"No, it's just the excitement." I smiled apologetically. "I just need to relax and take a little breather, that's all. You stay here and have fun with your friends, okay?"

"But..." He looked in pain and I felt bad about it, almost enough to change my mind.

"When I get back, we'll have one last toast and then, my husband, you'll get everything you ever wanted." I giggled and kissed his cheeks and then his lips and pushed my tongue into his mouth, Frenching the man hard in front of his friends.

"Dat's gettin' on some phreak!" one of them said, and they were all talking like that, as I knew they would. Rodney talked the same way, when he thought I couldn't hear him, and I had no idea why anyone would want to sound so illiterate.

"Uh ... Okay," Rodney said at last as I broke our kiss. "I'll ... Yeah ... I'll wait here, baby."

"Kay." I wiggled my fingers and licked my lips.

"Be tappin' dat all night long, man ... All fuckin' week! ... Damn straight..." They were all staring at my ass and I knew it.

I did some tapping of my own, on the door of room 327 about four minutes later. I had to be crazy for doing this, seriously crazy, and I wondered why I wasn't afraid, or nervous, or ... Something. I didn't even feel guilty. I'd been married about eight hours and I was going to see another man in his hotel room, right in the middle of my wedding reception. A white man, which is neither better nor worse in the great scheme of things, but it meant something. It was the ultimate betrayal, not just of Rodney, but my parents and my friends ... Some of my friends ... They'd never understand any of it.

How could they when I myself didn't understand it?

All I knew was Kevin waited on the other side of that door and I felt like a little girl at Christmas. I wanted my presents and I wanted them now. I couldn't wait another second. My heart was hammering, my stomach knotted up with happy anticipation. My pussy was wet and had been wet for a long while, just as my nipples ached hot and cold and desperate for some attention.

I could have taken my new husband upstairs. He'd been begging for it all night. He'd do anything I wanted, I knew that. I'd made vows to the man, and accepted his. I wore Rodney's ring on my finger. I wore my mother's wedding dress on my body. I'd kept my virginity for nineteen years just because it made my daddy proud, and that had made me proud of myself ... I was going to throw all of that away? I was going to trash it, as if none of it mattered? I was slapping the face of everyone I loved, everyone who was important to me. The people who had loved and nourished me, clothed and fed me. I was telling all of them that they were less important to me than what I was about to do.

It's easy to look back and say all that now. But at the time, you know how much of that went through my pretty little head? None of it. I was having the best day of my life. The very best time that I ever would. Ever. And all I could think of was how much I wanted to fuck my white friends. To be with with the men I really loved. The men my father would never, ever have approved of if one had asked me to marry him. A white guy could be my dad's friend. A white guy could work for him. A white guy could even dance with his daughter on her wedding day. But no white boy would ever get to love me, not with Daddy around.

Stay in your place, stay in your race. That was him all over.

Well, I loved white boys and my hot black pussy was going to get some. I should have done it a long time before this and the real thought in my head was exactly that. Why had I saved my virginity for some guy that my dad liked? Rodney would be a good husband. He was kind, gentle, hard working and attentive. He was even attractive, if you like black guys, but I don't. He didn't get me hot and bothered the way Kevin did, or Bobby, or Will ... That's what drove me. It was my wedding night and I was going to lose my virginity and I wanted it to be with someone I loved. The awful sad truth was that I didn't love Rodney and I couldn't change that.

"He'll get over it," I whispered to myself as the door opened.

"Kylie." Kevin smiled as soon as he saw me and I stood there for all of a heartbeat before leaping into his arms.

"We don't have much time," I breathed, pressing my lips to his and kissing a white man for the first time in my life.

His hands were on my ass, pulling me up as I wrapped my legs around Kevin's waist. His tongue pushed between my lips, thick and hot and soft as it eagerly explored my mouth. I sucked it greedily, moaning with years of frustrated desire. This was what I'd dreamed of for so long and it wasn't disappointing me at all. Kevin's hands were digging through the layers of my wedding dress, searching blindly for the real me.

Kevin kicked the door closed, carrying me with awkward stilted steps towards the large bed and he laid me down upon it carefully, still kissing me, never letting me go. I could barely breathe. I didn't want to breathe; I just wanted to feel him against me, inside me. I needed him, my young black body hungry for his white flesh. Black on white, breaking the ultimate taboo that my parents had planted in my head, but not in my heart. I loved this man, as much as I loved the others, and I'd have been equally happy with any of them. Rodney couldn't compare to this, no black man could. It was my fantasy come to life.

"Let me..." I whispered breathlessly after our kiss ended.

Kevin knelt on the bed and working to undo his trousers, his excited fingers fumbling and clumsy and making me giggle. I replaced his hands with mine and opened his pants, spreading the black material and exposing his white boxers. I licked my lips, telling myself this was it, this was real, and I reached inside to touch a man's cock for the first time. A day of firsts for innocent Kylie, that's what I was having, and it felt better than Christmas.

I gasped as I felt it, hot and heavy and already stiff under my fingers. A cock, a long thick white penis in my small dark hands. I had him free and jutting out from his body and it looked huge to my virgin eyes. The smooth head was pinkish and the tip leaking clear drops of fluid. The skin was so soft, like thin velvet over hard muscle, veined and throbbing with life. I was in love with Kevin's cock and I stroked him tenderly, unsure of how it would feel until he smiled and nodded and offered me a moan of pleasure.

"Kiss it, Kylie. Suck my cock for me," he urged me, and I swallowed hard, unsure of myself, but I wasn't going to refuse this man anything. Not on my wedding day, wearing my dress on Kevin's bed. This man was my husband now, I told myself, wishing I could be his obedient wife, his lover and mistress, and even his whore if he wanted.

I lifted myself, sitting up and turning and I brought my mouth close, smelling the man, his sweat and the musk of his arousal. It was a rich, sweet scent to my nose and I hesitated just long enough to appreciate it before bringing my pursed lips to Kevin's cock and touching them to the wet tip. I kissed and then opened, letting my new lover push his cock between my tightly stretched lips and over my tongue. His white cock was filling my black mouth and I suckled it instinctively, as if I were a baby at my mother's breast.

I nursed on Kevin's penis slowly at first, cautiously, getting used to the size and shape and flavor of the man. His fingers were in my hair, loosening it so that my thick kinky locks fell around my face and neck. He stroked my cheek with his thumb and pulled me gently to take more, as much as I could until it touched the entrance to my throat and made me cough lightly. He relaxed and gave me room and it was a pleasure for both of us. I was sucking off a white man in my wedding dress and I rubbed my satin clad tits, squeezing them with my hands while I gave Kevin my first blowjob. My pussy was melting, spasming with a hunger of its own and I had to find that as well, digging through my skirts until my fingers found the white thong I was wearing.

"Fuck me now," I said, licking my lips and swallowing precum and spit, Kevin's white cock bobbing up and down scant inches from my pretty black face. "Make love to me, please?"

"Oh yeah, Kylie." He leaned down to kiss me hard. "I want you so bad."

I wasn't going to bother getting undressed. I wanted to do it in that beautiful gown the way a new bride should. I lay back, pulling up my dress so Kevin could see my white stockings giving way to my black thighs. I rubbed my pussy while he moved between my widespread legs and I pulled the thong aside, showing him the hot pink interior of my virgin sex.

"Be gentle okay?" I pleaded softly. "I've never done it."

"You're a virgin?" Kevin stared into my eyes and I nodded. "Okay ... Yeah ... I'll be so careful, Kylie. So gentle ... Are you protected?"

"Protected?" I hadn't thought about it. "Not really."

My new husband was bringing the condoms to our honeymoon, or so we'd discussed. I'd never had sex before, so I hadn't ever worried about it. Didn't all guys carry rubbers in their wallets or something?

"I'll, uh ... I'll pull out, okay?" Kevin asked, and I looked at him. "I promise, I will."

"Okay." I nodded and closed my eyes, hoping I knew what I was doing and knowing I didn't. We couldn't stop though, we were way past that.

Kevin lay on top of me, taking much of his weight on his elbows, but still the feel of his hard chest against my tits was wonderful. I wished we were naked then, skin to skin so I could feel his body on mine, but this was the best, in my dress, and we didn't have time for anything else anyway. He kissed me passionately, working his tongue inside my mouth and a moment later retreating so that mine would follow. I licked across his teeth and played the tip of my tongue against the roof of his mouth. I tasted him everywhere my tongue would reach while Kevin's cock teased the entrance to my womb.

The man reached between us, taking his penis in hand so he could rub the crown up and down my dark slit, splitting my swollen labia and searching for the small florid mouth of my sex. Kevin found it quickly enough, bringing a gasp of eager excitement from my aching lungs. I was so wet for him, juices were running down my thighs and the smell of my desire filled the air. He wasn't in me, not yet, but Kevin was right there with his cockhead poised to go where no man had been before. He was going to be my first, my once and future love no matter what else happened in my life. Nothing would take this moment from us, nor spoil the memory of what we were sharing.

"I love you." I whispered, and I felt hot tears flooding my eyes for the first time that day. I hadn't even cried for my husband at my wedding, but I was crying now, for this white man who was about to take what only I could give.

"I love you, Kylie." Kevin put his lips on mine once more, gripping my shoulders in his strong hands and his tongue filled my mouth at the same moment he thrust his cock inside me with a hard, insistent push into the depths of my cunt.

I screamed with the pain of my hymen being torn by Kevin's blunt cock. My inexperienced pussy was stretched in ways I'd never imagined and the soft muscles protested loudly inside my feverish mind. It hurt a lot and all I could do was make muffled cries into Kevin's mouth, gripping the man tightly, clutching at him and waiting for the hurting to go away. It seemed an eternity before the man stopped pushing and I dimly realized he was completely inside me now. He'd worked his cock completely inside my pussy and he held it there, not moving except to lift his lips from mine so that we could pant cool air into our lungs.

"It hurts," I told him, blinking at the wetness in my eyes.

"I know." Kevin kissed my cheeks, kissed my eyes softly. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay." I smiled weakly. "I just thought you were gonna go slow."

"I thought maybe quick would be better." He gave me an apologetic look and I giggled.

"It's okay, I think." I lifted my head to kiss him. "I'll get used to it."

He moved slowly and it did hurt, but it wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. After that first penetration there wasn't really anything left to break, I was just sore mostly and my pussy had to get used to being filled up, but that was going to be part of the fun. It sounds silly, but I actually liked the pain. I liked having something to mark the moment and imprint it forever in my mind. I'd always remember how much it had hurt, but it would be a pleasant memory, and I was fucking. After waiting so long and saving myself all those years, I was finally taking a man inside me.

"Does it still hurt?" Kevin asked and he was moving in and out of me easily now, not all the way, but a few inches back and forth, and I felt so stuffed down there it was unreal.

"Yeah ... no ... I don't ... Maybe..." I felt something, hot and heavy and fluttering like a million butterfly wings. It was in my tummy, or in my pussy, or in my heart. It was everywhere and all at once, and it became a voice telling me to move, to lift my hips and push my sex against Kevin's cock. I was fucking him now, as much as he was fucking me, making love to him and it started feeling good. It really did. My pussy was burning and so wet, all squishy hot and quivering. I couldn't breathe and I didn't know what was happening to me. This was way, way different than masturbation.

I pulled Kevin hard against me, wrapping my legs around him as it went through me like a hurricane. I was cumming, my first real orgasm and it had taken awhile, it had taken forever, and now it was here. The sensation was intense; a wave of pleasure washing all the pain away. I felt nothing but good and I moved eagerly, writhing and lifting my ass off the bed so I could grind my pussy on Kevin's cock. I needed him deeper, as deep as he could get, filling me completely.

Kevin was pounding into me by then, feeling my orgasm surround him as my pussy squeezed and molded itself around the man. He could do whatever he wanted and it would just take me higher. I was cumming hard and over and over and then Kevin was with me. My virgin pussy, my sweet black cunt, opened for him, eager and receptive. My body knew exactly what to do; all my instincts were working perfectly. This was what I'd been built for ... Loving white cock!

"I'm cumming ... Oh shit ... Kylie ... I ... I gotta pull out..."

"N-Noooooo..." I held him tighter, my feverish mind not really understanding what he meant, but only knowing that I had to have him inside me right then. He had to stay with me and fill me up. I wanted to ride that beautiful white cock forever.

Kevin really did try and get away from me, which would have seemed funny if I weren't so busy having my first ever experience with multiple orgasms. He wasn't going anyplace though, I had my ankles locked in the small of his back and my arms around his neck, my mouth greedily kissing his like it was the end of the world, and when I felt the wonderfully new sensation of Kevin's cock ejaculating deep inside my pussy it just started the whole thing all over again.

His cock was buried balls deep, spurting heavily against the soft bottleneck of my cervix and spraying his hot seed into the very mouth of my womb. I could feel it, indistinct and pleasant, like butter melting on your tongue, and I was cumming hard once more. I started crying, uncontrollably weeping because it felt so good for me. Every part of it. The pain, the pleasure, the awful knowledge that this man, this white man was filling my fertile womb with his potent seed on my wedding night, it was all gathering to overwhelm my emotions. I felt lost and all I could do was cling to Kevin and wait for it to somehow pass.

"Don't move." Kevin kissed me. "Just relax for a minute."

"Mmmm..." I just rolled my eyes and smiled and even the slightly uncomfortable sensation of Kevin removing his penis wasn't going to make me get up. I was high as a kite on something.

A minute later I felt Kevin returning and I opened my eyes, ready to kiss him.

"Will?" I stared into the man's face and then I started giggling. "Oh ... No! No!"

"Hi." He'd already unzipped his pants and his cock was long and hard and pressing against my sex. "I hope you don't mind, but we..."

"Shut up and fuck me," I breathed happily, pulling his mouth to mine so Will could kiss me as he pushed his penis slowly inside my wet pussy.

I moaned softly, sucking Will's tongue and his cock slid inside me easily, with just a small pinch, like a tiny cramp that I barely noticed. He was a little smaller than Kevin, I thought, and that didn't matter to me at all except that it made fucking him a real pleasure, especially once I started cumming again. He took his time too, making love to me while we made out, pausing our kisses just long enough to drink fresh air and smile at each other. We whispered soft words of love and my heart was too big for my body, I was bursting with pleasure.

Will worked the top of my dress down at some point; helping me sit up somewhat awkwardly while he undid the herringbone hooks at the back, but the trouble was worth it as my firm black tits fell free into the cool air. I gasped as Will's mouth found my nipples, kissing and licking them, bringing them to fiery life. I stared at his handsome face, pink with pleasure as he ate my chocolate breasts. I urged him to bite my nipples, to chew them and make it feel good because I loved that sensation. It wasn't painful at all, although it seemed like it should have been. It only felt good and I began rocking my hips, lifting my ass to meet his cock all the while, urging him to plant his seed in my womb, to contest my eggs with Kevin.

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