Assignment Assignation

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I was assigned a trip to a new plant site to set up a hiring fair and got to know one of my fellow workers much better than I'd ever imagined. Much, much better.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

I've worked in Human Resources ever since I graduated from college twenty-two years ago. Now, before you start in on HR people and how they've treated you and all that, let me tell you that I'm in the hiring part of HR, I'm in Staffing. That's the good part of HR, right? I'm the guy who helps give you the job, not take it away or put you on probation.

And that means that whenever our company builds a new plant, a new manufacturing facility, I and some of my like colleagues are deeply involved in searching out, interviewing and hiring the needed employees.

So, every year or so, when we do build a new plant, I usually go to the plant site and set up a hiring center in the local community. It's a sizable job and there are often several of us assigned to each new location.

This last one saw three of us assigned, myself, another fellow about ten years younger and a woman that I've worked with since I started, Alison Bailey. I'm forty-four, married with two kids, ten and eight, Alison is fifty-one (I do have access to employment records, of course), she's married with a son who is grown.

We were sent to a new location in the Midwest for two weeks, it was a good-sized new facility and we knew it would take at least that long.

I had done on-site work with Alison before, she's easy to work with, nice and a good sense of humor, a real gift when you interview hundreds of people off the street. Believe me.

So, we had settled into a routine and Alison and I had dinner each night, enjoying each other's company, the other on our team had relatives nearby so he took the opportunity to see them while in the area.

The first week was nice, Alison and I talked about lots and lots of things, some work-related, many not, and by the weekend we had exhausted many of those topics. We would often end up in one or the other's room with a shared bottle of wine, we didn't like the idea of being in the local bars after dinner for business reasons.

On Friday evening, after a nice meal, we were back to the hotel, in her room, as our talk turned to our spouses.

There had been a few comments in the past from Alison that her husband had a lot of interests not necessarily including her, very much. But, this evening, she told me much more.

"I just don't understand how humans are programmed, I guess. When we first met, he was so hot-to-trot, I had to almost tie his hands behind his back when we went out. Then, the first ten, fifteen years, he was okay, but now, well, I can try whatever I want and I can't seem to get him interested."

"Yeah, well, I guess after so many years, that's pretty common."

"For me, oh, man, I held him off when we first met and then, well, you know, and now, well, since I went into my mid-forties, I just went crazy. It was all I wanted, sex, sex, sex. I've got a drawerful of dildos and vibrators. Do you know how many kinds they make?"

"No, a lot, I guess," I said laughing.

"I think I've got every kind. There's one, a favorite that has two heads, one goes in me, the other presses against my clit. Oh, on HIGH, it gets me off in two or three minutes."

"They must have done a lot of research on that one, huh?" I kidded. "So do you use it in bed when he's right there next to you?"

"Um, well, when I'm in bed, he's not really next to me. We, um, we're in separate bedrooms these days."

"Oh, geez, I didn't know. You don't have to tell me that kind of thing, Allison, if you'd rather not."

"Oh, Rick, I really don't mind. We've talked about lots of things, we've known each other for, what, twenty years? And I trust you, you're a nice guy," and she leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips. "So, I have a drawerful of sex toys that he's never even seen."

"Well, I suppose these things do happen and, maybe more than people think. We don't do much these days, either."

"That's too bad, you're such a young guy, just in your forties, hardly over the hill."

"Yeah, like you, I take care of things myself a lot more than I used to. Well, unless you go back to when I was in my teens. Oh, then, it was just about all I did."

"So you've been messing up the sheets for the maid to change?" she asked me grinning wide.

"Ha, yeah, well, she hasn't left me any note that I should stop."

"Well, you could always come use my room, that would make them wonder."

We both laughed but I did feel my cock begin to lengthen a bit.

Now, let me tell you a bit more about Alison. She's about five-three, slender, she's taken nice care of herself, her greatest asset is her legs. She's now just into her fifties but she has spectacular legs and she seems to know it and dress for it. It was something the guys around the office often noted and admired greatly, myself included.

Her frame was nice, breasts fairly small, I remember a Holiday Dance at the office last year where she had them on display in a low-cut dress and they looked quite lovely, I must say.

All in all, she was quite attractive and could easily pass for being ten or more years younger that she was. I can say, I was attracted to her, certainly.

"Well, I might just pass the rest of the weekend in my room naked the whole time," I joked.

"What a great idea, it would make things so easy, I think I'll do the same, myself."

"We could open the door there and listen to each other getting off," I said laughing. Our rooms were next to one another and had interconnecting doors between them.

"Oh, what an idea. I guess you can't see the other room's bed. Oh, geez, Rick, what ideas you have. But, you know, it's really kind of tempting."

She looked at me as I was taking a sip of wine, I had really made a joke of it but she was seemingly considering the idea.

"Well, I wasn't exactly being serious, so you don't have to think that I was really proposing that we open the doors and listen to each other as we got ourselves off."

"But, it's not like we'd see each other naked or anything, just be able to hear each other."

"I suppose with connecting doors no one would ever know. Are you really, um, kind of considering this? I was just kidding but, well..."

"I can tell you that the idea's got me more turned-on than I've been in a long, long time. And, we wouldn't even see each other, not even be in the same room. And the sex is solo, what's wrong with that?" she posed.

I must admit, our talk had given me a giant erection which became rather difficult to hide.

"Oh, see, looks like you need some relief as we speak," she said nodding toward my lap.

I laughed, saying, "Yeah, he's looking pretty needy, huh?"

"I'll open my door," she said.

"Well, this is all rather unexpected but, okay, I'll open my door, too."

We didn't rush but we did finish our wine and I got up and went to my room and went over to open the adjoining door. Her side was already open as she stood there.

"Hello again, stranger. Shall we get ready for bed, I always brush my teeth so I'll be a few minutes," she said and I agreed and we each went back into our room and I went in my bathroom, stripped and began brushing my teeth. It did seem rather strange to be brushing away while my cock stood straight out over the sink. Obviously this whole idea had turned me on.

When I finished, I went into the room and got in bed after bringing the bottle of hand lotion to the nightstand. I dribbled some on my cock, switched out the light and lay there softly rubbing my erection. Soon, the light in Alison's room went dark and I began masturbating in earnest.

I could hear the faint hum of her vibrator which seemed to slowly change pitch, maybe as she stroked it in and out, I couldn't tell.

Then some low moans reminded me that she would probably like to hear something from my room so I decided to do a bit of moaning myself.

"Oh, mmm, mmm, good," I heard while I took long, slow strokes and added, "Good, feels good," so she could hear.

"Do it real slow, Rick, make it last, okay?"

"Mmm, yeah, okay, it really feels good."

"This is pretty sexy, doing it like this, knowing that we're each masturbating like this."

"Sure seems to add something, sure does for me, anyway," I told her as I took long, slow strokes, pacing myself.

"Mmm, ummm, mmmm," I heard from her room.

I stroked on, slowly, deliberately, taking my time, imagining Alison laying in her bed, legs sprawled open, maybe shaven, a large vibrator slowly romancing her pussy while I jacked-off listening to her. It was very hot, very sexy.

We had both agreed to take it slow which we did and, finally, after perhaps twenty minutes or so, I said, "I'm getting really close, Alison, can't hold off much longer, really feels good," and from her room I heard, "Mmm, yeah, me too, really good, this is so hot."

I knew it was close, I was just about to explode. It was just about the best-feeling masturbation I'd ever felt, even having a girl do it, I was really turned-on.

Then, it hit, I could feel the throbs as the cum spurted up out of my cock as I groaned, "UUH, UUH, UUH, UHH, umm, mmm, mmm, oh, so good, feels so good, mmm."

"Oh, Rick, mmm, now, oh, yes, mmm, MMM, MMM, MMM, AYYE, AYYE, huh, huh, mmm, mmm, oh, oh, oh," I heard her cry out from the next room as I began to stroke myself again, her groans having reinvigorated my cock.

As soon as it was quiet, I asked her how it was.

"Oh, I've done this a million times, I think, but, well, that had to be just about the best. How was yours?"

"Same. I think we're on to something, something pretty nice."

"I could do it again," she offered quietly.

"Mmm, I was thinking the same thing."

"Well, let's," and I heard the low buzzing sound filtering in from her room as I began stroking more purposefully.

We tried again to have our orgasms timed for about the same ending and, again, were within seconds. After it was over we softly wished each other pleasant dreams and the next thing I remember was hearing her alarm clock at eight the next morning. I heard her getting up so I asked her how she slept; our doors had remained open.

Chapter 2

"Oh, better than I have in a while, how about you?"

"Same here, I think our little idea worked really well."

"Um, we don't have to be anywhere this morning, they serve breakfast until ten, wanna do it again? I would," she offered.

I agreed and dribbled a little more lotion on as I heard the telltale humming of her electric lover from the next room.

We both got off and then showered, dressed and went down to breakfast. As soon as we sat down, I could see that her cheeks looked a bit pinker than usual, a bit flushed.

"Well, I think we've come up with a new way to have fun. Gee, and not even break any of the workplace rules. Imagine that," she said.

"I think you're right, though, I suppose, technically, it is the weekend and we're on our own time and all."

I really didn't mean for that to suggest that we take this a step further but I guess she took it that way as she replied, "Do you want to do it together, then?"

"In the same room?" I asked softly not wanting to be overheard, obviously.

"Yeah, maybe. It is our own time, we can do what we want, I suppose."

"Well, it would sure be sexy and, well, what guy wouldn't want to see where those beautiful legs came together."

Her face turned crimson as she answered, "Rick, you are a naughty boy. Have you been having bad thoughts about me?"

"I was thinking they were pretty nice thoughts, actually," I told her, grinning widely.

We each took a final sip of our coffee, signed the tabs and went to the elevator. On the way up, she asked, "Are we doing this?"

"Oh, I suppose it's nothing a teenager wouldn't do," I answered as she added, "Well, that settles it, then, my place or yours?"

We decided on her room since she had her toys there so I let myself into my room, stripped, picked up the complimentary bottle of lotion that was so useful and called out asking if she was ready for me to come in.

"Yeah, I guess so," I heard back and I walked through the door looking over to her bed, seeing her sitting there with her back against the headboard, knees up and wide as she clicked on the vibrator wand to begin running it up and down along her slit. Her pussy was bare and very shiny-wet.

My cock, when I had walked in, was hanging down a bit but immediately went hard and upward as I saw Alison naked, masturbating.

"Geez, did I do that? Make it go up like that?" she snickered.

"You sure did. You're one lovely woman, Alison, especially like this," I told her as she pushed the vibrator up inside to begin moving it in and out as her other hand pinched her nipples.

I started to sit in a chair when asked me, "Move the chair closer so I can see better," and I dragged the chair over, sat down, put my feet on the bed and drizzled some lotion over the tip of my cock and began stroking.

Soon, there was a large crimson patch on her chest as she fucked herself with the long, thick vibrator. It had a second head which she would press down on her clit, closing her eyes each time.

She was really nice to look at, especially now that I could see those breasts that I'd only seen the tops of. They were nice, very nice, with only the faintest amount of southerly movement and she had the prettiest light pink nipples which were quite erect.

"You're quite a sizable lad, Rick. I had no idea, well, maybe that large bulge in your pants last night but, well, this girl is impressed."

"Well, this is how it gets used most of the time," I told her as I stroked up and down, really more relaxed about it that I'd imagined I would be. Perhaps it was our initial foray into masturbation the evening before or earlier this morning that broke the ice but it felt like we were old 'hands.'

"Geez, this is pretty hot to be doing it this way, so we can see each other. That's a very handsome package you have there, I wonder how any woman could resist having it inside her," she said as I took long, slow strokes.

My cock was pretty good-sized, about seven and a half inches and nicely thick though in the penis world olympics I'm sure I don't even get a bronze medal.

"Well, it doesn't get many takers these days, this is about as good a time as he gets."

"Hmm, come closer, up here," she said, patting the spot next to her and I did. She handed me the vibrator and wrapped her fingers around my cock to begin stroking me. She opened her legs, nodding down for me to do her.

I placed the vibrator on her wet lips and moved it up and down along her crease. Her hand on me was lovely, soft, yet firm enough, steadily going up and down as she smiled at me.

"Feel nice?" she asked.

"Nicer than me doing it, yes, much nicer. Is this?"

"I'd like it even better if you used your fingers," she told me as my heart began pounding harder. I turned off the wand and began wiping my fingertips up along her slit which was warm and wet.

Then I pressed in my middle finger and put my thumb down on her clit as I rubbed my fingertip around the walls inside her.

"Mmm, oh, that's so nice, Rick. Oh, this is so hot," she moaned.

"It's gonna be hard to make this last, it just feels too good," I groaned as her hand slipped up and down.

"Yeah, I don't want to wait, I'm really ready right now," she said as I pushed my finger deeper, tilting my thumb just to press the little knob of her clit when she began bucking and thrusting at it, groaning and moaning, "Oh, OOH, OOH, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, fuck me with your finger, Rick, mmm, yes, like that, mmm, mmm."

Right then, I felt the feelings flood over me as spurt after spurt of my cum went out the end of my cock onto her thigh and the sheet between us with some dribbling down her hand as she continued moving her hand up and down.

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