What Happens in Vegas

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2011 by StangStar06

Sex Story: What happens in Vegas...Follows you home and fucks up your life

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Drunk/Drugged   Tear Jerker   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Violent   .

Author's note: Hi folks. As I've said before I read all of the comments that the readers make and MikotheBaby and I try our best to improve where we can. Note that in this story I've separated the scenes or changes in POV to make it a bit easier to follow. For the person who asked me last time why in the past few stories, the woman gets exactly what she wanted anyway. I'm going to have to work on that, but unfortunately ;-) it happens here too. This story is shorter too though I can't guarantee next week's will be. As usual I have to thank my partner in crime Mikothebaby without whose tireless vigilance this story wouldn't be the same. SS06

Dorothy Clark looked around herself as she stepped into the Sagebrush Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The sound of slot machines and other gambling activities seemed magical and new to the small town housewife. She looked in every direction and was constantly awed by the glitz and glamour of her surroundings. Though the Sagebrush was a newer and smaller casino, they had spared no expense in making the place seem magical.

"Come on Dor," called the voice of her friend, Terri Stevens. "Good lord, you'd think you'd never been in a casino before."

"I haven't," admitted Dorothy. She was glad that Terri hadn't used her other nickname, Toto. Terri always seemed to call her Toto, when she wanted to crack on Dorothy about being old fashioned or stupid.

"Oh, boy, you're gonna have a great time then, Toto," said Terri, smirking.

The two women got onto an elevator and rode up to their rooms on the 10th floor of the hotel. Dorothy looked at herself in the mirror of her room's bathroom suite. The bathroom alone was nearly as big as any room in her home back in Kansas. It had a Jacuzzi and a large sunken tub. She couldn't wait to call her husband and tell him all about it.

Dorothy, Terri, and their friend, Mary Blake had all come to Las Vegas for Mary's younger sister's bachelorette party. It had taken considerable begging and pleading on Dorothy's part to get her husband to allow her to come.

Her husband, John, loved her very much. He was just overly concerned about her coming here and getting robbed or hurt. They'd heard so many stories about the problems that befell people in the crime ridden larger cities. Las Vegas was one of the worst. The city had long been rumored to be a cesspool of vice and corruption. Of course its nickname, Sin City, didn't help much.

"But John," Dorothy had told him. "The farm is doing really well. We have 6 hired hands now and we have plenty of money in the bank. It's time we splurged a little bit occasionally. I didn't say a word when you bought that fancy Mustang two years ago. So you shouldn't begrudge me a trip with the girls every once in a while." John loved her, so he'd given in and now she was in Vegas, baby.

Even as she looked around the room and contemplated calling John, her phone rang. She picked it up. "Dorothy, get your swim suit on. We're going down to the pool. We'll pick you up in fifteen minutes," said Terri.

Dorothy looked at herself in the large mirror. She was 47 years old. She was only 5' tall and weighed 186 lbs. She wasn't out of shape. It was more a case that the shape she had was out of style. Over the years most of her weight had settled into her lower body. She had smaller perky breasts that back when she was younger and slimmer were proportionate to her frame. But as her frame increased due to time, gravity and childbirth, her breasts stayed the same. Actually they appeared to be even smaller than they were because they were no longer firm enough to push their way away from her rib cage.

Her ass, on the other hand, was much bigger now than it used to be. Calling her pear shaped was generous. Her legs had a bit more flesh than she'd have liked and to be honest, there was a bit of cellulite. And she did have a bit of a belly, shit, everyone did. It had never mattered before now because John loved her.

That man worshipped her body even with all of its imperfections. She was often so flustered and embarrassed when her rail thin husband came in from working around their sprawling farm and hugged her, or pressed his nearly constant erection against her hips and smiled at her. He also often grabbed a handful of her ass and just squeezed it. The thing that made it so embarrassing was that he did it in front of other people.

Dorothy knew that John only did it because he loved her so much and she still turned him on, even after all of the weight she'd gained and all of these years.

She'd call him later she thought, as she shrugged her shoulders and tried to squeeze herself into the one piece swim suit she'd brought with her. She put her cover up on and grabbed her swim cap and goggles, just in time to see her friends arrive at her room.

"Oh God, not another one," said Terri. She looked at Dorothy and just rolled her eyes. Dorothy noticed that Mary had on a similar suit to the one she wore and also had it covered up. Mary was even wearing her swim cap already. "Are you guys going scuba diving or something?" asked Terri.

As they arrived at the pool, all they saw was young attractive people mixed in with a few people who were their age or older. Most of them were lying on lounges soaking up the plentiful sunshine or sitting at chairs eating or drinking. Only one or two people were actually in the large pool and none of them were actually swimming.

Terri grabbed a lounge chair and started to apply sunscreen to her body. Terri was not quite as large framed as the other two women and had the advantage of a huge, store bought rack. She attracted a lot of attention as she settled down in her seat. She rubbed the sunscreen liberally over most of her exposed skin and lay back on the lounge chair.

"Pssst, Terri," hissed Dorothy. "Close your legs. Your suit is really tight down there and there's a nasty man looking at your hoo hah."

"That's the idea," said Terri smiling. "It pays to advertise."

"I can't believe he's just standing there staring at you between your legs," said Mary. "That is so rude."

"I can't believe you're letting him," snapped Dorothy. "If we were back in Kansas, both of you'd be strung up by now."

Terri pulled her sunglasses down onto the tip of her nose so she could see her two friends. She stared directly into Dorothy's eyes. "Look, Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore," she said with a smirk. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, okay. This is the perfect chance for us to let loose and get a little wild. God knows that as soon as we get back, we'll be three normal boring little housewives all over again."

The other two women stared at her as if she'd grown a tail.

"Come on you two. The most exciting things that ever happen to us are our kid's high school football games or the county fair. Let's live it up just a bit before we get too old to have any fun," said Terri.

"But Terri, don't you love Donnie?" asked Mary.

"Of course I do," said Terri. "But what he doesn't know won't hurt him."

With the other two women staring at her in shock, Terri spread her legs a little bit wider and stuck out her chest more. There was no harm in revving the man's engine, she thought.

As the afternoon wore on, the three women spent a lot of time talking and relaxing. They noticed that life outside of their small town was a lot faster paced and people were a lot more open. They also dressed far more revealingly than the women could believe. A lot of the young women gathered around the pool may as well have been naked.

When evening arrived, the three women had been lubricated by drinking all afternoon. They were ready to party and their inhibitions were extremely low. As she dressed, Dorothy debated calling John to check in on him. She decided that since she'd be going home the next day it would be pointless to disturb him.

She put on her black skirt that she normally wore to church on Sunday. She also wore a shiny new blouse that she'd bought on the internet. It was made of an imitation silk material.

Dorothy was still a little buzzed from the amount of alcohol she'd drank during her time at the pool, but not enough that she realized her perceptions had been altered. She met up with her friends in the hotel's lobby and compared their outfits to hers.

Terri was of course wearing a dress that was cut so low that it was a wonder her boobs didn't fall out in her lap. Mary had on a dress that like Dorothy's skirt and blouse looked like something she'd wear to church. The three friends all waited by the door for the limo that would take them to Mary's sister Kristy's party.

"Oh God," said Kristy as she walked through the door and saw them. Kristy was about 15 years younger than the other women at 32 years old. She'd waited longer to get married and wanted to enjoy herself one last time before her big day.

"You guys look like a whore and two church ladies," she spat. "This is my last weekend as a single woman so let's Paaaaaaarrrrtay."

They joined four other women in the back of the long limo and headed for the party. The party was held in another hotel across town. They had rented one of the hotel's large party rooms and the party was already in full swing as they arrived.

Dorothy had an instant of fear cross her mind as she looked at the goings on in the large room. The music was very loud and aggressive. There were women in various stages of undress, screaming their heads off everywhere she looked. She simply didn't belong here, this was a foreign environment.

She turned her head as she heard a high pitched scream that seemed to emanate from behind her. Not surprisingly it was Terri screaming. She watched as Terri grabbed a drink and plunged into the screaming throng.

Dorothy and Mary were left standing in the doorway alone.

"Maybe we could just get a drink and sit down and play cards or something until this thing calms down a bit," suggested Mary.

"Sounds like a plan," said Dorothy.

Dorothy and Mary each grabbed a drink off the cart in the corner. The drinks didn't seem to be very strong. They had fruit in them and those cute little umbrellas. The two women started out talking and soon were pointing at things that they thought were funny in some way.

The next thing they knew they were laughing and having a good time and they really weren't screaming as loud as those other women were. Were they?

Things really heated up when the strippers arrived, four big strong young men who were wearing next to nothing. John was in extremely good shape from all of the work he did around the farm, thought Dorothy. But he wasn't as muscular as these men, and they were younger. They also seemed to like her a lot.

Since they were here, Dorothy and Mary decided to go up to the front and watch the strippers with the rest of the women. This was after all, a one-time experience. It would give Dorothy something to tell her grandkids about, if she ever had any.

A couple more drinks and Dorothy realized that she was still not quite fully experiencing all that was available. She just wanted to touch one of those sweaty, sexy young bodies one time and then she would go back to her room happy.

She reached out and rubbed one of the prancing strippers, on his chest. The mixture of oil and gyrating muscle seemed to vibrate at her touch. She had never felt anything like that before. She just had to touch him again. She reached out and in her drunken state nearly fell over. She grabbed for something to keep herself upright and ended up grabbing the stripper.

Her unbalanced hand slid down his oiled body and came away with his G-string. It was as big a surprise for the stripper as it was for Dorothy.

Dorothy was literally face to face with the only penis she'd seen other than John's, in over twenty years and it was much bigger than her husband's. She stared at it for what seemed like hours. Her jaw dropped open in surprise at the size of it.

The stripper misread Dorothy opening her mouth as a signal for something completely different from what she'd had in mind.

He grabbed her by the back of her head and forced her mouth onto his erect member. Mary couldn't believe her friend was doing that.

The stripper moved Dorothy's head up and down until she caught onto what he wanted her to do. Then Dorothy, aided by far more alcohol than she'd ever had before, took over. She licked and sucked the man's dick like it was the last ice cream cone on earth.

The crowd went wild seeing the supposedly uptight woman going way beyond what most of them would ever have dreamed of doing.

Terri was so surprised that her friend was giving the stripper a blow job, that she stopped drinking, to watch her friend. Though Terri was by far the most outgoing of the women, she loved her husband and would never do anything like that. True, she had a fierce fetish for exhibitionism and loved showing her body off, but Donnie knew about that. He had often told her that as long as she only let men look at her, he was okay with it. But touching was another subject entirely.

Dorothy was now holding onto the strippers tree trunk-like legs and literally ramming his dick down her own throat. The man had started reaching under Dorothy's loose fitting skirt and fingering her while she fellated him.

Mary was raising her fist in time to the music very close to where Dorothy was giving what Terri could only call, "her performance."

Another stripper had now positioned himself in front of Mary and was rubbing the woman's breasts through the top of her dress. Mary seemed to be enjoying the attention.

"It's always the quiet ones," thought Terri. Actually things were beginning to get a bit too wild for her. She'd had a bit too much alcohol herself and decided to head back to the room. She staggered over to Kristy who was receiving a lap-dance from one of the strippers and told her that she was heading back to the hotel.

"Take the limo and tell the driver to come back here after he drops you off," said her friend.

"Thanks Kristy," said Terri. "Great party." As Terri left, she waved at the photographers who were taking pictures and videos of the raucous event. She rode in the limo all the way back to the hotel. She went up to her room and made a pot of strong coffee and called her husband. She told him how wild the party had gotten and that she had come home. She'd left out the part about what her friends were doing after all, "What happens in Vegas..."

Back at the party, the strippers were finishing up their performance. The staff at the hotel had started pulling the liquor off the floor and putting out coffee, tea and soft drinks. Most of the women were gathered around Kristy either giving or watching as she received her bridal gifts.

In the back room where the strippers were getting dressed, Cowboy Bob, the stripper that Dorothy had sucked off, had her on her back, fingering her sopping wet vagina as the cameras filmed.

Another stripper, Sailor, was eating Mary's pussy and had her screaming at the top of her lungs.

Cowboy Bob, thought he'd had enough and was about to stop. The videographer kept filming, though. This old bitch was really wild, thought Bob.

Dorothy grabbed at Bob's penis again and pulled him towards her. She lined it up with her opening and Bob couldn't resist. He pushed forward and sank his large member inside of the older woman's gushy but still warm pussy and started pumping her as hard and fast as he could.

Sailor and Cowboy Bob were both bi-sexual and a couple currently. When Sailor saw what Bob was doing, he decided that turnabout was fair play. Both men knew that there were rules against fucking the customers, but stripping jobs were easy to come by. Besides, they used the videos to promote the company. They already had several really wild videos circulating on the internet. This would be the wildest one so far.

Cowboy Bob fucked Dorothy even harder and felt her legs wrap themselves around his waist. She started thrusting her pussy back at him even harder and clawing his back. There was no way he'd let some dumpy forty something housewife out perform him in his own video. Bob lifted Dorothy off the floor and started thrusting into her while he held her suspended in midair.

Dorothy screamed as she came over and over. Sailor had Mary bent over one of the tables and was hammering her from behind. The cameras circled around and caught a really good shot of Mary's face as she yelled "Yes," over and over again.

Cowboy Bob put Dorothy down right beside Mary and bent her over as well. He signaled to the cameraman and had the man get a close up as he plunged his big dick in Dorothy's virgin asshole. Then he grabbed her around the waist and started pumping her as hard as he could again.

Dorothy went into shock at the violation of her never before invaded orifice. That was all it took to revive her from her alcohol induced stupor and realize where she was and what she was doing. She tried to push the man away from her, but he misread her intentions yet again. He simply used his body weight to push her down and continued to fuck her.

"No," screamed Dorothy, as loud as she could. But as he continued, she began to enjoy the sensation and started to relax. After a few moments she was pushing her ass against him as hard as before. It was a bit painful, but it was a good pain. Maybe she'd try this with John, someday.

Cowboy pushed Dorothy down onto the floor. As she got into position on her hands and knees Sailor got under her. Her thrust his smaller dick easily into her cum slick vagina as Cowboy Bob reinserted his dick into her now gaping anus. The camera zoomed in on Dorothy's face just in time to see her eyes roll back as she came again.

Both Sailor and Cowboy Bob pulled out of the woman and hosed her down. Sailor shot a large quantity of sperm all over Dorothy's face, while Cowboy Bob got her to open her mouth. He poured all of his semen down te old woman's throat and she loved it, smacking her lips and licking the spills off of her lips in the camera.

"Thanks lady, that was hot," said Sailor. He went over to a bag on the floor and pulled out a pair of pants. He reached into one of the pockets and handed her a business card.

"If you ever want a repeat, just call this number," he said. He was sure he'd never hear from the old lady again. By this time, Bob was dressed and the cameraman had quickly packed his camera and was leaving.

Dorothy and Mary were left in the empty room staring at each other, wondering what had come over them. They each had a pounding headache and were sore all over. Without saying anything, they both dressed in the tatters of their remaining clothes and made their way into the outer room, to discover that the party had ended and all of the other women had left.

When they got outside, holding their clothes as close to closed as they could manage, they discovered that the limo was gone.

Neither of them knew the way back to their hotel, so they went to the main desk at the hotel they were in and asked for a cab back to the hotel they were staying at. Once they made it to the hotel and their rooms, they fell asleep in their beds.

The next morning Dorothy and Mary awoke feeling awful. They each had a hangover that was so bad they could barely think, let alone do anything else.

When they got ready to head to the airport, the two women looked around for Terri and found that she'd already left to board the flight.

"I thought we agreed that we'd meet here at noon," said Mary.

"Let's just go home," snapped Dorothy.

"Dor, uhm, can we talk on the plane?" asked Mary

"Yeah, we're going to need to," said Dorothy.

They took a taxi to the airport and got coffee in the terminal. They had about 45 minutes before their plane boarded. They looked around and found a couple of seats to sip their coffee. Surprisingly Terri was there in the lounge.

"Hey, Terri," said Dorothy. "Why didn't you wait for us?"

"I had some thinking to do," said Terri.

"What does that have to do with you deserting us?" asked Mary.

"Everything," said Terri. "Look ladies, I've always been kind of wild for a small town girl. But let's face it. When you get down to the real nitty-gritty, all I am is a small town girl. I have small town values and morals. For me, getting wild is wearing my blouse with a couple of extra buttons undone or letting some strange guy look at my panties. That's my limit. I may talk a good game, but I love my husband and I don't ever want to lose him."

"I still don't see what that has to do with you leaving us," said Mary. "What if we'd overslept and missed the plane. That wasn't a very friendly thing to do."

"Exactly," said Terri. "After what I saw last night, I don't think I want to be your friend. It pains me to say it, but you guys are too wild for me. I had to run back to the hotel last night to keep from throwing up. You guys acted like a couple of whores. Most of the girls at the party were embarrassed by you. Mary, your own sister doesn't want you at her wedding. She's going to call you later."

Mary's face dropped. Dorothy put her hands over her ears as if by doing that she wouldn't have to hear what Terri was saying.

"It was all of that alcohol," said Dorothy.

"Bull ... shit!" said Terri. "Almost all of the women there were drunk out of their minds, but you two were the only ones giving the strippers blowjobs. What were you thinking?"

"What happens in Vegas... ?" said Dorothy weakly.

"Uhm, that might've worked 10 fucking years ago Toto," said Terri. "But you were stupid enough to let them video tape you fucking those guys."

"How did you know about that?" asked Dorothy. "You left before that happened."

"It's all over town, dummy," snapped Terri. "They have this thing they call the INTERNET. Have you ever heard of viral video? Apparently the strippers sold the tape to a local porn producer. According to what the bell boy told me they're going to market it as "Dumpy Moms Gang Bang."

"And Dorothy, you teach the kids in Sunday school, for God's sake. How could you let that man stick his thing in your poop shoot?" Terri made a really disgusted face. "And then you sucked it after he pulled it out of your ass, eeeyow, that's just nasty, nasty, Toto."

Dorothy was looking at the floor even though every time she lowered her head it felt like it would drop off. "But I didn't mean to," said Dorothy.

"How do you think John will feel when he sees that video?" asked Terri. "You were his first love after his high-school sweetheart dumped him while he was in college. You guys got married right after he got his degree. That man has loved you and taken care of you all his fucking life. The only thing he's ever asked you for, strictly for himself, was that fucking car. It seemed pretty funny to me that you guys had to discuss him buying it when you've never had a God damned job, Dor."

"John works from sun up to sun down almost every day, like most of the men in town. All he asks from you is to love him and take care of the house. Now that your son is grown and out on his own, there can't be that much house-keeping to do. He's really going to be hurt when this gets out."

"And you Mary, Steve is nowhere near as calm and gentle as John or Donnie. He's a good man, but I'm pretty sure he's going to throw you out on your ass. John will probably want an explanation from Dorothy, but Steve is going to throw you out on your ass without even asking why you did it. And you know what? He'll be right, because, there's no fucking excuse for what you did."

"Look," said Terri. "I'll keep your secret. "What happens in Vegas ... Oh Lordy, I got drunk and lost my fucking mind and all of that. But I just don't think I want to be friends with you guys anymore."

Dorothy looked at Mary. They walked over to a more private area of the lounge and just sat together. "Mary, I don't think that we'll have that much of a problem," said Dorothy. "Neither of our husbands is into computers. John thinks they're a waste of time. I'm pretty sure that Steve is the same."

"Steve can't even turn a computer on," smiled Mary.

"Good," said Dorothy. "The video may be all over Las Vegas but in our small town in Kansas, I don't think we'll have to worry. Even here in Vegas, there's always something new, so it'll blow over soon enough. We'll just go home and pretend that nothing happened."

The two women boarded the plane. They sat together each lost in her own thoughts. When they arrived at their destination, Mary drove the two of them home, since she'd driven the three of them to the airport when they flew to Vegas. Terri had called her husband Donnie and he picked her up at the airport instead of her riding with the other women.

John was glad when Dorothy got home. He'd missed her and told her so. He hugged her tightly and kissed her. Dorothy hugged him back wondering if he could tell that there was anything different about her. She was torn though, because although she loved him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him; what happened in Vegas had flipped switch inside of her. She was still tingling at the memory and knew that she wanted, actually she needed more.

Two days after they'd returned from Vegas. Dorothy and Mary got back together. "So how's Steve treating you?" asked Dorothy.

"About the same as usual," said Mary. "I don't think he noticed anything. I was still sore the first night but I had to have sex with him so he wouldn't know anything. It was kind of painful, but I pretended that I was really horny."

"I just told John that I was tired," said Dorothy. "He held me in his arms the whole night." She shook her head. "So Mary, how do you feel about what happened?"

"Lucky I guess," said Mary. "We got away with it. I thought for sure that we'd get caught and my life would be over."

"No I don't mean about that," said Dorothy. "How do you feel about what we did?"

"I was so drunk that I don't remember most of it," said Mary. "And what I do remember wasn't good. Some greasy smelly man that I don't even know just fucked me like I was a whore. And I let him. And the worst part was that he just pounded me like I was a piece of meat. There was no love involved, just sex. I'm kind of ashamed. I guess I thought that I was worth more than that. The alcohol really messed with my head."

"I liked it," said Dorothy. "It was exciting and once I got past the pain, it didn't feel too bad. I'm still having trouble walking very fast and sitting down. Spreading my legs makes my ass hurt bad. But I have a tingling in my ass and my pussy that won't quit. I think I'm going to do it again. I'm going to need to plan it out better though this time. And this time I won't be drunk."

"Well, good luck with that," said Mary. "Let me know how it turns out."

"Mary, you have to go with me," said Dorothy. "John won't let me go alone."

"Speaking of John," said Mary. "Don't you love him anymore?"

"Of course, but you said it yourself. This isn't about love. It's just sex," said Dorothy. "Didn't what we did make you feel sexy and attractive. Just think about those young men going crazy over us. This is probably just a phase I'm going through. I'll do it a few times and then give it up."

"Dor, you're my friend, and I love you, but we're not sexy. We're not even attractive. You're just like me, honey. You're an over forty, short dumpy housewife with a fat ass and flabby thighs. Those young men weren't attracted to you, they just fucked you. They used you. The only special quality you had was availability. I think you should take the memory you had of the whole thing and file it away as just that, a memory. You need to be really careful Dor. Don't throw your real life away over a fantasy."

John Clark drove his 08 Mustang GT into town. He needed to order a few things for his farm. The car always stirred up attention in the small Kansas town. So even though it was impractical for most of the things that he had to do, John drove the car whenever he could.

In this case John wasn't actually going to carry anything. Most of the things he was ordering would have to be delivered so he didn't have to worry about the car's miniscule trunk.

As he got out of the car, John, as usual, noticed that most of the eyes up and down the street were on him. He'd gotten used to it. But somehow the attention seemed to be different. As he went into the farm supply, he'd almost sworn he'd heard a laugh. He began to wonder if one of his farm hands had stuck a "Kick me," sign on his back again.

The woman behind the counter smiled as John came in. Then she quickly went into the back room with a funny look on her face. A few minutes later, John was looking over his list of items that he needed and he felt that someone was behind the counter again.

John looked up and got ready to speak and bit his tongue in the process. The woman behind the counter had gone into the back and Michelle had come back in her place.

Michelle Burnett had been John's high-school sweetheart. The first time he saw her she'd been playing the harp in their school's concert band. He thought that she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. He'd been mesmerized. He thought that he was looking at an angel made into flesh.

She smiled at him again. John was tempted to walk out of the store. The years had been kind to Michelle. She was just as beautiful now as she'd been nearly thirty years ago.

"Can I help you, John?" she asked. "Or is that pushing my luck too?"

After high-school, John had gone away to college. He majored in agriculture, of course, because he wanted to be the third generation of his family who were farmers. Michelle wanted to wait a year or so before starting college. She wanted to major in music and become the music teacher in one of the area schools. Four years is a long time when you're only 18. Both John and Michelle had faced loneliness and boredom during their time away from each other. Neither of them had been up to the challenge of a long distance relationship.

When John came home for Thanksgiving, Michelle had already been seen around town with another man. He wasn't one of the guys they'd gone to school with. He was older and from out of town. It could have been handled better, but neither of them was very mature at the time. Both John and Michelle had felt they were the injured party.

Michelle had imagined that John was up at school meeting all kinds of sophisticated city girls. She'd figured that must be the reason why he only found time to write to her once or twice a week. She decided that since he was up there socializing that she should as well.

At first she only went on group dates with friends. But it was the eighties and everyone was into the disco craze. Even small Kansas towns were not immune to the attraction of dancing and lights and music. The difference was that they didn't have clubs or even halls to have them in. Samuel Frogg, one of their class mates, who also didn't go to college, started hosting a weekly disco party in a barn on his parent's property.

Most of the local young people and a few older ones went to the parties. They became more popular as time went on. After a while it became quite obvious to everyone in town that people were going to the parties more for the drugs and alcohol than for the dancing.

At first, Michelle avoided the dance parties. She continued to go on the group dates with her friends but over time, even they began going to the parties. Sam saw more profits so he increased the number of parties he had until he was hosting them Thursday through Saturday nights.

Michelle grew increasingly tired of sitting home waiting for John. The first time she went to the barnyard disco was an accident. She'd been practicing with the school's concert band as a student teacher. She left her harp in the barn since she'd be back the next day for more rehearsal time.

When she got home and realized that there'd be people all over the barn drinking and doing other things, she returned to get the harp. By the time she got there the party was in full swing and as lonely as she was, it really didn't seem that bad.

She met a man there. He was soft spoken and she enjoyed being with him. She forgot all about her worries for her expensive instrument and spent the rest of the night talking to him. Within a few weeks she was dating him and had forgotten about John.

For John away at college, it was a completely different thing. He was struggling to keep up. The education he'd received at his local school had been good but nowhere near what he'd needed to prepare him for college. Chemistry, biology, farm management and small business accounting were all kicking John's ass. He had to go to tutoring after class to keep up. He also had a part time job to help make ends meet. John was not living the party life that Michelle had believed.

Thanksgiving arrived and John rushed home to be met by friends and family who all wanted to know what he'd learned and how he was doing. Conspicuously, the person he wanted to see most was absent. He called but was told by her mom that she was out. Her mother's hesitant tone told him more than he wanted to know.

A few of his friends tried to make him feel better by telling him that she was just lonely and would soon be over it. He felt really bad about it, hurt more than anything else. It turned to anger when he finally saw them together. The town wasn't big enough for him to be home for the entire weekend and not run into them.

She paled when she saw him across the street and had trouble meeting his eyes. He looked away and kept walking.

She called him the next morning and found out that he'd returned to school. He never called her or wrote to her again. He came home for Christmas and spent the time with his family and a few friends. She called his house to find out whether he'd come home for the holidays or not and his sister told her that it was none of her business.

Michelle felt badly about what she'd been doing. It took seeing him again at Thanksgiving to make her realize it. She'd also found out how hard John was working and that he'd had no time for dating or anything else except for studying and working.

She realized that she'd been wrong and even more importantly, when she compared Ken, the guy she'd been going out with to John, Ken came up short every time. She decided that when summer came and John came home she'd break things off with Ken. Unfortunately she never got the chance. Her life changed in ways she'd never have imagined.

It was early May, only weeks before John was due home. She'd been constantly pestering his family to find out when he'd be home for the summer. She'd planned out all of their favorite things to do and a few short trips that they could take together. She went to the doctor's office for her annual physical along with her mother, her sister and her cousin Dorothy. When her test results came back, the doctor gave her the news. She was perfectly healthy and she was six weeks pregnant.

"John is really going to be happy about that," said the doctor. "I guess you guys will have to get hitched a little bit earlier than everyone thought."

Michelle left the doctor's office trying to hide her tears. She'd realized her mistake but now it was too late to do anything about it. Her life as she knew it had been ruined forever. She had no choice but to go and find Ken. She went to the apartment he was renting and knocked on the door. She'd only been to his place on a few occasions. Usually they met in town. A woman answered the door. She looked at Michelle and just laughed.

"You're her, huh?" she asked. "I knew he was cheating on me, but you're just a kid."

"Are you Ken's sister?" asked Michelle incredulously. "He never told me about you."

"No, Honey," said the woman. "I'm his wife. Welcome to the real world."

Michelle nearly fainted. A few days later, when she finally found Ken, he made her feel a lot better. "Don't worry Honey," he told her. "We're in the process of getting a divorce. We have to maintain residency in this state for four months to get our divorce here. The four months will be up in three weeks. Then I'll marry you."

It wasn't really what Michelle wanted but she had no choice. The next time she went to find Ken after not hearing from him for over two weeks, was an even bigger shock.

Ken and his wife were both gone. She asked the apartment manager and found out that he'd run out on the apartment without paying the rent. He'd left probably the same day that she'd told him about being pregnant.

When John came home that summer she tried to go and see him. Whenever she went to his house she was told that he was out, or that he was busy somewhere on the farm. A few times she heard about John going out with groups of their old friends. It was really odd though because whenever she was invited to go places, John never showed up. Whenever she wasn't invited, she always heard about him being there.

The biggest shock for her came, when a new movie played in the movie house in their town. Almost everyone went to see it. Michelle was just outside of the theater when John came out with his arm around a girl. She looked at the girl's face and broke down crying. It was her cousin Dorothy.

As soon as Michelle got home, she started calling Dorothy. Finally, the third time she called Dorothy answered the phone.

"How could you?" she cried.

"How could I what?" snapped Dorothy. "A really nice guy asked me out. I said yes. There aren't nearly enough nice guys in this town for me to turn him down."

"But you knew," said Michelle in tears. "And you're my cousin."

"Yep, I knew," said Dorothy. "I knew you broke his heart. I knew you're pregnant by another man. And I know that John doesn't want to have anything to do with you. You hurt him really badly Michelle. He loved you a lot and you just shit on him. How could YOU?"

From that moment on John and Dorothy never looked back. John avoided Michelle. He went out of his way not to see her.

Before the baby was born, Michelle moved away to avoid shaiming her family any further. John moved on with his life. He tried to forget about Michelle, but he was never able to. The was always something unfinished about his relationship with Michelle. He went from dating Dorothy, to being engaged to Dorothy. He married Dorothy the year after he graduated from college.

Michelle tried to move on as well. She lived with an older aunt in a bigger city who let her and her daughter live with her for companionship. In those days, raising a child as a single mother carried a certain stigma about it and Michelle was constantly hit on. Her small town naiveté led to her being burned a few times before she simply decided that love was not for her.

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