The Preacher's Wife Loves High Heels

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Sue was the perfect preacher's wife. She was highly intelligent, classy, and her social standing was much admired. But Sue has a dark side. Hidden away in her closet are the sexiest high heels you ever did see. She had them on when she bent over the kitchen sink being rammed from behind by her married man friend. Sue was keeping a watchful eye out for her naive husband. She hoped to have her orgasm before his car rumbled up the driveway. She hummed a beach song as her ass was bounced hard

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Oral Sex   Squirting   .

It is very difficult to be a Preacher's wife.

Sue thought of all the things she had to do in order to live up to her Ms. Goody Two Shoes image. She must always dress modestly, never wear anything suggestive or serve as a cause for comment. Never, ever flirt with a man, no matter how young or how old. Never wear red lipstick or eye shadow.

But, the thing she hated most was the ban on high heeled shoes. She loved wearing the high heels, the higher the better. Her customary flats made her look a little too matronly and revealed the sag of her full ass cheeks a bit too visibly for her liking.

Besides, even the four inch heels added just the right height to her four foot, ten inch height to make her look suitably petite and not oddly short. With the heels on, she could brag that she was five foot, two and had eyes of blue, just like the song. The heels pulled up her droopy cheeks just right and they looked most attractive when encased in her favorite black, queen sized, and petite, control-top pantyhose.

She knew her calves looked sexier. She could see it in the mirror. She liked the way her legs looked from behind as she bent over in her high heels. Sue thought that most men would think her ass quite fuck able when she was wearing the heels.

She definitely felt much sexier in a pair of high heels.

Today Sue stood with her husband, Pastor Tom, just inside the entry to their small Church. The parishioners filed past them, shaking Pastor Tom's hand and making pleasantries with Sue at his side. She smiled at the well dressed women, and nodded nicely to the bored looking men.

Most of the youngsters were safely tucked in the Bible School next door to the Church. When queried about their absence, Tom would reply,

"Bless the little darlings! Their little minds need a lot of reinforcement and a lot of guidance."

Truth be known, Tom was always a little uncomfortable around children and had basically ignored his own four sons during their childhood. He had a deep-seated distrust of them and their nasty habit of asking unwelcome questions. He sighed and wondered to himself, what had ever happened to polite forbearance. The children of today were so selfish.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwards had reached the head of the line. Vivian Edwards monopolized Tom gripping his arm tightly and gushing about the social tea this afternoon. Her husband, Harry, sidled up close to Sue and cleverly turned her slightly. Her ass was now pointed discreetly into the blind corner behind them. His arm around her waist slipped down to cup her ass cheeks in a firm grip.

He politely inquired about the health and welfare of Sue's children. Well, actually grown up now. Sue had four sons, three in University and one graduating this month.

She spread her legs wider to allow Harry access into the ass crack of her pantyhose. His fingers sunk in with delicious ease.

"Thank you, so very much, Mr. Edwards. Mark and Luke are on the debating team now at State. My John is very much into drama classes at Stanford. My little Matthew graduates next weekend."

All the time she was talking, Harry's fingers pushed deep into her heated ass crack violating both her privacy and her dignity as a Preacher's Wife.

She loved every second of it.

Harry smiled politely into her grateful, sex-starved eyes.

"You and I must get together for lunch and discuss their opportunities. I own several companies and we are always looking for fresh blood."

Sue realized Harry was offering a quid pro quo to her for access to her pussy and ass. She was not entirely turned off by either his offer or his naughty fingers.

"Call me anytime, Mr. Edwards, I will be pleased to do anything to help assure my Son's success."

There she had said it. They both knew she had committed to being a whore. She was worse than a whore. She was willing to become a sex slave to help out her children. They looked into each other's eyes and nodded acceptance of a deal not made in Heaven.

Harry's finger poked deeper into her ass crack to seal the deal. She could feel his fingers now on her throbbing pucker hole. Sue knew she needed it bad ... right now. But this was not the time or the place.

She turned to the next in line, ignoring the pulsating waves of desire welling up inside her wet pussy. She felt her vaginal lips open slightly as her liquid pussy juice dampened her cotton lined pantyhose. When she followed Tom out the front door, she has to walk almost pigeon-toed to keep from rubbing her swollen pussy lips and her reddened pucker hole.

Two hours later, Tom left the house for the Church tea.

Sue had begged off, claiming a splitting headache.

She had a headache that even three large glasses of expensive merlot were unable to tame.

Her youngest Son, Matt, had departed for a movie with his insipid girlfriend, Monica. She was certain he would be getting his cock pulled expertly in the dark movie theater. Monica pretended to be so innocent, but Sue was certain she knew a lot more than she let on.

Sue was all alone in a thirteen room house.

Some tears of self-pity splashed down into her unfinished glass of wine. In a determined spate of activity, she searched for her cell phone and dialed the number of her best friend and co-worker, Richard King

Brrrr ... Brrr ... Brrr Three rings and no answer. Sue was about to close up her phone when she heard the click.


"Richard! It's Sue. What are you doing?"

There was a slight pause on the line. Sue's brow furrowed in agony.

"I was just getting ready to go to the paint store to get some paint mixed. Julie is on a painting kick again."

Julie was Richard's wife. She was an ordinary girl. Nice looking ass, but no boobs to speak of. Her only memorable feature was an irritating temper and a sharp, biting tongue to match.

Needless to say, Sue was not a fan!

"Richard, I need you!"

Silence on the line. Sue took a long sip of Merlot.


"I need you now. Right now! I have a problem and I just have to talk to you!"

"OK, I'll stop by your house in about ten minutes."

Quickly, Sue added,

"Richard, drive around the back, don't park in the driveway."

"Sure, see you soon."

Sue did not want a strange car in the driveway for her nosy neighbors to speculate about ad- nausium. In the back of her mind, she also considered the fact that with no car in the driveway, her husband would drive straight through to the back yard. It was something to give her added insurance in case he came home unexpectedly.

When Richard came in the back door, Sue was starting on her fourth glass of wine.

She looked out at the empty rear yard and poured Richard a glass of wine. She knew he liked it just as much as she did.

"Look at the sky. It is so Grey and dark. I think a storm is coming in."

Richard moved in close behind her and peered out the window. Sue had already placed the step stool in front of the kitchen window and was standing on it when Richard entered the kitchen.

Her summer dress was flimsy and very loose. Richard quickly lifted the short dress from behind raising it above her hips. He massaged the beautiful drooping globes of her panty hose covered ass cheeks.

Sue bent forward and closed her eyes.

"Take them down, Richard. Take my panty hose down. Make me do it. Fuck my ass hard. Please, do it to me."

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