Kathy's Train Ride

by John Demille

Copyright© 2011 by John Demille

Public Sex Story: Kathy was late out of school, so she had to ride the train home alone. But she wasn't alone for long. A stranger made the ride quite interesting.

Caution: This Public Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Reluctant   Petting   Public Sex   girl molested on train sex story,girl groped on train sex story,virgin molested on train sex story.

This story was inspired by harry lime's Cindy's Subway Ride

Kathy was never fond of riding the train. It was something that she had to do sometimes. Riding the train alone was often a source of dread in the tall, gawky, redhead virgin. At 5' 11", Kathy was the tallest girl in her class.

At 120 lbs, she felt she was a little slender to be attractive. Her flat chest caused her no end of embarrassment in the shower after gym classes. Kathy felt that the other girls were snickering behind her back about her boyish figure. Even guys didn't pay her much attention, hence her ongoing virginity at 18. Well, technically, she wasn't a virgin. She has long since gotten rid of the proof with regular use of her trusty hairbrush's handle.

Kathy was riding the train home alone this afternoon because she was late leaving school. Usually her friends, Becky and Natasha would ride with her and give her a feeling of safety. Today she was by herself. She felt a little vulnerable on the crowded train heading east.

She placed her big backpack on the floor between her legs. It had all the books for the new term inside of it. Kathy gripped the rubber handle coming down from the train's ceiling with both hands to keep her balance in the fast moving, swaying train. Falling down was not an option; she couldn't handle the embarrassment. But it wasn't a big fear as the train's passengers were jammed in really tight against each other.

The cool air from a floor vent in front of her felt nice between her legs; it kept the stickiness to a minimum and it made her feel fresh. She had her legs spread apart with the bag between her ankles. The naïve schoolgirl didn't realize what a ridiculously inviting target her spread legs and short skirt made. She was an easy target for any one of the many train perverts that preyed on any meek female with an accessible bottom.

Kathy had been felt up often on the train and was kind of used to it. She figured guys would take advantage of the crowded train to get their jollies on available butts and being a shy virgin, too shy to make a fuss, handled it with resigned tolerance when it happened.

So when the touch of a hand on her ass cheek came no later than a minute after the train took off, Kathy did her best not to react in a noticeable way. She was lost in a daydream and didn't ever turn around to see who it was.

With the hot weather still around, Kathy was only wearing her usual thin cotton panties under her short school skirt. So she didn't have much in defence in her clothing.

The hand started just below her left cheek and lifted up her rounded flesh in its palm. Kathy felt her pulse ramp up just a bit. It always felt a little exciting to the virgin Kathy and she always wondered how far it would go. The unknown stranger was bolder than any that she experience before. He was now squeezing her cheek and pulling it to the side. She felt the second hand almost immediately thrust forward and find that sweet gap between her ass cheeks.

The stranger with the exploring fingers had Kathy's attention now. She looked around her franticly, checking to see if somebody saw what was happening to her. They all seemed oblivious to what was going on so close to them.

Curiosity took over and pushed her to look over her shoulder trying to find out who was doing this to her. She saw an innocent looking handsome youth staring up at the advertisements on the wall in front of her. He was shorter than her. She was certain it was this good looking young man playing with her firm ass cheeks.

The rude hand between her ass cheeks began to stroke her wide open ass crack and even rub into her little brown hole. She tried to shift away from the humiliating ravaging of her most private parts but her large backpack prevented her from closing her legs to protect her sensitive parts. She wondered for how much longer she had to tolerate this crude assault.

A minute or two later, things got worse. The insistent hand wasn't satisfied with rubbing over her panties anymore and she felt the fingers grasp her panties and pull them aside. She could feel colder air caress her sensitive skin. But too quickly, she could feel the fingers crudely touch her previously covered skin.

She's never been touched so intimately before. She couldn't help getting turned on, and soon she could feel her pussy lubricate profusely. The fingers were now roughly rubbing the skin between her brown hole and the back of her pussy.

The hand wasn't hurting her in any manner. On the contrary, it was turning her on something fierce. The hand was making progress forward and if things keep going like this and she doesn't put a stop to it, soon enough her pussy will be the one assaulted.

There was more than eight minutes until her stop and unless the stranger gets off the train before she does, it meant that she must endure this violation for eight more minutes. Kathy was sweating. She couldn't make up her mind regarding what she really wanted to do. Should she stop the stranger before things got completely out of hand? But he was making her feel so good making it too hard to resist. No boy had ever given her any pleasure. It was surely good to feel this way by somebody else's hands.

Sure enough, the hand kept progressing forward and Kathy's eyes opened as wide as they could go when she felt not one, but two fingers enter her drenched pussy from behind. It felt so delicious. The friction on her hungry pussy's skin was nothing like she had ever inflicted on herself. Maybe it was the unexpectedness of things. She wasn't the one controlling the intrusion into her sensitive hole. The anticipation of what would happen next was driving her mad and completely confused at the same time.

Surely it wasn't good to let some stranger do this to her without any resistance. But how can something that feels so good be so wrong? He didn't ask her permission. Of course, she would have refused. He just took her ass in hands.

Thoughts kept raging in her mind.

Should she be angry? Should she be outraged? How dare this impudent young man take such liberties with her body? Oh, this feels so good!

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