Cindi's Subway Ride

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Cindi is used to being felt up on the subway all the time. This time it is different. This time she can't ignore it. This time she wants to keep riding forever.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humiliation   Masturbation   Squirting   .

Cindi was very happy today. It was the last day of school. This summer she would be visiting her Nana in Florida. She planned to go to the beach every day.

She was just finishing her junior year and had turned 17 last August. At 5' 9" tall, Cindi was the tallest girl in her class. She felt she was a little slender to be attractive and weighed only about 125 lbs. The fact that her boobs were not yet developed caused her no end of embarrassment in the gym classes. Cindi felt that the other girls were snickering behind her back about her boyish figure.

Her hair was another source of disappointment to her. She always dreamed of long straight flowing hair. Yet her hair insisted on curling up in a clumpy ball of red that sometimes made her feel like Little Orphan Annie. Her tangled thatch of hair between her long legs was also fiery red and she tried to hide it in gym class from the other girls. She just knew they would say nasty things about her pussy hair and make her feel bad.

Cindi was going home alone on the subway this afternoon because she was late leaving school. Usually her friends, Sarah and Nicole would ride with her and they would talk about school and boys and other silly things. Today she was by herself. She felt a little vulnerable on the crowded train heading north to the Bronx.

She placed the heavy book bag on the floor between her legs. It had all the books for the new term inside of it. Cindi gripped the metal pole with both hands to keep her balance in the fast moving, swaying train. Falling down was not a problem because the riders were jammed in really tight against each other.

The cool air from a floor vent behind her felt nice between her legs. She had her legs spread apart with the book bag between her ankles. The naive schoolgirl didn't realize what an inviting target her spread ass cheeks made. Easy pickings for any one of the many subway perverts that preyed on any female with an accessible bottom. Cindi had been felt up often on the subway and didn't mind it. She figured guys would take advantage of the crowded train to get their jollies on available butts. In fact, she preferred to have one guy using her like that rather than 2 or 3 of the horny males exploring her curves all over.

The touch of a hand on her ass cheek came as no surprise to Cindi. She was lost in a daydream and didn't ever turn around to see who it was. Cindi was only wearing a thin school skirt and her usual cotton panties. The hand started just below her left cheek and lifted up her rounded chub in its palm. It felt dirty to be handled like that but Cindi felt her pulse rate ramp up just a bit. The unknown stranger was now squeezing her cheek and pulling it to the side. She felt the second hand almost immediately thrust forward and find that sweet gap between her ass cheeks.

Now the man with the exploring fingers had Cindi's attention. She looked over her shoulder and saw an innocent looking Hispanic youth staring up at the advertisements on the wall in front of her. She was certain it was this good looking young man playing with her innocent ass cheeks. The impertinent hand between her ass cheeks began to stroke her wide open ass crack and even rub into her private little brown hole. She tried to shift away from the humiliating ravaging of her schoolgirl ass but the book bag prevented her from escaping the greedy fingers.

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