by Clark Truman

Copyright© 2011 by Clark Truman

Sex Story: Computer repair can have it's advantages.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Oral Sex   .

She looked like a lost child when I opened my door. "I think I have a virus." She said as she clutched her laptop close to her chest.

"Come in." I said with a smile. "Let's have a look at it."

I held the door open as she flip flopped to the kitchen. It was hard not to take an admiring look at her cute little ass so I didn't even try restraint. The cut-off blue jean shorts she was wearing made the view even more appealing. Following a few steps behind to maximize the angle, I had to wonder what she would do if I grabbed two hands full of her sexy flesh. But since she is my married next door neighbor, I kept my hands to myself as I pulled my mind out of the gutter.

She sat at the kitchen table, set the laptop on the hard surface and opened the lid. My mind fell back in the gutter as she turned toward me pulling her blond hair back behind her ear. Her ample breast strained the fabric of her white tee-shirt. The outline of her nipples could barely be seen through her shirt and bra. Clearing my mind of evil thoughts, I sat in the chair beside her.

"Let's see what we have here." I said as I sat down. I see a lot of things as a computer tech. Personal information, pictures, correspondence ... for the most part I'm never shocked at what I see. What I found didn't bother me much, but my neighbor looked pretty embarrassed. Naked men and women engaged in sex acts filled the screen. On the desktop was window after window of bare butts and bare boobs.

"I didn't do that!" She exclaimed red-faced. "They just started popping up. I couldn't stop them."

I smiled at her embarrassment. "This kind of thing happens all the time."

She fidgeted next to me as I worked my magic and started closing down windows one at a time. She acted as if there was something else on her mind but it remained unspoken. As I peeled layers of windows away, her nervousness increased. I finally got to the last few. As the porn fell away I was left with one final window. I paused as I looked at the last one not sure what to do. It was an order form. Her name was filled out along with her mailing address. I realized that it was the item on the form that was making her fidgety. The description was for a 'woman pleaser vibrating dildo'. "Ahm ... do you want me to submit this?" I asked.

"Just close it." She said quickly. She ran her fingers nervously through her hair. "It's not what you think." I raised an eyebrow. "Well, maybe it is what you think. But your don't understand, he is a good lover but he is not all that ... well ... large."

I smiled but it was my turn to get fidgety. My mind had gone back to the gutter and this time my dick followed. It was straining the fabric of my jeans. I wanted to put my hand down and cover the obvious bulge but was afraid of drawing her attention to my crotch. It didn't matter. I heard her give a little gasp and when I turned she was looking at my prominent bulge. She glanced up at me quickly then returned her gaze back to lap. I was about to utter a word of apology when she reached out and ran her hand across my swollen member. Her touch sent an electric charge through my body.

"It's so big!" She gasped. Her husky voice was on the edge of trembling.

"I guess it's alright." I shrugged and tried to act cool even though I felt like I was shaking. "It gets the job done."

"What job is that?" She asked as she tighten her grip around my cock.

"It does a good job of fucking pussy." She moaned and slid off the chair. Keeping one hand firmly on my dick, she wrapped her other arm around my neck and brought her mouth to mine. We kissed a noisy and sloppy kiss. My arms went around her waist as I pulled her body hard to mine. My hand snaked under her shirt and I cupped the material cover her ample breast. She pulled away slightly and looked at me with lust filled eyes.

"Do you want my bra off?"

"Yes please." I answered with an impish grin.

She took a step back and reached behind her back. Her bra fell away. She pulled it out from under her shirt and tossed it to the floor. I was still in my chair when she straddle me and attacked my lips with her mouth. Her hips ground her pussy into my now rock hard dick as I reached under her shirt with both hands. Her nipples were hard like little pencil erasers. I rolled them between my fingers as I messaged both breast, her moaning urged me on.

"Squeeze harder!" She groaned.

I squeezed hard, her eyes clinched tight. Her moans took on a higher pitch and she moved her hips faster. I quickly pulled her shirt over her head and threw it in the floor. Her breasts were prefect and beautiful, round snd firm yet soft to the touch. The nipples were hard and inviting. I pulled her close as I took one in my mouth. She grabbed my head pulling me tighter. As I sucked, she threw her head back squealing, "Oh yes baby, suck it hard." I switched to the other nipple, wanting to give it fair treatment. She continued to grind and moan. By then, I had enough playing and was ready to get down to business.

I stood to my feet, picking her up with me. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I carried her into the bedroom. Setting her down by the bed, I unbuttoned her shorts and tugged them off while she pulled a my shirt and jeans. Her panties came off with her shorts reviling a trimmed brown patch of hair. She succeeded in stripping me down to my shorts before I threw her across my bed.

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