Never Got Over Her

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2011 by StangStar06

Sex Story: Was he cheating or not?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Tear Jerker   Cheating   .

My thanks to Mikothebaby for her editing prowess in turning my jibberish into something readable.

God Damn it he was at it again! Charlotte Ramsey was pissed. She was sure that her husband Jim was cheating on her. The worst thing about it was that it wasn't a one-time thing. He did this every once in a while on a regular basis. It was like a summer thing that he did every year. Did he think that she was stupid? Maybe it was just that she loved him so much. That made it worse.

She loved that man like there was no tomorrow. He was compassionate, he was kind, he was a great provider and she was sure that he loved her too. If it wasn't for this yearly affair thing, he'd be the prefect husband. That was what made it so bad. There was literally nothing that she wouldn't do for him. It really irked her that he wouldn't give her the chance to do whatever this other woman was doing.

She'd noticed over the past few years that their sex life had slowed, but she'd really thought that it was just the fact that they'd been together for so long. She'd decided to try to spice things up a bit when she noticed that he'd become distant and a little bit sadder. If she didn't know him better she'd swear that he was displaying the outward signs of depression.

Charlotte couldn't imagine anything for him to be depressed about. They had a great home. They loved each other totally. She was sure that Jim was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Again, that was the reason why his affair was so awful.

She'd often heard that men just needed some strange sex every once in a while and it didn't mean anything. But they had promised to love each other and be faithful til death did them part, not just until they got bored and sought out something exciting.

She still had no idea about what to do about his affair. Maybe she should just let it go again and look the other way. He was always quiet for a few days afterwards. Charlotte usually attributed that to guilt. But within a week or so he always bounced back and became the best husband around again. Even their sex life improved after he came back from his little fling.

There were just too many unanswered questions to think about. Jim was very discreet about his affair or affairs. There were never any women hanging around for anyone they knew to see or ask about. No late-night phone calls and no mysterious charges on their credit cards either. It was as if he took great pains to avoid embarrassing her in any way.

In fact if she didn't know him the way she did, she wouldn't have been able to tell that he'd had an affair let alone one that had lasted for this many years.

Charlotte didn't know whether he saw one woman or if there was someone new every time. If she had a preference, she'd truly prefer for it to be someone new every time. She'd much rather have her husband just meet someone in a hotel, have sex with them a few times with no strings attached and then go their separate ways. The alternative would be for it to be someone he'd known for a long time and had actually developed feelings for. In the worst case scenario, a long-time lover like that could eventually supplant her.

Charlotte also wasn't sure about whether or not to confront him. Charlotte loved Jim completely. Though the affair bothered her, she'd rather put up with it than lose him. She thought with horror about how she could get angry about the affair, lose her cool and tell him that she knew.

In her nightmares he just looked at her and said, "Well Charlotte, since you know, I guess you'd like a divorce. And to tell you the truth, you deserve better than a cheating bastard like me. I'll pack a few things and be out of here in a few minutes. I'll have my attorney contact you tomorrow about the divorce and the settlement." Then in her nightmares Jim did just that. He gave her the house and a fair monetary settlement and he went off to live with some younger woman who didn't have all of her flaws.

For one moment of righteous indignation and confrontation, she'd lose the man she'd loved for most of her life. Charlotte also knew something else. She and Jim had been married for a long time. During that time she'd seen the marriages of her friends come and go. She'd seen divorces happen due to a number of reasons. Some of her friends were divorced because either they or their husbands cheated. Some were divorced because they'd grown apart. The common denominator in all of the differing cases was misery.

For both spouses life was usually terrible after the divorce. People always talked about how it eventually got better. It really didn't. What happened was that after a few years, people just got used to being alone and they got used to being miserable.

Most of the men went back to living like bachelors. For most of them that meant living in some shitty apartment alone, with no one to take care of them. The more well off men simply got a maid or a cleaning lady. They all gained the freedom to do whatever they fucking pleased whenever they wanted to.

For the women unless they were some kind of slut, life was far worse. They literally had no one to take care of and no one to care for them. If they were even partially attractive they'd be set upon constantly by men who thought that being divorced was synonymous with being a whore. They all thought that divorced women were so desperate for dick that they'd fuck anyone.

Most of your friends didn't invite you to do things as much either. Think about it. If you're having that backyard barbecue and you're thinking about who to invite, you think twice about inviting a divorced woman. You worry about her being the odd person out, so unless you have a suitable friend for her you simply don't invite her. You tell yourself it's because you don't want her to feel even lonelier by being alone, but really it's because having her there just makes you sad.

On the other hand, the couples who stayed together after an affair had a tough time in the beginning, but eventually the ones who fought for their marriages ended up happier. Oh sure there were often weird moments and arguments between them for many years, but most marriages have those anyway. What difference does it make what you argue over?

Right now she and Jim often argued over his fucking car. His prized Mustang was treated almost as if it was a living thing. He had lovingly restored the car himself. A purple 65 Mustang drew a lot of attention wherever they went.

Would her life actually be better if she confronted him about the affair, or if she just let it go?

Maybe she could just tell him that she knew and ask him why he needed to do it. Maybe if they talked about it she could find out what it was that he got from the woman or women that she didn't give him. If it was just about sex, that was no problem. She could be wilder or milder if he needed. She could be slutty, if that was what he wanted. If he wanted to just brutally pound her, she'd rather be sore for a few days than have him think that she wouldn't do something for him. If he wanted to fuck her ass, or pee on her, or tie her up it would be no problem. He just needed to tell her what he needed.

God Damn it! It was, after all, her job to please him like he pleased her. And Jim did please her. He could eat her pussy until she was just a quivering lump of flesh on their big bed. He made love to her and she just felt so special and so loved that there was simply no better feeling in the world for her. Even after all of these years. And that was why it was just so God Damned painful to think about him doing it with someone else.

A few moments later just as she was taking the lasagna out of the oven, she heard the sound of the Mustang's powerful motor pulling into their semi-circular driveway. A few moments after that Jim came into the kitchen and hugged her from behind. He kissed her just behind her left ear and wrapped his hands around her thickening waist.

Her knees nearly buckled as he left his hands on her waist and rubbed her tummy. She longed for him to run his hands lower until they brushed over her skirt covered vagina. Or even to move upwards to cup her heavy middle-aged breasts. He would do all of those things a few days after his affair was over again.

Maybe that was the reason for the affairs. He went out and fucked some young bimbo just to give him more appreciation of what he had at home waiting for him. Well he was crazy if he thought that some wet behind the ears twenty year old could be nastier for him than she could. Charlotte would do ANYTHING to please her man.

She set out two plates and they ate. He asked about her day and how she filled it. He always seemed to be interested in whatever she had to tell him. She asked him about maybe going to the renaissance fair on the weekend. They loved to do that. They loved watching all of the people who dressed up in period clothing and walked around the area. Most of them always had something that made their clothing look really silly. Like the young men who wore nearly full suits of armor or a monks cloak and then ruined the effect by wearing gym shoes. Or the young women who wore beautiful dresses and then again ruined the affect because they had a plethora of unsightly tattoos.

One thing about the renaissance fair though was that it was always Titty city. Nearly every woman there felt the need to wear something that displayed their breasts and for some reason most of the women who went had large busts.

Charlotte sometimes dressed up for Jim when they came back. That was one of the advantages of growing older her breasts were much bigger than they'd been when they got married. After seeing all of those enticing pairs of breasts at the fair Jim couldn't wait to get his hands, lips and tongue on hers. It made her wet just thinking about it and her nipples were getting harder as she sat here,

God Damn it, she thought again as she passed him the salt. Their marriage was so wonderful. Why did he have to risk fucking it up just to stick his dick somewhere that it simply didn't belong.

"I love going to the Renaissance Fair, Honey," he said. "We will definitely go, but it can't be this weekend."

She tensed even as he said the words that she'd known were coming. "I have to go out of town this weekend for work."

"Okay, Honey," she heard herself say. "We'll go next weekend then."

A little while later they laid down to bed. She kissed Jim goodnight and he wrapped his arms around her. Over the years she often wondered how the hell he could sleep with her on top of his arm. She knew that she loved it. She felt warm and loved and protected. She lay there thinking about how great a risk she'd be running, if she were to rock the boat. Could she find this feeling with someone else? She might find something similar she supposed, but could she find this exact feeling? This blending and sharing of two souls with any other man would be improbable. So why the fuck should she risk it.

Looking at things from a purely selfish perspective, why the fuck should she give up her happiness just so she could try to take a little bit of Jim's? If she were stupid enough to damage her marriage it would hurt her at least as much as it would hurt Jim and probably more. He could go running off to whomever he ran off to. She'd be alone.

She was mulling over other ways to handle the situation when the decision was made for her. Jim must've thought that she was asleep. She noticed that his breathing was ragged and something was going on with him. Then she realized that he was crying. Her big strong husband, the love of her life was crying his eyes out. Charlotte couldn't get over it. It made her feel like shit.

He had wrapped his arms around her to make her feel loved and cared for, but all the while he was in his own personal hell for some reason. Some reason that he couldn't or wouldn't share with her. After giving it some thought, the only thing that he could be feeling this badly about is guilt. Jim was feeling guilty about what he was about to do. Charlotte's hands were tied.

If he was feeling guilty about his affair, then deep down inside he really didn't want to do it. So confronting him about it, as long as she could come up with a way that didn't involve the possibility of divorce would be good for both of them.

Maybe Charlotte didn't have all of the facts about the situation. Maybe the woman was forcing Jim to do it. The bitch, how dare she force Jim to do anything? She sighed and moved as if she was beginning to come awake. Jim reached up and wiped his eyes and stopped crying.

Hold on baby, she thought. I'll find a way out of this for both of us. Maybe going through this together would make our marriage even stronger.

Bright and early the next morning, Charlotte made Jim's breakfast while he showered and got ready for work. After he left she got on the internet and tried to find a local PI who could get some information on the bitch who was having the affair with her husband.

She found an agency that specialized in surveillance on spouses. They claimed to be both discrete and thorough. They offered electronic as well as physical monitoring and told her that if something was going on, they'd get proof. Charlotte put them on the case starting that next morning when Jim would leave.

At just before lunch time she left the house to go to the supermarket. She had to get the supplies she needed to make Jim one of his favorite meals before he left. While there, she ran into one of their old friends, Carl Bennett. Carl, formerly married to Joyce was half of one of those couples who'd divorced.

He asked Charlotte to go out for coffee and she declined, but took his number and promised him a rain check. She really wanted to pick his brain about all things divorce related. Not that she wanted one, but hearing from someone who'd been through one could possibly help her to avoid one.

Dinner that night was great. Jim looked at Charlotte as if she was the most precious jewel in his possession. It was so romantic. Charlotte decided then and there that her top priority from then on would be taking care of this affair. There was no way she would share her man with some strumpet any longer.

The next morning after Jim left, Charlotte got a call from the PI firm. They had a couple of operatives following Jim and would be giving her daily updates, good or bad.

After a few hours Charlotte was going crazy. She called Carl and tried to arrange to meet him for coffee. He was busy at work but offered to come over after work. She offered him dinner and he accepted.

When Carl came over she warmed up leftovers from the previous night's dinner. Charlotte saw it as two old friends commiserating over their troubles. Carl saw it as an opportunity.

After they ate she struggled trying to find a way to bring up the topic she wanted to discuss. Suddenly it came to her.

"Carl, do you still think about Joyce sometimes?" Charlotte asked.

"Only every day," he said. "I'd give anything not to have done what I did. But once she found out, there was no chance of reconciliation. I tried to explain to her that it was only sex. That didn't go very far. I see myself every day getting closer to becoming one of those lonely bitter old men. I'll never know why I did it."

"Carl, if you could have prevented the divorce, would you have?" she asked him.

"Of course," he said. "I'd have done anything for a second chance. It wasn't like I loved the woman. It was only sex, and even then it was really just about having something different. Humans aren't wired to be bored. So when we get something the same way over and over again it becomes stale. Plus there's the fact that men, at least some of us are born to be hunters. We live for the thrill of the chase. The prize isn't really the prize. The hunt means everything."

Charlotte thought about what he was saying. Maybe that was all it was with Jim, just the thrill of the hunt. Or maybe it was the something different thing.

Carl excused himself to go to the bathroom while Charlotte got them a couple of beers. When Carl got back he sat down next to Charlotte instead of across from her.

"Charlotte could you get me a coaster?" he asked. "I don't want to stain your coffee table. You should probably use one too."

She got up to get the coasters thinking about how considerate Carl was.

"Charlotte, what did you really invite me over here to talk about?" asked Carl from back in the living room.

Charlotte didn't answer him at first. She waited until she was sitting across from him again. "Carl I think that Jim is having an affair," she told him. Carl just looked down as if he couldn't face her.

Carl looked over at Charlotte. He pretended that he felt bad, but inwardly he was as happy as he could be. When he'd gone to the bathroom, he'd retrieved a small vial of his favorite date rape cocktail from his pocket. After hearing Charlotte's concerns he had a better idea. It would also be less risky. The added benefit was that awake and aware pussy was so much better than drugged pussy. When he drugged them they never even reacted to what he was doing. It was barely better than fucking a blowup doll.

As he looked across at Charlotte he considered what he was about to do. Both Charlotte and Jim had been friends of his at one time. The thought was quickly discarded as he considered both his need and the fact that all of the people he'd once considered friends had abandoned him after his divorce. Most of them still saw Joyce occasionally but he was persona non grata. He'd clearly been labeled the villain to Joyce's victim. Therefore, Charlotte and all of his other ex-friends deserved what they got.

He appraised Charlotte carefully. Her breasts were very nice. They were heavy but still sat up straight. He was sure that once he got her out of her clothes they'd probably sag a bit, but that was a plus in his book.

Her ass was a little wide but it would be easier to hang onto once they got going. Her thighs were a bit fleshy and her tummy was just a bit soft. But all in all, she was a great specimen for a woman her age. He had himself a goldmine. Maybe he'd keep this one for a while.

"Carl, what's wrong?" she asked. "Do you know something?"

"Charlotte, I think that Jim has probably fallen prey to the same thing that hit me. It isn't something that people talk about a lot, but it can be very bad if not handled correctly," he said. Carl's face looked as if he was about to cry.

"I mean think about it Charlotte. You and Jim are a lot like Joyce and I were. Jim is a good looking guy. I mean that from the perspective of one man looking at another, not in a gay way. And you're a very attractive woman. You guys have a nice life and you obviously love each other a lot. Then it hits like the Japanese attacking Pearl. It attacks without warning leaving only devastation in its wake."

"What attacks?" she asked, leaning forward closer to Carl.

"Charlotte, you hear a lot about women having a mid-life crisis. Suddenly they go off and have an affair with some gigolo and just aren't the same. Or they become a shrew and start hating everyone. Some of them actually become someone else and just up and decide to totally change their life. They need a new husband and a new career and a new everything. It's different for everyone. Some women go through it and just have mood swings for a while. Others just go totally ape-shit and alienate their entire family and circle of friends." I nodded because I knew a few women like that. I had been lucky and just suffered mild mood swings and boredom. I got medication for it and once my hormones stabilized, I was back to my old self again.

"Most people think that when men go through it nothing happens. In most cases that is true. In others the guys do something silly like deciding to run a marathon or climb a mountain. In a few cases they need to feel young again, so they go out and buy some silly impractical sports car. Uhm, I wasn't talking about Jim's Mustang of course. You know what I mean. Anyway, the really bad cases like mine and I suspect Jim's, has the guy feeling really old and unwanted, so he goes out and gets a wilder younger woman. In some of the worse cases, like mine, the guy tries to run off with her and just leaves his wife and their entire life behind."

Charlotte looked at Carl with a horrified expression. Until he saw the look on her face Carl had been thinking that he'd piled it on a bit thick.

"I was making plans to leave Joyce when she found out about my affair," he said. "Things with Joyce and I weren't as good as they are with you and Jim though. Your marriage might be salvageable. I hope you do the right things to make sure that the two of you stay together. Jim really loves you. I've heard him say that at least a million times."

"I love him too," Charlotte said. "What do I need to do to save us?"

"Charlotte, I'm not sure I'm the one to tell you," said Carl. "It might get to be a bit uncomfortable."

"I'm willing to do anything to save my marriage," said Charlotte.

"Well in order to do that you have to gently lead Jim back from the woman he's cheating with by showing him that you have everything she has," said Carl.

"I do," she said weakly. "I have everything Jim needs ... Don't I?"

"How would I know?" asked Carl. "I've always considered you a friend I've never looked at you like that."

"Well look at me like that, please Carl." Charlotte whined.

Carl looked at her, then turned his head and looked down at the floor. "Charlotte you always dress so nicely," he said. "But that's part of the problem. The women that are trying to attract your husband are out there dressing like sluts. That way any man who is interested in her can see what she has to offer. She's not going to sit around, especially not in the privacy of her own home all covered up so no one can see her. She wants to be seen and she wants your man to see her."

"Stay here Carl," Charlotte told him. She got up and went up the stairs into her bedroom. While Charlotte was gone Carl made a phone call to a friend of his. He'd just gotten off of the phone when Charlotte came back down the stairs.

Charlotte was wearing a very low cut blouse that showed off her large mature breasts. Carl was impressed. Her tits looked a lot better than he'd expected. She also wasn't wearing a bra. She wasn't turned on at all though, because as sheer as the silky blouse was her nipples were not erect at all.

She'd put on a skirt that matched the blouse and was much shorter than the one she'd been wearing. As she stepped back towards Carl it was all he could do to keep his mouth from watering. Her ass jiggled tantalizingly with every step. He was going to enjoy this.

She sat down across from him again.

"How's this Carl?" she asked.

"You're beautiful and very sexy for a woman of your age," said Carl. "The problem is that Jim wants someone wild and uninhibited; someone who's willing to do anything to give him pleasure. He's probably hooked up with a real slut. The average woman just can't pull that off. He wants something that he ain't getting at home."

"I can be a slut, if I have to," said Charlotte. "I can be anything that Jim needs me to be."

Carl shook his head and looked down at his feet again. "Sure you can Charlotte," he said.

"You don't believe me, do you?" she asked. Charlotte got up and went over and sat down beside Carl. She took a big swig of her beer and leaned forward until she was sure that Carl could see a lot of her breasts.

"Carl was the woman you cheated with a slut?" she asked.

"Boy, what a slut," said Carl smiling.

"And that's a good thing?" asked Charlotte.

"Oh yeah," said Jim, practically screaming. "Men at our age start to feel their mortality. We start to imagine ourselves dying and retiring though not necessarily in that order. We start to think about all of the things we missed out on in life. We start to evaluate the things that we have and the things that we've missed out on. After being married for a long time to a really nice girl, we start to wonder what it would've been like to be with that slut who fucked everybody. We wonder what it would be like to have that wild crazy girl who'd do anything for her man; even if it's just for a little while, or maybe once or twice a year."

Charlotte's eyes got huge.

"It's really hard for a normal, average, boring little housewife to compete with that girl," he said. "And sometimes it's even harder for the man to come back to what he has after sampling the hotness."

"Carl, you have to help me compete with the hotness," begged Charlotte. "I don't want to lose Jim. I'd do anything for him."

Carl put his arm around Charlotte and started to rub her back. He reached around and started to softly rub one of her big soft breasts. God it felt good. It was so big and warm. Charlotte had a terrified look in her eyes. She wasn't enjoying this at all. She bit her lip and just sat there, with no reaction. Carl began to re-assess his decision not to use the date rape cocktail.

"See what I mean?" he said. "Even though we're doing this to save your marriage, you can't get into it."

"Yes I can," whined Charlotte.

"Take off that blouse," said Carl. Charlotte did as he asked. She stood before him nervously with her arms covering her breasts.

"Now take off the skirt," said Carl. Charlotte again reluctantly complied. Now she was standing right in front of Carl naked except for her panties. When she'd gone upstairs to change Charlotte had left her original underwear on. Her "Granny Panties" seemed out of place on the nearly naked woman.

"Carl, I'm not sure about this," she said. Her sanity was beginning to overrule the situation.

"See that's exactly what I mean," he hissed. "The boring little housewives don't have a chance against the sluts, because the sluts just don't give a fuck. They'll do anything to get what they want. And what she wants is to have your husband wrapped around her little finger. After she gives him a taste, he'll do anything she wants. He'll leave you for her. He'll work his ass off to support her. And then when she gets bored with him, she'll leave him for someone new. She'll leave him a broken shell of a man and it'll be your fault."

"Why will it be my fault?" asked Charlotte

"Because you were the one who wasn't willing to do what it took to save your marriage," he snapped at her.

"Carl, please give me another chance," she whined.

"I don't know if I want to anymore," he said. "The mood is kind of gone."

"What could get you back in the mood?" she asked. "What did Joyce do when you weren't feeling in the mood?"

Carl laughed. He couldn't think of any time a healthy male wasn't in the mood for sex. "Well Joyce used to give me a blowjob," he said quietly.

Charlotte bit her lip and considered what he was asking. Just the thought of doing something like that revolted her, but if it would help to save her marriage she had to at least try. Still the thought of doing something like that with someone other than her husband was alien to her.

"Carl, would it be okay if I just let you have sex with me instead?" she asked.

"Well okay," said Carl. He spoke as if he was reluctant but doing it as a favor to Charlotte.

Charlotte laid down on the couch and spread her legs while Carl got undressed. His penis wasn't as big as Jim's. That was a good thing. He rubbed the head of it up and down her slit for a few moments and then tried to push it in. It hurt her like hell and didn't get very far before she screamed.

"Wait a minute Carl," said Charlotte. She ran back upstairs. Carl almost went off watching her big ass jiggling as she ran up the stairs. Her boobs were flying unrestrained and it only added to his arousal.

Charlotte came back down the stairs still just jiggling away. She had a small bottle of flavored lube in one hand. She squirted some into her hand and rubbed it on her pussy.

Carl almost didn't make it. He thought about math and that helped him to calm down. Then he thought about what Jim would do to him if he caught them.

He tried again to push his dick into Charlotte and this time with the aid of the lube it went in. Charlotte's pussy was tight as hell but the lube helped. He started stroking in and out of her. As tight as she was he knew that he wouldn't last long. It felt so good he wanted to just scream. And to think that bastard Jim got to fuck this pussy whenever he wanted it.

Carl looked down at Charlotte's face. She was just looking up at him. If he didn't know any better he'd have thought that she was about to cry. She really wasn't enjoying this at all. Her nipples still weren't hard and she was just lying there like a rock while he fucked her. Well, fuck her, he was enjoying himself. All too soon he felt the tingling sensation that alerted him that he was going to cum.

"Charlotte, I'm almost there," he said.

"Okay," she said in a lackluster voice. She sounded glad that it was almost over.

Okay, thought Carl. Just okay, was all she said? What about it's okay I'm on the pill or I'm safe. Why just okay?

Carl didn't want to take any chances. He pulled out and shot his sperm all over her stomach and chest.

"God Damn that was good," he said.

He looked over to find that Charlotte had tears in her eyes. She was crying and had curled herself up into a ball. Then she got up and ran out of the room into the downstairs bathroom. She threw up and just kept throwing up.

Then she ran upstairs into that bathroom and turned on the shower. She got into the shower and just stood there under the water. Even as it cascaded down on her she wondered if she would ever get clean.

Carl went up to the upstairs bathroom and went in. "Get out Carl," she screamed at him.

"It's okay, baby, I've already seen you," he said. "That wasn't good at all. If you're going to compete with the sluts, you're going to have to be better than that. That was awful."

"I'm not going to compete with the sluts, Carl," she said. "I will not try to keep my husband, by betraying him. After what I've already done, I just feel sick. Get the fuck out of my house. I know you tricked me. Maybe I'm a little bit naïve and a bit old fashioned, but I'm not stupid. You got what you wanted Carl, so just go."

"But..." he began.

"Carl, isn't it bad enough that you took advantage of a friend while she was desperate to save her marriage and a little bit out of her head. You already ruined your marriage and now you've pulled mine down the tube after you. Just get out. And if I was you, I'd leave town."

"Why should I leave town? I didn't ruin your marriage. No one knows about this. Jim won't find out," said Carl.

"Oh yeah, Jim is going to find out," she said. "I'm going to tell him, as soon as he gets home."

"But why would you do that?" asked Carl. "You said that he's having an affair too. This is perfect. If he finds out just tell him that he had his affair and you had yours. But you can't go through with it and you want to work on saving your marriage. The scales are even so no one has to feel badly about it. You can just go forward and both of you agree not to ever do it again. It's perfect. It gives you the opening you need to bring his affair into the light without attacking him and you can just move past it. Sometimes marriages that have been through one of these things are stronger for it. The little bump in the road only serves to illustrate how much you need and want to be with each other.

Charlotte thought about what he'd said. It actually did make sense. If she'd just confronted Jim as if she was looking down on him or condemning him for his affair, he'd probably react the way he had in her fantasy. He'd try to avoid the conflict and just divorce her. But this way they were somewhat even.

"I'd still leave town, if I was you though Carl," she said. "When Jim gets back in town and finds out what happened, he's not going to be pleased."

Charlotte hoped that she'd be able to work things out with Jim. The two things she could always count on from Jim were, first, that he loved her very much. And second that he was a fair and reasonable man.

Across town, Jim hadn't left the city at all. He never did. He simply checked into a hotel room that was far enough away from home that Charlotte wasn't likely to run into him. This in itself was unlikely because he never left the room. The only two times he might run into someone were when he checked in and when he checked out.

As far as his car being spotted, this was again very easy to handle. First, he didn't drive his flashy purple 65 Mustang. He left it at home. He drove his very run of the mill, blue Ford Fusion, parked it at the airport, and took a cab to the hotel. If someone saw his car at the airport it would make perfect sense since he was supposedly out of town.

Unfortunately, all of this was for naught since Charlotte's detectives had been on him from the moment that he left the house. They'd watched him check in, followed him to see which room he was in, and even called him to come to the front desk because someone had left him a package. The package was an envelope that contained several offers for cable internet service and massages from a local massage parlor.

The real point of calling him back to the front desk was to allow the operatives to quickly install several wireless cameras, microphones, and even a remote viewer in his laptop.

The operatives sat back to watch Jim and were very surprised at what he did. He spent probably an hour simply sitting on his bed. Then he started crying. His laptop beeped and he opened an email with an attachment. The operatives downloaded a copy of the attachment even as Jim did. Since their computer was faster, they were able to open it before Jim did. It was a picture of a striking, young blond woman who couldn't have been more than twenty years old.

Jim didn't look at the picture on his screen, instead he printed it. Then he got several other pictures from his briefcase. The detectives couldn't be sure even though their cameras were HD quality if the other pictures were the same young woman. Her hair was different and she appeared younger in them. Jim got all of the pictures together, looked at them for a while, and then he started talking to the pictures in a very low voice. Then he started crying all over again.

The detectives couldn't explain Jim's actions but he was clearly in love with the young woman. Either he was waiting for her to arrive or he was trying to break things off with her and needed the time away from his wife to grieve over the loss of the relationship, alone. Or she'd broken things off with him and again he was trying to get over it by himself.

There was also the possibility that she'd asked him to do something that he didn't want to do and he had to make a very painful decision. Maybe she wanted him to leave his wife. It was obvious that the man loved his wife very much. None of the detectives had ever seen anyone who was carrying on an affair, take a large framed picture of his wife into the room with him before. Well there had been that one case in Detroit where the man hated his wife so much that he enjoyed looking at her face while he fucked other women. But this case wasn't like that one.

The detectives were sure of one thing though. There was something going on between their client's spouse and this mysterious young woman. The senior detective called their client. He told her that there was definitely an affair going on and they'd have proof soon. The woman hadn't arrived yet but she was young and had blond hair. The man obviously preferred blonds since his wife had blond hair as well.

The client told the detectives that they could pack their equipment and just submit the proof they had so far. She didn't need pictures or video of her husband having relations with another woman. Just proof that there was something going on was enough. She could confront him and try to save their marriage by using the knowledge of his affair as a bargaining chip.

The detectives shut off the cameras and the mics and got ready to leave. If the customer was satisfied, so were they. The senior detective took one more look at the picture on the computer screen. The young woman was beautiful, but also familiar. Then again there was something about the picture that just didn't seem right. He decided to investigate the picture further, just for his own satisfaction.

The next morning Charlotte felt even worse about what she'd done. She couldn't get out of bed. She kept taking showers and baths hoping to feel clean again. The phone rang at about lunch time. It was Carl asking her if he could come over. She slammed the phone down so hard she nearly broke the handset. Then she started crying again.

While she was sitting on her couch crying, the door behind her opened. Jim had come home early. He rushed over to her and took her in his arms. He wiped away all of her tears and told her that whatever the problem was they were together again and they'd solve it together. He smiled and looked at her and she smiled too.

"So what's the problem, Honey?" he asked.

"Jim, I've known for awhile about your affair," said Charlotte. "So while you were gone this time I had a team of detectives follow you, but that's not the bad part. I was so upset about what you were doing to me ... to us, that I started listening to Carl and he tricked me into having sex with him. I didn't want to be dishonest or lie to you about it. It was a horrible mistake and it only happened once. I didn't mean to betray you Jim, it just happened. It will never happen again, I swear it."

She looked at the man she loved and he was just standing there in front of her shaking his head. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he looked away from her. She got back in front of him.

"Jim, I love you and only you, I didn't mean for it to happen. But in a way the scales are balanced. We both had our affairs. Now we can promise each other that they're over and move on from them. We'll, of course, need to talk about them or get counseling..." she was interrupted as the phone started ringing. Charlotte started to just let it go to voice mail, but something in the back of her head told her to answer it.

"Hello," said Charlotte.

"Mrs. Ramsey?" said the voice on the phone.

"Yes," said Charlotte.

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