Cruel Carla, Suffering Simon

by jamaica

Copyright© 2011 by jamaica

BDSM Sex Story: Sexy wife torments her wimp husband.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   BDSM   FemaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Food   Water Sports   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Violent   .

Carla was sympathetic at first when Simon lost his job. Not easy, after all, for a man in his mid-forties when that happens. Though a dozen years younger than her husband (she'd been just 19 when they married), Carla was in any case the main breadwinner – a high flying corporate lawyer, recently made partner, whereas Simon was a fairly low grade civil servant – and so the couple's finances weren't dependent on Simon earning money. Just as well because after a year of trying he'd gotten nowhere and had pretty much given up.

Forced (in his view) onto the scrapheap, Simon's self esteem took a tumble. Which was when Carla's sympathy started to evaporate. It's hard for a woman to have respect for her husband (isn't it?) when all he does is loll around the house and moan about how life isn't fair.

In truth, Carla had realised for quite some time that she'd married below herself. In both looks and intelligence, she far outstripped her husband. At 33, she was in her prime both professionally (going from strength to strength at work, pulling down top dollar) and as a woman. She'd never felt more confident in herself ... she was smart, sexy, and she knew it. When she looked in the bathroom mirror after showering, she liked what she saw - a woman of medium height with a full sexy figure, dark wavy hair, smooth olive skin, a lovely face whose Italian ancestry shone through in the cheekbones, the flashing eyes, the full sensuous lips. She had long, shapely legs – very sexy – and perfect breasts. Her ass was the sort of ass men dribble over.

Yes, Carla knew she was gorgeous and she revelled in the fact. The only fly in the ointment was Simon. Being stuck with an unemployed deadbeat husband, now totally dependent on her, had never been part of the plan.

Life was great for her these days, of course, the whole thing had worked out very nicely, but for a time she'd been angry and frustrated at the situation. And once that wore off she found herself bored. Bored with her marriage, with Simon, with everything about him. She couldn't remember why she'd married him. He had no spark, seemed defeated, utterly ground down.

Physically too, he no longer appealed.

His hair was thinning. He'd developed a double chin, a pot belly, a general look of middle-aged and out-of-shape unattractiveness. Carla may have fancied him once (although it was difficult to imagine) but she certainly didn't now. At work, at her legal firm, she was surrounded by young, good looking guys who looked at her appreciatively, occasionally flirted with her even knowing she was married, and this only reinforced her growing lack of sexual interest in her husband.

The loss of desire was not reciprocated, unfortunately. Simon still had the hots for his gorgeous young wife, it was about the only thing he was still good for.

Trouble was, Carla didn't want HIM anymore and she started to turn him down more often than not. This was a further blow to Simon's ego. He knew that in Carla he had a wife who was out of his league and the fact he still had her, made love to her on a regular basis, was what just about kept him above water.

As the sex dwindled to once or twice a month, and he realised even this was more than Carla wanted, so the little self-respect Simon had disappeared. It was devastating for him. Carla knew this (couldn't fail to since he was forever whimpering about how bad it made him feel, how sexually frustrated he was getting etc etc) but she was past caring about Simon's feelings. The more depressed and mopey he got, the more contempt she felt. God he was SUCH a loser, she thought, increasingly comparing him in her mind's eye to some of the hunky guys at the office and finding him wanting.

Deciding that sex with Simon once or twice a month was once or twice too many, Carla cut him off entirely. They still slept together but sleep was all that happened.

Or Carla slept, rather. Simon spent a large portion of the night either tossing and turning or laying there stewing and feeling sorry for himself. He did pretty much all the housework these days (Carla had made it clear she expected this, given his lack of a job), virtually never went out apart from shopping and running errands (ditto), had no money other than the (small) weekly allowance she gave him; the least she could do, in his opinion, was put out once in a while.

His wife was turning into a proper little bitch, Simon thought, but he well realised his dependence on her and so didn't feel able to confront her about it. He did try once but she just sneered, told him he could leave if he didn't like it.

Which of course he couldn't.

He'd be on the streets and penniless. Carla had the income and the money, owned their house, their car, everything. She held all the cards and they both knew it.

"Guess you'll just have to suffer in silence, won't you?" she smirked.

"Given it looks like you'll be sticking around. You know, living in MY house."

"Okay, Carla," he mumbled, hating the amused look on his wife's face. Hating himself for being such a wimp.

And Carla WAS amused. It was starting to strike her that this scenario might not be so bad after all. Might be rather a giggle, in fact. She was already noticing the benefit of having Simon around as a kind of unpaid domestic help – it was good to be free of all that crap herself – and seeing him now so abject, she felt an enjoyable sense of power.

So why not have some fun with the situation?

Simon's life got steadily worse from this point onwards and Carla's a whole lot better.

With her husband under her thumb, Carla started to revel in her control over him, to amuse herself at his expense. Simon protested now and again at the way she treated him ... kind of a cross between slave and lapdog ... but whenever this happened she would either totally ignore him, or laugh at him, or just raise an eyebrow and smirk and point mockingly at the door. All these outbursts did, in fact, was egg his wife on, feed her growing appetite for cruelty, for tormenting and humiliating him.

It seemed the more miserable he was, the more she relished making him miserable. He was powerless. He was at Carla's beck and call and there was nothing he could do about it.

Probably the hardest thing for Simon wasn't the non-stop drudgery, or the demeaning things she was always making him do, or the way she bossed him around the whole time as if he were a servant ... although all this was bad enough ... no, the worst thing was being cut off from sex. Simon still had a strong sex drive and it was frustrating in the extreme that he could no longer make love to Carla, especially given he found her as desirable as ever. More desirable, in fact, because not being able to have sex with her only made him want it more.

Nights in particular, lying in bed next to his wife but not allowed to touch her, were torture.

Carla knew this, of course, and just as Simon's acute sexual frustration was the thing he found hardest to bear about his unfortunate situation, so for Carla it was the aspect she most enjoyed. As much as she got a buzz out of ordering him around and generally treating him like a dog, this knowledge that being starved of sex was driving him crazy was what amused her more than anything.

After a few months without it he was desperate, could hardly think of anything else.

It wasn't quite so bad during the day, Monday to Friday, when Carla was at work (since he could always find time out from his chores to beat off ... three or four times was the norm) but when she was at home it was another story. Sexually relieving himself was virtually out of the question then (she'd told him it was a kicking out offence if she caught him, or even suspected) and furthermore he was faced with Carla's presence, with non-stop close proximity to the very thing he lusted for but was being denied.

Carla noticed the way he looked at her around the house - like a hungry animal drooling over the sight of food – and she found it hilarious. So funny how worked up he got whenever she wore, say, a short skirt or a revealing top.

And it was incredibly easy to tease him!

Carla did this all the time. Indulging her sadistic streak, she teased poor Simon without mercy. Sometimes she was subtle, pretended she didn't know what she was doing, and at other times she was quite blatant about it – just depended on her mood.

She drove him absolutely crazy, basically, and she loved every minute of it.

Carla particularly enjoyed it when Simon, crazed with desire and inflamed beyond reason by her teasing, would occasionally 'lose it' and he'd start pleading, begging her for sex.

"Please, Carla, PLEASE," he'd whimper. "Please Carla, just a handjob even. I can't stand this anymore!"

But she would just smile mockingly and shake her head. Would make fun of him.

"Aw, poor Simon. Poor, sex starved hubby. You only get to look at me now, don't you? And I'm such a tease too, aren't I? No, no handjob, I'm afraid. You'll have to wait till tomorrow when I'm at work. Give yourself one. You can kiss my toes, though, if you like. In fact, I insist – come on my little pooch, kneel down and kiss my tutsies. Tell me how pretty and sexy I am, while you're doing it."

Cue a giggling fit from Carla as her husband did as he was told.

She knew he hated being called 'pooch', a name she'd come up with a while ago and made a point of using relentlessly. As well as teasing her poor husband, she now loved to humiliate him.

"Mmm that's nice, Simon, keep going. Aw, poor little poochie. I shouldn't treat you like this, should I? It's cruel of me, I know. Thing is, pooch, I enjoy it. I enjoy it way too much to stop. This is all you're ever going to get, Simon, isn't that just sooo depressing?"

Depressing it certainly was for the hapless Simon.

His self-esteem always hit rock-bottom after one of these begging sessions. He hated himself for doing it; so demeaning to plead for scraps, to be called names, to be forced to grovel at his wife's feet, kiss her toes and tell her how gorgeous she was. Then to lie there later in bed, cock hard, desire raging and unfulfilled, to lie there next to the sleeping Carla, to the forbidden fruit ... this didn't make for a restful night.

And she always slept naked, the evil bitch. Oh god.

As for his wife, she was having a whale of a time. Because Carla herself certainly wasn't sex starved; Simon didn't know it (yet ... it was amongst the horrors to come) but his wife was getting all the action she could handle.

Which was an awful lot.

Somehow, the way she'd effortlessly turned her husband into a submissive wimp had liberated Carla to pursue sexual pleasure elsewhere, and looking the way she did, she was soon finding plenty of it.

Carla felt good about herself and she started to revel in all the male attention she got at work. She dressed now in a way which provoked and inflamed ... her skirts got a little shorter, her tops a little more revealing ... and she enjoyed the affect this had on the guys in the office, enjoyed how they ogled, how they stepped up the flirting and tried desperately to impress.

It was fun just teasing and flirting with the guys (and she did plenty of this) but Carla wanted more. No sex with Simon was one thing but no sex at all wasn't an option for a woman who loved it as much as she did. No longer wearing her wedding band, and talking quite openly now about being sick and tired of her "useless" husband, Carla signalled her availability and was soon deluged with offers.

That so many hunky young guys wanted to date her and take her to bed was a thrilling boost to her ego, affirmed her as a very sexy and desirable woman. The guys competed with each other to win her affections and Carla egged them on for a while, loving being the object of such male lust and desire. She accepted several lunch invitations from several different guys and flirted outrageously over the pasta and white wine. She was tempted to start multiple affairs but was conscious of how this might compromise her position at the firm, she was a partner after all, and so she selected the guy she fancied the most ... Mike, also a partner, unmarried, a virile and handsome high flyer in his early thirties ... and they began having hot and steamy sex in the afternoons, using Mike's city centre apartment. It was close to the office and it was easy to slip away there for a couple of hours on most days.

Mike was a great lover, passionate and inventive, far better than Simon had ever been, and Carla lapped it up.

She told Mike about Simon, what a wimp he was, how she treated him like dirt and never had sex with him, and Mike found the whole thing hilarious.

He particularly loved the idea of Carla deliberately teasing poor Simon and the two of them would often lie in bed, laughing fit to burst about that. Carla would regale Mike with tales of how she'd tantalised and tormented her unfortunate husband the previous night ... how she'd made him watch her take a slow sexy shower, for example, or maybe a bath ... how he'd been forced to pat her naked body dry with a towel ... how they'd then gone to bed and she'd 'accidentally' brushed his erection with her fingers before turning away and going to sleep, leaving him burning.

Mike loved to hear all this. It turned him on no end that he was fucking this hot married woman and that her poor husband was getting nada. His cock would harden as Carla related the latest details.

"Oh you are such a bitch, baby. The poor little bastard," he'd chuckle.

Carla would giggle.

"Yeah, aren't I just. Poor guy is absolutely gagging for it! And here's me teasing his brains out and getting all the great sex I want from my hunky lover. Life's not fair, sugar, is it?"

All the time stroking Mike's cock, loving the full and hardening feel of it in her fingers, how turned on he was getting, looking forward to it going between her legs again very very soon, thrusting into her dripping wet pussy.

She enjoyed feeding Mike's ego and belittling Simon to him.

"Mmm feels sooo good, Mike honey," she'd moan. "You've got a MUCH bigger and better cock than my husband, baby, have I ever told you that?"

"Only about a thousand times, Carla," Mike would grin, feeling like the king of the castle and getting even harder.

"Fuck me now, Mike baby. I wanna feel that lovely big cock inside me. Oh yeah baby, fuck me hard. My husband can't have it but YOU can, lover. Take me, sugar. Fuck me fuck me fuck me!"

Yes, life was now pretty much perfect for Carla.

And Simon? Well quite the opposite. He'd noticed a couple of things and both weren't brilliant from his point of view.

First, that Carla was now dressing and acting very sexy. Seeing her strutting around in short skirts, tight jeans, flimsy low-cut tops ... it drove him wild!

Second, and he sensed related, she'd become ultra confident in herself (maybe because she was looking increasingly gorgeous and clearly knew it) and was becoming ever more mean and capricious in how she treated him. Her teasing, for example, was getting downright malicious a lot of the time – she'd even started actively tormenting him in bed, toying with his poor hungry cock, getting it hard, making it throb, deliberately inflaming him.

Then things worsened significantly.

One morning, after a particularly cruel and frustrating night of tease and denial and very little sleep, Simon was helping Carla shower and get dressed, as was now part of their daily routine.

She put on a sexy little skirt and got Simon to zip it up. She made him put her bra on for her (this was especially tantalising for poor Simon ... oh god, those fabulous tits!) and then she slipped a blouse on and ordered him do up the buttons, working bottom to top.

"That's enough, pooch. Leave the rest undone. We want the guys at the office to get a nice view, don't we?" she giggled.

She loved taunting him like this.

Now her legs. Carla stood there in her short skirt and the naked Simon had to get down and massage cream into her long, luscious legs. This set his poor, frustrated cock on fire.

Carla chuckled at the sight of his erection, gave it a maddening little tickle with her toes.

"My legs really turn you on, Simon, don't they?" she smirked.

"So tell me that, my little poochie poo. Come on, I wanna hear it. Tell Carla how much her little poochie pie loves her long, sexy legs."

"Oh god Carla, your legs are so sexy," he had to say, wishing the ground would open up and swallow him.

"Mmm I know, Simon, I know. All the guys at the office think so too. You should see how they ogle! All I have to do is sit there and cross my legs and I've got about a dozen guys' complete attention. And I love it, pooch, I love it. I just love having men drool over my sexy legs. That's why I wear these short skirts. Do I look sexy in this short skirt, poochie?"

"Yes, Carla," he mumbled, feeling lower than a worm.

"What about the guys at work? Do you think they'll get horny, looking at me all day? Do you think me wearing this short skirt and this sexy blouse to the office will turn all those hunky guys on?"

"Um, yes, Carla."

Carla was enjoying this immensely. She decided to activate an evil little plan she'd been brewing up.

"And Mike. What about Mike, poochie? Is he gonna get sooo horny, looking at me in this sexy little skirt and this sexy little blouse, that he's gonna take me to his place and fuck me senseless all afternoon? ... Like he usually does, in other words."

"Mike?" stuttered Simon, feeling wretched as the meaning of her words sunk in.

Carla burst out laughing.

"Yeah, Mike. My lover. He's the guy I'm fucking, Simon. You didn't think I planned to live without getting laid, did you? It's only losers like you who never get laid. Aren't you happy for me?"

Simon couldn't speak.

"I'll take that as a yes," said Carla, still laughing.

"And you should be happy for me, Simon, because I'm your wife, right? Right. I'm your hot, sexy wife and I'm getting deliciously fucked every day, made love to by a gorgeous, hunky man who really knows how to satisfy a woman. Mike's got a great cock, Simon, much bigger than yours, and he knows exactly what to do with it. The sex is fabulous. God, poochie, Mike is such a good lover. Oh and he's a partner at the firm too, same as me. He's rich and successful, pooch. Got a great job. He's everything I want in a man. Yeah, I guess that's the thing ... Mike is a MAN, Simon, not a little lapdog like you."

Simon was blubbing. He knew he ought to kick against this, that if he didn't he'd be utterly lost, but he found that he couldn't. He remained kneeling before his wife and said nothing. Carla's power over him had grown and grown and was now absolute. They both knew it.

Carla gazed down, grinning, savouring the sight of her crushed and abject husband, revelling in her total control of this wretched man.

"Anyway, look," she continued, "next week you can meet him. That'll be nice, won't it? I'm hitting the town with him on Friday, straight after work, and then I'll bring him back here and he'll be staying the weekend ... right through to Sunday, I hope. So is this okay with you, my little pooch? Just nod."

Simon nodded.

It wouldn't be 'okay' of course, he dreaded it, but what could he do?

At which point, Carla told him to fetch her shoes. Ready to go now, she mockingly blew him a kiss and sashayed off to work, reminding him to pick up her dry-clean.

She got the hoped-for reaction from Mike when she told him the plan.

To say he was all for it was understatement of the century. The biggest, most shit-eating grin spread across his handsome and slightly cruel face ... he looked like a wolf contemplating his prey, thought Carla (approvingly) ... and he started to chuckle.

"So, let me get this straight, baby. I get to spend pretty much the whole of next weekend fucking your brains out, over at your place, and this wimp of a husband of yours is gonna be there the whole time, having to watch. That correct, honey?"

"Yeah, exactly. Be big fun, baby, won't it?" said Carla. She was giggling and playing with his cock. Fingering and licking it.

"And plus, I'll get to watch you cockteasing the poor little sod before you blow and fuck me?"

"Sure baby. I'll really cocktease him. I'll tease him till he weeps, then we'll make him watch us fuck. Watch us close up. Watch my hunky, virile lover getting everything he can't have."

"Can hardly wait, Carla baby. Oh yeah!"

Carla could see how much this was appealing to the cruel streak in Mike and she found herself looking forward to next Friday all the more. Poor Simon, she thought. Poor little hubby. He didn't know how bad this was going to be for him.

And Mike didn't yet know quite how great it was going to be for HIM. Time to share the best bit.

She broke off from sucking her lover's dick, looked up at him with a sly smile.

"Oh and you can ... you know ... mess about with him yourself too, sweetie, if you feel like it."

"How do you mean, baby girl, mess about with him?" asked Mike.

"I mean do stuff to him, sugar. Slap him around a little. Fact, you can torture poor old Simon if you want. We both can but mainly you, I'm thinking. I'll cocktease him and all ... which IS a kind of torture, let's face it ... and you can come up with a few other fiendish ways to make him suffer."

"Will you do that for me, sweetheart? I really want you to," she smiled.

"Fuck yeah, Carla babe! Fuck yeah. I'm your man for that," exclaimed Mike.

"Thought you'd like the idea, baby," said Carla.

"And I'll watch" she grinned. "Because that will really turn me on, sugar, watching my big bad hunky loverman torturing the shit out of my wimp husband. Making him yelp and scream for mercy. Maybe I'll join in now and again. Depending how I feel."

Mike's expression was rather devilish. "Baby, you are one sexy evil little bitch, you know that?"

Carla giggled.

Mike was spot on – a sexy evil bitch was exactly what she'd become and she was loving every minute of it.

"So you reckon you can manage that then, do you baby? A weekend of fucking the guy's wife in front of him, plus generally torturing and humiliating the poor thing to your heart's content?"

"Fuck yeah! I love you, Carla honey, I really do. Bring it on, gorgeous. Can't wait."

The two of them couldn't stop laughing. Mike started rapping out ideas of how he might torture Simon, each one more horrific than the last, with Carla giggling, egging him on. She was amazed and delighted at how cruel he could be. It was going to be one hell of a weekend!

She congratulated herself on her taste in lovers; all this sadistic imagination plus major league prowess in bed and dreamboat looks ... a hunky body and a lovely big cock. She was a lucky girl.

"God you are SUCH a bastard, sweetheart," she giggled, hearing the latest. "But yeah, sugar, do that to him if you like. I love it. God, poor poor Simon. Can you imagine how he's gonna be screaming? We'd probably better gag him else he'll shout the house down, poor thing."

"Good thinking, gorgeous. Plus I'll bring cuffs and chains and a couple of other things which might be useful. All fit into my bag, no problem."

The days passed ... too slowly for Carla and Mike, too quickly for Simon ... and then it was the Friday in question.

At a few minutes before midnight, Simon heard the key in the door and the sound of laughter – female and male. He'd waited up as Carla had instructed him to do and was sat on the sofa wearing only a pair of boxer shorts (she'd told him this too).

He felt ridiculous and also full of trepidation.

They came in, his wife looking ravishing in her figure-hugging, short black dress and her lover, this Mike guy, ultra-smart in polished loafers, a beautifully tailored blue suit and open-necked white cotton shirt. Simon immediately felt inferior – would have done even if fully dressed – felt small and fat and ugly next to this sleek, handsome stranger.

That he knew Mike was fucking his wife on a regular basis didn't help any either.

Carla and her lover had been drinking and were in high and ribald spirits. Simon sensed this didn't bode well for him.

Mike sauntered over. "Hey Simes," he grinned, "how's it hanging, dude?" He ruffled Simon's hair.

"Heard a lot about you from sexy Carla here."

"Er ... okay," mumbled Simon, already feeling extremely embarrassed and humiliated.

Mike grinned down at him. "Okay 'Mr Mike', I think you mean. Where's your manners, dude?"

Carla giggled. "Yeah, poochie. He's Mr Mike to you."

"Okay, Mr Mike," said the abject Simon.

"That's better, turdface. Fine for me to call you turdface, I presume?"

"Yes, Mr Mike," muttered Simon.

Mike sniggered. "Stunning look you've got going there, I must say. Turdface. Yeah, that 'chubby little wimp in his boxers' vibe is just right for you. Really suits."

Carla giggled at this.

"Thank him, pooch. Thank Mr Mike for the compliment."

"Thanks, Mr Mike."

Mike burst out laughing. Christ, what a wimp! Carla hadn't been exaggerating one iota. This was going to be an absolute scream.

"Yeah, heard a lot about you. Heard you're a total dildo, basically. Like, apparently it's cool for me to spend the weekend here, fucking your hot wife and generally treating you like a piece of shit. Is this correct?"

"Yes, Mr Mike."

"Good for you," Mike sneered, "cos I'd be doing it whether it was okay with you or not. Hey Carla babe, can I give him a couple of slaps right now. I'm kinda just in the mood."

"Sure, sweetheart," giggled Carla. "Be my guest."

Mike slapped Simon around the face a few times. Casually but quite hard. Carried on until poor Simon's cheeks were glowing red and he was blubbing.

Carla looked on, giggling. This was going to be such fun!

"Punch him if you like, baby," she grinned.

"Should I? You're sure, baby girl?"

"Yeah go on, sugar, you have my total permission to punch him."

"What, like hard?"

"Hard as you like, sweetie. Just enjoy yourself."

Mike drew back his fist and punched Simon full in the face. The force was such that poor Simon was thrown off the sofa and was left chewing carpet on the floor. His mouth was bleeding.

"Oh fuck, he's making a mess," said Mike, grinning at Carla. "Gonna ruin your nice carpet, babe"

Carla giggled. "Don't worry, sweetie, he'll be cleaning the whole place up Monday morning. You wanna kick him around a bit, honey? ... now he's grovelling on the floor."

"Do I ever!" grinned Mike.

He set about the task with relish, gave the cowering Simon a good kicking to his ribs, his stomach, his butt.

Carla watched, clapping and laughing.

"Oh my god, baby, you can sure put the boot in, can't you? Listen to the poor thing yelp!"

And Simon certainly was yelping.

"Yeah, he's a noisy little fucker, isn't he? Maybe we should gag him right now," said Mike, when he'd finally finished and Simon lay snivelling in agony.

"Should we do that, Carla baby, do you think?"

"Nah," said the grinning Carla. "I like the sound of him crying. Any case this is nothing is it, sweetie? Compared to what we've got planned for the poor thing. We'll gag him when you start to REALLY torture him."

Simon was listening and he cried even harder. He was very frightened now.

"Hear that, dude?" said Mike, sneering down at Simon, prodding him with his foot.

"Carla says I can torture the fuck out of you all weekend if I want to. And I DO want to, Simes, I really do. It'll make me horny, see, doing all sorts of evil stuff to you, and when I'm horny Carla gets a world-class fuck. That's why she says I can torture the shit out of you – cos she knows it means she'll get a world-class fuck. That, plus she just likes the idea. Yeah, turdyface, your hot, sexy wife Carla here really likes the idea of watching me torture you. She told me. It'll make her pussy wet, she said. Turn her on something rotten. Can you imagine? Shit, Simes, I wouldn't wanna be you this weekend for all the tea in China."

Simon just lay there whimpering on the floor.

Carla strolled over to join Mike and the two of them stood for a while, gazing down at Simon and laughing. Jeez, what a loser.

She placed one of her stiletto-clad feet on her husband's stomach and ground it in, making him squeal. "Ouch!" said Mike, chuckling. He squeezed Carla's ass through her dress, letting her know how turned on he was.

Carla giggled down at Simon.

"Oooo, it looks like Mike's feeling sexy! Looks like he's ready to take me on the sofa right now and fuck my brains out. What do YOU think, pooch? Do you think my hunky lover wants to fuck me? Just nod, Simon. Nod if you agree that Mike wants to fuck your hot, sexy wife."

Simon nodded. He had to, he knew as much, but in any case he could see it was true. The bastard guy was fondling Carla's ass and had a very serious bulge in his pants.

"So go on then, pooch. Tell him he can. Fact, tell him you WANT him to. Tell Mr Mike you want him to fuck your hot, sexy wife."

"I want you to fuck my hot, sexy wife, Mr Mike," grimaced poor Simon.

It was the last thing in the world he wanted. What he wanted was for this to end. For the big, good looking bastard to leave and not come back.

"How about you ask me nicely, dude?" smirked Mike.

"Ask me really really nicely and I might think about it."

And he made Simon grovel at his feet and beg. Beg another man to fuck his wife ... the gorgeous looking wife who was giggling with delight and was rubbing Mike's hard-on through his pants. What a scream, thought Mike. Could life get any better?

Yes, it could ... and it did.

Carla slipped off her shoes and she made her husband kiss her feet and tell her how sexy and desirable she was. Then she bent down and pulled off Simon's boxers.

"Oh my god, it's a fat ugly naked man!" shouted Mike.

"Yeah, isn't it just," giggled Carla.

"So, sugar, how about I tease poor little hubby here for a while, then he can watch you take me?"

"Oh yeah, baby!" Mike's face was flushed with excitement.

"You relax on the sofa then, sweetheart. Simon, go fetch Mike a nice, cold beer."

Simon scurried off naked to the kitchen. He came back with the beer and found Mike stripped off and lounging on the sofa, his clothes in a pile on the floor. Shit, the guy had an awesome body! Like an athlete. Simon felt very ugly and fat, and generally pathetic.

He handed a glass of chilled beer to the grinning Mike.

"Thanks, Simon, you're a prince," Mike drawled, winking at Carla.

"Hey what about some nuts, dude? You got any nuts?"

Simon nodded.

"Then what are you waiting for, turdface? I'm peckish. Bring me a bag of nuts."

Mike slapped him on the ass. "Go fetch, boy!"

Poor Simon scurried off again, the cruel pair's mocking laughter ringing in his ears.

"Are you nice and comfortable now, sweetie?" asked Carla, a couple of minutes later, with Mike settled on the sofa with his beer and his nuts. She really was enjoying this!

"Yeah sugar, I'm good. What about my clothes, though? Shouldn't slaveboy here be putting them away in the closet or something?"

"You heard the man, pooch," said Carla, looking at Simon and pointing at Mike's clothes.

"Put them away nice and neat, then come back here so I can tease that sad little cock of yours. Be quick. And take his bag up into the bedroom while you're at it. Oh and that's the MAIN bedroom obviously ... Mike will be sleeping with me."

Simon did as he was told.

"Okay poochie, now stand there and put your arms behind your back," ordered Carla, when he'd returned to the lounge.

She turned to Mike and winked. "So what do you think, baby? A little striptease first? Get the poor thing nicely worked up?"

"Go for it, babe," said her lover, grinning wolfishly, fingering his now very large erection.

Mike was really looking forward to this. The prospect of the sex-starved wimp being cruelly tantalised by his hot wife ... by a wife the poor little sod never got to fuck but Mike could have any old time he wanted ... was just soooo horny.

He wasn't disappointed. Carla slowly stripped naked in front of Simon, giggling at her long-deprived husband's immediate and obvious arousal.

And then she teased him half to death.

Grinning across at Mike, Carla sensuously rubbed her naked body up against poor, sexually frustrated Simon, front and back, driving him insane with lust. Every nerve in Simon's body was screaming for him to get hold of his gorgeous, teasing bitch of a wife, to throw her down and ravage her ... but he couldn't lay a finger on her, just had to stand there, motionless, hands behind his back.

Carla started doing things between his legs with her fingers. Stimulating him down there. Squeezing and tickling and stroking his balls and the shaft of his erect little cock. She did it just very lightly but for a man in poor Simon's desperate condition it was quite enough to make him orgasm. Or it would have been, rather, except Carla seemed to always sense when he was about to come ... his cock about to explode ... at which point she'd giggle and take her fingers away, leave him on the edge but not quite there.

She tormented him like this for ages, kept him cruelly on the very verge of coming but unable to. It was sheer torture and by the end she had him weeping with frustration, bucking his hips wildly and begging for release.

Simon had gotten used to being cockteased by Carla, of course, but nothing like this. This was something else. His ordeal was made all the worse by the fact his wife's lover was sat there watching and she was clearly doing this especially for him – for this bastard Mike guy.

As for Mike, he was enjoying this more than anything he could remember. He sat sipping his beer, nibbling the nuts, cackling at the spectacle and generally showing his appreciation.

"Oh Carla baby, you are SUCH a tease. That is fucking EVIL," he yelled.

"Oh yeah, honey, tease the poor bastard's cock off! This is making me horny, baby, making me very very horny."

All of which encouraged the giggling Carla to tease poor Simon even more.

"It's making me horny too, baby," said Carla, pouting at Mike. She had her back to Simon, gyrating her arse into his groin.

She could see her avidly-watching lover was on heat and she licked her lips.

"Do you wanna have me now, baby? Do you wanna fuck? Should I stop teasing poor hubby, come over and fuck my hunky loverman instead?"

Mike grinned and stretched out on the sofa. "Oh yeah, baby! Come here you horny bitch. Come get fucked by a REAL man."

Carla giggled. She led Simon over to the sofa by his cock and told him to stand there.

Then she straddled Mike and they got busy.

The pair had hot, steamy sex on the sofa, right under poor Simon's nose. They made sure he could see everything, kept glancing up to check he was looking. Laughed when they saw he was.

"Look how I pleasure my lover, Simon," said Carla, suckling away at Mike's dick.

"I tease his lovely cock but only to make it big and hard and ready to fuck me. 'Cos he always DOES get to fuck me, pooch, unlike poor little you. Mike gets to thrust his big cock into my nice warm juicy pussy and fuck me till he explodes. Explodes right inside me. Can you imagine how great that feels for him? Mmm, bet you can. Maybe you can even remember when I let YOU do it. How long is it now? Aw, you poor frustrated thing! And having to watch too. We're wicked, aren't we, Mike and I, fucking in front of you like this?"

Her wretched husband just stood there. He'd never felt more humiliated and ridiculous.

Adding to his shame was he had a full erection, watching them make out ... god, his wife had such a dynamite body! ... and Carla, just for a giggle, had draped her discarded silk panties over it.

Mike gave a chuckle when she did this. "Least his dick's good for something, baby, eh?" he smirked, making Carla crack up.

It wouldn't be so bad if he could reach down and jerk off, but of course he couldn't. On Monday morning, sure, when she'd gone to work, but Monday seemed a long way away to Simon right now.

Carla kept on tormenting the hapless Simon.

"I give him blowjobs too, pooch. Never gave you one of those even before, did I? But Mike gets loads. All he has to do is ask and I go down on him, give him a lovely satisfying blowjob, I wrap my lips around his big hard juicy cock and I suck it till he comes in my mouth. He loves every minute of it!"

Mike was like the cat with the cream, lying on his back, grinning up at Simon whilst he and Carla made out. They did heavenly things to each other's bodies, fondled and stroked all over, both of them moaning and purring with pleasure.

"Just LOVING having your wife, dude," Mike taunted.

"Should I stick my cock in her pussy now, do you reckon? You know, fuck her good and proper."

Simon kind of nodded, or maybe just jerked his head, it was hard to tell.

Carla, giggling and turned on by this utter humiliation of her husband, forced him to say it.

"Yes, Mr Mike. I think you should fuck her now. Fuck her good and proper," muttered Simon.

Laughing like a drain, Mike flipped Carla into the doggy position and he fucked her from behind. Fucked her slowly at first, then hard and fast.

He turned towards Simon as he was doing it, face just inches away, and he stared sneeringly and triumphantly into his eyes.

"Fucking your wife now, wimpboy. Fucking your hot, sexy wife. Look down there, turdbrain, look at my cock going in and out of her juiced-up pussy. Listen to her squeal. She's loving it, isn't she? She's loving it, the horny little bitch. Bet you'd rather be me than you, wouldn't you? Lucky bastard, aren't I? Yeah, I bet you wish you were a lucky bastard like me, rather than a useless little piece of shit."

"Spit in his face, baby," Carla grunted, writhing with pleasure.

Mike did. He spat full in Simon's face and then his whole body shook and shuddered as he and Carla climaxed together in a shattering mutual orgasm.

The two lovers lay there for a while, luxuriating in the afterglow, savouring the situation, enjoying the obvious distress of the abject Simon.

"Mmm that was yummy, Mike baby," purred Carla, snuggling into him.

"God, my hunky loverman knows how to satisfy a woman. You're the best, darling, the absolute best."

"You too, baby girl," grinned Mike. "You're one gorgeous, sexy woman. Hey, so what about this mess?"

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