All in the Family

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2011 by StangStar06

Incest Sex Story: A cheating wives tale

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Tear Jerker   Cheating   Incest   Brother   Father   Uncle   Aunt   Nephew   Gang Bang   Interracial   Violent   .

Thanks to MIkothebaby for her editing prowess without which this story wouldn't have been the same.

Like most men, I rarely ever considered the small details in life. As long as the big stuff was going well, I was happy as a clam.

My life to me was perfect. I had everything I needed. I had an amazingly attractive wife who loved me more than life itself. I had and still have an absolute beast of a Mustang that was and still is the second love of my life. We had a nice home, a giant sized plasma TV and the Lion's actually looked like they might win a few games this year for a change.

My name is Justin. Don't laugh, but my name is Justin Case. And to make things worse, I married a girl named Annie. Yep her name is Annie Case.

In any case we were happy. We both had great jobs, we had a wonderful house and her family loved us. I say her family because I have no living relatives. I have no siblings and my parents were killed in a plane crash soon after Annie and I met.

In fact, one of the things that really bonded us together, from my perspective, was the way she helped me get over my parents' death. On her part, she's always told me that from the first second she saw me, she was sure that I was the man she was going to settle down with, marry and spend the rest of her life with. I guess in retrospect, two out of three ain't bad.

As I said our life was perfect. But even perfection has its little bugs and if you nit pick enough you can find something wrong with anything.

Annie's job required occasional travel. That was a big thing for me. I hated the idea of her being away from me. Annie is tall and slender. She has smallish perky boobs and a nice tight butt. Her dark hair and light eyes really draw attention to her face. Her hair is cut asymmetrically and the ends curl sharply inwards toward her beautiful face. The left side of her hair is angled towards the front getting longer the further forward it goes. So if you saw her from the front you'd notice that her hair touches her collar bone on the left side. The right side is shorter and only comes down to the bottom of her ear. She also dyes the last inch of her hair magenta.

It is a very striking look. Not many women could pull it off but Annie does. She has this pixyish charm that seems to make every man we encounter just fall ass over tea cup for her. Guys are always leaping up to give her their seat and they're usually heartbroken when they discover that she's with me. The funny thing about it is that she isn't what you'd call a classic beauty, but her looks are again very striking. I think a large factor in her appeal is that she just exudes sex.

I'm no troll, I've always done okay with women, but Annie could be knee deep in dick just by batting an eyelash. So at first the thing with her traveling every other week or so bugged the shit out me. I had all of these fantasies about her having gangbangs and fucking every guy she ran into in her hotel. I imagined her speaking to me on the phone while some other guy ate her ... our pussy.

Whenever she went out of town, I became sullen just before she left and ignored her for the first few days after she got back. I watched her for any of the so called cheating signs. It was really hard though, because some of them don't apply to us.

Like the whole her suddenly wanting to have sex more often out of guilt thing. Annie and I have sex all of the time. Pretty much every day and every night, we're plugging away. I've never been in a relationship with anyone like her. It's as if she can sense my mood and just becomes a dick seeking missile as soon as I display any interest.

You know that thing where couples can sit together and snuggle up and watch a movie together? I've heard of it but never experienced it. If Annie and I sit or lie down together, we end up fucking. We have never seen the end of a movie together. It can be pretty embarrassing in theaters.

Annie tells me that she loves me every day, no matter what. I remember once, I was in a hurry because I was late for work. It was actually her fault. She was the one who suggested that we shower together. Anyway I left without kissing her goodbye. She drove five miles out of her way to show up at my office and kiss me goodbye. All of my co-workers thought it was adorable. Everyone loves her. All of the women want to be like her and all of the men wanted to fuck her. Boy was I lucky.

Anyway after about 6 months of my sullenness and ignoring treatment, Annie wanted to have it out. She just asked me point blank why I treated her that way whenever she went out of town. We'd always been honest with each other so I told her.

"Annie, I love you. But when you're out of town, I always worry about you cheating on me. I couldn't handle that," I said.

"Justin, I'd never cheat on you, I swear it," she said. "You're the only man I love."

I looked at her dubiously. And she smiled back at me. "You're the only one ever," she said. "Total honesty."

I looked at her again, and lifted one eyebrow.

"Okay, if we're going to be totally honest," she began. "There are a couple of more guys."

"What," I snapped. "Ever since before we got married, you've always told me I was the only one. Now you're changing your story."

"Well," she smirked. "You said total honesty. There's my father. Oh and of course there's my brother. Oh wait, I do have an uncle that I'm kind of fond of too. I guess that's love."

"Ha, ha, ha," I said. "Thanks for the honesty."

"Seriously Justin, you and I are forever," she said. Then as if she'd been struck by a bolt of lightning she sat up. "I have an idea."

She looked at me as if she'd just discovered the cure for cancer.

"Justin, the only place I go on business except for the occasional trade show is to Chicago, right?"

"So far," I said.

"Well from now on whenever I go to a trade show, or anywhere other than Chicago, you can come with me," she said.

"But 95% of the time you're going to Chicago," I said.

"That's the best part Honey," she said. "When I go to Chicago, from now on instead of staying in a hotel, I'll either stay with my Dad, or with my brother and his wife. Will that make you feel better? Plus that way you can call and check up on me any time of the day or night and know where I am. If I say, "Oh Justin, I'm not out fucking strange men," and you think I am or you don't trust me, you can just say, "Let me speak to your dad. Or let me speak to your brother."

I had to admit it was a great idea and it did a lot to ease my mind. In the two years since we've been doing things that way, the only thing that sucks is that every once in a while, I have to use up part of my vacation time to go to a fucking printer's convention or trade show. But Annie loves having me go with her.

Another thing is that at one of those conventions I got the chance to see how Annie handles strange men who try too hard to hit on her. We were at a trade show and Annie was sitting in her booth displaying the kinds of typefaces and fonts her company could use for print jobs and other (yawn) exciting things. I left to go water my horse. Annie went on break and told her replacement to tell me that she was done for the day and she'd meet me in our hotel room in five minutes and if I was late she'd start without me.

I got back just in time to see Annie head for the elevators. I also saw a tall well-built man take off like a bat out of hell trying to intercept her. He moved over and waited for the elevator with her and started trying to make small talk. He gave her one of his business cards and asked her what she was doing later.

"Well, I'll be fucking the shit out of my husband, while you're jacking off in your room thinking of me," she told him. I expected him to walk off and call her a bitch or something, but this guy had cast iron balls. He just kept up his assault. You had to give the guy points for persistence if nothing else.

Finally Annie just started screaming, "Help, get away from me. I told you I was married." The guy hadn't so much as touched her.

I ran over to her then.

"Annie what's wrong?" I asked pretending that I didn't know. The guy took off before I even got there.

"Just a guy who couldn't take "No" for an answer," she said. "I told him that I was married and I don't date, or fool around but he just kept on trying. So I had to get rid of him."

That incident and the fact that when she was in Chicago she stayed with family members who I knew loved both her and me, did a lot to ease my troubled mind.

So this week when Annie told me that she had to go to Chicago for an overnighter, it barely registered. In fact my biggest complaint was that I'd rather have her go the next night, because one of my friends had tickets to see the Lions in one of those week night pre-season games that evening.

Annie asked me to do her a favor while she was gone. Annie's Aunt Cindy and her Uncle John live relatively close to us. They're getting up there in age so we kind of look out for them; especially her uncle John. He's as sharp as a tack, but he does have trouble remembering the small details some time. Annie makes it a point to pick up and deliver his high blood pressure meds to him.

Uncle John is a great guy, but his wife Cindy is a fucking bitch. I hoped that I could just breeze in, shoot the shit with Uncle John, drop off the meds and come home without getting into an argument or a scene with Cindy.

"You'll notice that I called him Uncle John, but called her just Cindy. That was me being nice. I usually had a few things to call her. Early on in our relationship, I'd tried calling her Aunt Cindy. "She quickly squelched that by telling me that she wasn't MY aunt. Since then I did my best not to speak to her at all.

So I was on a mission as I pulled into their driveway and snatched the Walgreen's pharmacy bag off of the seat next to me. I was sure the low growl of my Mustang's powerful motor would let Uncle John know I was outside.

I vaulted up to the top step and onto the porch without a care in the world. The door was open and Uncle John always said that I was family, so I didn't need to knock. I went inside the house and didn't see anyone in the living room. Then I heard it. A female voice screaming, "Oh shit!" It sounded like Cindy. I thought that she was in trouble. I ran into the bedroom and really wished that I hadn't.

Annie's 59 year old aunt was lying on her stomach on top of Annie's cousin Bart who couldn't have been more than twenty years old. Bart's dick was slowly moving in and out of Cindy's vagina and some black guy was pushing his dick into her ass from behind.

I don't know who was more surprised, them or me. "Oh Shit!" I said trying to look away from the scene on the bed.

The black guy backed away and looked at me. "She invited me over," he said. He started putting his clothes on. Every time I looked his way he looked like he was going to die from embarrassment. I guess getting caught sticking your dick up some ugly 59 year old woman's ass isn't going to do much for your Mack Daddy reputation.

Bart was getting dressed too, and he was even more nervous than the other guy. "She made me do it, Justin," he said. "She caught me in my Dad's liquor cabinet and told me that if I didn't come over she'd tell him. Please don't tell anyone."

"I'm really sorry," said the black guy. Then he and Bart were out of the room so fast I couldn't track them. That just left me and Cindy. Surprisingly she just looked at me. It wasn't the reaction that I'd expected.

Cindy isn't fat, but her body is really not attractive at all. Even when you consider that she's 59 years old, she is not hot. Her boobs sag. On a woman with large boobs that's expected, but Cindy's breasts are not large, so what you really see is just a bunch of wrinkles. Even more surprising is the fact that the rest of her skin for the most part had very few wrinkles.

It makes it seem like her breasts were just sucked until they were empty and left to dry out. Cindy also has no ass. It kind of looks like her lower back just splits to form legs. There is no swelling to indicate that she has a Gluteus Maximus at all. It would be funny if I weren't sitting here wondering why she wasn't trying to cover up.

The last and worst part was her stomach. A big stomach on a big woman is acceptable although not desired. It's a part of the overall picture and can be quite womanly if not overly large. But a big gut on a thin woman like Cindy is awful. Her gut sticks out further than her tits do.

Her feet were long and her toes were ugly. There was simply nothing attractive about this woman at all. Yet she sat there regarding me as if she was as calm as could be.

"Okay Justin, where do we go from here?" she asked. "Why the hell did you barge into my house anyway?"

"I, uhm, brought Uncle John's meds," I said holding up the bag as if it somehow validated my being here.

"Well I guess you caught me," she said. "But it doesn't have to be a bad thing."

She laid herself back down on the bed and spread her legs. "Come on over here and get some of this." She said.

I tried as hard as I could to prevent myself from laughing or letting the true revulsion I had for her offer show. As I backed away from the bed a snort did escape my mouth.

"You don't like sloppy seconds huh?" she asked. "Okay, I'll go get cleaned up and you can have some fresh pussy."

"Uhm that's okay," I said. "Don't go to any trouble on my account."

"So what do you want then?" she asked puzzled. "I'll do anything you want, and I mean anything."

"Just stay away from me Cindy," I said as she got off the bed and headed towards me.

"So you call my husband, Uncle John, but I'm just Cindy," she said. "Even the way you say "Cindy" sounds bad. It sounds like "Bitch" or "Whore" when you say Cindy, Justin. Why don't you ever call me Aunt Cindy?"

"Because you told me not to," I laughed. "You said you weren't MY aunt. Uncle John on the other hand, has always been kind and treated me well. He deserves what he gets from me; affection, love, respect and loyalty."

Her eyes got hard in a split second and her eyelids closed until they were barely slits. She leaped off the bed and stood in front of me. "You son of a bitch," she screamed. "You're going to tell him aren't you?"

I backed away from her. "Justin, I love John. This will kill him. He'll divorce me for nothing. I'm too old to be alone again. This isn't even something that matters, Justin. It was only sex. I need more sex than John can give me. Even if he could keep up with me, after being married for almost 40 God damned years, you get tired of being fucked the same way, by the same man over and over again. And we rarely even have sex anyway.

John does not need to know about this. This doesn't have anything to do with him. This does not hurt John in anyway at all. If he came in here right now and said, "Cindy, get naked," I'd still fuck his brains out and he'd never know."

"I totally disagree," I said. "Cheaters always get caught somehow. I just don't understand how you think that having your nephew, Bart laughing at your husband behind his back and telling everyone else is supposed to make John feel better." She looked down at her feet.

"And what about when someone else tells him, because Cindy, people can't keep a secret. Sooner or later he's going to find out. What if he finds out that I knew about it? Then he'd hate me too, because I was a part of the secret."

"But he won't find out, and it isn't hurting him at all. You just hate me Justin," she said. "But I swear to you I love John with all of my heart, just like Annie loves you. What I'm doing has never hurt John and it never will. In fact, with his high blood pressure trying to keep me satisfied might lead to John having a heart attack. I swear to you that I love him and I'd never do anything to hurt John, he'll never find out. It's been going on for years and it's never hurt him, just like it has never hurt you."

I'd been almost ready to head out the door until her last sentence registered on me.

"What the fuck are you talking about Cindy?" I asked.

"Nothing, forget that I said that," she said.

"Cindy, you'd better tell me what you're talking about or I swear I'll go out into your driveway and sit in my car and wait for Uncle John to come back here. Then I'll tell him and as soon as I'm done telling him about you having a three-way with his nephew and some big black guy, I'll call Bart's parents and tell them."

Her voice got really small and quiet. She was muttering under her breath. It sounded like, "Self-preservation first. This above all, to thine own self be true. I'm sorry Annie but I can't live without my John."

"Cindy, just fucking tell me," I screamed.

"Uh unh," she said with her arms crossed. "Give me your solemn word of honor that you will not tell John or anyone else about what you saw here today, or I ain't saying shit. And if I do tell you, you can't tell anyone how you found out."

"I solemnly agree to the terms you just spelled out, in their entirety on pain of death," I said.

"Well you didn't have to be so God damned formal about it," she spat. "Okay it's like this...

It took Cindy, a woman that I hated so badly I could barely put up with her less than 5 minutes to spill out a story that destroyed my perfect life and my perfect marriage. I didn't believe a word of what she'd said. I thought and I hoped that she'd made the whole thing up just to get out of trouble herself. But I had to know for my own peace of mind. So I looked at her with the coldest look I could muster.

"I'm going to check this out myself," I said. "If you're telling me the truth, your secret is safe from me. But if you're lying, I'll tell everyone in your family what you told me. So you'd better hope I find proof." Then I left. I leaped down off the porch like I was fucking Batman, nearly spraining my ankle in the process.

I headed straight to the airport and got the quickest flight to Chicago that I could. While I sat in the airport waiting for my flight, a thousand thoughts went through my head. Cindy was lying, she just had to be. I drew a bit of attention because I wasn't carrying any luggage. I had to go through the scanner. I guess my nervous and impatient manner had a lot of people on edge.

That whole homeland security thing had everyone walking on eggshells. Terrorists look just like everyone else nowadays. So me sitting there alone muttering to myself and checking both the clock and the departure board every other second wasn't making anyone comfortable.

On the plane a friendly, slightly older but still gorgeous flight attendant came and sat down near me.

"You don't look like anyone I should worry about," she told me. "In fact you look like you're the one who's worried about something."

I just nodded my head as I sat in my seat wringing my hands and wishing the plane could fly faster.

"My whole life depends on what happens when I get off this plane," I said.

"Oh boy, that means it's a woman isn't it?" she asked. "What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything," I said. "It's what I think she's doing."

"What do you feel in your heart?" she asked. "Deep down we're all connected. If you really love this woman and you know her heart then, your deep down feelings are probably correct."

As crazy and California hippy quasi-religious as that sounded, I understood what she meant. In an odd sort of way it comforted me or at least calmed me down. The rest of the trip there I was more relaxed. I started thinking about things and making the comparison between what my life had been like up until now and what it would be like in a few hours.

Realistically I had to prepare myself. The next few months, probably the next year or so was going to be awful. But I'm a strong person and I knew that eventually I'd get to the point where it didn't hurt so much and later still, I'd move on and put all of this behind me and maybe even find someone new.

Now was really the worst part of it, because deep down inside I knew, but I guess I still needed confirmation. The plane touched down and as if I had ice water in my veins, I calmly waited until it was my turn to leave the plane. As I got near the exit, my flight attendant smiled at me and wished me good luck.

I went to a car rental place and thought that my luck was improving. As I looked over the cars in the lot, I saw a Mustang. As I got closer to it my heart died a bit though because they only had the one and it was a v6. Oh well it was still better than any other car they had.

Out on the road I noticed that the v6 was a peppy little car, it handled well and I was quite comfortable in it. It was very close to driving my car, if someone had stolen most of my car's horsepower.

The route I took was familiar, I'd been to Chicago many times to visit Annie's Dad and we'd visited her brother and his wife several times too. I knew out of habit that the old man never locked his back door. He didn't have to because his German shepherd would eat anyone alive who went into that backyard. But Rocky and I got along fine. I hopped the fence and Rocky was instantly on me.

"Good dog," Rock I whispered as I rubbed his ears. He followed me right up to the back porch. I slipped inside the screen door and silently made my way through the house.

The whole house smelled like sex and sweat. I could hear the sound of voices moaning as I got closer to the living room. "Please don't let it be her," I prayed, though I knew it was. I got out my iPhone and shot a few seconds of video zooming in on all of the faces in turn. Annie there on her back with her legs open thrusting her pelvis up vigorously as her brother Jack fucked her. They were both covered in sweat. Annie's right hand was jacking her father off, while she gave his brother, her uncle Judge Daniel Kincaid a blow job.

After a few minutes they changed positions. The look on Annie's face told me that she was close to cumming and loving it. She wasn't being forced to do this or being blackmailed or drugged, she was here of her own free will.

She was sucking Jack's dick and he pulled away from her and leaned down close to her face. She kissed him passionately and they sucked each other's tongues for a while. He sucked her nipples and she was rubbing her father's balls and stopped so Jack could fuck her some more. She rubbed his back while he pounded her and urged him to fuck her harder and faster. "I need you baby," she said to him.

"Shit Annie, we all need you," said the Judge. "I know Jack was your first, but we all need that hot little pussy. I just don't understand why you can't just move back home."

"Because, I like what we do, Uncle Dan, but I love Justin more. And if we moved here sooner or later he'd find out. He's not stupid, and I can't live without him. If it wasn't for Greg, I'd give you guys all up. And if I had to chose, I'd choose Justin in a heartbeat."

She didn't need to worry about that anymore, she wouldn't have to choose. She belonged to the three of them and Greg now; whoever Greg was. I was out of the picture.

I saw her clothes in the dining room so I looked around until I found her purse. I took her key to the house and garage off of the ring. I also took her garage door opener and her credit cards from her wallet. I figured that would slow her down. Without her credit cards she wouldn't be able to pick up her boarding pass at the airport. Then having a second thought I took her driver's license as well. There was no way for her to get home easily now. She wouldn't be able to fly home or rent a car without ID.

On my way out the door slammed as I left the house the same way I came in. I saw faces in the windows but I don't think they knew who I was.

Back at the airport I sat in the terminal alone waiting again for my flight. I called a friend of mine who worked for the same company I did in our legal department. He didn't handle divorces but he referred me to a colleague of his who did.

As soon as I heard Loretta Clarkson's voice, I knew I was going to like that woman. She got the ball rolling while we were on the phone. I emailed her a copy of my video and she put people on the case immediately. She suggested a restraining order for my job and my home so I could work and live in peace while this played out. I was sure I had the right woman no matter what she charged.

As we spoke my phone chirped which let me know that I had another call. I recognized Annie's number and for the first time since I'd met her, I let it go to voice mail. My blood was boiling as I thought of the woman who only this morning made me want to sing love songs in the rain and all of that other romantic bullshit.

I was glad I was angry. It really helped to keep me from crying. I thought I knew her so well. I had trusted her and invested years and all of my heart in a marriage that should never have been. I was surprisingly calm about it all though. Anyone who saw me would have thought that I was returning from a business trip that had gone badly, not that I'd had my heart ripped out by the woman who'd sworn to love and honor me forever.

When the plane landed, I got my car and smoked the tires getting onto the freeway. It felt good just to let it rip. It would have been worth the speeding ticket but thankfully, God was done fucking me over for the day. I didn't see a single cop on my way home.

My phone rang, naturally it was Annie again.

"What?" I asked her, keeping my voice as icy as I could.

"Are you angry with me for something Justin?" she asked. "You know that I don't like these trips anymore than you do. I hate being away from you Honey."

"Whatever," I said.

"Justin, it's only one night. I'll be home tomorrow," she said. "Then I'll spend the whole weekend making it up to you."

"I really don't see that happening," I smirked.

"Justin what's wrong?" she asked. She was really starting to sound concerned.

"I have to go," I said. Then I hung up the phone. She immediately called back.

"What do you want, now?" I asked wondering why the hell I'd answered the phone in the first place.

"You didn't tell me you love me," she whined. "Remember our rule, no matter how angry we get, we still need to let each other know that we love each other and we're angry at the behavior, not the person. I love you Justin, with all of my heart and..."

I couldn't take it anymore. I hung up the phone again and started crying myself.

Back in Chicago, Annie was hysterical as she put her cell phone in her purse. "I'm leaving now," she snapped jumping up.

"Annie you're not supposed to go until tomorrow. We're supposed to have the whole night," said Jack."Don't you want to spend some time with Greg?"

"No, I have to leave now. Besides I've noticed that every time I come back here Greg is bonding with Dawn more and more. I only confuse him. I have to find out what Justin is angry about. Can you drive me to the airport?"

Loretta had worked quickly. Since Annie and I were young and had only been married for a little over four years there wasn't much to work out. She'd prepared a quick set of papers that she was ready to fax to Chicago. I held her up.

"Nope, this won't work Loretta," I said. "I don't want any of this irreconcilable differences bullshit. I want to file under infidelity, so everyone will know her for the whore she is. And I want to charge her brother Jack and her father and her uncle too. I also want to go after her company for sending her on all of these fucking trips that led to the destruction of my marriage. If I'm going to lose the woman I intended to spend the rest of my life with, I want them all to pay and to be as miserable as I am.

Loretta nodded and went back to work. I went home and walked around packing up all of Annie's things. Then I took a second trip around and took down all of the pictures of us together. I packed them with her things and left them in the garage. Then I fell asleep watching TV and trying not to think about how miserable I was.

I woke up the next morning and went out for a run. My morning runs usually calmed my nerves and cleared my mind. A quick five miles left my body exhilarated and my mind focused. Back in my days in the marines, we used to pronounce the word focused differently. In fact I think the Marine Corps invented the science of differential pronunciation. (Okay I'll admit I made that up but it sounds good doesn't it?-SS06)

Differential pronunciation is when you pronounce a word so that it imparts the meaning you want it to have instead of its actual definition.

In the Corps we pronounced the word focused so it sounded like fuck used. And that was what I was in the mood for that morning. I would be issuing "Fuck you-s" to everyone who had a hand in destroying my marriage and breaking my heart.

Oh yeah, I'll admit I was hurting badly. My body was having a physical reaction to losing Annie. I couldn't eat and I just felt weak. My mind was also out of sorts. I was pretty sure that most of the decisions I would make over the next few days were going to suck and I'd probably regret some of them. But on the other hand pain is temporary, pride is forever.

Not having Annie in my life would hurt me. That much was true. But I'd get over it in time and move on. Someday it wouldn't hurt me as bad, maybe I'd find someone else and it wouldn't hurt at all. On the other hand, if I took her back after everything I knew, I'd never be able to summon even a shred of self-respect. You may as well just go ahead and tattoo "Pussy" across my forehead.

As I went back into the house the phone rang. I was so busy concentrating on making my plans for acquiring my freedom that I answered it.

"Justin, baby, I'm on my way home now. I had to drive because someone stole my credit cards out of my wallet. I didn't want to wait until tonight to come home. I..."said Annie before I recognized her voice and hung up on her.

Her voice sounded desperate. She immediately called right back and I let it go to voice mail. I could hear her crying as she left her tear filled message. "Justin, can't we please talk about this? Whatever you're upset about or whatever I did, I'm sorry for it. Please just talk to me. I'll be home in less than 3 hours. I love you."

Shit that didn't leave me much time. I was sure that I'd have at least another day. I guess I believed that she'd be so busy fucking her relatives that she wouldn't notice that her cards were gone until she got to the airport. By the time she'd borrowed money or got one of her relatives to buy her a ticket, she'd have lost a day.

I showered and called my boss and told him that I needed a few days off top take care of some personal problems. He laughed at first and told me to get my ass in to work, that I could fuck Annie when I got home. Then I told him that I was getting a divorce. And I told him why. His tone changed completely. "Take as much time as you need Justin," he said.

I called Loretta and let her know what was going on. She verified the names and the spelling of Annie's brother, father and Uncle. She'd made sure to list him as Judge Daniel Kincaid and even noted which district in Chicago he was from.

The restraining order was also in effect and the papers for the lawsuit we'd filed against her company were ready as well. Loretta's assistants were still preparing the papers for Jack's, Annie's dad's, and the Judge's individual law suits charging them with mental cruelty and abuse for creating an atmosphere that ultimately resulted in the loss of my marriage. Basically, it meant alienation of affection in more modern legal jargon. I was sure that I wouldn't get much monetarily out of those suits, but they were really just a way to destroy the Judge's credibility, reputation and career.

I really hated to sue Annie's company. The print shop was a small business and its owner was a friend of ours. I thought about that as I got dressed. I decided that the least I could do would be to give Bob a heads up.

I grabbed a couple more boxes of Annie's stuff and put them in the garage next to my F-150 on my way out to the Mustang. I drove over to the print shop and even though it wasn't 8 a.m. yet, Bob was already at work.

"Hey Bob," I said.

"Justin, you look like shit," he smiled. "She's only going to be gone for a few more hours. Good lord man, I'm really glad now that I married an ordinary woman. If being married to a woman like Annie makes you this miserable when she's gone for less than twenty four hours, I couldn't take it."

"Bob there's no easy way to say this," I said. "I'm divorcing Annie and suing you."

He looked up at me with surprise written all over his face. "Okay, I'm having trouble believing this," he said. "I can't really believe you'd divorce her. That woman loves you like ... like ... I can't even fucking explain it. She loves you more than anything I've ever seen. The girl would take a bullet for you and we both know it. There's no way you'd ever divorce her. So why are you suing me?"

He just looked at me. "Justin, if you need money you don't have to sue me. I'll give Annie more hours or just loan you guys some money. I..."

"Bob, I'm sorry, but it's all of those trips you send Annie on. She's been cheating on me so I'm divorcing her because of that," I said.

"But Justin you've gone on all of her trips with her lately," he said.

"Not the Conventions, Bob," I said. "The trips to Chicago you send her on."

"Oh no buddy," he said. "You are not blaming that on me. I've never sent her to Chicago. She goes to Chicago on her own. I do allow her to take the time off from work. But that's just because she told me about her Dad and how sick he is, and because she needs to see her son. The company has never sent her to Chicago."

I'd thought that I'd had all of the surprises that I was going to get but it just kept getting worse. I sat down on the desk with all of the wind out of my sails. I started wondering if I really knew the woman I'd married at all.

Bob looked at me again. He came around the desk and put his hand on my shoulder. "Shit, you didn't know did you?" he asked. "You really thought that I've been sending her to Chicago for all of this time. God damn it, she's been going there for the whole four years that you've been married."

"It's worse than that Bob," I said.

"She's been cheating on you for your whole fucking marriage, what could be worse than that?" he asked.

"Well, how about me not even knowing that she had a child?" I asked.

"Oh Fuck," he said. "That is worse. It's a boy. His name is Greg. Supposedly the father ended up with custody."

"I'm really sorry Bob," I said. "I'll contact my attorney immediately and cancel the suit. Please don't think too badly of me."

"Hey, don't worry about it. In your shoes, I'd have done the same thing." He said.

As soon as I was out of the building I called Loretta and told her to put her investigators on the new evidence. I also had her try to go through the court records in Chicago to find out why the father got custody of the boy. With Annie having a Judge as a relative, she must have been totally fucked up not to get custody. The mother always got custody, unless something really bad was going on with them.

I also told Loretta about Annie's imminent arrival. I told her to have someone there to inform her of the restraining order and serve the divorce papers. She seemed shocked that I wanted to proceed so quickly and asked me if I was sure.

"Hell yes," I said. "The sooner we start the better. Let's get this over with."

The rumbling in my stomach reminded me that I hadn't eaten since the day before, so I decided to go home and grab something quickly. I just wanted to go in grab something and get out. I didn't want to be home when Annie got there. Just the sight of her would probably cause me to throw up whatever I was going to eat.

I went into the kitchen and almost lost it. Everything in the room reminded me of Annie. Her spice rack, the vision-ware bowls that she just had to have. The pots and pans that matched the bowls took us a while to find. The decorations that she'd painstakingly collected during every vacation we took. Even her silly little magnetic stickers on the refrigerator, they all said "Annie."

Suddenly, the room was simply too small for me. Shit, the house was too small, I had to get out of there or I'd go crazy. I grabbed my keys and headed out the back door. Before I stepped out of the door, I saw Annie and her fucking father drive up our driveway in that beat up truck of his.

Annie noticed me in the doorway and headed for me walking quickly. "Justin, honey," she yelled.

Before she made it even halfway to me a man stepped out of nowhere and intercepted her. Her father came over to see what was going on.

"Annie Case?" asked the man.

"Yes," said Annie. "You'll have to come back later, I haven't seen my husband since yesterday and we have to talk.

"Ms. Case, you've been served," he said. He handed her the divorce papers. Her father's mouth dropped open. He took the papers from Annie who was staring at me open mouthed in shock.

"Why the fuck is my name listed here?" he yelled.

"Are you Thom Kincaid, or Judge Daniel Kincaid?" asked the man.

"I'm Thom," said Annie's father.

"You've been served as well," said the man. "There's also a restraining order that prevents any of the listed parties from being within 500 feet of Mr. Case, or his home or business. You'll need to leave the premises at once or the police will be called."

"Justin, please don't do this," screamed Annie. "I love you with all of my heart. Whatever you think I did, it has to be a mistake. I haven't even been here since yesterday. I was in Chicago. And I didn't go out or anything. I stayed with Dad." She was whining now.

"He knows Annie," said her Dad. "I don't know how, but he knows. Your divorce is for infidelity, and he named Jack, Dan and me. You need to shut up until we talk to Dan about this."

"I will not shut up," she screamed. "Fuck you Dad, I am not going to lose my husband for anyone or anything including you." Her eyes were angrier than I'd ever seen them. But when she turned to me they'd gone soft again.

"Justin, can't we just go inside and talk? It isn't what you think. I'll do anything you want. I'll stay away from my entire family. I'll never see any of them again. Can't you let me explain? I need you. I love you and you love me. There has to be a way for us to fix this."

I just closed the door. I took a few minutes to compose myself so they wouldn't see me crying, then I went back outside.

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