Beverly Gets a Surprise

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2011 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: He knew more than she thought

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

I was just carrying the last of my things into Sarah's bedroom when I heard the garage door opener start to run. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was only ten-thirty and I thought "That sure didn't take long. Only three and a half hours to wreck a marriage that had lasted twenty-three years. Actually, it had taken less than five minutes.

I heard the door from the garage into the utility room open and then close and then I heard her high heels clicking across the tiled kitchen floor and then across the hardwood floor to the stairs. The heels made no noise on the carpeted steps, but I could still hear her coming.

As she made her way to what used to be our bedroom she had to pass the open door to Sarah's room and she noticed the light on and stopped to look in. She saw me putting my socks in the top drawer of the dresser and said:

"What are you doing Rob?"

"Putting my stuff away."

"Putting your stuff away? Why are you putting your stuff in Sarah's dresser?"

"It's my dresser now Beverly. This is my room now. At least it is until I can figure out what I want to do and where I want to move to."

"Move to? Have you lost your mind Rob?"

"No Beverly; that is what you did about four hours ago."

I thought back to almost four hours ago when I'd come home from work to find my Bev in her 'little black dress' and her sexiest high heels. I took in her get up and asked:

"What's up? I don't remember anything about us going somewhere. What did I forget?"

"You didn't forget anything. I'm going out. Your dinner is in the microwave. Just punch in three minutes."

"You are going out? Dressed like that?"

"What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?"

"That's how you dress when you expect that we will end up in bed making whoopee."

"I just wanted to look nice."

"Where are you going that you want to look that nice?"

"I'm just going to have dinner with a friend."

"What friend?"

"You don't know him."

"Him? Him? What the hell is going on here Bev? Why are you going out to dinner with a 'him' looking like that?"

"I didn't dress sexy. I just wanted to look nice."

"Look nice for him? What the fuck is going on here Beverly?"

"It's nothing Rob. One of the guys in the office asked me to have dinner with him and he is a nice guy so I thought it might be fun."

"Let me get this straight. A man you work with – a man who presumably knows that you are married – asked you to go out with him and you said yes? And you put on one of your sexiest outfits to wear when you go out with him?"

"Oh for God's sake Rob; its only dinner and maybe a few drinks."

"No Beverly; it isn't just dinner. It is a date with another man. A date with a man who knows that you are married. A date with a man who is thinking that a married woman willing to date is going to be an easy conquest and you dressing sexy is going to make him think that he is right."

"Damn it Rob; you are making this sound like I'm planning on cheating on you."

"Why wouldn't I think that? The way you are dressed for your date leads me to believe that you are considering doing just that. The fact that you are going out with another man leads me to believe that."

"Are you saying that you don't trust me?"

"I guess that is just what I'm saying."

"I have never given you a reason not to trust me."

"You are a grown woman Beverly and I don't own you. I can not tell you what you can and can't do, but I can say that I am absolutely against it and if you do it there will be consequences."

"Get a grip Rob; it is just dinner with a friend."

"I've said my piece Beverly. It is up to you now."

I walked away from her and went into the den and put my briefcase on my desk. I hung my suit coat on the clothes tree and was on my way back to the kitchen when I heard the garage door start to operate. I shrugged, looked into the microwave and decided that what was in didn't look all that appetizing. I grabbed my car keys and headed out.

I had dinner at a Burger King and then I hit Home Depot on my way home and bought a lock set. When I got home I had to decide which room I wanted to move into. Billy was in the Navy and wouldn't be coming home until the cruise he was on was over and he could come home on leave. Sarah was married and would only be using her room when she and her husband came to visit and that only happened once or twice a year and always after plenty of notice so Sarah's room was my choice. By eight I had the lock set installed and had started moving my stuff.

Bev stood there watching me as I put the last of my socks in the drawer and then closed it.

"You are being stupid Rob. You are acting like a baby over nothing."

I was more that a little pissed with her so I decided to screw with her. I lied and said:

"Nothing? That's not the way I heard it. At least one person we know saw you with your date and called me. She said she was sorry to hear that we had broken up and I told her we hadn't and then asked her why she thought that we had. She said she saw you with another man holding hands and looking all dreamy eyed."

Bev didn't react with "That's a damned lie" so I went on:

"You should have at least touched up your lipstick before coming home and letting me see you. Now if you don't mind it is late and I need to get to bed."

I closed the door in her face, tripped the lock and went to bed.

I couldn't believe that he closed the door in my face. That was so not Rob. The man did not have a rude bone in his body so why had he done it? I may have badly misjudged things.

My Rob was not acting at all the way he was supposed to. He never fought me over what I did or wanted to do. That was one of the reasons I selected him to be my husband. God knows that I had plenty of other applicants for the position and quite frankly many of them were much better equipped than Rob, but I could tell that I wouldn't be able to control them after we got married.

Rob, while not overly well endowed, had enough to do an adequate job in the bedroom and he did have an added plus in that he did seem to really like eating my pussy. Another benefit was that he didn't get all bent out of shape when I wouldn't let him cum in my mouth. I swallowed for most of the rest of the guys I let bed me, but that was mostly because they were insistent on it and if they had any size to them I gave in so they would come back. I didn't dislike the taste of cum – in fact I really liked the taste – but it was a matter of control, By being able to refuse I was left with the feeling of being in charge and that was important to me.

The same thing went for my ass. Most of my lovers liked my ass and I enjoyed them playing there, but Rob never pushed when I told him no and I like that about him. It told me that I could be the one in charge and that Rob would go along with it.

I wasn't surprised when Rob asked me to marry him and I had pretty much already decided to lead him into doing just that when he did it on his own. I didn't say yes right away – the control thing again – and I planned on making him sweat a little before giving him the good news, but then Billy Neubert and Harry Short fucked that up for me. I was upstairs in a bedroom at a frat house with them and Billy was deep in my pussy while Harry was banging my ass when Harry said (as if I weren't even there):

"We need another cock for her so we can make her airtight" and Billy said (again – as if I weren't even there) "Lets get a bunch of guys together and gangbang her tomorrow."

"Hell of an idea. Who can we get?"

"I know Sam wants a piece of her and I'll bet Frank, Joe, Larry and Stan would want in on it."

"Go ahead and set it up."

I should have protested, but they wouldn't have listened. Between them they had twenty-one inches of cock that they knew I couldn't say no to so they were sure that I would go along with whatever they wanted. At that particular moment, given all the orgasms I was having, I probably would have agreed except for one thing. Rob!

Word seemed to get around about girls who pulled trains in frat houses and the last thing I needed was for Rob to find out about me and the extra boyfriends that he knew nothing about. I had to keep Billy and Harry from going out and asking a bunch of guys to gang fuck me. It also convinced me that I'd better lock Rob in sooner rather than later.

Three hours later when neither Harry nor Billy could answer the call any more I thanked them for a marvelous evening (and Oh God was it!) and then told them I wouldn't be seeing them any more. They did not take it well, but so what! I called Rob as soon as I left the frat house and told him that yes, I would marry him.

After accepting Rob's proposal I was a good girl. Well, as good as I was capable of being. I only did a half a dozen guys, but I was very selective and only did the deed with the ones I knew would keep their mouths shut. I mean I was single and a girl needs to have her fun before she settles down right? However I doubted that Rob would see it that way.

I fully expected that the stripper at my bachelorette party was the last guy, except for Rob, that I would ever screw because I really did plan to honor my vows once I said "I do" and became Rob's wife. However, being the girl I was I did backslide a few times, but by and large I was a good girl. They were mostly one night stands when Rob was out of town on business although one was a pretty hot affair that lasted almost a year and I was pretty sure that Sarah was the product of it. Not that I ever let Gary know about it of course.

Just remembering Gary made my pussy tingle. A guy with eleven inches can do that to a girl. It happened at Rob's company Christmas party. Rob didn't pay much attention to his drinking and managed to get himself blotto and pass out. I'd had a few more than I should have and it made me loose and I was having fun dancing with Rob's co-workers and even let a few of them get a good feel of me when they got me under the mistletoe and kissed me. Gary, Rob's boss, was one of them. He managed to get me under the mistletoe three times and the third time he slipped me some tongue and I gave him some back.

By the end of the party I was hot enough to pull the train I'd never pulled at the frat house, but by then Rob was out of it so I was resigned to going home with the female version of blue balls. Gary volunteered to help me get Rob out to the car and after we had laid Rob on the back seat Gary pulled me into his arms and we kissed. We kissed passionately for several minutes before Gary said:

"It is a crying shame that a hot sexy woman like you has to go home from a fun party with no chance of finishing the night properly."


"This is a night when you should have hot passionate love made to you. Obviously Rob won't be able."

"You're right. I guess I'll just have to go without."

"Not necessarily."

"What does that mean?"

"I'd be willing to volunteer."

I had been drinking, but not enough to cheat on Rob, especially with his boss, so I laughingly said:

"Sorry, but I only cheat on Rob with guys who have ten inches or better."

I expected him to say something like "I guess that leaves me out" or maybe "Damn it! Just my bad luck!" but instead he unzipped and pulled out his cock. Soft it was huge. "Will this do?" he asked as I watched it grow.

"You said at least ten and I have eleven when it is hard."

I was still watching it grow when he pushed me back on the front seat and pulled my panties off me. He did me right there on the front seat while Rob was passed out on the back. I came twice before he did and when he was done he pulled me up and said:

"I've got to have me some more of this. Rob will be okay where he is" and he took me by the hand and led me back into the hotel where the party had been held, got a room and fucked me three more times before I left and drove Rob home.

For the next year Gary sent Rob out of town frequently. There were others he could have sent, but he needed Rob gone so he could fuck me. I don't know how long it would have gone on if he hadn't been promoted and moved to corporate headquarters in Los Angeles. I was three months pregnant at the time, but wasn't showing so I never got to have the "Is it mine?" conversation with him.

I liked Rob a lot when I married him. It wasn't love, just a very strong like and again the only reason I married him was because I could control him. I quickly learned that I'd made the right choice. I could get whatever I wanted from Rob. He always gave in to me.

Over time the 'strong like' turned into love and we were happy together. True, I was a bit of a slut when he was out of town, but that didn't have any affect on the love I had for him. What I did on the side was for fun, not love.

As I climbed into bed I wondered if there was maybe some other way I should have gone about having my evening with Sean. I was so used to Rob giving in to me that I acted without thinking things through. What was really stupid about it was that nothing happened. Nothing was going to happen. At least not that night. It was an exploratory type thing to see if maybe I wanted to play with him.

Sheila from Accounting was telling the girls what a great time she'd had with him. "He is hung like a horse" is what she said and that of course piqued my interest. I hadn't played with a big one for several years and I was more than ready for some fun with someone who had some size to him so I flirted with Sean off and on and then the personal assistant's job opened up and I put on a full court press until he asked me to have dinner with him.

All it was supposed to be was me sounding him out and deciding whether or not he could be discrete. Curse the bad luck that I was seen holding hands with him although I sincerely doubt that I was looking at him 'dreamy eyed.' Not touching up my lipstick was a major mistake, but I only kissed Sean once when he walked me to my car so I didn't expect that my make up would be all that smudged. But it was a hell of a kiss and it had me up on the toes of my high heels. I was probably going to have to cancel my long lunch date with him; at least until I got things squared away with Rob and getting him past his snit fit.

As I fell asleep my last thought was that dinner with Sean hadn't been worth the crap I was getting from my husband.

She was dressed for work and was fixing breakfast when I came into the kitchen. The coffee was made and I poured myself a cup and added cream and sugar.

"Don't make any for me. I'll catch a bite at the diner near work."

"You are being silly Rob; there is no need for you to go to a diner and spend money when we already have breakfast here."

"At the diner I won't have to sit on the other side of the table and look at you. Don't bother on figuring on me for dinner either. The less of you I see the better I'm going to like it."

"Damn it Rob; you aren't being fair. All it was was dinner with a friend."

"Then you can have dinner with him again tonight since I won't be here."

"God damn it Rob; be reasonable. It was only a dinner date with a co-worker."

"The trouble Beverly is that I have been too damned reasonable for too damned long."

I left the house and headed for the diner. I got to work forty minutes later and since I was a half hour early I got on the Net and started looking for apartments close to work. I found several in my price range and I made a list. I'd start checking them out on my lunch hours. My goal was to be out of the house in two weeks.

Bev could have the house. I never wanted the damned thing to begin with. It had too much yard, was in what I considered the wrong neighborhood and was more than I could really afford. It was just one more thing that I had given in to Bev on. I loved the stupid cunt and wanted her to be happy so she usually got what she wanted. She could have the stupid fucking Lexus that she 'just had to have' and all the other shit she had talked me into getting. She could have it all as long as I got what I wanted – OUT!

AT lunch time I hit the bank and cleaned out the savings account and took half of the checking account. I cashed in the nine certificates of deposit that were in the safe deposit box. I knew we would end up fighting over the funds and that she would probably get half, but I decided that I'd rather have the money and have her fight me for it than for her to have it and it being me fighting for it.

Back at work I got on the phone and called the credit card companies. I found out that it would be simpler to cancel the cards outright and have new ones issued in my name only than to have our current ones changed to my name only. It meant being without cards for a couple of days while waiting for the new ones to arrive, but I could live with that.

Just before I left work that day I stopped by the boss's office and told him I was going to be going through a divorce and that he could expect that I'd be taking some time off of work to see attorneys, go to court and the like. He was understanding and only asked that I give him as much advance notice as I could as to when I'd be off.

I left work and hit the Outback Steak House for dinner and then stopped at Bud's Bar for a beer or two. Brandy set the PBR down in front of me and asked:

"Why the glum look Rob?"

Brandy and I went way back. We had gone to school together and I was very good friends with her and her husband Sam and I got to be the shoulder she cried on when she lost Sam to cancer. As I sipped my PBR I told her the story or at least as much of it as I was willing to share.

"Any chance the two of you can work it out?"

"I very much doubt it."

"So I might get my chance after all?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Oh come on Rob; you have to know I had a crush on you all through school. It killed me when you never looked my way because you were so gaga over Beverly."

"Really? I guess you are right. I never noticed."

"Well keep me in mind if and when you cut loose from Bev."

Another customer called for her and she moved down the bar to take care of him. As she walked away I was smiling for the first time since Bev walked out the door to go to her dinner date. What Brandy had said was a big shot in the arm for me. Face it. What happened with Bev was a downer as far as my feelings of self worth were concerned. To have a beautiful woman tell me that she is interested in me was a hell of a pick up for the ego. The only problem was that Brandy had said "When you get loose from Bev" and I didn't see it happening for a while. I had decided against going for a divorce. Why waste the money on legal fees and court costs. I'd just walk away and move into an apartment or condo. Would Brandy still be interested in me under those circumstances?

I had one more beer and then headed on home or as it should now be called – the place where I was currently staying.

Beverly was sitting there waiting for me when I got there.

"Are you over your snit yet?"

"It isn't a snit Beverly. It is me deciding that I don't want anything to do with you."

"You are making a mountain out of a mole hill Rob."

"I don't think so Beverly. I'm looking at it as taking a bulldozer and cutting the mountain down to ground level."

She looked at me as if she didn't understand what I was saying, which she probably didn't, and then she said:

"I tried to use my Visa today and it was declined so I gave them my Discover card and it was declined also. I called and they told me the cards had been cancelled."

"Yep. It is one of the things to do when you separate."

"Separate? For God's sake Rob, it was only a dinner!"

"So you say, but I don't believe I and you are wasting my time and yours by continuing to say it. Now if you will excuse me I brought some contracts home that I have to review" and I walked away from her and into the den.

I was sitting at the desk going over the Snelling contract and making notes on some things that needed to be changed or clarified when Beverly came into the room.

"We have to have a serious talk Rob. Things are getting way out of hand here."

I put the contract down and turned to face her.

"You want a serious conversation Beverly? Well just sit your ass down and we will have one. I'll start it by saying that you are a lying, cheating slut and I have always known it. I knew it when I married you. Did you think that I didn't know what you were doing when we were dating? I damned sure did, but I put it down as you spreading your wild oats while you were still single. I thought, or maybe hoped, that you would get it out of your system and settle down and be a faithful wife, but we both know that wasn't the case don't we?

"You have no idea how many of my friends and even some people that I didn't know very well tried to talk me out of marrying you, but I was in love and I thought you loved me enough to honor your vows once we were married. Again, we both know how that worked out. You are probably not aware of it, but you have a certain aura about you when you have been fucked. I always knew when you cheated on me because I could see it on you. I put up with it because you never did it except when I was out of town. When I was home you were affectionate and loving so I convinced myself that you did love me, but were some kind of a nymphomaniac and needed more than I could give you. I figured that I could live with it as long as you loved me.

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