Helping Her Friend

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2011 by SW MO Hermit

Fiction Story: A little story about how things get out of hand when a previously loyal and loving wife goes too far to help an injured friend. No happy ending to this one and no closure.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

Several weeks ago my wife's best friend once again showed how abysmally stupid she is. She has never been my favorite person but that has nothing to do—well little to do—with her smarts. This late mid aged woman has had several husbands and boyfriends in her life. She just can't seem to keep a man for long. Her last husband expired before she had a chance to divorce him and she inherited his property and his debts. One of the pieces of property she inherited was a small business, a liquor store. Her living quarters were attached and she was doing well in the business. She was increasing sales and had turned into quite a businesswoman.

The problem I now face is related to one of the other things she inherited—well two other things I suppose. The indirect cause of my troubles was a large Harley Motor Cycle of her deceased husbands that Sally decided to ride. Now this woman had never ridden, in fact had never even been on a Cycle before. She got on the bike, fired it up and roared out of her parking lot and straight into a passing pickup truck.

Oh, yeah, injury deluxe. After a week of hospitalization she was allowed to return home to her live in boyfriend and her business. The boyfriend worked so couldn't keep the business running. Her hired help was only part time so like many families her family pitched in to help as did my wife. My wife got phone calls outlining her assigned hours from another friend and the rotation began.

Saul, the boyfriend would run the store from the time he got home from work until closing but some female friend or family member of Sally's had to be with her 24/7 because she was so bunged up with broken left leg and arm and bruises and swelling that she could not walk or rise unassisted. She needed help dressing, undressing, cleaning herself after using the commode and even feeding herself. You get the picture.

The rotation was acceptable but maddening. First rotation was another college friend, then my wife's next older sister Abby, then Janice, my wife. At least I could be with my wife all weekend because her friend's daughter took both weekend days and nights.

The first day when Janice came home from her overnight stay she seemed upset. I asked her about it and she said she was just tired and upset at the fact Saul expected the women to do more for him and her sister than she thought was reasonable. Well I could accept that because Sally was sort of a user. I just pulled her to me and held her until she calmed down. Janice finally got control of her emotions and gave me a gentle kiss. She looked at me and smiled then said, "You don't mind do you Honey? I mean we're almost family and I don't want Saul upset with Sally. Can I do a little extra to help him out?"

"Sure," I said. "I know how it is. I'm sure the whole thing is hard on him too. I love you Honey."

Boy, did I mess up big time when I said that. I know, I know. You want to help friends and if they need help around the house when they are laid up you give it don't you? Well the next time Janice got home she looked rough. There were circles under her eyes and she walked gingerly. She came in and gave me a quick peck on the lips and said, 'Honey, I'm beat and really sore. Saul really worked me too hard last night and I didn't get much sleep. I need a shower then I'm going to bed."

I was a little upset when I saw Janice. She was a large woman and strong but she looked terrible. I assumed Saul had her lifting and stacking boxes of liquor and beer and I decided I wanted to tell her to refuse to do such heavy work. I walked into the bedroom and she was already asleep so I returned to the living room. Hell, it was only 8 p.m. and she was totally out of it.

When I returned to the bedroom that night to go to bed I was very quiet. I did turn on the master bath light to do my business but not the bedroom light. I was standing in the door looking at the bed when I felt my stomach lurch. It was a warm evening and Janice had kicked off the covers from the bed. She was lying on her back with her legs splayed, left foot near her right knee. Her cunt was shaved bare and I watched as a thin runnel of a whitish substance seeped from her and slowly ran down her ass cheek. I walked closer and stared. It sure looked like sperm and if it was I knew I hadn't put it there.

All at once I was not only not sleepy, I was extremely angry. I returned to the living room and sat in the darkness to think. The only conclusion I could come up with I didn't like. I decided to do some sleuthing around before I went off half cocked however. I found my camera; made sure the batteries were charged and got a stiff drink of my favorite scotch. In fact I had several drinks of my favorite scotch. I had so many drinks I fell asleep on the couch and that was where Janice found me the next morning.

I held it together but just barely when Janice handed me my first cup of coffee. She looked at me with some concern, perhaps a little guilt, and asked, "Honey what's wrong? Why didn't you come to bed?"

"I was upset with Saul and Sally I suppose. I was sitting here upset because they worked you so hard when you were supposed to be there helping Sally. I decided to have a drink while I thought about what I wanted you to do, about what I wanted to do about the situation. I guess I had more than one and got a little plastered. I'm sorry."

"I don't think I want you doing as much for them from now on. I don't like how they have taken advantage of you and sent you home so totally wiped out."

Janice looked a little worried and gave me a sick little smile then she said, "Oh, Honey it's not like that. I just got a little carried away last time. I'll be more careful from now on but Saul really needs me, unh us to do more than just care for Sally. Sally talked to us and we agreed to do a little extra for her. It's OK, really."

Was that guilt I saw on her face? Now my mind was running away with me. I took my coffee and said, "Well, guess I'll get cleaned up. See ya in a few."

Later that day I decided I would follow Janice to her friends on her next visit and see what they had her doing that tired her out so much. I made an excuse to go to town and bought some microphones, transmitters and recorders at Radio Shack then bought some dark clothes at Wally World and I was set.

That night when Janice and I made love she seemed a little sore. When I was pounding her she grimaced and didn't seem to have the same moves or enjoyment she normally has. "Honey, what's wrong," I asked.

Her face paled a little and she shifted her eyes from my face then said, "Oh, I guess my muscles are still sore from all I did at Sally's. I'll be ok."

That made me angry again. I knew we both worked in town at desks and didn't exercise as we should and we did even less now that we were retired but ... I decided to see what they had her doing and then confront them, tell them in no uncertain terms that Janice was not a pack mule.

Two days later I arrived near the store and living quarters. From time to time I could see Janice moving back and forth. She didn't seem to be carrying much but she was always busy doing something. When I heard her sister ask for help getting to the bathroom (I had placed a microphone and transmitter in her purse) I made my move. I knew I had to be fast because there was an alarm on the door to alert the operator it had opened in case no one was in the store and a customer came in. Thankfully their surveillance camera system had broken and not been repaired as of yet. After Janice left the store to help Sally I rushed in to place a microphone under the ledge of the front counter. I darted out and just missed getting caught. I heard Janice coming down the hallway to check on the customer.

Janice looked around the store and shrugged her shoulders then returned to the living quarters to help Sally once more. This time I quietly entered the back door into the living quarters and placed microphones in the kitchen and spare bedroom that I knew Janice would use. I really don't know why I did that but looking back I suppose I had a suspicion...

I got out unnoticed and settled in to wait on what happened. About 630 that evening Saul got home from work. He entered the store and walked up to Janice. They had some small talk then he reached out and pinched her nipple. She slapped his hand away and said, "Stop it! I let you talk me into helping you with your problems but that doesn't give you the right to treat me like your private property. You'll get what you need later but if you're not more careful this time it'll be the last you ever get from me. I was so sore last time I went home I could hardly take care of Harry the next day. I think I upset him and I don't want him hurt by all this."

WTF!!! I sat in shock as Saul walked off laughing.

A few minutes later I heard Janice on the phone. She said, "Can you talk? Yeah, me too. I'm still tender and it's been three days. I told him to be more careful or it was over. Yeah, I've never had one that size either and it did feel good but I love Harry and feel awful for doing it. What? Mom and Paula too??? GOD doesn't he ever sleep?" I heard laughing, then "Yeah you're probably right about that. After the new wears off maybe he'll not want it as often. Well, I've gotta go. See ya."

By now I had put all the clues together. It sounded like good ole Saul had built himself a little harem with my mother in law, wife, sister in law and some other woman as the women. If he had I was going to make sure he and the cheating sluts all paid—well the younger ones, my mother in law was a widow and unless Sally was upset with her no harm, no foul.

Much to my sorrow later that night I found out I was right. As soon as the store closed they ate supper then moved to the living room. Janice watched Saul sit on the couch then she sat beside him and snuggled up against his side. He put his arm around her and pulled her in for a kiss. As they watched the shows they had chosen they kissed and fondled each other. I could tell from her moans and the deep red on her neck and chest that Janice was hot as a fire cracker. I had taken some pictures through the window from time to time and was seething.

After the evening news Janice and Saul stood and walked into her bedroom. I was outside the window and watched as they undressed. Saul was already hard and I could see from the lights inside he was hung like a race horse. When Janice turned toward the bed I saw her nipples were hard as marbles and there was wetness glistening on her thighs. I snapped a picture or two then heard Sally yelling. She said, "Damn it you two see if you can either stop at a decent hour or keep it quieter. I'm tired of lying awake while you girls get your asses fucked off."

Well that answered that question. Sally knew what was going on and was OK with it. I got several pictures of Saul and Janice fucking as my heart shattered into pieces. Finally after Janice's third orgasm Saul pumped his seed into her and rolled to the side with a large sigh and a smile that stretched from ear to ear. I left for home.

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