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Erotica Sex Story: Just a short fun Story. Andy's marriage is on the rocks. Will Christina end it or save it?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

"How can she be here?" Andy mumbled to himself.

"I must be suffering from heat stroke. Otherwise I wouldn't be talking to myself." Andy decided.

It was the dog days of summer. Hot, humid, and an unrelenting sun. Andy had spent the morning getting all the outdoor activities done around the house, mowing, trimming, flowers watered, and lastly the blower to clear the walks and driveway of clippings. Hot as he possibly thought he could ever be, Andy made a quick trip into the house and changed into swim trunks. First day of vacation and all his work was done, now it was time for some fun. The in-laws lived less that a 5 minute walk away, and most important about that was the pool that he had access too whenever he wanted. Neither would be around this time of day, both worked, but Andy and his wife had an open invite to enjoy the pool whenever they wanted. Amanda was supposed to be on vacation today as well, but she had claimed a last minute crisis at work caused her to have to work. A glimmer of doubt was in the back of his mind, but Andy was determined not to let it bother him today.

Andy rounded the corner of the house and used his key to open the locked gate that led to the pool area and about had a heart attack. Christina, the women who had turned his world upside down in one fantastic and erotic weekend. A woman in his wildest and most erotic fantasies never thought he would lay eyes on again, was laying on a lounger beside his in-laws pool in the tiniest excuse for a bikini that he had ever seen.

"Hello Andrew, wondered when you were gonna show. Thought I would be here all day waiting." Christina teased a dumbstruck Andy.

3 months Earlier

Andy Garrison was on a business trip out of state. It was supposed to be a short 2 day trip. Fly out Wednesday morning and return Friday night. An unexpected snag in the install of the new computer system for the customer had caused Andy to have to delay his departure until at least Monday. While irritated about the snag with the install forcing him to spend the weekend at this hotel, Andy was honest enough with himself to admit that he wasn't that upset to not be spending another weekend at home with Amanda. Both would have had to pretend that they wouldn't have rather been somewhere, anywhere really, than at home with each other.

He decided that he didn't feel like sitting in his room Friday Night watching TV. A trip to the hotel bar sounded like a good idea. It turned out to be a great one. 2 swallows into his first bottle of beer she walked into the bar. Andy felt like he had been poleaxed. Never had he felt such an instant attraction to anyone, including Mandy, and apparently he wasn't the only one. The woman scanned a quick look around the bar before fixing her gaze on Andy. She glided over to his stool at the bar and asked if she could join him.

The next little while would seem like a dream to Andy when he looked back on it later. He found that her name was Christina. Over a couple of drinks it became apparent to the both of them that the chemistry between the two was undeniable. It seemed that sparks were ready to fly between them at any moment. Before Andy could get his wits back he found himself escorting Christina back to his hotel room.

As soon as Andy closed and locked the door Christina spun him around and pounced. Before he knew what hit him, Christina had pinned him against the door and gave him a searing open mouthed kiss while grinding her beautiful body against his. After a couple minutes of this treatment Christina broke off and stepped back. Both were breathing heavily at this point, Christina fixed her gaze on Andy and slowly reached around and loosened her dress letting it puddle at her feet. Andy drank in the sight of this awesome beauty being revealed to him. Dark hair and eyes, cute little dimples when she smiled, high firm "B" cups breasts encased in a lacy bra, smooth tan tummy, lace panties covering her pussy but doing little to hide it from his gaze. He could clearly make out her cute little patch of hair above a clean shaven slit. Long smooth legs completed the view of the 5'6" inch vision of perfection staring back at him.

Now it was Andy's turn to do the pouncing. A blur of activity and suddenly he found himself naked and in bed with an equally naked Christina. Glorious breasts were presented to Andy and he thrilled in playing with them, kissing and fondling them while Christina urged him on and ran her hands all over his body. They moved into a 69 with Christina on top. Andy had trouble concentrating on the task at hand as Christina devoured his prick. Determined to not let this woman down he focused on his task and they both were soon rewarded with powerful near simultaneous orgasms.

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