by StangStar06

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Sex Story: Mabel thought she knew what she wanted, it just all went wrong

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Coercion   Humor   Cheating   InLaws   Rough   .

Author's note: This week I wanted to do something that was just for fun. No heavy emotions, no deaths just a hoot. I know that in the real world there's no such thing as an OND. But wouldn't it be great if there was?

I glanced around the room and saw nothing. It was too dark. Even though I couldn't see, I could still feel and the sensations slowly engulfing my dick were wonderful. Almost wonderful enough to make me forget my splitting headache. As I turned my head to the left I caught the faint but musky odor of an aroused woman. I thought my head would fall off of its stalk but I forced myself to feel for her. Then I knew that I'd done something awful because the soft ass I was feeling was way too small to be Mabel's.

"Who!..."I began. But just that syllable was enough to start the explosion in my head again.

"Just relax, Baby," she said. I recognized that voice instantly. That sexy cigarettes and gravel voice could only belong to one woman in town and things just went from bad to worse for me. Try as I might I really couldn't remember any of the past 24 hours or any reason why my wife's sister should be in bed with me sucking my dick.

"Janet, as good as that feels, can you stop it please?" I said.

My dick actually felt cold as her warm mouth lifted off of it, leaving it exposed to the early morning air. Suddenly light pierced the darkness. It was like another explosion in my overly sensitized cranium.

"Oops, I probably shouldn't have done that, "she said softly. "But I guess you're wondering what's going on aren't you?"

"Uhm yeah!" I said. "That is one of the questions going through my mind."

"So you don't remember any of what happened last night?" she asked.

"Not a bit of it," I said. "But from the way my head feels, I'm sure alcohol was a big part of it."

"You deserved and needed to just get out of your head for a while sweetie," she said. "In fact from now on I'm going to make sure that every once in a while we just get nuts."

"What do you mean, we?" I asked. "Mabel is already going to kill me."

"Mabel is gone, honey, don't you remember that either?" she asked.

"Did somebody give me Tequila?" I asked. "Whenever I drink Tequila, I lose a lot of my short term memory. I also do really stupid things. Please tell me I didn't have more than a shot or two."

She shook her head vigorously. Just watching the side to side motion of her pretty face was enough to start my stomach churning. I quickly jumped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. I slammed right into a wall where the bathroom should have been.

I looked to Janet and she pointed out the door. I ran through the doorway with her hot on my heels. I turned to the left and saw the toilet. It had a soft cushy pink seat. I barely had enough time to lift it before the entire contents of my digestive tract erupted out of me and into the bowl.

"Feel better?" she asked. She helped me to stand and gave me a bottle of mouthwash and a brand new tooth brush.

I noticed that the toothbrush was blue, my favorite color. Another thing that I found puzzling was the fact that Janet never took her eyes off of me and in fact wrapped her arms around me from behind as I brushed my teeth. Janet's breasts weren't huge but they were a lot bigger and a lot firmer than Mabel's.

"That's a good sign," she smiled as she lightly squeezed my rapidly inflating penis. The thought that we were both naked suddenly seemed important to me.

When I finished brushing and rinsing my mouth, she turned me around and looked at me. "Let me check," she said. That hurt me a little bit. Her sister, my wife, had often said the same thing to me early in our marriage. I guess their mother must have done the same thing to them when they were younger. Mabel expected me to smile and show her my teeth so I tried to flash my ivories for Janet.

"Not that way Honey," she said. She came over to me and kissed me. She molded her naked body to mine and swabbed the inside of my mouth with her tongue. The reaction was instantaneous. Hangover or not I was at full staff and straining.

"So, even after last night, you still want more huh?" she asked.

"Janet what I really want is some answers," I said.

"Okay Honey, you go get dressed, we still have to go to the bank when they open in about an hour, but we'll have some coffee and some breakfast while I fill you in."

# # # # # # # # # #

My name is Mabel Forrester. I'd been walking along the road for the entire night. I'd been chased by dogs several times. My feet were cut and bleeding. I'd worn some very expensive high heeled pumps yesterday and their tattered remains had been discarded several hours back. The CFMs were great for a night out but worthless for walking on rural roads.

Thank God it was finally light out. I was still four or five miles from town and even farther from home. That was if I even had a home any more. If my fucking sister had her way I probably didn't.

I couldn't believe that little bitch. After all I'd done for her. She still went and stabbed me in the back. It was true she'd always been jealous of me, but I couldn't believe that she would stab me in the back like this. Whoever said that blood was thicker than water had never met Janet.

Finally lights appeared on the road behind me. A truck with two teenagers in it slowed down as they approached me. I turned and saw that it was the Miller boy with Sarah Winslow seated next to him. There were a couple of other kids in the back of the truck. They were probably driving out to the lake for a day of summer fun. I waved my hand as they got near. For some reason though as soon as they recognized me they sped up and drove past.

My legs ached, my feet hurt and I was hungry. I kept on walking because I knew that if I stopped I wouldn't get back up and start again for a long time. I thought about the reaction on the kids' faces as they recognized me. I'd known it was going to be bad. Small towns are known for being unforgiving in certain situations, but their reaction went way beyond what I was expecting. Had I really stepped so far over the line that I was beyond Christian forgiveness and charity?

Just 24 hours ago I'd awakened in my big sleigh bed. I was the undisputed queen of theses two interconnected small Iowa farming towns that made up our community. I was the queen not because of anything I'd done, though I would probably never have admitted to that, but because of my husband. The funny thing about it was that he wasn't even from here. He hadn't grown up in Harriston or Dellaville. He was only here for me.

I'd met David Forrester while I was visiting my parents who now lived in Chicago. They'd moved away to be closer to state of the art medical facilities. My mother had a condition that resulted in chronic pain and there was a clinic in Chicago that specialized in a handful of diseases that were all offshoots of the same condition. Anyway Dave had followed me home to spend more time with me and had never left. We'd married and decided to stay here. That was twenty-three years ago.

The two towns Harriston and Dellaville each had their own Mayors, Sheriffs and all other government offices. They each had their own schools as well. The two towns had been founded by brothers who couldn't get along. In the early days the towns had been competitive but nowadays because of the economy were co dependent.

Enter my good old Chicago boy Mark. Since both towns were minuscule farming towns there were a number of things that they both needed. That first weekend when Dave arrived a friend of mine was in dire straights because he couldn't get his tractor fixed. He was running all over town trying to find someone who'd let him borrow or rent theirs.

Dave had a degree in mechanical engineering and offered to look at the tractor. The part he needed for the tractor would have to be ordered but he was able to go over to a local machine shop and fabricate a part that would work until the original part could be sent from the factory. Once word of that got around Dave was adopted by both towns. Normally the farmers had to call the nearest big city to get a factory rep out. They had to pay travel expenses and a huge mark up on both repair parts, labor etc.

Before he knew it, Dave had his own thriving business that both towns needed. At first he only fixed tractors and farm equipment but then he branched out into appliances and then electronics. Now he even services computers. My fucking sister decided to go to school for computers and I begged Dave to hire her to repair computers for him. If I had known what the little bitch planned I'd have made sure she shipped out to some bigger city as soon as she graduated.

Janet was my parent's miracle baby. They'd always thought that I would be their only child. Then when I was fifteen my forty-five year old mother found herself pregnant. When I met Dave I was twenty-one and Janet was six. Now I'm forty-four years old and Janet is twenty-nine. Janet has always loved Dave. She'd pretty much grown up around him. Over the years I'd known she had what I'd considered a schoolgirl crush on him but I guess I never saw it for what it was.

For the past few years my love for Dave had grown complacent. It wasn't that I didn't love him any more, just that I wasn't excited by him any more. Over the years Dave had become comfortable like an old pair of shoes to me. He let his hair get kind of shaggy like the farm boys around here and was sporting a little bit of a tummy as well.

We did pretty well financially but you couldn't tell it by the way Dave lived. Sure I drove a Mercedes E class but Dave had a seven year old 2005 Mustang that was rusting out. The body panels weren't rusty but the springs, shocks and most of the mechanical components on the car were. I guess that car was a lot like my husband, proud, powerful and in need of a make over.

I guess over time I grew self important. As Dave and his business got bigger and more important, I did too. Soon I wore only designer clothes, and drove my Mercedes everywhere I went. Somehow over time it was as if Mark and I flipped personalities. I became the woman who belonged in a big city, and Dave who was from Chicago became a small town boy.

The community was becoming tired of my big city antics and simply loved Dave when all of this came to a head anyway. Dave was just like them. He gave credit to farmers who weren't able to get it anywhere else. He also deferred payments on equipment repairs until the harvest came in since he knew that was when they could most afford to pay them.

Another thing he did that galled me to no end was with the schools. The combined school district decided to buy a few computers for labs in each school. The total number of computers in the whole district was only about fifty machines but still a fairly large number. The district had to get quotes from three companies to handle maintaining and upgrading the machines. Two of the companies were of course out of town vendors. Both of them came up with yearly figures that were far more than the towns thought they could handle. It was decided to host a town meeting to talk about a tax to raise money for maintaining the computers.

I was as shocked as anyone else when Dave stood up at the meeting and told the assembly which included the Mayors and city councils of both towns that he'd do it for free. He'd also do upgrades for only the cost of the software. I couldn't believe he'd thrown that amount of money away. But that was Dave. He figured that we had enough money to live very comfortably on and that was enough.

Of course that only made me even more important around town and eventually that led me to where I am now. I don't exactly remember when I first thought I was tired of or bored with Dave only that it did happen. I started dressing even better and spending more and more time away from home. I also started flirting more openly. At first the guys in town flirted back with me, but after a while they stopped. They'd just look at me kind of funny. I told myself that it was because they were from a small town and therefore small minded, but during this walk after my embarrassment yesterday I've realized that I was wrong.

Then of course there's Jeff. Jeffery Rossberg, attorney at law. He blew into to town like a breath of fresh air. He has an E class too. Only I found out last night that the car wasn't actually his. It belonged to his wife that he'd conveniently neglected to tell me about. In fact most of the things that Jeffery had told me during the four months that he was fucking me weren't really true.

Anyway Jeff responded to my flirting and took it to another level. He was always complementing me and telling me how pretty I was. The funny thing about it was that Jeff was actually supposed to be dating Janet. The thing was she went out with him for a few days after he first got to town and then she didn't want to have anything to do with him. She just laughed any time his name was mentioned. I guess in this one case my little sister was smarter than I was.

I wish someone would have told me what made her dump him. Maybe I wouldn't be walking my ass down this lonely country road right now. I guess it was the Dave scale all over again. Ever since she met him, my sister had always compared every boy she met to my husband. And I guess in her mind most of them had failed. I needed to get to town so I could find someone to take me home. Failing that I needed to get some money out of one of our accounts so I could get home.

# # # # # # # # #

"David Forrester, are you dressed yet?" somehow despite how bad I felt, hearing Janet yelling for me seemed right. "Get your ass in here if you want some coffee."

"Janet, please stop yelling," I said as I walked into her spotless kitchen. Janet was standing in front of her coffee maker, as naked as the day she was born. She turned around and kissed me again. She pressed her naked body against me and threw everything she had into the kiss.

"Shouldn't you have some clothes on?" I asked.

"Nope this is the way I want you to remember me," she smiled. Then she kissed me again.

"Why are you constantly doing that?" I asked her.

"Because I don't know how this is going to end," she said. "And just in case it doesn't go the way it should, I'll know that I put everything I had into trying to get what I want." She just smiled at me.

"What was the last thing you remember before you woke up this morning?" she asked. "Think hard."

We sat down at her kitchen table and she grabbed my hand.

"Yesterday in the early evening I got a call to come out and look at the big Gauss projectors they use out in the drive in." I said. "They were having some trouble getting the video feeds from those small wireless cameras they use to show up on the screen. It turned out it wasn't a hardware issue, it was software. So I started working on it. I didn't have very much time since they needed to use the wireless cams between the movies in a double feature," I said. It was all coming back now. She saw that I was beginning to remember things and squeezed my hand.

"I needed to test the system so I sent a couple of their guys out to get some footage; you know joke stuff like couples kissing in cars. They put that stuff up on the big screen between the features. It's always hilarious. I'd intended to just show it on the monitors in the projection room, but somehow I got the feed mixed up and broadcast the footage on the big screen so everyone in the audience saw it. I remember how my heart nearly stopped beating as I saw your sister, my wife, having her breasts fondled by that snake in the grass lawyer. While he was doing that she was licking his dick like it was an ice cream cone."

I couldn't go on any further. I almost started crying like a baby.

Janet started stroking my hand. "Do you remember anything after that?" she asked.

"I ran down to his car," I said. "I dragged him out of his car and punched him in the mouth. I only hit him once time, but he folded up like an accordion. A lot of people came over after that. You were there Janet. I was in shock. Mrs. Daniels that old lady who volunteers at the library on Tuesdays came up and asked me if I had kicked him in the crotch. I shook my head, so she did it. She kicked him hard too."

Janet winced and then smiled remembering it. "What happened after that?" she asked.

"I remember the Sheriff coming over and trying to wake Jeff up. Jeff came to and told the Sheriff that he wanted to file assault charges against me, because I had punched him and probably kicked him because his nuts were aching badly."

"Five or six people came up and all said that Jeff had been staggering around and had fallen and struck his mouth on the side of his car. They thought he was drunk. So the Sheriff took them at their word and gave Jeff a citation for public drunkenness, and one for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Then he gave him one for filing a false crime report for his allegation against me."

"I remember him screaming that he was being railroaded. And the Sheriff took both him and Mabel away. But they didn't go towards the jail. They went to the movie office. You and I were there too. The Judge was there Janet, how did he know?"

"I'll tell you later Hon, go on," she smiled.

"The Judge just looked at Mabel and shook his head. He was talking to her and I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying to her but he pulled out some papers and had her sign them. She kept saying she didn't want to sign them that it was all a mistake. He said yeah and she'd been the one who made the mistake, but the town protected its own." Janet nodded her head.

"Then they took the two of them outside and I don't remember what happened to them but I do remember sitting down with the Judge, the Sheriff, the Mayor and a bunch of other guys. We were drinking and having a good time. There were a few women there too. I remember meat cooking, was it a barbecue?" Janet nodded again.

"Then I remember waking up this morning with you uhm..."

"Giving you a blowjob?" she asked smiling. "Or trying to anyway." Now it was my turn to nod.

"Okay let me fill in some of the blanks for you, then," she said. "This all started about a week ago. But really I guess the seeds were sown much longer ago than that."

I could tell she was about to tell me some things that were painful because she took my coffee cup and led us into the living room where we sat down on her sofa. I sat upright on the sofa. I was afraid that any position where I had to lean or recline would result in my still aching head falling off of my neck. Janet on the other hand sat down next to me as close as she could get. She draped her legs over me and still held onto my hands. "Comfy," she asked. I nodded and she looked at her watch. It was nearly nine. There was no way we'd make it to town in twelve minutes. I didn't care because I didn't know why we were going to the bank anyway.

"Alright, I'm sure you know that from the time I knew what boys were, I've been in love with you. What you don't know is that it wasn't some schoolgirl crush. Over the years Mabel and I have had numerous arguments about you. The most recent one was only a week ago. We'll get back to that in a little bit. Anyway I've had a boyfriend here and there, because I am human, but none of them measured up to you." she smiled at me and kissed my hand.

"About six weeks ago I started dating Jeff Rossberg. We went out a couple of times and as usual he just wasn't you. I don't get rid of guys just because they aren't you but he just seemed rather creepy to me. I got the feeling that he was just another pussy hound and I didn't intend to be just another conquest for him. Then when I checked him out on the internet, it got even more interesting. He's probably one of the world's biggest liars. The car he drives isn't his. It's his wife's. The law firm he works at isn't his. He isn't a lawyer, he's a paralegal. He just files court documents for the lawyers at the firm. The firm is owned by his wife's father, and his last name isn't Rossberg. That's his wife's family name and they just allowed him to switch to it when he married her. So any way I dumped him." She smiled at me again. I was beginning to enjoy being with her.

"So after the parting of the ways I began hearing from people that we'd slept together, which wasn't true. I didn't care as long as he didn't say it in my presence. But then people started asking me really weird questions like "Have I ever done my sister?" It turned out he was going all over town telling people that he'd fucked Mabel too. And I figured that it was just like it had been with me, pure horseshit. Then last week I saw them out behind the restaurant on Fourth Street. He had his hand under her skirt and she was just standing there letting him. So I walked up to them and slapped the shit out of him, and asked her how she could be so fucking stupid?"

Janet had gotten really worked up so I hugged her a little bit for what she'd done. That got a little moan out of her.

"Anyway she just looked at me real stupidly with her eyes all big," she said. "Then she told me that I didn't understand. That you were always at work and she was bored. She needed a little distraction sometimes and that I'd understand it when I grew up. Jeff started getting upset when she called him a distraction. So she said that she didn't mean that he was a distraction. Then she said that he had more in common with her than you ever did. She was tired of you practically giving the business away. She was talking about how you could have been making a lot more money and living in a much bigger house. You two could be way richer."

Janet got up and went to the phone then. She pointed a finger at me as if to say hang on we'll finish this in a minute. She punched in a number and then waited. Then she started talking to someone on the line. I heard her mention my name a couple of times and tell them that I was fine. Then she put the phone up to my ear.

"Hello" I said.

"Hey Dave, I'm sorry for your loss. But in the end you're going to be a lot better off and probably happier too. I just spoke to Janet and I just need for you to Okay the temporary changes in your personal accounts."

"Okay," I said."

"So you do authorize a temporary hold on all of your personal accounts and any access to those same accounts?" she asked.

"Uhm yes," I said. "But what about my business accounts I still want my people to be able to order supplies and buy things."

"None of your business accounts will be affected," she said.

"Okay, thanks," I said then I handed the phone back to Janet.

Janet spoke to the woman for several more minutes. I heard her laugh a couple of times and her asking the woman to call her if that happened. Then she turned back to me. She took my hand and led me back to her couch.

"Lie down, Dave," she said. I did and she took my shoes off. Then she lay down next to me on her big soft old couch. She scooted her butt up next to me until we were spooned together and she started her story again.

"She begged me not to tell you that I'd seen her," said Janet. "But then Jeff as usual started running his mouth off. He told her that it didn't matter because you were going to have to find out about them sooner or later anyway when she filed for the divorce. I saw red then. My stupid sister thought that Jeff was a rich lawyer, but like I already told you he doesn't have a pot to piss in on his own. He just saw this as a chance to hook up with a stupider woman and have you support the both of them with the divorce settlement." I was shocked by what Janet had just told me.

"But ... I loved her," I said. Janet pushed her ass against me closer.

"I know you did baby, but you can and will get over her. I'll make sure of it," she said. "Anyway I went to see the Judge then and told him everything I knew. We drew up the divorce papers then. The problem was that we needed a reason to force her to sign them. All of the divorce laws in this country were written to protect the woman's interests in the case of a divorce, even when she's a lying, cheating, heart-breaking guttersnipe like my sister.

So we thought about it and decided that the best way would be to come up with what we thought was a fair settlement either lump sum or in monthly payments and force her to sign it. In order to force her to sign it we needed some kind of leverage. Believe it or not the incident at the drive-in just happened. We didn't plan it. But there were a few people around town who knew what was going on with Mabel and Jeff and were supposed to be taking pictures and gathering evidence for us to use.

Our plan was that we'd call Mabel in one day and confront her with all of the evidence of her cheating on you and force her to sign the papers. Then we'd get her to write you a "Dear John letter," and leave town. And after she left, I'd help you to get over her.

Anyway after seeing her in front of half of both towns on that huge screen, we have an even stronger case. The Judge and the Sherriff threw Jeff into jail last night. His wife and her family posted his bond this morning and dragged him home by his dick. From what Bonnie at the bank told me he'll be divorced and cut off very soon. They turned Mabel loose outside of the drive in, but since they confiscated Jeff's car she had to try to walk home."

"But that's nearly thirty miles," I said.

"Serves her right," smirked Janet. "Anyway Honey, you were in shock. I guess seeing the woman you love twenty feet tall on that giant screen sucking some other guy off, with the whole town watching will probably do that. The judge figured the best thing for you would be to take you out and get you drunk. So they did. The Sherriff remembered from his brother's divorce that the only thing that snapped his brother out of it was getting with another woman at some sleazy strip club. I wouldn't stand for that so as soon as you were drunk, I took over."

I looked at Janet then. I wondered why she was doing all of this. "I don't usually drink much," I said. "I discovered back in college that I don't have a high tolerance for liquor. If I drink Tequila it's really bad."

"Honey," she said. "You must have been in bad shape then because you not only finished the bottle, you ate the fucking worm."

I didn't know what to say to that so I just tried to look anywhere but at her.

"Then I brought you home," she said. "I brought you to my house because I'm comfortable here and it was closer. Do you remember the rest," She looked at me with one of her eyebrows arched and a big smile on her face.

"Nope," I said. "Did I make a fool out of myself while I was drunk? You know..."

"You mean did you try to have sex with me?" she smirked.

I nodded nervously. She pushed herself closer still into my hardening crotch.

"Nope, you didn't try," she began. And I was relieved.

"I stripped you naked as soon as we got in the door and you fucked me three times last night. The first time was on the floor right there," she said pointing to a spot right in the doorway.

"For the second one we made it upstairs into my bedroom. That was really nice. You told me you loved me then. And you said that if you weren't already married you'd marry me. Then we fell asleep. I woke up at about three in the morning and went into the bathroom to pee and to clean all of the "Dave," out of me. I felt really good. When I got back into bed and snuggled up against you, it started all over again."

I was beyond embarrassed. "I'm sorry Janet," I told her. "This must have been at least as bad for you as it was for me. I really don't know what to say or anything. I guess I just feel numb right now. I can't believe that Mabel would cheat on me. I guess I'm clueless. And to tell you the truth I don't blame her. I've kind of let myself go. I guess I'm kind of like that rusty old Mustang out there. You can look at me and tell that I used to be something, but now I'm just a joke."

I tried to sit up and get away from her, but she just pushed herself closer against me.

"Janet I'm back in my right mind now," I told her. "I just wish you hadn't had to be the sacrificial lamb to put up with me last night."

"Dave, are you out of your fucking mind?" she snapped, sitting up and glaring at me.

"Ooh sometimes you just piss me off so badly," she said.

"Why the fuck do you think I'm here?" she asked me.

"Do you know why you woke up here and not in some whorehouse?" she asked. I shook my head dumbly.

"You're all embarrassed about everything and feeling like a charity case. You're just not seeing things because one stupid woman who really doesn't see things straight herself chose to try and shit on you," Janet was clearly pissed off.

"David, do I seem like I couldn't handle one drunk man?" she snapped. "Another thing, you aren't a violent drunk, and you aren't aggressive either. Everything that happened to you last night was because people care about you. The Sherriff and the Judge love you. All of the people in these two small towns love you. We wouldn't be able to get along without you. Your business serves both of these towns and in most cases you charge far less than anyone else would. The way you give credit to small farmers and small business owners and the things you do for the school even. Dave we all love you," she said.

"We're not going to let anyone shit on you, my stupid sister included. And as for last night, you obviously forgot that I took your clothes off Dave. I wanted to be with you. I always have. It's something I always wanted so when the opportunity came up, I took my shot," she said.

"And both you and your Mustang just need a little attention. Just a little dust off and gussying up to help you reach your full potential. And then you'll both be something to see."

She didn't say anything for a while, she just glared at me.

"You have sixty days before you have to be in court to either sign the final divorce papers or try to get my stupid sister back. Why don't you go on a diet, start a workout plan and rebuild your car. That way, you'll be shiny enough to make Mabel pull her fucking head out of her ass and want you back. Or maybe you'll be over her and want someone else."

# # # # # # # # # #

I don't know how far out of town I was when the next truck pulled up to me. It was a big old semi truck, probably delivering some kind of supplies or parts. The driver looked down at me from the cab of the truck and asked me where I was headed.

"I just need a ride into town," I told him.

"How old are you?" he asked.

I guess my vanity made me think that he was wondering if I was over eighteen. The reality was something far different.

"I'm thirty five," I told him shaving about ten years off my age.

"Your dress is older than that," he snapped. "But it's a good starting point. Remember that old saying from back in the eighties about picking up hitchhikers?"

"No," I said puzzled.

"It was on all of the bumper stickers," he said.

"I still don't remember it," I said.

"Gas, grass, or... ?" he hinted.

"Oh," I said remembering. "I don't have any money to give you for gas, that's why I'm going to the bank in town. I've never smoked marijuana so I don't have any and I don't see us having..."I began. I was sure the driver wouldn't just leave me stranded out here miles from town. He stuck his head back inside the cab and revved his engine and started to pull off.

"Wait," I screamed. No matter what I had to do, I couldn't walk another step.

He helped me climb up into the sleeper compartment of his truck. Then he pulled my dress off and started fucking me. I was both surprised and numb. This wasn't making love this was ... I didn't know what to call it. Dave always took his time with me and slowly worked me up until I just begged him to pleasure me. I hadn't actually had sex with Jeff yet. We were well on our way last night when we got caught but I wasn't going to have sex with Jeff until he'd asked me to marry him.

Anyway the trucker just rubbed my vagina with his rough hands and when he saw that I wasn't wet, spat into his hand and smeared it across my private parts. Then he jammed his rancid smelling penis into me and worked it in and out until I was loose enough for him to fuck me. Then he just started pounding me. I wanted to yell for him to stop but if I did, he'd throw me out of the truck and I'd have to walk the rest of the way to town. Anything beat that. So I just let him have my body while my mind tried to figure out my next move.

As soon as I got to town I'd get some money from the bank and call Dave and Jeff. There was no way I could afford to wait sixty days to speak to my husband. The money they were giving me was not nearly enough for me to live on. As I thought about it I wasn't really sure I even wanted a divorce. And Jeff, I liked the fact that he was in better shape than Dave was and he wore flashy clothes and drove a car like mine, but I wasn't really sure I wanted him. He really was exactly what I told my stupid little sister. He was a distraction. Sure things with Dave were boring, but when the shit hit the fan, Dave was the kind of man who would be there for me. I didn't know about Jeff. There was also the fact that out of shape or not Dave had tried to fight for me. I couldn't believe it when I saw him drag Jeff, who's bigger out of the car and pound the shit out of him over me.

So I needed to get to the bank and get some money so I could rent a car or pay someone to take me to my house. There I'd talk to Dave and see where we stood. If we could work things out the judge's order and the preliminary divorce agreement I'd signed last night wouldn't mean shit.

After the trucker got off of me, he actually had the balls to reach over and try to kiss me. "Maybe later you'll let me go again huh?" he asked.

"Just drive the fucking truck," I snapped. He was right about letting "Him," go again. I got nothing out of it. There was no way I'd let that bastard near me again. I couldn't believe it when we pulled up at the bank. We had only been driving for about ten minutes. He fucked me for about a half hour for a ten minute ride. I climbed down out of the truck and gave him the finger as I sat down on the bench outside the bank.

I was so exhausted that I fell asleep nearly instantly. Even my Select Comfort bed at home wasn't as comfortable as the bare wood of that bench felt. I woke up a couple of times before the bank opened. The first time was when I heard a rooster crow at the break of dawn. I knew that it would be some hours before the bank opened at nine. I went over to the diner and asked the waitress there if I could get breakfast if I promised to come back and pay her for it later when the bank opened.

She looked at me as if I was a bug that had crawled out from under a rock. "Hell no," she snapped. "No money, no food!"

I knew that she didn't own the restaurant so I asked her who was in charge. She pointed to the guy behind the counter. I stormed over to him and slammed my hand down on the plate in front of him.

"Do you know who I am?" I asked him.

"Some woman who slept in her dress," he said.

"Do you know my name?" I screamed at him. Everyone in the diner looked over at us.

"Mabel, I not only know your name, I know what size your sagging tits are and how you like to have them rubbed and tweaked. I know how you like to give blow jobs in the back of cars and where most of the dimples on your fat cellulite riddled ass are. What the fuck do you want?" he sneered. His voice was quiet so it didn't arouse any interest from his customers. The tone of his voice let me know that he not only knew about last night, he wasn't going to give me any kind of a break. I turned and left, keeping my dignity intact.

On my way past the back of the restaurant I saw a guy knock on the door. The door opened and the cook gave him a bag of food. I went over to him and asked him if I could have some of it.

"Let me see your tits," he snarled. I looked around and made sure no one could see us. Then I leaned forward and pulled the front of my dress down.

He reached out and roughly grabbed my left breast. "They are kind of flat and saggy," he said. He turned me around and grabbed my ass.

"Hey, where's my food?" I asked. "I'm starving."

"What food?" he asked gripping his bag tighter.

"You said that if I let you see my tits you'd give me some of your food," I reminded him.

"No," he said. "That's what you heard. You came over and asked if you could have some of my food. I didn't say you could or that I'd share it with you. I just asked you to let me see your tits. There was no deal made about the food. Besides all you have to do is go to the door and knock. This food is all leftovers that they can't sell. That's what I love about this town. They give it away since they can't sell it. Do you let everyone who asks, see your tits and feel on your ass?"

I walked away from him and went and knocked on the door. The young man who opened it took one look at me and nearly died of shock. He quickly closed the door in my face. I walked back over to the bank and sat on my bench again.

After a few minutes I fell asleep again. An hour or so later I woke up when what I thought was several large raindrops hit me. I thought that I was going to get wet but mercifully it stopped. The next time I awakened it was bright and sunny out and the bank was about to open. I wondered why none of the bank employees had awakened me as they went in. Dave did a lot of business with this bank. They couldn't afford to get on my bad side.

There were a couple of kids pointing at me and laughing. I looked angrily at their mother who pulled them away and she was smiling too. I knew that my dress was wrinkled but that was no reason to be rude. Sally Anderson who worked in the bank saw me as I walked in and smiled and looked away from me. I got the idea that she was about to start laughing at me too.

I got into the line for the tellers. The man at the back of the line took a look at me as if he was horrified. He started coughing and quickly went and sat down at the desk the bank provided for filling out forms or writing checks. The woman in line ahead of me now, gestured for me to go ahead of her. She was trying not to laugh as she dialed her cell phone. She stayed about five feet behind me in line.

Mary Dickenson came over and pulled me out of line and escorted me into her office. Mary and I had gone to school together and she usually handled all of our accounts.

"Hi Mary," I said. "I'm glad you came and got me. I don't have my purse or my wallet, and I need some money."

"Oh that won't matter," she smiled.

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