Pub(L)Ic Storage

by Harvey Marcus

Copyright© 2011 by Harvey Marcus

Sex Story: Sometimes Harvey Marcus is in the right place at the right time, the wrong place at the wrong time, or one of the other two permutations. You can be the judge in this tale of a visit to the self-storage facility. Lots of things go in and out at those places.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Humor   Cheating   Size   Body Modification   .

This story is a standalone, temporally after Mr. Marcus has severed his relationship with Zenellis Industries. There are minor references to Arcuda Zenellis and his daughter Saroya. Oh yes, and Lillian Mutzman, teenage scientist.

I was on errand from my wife Harriett to the self-storage facility in town where we rented space for the miscellaneous junk that had accumulated in our basement. Funny, but after we filled the rented storage, the basement filled up again. Anyway, I was sent to fetch a hardhat, her college folder on project management, and half a dozen vinyl three-ring binders. Harriett was scheduled for a trip to a manufacturing plant as part of her new account executive role. Harriett owed it all to me and didn't know it. I had coerced Rianne, Harriett's horny bisexual boss, into retaining Harriett with a full bonus. And I did it while Rianne's daughter Olivia and I were fucking, no less. Rianne had exceeded our expectations, promoting Harriett and giving her a substantial raise. Power to the penis!

I hated trips to the storage shed. In the dead of winter, I'd freeze my ass off, and on the hottest day of summer, the enclosure would be an oven. The facility did have conditioned space, but it was much more expensive. I opted for a cheaper metal room that suffered the vagaries of Mother Nature. That's why Zenellis's disk drives were in my crawl space, not in the storage shed. One day, I'd reassemble the RAID array and watch Saroya, Zenellis's daughter and myself. Too bad I didn't have our escapade in her office on video. Maybe she did.

Today was the latter of the two temperature extremes, a scorcher. I had to empty a third of the cubby to get to anything, since we never took the time to organize its contents. Boxes and bins and bags were piled at random inside. Our stuff littered the hallway temporarily, while I rummaged through unlabeled boxes and twist-tied bags,

This trip afforded me the opportunity to pick up some old financial records. The IRS had sent a letter asking for documentation regarding the money I got from Zenellis Enterprises. My large one-time payment as income threw up a red flag on our joint return. The IRS said they just wanted the details of what services I'd provided in exchange for the payment. A line-item invoice. I planned on providing a general statement about consulting regarding products and marketing. It was none of their business that fucking Saroya Zenellis, the Chairman's daughter, sealed my fate to a lump sum payoff, instead of stock or an ongoing annuity. The thought of her voluptuous body and the warm atmosphere got me excited.

While I was deep in the eight by ten space, I heard shouting. One voice was male, the other female. The metal walls distorted most of the sound, so I heard muffled anger but no details. When the shouting stopped, I peeked through the door.

A tall woman with dyed blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, bent at the waist, fussed with a padlock on her shed. And what a waist! Too slim for her chest and hips. She was right out of Vogue or more likely Penthouse. Her wrinkle-free tanned skin looked like it was shrink-wrapped around her body. Her white sleeveless blouse, shirttails tied, strained to constrain her big tits. If the shirt had buttons, none of them were fastened. Below her exposed flat stomach, white short shorts exposed shapely legs, ending in white spiked heels with straps that climbed her ankles and calves, Roman style. The sunglasses she wore didn't help her read the combination as she spun the dial. When she twitched her head, the ponytail whipped from one side to the other.

When I stepped out of my storage area into the common corridor, she tilted the glasses down and peered at me over them. I got a half smile as she fumbled with and then successfully opened her padlock. Mine used a key. She threw the door to her room open with a sweep of her arm, and then stood looking at the contents, hands on her hips, legs slightly spread, head erect. So was I, half from memories of Saroya and half from the perfect body in the hall. It was only in my fantasies that I'd be this close to a woman so perfect. At computer trade shows, I'd look at the technology so I could write a trip report but my primary goal was schmoozing with the booth babes, the real or rented women with which companies would populate their booths to draw a predominantly male audience. Often, there would be one knockout; so gorgeous you knew she was a model and only appearing for a fat cash payment. Only once did such a woman turn out to be an actual employee.

"Something missing?" I asked.

"No, but thanks." Her eyes were burning a hole into the metal room. Something was of great interest. She would have caught me staring if she'd looked.

I moved closer to share the view. She smelled wonderful. I took a quick peek down the center of her cleavage before looking into the storage area. Boxes had been stacked neatly in rows away from the walls, leaving empty space on all sides. "The name's Marcus. Harvey Marcus."

"Ella Ferguson." She lifted the glasses and perched them on top of her head. "Maybe you can help." She took a slow deep breath, raising the mounds of flesh attempting escape from her blouse.

I like being the gentleman, even if I end up between the thighs of the lady in distress. Or maybe because it ends that way. And for this woman, I'd do almost anything. "Sure. What's up?"

"I need to get some papers from that box." She pointed to a neatly marked box labeled "WEDDING" at the bottom of a floor-to-ceiling stack. And if the boxes were filled with paper and not foam rubber, they'd be heavy. "You can stack the others behind. There's room."

Sure enough, there was an empty space between the stack and the rear wall, wide enough for me to stand behind the boxes and relocate them inside the shed. That would let me touch each box only once. "Harvey to the rescue."

I walked behind the stack, Ella's heels clicking behind me. As I bent to put the first box down, the room went dark and the sliding metal door clanked shut.

"Maxie?" Ella shouted.

No response.

Someone, Ella, pounded on the metal door. "Let me out!"

In the dark, I felt my way around the stack. My eyes were just acclimating. Ella was a shadow in the darkness. I knew we'd been locked in, but I asked anyway. "What happened?"

"My husband, that's what. If he can't keep me any other way, he'll do it by force. Pompous jerk!"

Her voice gave away her position, just a few feet away. "You two had an argument?"

"He's pissed that I seduced the lawn boy."

What? How do you respond when a stranger says that? "You did?" My eyes became acclimated to the darkness. She was a lot more than a shadow. Perfection like hers wasn't natural, at least in my experience. And all women had a flaw. Ella's seemed to be control.

"He's not a 'boy' boy. He's in college. When he took off his shirt, I got all swoony. Broad shoulders and flat abs. I couldn't help myself, really."

"I can understand why - Maxie? - would be upset."

"It's all his fault, come to think of it. He made me be this way. I used to be a Plain Jane. Can you tell?"

I shook my head, and then realized she probably couldn't see that movement. "No, not at all."

"Thanks. I paid enough, it should look natural. Time was, I didn't care much for sex, but Maxie demanded I give him a son."

Demanded? I hadn't asked for her 'story' but what else was there to do, locked up like we were? Sure, there was sex, but I'd only just met the woman. Even I -

She continued, "So I got pregnant. Thank God it was a boy. I don't ever want to go through that again. But after Junior was born, Maxie told me I looked all worn out. Who wouldn't, caring for an infant and running the house, plus all of the errands Maxie gave me? And when we had sex, he called me a sloppy fuck. Can you believe it? I got stretched out from the birth of his namesake, and he complains he can't feel my cunt around his cock."

I was learning way more about this woman's sex life than necessary. Still, Maxie sounded like a pushy bastard. No wonder she cheated on him. "He sounds demanding."

"Oh no! Maxie is a real sweetheart. He cheered me on when I was getting myself into shape. 'Fixed up' was what he called it. Whatever I wanted. 'Visit a spa, get your tits lifted, and maybe filled out a bit. Tan up. Spare no expense. And get your pussy tightened.' That's what he said. So I did it all. And afterwards, when I came out looking like this-" she struck a pose, chest thrust forward, hands on her hips, one knee in front of the other, " I found that men liked to stare. They'd get excited, just looking."

Me included. "Like the lawn boy?"

"Uh huh. I was in a bikini, which didn't hurt." She shook her head and her ponytail swished like a horse's tail.

Ella in a bikini would get any man excited. Just the thought had my prick poking.

"Before him was the laundry man. I let him sample our sheets." She giggled.

Wow! This woman is something else. "I didn't know they still delivered."

"He sure did. Pressed them real good." She paused. "And there was my son's third grade teacher."


She giggled. "He sent home a note saying Maxie Junior wasn't trying hard enough, but teach sure got hard when I showed up in a miniskirt and forgot to keep my knees together."

Shit! Was this a nympho I was locked in with? The question needed to be asked, but I was scared of the answer. Hell, we weren't going anywhere. "Why do you do it? I mean, get involved with other men?" I thought the answer might be educational, given my history.

"I can't help myself." Her voice was a whine. "I feel sexy, so I act sexy. Is that bad? Maxie appreciates what I did, plus the ongoing maintenance. It's just, I can't turn it off, and that turns men on."

"Whoever they were did a great job. Is it difficult, staying in shape?" The only shape I'd ever been in was slightly round at the middle. A great personality, sense of humor and a big dick got most women past my physical appearance.

"I worked out with a personal trainer to get the baby fat off. He was my first stray. God, the exercises we would do! I dumped him but kept the routine to stay trim. My stomach is flat. Feel."

She groped for my hand and stoked her stomach with it, from below her tit hammock to the waistline of her short shorts.

"Very smooth, and very tight."

"That's not all that's tight." She turned her back towards me. "I got the cellulite pounded off of me. Feel my legs."

I hesitantly ran my hands up from her calves, which were firm and muscular, past the back of her knees. She giggled as if I was tickling her. Then, up the back of her thighs, staying on the outsides. Her skin was taut. Not a bit of sag or extra tissue. "Don't forget the insides." I palmed the back of her thighs just below her ass. My thumbs naturally moved in between.

"Oh yes, I'm very tight there too."

Did she mean her thighs of her pussy?

"See, just a little contact and I'm all excited." She rubbed her hand across my groin. There was a lump. "Oooh, so are you."

I jumped when she took hold of my prick, bloated in my pants.

"Oh God. You've got to be kidding!"

She turned around, retaking my pants lump in hand. "This is a mistake."

I tried to stutter an apology. With all of that acknowledged sexual activity, I thought I was her next victim. "Sorry, I'm just -"

"Huge! I was thinking that we might do something - sexual. I mean, locked in here and all. Kind of a turn on, right? But not with this."

Her grasp became a stroke. Wasn't caressing the length of my penis sexual? Maybe not for her. "That's okay. Really." I'd have given anything for sex with such a gorgeous woman, and she rejected me because my dick was too big.

"Maxie said I was loose after Jeremy was born, so I had a procedure - a vagina tuck."

Ella had been a loose woman, but in a different sense of the term. Now she's loose in the traditional sense. Her son's teacher? Man oh man.

"Now I'm tight, like before. Except, the surgery did something to my clit. Something rubs against it whenever I move, even when I walk. Makes me horny all the time."

I'd have a perpetual hard-on if something massaged my prick twenty-four/seven. I contemplated how a doctor might tighten a vagina. No clue. "Really? So that's why-"

"The lawn boy, etcetera. But they were all small compared to this." Her hand explored the length of my dick. "We can't have sex, you realize. But do you mind if I-" Her voice trailed off.

Mind if she rubbed me? "Go ahead. I'm all yours."

Her fingers explored every inch of my cooped up cock. Her massage struggled through my pants and jockeys.

Suddenly she removed her hand. I heard a snap and a zipper. Was she taking off her short shorts? Her hand rejoined my penis and pulled me closer. With deft manipulation, my prick had been coaxed from my jockeys while inside my pants. She executed a few strokes to demonstrate her continued interest and maintain my rigidity. "I'd love to sample this." Now her voice was a cat's meowing. "But I'm afraid it would undo all the work I had done. You know, to tighten myself. Tell me, do you fit in other women? You have used this with other women, haven't you."

"A few." Master of understatement I am.

"Melanie, my twin sister would appreciate your cock. She appreciates all cocks. I had no conception of her wanton lifestyle until my fix up got me constantly horny."

"Oh she would? You'll have to introduce us." Meeting Melanie would give me the "before" version of Ella, and the opportunity with another willing woman. Where would that meeting take place? Certainly not in public storage.

"She doesn't have these." She put my hands on her breasts, still in the blouse sling. "I bet you can't tell I have implants." She untied the blouse. Her breasts hardly sagged. I took the initiative and put my hands back on bare flesh. Her nipples were hard.

"I know how men like you think. I took Psychology in college."

Jewish guys who try to do a favor for an attractive woman and get locked in with them by an angry husband? Those kind of men?

"Instead of just feeling my breasts, you suck them." She pulled my head to her chest. I thrashed my mouth, trying to breathe. "That's right, you'll suck my nipples until they're hard." She dragged my head to her other breast. "Both of them."

I'd never felt harder nipples on a woman. Perhaps there were nipple implants to keep them this way.

"And you wouldn't just feel my legs. You'd feel me up." She forced my hand into her panties, against her pussy. It was damp, oozing. "And you'd see how tight I am, since my pussy tuck. Go on, feel."

My hand was going nowhere with her vice grip on my wrist. I slid one finger between the puffy cunt lips and in. "See. See how tight. I bet you can't get two fingers."

I'm always up for a challenge. At least, always up. She was right. Two fingers was a stretch. She'd have to stretch a whole bunch for anything bigger.

"So you see why we can't have sex." Her hand traveled the length of my erection, still in my pants.

Who asked? "Of course."

"Thank you for being reasonable. Your cock is too large, you know. Haven't other women said that?" she whispered. "Even though being locked up, here, with you, has me really juicy." All the while, she searched for my zipper that restrained the precise part of my anatomy she claimed to reject.

"I understand." I didn't, but she hadn't made sense so far, and I'd given up.

"You'd stretch me all of shape." My zipper hissed as her fingers pulled it down. "I paid a lot of money to get tight. Fucking with you would undo all the work I had, all of the surgery down here. My husband enjoys our sexual escapades now. You wouldn't want to spoil that, would you?"

"Nope. We'll miss the chance, I guess."

Her hand reached past my zipper. She was going in for direct contact. With a bit of fumbling, she'd extracted my naked dick, the object of her attention. She yanked at it, now fully erect and throbbing. "My goodness. You could do serious harm to an unsuspecting female with this." She painted her crotch with my dick, up and down, and then rubbed the head of my dick against her pussy, spreading and squatting. "My husband would notice the difference. So would any other normal sized man."

So I was a freak? Or had she just never happened across someone like me?

"I mean, if we did it-" She continued moistening my prick with her cunt juice.

"If?" How did we get from 'No' to 'If'?

"It's a big if." She repositioned my prick in her hand, taking control. "A hard, fat if."


"Yes, if we did it, the head of your cock would need to get past the opening. Which would be quite difficult, don't you think?"

"Most women are elastic. Did your surgery take that away?" I was groping for details. Ella was just groping.

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