The Ransom

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Erotica Sex Story: A wife watcher watches his wife consumed.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Reluctant   Rape   Blackmail   Fiction   Cheating   Wife Watching   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism   Leg Fetish   Big Breasts   .

I'm sitting in a booth at my favorite watering hole nursing a beer, waiting for my dinner to materialize This was a treat that I gave to myself a couple of times a week. I had always been conservative and almost a recluse as I moved out of my parents' home into my own cottage. I had no girlfriend at the time and I was lonely. It's been a long time since I graduated college. I left heartbroken as my fiancé ditched me for some jock on the football team. As a result, I hid out and built up my body, but avoiding women and any relationship with them. I was now passed middle aged but with at least a trim body. The age all showed on my face, I was seldom happy and remained in a funk that followed me around.

I splurged since I didn't go out I saved my money to amass a substantial retirement fund and got myself a decent meal. It became a habit with me. Being the recluse that I am, I sit alone, out of the way of the casual drinker to enjoy my daily beer. There is just enough noise to keep me alert to the random laughing of the after work crowd, in for happy hour.

The booth that I was in was facing the back of the bar, situated in an alcove, backed up to a row of booths facing the party crowd. It was separated by a row of plants and mirror panels to obscure the alcove, and gave the false impression of being the last of the seating in the little club, and was one of my favorite spots to get away from it all.

I'm about half way through my beer when a couple of guys sat in the booth behind me. They were already in conversation as they sat and continued to talk about their wives. They wanted to swap them but one of the wives was reluctant. Their conversation interested me and I listened intently while I switched on the recorder on my phone. The swinger commented about how sexy and desirable the other's wife is. The other confirmed that it was his fantasy to watch as his wife gets thoroughly fucked by someone else. They talked about different scenarios that would entrap the unsuspecting wife into their game. Her husband thought that once she was ensnarled into their activity, that she would go along with their plans. They discussed a number of different scenarios, but finally decided on a faux kidnapping plan. They thought to recruit a guy to kidnap the reluctant wife (named Tammy) and hold her for ransom. They could blindfold her and all three of them could rape her into submission. By giving her forced orgasms, they thought that it would turn her into a cock hungry slut that they could covertly blackmail into their perversions.

I was intrigued as they discussed the scenario that would entrap the hapless wife. I continued to listen in. The plan was for him to go out of town on business, while someone snatched her as she was shopping at the mall in town. The reasoning was that there was a larger, more diverse crowd of suspects to bog down any investigation that might be launched if she complained. The plan was to demand silence thru blackmail of the abduction to the authorities so there would be no inquiries. The mall plan was thought of as a failsafe measure to help cover the abduction. They agreed to start the plan this weekend and departed to prepare for their fun.

Intrigued with the plan, I was curious to see where they lived and what the wife looked like. I wasn't disappointed; she was medium height, and small boned with what looked like a well-toned body with nice tits. I could only watch at a distance so that I wouldn't tip off anyone to my surveillance there. I decided that I was going to get in on the fun and games with Tammy.

I approached the husband; his name is Larry, at the gas station as he was filling his SUV. I knew that there should be enough time to talk and get myself included in their party for his wife. I told him, "I'm available to abduct your wife." He was stunned at my introduction. "What are you talking about?" I played a sample of the copy of his conversation at the club with his co-conspirator, named Jim as his face indicted recollection of the conversation. I told him, "I could play this for your wife, I'm sure that she'd be interested in what you're saying here." I went on to say, "I have a remote location to take her to and we could party with her there." I could see that he was getting excited at his contemplation of his wife's seizure. His sweats were rapidly expanding with his erection becoming self-evident. I continued, "I will even make the video and post it on a hacked website that you can view whenever you want without having the evidence in your possession. He was convinced by now as he asked some of the details of the video storage. It was simple; I would hack into the website and post the page containing the video without linking it into the web site. Then he could navigate to that URL and watch the videos and photos posted there. He was all for that as one of his concerns was his wife finding a DVD hidden at home, showing her encounter. I looked down and knew that he had consented as his hard-on was quite evident. I told him that my plan was to randomly kidnap her within the next couple of weeks, and send him a ransom demand. He and his co-conspirator would meet at the holding point where the party would take place. I would capture her and hold her for a couple of days before calling them in for the party. He lit up like a kid on Christmas Eve, not even thinking or caring what I would be doing to his imprisoned wife for the "couple of days of her captivity".

I parked my panel truck next to the driver side of her car and waited for her to return from her shopping trip in the mall. As she was approaching her car, she was distracted by some teens horsing around at the bus stop about fifty feet away from her car. As she approached her car, the teens noticed her and started calling out to her, asking if she would like a bus ride and commenting about her dress. She had a run in her stockings and they volunteered to chase the run with their hands and repair it. I could see her cringe as she hurried towards her car, while the group advanced on her. They accosted her before she could get the door unlocked and she looked worried as the thugs surrounded her between her car and my van. One of the thugs grabbed her from behind and held a rag over her nose and mouth. She struggled until she fell unconscious on the pavement. As they started to molest the comatose woman before them, I sounded the horn on my truck. They were shocked by the sudden noise and ran. I opened the sliding door and carried the passed out victim into the van, where I bound, gagged, and blindfolded her. This was too easy for me as the teens were the only assailants that she saw during her encounter.

Tammy and I finally arrived in the back of a closed motel on a discontinued rural road that was abandoned as a result of the new highway that replaced it. I thought that it was novel as it reminded me of the Bates Motel from the movie Psycho. The motel was situated next to a farm. There was an old farmhouse surrounded by some outbuildings and a barn. I parked my car inside of the barn after I carried Tammy into a room and laid her on the bed. She was just coming out of it as I re-tied her spread eagle to the head and footboard of the Queen sized bed. She struggled to get free and I told her that she needed to concentrate on cooperating with me in order to survive as I pressed a knife to her throat ... I took photos of her trussed body as she lay there helpless. I removed the gag telling her that there was no one to hear her. I explained to her that I needed photo images of her.

I placed my hand on her shin and began to caress it and her calf as I slowly slid it up her shapely leg. She cried and moaned as she detected my advance toward her knee. I continued to photograph her as I pushed the hem of her dress higher with my invading hand. The higher that I caressed, the more she begged me to leave her alone. I continued to feel her as she lay in the bed trembling. As I approached her mid-thigh I abruptly stopped, removing my hand. I could see that she could detect that I moved away from her as she lay there awaiting my next assault. But I was in no hurry as I wanted to drag out her torture as long as I could. I set up the video camera, actually, I had two, one on a tri-pod and the other, hand held. I played with it for quite some time as I set up a video monitor and practiced zooming and panning the camera over the trussed body before me. Tammy appeared normalized, or at least as much as she could be under the circumstances, and I continued where I left off, caressing her mid-thigh and progressing higher up her shapely leg. My hands thoroughly explored her as I had a robust fetish for female legs. As my hands rested on her upper thighs, I tossed the hem of her dress above her waist line. This exposed her bikini panties to my view. I leaned in and started kissing the soft flesh of her upper thighs as I massaged her legs and hips. I maneuvered my lips at the junction of her thighs and torso, and she elicited a soft moan as I licked her and gently sucked on her sensitive flesh. She tried to shift her hips to escape the delightful stimulation of my mouth on her legs and crotch as I kissed, licked and sucked up and down her inner thighs. My hands on her hips held her in place as I aroused her. Her legs were trembling again, but this time it was in anticipation of an orgasm. She was moaning as I slid her panties off of her hips while kissing her nether regions. As I progressed disrobing her, the panties, stretched wide across her thighs, and would travel no further down her beautiful legs. I unceremoniously cut them off of her with the knife that I had threatened her with earlier. I'm kissing a trail up her inner thigh and contemplating whether I would continue to tease her bloated clitoris or just pounce on it with my hungry mouth and lick while sucking it, bringing her to the orgasm that she was craving. She was thrusting her pussy into the air in an attempt to make contact with my exploring tongue, moaning in ecstasy with the contemplation of a massive climax. But I was still in no hurry. My hands progressed up her torso as I caressed her ribcage and her soft, but firm stomach. She was writhing as I clutched her stomach in a claw like grip as I gently enveloped her throbbing clitoris in my mouth, while strumming it with my tongue. Tammy exploded in a monumental climax, spurting her ejaculate all over me as she screamed out her delight, while trying to trap my head between the quivering thighs of her trussed legs. She loudly moaned for more than a minute as she passed out again in the bliss of her domination.

I waited for Tammy to return to consciousness before I continued my exploration of her sexy body. As she returned to the living she was as limp as a used dishrag. I untied her legs and began kissing my way up her torso as my hands advanced to her tits. As my mouth contacted her stomach, I began opening her dress the rest of the way allowing my access to her upper figure. Again, I was in no hurry as I made my way to another of my favorite places on a woman's body. Removing her bra was the crowning touch as she shuddered at my gentle exploration of her soft, but firm orbs. I caressed her as my mouth made its way up her torso. When My hungry mouth got to her massive boobs, I made my way around them with my lips, sucking and licking her into a frenzy before I enveloped her hard nipple into my mouth and gently sucked as I squeezed her tit, revealing the entirety of her elongated nipple to my mouth. Tammy again moaned as she pulled on the tethers that restrained her wrists. I continued to milk her bounteous tits into my mouth, while kneading those orbs. She writhed as I devoured her, trying to suck her entire tit into my hungry mouth.

Retying her hands to the base board, I moved up and kissed her on her lips, she tried to devour my mouth and tongue as I took possession of her beautiful face. She threw her arms around me as I made love to her.

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